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139 of 149 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2012
There's a few of these touchscreen enabled Windows 8 all-in-ones that have hit the market recently - I've played with the Samsung 23 inch and 27 inch models. I also considered the Acer and Dell models but the Acer was under-powered, and the Dell seemed over-priced. I'll focus on the computer and not on Windows 8 (there's enough on that all over the net). First the pros:

1. Fast and smooth computer - boots up fast, the OS and programs are generally spiffy.
2. Graphics processing is good. Can play games without issues.
3. Display is bright and clean - could be higher res (Dell, Apple Thunderbolt) but I can't tell the difference. You will want to turn down the default brightness though.
4. Nice looking computer.
5. Good connectivity - connecting to the wifi network, bluetooth devices, etc. was fast and painless.
6. Touch screen is responsive and cool (though not very useful - see below).

Now the irritants that take away two stars for this:

1. Wireless keyboard and mouse are terrible - Samsung packaged what looks like a $5 pair of accessories with their high end Win 8 computer. Figure on spending some more on a decent Logitech keyboard, mouse.
2. This was in the specs, so its as much my fault for buying the computer anyway - the hard drive is 5400rpm. This should have come with a 7200rpm HDD at the very least, if not an HDD/SSD combo.
3. Gesture control is either a sham, or I'm doing something very wrong. I haven't managed to get a single gesture to work yet.
4. The stand doesn't allow the computer to tilt (see comparable Acer computer).
5. This is not really a con about the computer itself - do yourself a favor and buy the non-touchscreen version of the computer. If you are using it on a desk, it is much more convenient to use the mouse than it is to reach over and touch the screen. So after the first couple of days when you show off your cool new touchscreen computer, you will hardly ever touch the screen again.

Overall, a decent buy - but Samsung could have made it so much better if they had just not cut some corners.
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78 of 84 people found the following review helpful
on December 17, 2012
I just bought this computer at staples...pros: Staples offers training on windows 8 and the computer. They set up antivirus, Microsoft office, gave me cd's and good warranty.
Love the color on screen, volume is really loud I was surprised. moves fast and sleek doesn't take up a lot of space. I have looked at HP and all the others for over a year. This has i5core and that's what I needed you can have a lot of screens up at one time and doesn't freeze or jam up. I am happy with it so far and I looked for a long time. I am a fan of Samsung I have all there TV's. Yes, it has Tv hook up too- HDMI- USB3, USB2 SD card reader, So easy to set up. Getting used to Windows 8 but I like it. I have a PC and I also have I-pad and I-phone but I really like this a lot. I transferred all my data from old computer (windows xp) right into a file on here. Easy breezy at staples now I have every thing in here I need. I like that I can bring it to get fixed and serviced I live in the city so it's a pain mailing stuff out.
Cons: Keyboard it too thin and low to the desk. Sleek but I am having to hit back space too much.( preference I suppose) I am going buy a meatier Keyboard. Hooking up was easy and flawless though. Never been so easy. This was really the first time I literally was ever able to plug in one cord and I was done.
I do highly recommend. I will write again as I continue to use it. Good for games although I don't play games, can watch TV from it also. Oh also plugged my iphone to it and all the video and photos were uploaded really fast.

Hope this helps.
Any questions I'll be happy to answer Touch screen is great and watching videos looks amazing. Great clarity. If I can't figure out the windows8 function I can scroll with finger and I like having that as a back up especially since I have an Ipdad so It's nice to have best of both.
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119 of 134 people found the following review helpful
on March 12, 2013
This product looks beautiful and one will be blown away by that. However once you start using it, there are some nasty bugs in this desktop. the touch screen works great untill the mouse pointer on it gets frozen. It happened to me after a few hours of use and the mouse pointer randomly clicks on the screen by itself along one vertical line. You can not do anything else once that happens and forced to reboot. After the reboot the problem re occurs in a few hours. I wanted to return this pc back to amazon as it was within their return period. I called samsung support and the had me do all kinds of system restores and patch updates etc. when everything failed, the sent me a free shipping label and said since the unit is within the warranty they will fix it for no cost. I was tempted by the offer and sent it to them instead of returning the product. Big MISTAKE!!
A week later I got a call from a third party repair facility, who said the ps is missing few critical touch screen mouse drivers and would need to be re-imaged. However, the said the re-image is not covered under warranty by samsung and I have to pay for the repair as well as return shipping. I was shocked. to add insult they said I have to give them my credit card number or else they would ship the unit back to me next day. I called samsung and went over the complete chain of command in the customer service, right from associate to supervisor to their manager. No one even listened to me that the product failed their quality check and should be fixed for free.They all were very rude and all they said that its not covered under their warranty and I can read their warranty fine print.
I filed a complaing with consumer protection bureau and decided to write this review. If anyone else had a similar issue please post it here and that will help strengthen my case. Samsung has become arrogant and don't care for their customers concerns anymore.
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34 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on March 23, 2013
After just one day, the touchscreen function stopped working. Two phone calls and a live chat with Samsun and my computer expert yielded no solution. Samsung wanted to pick it up and ship it to Texas (!) for 3 or 4 weeks for repair. I said nuts to that and contacted Amazon, who willingly agreed to refund my money even though the product had been unpacked and used briefly. As a result, I returned this and purchased its replacement, an HP Envy, from Amazon. I have been a fan of Amazon for several years, and their return policy is one of the reasons I keep coming back. I know if the product isn't what it should be, Amazon will make good on it.
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on January 28, 2013
I purchased the Samsung Series 7 23-inch version.

