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Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch - Black (US Warranty)
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on April 11, 2014
Color Name: Black
This is coming from someone who has a Pebble, a Sony Smartwatch 2, and the Gear 1.

I compare the Gear Neo to the Pebble there
Out of those 3, the Gear 1 actually had the best build followed closely by the Smartwatch 2. The Pebble was the absolute worst because it looks and feels like a toy. However, I use the Pebble the most because it is the most convenient and works extremely well.

That was until this Neo became the One (get it?). The Neo is the best smartwatch currently out. At it's price its only slightly more than a Pebble and it's far more useful. First off, the Neo is plastic so it's lightweight and comfortable. It's a lovely matte plastic and it looks clean and streamlined. The screen is beautiful and it took a page out of the Pebble by shutting off the screen until you flick your wrist. The watch detects the movement and the screen lights up.

One thing that really bothered me about the Pebble was the display. I actually like the retro monochromatic screen but whenever I wore polarized sunglasses I couldn't read the screen. This means while I was driving, the Pebble essentially couldnt serve its purpose. The Sony SW2 was better, but the screen was hazy and no where near the level of the Gear 1 or Neo.

I know people had concerns that Samsung moved over to Tizen instead of Android for the Gear 2 but it's actually a benefit. I'm not sure if android is suited for wearables (Moto 360 and the LG Watch may prove otherwise) but there was some lag on the Gear 1 that is no longer there.

I particularly like being able to sync songs into the watch. When I work out or go for a run, I can have the watch and a bluetooth headset. No longer do I have to strap on my Note 3 to my arm. The fact that there's a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and music player all on the wrist is unbelievably convenient.

The Neo represents the best buy out of the entire line of gen 2 Gear watches. This is the same price as the Gear Fit so I don't know why anyone would choose that unless they prefer the design. I dont think the Gear 2 is worth an extra $100 over the Neo. It has full stainless body but the camera is pretty pointless and the novelty wears off quickly (Happened on the first gen Gear).

It's pretty amazing that the Neo can be priced at $199 and have so many features built in. I think it might need a software update to fix some minor hiccups and I'll revise my review when that happens.

So far battery life has been great. For having a bright screen, this lasts me 2-3 days. It would get more but I have notifications sets for facebook, texts, email and google hang outs.

I love that you can set specific apps that you want notifications from. For instance I get no Google+ notifications, but I get hangouts. The ability to filter what you receive is great.

One suggestion I would say if you are using this to control music in your car is to set the "double tap" option to control music. When the screen times out, you have to scroll to get back into the music app to change songs because the watch automatically goes back to the homescreen. It's dangerous to swipe constantly just to change songs.

By double pressing the center button, the app comes right up and I swipe to the song I want. Also, its easier to keep your eyes on the road when you push a physical button (one benefit of the pebble) rather than trying to find an icon out of 4 items on the screen.

Heart rate monitor also works better when you turn the watch to the inside of your wrist.
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on April 11, 2014
Color Name: Black
Not a bad watch - for the 7 months it worked. However, Samsung support gets 1 star for not standing behind their devices. I would have been considering a Gear S at this point, but the issue is with Samsung as a firm (honoring their obligations), not the hardware, so I will take a pass (read other reviews - my experience is not isolated). This device I had the day of release, but perhaps my next wearable will be Motorola.

Long story short: after much arguing with Samsung, they will not honor the warranty. They are calling the device out of warranty because there is a screen / glass issue. Nevermind that there are no cracks, scratches, or chips in the glass to suggest it was physically damaged - the glass is simply coming unglued from the LCD. What's more, the remaining major issues with the device they will not fix (Bluetooth doesn't work, it boots to an error screen, and it won't hold a charge - all of which happened at different times and are unrelated to the glass), unless I pay them $149 to fix the screen.

~ 3 months: Bluetooth starts getting flaky. Have to periodically disconnect it and reconnect it from my phone or reboot it for it to find it again.

~ 5 months: The glass starts to delaminate from the LCD with no clear damage or cause - it isn't chipped, cracked, or scratched. It began in one corner and started working its way around the edges.

