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on August 16, 2014
I read a lot of reviews that you can not stream Amazon Prime on this blu ray and at first you can't but all I needed to do was update the software now the app is available. This blu ray is rated the highest on Consumer reports for 2014.
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on March 31, 2014
Pros: Dual-band wireless, snappy fast interface (I suspect dual-core processor), quick startup and disc loading, Miracast
Cons: physical buttons on the player are black and blend with the rest of the player, so new hardly any documentation on the player, even on Samsung's Web site, not many apps yet (no Amazon or MLBTV that I could find)

This is the best stand alone Blu-Ray player I've ever owned (PS3 is still the ultimate). What we were looking for in a player was speed (menu, disc, and app loading) and strong Wi-Fi for streaming. I haven't owned the player a long time, but it has blown me away so far. We bought this to replace a four year old Samsung that was agonizingly slow loading discs and streaming apps (even the main menu was slow). We mainly use it to watch Vudu, Hulu, and Netflix, and to play Blu-Ray discs and stream DRM free videos from a flash drive.

I was considering Sony's new equivalent player being it was $10 cheaper, but after doing some research I found Sony only offered 2.4 GHz wirelss connection, while this Samsung model advertises dual-band wireless on the box (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands). Samsung isn't adverstising this ANYWHERE other than the box, which is very odd (not on their Web site or in the instruction booklet). This was pefect for us being we wanted to stream a lot and have a dual-band wireless router.

The menus are extremely fast and take no time loading. I can start Netflix and press the home button on the remote and be right at the menu screen almost instantaneously and then go into Hulu without a hitch. It's also really fast accessing my flash drive and playing videos and pictures from it. Accessing features on Blu-Ray Live was also really quick. Disc loading only took about twenty seconds or less on initial startup, but when I swapped out discs once the player was started they loaded up in less than ten seconds (to the menu screen of the disc). I didn't even turn on the fast startup option yet which is supposed to skip a lot of the bootup and have a disc's menu screen up in a few seconds. It uses a lot more power with that setting on though. I also suspect this player has a dual-core processor (being it's so fast) but, again, Samsung doesn't say anywhere on their Web site or instruction booklet. One minor annoyance during streaming is that the LED display on the player doesn't display the time elapsed of the show you are watching. I can't find anything in the settings to fix this or any button presses on my controller to fix this. If I'm not missing something perhaps Samsung will fix this in a future firmware update.

The Miracast feature also worked great! (another thing not advertised on Samsung's Web site or the instruction booklet--just Samsung's version of screen mirroring). It only took about ten seconds to pair my phone with the player and I was mirroring my phone right to the tv screen. I was able to play games, music, photos, and personal movies to the tv screen. There are some apps that don't let you mirror to the screen (I couldn't watch my Google Play movies or stream Xbox music). Everything else worked perfectly with little, if any, lag.

I believe this player has been out for less than two weeks (but there is not much info on that either) so there is little documentation on Samsung's Web site and there are no downloads or firmware updates yet. In fact, if you try to do a software update you get a message saying something like model information in upgrade file does not match with your player. Other people are having this problem, which isn't smart on Samsung's end becaue a lot of people may return the unit thinking it's defective (I'm just assuming there aren't updates is why I got the message and it's not defective --- I could be wrong).

A lot of people are giving this player low ratings because it doesn't have the Amazon app, but this is true for most 2014 models from ANY company. 2014 Sony and LG players don't currently have the app either (there was even a sign up at the store about the Sony players not having the Amazon Instant app). I also didn't see an app for MLBTV, which I don't need, but I know a lot of people require that access. I'm guessing there will be updates addressing both of these issues in the future.

Also, can't comment on the 3D capabilities being I don't like 3D and we don't have a 3D capable tv. I just find 3D players throw in a few extra bonuses like dual-band wireless and Miracast.

So, to make a long story short I love this player! It may be the one to beat this year (for the price bracket -- especially after some software updates). It is lightning fast on every action: menus, disc loading, streaming apps. It has dual-band wireless which has worked great so far for us (zero buffering, but we have a new high-end router and live in an area with fast Internet). It has the apps my family uses: Netflix, Hulu, Vudu all which work perfectly with zero lag.

UPDATE: I looked at the tech specs on Samsung's UK Web site and it says the player isn't dual core. We may have different specs in the U.S. I hope so being last years model (which is $30-40 cheaper has a dual core processor). Fooled me though, it's really fast!

