Customer Reviews: Samsung Series 7 DP700A7D-S03US 27-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop
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on November 29, 2012
I finally received my Samsung 27 inch all-in-one windows 8 yesterday from Amazon (pre-ordered oct 26) and its a beauty. Its small, thin, sleek but yet TV sized touch monitor. I love the windows 8 haptic (touch) control, hand gestures etc.. The only drawback is when assembling, please check the parts carefully especially wireless keyboard, mouse. there is a sensor USB chip at the bottom of the mouse, which you need to detach and attach to a USB port below the monitor.
The quality of video, audio (although I have the samsung HW-450C sound bar with HDMI/bluetooth)is super. Its still premature to rate this product, but all what I am seeing so far is very positive, and I recommend this product. Will post a follow-up as a comment in a week. The installation process took me less than 15 minutes (including the windows 8 self-install which triggers on power-up. Just note that you can start using the touch controls right away rather than archaic mouse/keyboard).
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on March 31, 2013
* It looks great! Let's be honest: if you're considering an all-in-one machine, that's important to you... and the Series 7 doesn't disappoint. I think it looks better in person than it does in photos. (Photos tend to capture the rear leg, but in day-to-day desk use, the rear leg isn't even visible.)
* It feels great; definitely seems like Samsung emphasized build-quality.
* HDMI-out. A lot of computers in this class don't support a secondary display device. This Series 7 does, and it was a big part of the reason I opted to buy it over a couple of other AIO systems.
* USB 3.0. I've got an external RAID enclosure connected via USB 3.0 and its performance is incredible compared to what I'm used to with USB 2.0.
* It's quiet. In fact, I rarely hear it over the low-but-constant hum of our external RAID enclosure.

* The hard drive. Samsung obviously chose capacity over performance here, but they really ought to have opted for an SSD or hybrid drive instead. My Series 7 scored 7.2 or higher in every Windows Experience Index category... except for 'Primary Hard Disk'. The platter drive's index ranked 5.9. (5.9 is a respectable score for general computer use, but I was disappointed to see so much deviation between this index and the others.)
* USB 3.0 ports. There are only two of them, and they're hidden behind the left bezel. Traditional USB cables will stick out beyond the bezel, which necessitates the use of a USB 3.0 right-angle cable to keep things tidy. (I opted for a short right-angle extension: HDE USB 3.0 Right Angle Male to Female Cable) Three additional USB 2.0 ports are available behind the bottom bezel. (These really ought to have been USB 3.0.)
* There's an optical drive -- a DVD reader/writer combo --, but there's no Blu-ray drive. It's easy enough to add an external Blu-ray drive, but that has to be considered a con when you're talking about an "All-in-One" device.
* Pre-loaded software. Limited versions of Norton Internet Security, Microsoft Office, -- which are both time-limited -- and the CyberLink suite -- which is feature-limited -- come pre-installed. Some people may appreciate this, but I would have (strongly) preferred a clean copy of Windows. Some of Samsung's "valued-added" software -- Gesture Control, especially -- feels hokey.
* The included keyboard and mouse are usable, but flawed. The mouse's optical sensor is great, but clicks don't always register. (It usually works, but it's an annoyance when it doesn't.) As for the keyboard, I really feel like it's too small. It looks great, but it feels like a netbook keyboard, there's no Numpad, and there's no back-lighting. I tried using both for a couple of weeks, but couldn't bear the keyboard any longer; replaced the keyboard with a Logitech K800.


UPDATE 12/11/2013

Early on, I updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro. Shortly thereafter, I ran into some serious performance issues. The local hard disk was constantly pegged at complete utilization, and disk latency (which usually fluctuated between 0ms and 20ms) was clocked between 10,000ms and 20,000ms. It usually took close to 20 minutes after waking it up from hibernation or rebooting for the computer to become usable again. It was unbearable.

I'd always planned to replace the hard drive, even before this problem (because it was the system's slowest component), so I prioritized that. I cloned my traditional hard drive to a platter/SSD hybrid replacement, then physically installed the new drive as a replacement... but the problem persisted.