I added a second, non-touch, 22" Dell monitor as a secondary screen. Since the Dell had a DVI connector, I purchased an inexpensive HDMI-to-DVI conversion cable and it recognized the screen automatically and extended the desktop.

1. Packing: the screen is protected by more foam in the box than I have ever seen for a screen this size. If you receive a damaged unit - I doubt it would be from transit.
2. Build quality is excellent on the screen itself - extremely solid feeling, the edge of the screen wrapped in a chrome-colored metal. The stand also very solid feeling.
3. Speed running software and apps is very good, even though the hard drive is 5400rpm rather than 7200. I did not really notice a problem with speed. Cold boot time around 30 seconds, and wake from sleep mode about 10 seconds.
4. Touch screen: 10 point touch screen very responsive to touch - have had no problems with the Windows 8 Metro swipes, Metro apps, or with using touch on desktop applications. It just works. (and, as a side note, I feel the touch is the better way to interact with the Metro screen than with keyboard/mouse, for the most part)

I find myself using a combination of touch and mouse/keyboard. There are some handy shortcuts you will want to learn: Windows key + R for "run", Windows key + Q for "search".
5. Appearance: the hardware looks really good on your desk - the Samsung logo lights up white when the PC is on.
6. Dedicated Eject touch button on front of screen to open the side loading DVD tray.

CONS: (none of these made me deduct any stars - I feel these are minor annoyances)
1. Keyboard/mouse: the keyboard feels nice and solid, but the key-travel is very shallow. I find myself not liking the shallow/mushy feel of the keys. Plus there is no separate number pad. The mouse is an embarrassment to Samsung, and can be out-classed by just about any third party USB mouse you could purchase. I will probably go back to an MS brand keyboard/mouse that I already own.
2. The dedicated touch control buttons on the front of the screen, to the left of the power button: they do not light up, and in dim light are almost impossible to read. (they control eject, volume, brightness, etc.) I instead use the FN keys on the keyboard itself to change volume quickly.
3. The Samsung apps for creating system backups of your Windows operating system are not easily found. I had to stumble around the 'search' pane for a while to finally find the right Samsung support app, and then had to download a complete update to the Samsung software suite, which took quite some time. I would have preferred this to be highlighted somehow when first starting the PC - a popup screen for the user saying 'hey, dummy, here is where you can create your backup disks for system restore'. I have not attempted to create backups yet and will update with results if I have problems.

Windows 8: as a Windows 8 dedicated touch device, I say the Samsung is a great way to experience the operating system. As for Windows 8 itself, I find it an odd bipolar experience. When living in the Metro start screen, and using dedicated Metro full-screen apps, it's an experience that really highlights the value of the touch interface. But as soon as you hit the desktop to run a non-metro app (and this will happen to you quickly, as many software applications are still not written for the Metro app store), you are back to the Windows 7 experience, and touch does not feel as intuitive, although it still works fine.

Another Windows 8 note: extended desktop panoramic themes: if you set up two monitors you can download panoramic windows themes from Microsoft for free - the photos included in the different themes are amazing, and look incredible when spanned across two monitors! If your monitors are different resolutions, the notes from Microsoft all state that it will display two different pictures on the monitors rather than span one - but I found a simple work around for that. Comment if you need the solution.

So I currently find myself pulled in two directions using Windows, but, overall, the Samsung itself is an excellent device to interface with crazy Win 8 world.

