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on October 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
Like the title states, i actually love this device so much and it performs so flawlessly, there is absolutely no reason to root.

In the past there was the need to install voodoo lag fix, aps to SD, change LCD density, take screen shots, remove bloatware, tether hotspot, overclock to get better performance, maybe install ROMS that had unofficial latest updates of Android O/S, maybe to get some latest & greatest cloned features of the newest smartphone....etc etc etc...

Rooting always had risks involved, but i always found it WORTH THE CHANCE,to be able to "enjoy my phone to the max"....Well, guess what? Samsung has delivered every possible above named scenerio all in one SUPERPHONE!

Mind you, with my other phones, i ALWAYS rooted within one hour of owning... Going on 3 whole days here and there's not a chance i would put my new little Angel in possible harms way for little or no gain that root provides.

Don't get me wrong, IF you truly know what your doing, rooting & ROM'ing is awesome...I however, never could grasp a full understanding of the internal workings of android no matter how much i read, and therefore when i would root, things sometimes would go wrong, i found it very stressful, even tho very necessary... But that was then, & thanx to the G-Note 2, THIS is now... No root for this gal : )

First and foremost, smooth feel and amazing touch sensitivity of screen....
HD Super Amoled is as good or better than S Amoled Plus - quality of images and fonts is best I have ever seen on any phone
Sooooo ::::fast:::: ZERO lag and i already have 50+ apps added
So many amazing exclusive Samsung features (motion/Sbeam/S-pen etc)
Sooooo ::::fast:::: ZERO lag
Excellent build quality
Sooooo ::::fast:::: ZERO lag
Very loud volume
Sooooo ::::fast:::: ZERO lag
Battery life is fantastic..Play with it nonstop all day still over 50%
Sooooo ::::fast:::: ZERO lag
2GB Ram & 1.6 Quad Core Exynos proc... wowza!
Camera is fast and great quality
Jellybean O/S on this phone is the icing on the cake..

oh & did i mention its sooooo fast? lol

Seriously, a better Android experience you WILL NOT FIND.

And if you think its too big, think about this: Experts predict just about EVERYONE will have 5-6 inch devices as their personal device within 2 years


Wanted to add what i put in that other post for anyone thinking of buying & using this device with Straight Talk- It works awesome:

I saw their poor coverage map when i first signed on 5 mos ago and i was like "whaaaa?" I was amazed they could generate business with such a poor map on their OWN site but then because sooooo many ppl said they were getting great coverage despite those maps, i figured i'd TRY it. I figured i'd run BOTH for one month (at a cost of 45.00 + 15.00 activ fee) but honestly after just 3 days coverage was so awesome and comparable to AT&T i cancelled ATT immediately and from that point on never ONCE had an issue. ST is unlike most bargains because this gift keeps on giving with every months bill : )

Regarding NO WARRANTY:
The company i purchased from (WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS) ships out of California and all their devices are from ONE place (Samsung UK and the device has a 30 day warranty with THEM & then a 1 year mfg with Samsung UK. I asked her how painful the process is and she said she had to send them her own personal device last year and it was a totally non hassel experience, cost her nothing and she said she was without the phone for just 2 weeks...

They welcome any questions before ordering (theres a 1-888# in their profile) so nice & helpful. They have high ratings, 33000+ this year alone. For just 29.00 they Fed Exed overnite. Very happy with my purchase

Not one complaint and i am still in complete awe of how flawlessly this device runs. Not one issue : ) This is the FIRST device i ever had where i didn't notice a "ticking clock of my 14 or 30 day return period".

From practically the moment i turned it on and began using it, it was "home" and there was just no way i would want to return it and wait for the "the next best thing"... I honestly can see being happy with the device for at least ONE YEAR (maybe even more!) regardless of what comes out.

