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75 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on February 10, 2012
Having ordered (here on Amazon) this system based on the high ratings and reviews, I felt compelled to write a review to those contemplating this system.
Visually: Like most others have stated, it is a nice looking system. Shiny plastics all around. Very nice bright display. An uncluttered unit with touch sensitive 'buttons'.
Build quality: Again like most others have stated, it has a nice solid build. The speaker stands (bottoms) are heavy enough to anchor the top portion of the speakers. The main unit doesn't feel cheap and looks to be well made, crafted, and constructed.
Options: It has 2 HDMI in connections and 1 HDMI out connection. An optical-in connection, as well as an AUX-in connection. Speaker connections are color coded as well as connection specific according to the speaker that will be connected. There are plenty of options for the user once the unit is turned on from the Samsung Smart Hub, to the various preset sound settings. Video streaming from Netflix and Hulu were excellent and convenient through the Samsung Smart Hub. The rear wireless setup makes this an ideal system for those that can't or don't want to run wires to the rear of their room. Surround sound from the wireless setup is excellent. The sound of the surrounds are just as good as a wired setup. It has a wired microphone to assist with an automated calibration of the system according to how the user has it placed in their room, or you can manually set the speaker system sound. The options list goes on and on...
Sound: Here's where things change. If sound is your PRIMARY reason for buying this unit, I can't recommend it. Don't get me wrong, the system does sound good, but it doesn't suck the audience in when you are watching a movie or gaming. If you are the type that likes to get immersed into gaming or their movies, this system is lacking. First off, the subwoofer is a passive subwoofer, meaning not powered/amplified. Second, the wires that feed the sub are like 22 gauge, much too small to carry the low end frequencies to the sub. Third, the sub unit is deceiving. What looks to be an 8" woofer in the enclosure is really just a passive radiator for the 6.5" speaker on the opposite side that is hidden by a thin fabric to conceal it. If you're thinking, "Well I'll just replace the sub with a 3rd party powered unit" (as I and another reviewer did), it still will not impress. Here's why. The signal coming from the main unit that's feeding the sub does not pass the lower frequencies that is needed to get all the sound from the lower frequency spectrum. If you connect a powerful powered sub to this unit and barely turn it on, then play a game or movie that demands lower frequencies, you will hear them in a distorted, flat, drowned out sound. It will not be deep and vibrant. Another reviewer wrote that it was like the sound of a boombox. I believe his primary concern for buying this unit was sound, just like me. Epic fight scenes, explosions, crashes, bullets wizzing by, etc., will just sound empty. The sound from the rest of the system is pretty good (definitely not AWESOME) and convincing. But for the unit to provide as a bluray player, an internet hub device, and an amplifier to the speaker system, it simply can't pack all of that into this small unit and be expected to blow the user away with incredible sound. I was easily able to turn this to full volume (max is 50) without me thinking that it was "too loud" for normal everyday gaming, movies, or music.

I felt I had to write this review because most reviews state that this system sounds AWESOME. Some reviewers compare it to their much more expensive component systems. Component systems have always been my standard setup. I gave this HTIB system a chance to see if it could win me over with a slim package and trimmed down design. It didn't. I packaged it back up (a pain in the ***), and it's getting picked up today (Feb 10, 2012). I am replacing it with a 5.1 component system instead.

I hope this review helps and it saves someone the trouble of going through the hassle of finding that all-in-one home theater unit that suits their wants/needs. It's a nice system, it's just not the system that fills my wants/needs.
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65 of 67 people found the following review helpful
on June 26, 2011
First, Amazon is one of the best out there for price, selection and shipping!

The HT-D6730w is very good for the price and seems to have corrected the problems that you may have read about by the end users of the HT-C6930W.

The sound is as good as my 8 year old Onkyo system which cost $1500. Although my Onkyo is better built with polished aluminum speakers/AV and a AC power sub (the Samsung is high gloss piano finished plastic) the processing for surround seems to work better with this Samsung system. (Modern technology) at it best ;-)

The system is very well packed in its box and took me as much time to unpack it as it did to set up, about an hour from start to finish and looks/sounds great with my 65 DLP TV.

I was a little confused looking at the picture and only counting 5 speakers plus sub; how could it be 7.1 The two front tower speakers is 2 separate speakers in 1. Therefore by counting them twice you come up with 7 plus the sub. The 2 rear wireless speakers have wires that go to the wireless AC power module and then it communicates with the AV receiver wireless across the room. The sub does not require a separate AC plug-in, which was surprising to me, however works very well.

The blue-ray player does not have a pop out tray, but direct feed like a CD player in a car. The up scaling works great and standard DVD's looks as good as HD. The 2D to 3D is not bad either. I put in Polar Express (standard DVD) movie and clicked on 2D to 3D along with the 3D sounds and my kids just loved it ;-). One button push on the remote to get to Netflix is another plus.