~ 7 months: The Bluetooth dies completely and will not turn back on. When I'd try to turn it back on in settings, it would pop up a "Processing" message, then turn back off. So I factory reset the watch back to original settings. After factory reset, the watch booted to an "Unknown error" screen and would boot no further.

~ 8 months: Watch stops charging, so now I can't even boot it back to the "Unknown error" screen to show anybody. Fortunately I took a picture first.

~ 10 months: Finally get around to opening a ticket with Samsung and send the watch in for warranty service. After they get it, I get an email telling me the repair price has changed from $0 to $149, with no explanation. When I call in (since their website wasn't working), I'm told the "certified engineer" (which they had to repeat about 10 times, as if I care whether or not the person is certified) categorized the screen as physically damaged. In addition, they refuse to fix any of the other issues with the watch unless I also pay them to fix the screen.

UPDATE (older - before the BT died and glass began to separate):

Still reasonably happy with my Gear 2 Neo. However, given there are now non-proprietary smart watches available, if I were buying again, I'd give those some serious consideration. This does what I need, but some of the newer devices have a bit more maturity - better UI, more attractive, work with non-Samsung devices, etc... One of my coworkers just bought a Moto 360, it definitely is a more attractive device. Samsung also now has the Gear Live, which is not proprietary to Samsung phones. Given that, I have a hard time seeing a compelling case for the Gear 2 Neo at this time - even if you want a Samsung watch, check out the Gear Live first.

Some of the quirks I mentioned in my review below (which was written on release day) have been addressed. The pulse feature is somewhat improved - it doesn't constantly tell me to sit still. The "S Health" integration still has a couple issues, but is cleaner than it was. The bugs in "Fitness for Gear" have largely been addressed.

All that said... Given the other options, I think the Gear 2 Neo's days are numbered.


Just received my Gear 2 Neo in Mocha Grey, and wanted to jot down a few of my thoughts while they're fresh in my mind (these have been updated several times since with additional findings and to make things a bit more concise):

* Pairing it and connecting it to your Samsung phone is easy (just make sure to have the latest Gear Manager - especially w/ Note 3).
* Screen auto-lock feature is both convenient and secure (slide-to-unlock if your watch is near your phone - pattern unlock if it's not).
* Interface is easy to use.
* Can make it turn on automatically when you lift your wrist (at the expense of battery life).
* Time and weather on one's wrist.
* Find my phone feature rings your phone even if it is on vibrate.
* Bluetooth range is excellent.
* Voice memos make it easy to make yourself quick notes.
* S Voice dialing works well, even with some background noise (don't expect to text with it if there's background noise though).
* Sleep tracker estimates how restful your sleep is by how much you move at night.
* Fast and responsive - no stuttering or delays that I've observed.
* Band is replaceable with regular watch bands.
* Can store MP3's on the watch, and use it as an MP3 player when working out without having to bring your phone with.

* The "S Health" app on my Note 3 doesn't want to sync with the Gear 2, but the "Fitness for Gear" app that works with the Gear 2 doesn't have support for weight and calorie tracking like "S Health" did (nor does it appear to support 3rd party ANT+ devices like "S Health"). Stupid having to use both apps when they're both from Samsung.
* The "Fitness for Gear" app also is a bit buggy. Sometimes I open it and have data and it will sync, and sometimes I open it and it shows "no data" and won't sync. Has a few other display bugs too (like sometimes the history comes up in a giant font where half the data is off-screen and inaccessible). I assume this will be fixed soon (but if it doesn't get fixed I'm going to knock another star off).
* While the device is not as bulky as the original Galaxy Gear, it's certainly not small - especially if you have small wrists.
* Even though the device itself is not small, if you have large wrists the included band may be a bit snug.
* Heart rate is not taken periodically - only during exercise or on demand.
* Charging requires a proprietary cradle.
* It only works with Samsung phones, and long term I'm not sure how much 3rd party integration we'll see as a result.
* Application selection in their app store is quite limited.
* While the interface is easy to use, it is a bit bare bones in appearance.

