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5.0 out of 5 stars One hell of a tablet
*** Updated 5/8/2014 - if you're using Dolphin Browser with Adobe Flash player do yourself a favor and do NOT update Dolphin Browser if prompted to in the Google PlayStore. It seems like every time they update Dolphin there's a chance for Flash to no longer work without jumping through more hoops ***

I come from a Windows OS background and I'm an ex-Apple...
Published 12 months ago by C. Carmona

161 of 190 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars 5 now 8 now 13 things you'll want to know
11/24/14 UPDATE- It looks like this product is officially an orphan. Numerous software bugs with more piling up- The ownership community is experiencing Chromecast and Chrome browser causing tablet to freeze, intermittent blue screen requiring a reboot, videos not playing, no support from Amazon for its Video-on-Demand and other issues. While other Verizon LTE / Galaxy...
Published 11 months ago by Fairfieldwizard

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1,017 of 1,038 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One hell of a tablet, February 24, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
*** Updated 5/8/2014 - if you're using Dolphin Browser with Adobe Flash player do yourself a favor and do NOT update Dolphin Browser if prompted to in the Google PlayStore. It seems like every time they update Dolphin there's a chance for Flash to no longer work without jumping through more hoops ***

I come from a Windows OS background and I'm an ex-Apple iPhone (now Galaxy Note 2) and iPad user. I've been waiting a long time for a tablet like this to be released: a large screen, expandable memory and the freedom of Android. Thanks to my Note 2 I have a little over a years of experience with Android OS but I knew what to expect from the Note Pro 12.2. Originally I had my eyes set on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (32GB, Black), after months of waiting and playing I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. Just before doing so I read of a possible 12" model coming out in the following year so I figured another 6 weeks of waiting can't hurt and patience definitely paid off.

Comparing the Note 10.1 2014 Edition and the Note Pro 12.2:

One big issue that annoyed me with the Note 10.1 2014 Edition ("14E") was the ridiculous My Magazine app that never goes away. It constantly hogs system resources as it runs in the background even after forcing shut downs of the app, and disabling the Home button link to this app didn't help as it would just keep running in the background. I noticed that the 14E was constantly using 1.5-1.7GB of its 3GB RAM total at all times even after factory resets, disabling apps and reboots. Thankfully the Note Pro 12.2 ("NP12") doesn't have this issue as it hovers around 1.2GB of memory used after a reboot. Even having pages of the magazine feeds and widgets running it still allocates memory usage better and best of all: no pesky My Magazine app!

Luckily I was able to compare both tablets side by side at the local Best Buy. This was a large factor in my decision to go with the NP12 over the 14E. Both tablets are about the same when it comes to hardware but there are other major differences between the two. Let's go over some of the features that the NP12 has over the 14E...

1. Over 2 extra inches of real estate on the screen. This means writing on the NP12 with the stylus while in portrait mode is very much like writing on a real piece of 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper, aka standard notebook paper. The palm rejection does a great job of making sure only the stylus gets recognized for input (if you want that on). I find that a 10 inch screen is too cramped to comfortably write notes on. Do your research, this is a 12 inch tablet so don't be surprised and don't consider it a downside.

2. Larger, longer lasting battery rated at 13 hours (9,500 mAh) versus the 14E's 9 hours (8,220 mAh). My mixed use gets me anywhere from 8 to 12 hours before plugging it in for a charge, depending on what apps I'm using and what the brightness/volume is set at. Lots of gaming/graphic intensive apps will exhaust the battery quickly whereas reading PDFs, E-books, etc. is where the battery really stretches its legs. There are numerous settings and options for the tablet to use minimum energy which I will go over later.

3. Multitasking on the NP12 is fantastic. Multi Window allows you to run 2, 3 or 4 apps on screen at once (the 14E supports up to 2 apps side by side). There are many apps compatible with Multi Window. You can also resize the windows depending on where you need the most room on the screen. Chatting with friends on Hangouts, surfing on Dolphin Browser, watching your favorite movie and checking/writing Emails all on the same screen is productivity at it's finest. You can save Multi Window templates too for quick access so that you don't need to drag the apps one by one every time you want to multitask. Just select your template and all the apps open up automatically. I usually have 3 apps going at once: Video (or Music) at the top left, AquaMail at the bottom left and Dolphin Browser taking up the entire right side of the screen.
Bonus feature: there is a trick that allows more than 4 apps open at once on the NP12, up to 9 apps total. First use Multi Window to load up whatever 4 apps you want on the screen, then hold the S-pen above the screen and press the pen's button which bring up Air View. On the Air View pop-up select Pen Window. Now use the S-pen to draw a box and then choose an app to launch in that box. The app loads up in the box you drew. It comes up as a floating window that can be resized, moved around on the screen and also minimized to a floating "bubble" that you can move around anywhere you want. You can do this 5 times total. So 4 apps via Multi Window and 5 apps via pen window. The Multi Window apps are all joined on the main screen while the 5 pen window apps are solo floating windows and can be minimized to a bubble to have them out of the way. Pretty cool!

4. KitKat 4.4: the new "Magazine Home" user interface (UI) is a little like Windows 8 but at the same time its different. After playing with it for a little while you'll actually want to use it and set up multiple pages filled with your news subscriptions, feeds, widgets, etc. I did not think I would like the dashboard/widget style UI but on a screen this size it works well and looks great. Basically you can set up different pages filled with all sorts of widgets ranging from:
Application widgets (Email, Calendar, Music, Video etc.)
Social widgets (Twitter, Flickr, YouTube etc.)
News widgets (Art & Culture, Science & Technology, News, Style, Sports, Business, etc.)
Each news category has dozens and dozens of publications to subscribe to and I find myself spending more time reading articles than I ever thought I would. If you're not a fan of the new UI the familiar Android desktop is still there with your standard icons and widgets. If you'd rather customize the tablet completely I highly recommend Nova Launcher.

Those are the main differences to me. Now onto some general information about the tablet as well as apps I use and features worth checking out:

Like every other phone, tablet and computer out there the NP12 does come with some bloatware. There are different types of bloatware so I'll cover each one:
1. Some preloaded apps can be uninstalled completely giving you back some minor storage space. This is a good thing.
2. Some preloaded apps cannot be uninstalled and instead can have "most" of their data cleared and then "turned off" - these apps remain installed on the tablet but are disabled. Some of the preloaded apps that can only be "turned off" are Chrome, e-Meeting, DropBox, Gmail, Google+, Twitter, Cisco WebEx and others. These are just some that I do not use myself so I turned them off. Even when turned off/disabled, these apps still take up some room but its very little, 5MB or less per app.
3. Some apps cannot be uninstalled nor can they be turned off. They can have most of their data cleared though. Either way this is just plain stupid. I can only think of two off the top of my head: Evernote and RemotePC. I don't use these particular apps at all so why can't I at least disable them so they don't show up in my apps list? Both of these apps use about 9MB of space combined. Again it's not a deal breaker for me but Samsung y u do dis?!

