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on November 1, 2012
The quality of sound of this audio dock is Outstanding for an all in one unit. I have had other stereo's for less money that sounded better, But those were component stereos. For a self contained setup this thing sounds really really good. Connectivity is great. Airplay pull right up and starts playing immediately without any issues and I am easily able to play from Bluetooth devices. Where you can really hear the quality of this dock is when you turn the volume up, Crystal clear, Nice bass, Even w/o the bass boost on.

There are 4 ways to play audio from your computer, Bluetooth, AllShare client (Don't bother), direct connect thru aux input on the back and Air Play. My computer Bluetooth audio quality doesn't sound right, Aux connection works alright and the Samsung AllShare client to me was completely useless. Now I did say 4 ways, I have found AirFoil, This is a Airplay client the windows/mac PC. It works really really well with the this audio dock and just about any other airplay device. Unfortunately AirFoil does cost $25.

Few negatives, First thing is There is a Loud test tone that comes on for a second when you first power it on. I don't know if this is just my unit or all of them. Maybe someone else can tell me if this happens to them. It is pretty loud and obnoxious, However, I don't turn it off very often. Occasionally it glitches, then I have to power it off then back on, but for the most part I just leave it powered on.

I have noticed a bug, Where If I let it go to sleep for a while, When I come back and try to play something, It is like only the Sub works. I have to power it off and back on to get all working again. This hasn't been a big deal.

When connected thru Airplay, I cannot seem to get the Play/Pause button on the remote to play after it pauses, it works on the unit itself but not on the remote. It works when docked without a hitch, just not thru airplay.

Samsung support is REALLY useless. They have been ZERO help. I called 4 different times trying to get help before I gave up and decided to live with the minor issues. You would think spend $600+ for product you at least get some support, But I digress.

This is my biggest complaint. The mode switching is downright annoying. I really don't see much of a point in the remote for changing the input. The input LED's are on top and you cannot see what mode it is on without getting up and looking. There was seriously ZERO thought in the design of this particular function. I can think of a way this could be easily remedied with a simple firmware update, But not like Samsung will actually listen. This annoyance is tempered a little bit by the fact that It doesn't matter what mode you are in to connect thru the airplay as Airplay seems to trump all. Once device connects to the dock thru airplay it automatically switches to that mode w/o use intervention.

With all that said, It really good sound quality, And I think even as it sits it was worth the money we spent on it.
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on February 3, 2013
I bought both and compared them side by side.

PRO: Bose menu is upright so it's easier to see the screen without standing over it.
CON: Bose vocals are not clear like the Samsung. Bose bass is also not tight like Samsung.

PRO: Sounds much BETTER than Bose. Worked fine with my Samsung Stratosphere II smartphone via Bluetooth.
CON: Menu is on top so you can't just look at the menu from across the room, you have to be over it to see the menu.

NOTE: I have a real drum set so I know what bass should sound like.
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on January 5, 2013
SETUP: setting up the Airplay is easy and fast taking no more than 2 minutes. The Airplay streams music flawlessly with no skipping or lag. We have not tried the Bluetooth connection.

BASS CONTROL: worthless and sounds horrible.

REMOTE: feels cheap and works like it feels.

SOUND QUALITY: for the price it's excellent. I owned a Bowers & Wilkins A7 and the DA E750 sounds so good I can not really tell the difference.

COMPATIBILITY: Syncs perfectly with our iPhones, iPads and PC's. I can play from any source iTunes, Pandora, etc.

APPEARANCE: looks like furniture. The tubes make it an interesting conversation piece.

OVERALL: we are very satisfied and would recommend this device to anyone who wants portable wireless music that sounds great at a reasonable price.
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on December 7, 2013
12-16-13 Update: Updated the review when I received the 2nd Samsung.

Loading my iTunes with 2xSamsung DA-E750's (one in the kitchen, the other in the office) I was able to completely rock out the house in amazing, hi-def clarity. There is a feature that many overlook within iTunes with Apple Air-play on a MAC. But it is very simple to use... you just click on the airplay icon at the top of the iTunes menu, then select multiple speakers, and then click on all of your Samsung DA-E750s ... Apple sync the music to all speakers that you select, and the sound quality from the samsung is amazing!!! The whole house is rocking with amazing music!

