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47 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on January 30, 2005
This dual-band color camera flip phone on the Verizon network is a surprisingly good handset. I was a bit frustrated at having to choose between the 2 Samsung models - one being tri-mode (a650), and the other being dual-mode (this phone, the a670). Those tricksters made the one with the front LCD the dual-mode one. Honestly, who buys flip phones anymore that don't have the front display? There is no way in hell I can go backwards in technology. When the StarTac phone died, so did that whole concept. So of course I bought the A670, and thought I could live without the analog frequency. Also, I've heard that the A650 (which is the tri-mode version) has much worse battery life because the phone is constantly switching between digital or 1xRRT and analog mode, the latter being a total power drain, as is just the switching at all.

Anyway, the bottom line is that this is a great phone with excellent reception, as long as you don't need analog. (I have only owned tri-mode phones up to this point, and I fortunately have not missed the analog frequency at all. I was initially worried about that.) The sound comes in clearly, and I'm told that I sound clear on the other end. Another strong suit of this phone is the form factor and exceptional build quality. Not only do I think it's the most gorgeous phone offered by Verizon, it's also compact, perfectly curved and shaped for pocket insertion, and it's very solidly built. It feels sturdy to hold and use. It weighs a little more than the similar LG and Audiovox models, but it's a difference that you grow to appreciate because it just feels much more substantial.

If your needs stop there, then hold it - you've got yourself a new phone.

For me, there are some irritating points about this phone beyond the basic call-making and form factor. Namely, the software. It's not customizable. It's very rudimentary. For all the effort put into the elegance and construction of the design, you'd think some attention would be paid to the inside.

If you are a text messaging freak like I am, then this phone probably is not the best choice for you. It's not the worst, but it definitely leaves something to be desired. For one thing, the font is terrible. It's like bolded 14 point Courier New. This means that you have to scroll down one line for every word, practically. And there is no way to adjust it either. Another thing is that the key stroke recognition is very slow. Often, you don't realize that the keys you hit didn't register, so you are well on your 2nd or 3rd word when you realize you have to fix the first word. Irritating. Finally, you are able to add words to the T9 dictionary, but it doesn't stay for long. Very curious bug. I don't fully understand what's going on with that, but I know that I've added quite a few curse words, and I've had to re-enter them so many times, and it still doesn't take. Another thing that would make this phone a better SMS-enabled phone would be if the menu offered the ability to send a text message right off of the contact name, rather than having to scroll through the SMS menu to start a message. It would also be great if you could begin composing a message without having specified a destination address. Often I'm thinking of what I want to write without necessarily wanting to scroll through the 9-step contacts menu. The final shortcoming of the text messaging is that you can't scroll up and down lines once you've typed. Whether you press the down, up, left or right buttons, it will only go back and forth word by word. Very annoying if you want to change something at the top of your message. To further annoy you, after a certain number of characters, it stops allowing word-scrolling altogether and you have to go character by character. And you have to keep on clicking over and over again because it doesn't do the smart auto-scrolling when you keep the button depressed. Very, very lame and very, very carpal tunnel-inducing.

One of the small things that I love when phone manufacturers include is the reminder beep. The Samsung A670 definitely has that for SMS and voicemail, which is the most typical offering, but I think it would be great if they borrowed a page from Motorola and added one for missed calls. And make it configurable! Also, when the phone is set on vibrate, it only vibrates the first time when the SMS or voicemail gets sent, but does not offer any reminder vibrations. This is a mistake.

One thing about the ringer setting is that, aside from the global vibrate mode (set by pressing down the # key), the call ringer setting is independent from the SMS/vmail ringer setting. This means that if you only toggle between sound and vibrate, you're fine, but if you wanted the phone to be silent (and not vibrating), then you have to set the call ringers to silent AND you have to go to the SMS/vmail menu to set those ringers to silent as well. It sounds ridiculous, but I learned the hard way that this is absolutely true.

There are several pre-installed professional-sounding ring tones to choose from. It's a sad trend in the industry that phones are coming with fewer (if at all) ring tones that are not songs or chimes. Samsung offers a fair share of annoying tunes, but it's nice that they offer at least 3 actual ring tones that would be acceptable in an office setting.

A cool feature that I discovered is that, as long as you don't have "active flip" set, if you receive a call while the phone is open and you accidentally close it during the ringing, it doesn't hang up that call, like other phones I've had do. You can basically keep opening and closing the phone throughout the ringing and it won't hang it up nor answer it until you deliberately press "answer" or "ignore". Very cool. I've inadvertently closed the phone without necessarily meaning to screen out the call with previous phones. Also, after sending an SMS, I can close the phone right away and it still continues the 'sending' process (which can take about 10 - 15 seconds) - something that has saved me some time. Send it, and fuhget about it! It's a feature that I still wonder how phones ever got away with NOT having.

I also like the fact that the display is very vibrant. There is a power save mode which takes it down a notch, which I find quite nice actually because at times the non-power save mode can be *too* bright. Another power saving consideration is that you have to keep the side button pressed down for at least 2 seconds in order to activate the light on the front LCD. This is nice and avoids overuse of the light when you accidentally just tap it. Some users find it annoying though, that they have to keep it pressed for soooo looong just to get the light to come on. I rather like it.