I bought the 32GB model. The tablet needs about 6-6.5GB for the operating system and preloaded software/apps. Out of the box you have around 25.5GB of space to play with, this of course depends on what preloaded apps you choose to keep/update or disable/uninstall so your free space will vary. A great investment would be a SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card 30MB/s with Adapter SDSDQUA-064G-U46A, which gives you another 60GB~ of extra space for apps, movies, music, pictures, whatever you want to put on it. This SD card plus the tablet's free space adds up around 85GB which for me was more than enough. It's very easy adding your media files to the SD card, just plug the card into your PC with the supplied adapter and create folders like Music, Movies, etc. then copy/paste or drag and drop Artists folders into the Music folder, and videos into the Movies folder. I loaded music, movies and pictures on the SD card and I leave the tablet's internal storage for apps since applications seem to run faster off of the internal storage as opposed to off the SD card. If you think you need more space you can go big with SanDisk's newest 128GB card also found on Amazon.

The screen is beautiful. High quality photographs and wallpapers at the native resolution (2560x1600 or bigger) look really, really good. If you're looking for some stunning wallpaper for your tablet check out:

This model is WiFi ONLY! There is NO slot for a SIM card. The WiFi model also works with your MiFi device and can also connect to the internet via a mobile hotspot such as your iPhone or Galaxy smartphones. I use my Note 2 smartphone as a mobile hotspot and it works great.

If you are looking for the 4G/LTE version you'll need to check out the model that Verizon offers. It's available through Verizon or here on Amazon, just search "note pro 12.2 verizon"

GPS - yes the tablet has GPS built in, you do not need to be connected to the internet for GPS to work (such as the Google Maps app).

Hancom Office is included with the NP12. This is Microsoft Office for Android, simple as that. You get full versions of word processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), and slideshow (PowerPoint). It all works very well with the large 12.2" screen and I find it very familiar after using MS Office for so long. You can even open existing word, excel and powerpoint documents with Hancom Office and continue editing and creating. Hancom Office is fantastic, however I must admit it was a little involved to get it up and running, so I will explain as best I can: After the initial setup of your NP12, go to your apps (bottom right, little white squares) and launch the "Samsung Apps" app, it will require an update so go ahead and download then install the update. After that is done, go back to your apps and launch Hancom Viewer (there is also a Hancom widget in one of the two default Magazine Home screens if you want to launch it that way). When you launch it a small white box should come up and it will say installing fonts and files, etc. so let it do that and when its done the Hancom Viewer app should open completely. On the left side select Office Download, then OK. This should open the Hancom Office Update Manager. When you do this there's a good chance the Update Manager will prompt you to update it so go ahead and do that. After its updated you can launch it again, the Hancom Office Update Manager is where all the Hancom apps are downloaded/updated/installed. You'll see 12 rows of Hancom apps such as Hcell, Hshow, Hwp, etc. Update and/or install all the ones that need to be done by pressing the rectangular button at the far right of each row. Each time you press the install or update button on the far right it will take you to Samsung Apps where you can press the Update button. Go ahead and update all 12 apps if needed, some may already be updated but will need to be installed (or vice versa). Once every button on all 12 rows is greyed out in Hancom Office Update Manager, then you know you're done! Now just go to your apps and launch whichever one you like. Hcell is excel, Hshow is powerpoint, and Hword is word processor.

Hangouts is a cool app and it comes with the tablet. It lets you text/message anyone with an email address or phone number. If you are familiar with iMessage then you know what this is.


Dolphin Browser is a must for surfing the web. It is fast, supports tabs, and has a cool feature named speed dial. A speed dial is a bookmark placed on the Dolphin home screen for easy, one-tap access to the webpage. You can have pages of speed dials, its very useful and beats going down a list of bookmarks looking for a particular site.

Perhaps the best feature of Dolphin Browser is that it supports Adobe Flash and Java. I bet your iPad can't do that! What is Adobe Flash? Many of the websites you visit require flash to display the content properly, some websites even have flash animation and to play those you will need the flash player. One example of flash required content is Youtube videos, and Youtube videos that are embedded in other websites. Here is how to enable Flash on the NP12:

*** NOTE: the link to download the Flash Player Installer on the website above is broken. Here is an updated working link for the Flash Player installer:

When you're all done installing Flash player you should head over to the official Adobe Flash website to test the flash player so that you know it works. On the website you should see a bouncing red box. If not just refresh the page and you should see it the second time around. The Adobe page to test your flash player is:


Amazon Instant Videos - yes, you can watch them on this tablet. Yes, you'll need Dolphin Browser and Adobe Flash installed and correctly configured. If you followed the aforementioned links you should be all set by now. Here is another link specifically dealing with streaming Amazon Instant Videos on KitKat 4.4, which is the tablet's operating system. This worked for me and it should work for you!:


Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop is a remote desktop app that you can download for free and in my opinion works better than the RemotePC app that comes preloaded on the tablet. This app allows you to access your PC or Mac's desktop environment so that you basically have your entire PC/Mac on your tablet. It takes advantage of the 12.2" screen by filling it entirely with your computer's desktop. This is useful since you can run all your PC/Mac programs right on your tablet. It works really well and is probably my favorite app that I have come across. There is an optional paid upgrade to the app that let's you remote into your PC/Mac from anywhere. For now I am just using the free version to access my Windows PC, very cool and worth the download.