Original Review: 12-7-13

I bought the Samsung DA-E750 and 2 Sonos Play 1 at the same time. There is so much hype on these products, I needed to try them both to find out what is best for my needs. I kept the Samsung and returned the sonos. In fact, I ended up buying two of the samsung units (one for each room).

Transmission technology:
- Sonos - proprietary sonos bridges, proprietary sonos media controller... if it is not in the media controller, then sonos play 1 will not play it

- Samsung - Blu Tooth. Apple AirPlay, Ethernet Network (wired and wireless). iPhone DOC, input audio Cable, etc

- SONOS - it must be supported inside the sonos controller app, or it will not play
- Samsung - any streaming music, no limitations.. native support of iTunes, Pandora, you name it.

Stereo Features:
- Sonos - The play one is a mono system with a tweeter and mid-range speaker. It takes 2 speakers to create stereo.
- Samsung - this is a 2.1 system with 2 tweeters, 2 mid range, and a 60w bass... In my updated configuration, I have two of these and I have amazing stereo separation made possible with iTunes.

Samsung is better - here are some reasons:

1 - Samsung supports BlueTooth, Doc, Audio Cable, and Air Play. Sonos does not.

2 - Samsung supports perfect sync with my movies from any airplay source (I use it to replace my Mac Speakers). Sonos does not work as a PC speaker.

3 - Samsung works with my existing wifi network. Sonos requires that I build a new network with their own bridges.

4 - I want to support iTunes, natively. I want to use iTunes radio, natively. I want to use Pandora natively. Samsung does this. Sonos requires that the audio source is run through their controller, and then to the speakers.

5 - I want to hear a full sound that includes deep bass... Samsung is able to go deeper on the bass with their 60 watt sub woofer (double that for my stereo pair). To get deep base with Sonos play 1, I need to buy an extra $700 sub.

6 - I want the decor in my home to have have rich woods... the sonos offers a black metal mesh grate that is ugly... samsung is a rich red wood with amazing furniture finish.

Take Care - SFG
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on December 4, 2013
I was very skeptical about this purchase. I read every review I could find on this model. I went to my local buy store twice for audition. Being a Krell owner I am very critical of sound. I have this model installed in my bedroom and I must say I am VERY satisfied. You can actually do critical listening with the DA-E750. It actually sounds like a small amp with a pair of speakers attached. It has very good detail, air and space. However as hard as this unit tries, the sound can't seem to go beyond the speakers. If it could I would give it 5 starts. The tubes really help with brightness. I played Diana Krall and all the organic tone of her voice came right through. The bass from this unit is very tuneful and distortion free. I am amazed how it can sought out complex music passages. No matter how crowed the music gets, every instrument seems to have its own space. Playing some Tower of Power, the horns just do their thing, but you can still here the rhythm section doing its thing. I can't imagine there is a better wireless speaker on the market at this time.
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on February 7, 2014
I have been looking at this unit for quite sometime now. And with the recent price drop, I had to make the move on it. Even though recently purchasing a Klipsch KMC 3,which I will be using for comparison purposes. The Samsung, though not portable, I did not purchase it to be, is a beautiful furniture grade piece. The cherry finish is,I think, stunning and alot has been said about the glow of the tubes,yea,yea, but let's get to what they do. Now here's the part I was skeptical about, how the tube amplification stage would round off or mellow the clippiness of mp3s especially at volume. I've got to say I think to about a 90 percent + efffect, they nailed it. And here is where I will give you my comparason thoughts. Keep in mind I am a Klipsch fan from years back, when I purchased the KMC 3 it was not BT compatable with my primary music source, my Galaxy 4.2. So I used my Kindle Fire HDX with it. Since I recieved the Samsung, I can BT connect both the Galaxy4.2 and the Kindle HDX without issue and have d'loaded the app to dock the 4.2 to the unit so the remote control will function and the app looks neat while it's docked. The KMC 3 is slightly more powerful wattage wise, this and their driver quality seems to deliver a sound with impact and great bass response for a speaker it's size. That being said this is why I favor the Samsung. My Galaxy 4.2 has a 7 band equalizer and I can taylor the sound to be just about what I want. Bass response is slightly lacking,compared to the KMC 3, but for what I believe they have achieved in overall musicality, the way it fills my living room and the way it LOOKS....This Is The One.
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on December 27, 2013
I will admit that this is an expensive "radio", but it is pretty impressive. I was looking for something that would produce great full sound, look beautiful and not standout as being too modern in my 100+ year old craftsmen house's formal living room. I have this on a early 1900's stained oak icebox and it looks great.

