Customer Reviews: Samsung GT-C3520 International Version, Factory Unlocked GSM - Coral Pink
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on December 15, 2012
The Samsung GT-C3520 is an awesome device for any user that just needs a phone. I bought this device specifically for my grandmother who only needs a phone phone. The call quality was clear when using the device (AT&T 3G with four bars out of five service) and simply does just that. Make phone calls. The best part about this is that it is an unlocked device so you may take this to any GSM provider around the world or even in the United States (AT&T, T-Mobile USA, TracFone, Straight Talk, etc...) by inserting the appropriate SIM card. I myself have done this in many foreign countries and have saved a ton of money in roaming charges.

Some extras on the device include:
-microSD: store photos and music to listen on the go. Great for listening to tunes on the go.
-Bluetooth: Connect it to any Bluetooth device such as a headphone for hands-free calling or Bluetooth speakers
-FM Radio: If you like listening to radio instead of stored music, this is great too.
-It's a phone: This mobile device puts forward the feature that a phone should be built around on. Actually making a phone call.
-Old Person Friendly/Kid's First Phone: The interface is easy enough for a senior to navigate and use the device. It also doubles a great starter mobile for kids so they can keep in contact with you while also being able to listen to their music too without lugging around an extra iPod or MP3 player.

Overall, it is great for seniors, being the first phone for your kid, or for your vacation to keep in touch without racking up huge phone bills.
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on July 9, 2012
I love this phone. I just wanted something simple and I wanted something that would close completely so that the other things in my purse would not scratch and mess it up. Also - I have not had any problems with this phone being unlocked. My husband has probably purchased about a dozen different phones from online sellers who say the phone is new and unlocked. This is never the case. None of the phones are truly new and if they are they are not a good qulity version even when they are advertised as being the U.S. version (they are not). This phone was exactly as advertised - it's simple and easy and has no problems whatsoever.
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This phone was purchased for a very close friend of mine that wanted a basic unlocked phone phone. So for her birthday, I purchased this phone and tested it out thoroughly before presenting her with the phone. What did I discover? This somewhat rugged cellphone is a great find for today, the day of the touch phones and I will list some of the other great features.
**If you already have an active Sim card from another phone, you can take it out of the old phone and place it in this phone and it will work.
** Or you can buy a NEW GSM Sim card as AT&T or T-Mobile and activate the Sim card in this phone online or call the provider and they will activate the Sim card for you. Please see the comment section below as I explain further.


- Easy to set up this phone (but I had to input the APN settings (I have settings for AT&T or T-Mobile or Straight Talk) for MMS and Internet. (Ask me in the comments and I will send you the information on how to do this).

- Other Features of this Phone:
This phone comes with a wonderful music player, so so camera, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and Internet capabilities (it does not have WiFi).

- One of my favorite things is that the battery lasted a full day without the need to charge it and I played music for hours on the music player.

- Easy to use and almost carefree flip phone!

Would this phone be good for your needs? Well, here is a checklist that so you can determine one way or another if this is a good phone choice. (If you can answer YES to one of these three types of uses, then this may be the phone for you or someone as a gift).

1) Anyone who wants a Phone, Phone with no bells and whistles that is easy to set up and use! This is a carefree, no fancy stuff type of phone. If you just want the basics in a phone: Flip phone style, MP3 (music player), camera, FM Radio, this is the phone for you. (This phone does not have WiFi, but it does allow you to get on the internet, if you have APN settings set up).

2) People who want the basic type of phone that you can use for PrePaid minutes or GoPhone minutes with ANY GSM provider with no contract such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, etc. I would advise one of these as they just need to be added to once a year:

3) A young child that wants a first cellphone just to text on, make phone calls, listen to FM Radio or listen to MP3 songs! This phone is so so easy to set up and use. This is for someone who just needs to make phone calls sometimes and does NOT need to get on the Internet (data). It does NOT have WiFi in this phone. But it can be set up with APN settings to use data if you have a data plan with AT&T, T-Mobile etc.

4) You really need a very basic phone that you can go on a GoPhone or Pre-paid (No contract and no data plan).

Both AT&T and T-Mobile offer prepaid minutes of 1,000 minutes good for ONE YEAR for just $100 per year--this is just 10 cents per minute for phone calls with NO CONTRACT! As far as costs for text messages, AT&T charges 20 cents to receive and 25 cents to send (Ouch), these come out of your minutes balance. T-Mobile is cheaper for texts, they just charge 10 cents to receive and I think it is 20 cents to send.

When you get the YEARLY PREPAID of just $100 with either AT&T or T-Mobile, this is the CHEAPEST way to go if you do not need lots of minutes and the cost is LESS THAN $10 per month.