And i still wouldn't dream of rooting it, and this is from someone that has rooted approx 30 devices and in the past wouldn't even consider using an UNROOTED Android device : )

Straight Talk still running flawlessly on it, avg approx 3-5MB consistantly....
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on October 31, 2012
Verified Purchase
I won't go into deals about the phone because I think others have done really good reviews (read reviews from the gray phone as well) but I will go into details about my experience.

Here are few things I want to focus on:

1- INTEGRATION: what I mean here is the integration between apps and the main functionality of the phone. I use the calling feature a lot ( expected ) but also I don't want to launch each individual social app to find someone I want to SMS/Chat/Call. Basically it has a "universal" contacts so if you use Tango/Viper/WhatsApp/Skype/Google Voice you will find it so easy to find the person and do whatever you want. I make lots of international calls so I use 3rd party app to make phone calls (along with GVoice). I've used this 3rd party with the iPhone but it was buggy and it always crashes plus I have to launch it each time and find a person to call. With Android, I can just configure the app to be used when I call internationally. The same goes for Google Voice.

2- NOTIFICATION: I use social apps like WhatsApp alot but with the iPhone it used to drain battery and not work properly with the iOS notification. I've to open it all the time to make sure someone is talking to me. The notification for this phone (probably Android thing) is just amazing. With the power and memory of this phone, all apps just push their notification smoothly. Slide down with your finger from top to bottom and you see all your notifications. It could get annoying but you can always turn it off or silent your phone.

3- S-PEN: As others have mentioned, this is probably the best part of the phone. I can't imagine not using it and believe me you will just love it. It has so much features and is very precise when writing. I use it almost all the time.

4- BATTERY: I charge the phone at night only. I use it from the time I wake up till I charge it again at midnight. I won't exaggerate if I say that I use it heavily from sending emails, to lots of FB to youtube to all social apps (Skype/SMS/WhatsApp/Viper/Tango) to email and lots of browsing and it will survive till the end of the day. The screen is almost on 75% of the time. I have to say that while it is not a PC but I've not used my PC that much since I got this phone.

5- SPEED: with all the points above, switching between all the apps I work with is just blazing fast. No lag whatsoever. It is very fast and loads quickly.

6- MULTI-TASKING: You can literally use two apps at the same time (not all apps though). Just drag an app from the side menu to the screen and it will split both ups (top and bottom)

7- AUTO-COMPLETE/SENTENCE COMPLETION: it is so amazing smart I literally type few letters and it gives me so many options to finish. It also predicts the next word based on your selection and you type a 15 words SMS in 5 seconds. As an FYI, it does this for more than ONE language I use (English/Arabic). With the iPhone, it was really a piss off. Each time it overwrites what I type and I keep hitting the erase/back key on the keyboard.

8- CONTINUOUS WRITING: For both languages I use - again - I just move the S-PEN (or my finger) on the keyboard and it will accurately finish words for me. I am honestly surprised at its accuracy. About 90% of the time it is always correct. English accuracy is higher than when I type in Arabic.

9- SIMPLE MOBILE/T-MOBILE: I live in Northern VA and there are so many new towers with the 1900 band. However only when I am next to them I get 3G/HSPA+ but the speed - while driving; I know :) - is about 5.5Mbps down and 2.5Mbps uploads. 99.9% of the time I am on EDGE. I might move to Simple Talk but to be honest I do a lot of SMS internationally. If Simple Talk will cut off my line when sending couple of International SMSs then that would be crazy. The majority of my time is at work or at my home. At work I use the PC so I don't care about 3G/4G while at home I use my Wifi. At the end of the day, you need to really evaluate your needs. EDGE is more than enough for me for email/light social apps.

10- TABLET ALTERNATIVE: I would only use a table for reading books since I've 100's of technical PDF books. I've read few large Apress PDF technical books and I can see myself reading from this phone straight. I don't think it will be ideal but it was just so hard on the iPhone since I was constantly zooming in and out.

11- FINGERPRINTS: I am not sure if I read some reviews that said it does not get fingerprints easily but this is not true. It is like a magnet and don't listen to their reviews.