Again, for the price this is a very good system!
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on July 30, 2011
Overall it is an awesome unit and a good price. I agree with most everyone's 5 star reviews. The user interface is great, the online features are awesome (go Netflix!), 3D movies are spectacular, and the sound quality is good. I especially like the form factor. It is a thin receiver with built in 3D blu-ray. I like the small footprint. My only gripe and the reason why I gave it only 4 stars is that I found that the tower speakers look and feel cheap. They did not stand up perfectly strait (leaned forward a bit) and event though they were on level ground they had some give/sway to them. It is all very plastic. Mine may have been damaged in shipping but it is hard to tell. Either way, overall I would recommend these for the price and user experience. It works great with Samsung TVs.
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on August 13, 2011
Bought this mostly for three reasons:
1. So I wouldn't have any compatibility problems with my Samsung TV
2. Rear wireless speakers (although not true wireless, sure beats having wires or having to running wires across the living room)
3. Tallboy front speakers. (I have my TV mounted on the wall, so having these tall speakers helps the room look proportional. And I don't have to buy speaker stands for them)

Obviously if you are looking for a system with the best sound quality there are better products out there in this price range, but I was looking for a specific set of features.
During my research to find a stereo system that had the perfect blend of qualities, features, and price I came to the conclusion that this was the perfect one for what I was looking for.
I've had this product now for about a month, and have no complaints. The 3D blu-ray works well with my TV, I like the Ipod/Iphone cradle that it comes with to play my tunes, the sounds are rich and full, and am impressed with all the little online features the system offers.
The only thing I didn't like about this was the depth of the blu-ray player/receiver. I had to cut out the back of my display case/shelf, that I use to place all my electronics on, more than usual for this device. I thought drilling a hold in the back for all the wires would suffice, but had to cut a lot more to provide enough space for the device.
All in all, I would recommend this product for those looking for the above features.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2011
I've Read the items specs, reviews, and comparisons before I purchased this item before I was moved just enough to throw away $700. (Throw away, not waste) I'm sure if your reading this you must know the basics. Its 1300W, 7.1 surround sound, with wifi, iPod, and online hub capabilities. Yea yea cool cool, my Samsung TV does the same thing minus the iPod function. I first opened the box amazed at how well packaged it was and a little skeptical that it could be setup so fast. Never the less, the item was up and running within 30 min. Its pretty simple, just big. It's loud and very clear! I can tell you that right off the bat but I'm more interested in its sound qualities for when I want to have a nice surround sound experience in the comfort of my home. I don't really use 3D mode as I don't yet have a 3D TV. Vertical mode is just louder than all other modes. You hear all the small things as well as everything else through all the speakers. Aside from that you have Music, Movie, Stereo, Prologic II, and Matrix mode which all sound different. Of course I only play with Vertical, movie and music mode so keep that in mind as well. Movie mode for movies has to be turned up so you can hear all the tiny voices, but when its time for an action sequence it get's a lot louder than necessary but sounds exactly like your at the movies. You can hear shell casing hit the ground and bounce around in the small rear wireless speakers very clearly. I'm Impressed simply by that really. The best experience though was playing Battlefield 3 with the system in Movie mode. The best gaming experience and test of this system I've ever had hands down. You are in the center of everything. You hear planes, and helicopters taking off and moving from one corner of the room to the other. You can identify locations through the sound of footsteps, or whoever is giving commands at any point around you. Truly unbelievable. For what this system can do at its price point I am completely content. If there's any other system that can do more than but cost's more, than its purely over kill if you ask me. If you have the cash, and your looking for a similar experience this is the system to get!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 2011
Let me start by saying the 7.1 surround sound system isn't your typical 7.1 system with 7 separate speakers and 1 sub. It actually has 5 speakers (2 tall front speakers, 1 center speaker, 2 surround speakers). There are speakers at the top of the tall stand speakers that act individually, but are attached to the stand. The center speaker is small and sounds strong but clean. The two surrounds are remotely powered and sound great. The subwoofer is smooth, but strong enough to provide quality non-distorted bass. What I really like about the system are the multiple options for customized sound, as well as the interactive internet applications (Samsung should have added YouTube). This system provides a strong crisp sound with just enough bass to even it out. The sound is clean with no distortion. I am enjoying it!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on September 22, 2011
It's a Really good system. I had to turn off my HDMI Deep Color off to work with my Projector. I thought it was the system. So i sent it back Amazon sent me another one real quick. That one did the same thing, so I called Samsung customer service they said I had a another defective system. I turned off that HDMI Deep Color Off and Presto, It works like a Charm. I always order my stuff through Beach Audio or JR Audio and it comes with in 3 to 5 days, but I save like about 1 to 2 Hundred every purchase. The Sound isn't all that loud but My wife kinda likes it that way. I have my 360 and computer hooked up but I always need 1 more HDMI Input, but nothing a splitter wouldn't Fix. Very Nice System Overall. A must buy if you like all kinds of cool features Like AllShare,NetFlix and YouTUBE.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2011
I'll sum this up in two words..."HOOOOOLY SCHNIEKE!!". I installed an "earlier" version (7.1ch HT-C3760W) of this system in my girlfriend's home with her 47" Sony Bravia 3D HDTV. On this "C" model, the two front speakers are not built-in to the tower. I knew that once I heard hers I HAD to have one of my own. I searched for and compared different brands; Panasonic, Sony, and Onkyo to name a few, that would deliver the same quality sound and with the same or similar features as this Samsung. Each paled in comparison.

