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Samsung NX300 20.3MP CMOS Smart WiFi Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with 20-50mm Lens and 3.3" AMOLED Touch Screen (White)
Color: WhiteStyle: with 20-50mm LensConfiguration: NoneChange
Price:$474.90 + Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on April 25, 2013
This Samsung NX300 is a great little camera. Seems many of the pros or semi pro photographers haven't talked much about this camera YET. Might be because admittedly, Samsung up till this point was not exactly held in the same company as a Sony Nex or Canon, Nikon, Fuji..etc. Well..seems to me, Samsung is becoming a player here or soon will be, in my OPINION. I formed this opinion as I presently own TOO many cameras :)..among them being the Fuji X100S, Sony RX1, had a Nex7..had an EM5. Anyway my crazy camera buying habits aside I am able to compare all these cameras. More specifically, what I love about the Samsung is it's incredible accurate color. Skin tones look GREAT as does grass, foliage, anything etc..Looks on my screen EXACTLY as colors look in real life..of course making sure White Balance is correct. It's auto WB by the is among the best I have seen so far in all the cameras I mentioned prior btw, in many different lighting conditions. Of course you can choose custom WB if you are in difficult lighting. One thing that is not great, but not too bad are it's write times to the sd card vs ready for next shot or to preview the picture. It's NOT slow at all..but probably a little slower than the Nex cameras and my x100s..but again NOT bad, just not a rocket.
One plus here vs any Nex I have used..this NX300 lets you choose incremental iso. If you may not know what that means..all Nex cameras can only MANUALLY do iso 200/400/800/1600/3200 and so on..This Samsung like most BETTER cameras, DSLRS, etc. you can choose in-between isos be it 640...or 2000. That may sound like not much, but consider the fact MAYBE all you need is iso 2000...on a Nex your only choice will be to jump to iso 3200 if 1600 is not you simply have MORE control here..and potentially lower iso noise than a Nex because of this silly little SHOULD have feature. :)

Apparently this really does have a brand new sensor despite it being the same exact pixel count as the older NX cameras. I find it's iso to be rather useable up to about 2500 even 3200. That said there is one huge flaw with this camera, Noise reduction kicks in way too much on isos above 400 or low light, and it's a shame because shooting raw you will see the higher isos on this camera are really really great, low noise..with very tight grain..once it starts to creep in. Book short I'd put the high iso capability to be just a notch or TWO better than the EM5 and a notch below the X100S as far as noise goes..again I'm talking about raw. Jpegs look AWESOME in good light but yes..NR is too aggressive once iso gets kicked up..I hope they will fix that in a firmware update. Oddly the Samsung DOES let you control the NR levels but not till you reach 6400 3200, 1600 iso are stuck with aggressive NR..The jpeg noise reduction is just about my only complaint.

The lcd looks great MOST of the time...BUT in very strong sunshine I have to say it can get a little difficult to see detail on the display and a bit difficult to see your menu settings. :( I have deducted one star because as I say SOMETIMES you can't see what's going on too well on the display, in most light though like 90% of the time the display is rather good and useable. Of course a built in evf would be nice but this is not bad at all OVERALL. The touch screen is more than a gimmick, you can really get around the menus very fast. I should say I did end up buying the 30mm pancake lens..2.0 aperture. It does make a world of difference vs the kit lens..mine came with the 12-50mm lens..not bad, but just so so. With the pancake lens this Samsung really shines in low light..great bokeh, almost no purple fringing..really great lens.well that's another review. :)

The focus accuracy and overall speed are above average. I like you can reduce or enlarge the focus box...same like on the Fuji. The camera is not quite OMD fast but maybe about as fast or faster than the x100s, faster and more accurate than my Nex 7 was. For those of you that don't have Light Room it comes with it, so the software is great obviously. That said LR 4.4 actually is not working correctly with the NX300 raws. I upgraded to LR 5.0 and it's just PERFECT...I believe this is a known issue..raws have some weird magenta thing going on with LR4 but it's fixed now with LR5...not to worry.