Through Process Monitoring, I determined that the problem was related to the rapid writing/inflation of files in my System32/sru folder. With months of research and participation in forums, I was able to resolve the issue. As it turns out, it was related to the Windows Update Service, and was fixed by running Windows 8's "Windows Update Repair", followed by purging the previously cached Windows Updates. Performance is butter-smooth again.

I include this because, even after months of tracking, none of us experiencing the problem are absolutely certain whether or not the hardware factored into the equation.

More Pros:
* All-in-ones aren't known for performance, but I've become a PC gamer BECAUSE of this system. It's handled everything I've thrown at it, at 1080p, without any hiccups. (Bioshock Infinite was probably it's biggest test, and it handled it like a champ at moderate settings.)

More Cons:
* There's a secondary hard drive slot in this machine, but utilizing it requires a proprietary (modified) SATA cable and hard drive caddy. In a rig this expensive, I feel like those should have been pre-installed.
* Audio handling could be better. This fault lies more with Windows than with the system itself, but you'll find yourself quite irritated if you want to port your audio to a secondary display via HDMI. When that display isn't on, audio will default back to your local speakers. Sometimes you can manually reassign the default device back to the secondary display (once it's powered back on), and sometimes you have to reboot before the secondary display is recognized as an audio output device. Good luck; haven't found a convenient way to handle this.
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on April 5, 2013
I bought this PC to replace an old desktop that I use primarily for work, banking and a few social apps. This PC seemed a good choice to increase monitor size and eliminate the tower and all the cords. When I initially set up the PC and connected the internet, I sporadically received the message "limited connectivity" and I couldn't access the internet. None of the repair options would correct the problems and I knew it was not my newer modem and router because my smart TV, slingbox, laptop and phone were working fine. After a couple of days of Google searches, I came upon a solution involving the TCP/IP stack repair in Windows 8. Problem solved, but irritating to encounter with a new PC, and you need a little confidence around PCs to resolve. None of the other reviewers identified this as an issue.

The screen is large and clear, and the touch feature works just fine. My screen has a little black spot in the center that I am enduring because it's a big hassle to send back the PC. Not exactly happy given the price, but I'm sure I'll stop noticing it after a while. The touch functionality works nicely and it's fun to play the Facebook game Who Wants to be a Millionaire using this technology.

I'm not sure about Windows 8 as that tile screen just seems to be in the way when you're using the PC for a lot of business applications and you need a lot of windows open. I find myself just going to the desktop. It looks nice, but seems to just create a layer whereby you can't quickly get back and forth to other windows and apps. Maybe after I get used to it I'll feel differently, but my work and other personal devices use Windows 7 so it'll be a long road.

All in all I this is a good looking PC that does what I need it to do and has a footprint without all the clutter of cords and towers and drives. I like the design, but if that isn't as important to you, I'm positive you can save some money with another brand.

UPDATE: I thought I had resolved the "limited connectivity" issue with wireless, but despite trying every available solution, it is still a problem. I had to connect ethernet cable to get uninterrupted service. Not really a problem for me, because this PC replaced a desktop, but problematic if you are using wireless exclusively. Also, Windows 8 is horrible if you need to multi-task with lots of applications and windows open. I can't really understand what the benefit of Windows 8 is unless it's just to make it look pretty and work for people who are brand new to using a PC. I have never owned an Apple product in my life, but in hindsight, this might have been the time to migrate. One additional irritation is that Windows 8 doesn't support my Slingbox and that has been a real problem. I have to have a laptop running Windows 7 if I want to watch TV in my office.
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on December 25, 2012
I researched this product and compared with other 27 inches in market. Samsung 27 inch all in one touch exceeded my expectations. I considered other products like iMac and Vizio 27in. I believe I made the right decision.

The only thing which needs improvement ( not hardware ) is Windows 8. There are very very limited Apps. I am big Apple fan and missing all the cool apps. I hope Windows 8 catches up.
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on September 15, 2013
All right, I don't really hate Windows 8, just don't fully understand it yet. I guess I had the same reaction to 7 as I am most familiar with XP.