I found the 7.1ch HT-D6730W system here and KNEW it would be well worth buying. Once I installed and got it set up with my 47" Vizio 3D HDTV, I was simply stunned to at it's performance. I watched a "test" 3D movie the night I set this up complete with the 3D sound feature. The two made for the most incredible home theater 3D cinematic experience I could have imagined!

The 7.1ch HT-D6730W has a few more features than it's sibling, the 7.1ch HT-C6730W. One favorite button I discovered on the remote in particular, is the "2D-3D" feature which "turns" and ordinary 2D Blu-ray into a 3D one (3D tv required of course).

I also have my HD/DVR routed through this system's receiver. This allows me to enjoy many of the HD programs in HD/3D surround sound as well. Movies have never before been so amazing to watch and hear.

All in all, if you're searching for a superb quality surround system package, I HIGHLY recommend the 7.1ch HT-D6730W above the rest. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it an overall 15+! The stellar quality this system offers has no equal in my opinion. I would expect this as well as closely similar systems to sell for at least $800-$1200. At the price of LESS than $600 for THIS one, it's beyond a doubt, a STEAL!
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on December 30, 2011
I bought this 7.1 Channel HT-D6730W/ZA in April 2011, it worked well (Except smart hub hung up sometimes) for 7 months and then I got a problem. The bluray player was automatically turn on and off in middle of watching movies,without us doing manually anything with it. It is connected to HDMI with My Samsung TV (UN46D6400), When talked to support, he asked me to TURN OFF ANYNET option, I did it both on TV and my Bluray player, Then also I am having the same problem. I sent this unit to service center and received it back after 20 days, and what I found was disappointment, the problem still exists. After spending another 2 hours with customer service, I ended up sending the unit back. They neither want to send us new unit nor repairing it properly. It is so annoying to see your player turns on and off every second especially when you spend around 800$ for this.

I like samsung products but this one is totally messy for me atleast!! Also, If someone knows how to fix this Turning ON and OFF problem,please help!!!


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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 23, 2012
I am and have always been a video and audiophile, since I was little. I have had a vast array of TV's & Home Theater setups...more than I'd like to admit. But, I'm going to put all of that aside for this review and review the product as if it were my first home theater setup.

I got my HT-D6730W unit from Best-Buy for only $399 as an out-of-box special, so I cannot tell you what type of packaging it came in nor how easy/difficult it was to get it out of the box. Also, the front tower speakers were already assembled by the previous owner who returned the system for a much heftier priced Bose system.

Aside from the front speakers being pre-assembled, everything else was wrapped in clear adhesive plastic and all the speaker wires were wound with those little plastic black straps one would use to bind lengths of pipes. The straps that surround the wires are VERY tight and you must cut them carefully when removing them. My instrument of choice were sharp salon scissors. If not careful, one could easily cut the VERY thin speaker wires.

The entire setup took me just over 15 minutes. It actually took my spouse and kids longer to assemble the two speaker stands we purchased seperately for the rear speakers, than it did for me to setup the home theater system. The quickstart guide did well at spelling out what goes where, etc. My 11 year could have put this together in about a half hour. All of the speaker wire connectors are color coded and if you are not adding multiple external devices like XBox's and Playstations, etc., it really is a snap. I do plan on hooking our PS3 and Wii up to the system eventually, and I will add on to this review with my experience doing so.

The unit as a whole looks very nice. I have a 73" 3D TV that is also black and everything looks nice together. The speakers, BluRay/Processor/Amp, iPod dock and Wireless receiver for the rear speakers are all in a high gloss Black. Looks pretty classy, aside from every surface being a fingerprint and dust magnet. One of the gripes I did have about the unit is that the front tower speakers don't stand exatly verticle. They lean towards the audience a little. Actually, my front right speaker leans more than the left. I love symmetry, so this just KILLS me. I thought this was because I had an out-of-box system, but I have seen many reviewers mention this as well. Since i have fairly thick carpet, this was easily fixed with a few well placed pieces of cardboard that are virtually invisable to anyone in our living room.