The sound is rich and rewarding, jazz is an absolute stand out...however we listen to a wide variety of music and everything sounds great. It is loud enough to fill our entire first floor with music and can be far too loud in the room in which it sits if you want it to. The bass boost helps for some music, but hinders others depending on volume level. The Airplay integration is great, we use that feature 90% of the time...have yet to use the Bluetooth feature, don't have any dock-friendly phones so I haven't tested that...really we've just used it with the audio line-in and the Airplay, both work great (within Airplay limitations).

Getting the device onto the network was a bit tricky, but as a very technical geek I was able to figure it out without bothering with the manuals. I first connected it to my network via wired and then accessed it via a web browser to connect it to the network. The web configuration is a bit ugly, obviously does not stand up to the price tag or the appearance of the device itself.

The remote is a bit of a let down, would be absolutely great if they had a mobile app for iOS that you could use to control the device over the network...this is my "minus 1-star" piece. The fact that it is a fully network connected device but that nothing can be controlled over that network is a let down, at least give me a universal web page that can actually be used to do something. The other annoying aspect of the remote is that there is no obvious sensor location on the you don't know where to point the remote, so its often takes a few tries to get what you want.

Overall its a great radio in appearance and sound. I have yet to see any table top radio built in the past couple of decades that is as "pretty". I looked at Bowers & Wilkins units and various other Airplay capable table top options, this one won out in large part due to looks...but it didn't lose to any of the others in sound quality and beat most of them, though it is hard to compare sound quality of devices that are not side-by-side and when the B&W is in the absolutely least ideal location (a best buy store).
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on January 9, 2014
This isn't going to compete with a high end 5.1 surround system, but the sound is about as good as you're going to get from a compact system in this price range, with clear, crisp highs / mids and excellent bass.

The things is very pretty with the mild glow of the the amplifier tube highlighting a classic look. It gets lots of compliments just for sitting there and being on.

My only real complaints are around usability.

- While you can change inputs with the remote, there is no way to see what the current input is without standing above the machine and looking at the display - hard to do from across the room.

- It takes a minute to boot if it shuts off, which it occasionally does when there is no signal. You need to wait for it to boot before selecting your input. If that input is bluetooth, you need to wait for boot, then select bluetooth, then connect your device. This is rather annoying.

- For some reason, my phone does not automatically connect via bluetooth, so each time I change inputs or turn it off I need to go in the phone settings and reconnect.

- Connectors are micro-USB and old iPhone (pre-5), so if you have an iPhone 5 you'll need an adaptor.
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on November 13, 2013
The first thing I immediately noticed was how slick the whole product is. It certainly looks very high-end and modern. The glowing vacuum tubes stand out although I am not sure if it truly boosts sound quality as much as a traditional vacuum tube set. The sound quality from this speaker is great with both fidelity and bass depending on the type of music you enjoy. From a technical standpoint the Samsung speaker has a great variety of connection options. I primarily use Airplay and Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to either my laptop or iPhone. Although setting up wireless is a bit of a hassle(I ended up using Ethernet for a few months), using an older iPhone with 30pin it is very easy. You can simply share wireless location profile from your phone to the speaker by connecting physically. Another thing I have noticed is if the speaker is left on for a few days Airplay will cease to work until the speaker is powered down and restarted. Not a deal breaker but slightly inconvenient. Also as others have said the fact that the display menu is at the top means one has to stand directly over it to see. Could use new lighting pins as well.
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on December 28, 2012
Anyone looking for a docking system to play music with your phone or tablet, look no further. The sound that comes out of this thing is incredible. I'm glad I listened to the others that reviewed this and went with it, we couldn't be happier.
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