A Bit of Both
* Battery life is mixed. With normal usage I get about two days. However, with heavier usage I get more like 36 hours.
* The pedometer is nice, but it tends to pick up other motions as steps (such as petting my cats). That said, if your gait is regular and you aren't doing other stuff w/ your hands, then it is seemingly accurate, so for exercise it is ok (just not as a daily total step counter - over the course of a day it seems to over-count by about 25% to 30%).
* Exercise tracker and pulse-based trainer is a good idea, but the pulse is inaccurate and finicky. For resting pulse I have to take it repeatedly while it tells me to be still and quiet. With exercise it obviously allows movement, but the accuracy is doubtful (told me I had a 58 pulse while taking a walk yesterday - I'm not in that type of shape). If I can't figure out a way to improve this, it will move to the con's list.
* Remote control feature is a neat idea, but it's inadequate for many setups (such as if you use a receiver or a Blu-ray player) - it only controls the TV and set-top box. It also lacks the complex navigation for the guide and DVR on the cable box. If you mostly watch TV though and don't use a receiver, then it might be a convenience for you. Would be better if they made it programmable.

The Gear 2 Neo is functional, but still just a bit large, limited, and rough around the edges. At present (4/11/14), this is likely the best smart watch available, but smart watch technology is still not quite fully mature - if you get one, consider yourself an early adopter. I can't give it 5 stars, but it is pretty consistent with what I was expecting, so I think the 4 stars are warranted. If they don't fix the "Fitness with Gear" bugs or I can't find a way to get a more reliable pulse out of it during exercise, then I may reduce my rating to 3 stars. Part of the reason I got the device was to have one device that did it all.

Also, if you are thinking about buying one, be aware that Android Wear gear from Motorola and LG is supposed to come out this summer. I can't speak to feature set of those devices yet (nor their battery life), but the pictures make them look a bit more polished than the Gear 2, and they will work with any Android phone with a new enough OS (rather than just Samsung's), so they'll probably get better 3rd party app support as well.

If you're determined to get a Gear 2 Neo or Gear 2 now though (which is not a bad thing - obviously I decided to get one myself)... The only significant difference that I'm aware of between the Gear 2 Neo and Gear 2 is that the Gear 2 has a camera while the Neo does not (I've heard others comment that the Gear 2 also has a stainless steel body while the Neo is plastic - I can confirm the latter, but haven't looked into the former). However, unless you see yourself taking pictures from your wrist often (it doesn't face the right direction for video chat), I'd recommend saving the $100 and getting the Gear 2 Neo (particularly when the technology is still in its infancy, since we're going to see much better devices come out over the next couple years).
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on April 28, 2014
Color Name: Black
Initially I liked the Gear2. I saw no point or use case for a camera on my wrist, so I opted for the neo.

It's lightweight and easy to use. The design is OK, but it would benefit from a little more investment in in materials, like a metal bezel, but the same thing can be said of the phones (boy, Samsung loves plastics!).

However, firstly, as other reviewers note, the the heart rate monitor is totally useless in any fitness application. You have to stand totally still and not even speak. Even then it gets a heart rate less than 50% of the time. This watch is NOT going to replace your running watch and and chest strap!

I would forgive that, although their marketing is totally mis-leading (showing photos of people in active sports!), however, today, on day 17, the home key button just fell off, all on its own.

The watch only has one button, at least it could stay on!

I'm now stuck with Samsung's appalling after care service. The service manager told me they needed at least 1-2 days to investigate it, I showed him the hole where the button used to be, and pointed out it didn't need much investigation! They said it would take a week, which is totally unacceptable. After a long discussion they admitted that have no spare parts or replacements yet. They have not been allocated any supply.

So Samsung is happy to sell you a watch, but not to repair or replace it.

After an hour on the phone to the 'customer service' manager (who's main training was finding 100 ways to say 'NO'), they have promised to replace the unit, as assign as soon as can locate a new one. I pointed out that every store is selling them, so it really can take long.