UPDATE (4/4/14): I've had to reconnect to the wireless router a few times when the player radomly quit working on wi-fi (not while streaming though). Samsung doesn't seem to have much info on this player yet and it took them days to tell me that it only has a single-core processor (don't get me wrong it is still super fast), but last year's model is dual-core. Also, Samsung informed me the software update error is caused by bad mapping and the player tries to connect to the server of a different model Samsung player. They are working on a fix, but as of today there is no software to be updated.
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on March 14, 2014
I am a huge fan of Samsung and I was going to order the BD-F5900 model but when I went to the page a newer model BD-H5900 was offered so I thought it was logical to go that route. The newer model is not updated in the Amazon system and will not be able to give you Amazon Instant video services as of yet.I also checked with Samsung's website and the newer Model is not even on there. Sadly I had to order the older model and Liz at customer service took care of it. Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon and I just wanted you all to know so you did not have to go through the same problem
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on April 1, 2014
Let me start off by saying that if Amazon Instant Video or an Optical digital out aren't important to you, then this is otherwise a solid player.

NOTE: At the time I purchased this product (3/17) and the time if this review (4/1) product photographs at Amazon and Samsung showed that this product had optical digital out. The actual product DOES NOT have optical digital out. BEWARE.

For me, the lack of those two features was a disappointment. It seams, as is increasingly typical of Sammy, they feel their proprietary features (screen sharing, device mirroring, blah, blah, blah and so on) take precedent over other more widely used, and generally accepted as standard, features. Additionally, the Opera TV Apps Store is pretty weak. Also, there is no way to dim or turn off the blazingly bright blue readout. In a dark room it screams "LOOK AT ME!" Very distracting. I cover mine with a glasses cleaning cloth. Finally. Who uses coaxial for digital output anymore? If you are planning to pipe the audio out to an external surround sound processor, and you're heart-set on this player, make sure your processor has the ability to accept a coaxial digital input cable.

On the upside... The player will push bit stream digital output. This is a good thing if your receiver has a quality chip-set. You'll enjoy a superior surround sound experience.

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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
With so much competition out there, one would hope Samsung would rise to the challenge and offer something - anything - to set its BD-H5900 apart.

Unfortunately, they haven't. What we're left with is a reasonably generic offering, lacking some needed options.

For comparison purposes, I'm putting this up against my own Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (2013 Model), and it doesn't look entirely great for the Samsung...


1.) Clean, smart-looking device.
2.) Excellent set-up process. Took me less than 30 seconds to pick my TV aspect ratio, connect to my router (2013, Apple Time Capsule).
3.) Extremely fast boot times. There's an option for fast-boot, which leaves the Blu-ray player running in an instant-on standby mode, but quite honestly it's not worth it. The "regular" boot-up mode takes just a couple of seconds anyway, and consumes less power, so stick with that.
4.) Very quiet playback of Blu-ray discs. While this will vary depending on the disc, I'm quite impressed with how quiet the unit is.
5.) Very speedy loading of Blu-ray discs, and skipping of chapters.


1.) No Amazon Prime Instant video. This is something that's pretty important to me/wifey, so its omission is peculiar.
2.) Power cord is permanently attached to the player. It makes wiring things in movie rooms just that bit more difficult, and is certainly a con of the Sony BDP-S5100, too.
3.) The unit's built-in display is VERY bright, and - unbelievably -, there's no way to dim it. For some, this will be an absolute deal-breaker. The Sony will let you dim the screen to various levels.
4.) The unit's physical buttons are all touch-sensitive, and impossible to see in a dim room.
5.) No way to view an on-screen display of bit-rates etc, during a movie (for the nerds among us). The Sony has this capability.

Overall, there's nothing abhorrent about the Samsung BD-HS5900 Blu-ray player, but it does absolutely nothing to warrant its purchase over the Sony S5100/S5200, and the S5100/S5200 does those few things more that make it far more worthy of a purchase.

3 stars out of 5.
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on November 13, 2014
The Samsung BD-H5900 Blu-ray.player is loaded with features: 3D, upconversion, great picture, fast, easy to operate.

Only negative is cannot program your TV to work with this player's remote much like most other competitors offer. The TV function on the remote only works if you have a Samsung TV!

A llot of bang for the buck, but get yourself a universal remote unless you enjoy switching remotes!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 24, 2014
I bought this DVD player after purchasing and returning two other Blu-Ray players. First, I had the Samsung BD-F5700 - a little brother of this model. I found out it doesn't upsample regular DVD's so I returned it for a Sony model in the same price range. Very disappointed. It had glitches. Returned that one and bought this BD-H5900.

(POSITIVE) Compared to the Sony and the other Samsung, I like how it has a numeric display on the front. It's very basic but it gives you some very basic status of the player. It seems like most models leave this off these days.

(NEGATIVE) One annoying design choice is the flat "disc" touch buttons on the top of the player. The POWER, EJECT, STOP and PLAY/PAUSE are on the top and unless you can visualize the top of the unit, you are going to find yourself guessing if you are about to hit the right button. It's a very poor design choice. I tend to just use the remote to control the player.

(UPDATE AS OF 16 AUG) It now has Amazon Prime.

(POSITIVE) Its first function is to act as a Blu-Ray player and it does that well. The "smart" functions are nice but I don't use them. My TV is "smart" so I use it for all the online features. If you don't have a "smart" TV, this player will give you Hulu, Netflix and a bunch of other little apps. I have tried them over WiFi and they worked well. However, Netflix is kind of slow to initially load.