With the pancake lens this camera really is pocket-able....yes a large pocket but it fits, REALLY. I can't say that about any Nex's...unless you buy the badly reviewed 16mm Sony pancake lens. The dynamic range seems to be above average for this type of's almost difficult to blow highlights..the EM5 will blow highlights much faster than this Samsung will.

On the overall considering it's low price..this Samsung is a FANTASTIC little camera. I have NOT used any of the wifi or 3d gadgetry OR video..I don't do video on my cameras. I suppose if the wifi and 3D options are important to you that just puts this camera even in a better position to meet or beat any Nex out there. Again I haven't shot any video so I can't comment on it. "I do miss having a built in evf or even the fact you can't GET an evf for this camera"..that's a real shame. But on the overall...even if you take away it's great price, this Samsung is ready to do battle with pretty much any mirrorless camera out there..again EXCEPT you might want to shoot raw, if you are using higher ISO due to it's too aggressive high iso JPEG Noise Reduction. Overall..this is a great camera and I'm surprised how much I am enjoying it. DEFINITELY worth a good hard look vs the competition..again in my opinion.. and NO it's no RX1 but it's about $2,000 less and it's not THAT far away vs the RX1 in picture quality once you pop a better lens on this thing! This is a fantastic little will surprise you!
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on August 26, 2013
I made the following review of the white NX300 and just wanted to share it here since it's the same camera and lens...

First off, if you want an extensive review of this camera go to cnet, dpreview, etc. That's where I head when doing research before buying a camera. This camera is an upgrade from my NX210 that I purchased last year. On my Amazon review of the NX210 I wanted to give it 4 1/2 stars. I thought that the mediocre focusing system subtracted 1/2 star. After reading the positive reviews of NX300 and noting the several awards it already won I just had to have one. I decided on the white one and wow am I glad I did. It is one fantastic looking device. I was initially contemplating the more compact 20 - 50 mm kit lens but ultimately went with the 18 - 55 mm lens. The latter not only offers a wider focal length, but also features optical internal stabilization. I can definitely notice that the focusing system is an improvement over the NX210. It's the quickest, most accurate focusing camera I've ever experienced. I'm also happy to report that the focusing system is no longer audible during video playback. The articulated touchscreen is a nice upgrade as well. The touchscreen is responsive and makes the camera easier-to-use overall. Otherwise, it takes the same "SLR quality" photos the NX210 takes but with a much higher chance of being in focus. This is the first time I felt comfortable giving a camera five stars and recommending it to family and friends without hesitation.
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on January 20, 2014
I have always "dabbled" in photography, but never had a DSLR. A friend was so excited about this camera that I just had to check it out an am very glad that I did! eatures are great and the variety in lenses by Samsung is also very good. The camera has features that are too numerous to mention including being able to crop the picture right there on the camera make some image corrections and email it someone (through wifi). The camera is quite light and feels weird with the 50-200mm zoom lens zoomed in all the way. The amoled screen is to die for (but don't, you have too much to live for). One really nice feature is the wireless functions. I haven't tried with an iPhone yet but I have both a Samsung note3 and the 10.1 inch note tablet. You can use either as a remote viewfinder/shutter release and touch focus device! Now you can take a "proper" selfie! The camera creates it's own wifi network and you use the Samsung smart camera app. You see realtime video streamed from the camera and if you touch your phone it autofocuses the camera (very cool) and you can use the phone as a shutter release as well. You can also quickly and easily transfer pictures directly to your phone or tablet. I love shooting some pics then sending them to my note 10.1 tablet for viewing. Very convenient and the transfers are SUPER fast. You can also transfer pics from your phone to the camera but I'm not sure why you'd want to. I purchased the 30mm pancake lens which (like others) I have fallen in love with! it's a great "about town" fast lens with great low light performance. Although it isn't a zoom, you can crop your pictures and still retain some amazing detail (I was personally stunned with the cropped quality). It's my understanding that you don't need high megapixels if you're not printing very large pictures, but I think the pixel density really does make a difference for cropping pics. Extra batteries are cheap as is an external charger (get them as this thing seems to eat up batteries). Don't worry if you're just getting into this type of camera as it has a number of smart functions for figuring out what kind of shot you're taking so if you don't know your ISO from a hole in the ground don't worry about it. the camera does have a flash but it attaches to the hot shoe on top (no built in). it's super easy to check for the sharpness of the pic you just took by hitting the play button and double tapping the photo which zooms it about 7x (very useful to be sure you got a good shot and very quick to do).