If you want to connect this tablet to your HDTV, a projector or anything with an HDMI input, you'll need a Samsung MHL HDMI adapter. This adapter allows you to mirror your tablet's screen onto your HDTV or other source. I also noticed that you can play a movie on the tablet (which also displays on your TV) and still use the tablet for other apps while the movie plays uninterrupted in the background of the tablet but still in full view on the TV. In other words you can play your movies or shows on the big screen while surfing the net or whatever apps you want to use on the tablet. This adapter is available here on Amazon but I chose to buy mine off of ebay. If the one sold on Amazon does not say "shipped and sold by Amazon" there is a good chance you will get a cheap knockoff adapter that will not work, just read the reviews from other buyers for yourself. If you want to try your luck the adapter can be found here: Samsung ET-H10FAUWESTA Micro USB to HDMI 1080P HDTV Adapter Cable for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and Note 2 - Retail Packaging - White. The seller I found on ebay is selling the legitimate Samsung adapters that have the hologram sticker and QR Code on the box indicating that it is a genuine Samsung product. Mine arrived promptly and works great. Save yourself the headache and get a genuine one here:

Bluetooth is available so you can connect a BT mouse and keyboard if you like. Samsung makes an S Action mouse especially for the Note Pro and Tab Pro line of tablets and it works very well. The mouse buttons are specifically linked to actions such as Recent apps, Multi Window, Back, Menu, etc. I got to play with this mouse recently and it's fun although I opted not to buy it as I don't see me using the mouse enough. If you are interested its available at Best Buy (search ET-MP900DBEGUJ) and here on amazon: Samsung S Mouse for Tablets (ET-MP900DBEGUJ)

You can also connect USB peripherals to the tablet using a USB OTG cable like this: Black Color Micro USB 3.0 9pin OTG Host Flash Disk Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note3 N900 N9000 10cm. This allows you to connect a number of USB devices such as a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, external hard drive, even a PlayStation 3 controller to the tablet with the ability to access them - If you have a lot of movies on your external hard drive you can use the OTG cable to connect it to the tablet to watch movies. Another example is if you have a thumb drive on your keys, you can connect it to the tablet to access all your files. You can connect more than one USB device at a time by using a USB hub along with the OTG cable mentioned before. I don't recommend connecting more than two devices at the same time in the USB hub, especially if its a device that sucks up a lot of power like an external hard drive.

Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Kindle, Google Earth all work great, no issues. If you want to stream video from the tablet to your Smart TV (like Apple AirPlay) check out the AllCast application made for Android devices.

Extending battery life is simple: disable the vibration/haptic feedback and keyboard/stylus sounds as it really isn't necessary. Keep the brightness on Auto and the volume at half or less. When you're done using it for a while make sure you close all your apps and clear your RAM before putting it to sleep. This will greatly increase the standby time of the tablet so that when you pick it up again later it will still have lots of juice left in it. This is the procedure I do:
Swipe down the top of the screen
Clear your notifications by pressing the X under the sound bar
Swipe down the top of the screen again
Turn OFF WiFi (important)
Press the "Recent apps" soft button (to the left of the Home button)
Select Close all
Press the Recent apps button again (no apps should be running now)
Select Task Manager
Select RAM manager on the left
Press "clear memory" - do this AFTER closing your apps
Press Home button
Press Recent apps button a third time
Select Close all (this closes Task Manager)
Press Power button to put it in Sleep/Standby mode

Doing the above every time sounds tedious but after a few times its second nature and you will notice the battery percentage stays where you left it (or it only drops only 1 or 2%) even after an entire 24 hours in standby.

If you notice when opening/closing apps and switching between apps there is a slight visual delay, this is normal. It is meant to make the transition between apps look "pretty" - Microsoft OS and Apple iOS have something similar. This will eliminate the windows animation and transition effects which in a nutshell will make the tablet run much quicker and smoother:
Swipe down and go to Settings
Go to the General tab
Scroll down to About Device
Press the greyed out Build Number section continuously, 5-7 times
Developer Options is now enabled right above About Device
Under Developer Options, scroll down to the Drawing section
Set all three of these settings to OFF:
"Window animation scale"
"Transition animation scale"
"Animator duration scale"
You'll notice how snappy it runs after doing that.

Another available on/off toggle is the double-press Home button to bring up S-Voice. When you press the Home button twice quickly it will launch S-Voice. If you'd rather have this feature disabled read on:
Launch S-Voice by pressing the Home button twice (or via apps > Samsung folder > S-voice)
At the top right press the 3 small squares then select Settings
On the next window the second row down is the "Open via the Home key" on/off toggle.

Some apps that my girlfriend has recommended for drawing/painting/art. She is a graphic designer and bought her own Note Pro 12.2 soon after playing with mine so I will take her word for it. I have seen some of the pieces capable with this tablet and it is impressive. Also note that the files you create and save in some of these apps can be opened and worked on in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop:
Infinite Painter
Sketchbook Pro
Sketchbook for Galaxy (included with the tablet)
Fresco Paint Pro

Onto the accessories:

I am using the Samsung 12.2" Book Cover with my NP12. It is well made, very sleek looking and does protect the back and corners well. The stand works well in both positions. Don't plan on taking too many pictures with this cover though because when opened the cover wraps around the back and blocks the camera lens. That is OK though because you should never be using a tablet to take pictures. Ever. Stop. No.... don't do it. You look ridiculous. I'm pretty sure there is a law against this - - I rest my case.
Anyway, I bought mine at the local Best Buy and you can find it on - search for "samsung book cover 12.2"

The IVSO Slim Smart Cover Case is nice too and protects the tablet a little better than the Samsung Book Cover but I find the IVSO's stand to be a little more flimsy and I don't like that it makes the tablet sit upside down (home button on top) when using it in your lap. On the plus side the camera lens isn't covered with this cover and there's a thin magnet that holds the cover to the tablet so it doesn't flop around. IVSO Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2/Tab pro 12.2 Ultra Lightweight Slim Smart Cover Case with Auto Sleep/Wake Function-will only fit Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2/Tab pro 12.2 Tablet (Black)

I picked up this Galaxy Note Genuine Wacom Touch Pen 8pi Stylus (ET-S200EBEG) - Black. It is about the same thickness as a regular pen so its easier on your hand and it has an eraser on the end, too. Here's a tip: go to settings > controls > S-pen and at the top make sure "Turn off pen detection" is not checked, now you can use a second stylus without needing to remove the factory stylus from the tablet. If you're going to be using the S-pen a lot this is a very good investment.

If you're looking for a great sleeve, check out the Merkury Innovations 12-Inch Solid Zipper Sleeve, Black/Blue (M-LL1090). It fits this tablet perfectly, even with the Samsung book cover on it and the quality is top notch. I love the fit and finish of this sleeve and how well it fits this particular tablet, the side pocket for the charge cable/external HDD is a bonus.

Need a longer USB 3.0 charge cable? I bought one of these here on Amazon: Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Type A to Micro-B Cable in Blue 10 Feet. It works just as well as the factory cable for charging and is available in 6, 10 and 15 feet - useful if the nearest wall plug is too far away.