Finally, I was lucky to get my two phones from Amazon LLC and not a third party seller. I just don't trust these guys for the amount I paid for my phones and I was lucky to get the last two white ones. I've really enjoyed the phone every time I use it and it is worth every penny. I don't think I need to jump to any phone for few years to come (unless I break this, hopefully not).

Finally thanks to all the previous 5-star reviewers here at Amazon. They've done really a good job giving this phone with it deserves.
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on October 20, 2012
Verified Purchase
Just got my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Worldwide Distributor.
It's a white device and international unlocked N-7100.
It's very awesome, and the whole device, I don't see a single problem.
The device runs fast and zero lag.
Love this device so much.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 29, 2012
Let's get to the nitty gritty:


1- It's BIG. Big for gaming, big for videos, big for web browsing. Simply put, if you want a phone with the most real estate on the screen size, then there is no alternative. Don't be so mesmerized on the 1080p screens that will come out soon. Unless you want to destroy your eyes and use the phone from an inch away, you will not notice the difference in everyday use.

2- It's fast. Yes, the Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core beats this Tegra 3/Exynos 4 CPU in most benchmarks, but again, unless you are a hard-core geek that is OCD on numbers, you will not notice any difference in everyday use. There is no discernible lag anywhere (it's probably just your slow Internet connection).

3- It's beautiful. Not HTC or Sony beautiful, but this is one sleek and stylish phone. The white is classic, but the Titanium Gray is also super slick. Just check out the back cover and you will see what I mean (yes, even with that cheap-feeling plastic material).

4- Did I mention the screen? It's BIG, it's bright, and it's beee-ay-eeww-ti-ful! AMOLED screens have awesome color saturation and contrast (most times even overkill, actually). Some people say it's not good in daylight. Um, have you tried cranking up the brightness??

5- The Samsung/Android touch. Not everyone may like Samsung's Touchwiz user interface compiled onto Android, but I dare you to find a phone with more features than this one (and similarly the Galaxy S3). Here are the main highlights:
a. Samsung utilizes the front facing camera almost to perfection. You can use it to control your music player; it has facial recognition to sense you are directly in front of the screen so it won't dim and turn off the screen (for reading, web browing, video playback, etc.); it recognizes your facial orientation so that when you are lying down sideways looking at the screen, the accelerometer will not kick in to auto-rotate the screen in the wrong orientation. That is something that has always bothered me with other phones and FINALLY someone has added that feature! Granted, not all these features work flawlessly, but it's a great start.
b. Integration with Google is finally starting to show off in good ways. It was always once that Apple had the superior ecosystem. But now we see the future is bright indeed. Not just evolution, but finally innovation!
c. The S Pen and all the neat things you can do with it. Preview a point in the movie before skipping to that point, and other things like going old-school back to the PDA days!

6- It accepts up to a 64GB microSD card. That turned out to be the dealbreaker for me. Explanation in "cons" section below.


1- It's BIG. With my tiny hands(hey hey), I can hardly do anything one-handed with this phone. Pocketability rating: -2. Putting it up on your face to make a phone call is also a big fail if you're sensitive to public ridicule like me. Have your Bluetooth earpiece ready.

2- It's quite heavy. I really wanted to switch to the Verizon Droid DNA - for a 5-inch screen, it was remarkably svelte and light. And if it wasn't for the fact of pi$$-poor Verizon customer service at their call centers, and that it only had 16GB of memory with no microSD card option, I would have made the switch. The Droid DNA is superior in every way except those things mentioned. I have absolutely no doubt that the Samsung Note 3 (and maybe even the Galaxy S4) will be a 1080p screen with the Exynos 5 quadcore - can't wait!

3- The screen may be bright and colorful, but it's way over-saturated and unnatural. Fortunately, you can go to the screen options and set it to "Natural." "Dynamic" is overkill, and even so is "Standard."


