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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 24, 2015
This is a GREAT screen protector and installed correctly it's crystal clear, can hardly tell it's even there. Here's a guide on how to get the screen protector to work perfectly.

Please note that on the Note 4 there will be a bit of the edge of the screen, all the way around, that isn't covered. This is due to the Note 4's curved display and if the screen protector went edge to edge it would lift around the sides. There's just no way around this and every screen protector for the Note 4 is the same.

Before you start you'll want to have some clear tape on hand, this will be to remove any dust particles the get stuck to the sticky side of the screen protector between the protector and the screen.

Make sure you apply this in an environment that is dust free (at least as dust free as you can get), I recommend a bathroom after it's been steamed up a bit (this helps remove dust particles from the air). Thoroughly wipe down the area you'll be working in with a wet cloth to remove any dust from the area.

On the screen protector you have two tabs, 1 and 2. The first tab protects the underside of the protector (the side that goes on the screen), the 2nd the side that faces up. You only want to start to peel back tab 1 an inch or so to start. You're going to apply the screen protector kinda like you would a band aid, peel off the 1st tab only a bit evenly across the narrow side of the screen protector. Line up the narrow edge of the screen protector with the narrow edge of your phone. This part is crucial, be sure to put the edge of the screen protector right up against the edge of the screen and that it's perfectly aligned. As you pull the backing off use a micro-fiber cloth to press the screen protector down and to remove bubbles as you peel away the backing working your way down the screen. As you're working the screen protector from one side to another if you notice any dust particles between the screen and the screen protector lift the screen protector back up to the dust particle and using the clear tape I mentioned earlier stick it to the underside of the screen protector to remove the dust, this works great.

You may end up with a few bubbles, before you take of the top layer (tab 2) work the bubbles from the middle out wiping the screen protector with the micro-fiber cloth supplied with it. With a little work you'll have a perfectly aligned, bubble free screen. If you fail the first time you have three protectors to work with and by the third you'll be a pro at doing it for sure.
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on August 23, 2015
📌Update: I dropped my phone onto a hard floor and when I picked it up the screen protector cracked. The drop wasn't hard or from a high distance so I really don't think it should have cracked. Plus, I'm also annoyed that they dropped the price from $17 to $12. The finger print smudges are annoying, I'm not sure if I want to purchase this case again.

This is the very first tempered glass case that I have ever bought so I can't really compare this brand to the next, however I will say that this screen protector is everything it said it would be. The touch feels just like the actual screen of the phone which is what I was really worried about, the protector itself is thick, and the installation process was really simple. They have YouTube videos that show you how it's done. One reason why I gave this a 4 star instead of a 5 is
A. The protector as stated before the protector is thick which is a good thing, but getting the air bubbles out was a pain. It took me 30 minutes and a glass of wine before I was able to finally be bubble free.

B. I don't know how it holds up to impact.

It looks like this will be my go to protector. You all have a new loyal customer, unless this protector gives me a reason not to.
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on December 12, 2012
First off, the price was fantastic. The cleaning cloth included is almost large enough to fully wrap the entire galaxy note 2 in. The cleaning cloth alone makes the purchase a positive. Also included in the package are a few product cards, lint removal stickers x2, and 3 screen protectors.

Installing the screen protectors was easy enough and the the screen protectors go on almost flawlessly, except for the bottom edges to the left and right of the home button which lifts up. It isn't that big of a deal, and it could be just the one protector that was flawed, but overall, I love the product and blows away any competition at this price level.

***EDIT*** I contacted iSmooth about the screen protector lifting issue around the home button, and they replied saying that the problem has been fixed and they sent me 3 screen protectors from their newest batch free of charge. The new screen protectors are perfect in every way. No lifting issue at all. Excellent customer service, and I would give 10 stars if I could.*******

After initially applying the screen protector, the screen is a little sticking or tacky, but that goes away in just a few minutes of touching the screen.

Touch screen response and S-pen are perfect, and the protector is perfectly clear. It will not detract from the Galaxy Note experience.

Excellent deal iSmooth. 5 stars
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on April 3, 2013
I've been putting on some sort of screen protectors for a good amount of years to know what's out there.
This one is my favorite.
I am one of these people who complain if there is one visible dust particle trapped under the protector. This drives me crazy, although I wish it didn't. Ha.

Easy application.
Don't have to wait 24 hours for the screen protector to "cure" or really stick.
Thoughtful addition of dust remover stickers.
Good instructions - see video at the end of the review.

I only put the screen protector on this morning, so if there are any changes then I'll try to remember to update the review, so it may be too early to say, but . . . it's perfect. Perfect as something like this can be anyway.

Others I've tried:
I've applied Zagg Invisible Shield, Moshi, Bodyguardz, generic ones, clear ones, mirrored ones, privacy guard ones. My least favorite are the ones that have the "orange peel" effect.
Some start peeling at the edges, some lift, some are too sticky or attract too much dust, some compromise the sensitivity of the screen (too much by my standards; but my standards may not be yours). Then there are those that require alcohol wipes, sprays to wet the screen protector/body shield, or a combination of warm water + dish soap.
None of that here - so . . . no complaints yet!

This one suggested I look at their video before putting the screen protector on. I thought, why not. There could always be something I haven't considered.
There wasn't new information for me, but I appreciate that it reminds you that for the SGN2, the screen has a slight curvature close to the edges so that's why they've made the screen protector smaller to not reach out to the edges exactly.
Otherwise, the screen protector would lift and capture dust or clothing or whatever and the screen protector would come off.

These people have thought of everything to ensure that the product will be applied as it should.
Video instructions were clear, succinct enough (at first I was like, what? FIVE minutes? but if you don't have 5 minutes, you don't have to watch it), and does a good job of demonstrating the application.