I like choices so I bought another sleeve, this one has a handle though: Evecase 10.6~12 inch Tablet, Netbooks Ultraportable Neoprene Zipper Carrying Case with Dual Hidden Pocket & Handle - Black/ Red. This sleeve is great because of the handles so I can throw in the tablet and carry it around just like that. If using my backpack I'll use the other sleeve mentioned above inside my bag. This sleeve is just as nice as the other and also has a side pocket. The black/red color looks sharp.

Last but not least: the User Manual. This has TONS of useful information about the tablet. Definitely worth it to look through this, in fact most questions that people keep asking about the tablet can be answered just by looking in the manual. The direct link to the PDF is:

If you have any questions just post a comment and I'll get back to you.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Not too big. great functionality for someone on the road or just at home, February 14, 2014
First let me say that I am an ex-apple customer that demanded more options and over time have switched from the iPhone to Note 3 and from an ipad to the Surface Pro and now to the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. For those that have a Galaxy note phone, the Note Pro tablet is more than just a larger version of the same. The functionality is greater, the multitasking is excellent, and from both a personal and business use, it has met my every expectation. I will address a few areas of concern I had before purchase to try and help anyone that may be feeling the way I was.

SIZE - my job has me on the road marketing every day. This tablet, to me, is portable enough to not be a problem or feel like I am lugging around something uncomfortable. I carry a clip board with a few forms and the note pro 12.2 in a slip cover case (until I can get my hands on the book cover case which is back ordered). When I read the initial reviews I was terrified to buy this thing sight unseen as many talked about it being too big or too heavy. It is not too big and the weight feels light next to the surface pro. If you are looking for a large tablet screen...This is for you. Also the large screen allows for the full size keyboard which is nice (this review is being typed on the screen)

MAGAZINE UX - the difference in the updated interface had me scared. Is it like the new windows tiles? Is it completely different than what I am used to on the Galaxy Note 3 phone? Here is the deal. The Magazine UX is not bad. I am not a fan of the new Microsoft Windows tiles which i had on the Surface Pro. The UI is different and better in my opinion. You can set up your tablet to look almost identical to your Samsung Note phone if that is what you want. There has to be at least one screen of the magazine but to be honest, I have it set up to where I really like it. When I hit the button to go to the home screen it takes me to the same setup I have on my phone which is folders with different apps, time and weather, etc.

32 or 64 GB - Being an early adpoter, the 64gb model was not available on release. It is unlikely that you will be using this tablet to shoot a ton of HD video (which is the biggest storage hog) and with an addition of a 64GB sd card that you can swap out if needed, 32gb device memory works just fine.

WiFi or 4G - that depends on your needs but if you can use your phone as a hotspot, why pay extra for a cell radio in the device plus pay more to add it to a cell plan? The answer for my needs was WiFi works perfect and tethers with my phone on the road.

I can't say much about the battery life yet as I have only charged it once. It had about 50% charge when I pulled it out of the box after purchase.

CONCLUSION - I was disappointed in the info updates on this device before the US release. All of the videos and reports were all from CES and there were no new hands on reports. I can tell you that this device has a premium price but also carries premium capabilities. If you just want to update a status on Facebook and play candycrush...This isn't for you unless you want to spend the money for the screen size. If you want a nice big screen to multitask and you are either familiar with Android or are willing to educate yourself on the possibilities. You will be impressed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Tablet! Well worth the price! w/ Bonus Zagg keyboard review!, March 8, 2014
Olaf Johnson (Anchorage, AK 99505) - See all my reviews
April 2014 Update:

It has been over a month of usage with the 12.2 and I have to admit my
experience has become more and more positive.

Things I am liking is the the stellar battery life, the way apps
update to work better with 4.4os, the physical durability, the screen
sharpness/brightness, and the internet browsing experience.

I love the multi-day battery power you get. I realize even with the
screen up at 80% brightness watching Netflix all day the battery still
takes forever to drain. The only App that seemed to cause Battery
drain and slow recharging issue was Word-With-Friends, Blurb Checkout
and HP Printer Services. Once you delete those and make use of Task
Manager to curb background activity everything improves. Also keeping
GPS Antenna off helps.

Apps seem to be updating regularly to work smoother on 4.4os and to
also support the multi window display. So now more apps can be swiped
into new windows when in multi window mode. By contrast I have some
popular apps on my iPhone that are only now updating to work better
with last year's iOS 7.

I'm finding the feel of the tablet is great for daily use. I love the
faux leather back and aluminum trim. You don't necessarily need a case
like you would on a scratch prone-metallic iPad. The faux leather is
soft to the touch and easy to grip, yet handles daily
commuting bangs and scrapes well without any signs of wear and tear.
One thing I didn't expect though is the faux leather to be a bit of a
fingerprint magnet.

I tried using other tablets since and I now realize how great the
screen is. Apart from the slight fuzziness you get when importing low
res pics (or browsing the Facebook/eBay app) hi res images, websites,
eBook/Adobe Reader text and colors always look sharp and bright. I
even take back what I said about the 10.1 Note Pro's screen being
possibly better. The 12.2 has a greater overall screen. As long as you
stay away from your Grandma's 1 MP pictures and don't expect extra
sharp images on the Facebook and eBay app then this tablet will make
you happy. Actually if you use Chrome or Internet to browse Facebook
and eBay then the images will look sharper and will scaled up

This brings me to my final impressions for the 12.2: the web browsing
experience is second to none! I'm very impressed with the consistent
speed and page layout of the Chrome and Google web apps. This is the
first tablet where I can say anyone's dependence on a full desktop PC
or laptop PC for internet service will be greatly diminished. The only
thorn in this positive is that Adobe Flash material may or may not
load on certain websites but there is an Android Flash Player Patch
(not found in the Play Store/Samsung Apps) that you can install thru
your web browser to work around this.

Positives aside there have been some hiccups with the 12.2. There is a
slight interface delay when using the S pen on certain Apps. It works
perfectly in S pen native apps. I don't find myself using S pen for
what I normally do on my 12.2 so it is no bother to me but still worth

Also the Android/Samsung Gallery and File Management system can get
cluttered if you tend to store a lot of documents and media. Add in
the automatic Facebook/Dropbox media file import and you may find
yourself lost in a sea of tricky to remove pictures that you never put
on the tablet. However, coming from an iOs iPhone background where
Apple manipulates your media and files for you I am actually enjoying
the freedom of organizing my images and files the way I want.

I don't really use the Magazine but, unlike widgets, the Magazine
tiles do not auto update. [Yeah I checked with Samsung and] there is
'currently' no method for selecting them to automatically refresh with
new stories and content. It has to be manually done for each tile
every time you open Magazine. This actually defeats the purpose of what
the feature is about-quickly exposing users to new and newsworthy
information. On the flip side I'm curious how battery life will fare
once Samsung allows background auto update of all those tiles.