Even with its inherent flaws, I can't help but love it. It's not even a phone, it's a cellular tablet(cablet, anyone??). I'm going to keep it. Until the next big thing is already here....
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on April 19, 2013
I bought Note 2 international version Oct.2012. It was great, big screen, running smooth. It is a little bulky, but was expected. I love the big screen.

Some of the issues.
1. It Does have a very fast cpu, but a lot of time, it loads pictures on web even slower than my wife's iphone 4s when we both connected to same wifi at the same time.
2. At some of the area, note 2 showing "e" for 2G and my wife's iphone 4s showing 3G when we have same provider. Also, it might show H+ or H and turn to "e" when you really use the internet.

But that is still ok, then the real problems came.

1. It started freezing about two weeks ago, I am not sure whether it is because upgrade to 4.1.2. It kept freezing and I need to take out the battery to restart it. Sometimes, it froze several times a day, and no problem for another day. It also restarted by itself several times too. You would get an idea if you search Samsung Note 2 freezing, or Samsung SDS. A software called emmc check showing it has the insane chip. This is very very annoy because I need to take the case out, open the battery back, remove the battery, put it back and turn on the phone again to just make the phone call in front of my client!

2. What makes it even worse is that Samsung would NOT help on this since the phone is an international version. Their staff want me to find out where it came and contact that country myself. I believe they should be able to find out that by just check the s/n, but they don't want to. Samsung just don't want to take their responsibility.

So If you want to buy this phone, at least this version, be prepared, you are on your own if anything happens.

After use it a little more than one year, it is totally dead now.

One morning after charge, it frozen, no key works. It can NOT be power up any more. The whole phone was protected perfectly without scratch, but it is useless now.

So, here is my final comment on this phone.
1. It has a lot of features, but it is not as fast as the fast hardware supposed to be.
2. It is not reliable and you will not know when it might be dead. It is more than $600 when I bought it and last just a little more than a year.

I will NOT buy any Samsung phone anymore. Although the features are good, but it is useless if it can be dead anytime.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 27, 2012
When one opens the box, there is a sense of awe. People ask "Is this really a phone" was one reaction I got. It is an amazing piece of hardware. I have used Android devices starting from Cupcake version, used iPhone, HP Veer with webOS, Windows 7.5 HTC Titan 2. This phone is the sleekest and one of the best so far. It is fabulous! I find the big size to be very good and not a problem at all. Will the Galaxy Note 3 be 6" ?!

Out of the box, connect to wireless and get the phone logged into Google account. The advantage of Android phones is that once you are logged into Google universe, everything gets synced up especially if you have been using Android. The position of power button is at an excellent position for your hand on this Note 2. The additional LED for notification on top is very handy. Listen Apple? The camera serves some really futuristic ideas also. It can check if you are looking at the phone and disable screen lock (even if you set timeout to say 30 sec). Also it can serve as password unlock. Amazing! These can be set from Settings Menu.

The Android version as of Oct 26 2012 is Jellybean 4.1.1. Kernel version is 3.0.31-259982. Model GT-N7100. I got the 64 GB microSD card. Get this mobileUltra, it is the latest as of Oct 2012. (SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC Class 6 Memory Card with SD Adapter - Retail Packaging. Settings show an available space of 59.45 GB. So along with 16 GB built (system shows only around 10.46 GB), my Note 2 has 80 GB memory. With music in the Google Music cloud, I intent to use the memory for video/pictures as a camcorder/camera.

I strongly suggest going through Settings and customizing many things as per your desire. I did Voice Input, Keyboard (this comes with English(UK), change to English(US) for example. Fiddle around the settings and you will be amazed how much you can customize. I also did Battery % to appear in notification bar.

One thing I found the default keyboard did not show Mic button. I realized it was next to Sym button. Long press it and choose Mic. And then on, it will appear in default keyboard. Also customize the accent. It can do magic for typing. I type paragraphs at a time effortlessly. This is Google backend servers at work. The Mic on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does a fantastic job!