By the way, if you have a Samsung phone for connecting to the camera make CERTAIN that your wifi function is NOT set to AUTO NETWORK SWITCH! Mine was turned on and what happened was the phone would find the camera's wifi network and immediately give an error message saying "internet connection is too slow" and drop the network again. I spent an hour on the phone with Samsung until I figured out the solution by myself (Samsung techs tried to help but they didn't understand the problem either). Go to your wifi setting on the phone and then hit the menu button on your phone and choose "advanced" and then clear the auto network switch checkbox. As soon as I did that, boom! the phone found the camera and connected flawlessly and quickly every single time.

I'm not 100% certain but I think if you email photos directly from the camera it compresses them, but if you send pics to your phone first, they are the original file size which you can then email from your phone.

for the money I just can't see anyone getting a better camera. That said, if you want to buy really good "glass" plan on spending more than the camera (but I think that's true of all DSLRs). The Samsung macro lens is like 500 bucks and their premier portrait lens (the 85mm primary) is like 800. So far I'm loving this camera and it has gotten me excited enough to start learning more about digital photography and learning how to take better pictures. If you take crappy pictures with this camera its going to be YOU not this camera!

BTW if you want something supertelephoto for like nature shots or stalking that woman who just won't return your calls (kidding, i'm kidding), something that you can goof around with without taking out a 2nd mortgage on your home you can get the Samyang (not Samsung) 500mm telephoto F8 (manual focus) lens with a 2x teleconverter to give you a 1000mm lens. It's basically like sticking a telescope onto your camera. It's only like 135 bucks here on amazon so don't expect to be taking sports illustrated cover photos at your next football game. I haven't received mine yet but i'll write a review after I get it. If you want a zoom lens that will work properly with the NX line of cameras Samsung's longest lens is the 50-200mm zoom which is nice and also affordable. There is rumor of Samsung planning a 70-400mm lens but that's all I've heard so far. This probably wasn't a helpful review for "Real" camera guys, but if you're stepping up from a point and shoot fixed lens camera I hope my review helped a bit. If you have other questions I'll try to answer as best I can. Happy shooting!

Update: you can't transfer pics from your phone to the camera (which didn't make sense anyhow). The camera let's you choose which pics to transfer from the camera to
The phone but you can select pics using either the camera screen or via the phone screen.
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Excellent image quality thanks to the APS-C sensor and the 18-55mm Zoom lens included.
Excellent controls - among the best in my opinion.
Compact design and good build quality.
Beautiful AMOLED screen.
Fast, reliable Autofocus.
Fairly light, good grip (not the best ever, but good enough), handles well.
8-9 fps shooting speed (very good considering the high resolution images)
1/6000 shutter speed (fast, good for action)
Overall value for the price is superb.
Quick direct video and good video quality

Battery life (get an external charger and some extra batteries)
View screen not as fully adjustable as some (but adequate)

You decide:
No built-in flash (more compact body, not needed much of the time (e.g. landscapes))
Small, shoe mounted external flash (more adjustable, but less convenient)
Lots of digital image "features" - great if you like them and use them, fluff if not.

My Review of the Samsung NX300

I started my adventures with the Samsung camera line with the inexpensive WB150F model. The wireless features impressed me and the camera itself was reasonably decent as well for the low price. So when I ran across the NX1000 which was then selling for less than 1/2 its original price. I gave it a look. I ended up purchasing one and so was introduced to Samsung's excellent APS-C sensor and lens line (20-50mm, 18-55mm OIS, 20mm and 30mm primes and the superb 16mm wide angle lens among others). The Samsung lenses deliver great results and are relatively low priced for their quality.