Over all I think anyone who chose this tablet will be happy. I still
don't know why haters still rate the 12.2 low because Samsung wants
$750 for a 12.2 tablet when in the same stores Samsung smart phones, iPads and iPhones
sell for $799+.


I originally wanted the Note 2014 10.1 for the holidays but decided to wait when the 12.2 appeared at CES. After seeing a some early online gadget reviews and videos I went into Best Buy held both the 10.1 and 12.2 and in under 3 minutes I was sold on the Pro 12.2.

What I realized after looking at the 32GB 10.1 at $549 versus the 32GB 12.2 at $749 that for $200 more you get a lot more than just a bigger screen.

After a month of daily use with my 12.2 did I make a good choice? Let's find out.


The battery life is very good. I usually go all day with usage (bluetooth, wifi, apps running, screen brightness at 60%-auto brightness set to OFF) and never go below 70%. Some applications (words with friends) and widgets will drain battery quicker even if you are not directly using them so it is best to use the task and application manager in settings to see what is using your battery the most. Also GPS antenna being on all the time will kill the battery life.

The first thing you will notice is that the 12.2 handles multiple tasks VERY quickly. It is not as quick as my iPhone 5S when opening heavy apps quickly like Facebook but because 99% of the time I am doing more than one thing at a time on my 12.2 any lag (minute as it maybe) is completely forgivable. In fact other than Facebook I have not notice anything to be slow on this tablet. YouTube, GPS-Google Earth/Maps, Web Browsing, Hancom Office, etc... can all run at 100% at the same time on the same screen.

I had absolutely no issues with stuttering, slowing down or freezing up like some review videos have griped about. The software has updated since I took it out the box so that maybe the trick. Make sure to update your software and all the apps to get the most up to date performance.

This tablet also doesn't get hot in my lap at all when doing heavy work. Netflix, YouTube, streaming Video playback is smooth, crystal clear Hi-Def and looks amazing! Images and text on Mazagine, web browsing apps, FlipBoard, emails, Adobe Reader, games, ebooks, etc... all look crisp, bright and vividly sharp.

The Chrome and Internet web browsing apps are blazing fast! I never liked web browsing apps on tablets and mobile phones because it was never as quick and natural as internet on a PC or notebook but here it feels natural and fast. Pages are full pages and not scaled down versions of websites. I also found the Android web browsing experience MUCH BETTER than Safari on the iOS iPads.

Contrary to some early YouTube reviews I did NOT find this tablet to be too big or heavy for one handed use. The average adult should be able to hold and use it in one hand while standing. The Note Pro 12.2 is the around the same weight as my fiancé's pre-iPadAir iPad3.

At 8"+ by 11"+ inches the 12.2 Note Pro shares the same footprint as a standard sheet of paper (Go to your printer or office desk and pick up a standard sheet of paper it is the same size as this 12.2 tablet)

If you are coming from an older 8" or 10" tablet then the Note Pro 12.2 will 'feel' much bigger but not much heavier. However if you are like me and never owned a tablet before while coming from a Laptop/Desktop background then the 12.2. will feel portable enough.

In fact this tablet paired with the Zagg keyboard has already completely replaced my premium Lenovo Thinkpad for on the go Laptop duties.

Speaking of Laptop PC Windows duties the Productivity Software that comes with the 12.2 is not the usual bloatware you would expect. In fact apps like Hancom and WebEx puts Windows Office to shame.

These productivity apps put the practicality of Microsoft Office onto a tablet environment where everything runs smoothly (especially with S pen) without the costs, drama and high maintenance that you get with Microsoft Office products.

I mainly use Hancom Word for writing (novels) and in this regard I recommend an external keyboard (like the Zagg) since the touch screen keyboard can hog some screen real estate.

Other obvious positives to a 12.2 screen is that you can do way more stuff at the same time and this tablet does the job of multi windows smoothly. My only prior tablet experience was my fiance's iPad3 which interfaces only one app at a time. Having the 12.2 do more than one thing at once took some getting used to. It is fun and most practical.


The 12.2 screen carries over the resolution from the Note 10.1's screen (why?). This means in apps like Gallery, Facebook and eBay some lower resolution photos do not scale up properly to fill out the bigger screen. Instead the Note Pro 12.2 tablet stretches out and enlarges images in these apps which results in slight fuzziness on those pictures. So if you are importing old school throw back pictures that you scanned back in 1999 then don't expect those pictures to look good here.

On the Note 10.1 the same images would come out sharper on the smaller screen space. Lisa Gade at MobileTech has a brilliant side by side 10.1 vs 12.2 video on YouTube that shows this effect better than I can describe here.

In fact isn't a big issue and most people who use hi-res pictures won't notice it at all. That said the camera on this tablet like all current tablets is quite crap compared to most high end cell phones or digital cameras. The camera app does have all the latest and greatest features but dont expect wallpaper quality pics. Use your samsung cell phone instead and import pics.

Regarding the screen resolution I will add other apps like Adobe, Chrome/Internet, NYTimes and Magazine/FlipBoard have very crisp and clear images that are on par or better than iPad Retina's images so don't let that turn you away.

My next gripe is in the box this tablet comes with nothing. You get the usb cord/charger combo, a quick start leaflet, and replacement nibs for the S pen.

For $800 spent here I would have at least wanted headphones and a proper manual booklet (you have to search Samsung's website for the 178 page SM-P905 pdf file). Funny enough the SM-P905 manual when you download it has A LOT of important information regarding how to use this tablet properly. For one it warns "do not use a screen protector on the Note Tablets" which is the first thing we all buy for it. I use one anyway and it works fine with the S pen and touch controls.

Be careful with where you buy your MicroSD card from. I went thru two eBay-bought SanDisk and Samsung 64gb cards, most likely fakes, that didn't work, died and almost damaged my Pro 12.2. I finally purchased the genuine Samsung 64gb card at my local Best Buy and it worked. Funny enough the eBay cards worked perfectly on my PC laptop and BlackBerry smartphone so that means the MicroSD card drive on this 12.2 tablet is very picky.

One of my early concerns was out the box it took this tablet about 5 hours to charge from 70% to 100% and much longer to charge from near empty. To improve charging time I went to Application Manager->Running and deleted hidden background Bloatware like HP printer services, Blurb Checkout, etc... On kitkat 4.4 these sneaky apps remain running even after you sleep the tablet suckling away at your battery. With bloatware gone I now go from 30% to a full 100% charge in 4 to 5 hours. If that is too long for you then the LTE note pro 12.2 tablets will have batteries that charge much quicker but the downside is they will also die quicker than non-LTE models.