Thank you for reading this review, if you have any questions, please ask in the comments and I will be happy to answer all questions...
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on December 28, 2012
Wonderful flip phone! Unlocked version. The only reason I did not give this a 5 star rating is because the camera is low quality but is IS a phone! Pretty, easy to read and easy to navigate! I would definitely order this again!
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on March 6, 2014
This phone does not send or receive multimedia text messages. I have an unlimited everything plan with 4G speed and it still constantly has problems with texting. Some texts do not go through and any texts with images or videos attached do not go through at all. The phone even has a delivery time menu for sending texts that looks like this:

Delivering Time:

○ Immediately
○ 1 hour
○ 1 day
○ 1 week
○ Custom

WHY DOES THIS MENU EVEN EXIST?? Who in their right minds would want a text sent 1 week later? And the immediately option is useless because I currently have that one selected and my phone stayed sending a 340 x 240 picture for an hour and never even went through so I just cancelled it. The custom option is also ridiculous because the custom delivery time is from "1-9999 hours". One hour is the fastest they'll send a picture?? And the 9999 hours is just ridiculous!

At first I thought it was my service provider not wanting to send multimedia messages, but looking at how this phone has these options for delivery time, I knew it was the phone for sure. I contacted my service provider when I first started having problems receiving push messages. They were confused and didn't help much at all besides telling me that the unlimited texting service should be working properly. Don't get me wrong, the phone looks adorable and is good as an mp3 player, but I guess that's all it's good for. It's true as the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover! :/
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on July 19, 2013
Lacks external screen and camera, a bummer for some people, (but these are not features my wife wanted)
Rarely sold in the USA, so few places can repair it, especially under warranty
Most functions are buried inside of nested menus
Radio relies on headphone cable as an antenna, Software disables FM capability when no phones are plugged in
No true smart phone features
GSM only handset will not work on a CDMA network (Verizon, Sprint, etc in the USA)
Camera is so-so in low light.

Readily accessible micro SD card to store music etc. (no special tool needed like my iPhone)
Available in several colors from stogy black to garish red/pink which my wife loved at first sight (easy to find in a big purse)
Cheap - one tenth the cost of an iPhone
Reputable brand and model in the southern hemisphere
FM radios are rare in cell phones, this one has not only a radio, but a sensitive radio that grabs weak stations from out of town
texture of case makes it easy to grasp.
Display is big and bright.
Battery life so far has been above average
User can select favorite functions as icons to be displayed on the home screen avoiding multi-layered menus
If my employer did not insist that I carry their iPhone, I would probably buy one (in a more subtle color) for myself.
Charges from a computer, a hand cranked flashlight, or a great variety of USB chargers using a 95 cent USB to micro USB cable
Works with mic/earphones from an iPhone, Skull Candy, and any other type with an 1/8 inch plug
For music playback works with any standard 1/8 inch headphones or earbuds or plays through the Aux input on our car
Works with AT&T, T-Mobil, Vodaphone, Nextel, and probably any GSM carrier using the most common bands
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on April 1, 2014
I had no problem setting this phone up for my elderly mother. (She lives in Florida and has since messed up the ringer and the voicemail. Don't ask me how she managed that!) I take away one point because I had to use a green marker and a red marker on the lines for answering a call and ending a call. That shouldn't be necessary. The lines should be red and green like on all these flip phones. (Remember, I bought this for an elderly person. They didn't grow up with this technology and it's not instinctive to them) Also, it doesn't have date, time and who's calling on the outside of the phone, which would be much better.
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on September 5, 2014
This is probably the best feature phone out there. Works just about anywhere except the Far East. No external buttons means it is impossible to butt dial! Not a smart phone (no touch screen), but it has more apps than usual and runs a very long time on a charge - about a week of standby.

It takes up to a 16GB micro SD. With that you can use it as an MP3 player or movie player. Movie files have to be reduced to 320x240 at 15 fps, but are quite watchable. The camera is only 1.3 M pixel but has much better sensitivity than the 1.3 M pixel camera on other phones I have used. And for an unlocked 4-band phone the price is right.

One caveat, this is a Southeast Asian market phone. Samsung in the USA doesn't have a clue about it.
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on March 23, 2014
Got as a replacement for my mother in law's Motorola RAZR. For an older woman she likes the larger buttons and easier depressibility as well as the better reception (than she had with the RAZR) so far. Working quite well on T-Mobile.
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on May 20, 2013
As I keep my phone in my pocket I love that it does not have any exterior buttons that can get accidently pressed, even the on screen ones, as my other phones did, even with the 'lock' feature on. I don’t know how many pictures of the inside of my pocket I have had to delete. And being a clam shell phone the screen does not get scratched by keys kept in the same pocket.
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