I don't have a 3D TV so I can't test that feature. Again, I wanted a unit that would upsample and it just happened to come with 3D.

Bottom line - it does its primary job as a Blu-Ray player. It does a great job.
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on March 19, 2014
Bought this unit last night from Best Buy, in San Francisco. They said it replaced the Samsung BD F5900. I called Samsung and they confirmed that this unit will not stream Amazon Prime video. The BD F5900 will do so.
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on December 17, 2014
2014 "H" model replaced 2013 "F" model, but it is a step down in using an app store (Opera) that has far less apps than Samsung's own "Smart Hub" in the "F" model.

(1) Early buyers said their box listed "dual band" WiFi -- appears to be incorrect and is 2.4Ghz WiFi only - not dual band. My HM-59C (Costco w/ HDMI cable) box doesn't show dual band or dual core processor as features. Early buyers said Amazon wasn't available until June 2014 with a firmware update.

(2) Another poster reported that Samsung advised the "H" model has a single-core processor vs. a dual-core processor for the "F" model. Amazon & Netflix loadup times seem to be the same as my "F" units --- once the app loaded, Amazon and Netflix menu speed seems zippy -- in Netflix, HD video loadup was about 9-12 seconds (with strong WiFi or wired connection) before the opening scene, and another 5 seconds for it "switch" from 480 resolution to 1080.

(3) My AK59-XXX146A remote does NOT have the Netflix button. It is selected like other apps via app icon on hub menu.

(4) The "hub menu" of the "H" model is visually expanded compared to previous "F" -- "H" model uses Opera Store to obtain apps, and I've been unable to find the Verizon Fios app which can (reportedly) stream 100+ Fios channels (according to licensing as of 12/2014); the app is good for secondary rooms where paying for a set top box can be avoided. In the "F" model, apps are available via Samsung versus Opera TV Store. After a firmware update, pre-load apps include the big guys like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Facebook and a couple more.

Available apps via Opera is limited, and no where near the number of Roku. After downloading apps via Opera, the apps are listed in the Opera app screen -- in the main "hub" screen, select Opera, and in Opera, select an ap.

(5) Unit is medium footprint (14.2" wide) compared to 17.5" of other units - a good match if you stack on top of a AVR or Cable/Satellite box. Unit has a circular control panel on top, right, front of box for manual power-on/off, tray in/out and FF. Some people complained that it prevents stacking on top because of the circular control, but in my setup, it is the top most.

(6) Only other output is coaxial digital audio.

(7) The Samsung video chipset delivers the usual "excellent" Blu-ray quality; it's handling of DVD is "above average", meaning it passes the array of video tests and up-converts 480i DVD to 1080p for HD display without introducing artifacts. The unit boasts "automatic up-conversion" to HD; it's BS as if you have a HDTV as ALL HDTV's will automatically convert any compatibale source signal to its native fixed pixel of 1080 (or 720p - - in fact, it will down-convert a 1080i or 1080p source to 720p if you have a small screen or older HDTV that is 720p).

(8) Retail unit has NO HDMI cable; Costco HM59C model comes with a HDMI cable, selling for $70 during 12/2014. As the "H" model is a step down from the "F" model, remaining "F" models are selling at about $125 versus $90-$100 in 2013.

Bottom line, if you DON'T need apps beyond the big buys like Netflix/Amazon, or get apps via your Smart TV, this Samsung unit is more than OK as it provides excellent blu-ray playback and is zippy in Netflix/Amazon. There is definitely a speed difference in video streaming (menu selection, loading times) among cheaper players compared with units with faster processors.
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on October 18, 2014
I bought this after consumer reports rated it as a best buy. It is also advertised as having "100's of apps available through the opera store." The reason I returned it was because apps from the "store" are all preloaded. Of the 100's of apps they are mostly junk games from 20 years ago, and weather or advertising apps. It does come with hulu, netflix, pandora, and a few more some might find useful, but it will NOT do amazon prime or any television networks online access. There are a lot of free programs you can download to your computer that add a lot of free online television content that this won't do. Add to that an amazing amount of lag from the selection screens, and it's pretty much useless. It's processor speed can't even do left and right of the remote without lag. You press a button and nothing happens, so you press it 3 more times with nothing, then it catches up and skips 4 selections or screens. Incredibly annoying. Also the "linking" to other media sources, smartphones or tablets, etc. only works with other samsung devices. Want to see pictures or videos from your desktop, you're out of luck.

Bottom line is if your looking for a blue ray player to play disks and do nothing else then the BD-H5900 is OK. If you're looking to use it for an online streaming or picture sharing from other devices, then the BD-H5900 is a total bust. For the price you could buy a cheaper dumb blue ray player and get something else for streaming and file sharing that would be much more capable.
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