Price was not a con for me but Samsung releases so many similarly priced tablets with a range of features that it makes me wonder if the Tab Pro 12.2 didn't come out at the same time would the retail for the Note Pro 12.2 be cheaper.

Other than these minor gripes this is a perfect tablet for everyday use

ZAGG KEYBOARD REVIEW: I love that this keyboard works flawlessly, protects the screen when closed has great battery life. Also with its own leather stitched back matching the 12.2 perfectly BUT the Zagg is not a good case holder. The 12.2 lays facedown into the Zagg and clips on but the connection is loose and the tablet moves up and down inside the clips. Also removal of the tablet (as per the instructions) requires you to yank it up snapping back the holding clips open to release the tablet. The issue here is those clips are springy but still plastic and look like they will eventually break (I assume) from continued removal of the tablet. Furthermore you can easily pry or yank the wrong way and send the tablet flying across the room since it requires a bit of force.

Also at $99.99 it is an overpriced keyboard accessory that isn't backlit and looks like it will wear out in a year or two of use. Already my spacebar key needs to be pressed really hard and in the center to work.

I only purchased it at the time I picked my 12.2 because I needed a case right away and the only other case in Best Buy was $59.99. So I did the math and figured $40 bucks more got me a keyboard and stand for the 12.2. It does make a great stand.

In retrospect I probably would not have bought the Zagg for more than $50 but I didn't really have a choice.

It does its job with minimal features for the most part but do not expect a drop-proof case/holder or stellar desktop keyboard performance out of this product.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Amazing!!, February 14, 2014
For those who've rated this low because of the size, do your research. Duh! It's a 12.2 inch tablet.

I'm a cartoonist and really wasn't excited about spending $2K on a Wacom Cintiq Companion. I spent all of yesterday using this Samsung for drawing, web browsing, and calendar use. This is the best tablet I've ever owned and will use it daily. Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side, but for me, with how much I will be using it, and what I'll be using it for, I can more than justify the cost.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Lovin' my BAT, April 9, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Samsung proves what the ladies already know, bigger is better. The 12.2 Note Pro has received a high percentage of positive reviews on Amazon and other sites. Most professional reviewers, on the other hand, seem to think it's just too big, too heavy, too expensive, or it's just not an Ipad. Fortunately for me I've learned to take professional reviewers with a huge grain of salt. Thanks to reviews from real users on Amazon and balanced reviewers like Lisa Gade from Mobile Tech Review I was able to take the plunge when the Note Pro went on sale.

And I love my Big Ass Tablet (BAT)! I wasn't sure I could use that word in my review, but I did a search on Amazon and found out they sell this Liquid Ass So I guess it's okay.

I've owned two 7" tablets, two 10.1" tablets, and I recently bought the Samsung Tab Pro 8.4". The 7" were good for portability outside the home, while the 10.1" were good for couch surfing. I thought the 8.4" would be a good compromise between the two that I could use for both, and consolidate down to one size. However, after using the 8.4" for about a month I discovered my eyes aren't up to looking at a small screen for several hours at a time (reading/web surfing on the couch is my favorite past-time). The 8.4" has great resolution, but text is still small and zooming in just means you have to scroll a lot. However, it is great for portability outside the home, and I will keep it for that.

The 12.2" offers no compromise web browsing and document reading. Rarely do I feel the need to zoom in. I'm also addicted to the S-pen. Love to use it for navigating my tablet, and I also prefer to write with the pen then use the onscreen keyboard. I guess it's Samsung tablets for me, until the competition catches up and produces something better.

Some people might complain that the tablet is too heavy for couch surfing. I've solved this problem by modifying the Aerb case I got for the tablet Aerb® X Pro Series Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Leather Case Cover Stand W Sleep Wake Function (for Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Black Style A) By folding the cover of the case and securing it with four small binding clips I can use the case to prop up the tablet while lying on the couch or in bed. Weight becomes a non-issue and I only need to lightly grasp the tablet with one hand to keep it from tipping over. I've included some pictures to show you how I modified the case, for those that are interested (see the user supplied picture area of this product's web page).

So far I'm completely satisfied with this tablet. My only complaint is the price. Wish it was more like $600.

Even so, I'm livin' large and lovin' it! I hope Samsung keeps making this size tablet. It's ideal for my use.
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2.0 out of 5 stars 5 now 8 now 13 things you'll want to know, March 17, 2014
11/24/14 UPDATE- It looks like this product is officially an orphan. Numerous software bugs with more piling up- The ownership community is experiencing Chromecast and Chrome browser causing tablet to freeze, intermittent blue screen requiring a reboot, videos not playing, no support from Amazon for its Video-on-Demand and other issues. While other Verizon LTE / Galaxy Note products have been regularly updated, the Note Pro 12.2 has not. That, combined with firesale prices on the non-LTE product all over the web really points to Samsung discontinuing support for the product. What a bummer.

1. OS and app Bugs
While the tablet is beautiful after using it for almost two months, I find it shockingly buggy. Apparently there's a battery drain problem in sleep mode. My Note Pro goes from 100% to dead in 18 hours of no use. It drops about 5% every 30 minutes. Many apps I expected to be mature and debugged like NYTimes, Wall Street Journal are laggy and crash frequently. Moving from an iPad to the Galaxy Note Pro, I have to say that there's something to be said about the benefits of how Apple manages expectations downward. While there is no multitasking on the iPad as there is on the Galaxy, there's a lot of lag and failed swipes on the Galaxy. Never on the Apple.

2. Many apps haven't been updated for this larger screen
Lots of apps appear in the wrong orientation and/or won't rotate, or appear in one quadrant of the screen.

3. Chrome won't work the way you think it will work
If you were expecting a more desktop (or at least laptop)-like Chrome experience, forget it. The version of Chrome that installs on this tablet is designed for smartphones. No plug-ins allowed, no bookmark bar, bookmarks appear in a tab window instead of a drop-down/slide-out.

4. BIG problems when using a Chromecast
Expect your Note Pro to crash when attempting the seemingly simple task of streaming music from Google Play to your Chromecast device. Easy-to-reproduce and requires a tablet reboot only to happen again when you try streaming music.

5. Nobody knows anything about this thing
Not Samsung, Not Verizon (I have the LTE version). Other than the basics, at least as of two weeks in, nobody knows anything about the Galaxy Note Pro.