You can't really complain if you're handling the tacky side or peeling off the stickers instead of the layers, if you're working in a dusty environment (for applying stuff like this anyway), or if you're looking for a product that will reach the exact edges of the screen/body of this phone (then there's too little margin for error in application for the user).
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on December 18, 2012
Arrived very fast and fits perfectly, way better then those cheap ones on eBay! They come with a very nice microfiber cleaning cloth also that works pretty well to get rid of all the fingerprints!

This will be the brand i use for screen protectors because they ended up only costing $3.33 each and don't scratch like those cheap ones. I went through 6, yes 6 cheap screen protectors on eBay, yes i only paid 8 dollars for the 6 but they had a scratch almost instantly.. Stick to a name brand product!

You get more then what you pay for here. (STEAL)
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on September 21, 2015
I tried this one and a JTech screen protector for Note 5. I highly recommend this one out of the two, here's why:

I bought a JTech screen protector for my wife's Note 5 and this iSmooth for mine, just in case one was better than other I would have a comparison and potential replacement option.

On application of the JTech screen protector there was not a single bubble, it went on super smooth, however there was a small halo around the outer edge of the screen. I pressed and pressed but could not get the air out. I assumed this was just how it was supposed to look, maybe because the screen is slightly curved at the edge.

Next I applied the iSmooth to my phone. Bubbles, like 5 of them and a halo around the outer edge as well, even more pronounced than the JTech. My immediate reaction was "Oh well, I can just replace it with a JTech." Then I pressed to get the bubbles and halo out. And there it was, it actually worked with this screen protector. It took about 5 minutes of massaging with decent pressure, and the trick was to press straight down the small bubbles and to work the outer edge halo out by moving clockwise or counterclockwise around the phone's edge until reaching a corner. All said and done the screen protector looks perfect - No bubbles, no halo, and a good fit.

Please note the screen does not cover quite and much as the picture here on Amazon would lead you to believe, however the larger gap is near the top and of no consequence. It is also very similar to the JTech coverage and everything else I have seen, so this seems to be pretty standard. Overall I would highly recommend this screen protector and also be sure to spend time and pressure working the air out, it does work.
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on October 29, 2014
I just purchased this for my brand new Note 4. I purchased just about the same iSmooth screen protector for my Note 2 about 1 and a half years ago and it still looks great. No scratches or air bubbles. Looks almost like the day i put it on well over a year ago.

The new cover is awesome. It fits perfect and comes with everything you need. (3 screen protectors, a nice cloth & little stickers to get the lint off) They have a nice install video but if you have ever installed one of these they are easy.

I got the first one installed perfect and now have 2 extras. I have had mine on for about a week and it looks brand new. You can't really tell i have a screen protector on, this thing is very clear.

I highly recommend these to anyone with a note 4.
review image review image
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on January 7, 2013
So far this screen protector is great , easy to install and easy to replace but what really stand out from the rest of the protectors is :
1- Very Big cleaning cloth which rare to find . i wear classes and i use this cloth to clean my phone and my classes now :).
2- High Quality and good presentation. when you see the staff inside you will know what i mean .
3- Good trust. they will refund you if you don't like the product and if you like it and write a review in amazon the will send you another protector.

the only thing i am missing is the hard plastic that usually come with the package to help you install the protractor , but this is not a deal breaker because it just install itself so easily on the screen leaving no bubbles behind if done right from the first time.
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on January 8, 2015
Works great so far and it was very easy to apply without any bubbles or lint under the screen protector. Now of course this comes from someone who installed screen protectors as part of my job for years so there's always tips and tricks that they don't show or tell you on the instructions.

Some people complain that this doesn't go from edge to edge but that's a GOOD thing! It's not meant to be as the ones that do, will tend to always lift due to the cases that are out there lifting them up. I have this thing lined up perfectly and the case doesn't hit the edges at all.

Also the Note 4 has curved glass on the edges which will lend to the screen protector peeling off if it went from edge to edge so the design of this product was for a very specific purpose.

Now I do recommend another brand, which I won't list here since I'm not a supporter or anything, but sadly it's not available for the Note 4 yet so this one will do until they come out with it.
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on December 26, 2015
I purchased this the same day I purchased my new Note 5. I installed it the day it arrived and had it installed until December 5th. It was easy to install without any bubbles or fingerprints. It came with a couple tape strips to hold it steady as I lowered it onto the phone. With my previous Note 2, I had to install the tempered glass protector with my fingers which added fingerprints on the sides and was much more difficult to position properly. This protector was smooth and resisted my fingerprints for about 6 weeks. After that time, my fingerprints remained longer and became more difficult to remove. I don't know if there was a coating on it that eventually wore off or if I just wiped my fingerprints off with my t-shirt too many times (instead of the microfiber cloth). It did, however, do it's job well. I set it down on the back bumper of a Ford Explorer and somebody else closed the lift gate onto it. I heard the screen shatter and I couldn't imagine that my screen and phone were ok. The protector was completely shattered. I ran my finger across it and there were no sharp edges sticking out. I slowly peeled off this protector to view the damage underneath to find the screen itself was unharmed. I was shocked. Samsung phones have always had tough screens but I have to give some credit to this screen protector. I believe it took the grunt of the force and protected the phone underneath.

During the time I had it installed, I never had a problem with using my S-Pen or finger. Screen input was as sensitive with the protector on as it was before I installed it. I can recommend this screen protector. Just remember that Samsung likes to curve theirs screens at the edges so these tempered glass protectors don't go all the way to the edge. This one fit well enough that the space between the protector and my case was barely visible.
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