S-Pen, Ah.. I was truly impressed. You have to use these to believe it. The note taking was very fluid. Samsung seem to have nailed it. I wrote up an equation in Equation mode - x^5 = x^2 + 2x + .... Something completely random, another one d/dx(an equation) and it recognized perfectly and asked it to search, it went to Wolfram Alpha and solved it. It is at first unbelievable and then it starts to sink in this is a computer program made well. Like it should be in first place! Export to pdf is very good. The main thing is the pen is very fluid and feels like a fountain pen writing.

Overall, the phone feels very smooth and snappy. The screen is crisp and clear. Apps can even be multi screened. Samsung approved apps can be placed two in a screen. Eg. Maps on top and email on bottom portion. I doubt I will use this, but handy.

One gripe I have with this phone is speaker is on the back. Typically if you lie the phone down, the speaker is blocked on bottom. I wish the speakers were in the side. This is a design decision and not sure why phones have speaker on back. But the speaker volume is very high, so I am not complaining too much.

One big pain point with Android is once you purchased/downloaded for free Apps, they cannot be permanently deleted. So even if you get a junk app, and delete immediately they are permanently there in your Google Play store. From the phone's play store I got 300+ Apps. One cannot choose 50 apps and say get all these. You have to do one by one. After getting one, the screen resets to beginning. So I went to a computer browser and pushed apps to pone. This is easier and faster.

Some of apps I have as of now :

Amazon Mobile
Android Status : Android Status app shows ARMv7, Max Freq 1.6 GHz, BogoMips 1592.52 Memory 1.79 GB, Free 365 MB, Internal Storage 10.46 GB Free 7.18 GB. Total Process running 271! Kernel 159/User 112 Interface has IPv6 as well as IPv4 address
Angry Birds (Space/Seasons)
Asphalt 7
Amazon App Store
Car Maintenance Reminder Pro
Google Currents (nice way to read News)
Draw Something
Google Drive
FM Radio (needs headphone)
Google Music
OverDrive Media Console: Library eBooks & Audiobooks (public library consumption of media)
Microsoft One Note (legacy docs, skydrive of 25 GB is good)
Subsonic Music Streamer
Terminal Emulator (still need to use vi, yes this is it)
TweetCaster Pro for Android (excellent twitter client)
Google Voice
Plenty of Widgets

Ask questions, the review cannot do justice to Note 2, I find something new always. I will be glad to answer any questions.
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on April 26, 2013
Verified Purchase
Best phone i ever had. Completely satisfied. Fast delivery. Very happy. Dont have 1 single complaint. Cut my straight talk sim from a google search template. Installed perfect. Works great. Even got flashplayer and pdf reader installed.
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on February 26, 2013
Verified Purchase
Phone works fine. It's always on roam or sometimes the Internet will not depending where you are. All the other features work great.
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on November 14, 2012
Verified Purchase
First time to try an android device and I can sa that I am very much satisfied with this purchase. Larger screen size is worth the extra bulk compared to my iphone 4s. No issues so far :)
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on January 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
In my earlier review I had given 5 stars. Still I will hold that view with respect to my phone. But the after sales service from the seller FGS trading is too bad. My phone suddenly died after 9 months. When i contacted the Samsung support in US they said the phone is an international one and can not be repaired in US. When i reached out to FGS trading, they said it can not be repaired in US and that they had mentioned the fact at the time of sale. However, at the time of sale the title only said no warranty, it did not specify that even manufacturer warranty can also be not claimed in US or even out of US. This is pure misrepresentation of facts. When i told the seller that US support is not providing repairs they replied that you can try in UK but Samsung is not a very warranty friendly company. This is serious breahc of trust and very poor customer back up. Do not fall in the trap of third party sellers, even if you have to pay some extra money, buy it only from Amazon. These third party sellers will not provide you any support of any kind.
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