For the price I got this unit at, I cannot complain at all. If I had paid $699.00+ for this unit, I might have raised an eyebrow at the sound, the BASS more particularly. As many have mentioned, the bass is reminiscent of a boom box. That is because the sub is a 6.5 inch speaker encased in a small box with a passive radiator. In English? It's a small woofer tricked into sounding bigger than it is. Because of this, you do get quite a bit of boom out of it, but it's not accurate at all. It does not register the low-low earth moving frequencies you'd normally get from a powered sub in a large box. In its defense, though, it sounds good to those not accustomed to higher-end speakers... In our 20x20 living room it sounds just right. Besides, we don't want the kids in the living room overpowering and outsounding our surround sound in the master bedroom!!!

The 7.1 surround sound is very nice. It's not truly 7.1 surround in the traditional sense of the word, as there are not two additional, seperate speakers to set up between the front speakers and the rear speakers. The additional 2 speakers are actually encased in the towers at the top and can be pointed from down to up. The sound is very good and using the Transformers 3 as a test, it was nice to see my families eyes light up during the high action scenes. Considering how thin the speaker wires are, the Processor/BluRay player did a good job at making sure the center channel processed the voices fairly accurately and that the fronts did a great job at handling all the front end action, with all the action taking place in its prospective locations, just as would be expected (and crystal clear I might add). Even the rears did a decent job at reproducing the feeling that ships and robots were flying and firing off lazers behind the audience. Compaired to the rest of the speakers, though, the rears are a little underpowered and you just might need to set the volume to +6 (the highest possible) to truly experience all that there is to offer soundwise.

One gripe many have with the rears is that they are advertised as "wireless" speakers. Well that's not entirely accurate. While you won't have to run two addtional lines from the player to the speakers, the speakers do hook up to a wireless transmitter, via two speaker wires. For me, this was not a problem, as everything is hidden. I was able to plug the transmitter in, hook up the wires and synch to the main unit all in about 2 minutes and everything connected and worked flawlessly, unlike some of the reviews I have seen where individuals may have gotten faulty units.

The unit looks very nice and is a good looking addition to any componants you might have stacked with it. I'm not going to go into ALL the features of it, because the options are just too numerous. As stated, it IS a BluRay player and reproduces colors brilliantly. If you have a 3D TV, there is an option to view 2D movies in 3D. I'm still messing with this option and will update the review with my findings. As some have mentioned, the sound options are too numerious to initially do you any good and might confuse you. I have had the unit a few days and I'm STILL trying to figure out which sound option works best for our listening preference. Speaking of sound options, I do give Samsung credit for letting the user play around with the EQ levels and speaker levels. Messing with those options alone can take a long time. One thing I did NOT like is that in order to turn certain speakers up or down, you have to do so from within the settings menu on the main home page. After you're done, them you have to go back to your movie. All of my other units let me do so on the fly, in-movie, so as not to put a pause in the action.

Samsung has also included a few staples of the streaming world, like Netflix and Hulu+, as well as a myriad of other apps you can use on your unit. To me, it seems like another ploy by technology companies to sell content, but since we DO have Netflix and Hulu+, I find this a thumbs up.

You can also plug your iPod directly into the system via a docking cradle. Although we are a strict ANDROID family, lol, we do have friends that like to bring their iPod Touch's over, so it's nice to accomidate them as well.

The remote has every feature you can imagine on it. To some, it might be a little overwhelming. To me, it was perfect. Sadly it does not light up, BUT, thankfully, Samsung has created an Android App called Samsung Remote that you can install on your Android tablet or phone and that DOES light up. It ties into your unit through your wifi setup on your home network and works just like the remote that came in the box. There is no "line of site" since it works through wifi, meaning you can control the player from virtually anywhere in your house, as well as by the pool, lol. It's so nice to be able to turn the volume down a little in the living room where the kids are getting a little too zealous with all the excitement, while you are lying in bed watching your own movies in the master bedroom. =) +1 for the parents. The kids don't like it though. =)

+Easy Setup
+Looks very modern and sleak
+Crystal Clear sound
+Great surround
+Is an all in one BluRay/Amp/Processor
+Has a remote app for your phone or tablet

-Subwoofer is underwhelming
-Short speaker wires
-Rear speakers are not truly "wireless"

All in all, I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to someone just getting into home theater systems or those who have been in the scene for a while but have not made a recent purchase to update their current systems in the past few years.

[UPDATE - 8/28]
I finally added 2 gaming consoles to the system via HDMI. I must say it was SUPER SIMPLE and quick! Basically, I plugged the 2 HDMI Cables, chose the correct inputs form the main menu and just like that, we were playing the PS3 and 360 in a matter of, literally, 2 minutes. I am very pleased with this simple setup and the games sound wonderful!
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