This computer is the bomb! For an old guy like me who doesn't need lightning fast performance it is more than adequate. The huge screen is a blessing for aging eyesight. The tiny bit of real estate it occupies on the desk is miraculous. This is thinner than any of our flat screen tvs. The built in speakers are okay. The webcam is awful but I don't use it. The keyboard and mouse, both wireless, seem to be of good quality but the keyboard seems to be undersized.

Okay, I realize this is Windows 8 and I am supposed to be poking the screen or making gestures to the camera but remember I am an old guy. I didn't even realize our last "new" computer (a HP All In One) had a touchscreen until one day when I went to brush away a speck of dirt and opened a new window on whatever program was running.

All kidding aside this is a high quality computer and I feel I spent my money wisely.

I forgot to add that this computer boots up in well under 30 seconds. Amazing!
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on November 19, 2013
I returned this after 2 days of attempts to "fix" it's issues. In essence any activity involving disk I/O was painfully slow. During larger downloads or other disk writes the disk monitor would often show access times in excess of 2 seconds. I'm sure the designer was trying to save heat and cost by including a 5400 RPM laptop hard disk (cost about 30 dollars retail) but the choice simple rendered the system unusable. I attempted to learn whether I just had a faulty disk or whether it was in fact a design flaw. I ran into the usual support center runarounds e.g. would I kindly restore the operating system to factory shipped level etc. etc. In short, I wouldn't wish this system on my worst enemy.
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on June 27, 2013
My wife has been using a real cheap economy computer for about five years. This past February she had a small stroke that has affected her vision. She can no longer read her romance paperback books. I purchased this all-in-one so that she can download electronic books and increase the size of the print on the big 27" all-in-one. It works very well and now she is back to her reading again. I like it too but not Windows 8. I play a lot of online games and my computer with WIN 7 works best for me.

SAMSUNG makes great products and I always buy and recommend this brand.
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on April 29, 2013

Nice, Bright Screen
Can be used as an external monitor without turning computer portion on
Very good looking computer
Touchscreen is accurate and responsive
Was able to dual-boot Windows 8 and Debian Linux without facepalming too much

The Okays:

Speakers are average, but lack bass
Keyboard and Mouse are cheap-feeling, but are useable
DVD/CD drive configuration took me a second to figure out.. Gotta pull it gently out once you hit the on-bezel eject button..

I have a 5 year old webcam that is better than what's installed
Should of built the keyboard/mouse receiver into unit.. why waste a USB slot?
Needed an SSD option! The system seems really slow, but I believe it is the very slow 5400rpm HD access..

There you have it. I have had this unit over a weekend so far and I have it running as I need it.. Pretty happy that I could get the dual-boot working without having to reinstall Win8. Windows 8 is pretty terrible, IMHO. Nothing makes sense and nothing is very intuitive.. But if you can get past the Windows issues, its a solid machine.

2013/05/07 - I added the no SSD option to the above as a con. The machine stats are amazing, but I believe the hard drive is the slow point causing the rest of the system to act very slow. Shame on Samsung for putting a 5400rpm hard drive in the machine!
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on September 23, 2013
This computer is great. The display is very clear, it's touch sensor works as well as my galaxy s3. Windows 8 is less than desirable, but hopefully the 8.1 update will fix some of the bugs. The included wireless keyboard and mouse are excellent, and I couldn't ask for more. Samsung makes great products, and I will continue to buy them. FYI if you are looking at one of these computers make sure that get the one with the built in WIFI. Some of them don't have it so check. It also doubles as a nice TV with HDMI in and out so you can really get your money's worth. Hook up your gaming system and enjoy. The minimal price difference between this and the smaller 23in i5 one is also worth it. You get 2 more GB of RAM and an i7. I have had this for about two weeks now, and I would gladly buy another one.
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on July 26, 2013
Ignore the other review saying its not upgradeable to an SSD....that guy didnt do his homework and is afraid to get his hands dirty... you have 2 options, replace the dvd drive with a caddy or you can source a laptop SATA connector and stick one next to the OEM drive, I put a 128gb Samsung 840 pro in mine and cold boots are around 6 seconds after putting the OS on it, I have the OEM 1TB in a hard drive caddy and the SSD is running at SATA 6Gb SATA and the 1TB HDD at 3gb SATA
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