I Iike the core function of getting notifications on on my wrist, and the watch does a good job of the basics, but only lasting 17 days, that is is very poor. 2 stars maybe generous?!
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on November 15, 2014
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I chose this watch over the Gear 2 because I did not need a "spy camera." I have been very impressed with it since Day 1. It only takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge. I can make and receive calls on it, just as advertised. I can read short emails without having to pull out my phone. I can receive text messages and reply to them (through a customizable list of templates). This watch has also proven to be very durable. I wear it all of the time. It has been bumped against a few walls and rained on during morning runs. It has had no issues. I won't take showers with it, but it is water resistant. The watch is also very smart. It can monitor and compile sleeping patterns and workout histories. I connected my bluetooth headset to it to wirelessly listen to music. I even downloaded the Clocki watch face (see photo). Many people don't even notice that it is a smart watch until I receive a call or text message on it. This watch is great!
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on April 28, 2014
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I was torn between the three smart watch offerings from Samsung. I liked the refined look of the Gear 2 but I would never use the camera when my phone has a much better one. I liked the look of the Gear Fit but it didn't have enough of the functionality I wanted and the reviews are not so good. The Gear Neo fit my desires and the price was acceptable.

Things I like:
- The Built-In MP3 player. I hate wearing an arm-band at the gym. With the Neo and my BT headphones I have all I need.
- The email and txt notifications
- Using it to talk on the phone. It actually works quite well
- The pedometer and fitness tracking options
- The customizing options of the home screens
- The battery last about 3 days in normal use
- The sleep monitor

Things I don't like
- The charging cradle. It seems like there is enough real-estate to use a standard plug.
- Not being able to add manual entries to the fitness log (this is a general S-Health issue)
- The wristband is a little hard to snap close. It has a learning curve.
- The battery drains fast when you use BT music and record an exercise. It goes from full to about 60% with a 1.5 hour workout.
- The results of the sleep monitor. I need more sleep.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the purchase. I've only had it a week and I'm not sure I can part with it anymore. I recommend it.
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on September 16, 2014
Color Name: BlackVerified Purchase
The gear 2 neo has exceeded my expectations. It functions just as it should when it should. I've had for several weeks now and have experienced no problems. Interface is quick and responsive color clarity on screen is great. I love that I can change it at any time to match my outfit. This technology is in its infancy and will only get better. I'm very excited to see where this goes. I only wish there were more apps available for it but that will come in time. Battery life for me is about 3-4 days.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on September 25, 2014
Color Name: Gray
I typically disregard ratings that give products 1 star. I figure the individual posting the rating is letting his/her animosity get in the way of actually reviewing the product. With that in mind, I'm giving this 1 star... and for full disclosure, I have a lot of animosity towards Samsung right now. Feel free to skip this review.

The watch is cool. It really is convenient to see text messages, emails and incoming calls on your wrist rather than taking your phone out of your pocket/purse. Being able to store music on the watch means you can leave your phone at home while you go for a jog - this was awesome - especially when I paired my watch to my wireless headphones... My hands were totally free to wipe the sweat from my face.

All was going great - I was planning on giving it a 5 star rating a month after I got it, but I forgot... Good thing. About a month and a half after I purchased it the watch began acting weird
- it would shut down and restart for hours at a time
- the battery life would go from 100 to 50% in 2 hours (keep in mind I typically got 3 or 4 days out of one full charge)
- the watch would flicker when I woke it up
I was told all these problems were a result of the system updating itself. In the beginning, there were updates to the watch and the app almost weekly so I thought that was plausible. Usually the watch would act weird for a day or two and then snap back to normal.

Then, exactly 102 days after I purchased the watch it stopped holding a charge - permanently. There wasn't another update I had to do or any firmware I had to install, it just wouldn't hold a charge. It went from 100% to 0 in less than 2 hours. So I called Samsung, who provides a 1 year warranty, and they said to send it back to them and they'll take care of it. Which I did.

Fast forward a week later and I get my watch back in the mail from Samsung. They provided me with a letter stating that I had voided my 1 year warranty because they noticed corrosion on the motherboard when they took it apart. Now, if I was dipping my watch in sulfuric acid or playing tag with the Toxic Avenger I might be able to understand how it was MY fault there was corrosion present - but I wasn't. I kept to the rules - never exposed my watch to anything more than a morning shower.