6. Bloatware
Oh my goodness, they're redefined the phrase. I appreciate some of the freebies, but wouldn't it have been possible to remove the ones I don't use? Google+, Hangouts, Knox, (and of course Knox store, whatever that is), e-meeting, etc., etc

7. A mouse!
Ok, so I was amazed. Yes, with a Bluetooth mouse connected, an arrow icon actually appears on the screen and you can use it pretty much like any mouse on a conventional PC. I'm using the Microsoft Sculpt Touch mouse but any Bluetooth one will work. You can also connect a keyboard at the same time.

8. Limited amount of accessories and ridiculous prices thereof
Because of its newness, there are a limited number of accessories and cases for this tablet. Furthermore, I guess because companies like Zagg and Logitech believe you're willing to overpay for the tablet, they can charge you a premium for accessories. $129 for a keyboard/case? You must be kidding.

9. Amazon video/Flash player:
Streaming video from your Amazon account is almost impossible. I was accustomed to using Amazon's streaming video app on the iPad to watch tv shows and movies I get from Amazon. There is no such app for Android devices. This is very unlike Amazon and Google (but less so for Adobe) and I wish they would get over themselves and help their customers. BTW, there are no problems watching Netflix, YouTube or Hulu using their respective apps.

10. The guys at Adobe (or someplace) will make sure you can't use this as a notebook replacement
Getting Flash installed on this tablet is an exercise in contortion. It can be done via the installation of an obscure "Dolphin" browser, an older version of Adobe Flash and then jimmying with settings to put it all together, but it's complicated especially with this tablet running KitKat. I was successful, but it took a while. I understand this is because of a disagreement between Google (Android's developer), Amazon and Adobe.

11. Amazon (or someone) doesn't want you streaming your library on the Note Pro:
There is no Amazon streaming app as there is for the iPad (see #10 above). This is very unlike Amazon and Google (but less so for Adobe) and I wish they would get over themselves and help their customers. BTW, there are no problems watching Netflix, YouTube or Hulu using their respective apps.

12. New Charging / sync connector on cord
The Note Pro uses a new Micro USB 3.0 connector. It's wider than the one that THE ENTIRE REST OF THE PLANET USES. You can use an old-style Micro USB charger, but it takes much longer to charge it than if you use the cord that comes with it. Also, there are no USB 3.0 car chargers (that I've been able to find, anyways). ALSO ALl those zillions of USB chargers you own? Many of them won't charge the Galaxy Note Pro.

13. Pricing and obsolescence
The "professional" reviews of this tablet are lukewarm- mostly revolving around the reviewer's opinion of its high price and "who would want a tablet with this large of a screen?" These reviews can slow sales and drive the price down. The price of this tablet may decline at a faster rate than usual. What's weird is that even the reviews that start like that, often end up with a conclusion that it's a terrific product. I don't get it.

UPDATE: Other thoughts:
I've been using this device intensively for almost two months now as a replacement for an aging iPad and hopefully a replacement for an infrequently used notebook. If you're used to holding an iPad, this tablet will take some getting used to. Once you've had it for a few days, you won't want to take your hands off of it. For me, it is a near-notebook replacement, especially if you add a keyboard and a mouse. The Hancom office software is shockingly close in appearance and functionality to Microsoft Office.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best tablet on the market, March 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have learned to ignore certain reviews on amazon, especially the ones who go into so much detail it just becomes anal at the things they dislike.

i owned the tab, i owned the 10.1 note, the s4 and note 3, and now i have the pro12.2, there is no lag, its fast as hell, does everything better, the pen is mind numblingly better then before. evertying is blazingly fast, connects to everything perfectly, the free apps are ok, drop box and skydrive and remote play and free wifi in flight are the best of the bunch, the rest are not for me but you guys might like them , things like new york times mag etc. The ui is changed slightly and for the better, here is a tip, go to settings, about device, click on build number 5 times fasts to unlock developer tools and then scroll to windows,transition and animator scale and set them to .5 or to 0, this will remove the built in lag which is a transition samsung built in, this removes that and makes the system faster, apps open faster, also double click the button on the tablet and go into svoice, click settings and remove the double click to acitvate svoice, this way you you can use svoice through the app and free that double click for something else. i have not 1 complaint, its light, thin and bigger screen are perfect in every way.
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5.0 out of 5 stars great for students and notetakers, February 22, 2014
i view my tablet as digital paper.
i can now do my math on the tablet and have a permanent digital copy of my written work.
i use Lecturenotes and Papyrus as my note taking apps.
i still have not decided which one is my go-to note app as i am testing them right now.
Lecturenotes allows me to create black notepaper. i like writing on paper that is not illuminated.
Lecturenote is extremely feature rich. So it great for customization.
Papyrus allows me to have infinite sized paper.
this is great for creating an unlimited sized mindmap of my topic.
the extra surface area really makes a difference.
bigger area means i can write down my thoughts more freely and in greater quantity.
both programs allow me to set it up so that i can store my notes in the cloud for safe keeping.
both program stores the data in vector graphics format.

the button on the stylus enables me to capture anything i see or to create a sticky note at any point. i find action-memo, screen-write and scrap-booker very useful for this purpose.
the action memo is a supercharged sticky note program.
the screen-write lets me capture and annotate any screen that i see.
scrap-booker lets me capture any portion of the screen that i want captured by drawing an lasso around the content.

another positive effect of the larger screen size is that i am able to read my math pdf files and books much more easily. on smaller screens, i had to constantly scroll to see the full page. i suggest that you install Kindle for reading pdf files because you can go to the next page of the document with just a touch of screen instead of the larger swipe gesture.

i don't use the stylus that came with it because it is too skinny.
instead i bought a seperate samsung/wacom pen model number ET-S200EBEG for around 20 bucks.
i made it even more comfortable by slipping on two gel pen cushions(Paper Mate Foohy Gooshy Grips). Believe me, this combination of thicker pen with gel grips makes the pen more comfortable and more effective.
samsung if you are listening, please bundle these tablets with a easier to grip stylus along with the internally mounted stylus. it makes such a big difference in the usability of this tablet. forcing people to write with a toothpick just because a toothpick fits into the narrow slot is a bad compromise. if you want a pic showing the two stylus side by side, click on my profile.

when i have time, i will explore the excellent Sketchbook for Galaxy app more fully.
i am just now learning about the value of drawing with layers. i used Sketchbook to draw a logo for my friend's company and the feel and accuracy of the drawing experience was outstanding.