Smart things Samsung has done with their camera line. Many models share the excellent APS-C sensor, though later models feature some firmware tweaks and other possible improvements, still the basic sensor is the same. This means that the Samsung NX1000/1100 is one of the best values in a compact camera available on the market today. (See my review here: Samsung NX1000 White ~ 20.3MP Digital Camera with 20-50mm Lens.) In addition, many models share a line of batteries and compatible chargers, meaning you can buy spares and use them with your next model and/or share them among multiple cameras you may own. Many other accessories (like the EM-10 external microphone for video) can also be shared. This consumer friendly approach is something I really appreciate.

They also have an innovative and excellent iFN function that allows you to very easily access and adjust key parameters using the lens focus ring as a control dial, or you can use the top control dial or menu buttons on the back as well. In the case of the NX300, you can even use the touch screen to select and drag to make adjustments.

The Samsung camera menu system is fairly consistent throughout these various models as well. All of this means you can easily switch from one model to another, whether you're using multiple cameras or up-grading as you progress in your craft.

So, when the top of the line NX300 appeared on the scene, I took notice. It brings some firmware improvements, the excellent APS-C sensor which delivers great image quality consistently, and the wonderful Samsung menu and control system. You have a touch screen, a top menu dial, the iFN and focus ring control dial function, as well as numerous dedicated buttons and a straight forward easy to understand and use menu system. If you are coming from another Samsung model, everything will be fairly familiar. If not, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and great control. You can quickly adjust nearly anything and there are many customizations you can set to access your favorite controls and set-ups. All very well thought out and easy to use.

The NX300 is light, compact and easy to grip. The OIS (Optical Image Stabilized) 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens is compact and an excellent all around lens. It delivers good image quality and has a useful range of roughly 28-85mm in 35mm equivalent format. The lens zooms smoothly and focuses quickly. In fact, the Samsung Auto Focus system is quite snappy and overall operation of the camera is quick and precise. Besides the iFN button for quick access to manual controls, there is also a switch that allows you to easily change between auto and manual focus modes. This is a feature I like very much. I much prefer having that switch on the lens itself where I can easily 'thumb' it as needed.

The iFN control allows you to use the focus ring to easily adjust shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, white balance and extended zoom (depending on the mode you are in and how you may have customized the choices). I cannot possibly cover all the controls in this review, but they are extensive and well thought out. There is a rotary command dial on the top and a button for WiFI direct link as well as the mode selection dial and on/off and shutter release. There are ten more buttons plus the video control (you can shoot video instantly by pressing this button) on the back. Experienced photographers will appreciate these dedicated control buttons which make quickly accessing camera functions very easy. Much better than toggling through menu layers and choices when trying to capture images quickly. The Fn (function) button on the back gives quick access to a dozen of the most important camera functions available. In short, once you get used to your NX300 you will be able to quickly and easily shoot, allowing you to concentrate on your subject, composition, and other things rather than fighting with your camera to get it set up properly. On top of all of this, the touch screen is also active and intuitive and you can directly control many things using it as well. Usually there are multiple ways available and you can chose the method you prefer. Nice.

I also like that Samsung kept the physical controls and did not try to go 'all touch' with the NX300. I'm fine with touch, but physical buttons are a superior form of control in my experience when you need to work quickly and precisely. In my opinion, this all adds up to make the Samsung NX300 one of the best designed cameras I've used in terms of access, control, and ease of use. (And certainly the best of the Samsung NX models.)

The AMOLED screen is gorgeous and one of the best I have ever seen on a camera. Wonderful colors and contrast and very bright. It is also adjustable (not quite as nice as some which swing out completely, but more than adequate) so you can eliminate reflections or get a better angle when shooting.

The APS-C sensor renders a lot of good image detail. This is a big plus for this camera. I am very pleased with the results I get. I shoot a lot of landscape and street stuff, and this camera seems well suited for that. The noise reduction seems to work well. Colors are accurate and not over-saturated like on many consumer cameras. If you like the "boost" many cameras give by default, there is a "Vivid" mode which will do this for you. Personally, I prefer the more realistic colors (one of the things I like about Olympus and (most) Panasonics as well). Sharpness is good in JPEGs (I have not shot RAW yet) and tones are nice and smooth (think large expanses of blue sky and clouds). I'm sure with experience my results will improve over my initial test shots, so that bodes well. If you like to print big as I do, say 16x20, you will be able to do so, which is very nice.