UPDATE: SAMSUNG SUPPORT not so great. Five days into configuring software and loading data, I loaded a licensed copy of a DVD burning program that I own. Later after a reboot my DVD drive stopped working. Windows device manager indicated a corrupted driver/registry. So I used the 'chat with support' option in the Samsung Software and got no where quickly. After suggesting I 'delete the device and re-add in device manager' (which I had already done several times after uninstalling the DVD burning program), I was told to take it to a Samsung Service Center. Granted, this was a self inflicted problem, but I would expect support to be able to help me troubleshoot driver/registry problems with their own DVD device. I resolved the issue on my own with the help of an HP user forum! So I would suggest if you have issues, you might want to create a Twitter account and tweet "@SamsungSupport" rather than use the support chat. They can probably help more quickly.
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25 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on April 17, 2013
I had high hopes for this desktop as a replacement for a 4 year old HP desktop. It looks nice, but it is slow and I have memory warnings just from having multiple websites open. I would get a more powerful machine if I did it again. Windows 8 is also not good but you can get around it by using desktop mode. I also hear they will put the start button back in windows 8.1.

But my main complaint with this PC is that it is slow and can't handle having multiple websites or programs open (which my 4 year old PC could do...). I would not buy this if I could do it again.
(UPDATE: Having now used it for a few months it's one of the worst performing new pcs I have bought in 15 years which at this price, is disappointing. It can not handle having multiple programs open and something like a high res photo from a camera just freezes it. I would avoid this computer. Don't be fooled because the screen looks nice.)

UPDATE September 16th. I Cant warn you enough to avoid this computer. I now get low memory warnings within minutes of starting up, when memory should be clear. Don;t be fooled by the nice monitor, it is the worst computer I have ever bought (out of about 15 purchased in the last 25 years). HORRIBLE!
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12 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2013
First off let me say I looked at a 27 in a store and loved it. I got the 23 because of the substantial price difference. I was somewhat unhappy with the "Visual Real estate" of the 23 but I did not take off stars for this reason.

As noted by another the peripherals were rather cheap and the mouse on this failed in biggie 20 bucks and had a much nicer one anyway...a star for that...

I bought this to replace my daughters 1 generation i5 laptop. Not really much wrong with that laptop except that she plays an on line game minecraft...well the game caused the PC to overheat and shut down a lot due to the graphics and the tasking of the CPU. I figured the 3rd gen i5 in the samsung would handle it plus the samsung has a better graphics card. (And no... I am not one of those parents that lets their kids play computer games hours on end...My daughter is 12 and read les mis in a week)

This was not the case with the samsung 23. It would frequently say out of virtual memory. I am no expert at computers but no dummy either. I know that the virtual memory needed tweaking. I did everything suggested to manage this to no avail. So I returned it and ponied up the money for the 27 samsung that has the i7 quad core with more ram and I am hoping it will be better performing and I know it will give me the visual real estate I fell in love with in the first place.

Turns out this unit is not a quad core i5 but a dual core i5...and the performance of the i7 with the quad core benchmarks double the i5 dual core.

I will let you know as I just set up the 27 samsung today.

Well it is up and running and the game is better than ever and it is visually faster and I am delighted with the display and performance!

Update. Had this for almost a year and I still love it..Blazing fast, and stable computer
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on April 18, 2013
I could have given this computer at least one more star being as it really is a very nice product.
The problem is that their support is awful!!! I have called with questions and issues several times. Apparently their so-called "support" personnel are not trained.
I have yet to get a single question or issue answered or resolved. They act and react like I'm speaking a foreign language and these were not difficult in depth questions.
Each time I was placed on an extended hold while they ran off to look up the answers or speak with someone else. Their specific product knowledge is nil. And each time
I came away with unsatisfactory results. Very frustrating and even alarming for a company this size.
On the other hand, I own a Samsung tablet and the support with that has been mostly very good. Those people do know what they're doing.
The PC people do not! Be forewarned.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on February 18, 2013
First 4 weeks I was happy with my new computer: fast, great picture.
Uncomfortable Windows 8, but I got used to it.
BUT at day 31 my computer stopped working - did not turn on any more, and no chance to use Recovery system. So, I had to send it back (with all my data inside) and hope for the full refund (shipment for my expense).
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on March 4, 2013
Primarily a Mac household now, but have had many instances where a Windows machine would have made things easier. Liked the specs and honestly the look of this all in one machine, (The monitor is spectacular) and the touch screen with windows 8 is a bonus. Windows 8 Apps have much of the similar as other platforms, I just think they need another 6 months to a year to be as mature content wise as Apple's App store, etc. It was nice to get on a windows machine and it's ease of interface with my home network and device attached to the network. The world of ether is still heavily windows/Microsoft based and it is also familiar. Software is designed for windows so install are not the pain it can be with our Macs. I give this 4 stars because the video display is shared off the system's ram, Core I5 instead of I7, and the 5400 RPM SATA, instead of 7200 or even better SSD. Also it comes out of the box with 6GB of internal RAM which I'm sure this machine can go 8GB if not even higher. Overall a great machine for what we want it to do, and as they say too many eggs in one basket.....
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