The battery meter is a bit misleading. There are only 3 bars, and the first 2 bars come down really, really fast. So it seems like the battery life is atrocious. Really, though, the battery life is not as bad as it seems; it's moderate, and that last bar hangs on for quite a long time.

If this phone had speakerphone, it would be a near-perfect phone.

Even though I spent a great deal of time talking about the flaws of this phone, there really aren't phones out there that don't have major software (and hardware) shortcomings. Relatively speaking, this phone's flaws are not that bad. In truth, in terms of call quality and form factor alone, and all in all, this is the best non-PDA phone on Verizon's network and my favorite phone I've owned to date, and considering how many phones I've owned, that is saying quite a lot.
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29 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on February 25, 2005
As my wife and I were both eligible for a phone upgrade, we went to our local Verizon store. The two models which seem to be the most popular are the LG 6100 and the Samsung A670. I chose the LG because of the analog possibility and because of the speaker phone. My wife chose the Samsung because it was the smaller of the two phones.
We live about 4 miles from downtown in a semi fringe area. I could not even receive a signal at home with my Motorola 720.(my current phone). I assumed that the problem was with Verizon's network.
Well, we got home and tried out our new phones.
The LG could barely get a signal and dropped my call every few seconds. The Samsung connected easily and never dropped my call. I tried both phones in various areas of my house as well as outside the house. Consistently, the Samsung did fine, whereas the LG was next to useless.
After "playing" with the LG for a while, I realized another annoyance that I could not live with. Both the left and right sides of the phone are lined with buttons.(three to be exact). It is virtually impossible to remove the phone from a pocket or its clip, without accidently pushing one of these buttons. When you accidently push one of these while the phone is ringing , you lose the call and it is sent into voicemail..very annoying. Even if you accidently push the button while the phone is not ringing, the phone beeps and changes the ringer volume.
The Samsung only has two side buttons, both located at the top of the phone. If you grab the phone anywhere except at the top of the sides, you will have no problems. This takes only a couple of grabs to get used to.
Both phones seemed to have equal (and very good) sound quality.
The bottom line is: The next day I returned my LG phone and traded it for another Samsung A670. It is a great I can easily live with for the next two years.
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31 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on November 9, 2004
What is important to me in a phone is ease of operation and how long it holds charge in the battery. The battery consumption with this phone is reasonable and I normally put it on charge every 4 days. This is not bad for a phone with color screen and lit up buttons. It is easy to turn off the sound or change the ring to vibration and vice versa. There are quick buttons for that. The front display shows all the information you need without a need to open up the phone. The size is smaller than average phones. I don't care very much about the camera, but I used it a few times and the picture quality is good for a camera phone. You can also assign pictures on caller ID so instead of the number, the picture pops up when you receive call. I think this phone is in general a good choice.

I just have one personal objection to it. I normally use the calendar heavily to remind me and organize me about what I have to do. The organizer in this phone is ok but you can set notifications for at most 1 hour ahead which is normally late. I need to be reminded a day or sometimes a week in advance. This is the only thing that bothers me about this phone.
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25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on February 7, 2005
Up until a week ago, I owned a really old Nokia phone, you know, the cheap ones you can find for sale at the super market. It was time that I get a new one. So, I found the Verizon Wireless site, and liked the deal. I found the Samsung a670 on there and was totally focused on getting that one phone. I'll admit, the features are what really attracted me. So, I bought it, and two days later got it in the mail. I instantly fell in love with it.

It's just so sleak looking. I loved the size. It felt so sturdy as I opened it. The display is bright and clear, and the lit up buttons just look cool. I checked out the camera, which is really fun. I've tried the video feature as well, but it's not quite as impressive. The voice recognition is great, you don't even have to program it. The ringtones weren't great, but I just bought a few on Get It Now, I like "XRinger" personally. It also has no games, but I bought Tetris, which is really fun on this phone. It takes some time getting used to it and working out all the features, but that's the fun part. I love this phone, here are my pros and cons:


Small, sleak, and sturdy.

Bright and clear screen.

Easy to use interface.

Outside display very useful, and clear.

Nice camera feature, including flash, and the use of the outside screen to take pictures of yourself.

Picture caller ID.

Get It Now network.

Loud ringtones, strong vibrate.

Voice recognition, very impressive.

Strong signal and sound.


Extendable antenna is a bit hard to pull up.

Battery life not so good when used a lot, but I plan on getting the extended battery.

And that's it. I can't think of anything else wrong with this phone. I really don't care about having a speaker phone. The antenna is no big deal since you don't usually have to use it that much, the phone works fine without it, at least in my area. This is a must have phone.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon January 7, 2005
This is a very handy cell phone. It has a ton of ring tone extras, the keys are easy to use and after a short while, you will be able to figure out how to navigate through for messages, files, etc.