The NX300 also shoots very good quality FULL HD 1080p video (mp4) at 24, 30 and 60 fps. There is an external mic available, but the built in sound is pretty good as is.

The wifi features work well and it is fairly easy to send photos to skydrive, via email, and so on. You can also back up images to your PC. On my other Samsung cameras these features work very well and should work just as well or better on the newer NX300, but I have not yet had time to test them thoroughly. (I did test uploading to skydrive and sending pics via email and both worked very well.) I also have not tested the mobile app direct link functionality yet. (Will update when I do.)

When setting up your network access, the touchscreen makes entering passwords, email addresses, and other data much easier.

I will come back and continue to update this review as I have more experience with the NX300, but I am already very pleased with it and the results I am getting in early tests and casual shooting. I have not discovered any flaws or problems so far. It is a beautiful camera, fun to use, and with more bells and whistles than most will ever need.

The key thing for me is handling and image quality and there the NX300 excels. I feel very comfortable giving it a full 5 stars, even at this early stage, for quality, design, features and value.

2014-05-22 Update: After some time, my opinion remains that this is a 5 star camera and one of the best values you can find in a digital camera, currently. I have learned that the APS-C sensor in the NX300 is an updated chip with some nice enhancements that give the already stellar image quality a boost. They kept the same resolution and enhanced the circuitry and design. Nice! Certainly the image quality is excellent and there's a fine line of Samsung lenses to help you make use of it.
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on July 17, 2014
I used film SLRs for 30+ years before getting the first model of Nikon Coolpix 13 or so years ago. I've upgraded to better/newer Coolpix cameras over the years, the last being the P90. So I am a long-term amateur, not a pro. Never had a DSLR.

The NX300 is my all-time favorite camera because of the quality of the pictures and the ease of access and use of the many features. My favorite features are the one-button panoramas (see user photos) and the in-camera HDR, neither of which I've been able to accomplish easily and/or well with cameras which required merging in post production. I also love the touch display and the RAW format, which I've never had before.

The sharpness and color accuracy are so much better than my past Nikons.

I do mostly landscape photography and dappled sunlight has always been a problem due to washed-out highlights. The SmartRange+ feature corrects a lot of that and if it can't, the HDR can. To do an HDR with my old Nikon, I had to put the camera on a tripod, take a picture, adjust the aperture, take a second, adjut, the a third. Any movement in the pictures ruined it. The NX300 takes its set of HDR pictures at different apertures in a fraction of a second, so movement should not be a problem in any kind of normal circumstances.

I also do a lot of macro photography in the landscape and with my old cameras, had to switch back and forth between macro and normal focus. In the NX300, macro is just part of the normal focus range, so no switching.

I'm surprised that a memory card does not come with the camera since they are so cheap and you cannot use the camera without one. A 32GB Class 10 card is only about $18. So if you are buying this camera and don't have a large, fast card, you probably should add it.

I ordered one of the "Used but like new" NX300s with 18-55 OIS lens for $381. If it was ever actually used, I sure couldn't tell. Everything was sealed up tight in what looked like original packaging. No signs anything had ever been touched.
review image review image
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VINE VOICEon November 24, 2013
The Samsung NX300 is a great compact system camera which comes with many nice features in a reasonable price package . I also recently purchased the Samsung NX2000 which has a lot of similar features. I would share the features I like about the NX300 camera and include some comparison with the NX2000 in this review.

What I like about this product

- Compact and light weight as compared to the DSLR cameras with interchangeable lens. The camera body weighs about 12.5 oz and fits easily in a small camera case such as the Case Logic DCB-304 Compact System/Hybrid Camera case.