update: i discovered a significantly more powerful and customizable paint/drawing program called clover paint.
it cost $8 for the program and if you are serious about using your tablet as an art or design tool, you can spend another $20 to upgrade the user interface.
so for $28, you get a serious art/design tool.
it has a steep learning curve. there is an overwhelming number of functions and options.
but once you take the time to learn the basic architecture of the layout and customize it, the interface becomes logical and speeds your work flow.
the biggest idea to this program is that you are able to create little movable icons called "clovers" that are click-able. the clovers can represent a particular custom brush or some particular program functionality like bucket fill. anyways, i am very excited about this wonderful program.

i find the price of the tablet to be very reasonable. i saw too many reviews about it being over priced. i am not sure what they are talking about. the amazing large screen uses the high-end wacom digitizer technology which simply costs more. the wacom digitizer makes a difference in terms of better accuracy, better palm rejection and larger pressure sensitivity levels.
the deal is even better if you end up using some of the perks they include with this tablet.
i ended up using the free dropbox 50gb for 2 year offer, evernote 1 year offer, and of course the $25 google play credit. i found the 2 year of RemotePC to be intriguing enough to have installed it. i did it so that i can run my favorite windows software(keynote nf) on my tablet. it works, but the process of setting up the remotepc was quite tedious. it required me to download a very large program to verify the identity of my laptop computer. the only other offer relevant to me was the Gogo inflight Wi-Fi offer.

improvements i would like to see:
1) bundle it with a larger more comfortable external stylus with the ability to turn off the side button along with the internal stylus
2) 13" or 14" screen that is less glossy. i am able to see the entire page of my pdf documents, but the font is still small. i am not obsessed with holding this with one hand. when i write on a clipboard, 99.9% of the time the clipboard is resting on some surface. i am more than willing to trade a little portability for the greater usability. i laugh when people act like 1.6 pounds is too heavy to carry.
3) make a windows 8.1 version
4) place the physical buttons(home,back, options) away from the middle of the long side. i am hitting those buttons accidentally when i am using it in the portrait mode. the location of the buttons coincides with the best place to hold the tablet in the portrait mode. another possible solution is to keep the location of the physical buttons but add another set of buttons on the short edge side so that in the portrait mode the current buttons are inactive but the buttons on the short side are active. and when in the landscape mode the buttons on the long side are once again active and the buttons on the short side are inactive.
5) be able turn off the side button on the pen. it is easy to accidentally depress the button. this can get annoying. perhaps they can put a sliding button somewhere on the pen that would turn off the side button. or maybe it can be turned off with a twist of the upper end of the pen. or maybe design a vertically sliding side button that gets turned off when you slide it up 1 centimeter.
6) make it easier to share a screen with other samsung note pro user. this tablet has great potential as a collaborative whiteboard.
7) be able to totally uninstall the UX magazine. i don't need it. being able to reduce clutter and complexity is a productivity enhancing strategy.

anyways, i love this tablet so far.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Solid for a math / c.s. double major, April 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'm a math and C.S. double major at the University of Washington. As a mathematician and a total nerd, I wanted to digitize my notes and archive them. I take notes and do homework on this tablet. I had a note 10.1 (first edition) before I bought this, so I had some familiarity with Snote. They updated it, gave it higher resolution and a longer page, and beefed up the hardware. I'm happy with the result. I took 84 pages of coherent notes in linear algebra last quarter between those two tablets. For an example of the synthesized product, you can read them here: [students dot washington dot edu slash slester slash matrixAlgebraNotes dot html]
(be patient, the poor pdf plugin is loading 84 pages). Note that you can back up your Snotes to whatever cloud service you whimsy.

The screen has a much better resolution than my laptop, a lenovo yoga, and the screens are roughly the same size. I prefer watching things on the tablet most of the time. If you're going to be doing notes or writing, I'd recommend picking up either a stylus with an eraser, or opting for the more pricey bamboo feel stylus. The former is great if you screw up a lot while the latter has a superb balance and feel to the writing experience.

I've used this device with Hancom office (provided free in the samsung app store) and a microsoft wedge keyboard and wedge mouse. That experience was the best I've had with android, with the pitfall of expecting to be able to use MS word shortcuts and being sorely disappointed. I was typing at my maximum speed for a keyboard of that size and the tablet display kept up with only a few half-second pauses over seven pages or so.

Any tablet will do this, but having all of my textbooks on my device is priceless. Many are available for purchase in kindle format for a discounted price from the hardcover, and those given to me by a professor I can open in my pdf viewer.

I sometimes use this device to watch HD netflix in bed and when I do it's glorious. I can also control my television and soundbar from this tablet. It has the i.r. beamer and an app that tells you what's on t.v. and acts as a remote. Set up for those features required half an hour, but I'm slow.

The cost was high, but I am satisfied. For their price, Samsung delivered a solid product bursting at the seams with features, notably a Wacom stylus digitizer that takes the surface pro to task. If you can swing it, this tablet is one hell of a productivity suite. If you don't need x86 architecture (say, to run visual studio or some other .exe), this could very much be a laptop replacement.
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3.0 out of 5 stars A couple of things to think about..., April 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (64GB, Black) (Personal Computers)
Instead of restating all the of positive aspects of this tablet (and there are many), I'll provide several "cons":

1. Samsung's customer service is quite bad, so if you have a problem with the unit you receive, don't go through Samsung support - just return the unit to Amazon (you have 30 days to do so) and get a new one, or something else.

The battery life on the one I received was about a 1/3 of what is advertised, so I sent the unit to Samsung. It took about 20 phone calls from me to keep the process moving (they use a third party to perform repairs, so nobody really feels any responsibility towards the customer). After three weeks they returned the unit to me, un-repaired! Luckily I had a few days left to return it to Amazon, which I did.

2. The graphics are jumpy. The scrolling on this tablet "stutters" - it's not smooth. If you're used to an iPad, you'll notice with this unit a slight lack of refinement of the user experience compared with what Apple delivers - not a deal-breaker, but something to be prepared for.

3. If you're planning on using this unit in portrait mode, you might not like the dimensions - it's quite elongated. Also, the button placement is awkward for portrait use. These are strange decisions on Samsung's part: Since this has been marketed as a business and productivity tool, they should have anticipated that people would want to occasionally using this unit in portrait orientation to read PDFs and other types of docs.

Someday some genius executive will look at a standard 8/12 by 11 piece of paper and say "hey, people seem to be pretty comfortable with this form factor, and there are millions of documents out there formatted this way - let's make an 8 1/2 x 11 tablet!"

Nonetheless, credit to Samsung for having the guts to offer a form factor choice like this, and overall, this is an amazing piece of technology - just be aware of the things I mentioned above.
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