One area of concern though is if you are not careful, you can accidentally turn on the camera. This can be avoided by not holding or picking up the phone from the sides. The phone is a sleek version of Samsung's earlier flip phone. I had my previous flip phone for years, so this one is a little more delicate, yet still quite sturdy, having an alloy base and not plastic.

This is a digital dual mode phone. I have had fewer dropped calls and verizon has been a very good network for my needs. I do not usually utilize electronics to their fullest capacity, although I have taken some great snap shots with the camera feature. What is cool, you can create your own slide shows.

Most recently a warning went out about downloading ringtones, etc. This phone seems to have canned ringtones for anyones liking. The battery the phone comes with has a fairly good life, however, after you charge it and you unplug the charger the system lights up.....I wonder how much power is used for this, and I wonder even what the intent is that it does so.

The display is great, however, in the sunlight it becomes obscured and if you are on a call more than a minute or two the display goes blank to preserve energy, which although good, makes you have to press keys to get the view screen.

Again, I like my flip phone. I hope that it has the life that my last one had.

Verizon though will make you send the phone to Georgia for repair, so you could be without a phone for awhile.

You can also get some neat accessories to go with this phone.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on July 4, 2005
I got this phone on Sept 9 2004 and it has not had a problem. I dropped the phone several times on concrete and besides being a little scratched up, it still works fine. Some people have been complaining about its short battery life, but if you know anything about rechargeable batteries is that you must charge it overnight before you first use it. Other people have been complaining about poor reception, but if you turn it on with its attennea extended and don't touch it for at least 1 minute when it is on, there should be no problems. The battery counter on the phone is not accurate, and it goes down to one bar after one day, but I have just left it on and used it regularly and it lasted 5 days before it needed to be recharged. This is probably a bug that is Samsung's fault. I have noticed that the phone freezes when you want to review a voice memo that you have recorded, but if you save it first, and then review, there should be no problems. The phone does get hot after about 20 minutes of use, and gets hotter until you finish your phone call.-This is a problem for some samsung phones. Overall the phone does seem sturdy the plastic is very thick. The external, keypad, and internal screens are nice. The camera takes decent pictures, but don't expect pictures you would get from a digital camera. The flash works, and the phone's ringtones are very loud. The video is very choppy and saves slow, reception is clear, but I do know about the problem that occurs when you hear an echo of yourself when you're talking-Samsung users know about this. Get it Now is slow and you can send text messages with the phone closed. Occasional programing is required to keep the phone running smoothly-just press *228 and hit send. Overall I'm satisfied, and I do recommend it.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on October 20, 2005
This Samsung phone is great. It's easy to use and has so many great features, like a flash for the camera, picture caller ID and it all comes in a nice compact handset. Plus Samsung phones give off much less radiation than others like Motorola and it is so compact and user friendly. This is a great phone that gets amazing reception!
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2004
This is a great phone. The reception is great, I call my mom on it and I have no problem with static or anything. The antenna really helps with the reception, but not a drastic difference. The features are okay, they could be better. There are no games; you have to download them which isn't too bad but I think they should come with at least one. The ringtones are alright; there is the ability to download better ones. The screen color is GREAT and the flash for the camera makes the picture wonderful quality. And the best thing is the pictue ID which is when you take a picture of someone and apply it to their phone number. So when they call you, their pic. appears on the front screen. You can take videos with the phone along with photos which are great, vibrant colors. All in all, this is the best (and only) phone I've had and it is great. I truly reccomend this phone for someone who is interested in great reception but not many features. Please consider this phone....I can tell you it is worth the money!!! I got this phone for Christmas and I was truly expecting the best quality. And guess what?!?! I think this phone is better than my highest expectations! That can give you a clue of how spectacular this phone is...and is really worth the cost...which isn't too bad to begin with. Give this phone a will be pleased.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on July 16, 2005
Summary: I'm glad i got it, fits in my pocket easily and shows a pic of who's calling when they call. Wish it came with games.


Pretty small, color screen inside and out (so color pics of callers show up on the outside when they call!), cheap now-a-days, video, flash camera, good reception (though that may be Verizon's excellent coverage in the Bay Area), speaker volume can be set VERY high ... simple, clean design that does anything most folks will want.


-Battery life leaves something to be desired (approximately 2.5 days with medium-heavy usage).

-Ringer volume is far too low for some situations with custom ringtones (preloaded ringtones are plenty loud).

-Newer phones have better color screens, but they are usually bigger, thicker, or more expensive.

-pictures are not fantastic (though for caller ID they are fine).

-no pre-loaded games.

There have been some people complaining about this phone in the reviews here, however, it seems that they either live in an area where verizon has poor coverage (usually it has excellent coverage relative to other carriers, but not everywhere) or they were expecting this phone to do more than any phone reasonably could.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2005
I have had this phone for over a year and its awesome. It is easy to use and has a lot of options. LIke the internet and instant messanger. It takes clear pictures. You can take a picture of someone and when they call their picture apears on the front of the phone. My mom has the verizon color clamshell phone and no matter where we are she gets better reception than I do. My problem with the phone is that after talking for a while the phone gets very hot, also there is no speaker phone and it often says call lost.
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