- nice bright and vivid 3.3" flip-out touch screen which makes it easy to view even under bright light situations. It is also quite easy to navigate the various on-screen functions and photos / video viewing

- nice picture quality supporting upto 25600 ISO and a shutter speed of 1/6000 sec. The 15 - 55 mm lens works well for many photo-shooting situations with a phase-detection focusing system which provides better and faster focusing. The lens also comes with the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) function which is helpful for shooting fast moving objects. The lens's thread diameter is 58 mm in case if you want to purchase filters for it. This package also comes with a lens hood.
- a variety of controls for the more advanced photographers. Some of the features I like included the focusing / exposure / metering modes, bracketing by exposure / white balance, and manual adjustment of the flash's power. The camera also comes with a neat feature called "beauty face" which automatically smoothen the skin tones either in real time or applied after the picture is taken.

- wireless Wi-Fi capability. This is a function which I like very much. It works flawlessly for sharing the pictures with the Samsung Smart camera apps, e-mailing photos, and uploading photos to face book. An existing Wi-Fi connection is needed for the files sharing and transfer. The Samsung smart App also has a remote view-finder function which allows us to remotely control the camera using our smart phones.

- regarding comparison with the NX2000. Both cameras use the same electronics sensor mechanism and provides very similar pictures quality. The sharper flip-out display for the NX300 is a sure winner as it is a lot easier to view even in bright light situation. The NX2000 has a larger 3.7" screen and is about 3.5 oz lighter. The NX300 uses a control knob for selecting various shooting mode / functions whereas the NX2000 uses the touch screen for selecting the modes and functions. The NX300 uses the standard size SD memory card whereas the NX2000 uses the micro-SD card.

Overall, I am very pleased with this camera given its price with nice picture quality, compact design with interchangeable lens , and the wireless sharing capability.
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VINE VOICEon February 17, 2014
BUILD QUALITY: ***** (5/5)
This camera is a beauty! The top looks like finely brushed metal, the front is covered in perfectly inlaid leatherette, and the body is styled slim but curvy (for the handgrip), with sparse buttons and few logos. If it said "Leica" instead of "Samsung", I'd have no reason to doubt it. The bottom of the camera is definitely made of plastic though, and the black kit lens and flash don't entirely match the retro look - still, this looks and feels great.

For my smallish hands, this camera is a perfect fit: slim and solid, but not too heavy, and as easy to hold with one hand as with two. The touchscreen has great colors (being OLED) and is very responsive, presenting an uncluttered view with quick access to parameters or goodies like touch- to- shoot. To my surprise, there is only one mode dial (P, A, S, M..) on the camera, and only one other dial - so if there are two things to set (like shutter and aperture in M mode, or shutter and exposure in the other modes), you have to press a "shift" button. A little odd, but workable.

(Sept 2014 update): With the new firmware, the obnoxiously chatty help system of the camera can be switched off. What a relief... Before, when I so much as switched to a shooting mode, a full screen told me what I just did (really, I know what "A" mode is for!), and this chattiness carried over to all settings: often, a popup would spring up and obstruct what I was just trying to read or adjust! Also on the minus side is that the screen is quite reflective and not easy to read out in bright sunlight.

Focusing is a middle- of- the- road deal: better than most Point and Shoots, but not spectacular in its own class, and absolutely no match to a DSLR.

The spec is great (20 Megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor), and I'd say the picture quality is .. okay for that class. To compare with other "outsider" (non- Oly/Panasonic) cameras, I think the Fujis - even the very cheap XA-1 - give more "wow for the money", but the Samsung is capable of decent quality pictures, too. In good to dimmer light, the photos look more DSLR- like (which they should), with great color and little noise.

The sensor shows its weaknesses with higher ISOs and low light, and that is acerbated by a substandard in- camera JPEG engine. In general, it doesn't reduce noise well, and tends to oversaturate. Now all that said, JPEG low- light performance doesn't faze me all that much, because those should be shot in RAW anyway. And here's the best news of all:

SOFTWARE: ***** (5/5)
I've been corrected in other camera reviews: supposedly it's normal for $1000 cameras to come with awful software. I disagreed then, and Samsung shows how it's done: they include a full version of Lightroom 4. Of course it would be better to have a free Lightroom 5 in the box, but even V4 is leaps and bounds above what other manufacturers offer. On a side note, Lightroom 4 runs pretty nicely in a VirtualBox under Linux, whereas SilkyPix (Fuji and Panasonic's choice) just crawls. The NX-300 is perfectly supported of course: distortion or CA corrections are one- click, and it really does magic with RAW pictures (see customer images for an example). Big Thumbs up to Samsung for that move!

WIFI: ***** (5/5)
Most cameras have Wifi today, but the NX300 goes above common expectations, in good and bad ways. On the plus side, the Wifi can do 5Ghz, and there are many share options, ranging from email, over social media, to "cloud" and smartphone sync. On the somewhat eerie side, email doesn't need your server credentials (meaning, the pictures go to Samsung, who then sends it out on your behalf), and the camera informs you of available firmware upgrades (which is helpful, but a bit strange for a camera to talk home - maybe I just need to get on with the social crowd).

OVERALL: **** (4/5)
This is a very nice camera with great build quality, good picture quality, and lots of features. I think it'll please social medialites as well as more serious enthusiasts, and it comes with a copy of Lightroom 4 to take full advantage of the sensor's capabilities.
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on April 7, 2014
I have had a Nikon D3100 for several years now and it has been a great camera, however we aren't getting a ton of use out of it. It is too big and bulky to take everywhere, plus my wife doesn't want to use it because she wants to share photos instantly and doesn't want to mess around in lightroom or iphoto.

Based on that, I wanted to get a camera that would take as good of photos as my Nikon, but also have wifi built in so my wife can share. I did a ton of research and wanted to spend around $500, I was initially looking at the Pansasonic Lumix GF6, but the micro four thirds sensor are smaller than my APS-C Nikon Sensor. That made me consider the APS-C based Sony and Samsung camera. I read a bunch of reviews and decided on the NX300 and love it so far. The touch screen focusing really helps the wife take better photos, and the size is much more manageable then my SLR. We have a 2 year old boy and the burst shooting really helps. I also purchased the 30mm Pancake, and with that lens this is a pocket sized over-achiever.
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on May 10, 2013
I've received this package and I have been playing around with the camera. Very nice quality pictures that can handle high iso noises pretty well, Video quality is amazing with very fast auto focusing. Even at low light, the focus was amazingly well done. I own Canon 7D and I bought this camera for my wife and she is loving it so far. Lots of fun functions built in camera editor, as well as full touch screen effects are really nice. I highly recommend this camera whoever wants to buy a mirrorless. It even comes with free lightroom4 software!
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on June 11, 2014
Liked this camera for it's size, sensor size, and interchangeable lenses. Also have a Nikon 5200 that I like a lot, but it was too heavy for me to carry for an active international trip, so bought the NX300 and lenses. Fit well into a camera backpack with room for other items, and it is very attractive, has a retro look. The first one I purchased had an electronic problem, would not turn off, and the seller gave me a full refund. The second started freezing at the beginning of an international trip, and died mid trip. I have just sent it to Samsung for repair under warranty. Took nice pictures, liked the lens selection, but I do not like the AMOLED screen. It was difficult to see, bleaches out outdoors in sunny conditions, and a glare reducing film did not solve the problem. It is articulated, so tried angling it, without much improvement, unless you hold it in the shadow of your body. Unless Samsung builds an external EV I cannot recommend this camera. I got this for a "travel" camera, but will carry my full sized DSLR whenever possible, reserving this for non-auto trips and times when I am walking for a long period. I am now committed, having spent a lot of money on this equipment and lenses, so will carry on with it when repaired.

Other good features are the full range of settings expected in a digital camera, WiFi feature which worked really well in allowing me to upload pictures directly to Picasa (and other sites) while on my trip, without use of a computer, the touch screen for changing settings, iFunction lenses which allow you to initiate adjustments from the lens. The articulated screen allows you to hold the camera above your head and still see what you are shooting. The newest model has a screen that flips up 90 degrees for selfies and an external microphone jack (which I didn't need). On balance, guess there are a lot of things I did like, I understand you can buy a third party optical viewfinder, so will be looking for that addition.

One suggestion if you do get this camera. The attachment of the strap is odd. A Samsung representative suggested using the type of ring like on a keyring (I got mine in the "jewelry findings" section of a crafts store) to attach a strap. Worked quite well.
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