Obviously I called Samsung's customer service, tech support and even social media reps. All to no avail. Their warranty says that it does not cover liquid or corrosion damage - which is a total BS way of getting out of it. I found that I was not the only one to have this issue, many other reviews detail the exact same issue I had and they were met with the exact same results I experienced. That type of customer service and product backing is ridiculous, especially when competition is so tight.

For the record, I have a Galaxy Note 3. I'll be receiving my Phone 6 Plus October 4th. I was an Apple hater, still kind of am... I resent myself a bit for moving to the dark side but I was 'force'd. Lame. I'll give the Apple iWatch a try.
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on May 29, 2014
Color Name: Black
+ Beautiful screen, sharp, wide-angle. The watch looks sleek and stylish, but not screaming out loud - exactly the seriousness level you'd like to have.
+ Feels very comfortable on the hand, Samsung got the band right.
+ Can make and receive calls, crazy stuff! I'm talking to my hand and it works like charm. The other side can't tell whether I'm using the watch or the phone.
+ Absolutely seamless connection to the phone - quick set up once and forget. The phone can still connect to other bluetooth peripherals at the same time! For example to the car stereo or to a handset. Works flawlessly
+ IR remote control - fantastic feature, didn't think I would use it as much as I do. Controlling my Sharp tv from the wrist. Mindblowing.
+ Instant and flawless speech-to-text for jotting down notes, reminders or replies to text messages
+ Battery lasts at least 48 hours, so can charge every other night.
+ Charges from 5% to 100% in a bit more than 2 hours
+ Great response to "what's the time" gestures - 95% of the time when I want to see the time, I see it. Would like to see the watch lighting up a bit quicker (it takes some 0.5 sec), but absolutely bareble.
+ Lots of little cool things like two-fingers double-tap to control the volume/brightness, superb swiping, very easy and smooth navigation, etc, everything feels super high-end.
+ 3rd day, still coming up with excuses to look at it and play with the screen.
+ Tons of apps on Samsung Market

Cons (and I'm reeeally stretching it here, was very hard to come up with these):
- Screen doesn't automatically adjust to ambient light
- Does't leverage Google Now at all (no smart reminders based on your location /time of day /watched products/etc)
- Can't respond to messages other from SMS or email. (Would like to see support for whatsapp, hangout) - also probably will come later
- The bezel could have been narrower (a watch doesn't need a bezel, unlike a phone which is held in a hand)
- Charging not via micro-USB port, but a special cradle. Probably to make it water-proof, and you'll never have to charge it during the day, so I'm ok with it.
- People ask "why are you staring at your watch?"
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on July 9, 2014
Color Name: Black
This was a gift for my husband's birthday. The day before I gave it to him I sneaked his phone into the bathroom in the middle of the night to download the app and sync everything up. He is Puerto Rican so I was even able to install the Puerto Rican flag as the clock-face wallpaper and he loved it to death.

The directions say NOT to put any type of screen protection on it since it could interfere with the functionality of the touch screen, but my husband managed to get a scratch on it the very first day of wear, so be careful! I have since purchased a screen protector for it anyway that will be delivered next week. It's just too delicate to leave exposed. (UPDATE: I purchased the Skinomi® TechSkin - Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Screen Protector + Brushed Steel Full Body Skin Protector / Front & Back Premium HD Clear Film / Ultra High Definition Invisible and Anti-Bubble Crystal Shield with Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty - Retai... and it works like a charm! It doesn't interfere with the functionality at all. The protection seems very tough and even the little scratch is now invisible. I highly recommend it!)

The watch is fabulous. He was so tickled to be able to take calls and to respond to text messages via voice (there is no keypad of course, the keys would be microscopic!). You can respond to text messages either through S-Voice, emoticons or a set of phrases already installed. My husband works in a restaurant and since he does not allow his employees to use their phone in view of the public, he must follow suit. Now when I text him he can at least see that I'm calling without pulling out his phone (my ulterior motive for getting this for him, of course!). Many of the employees had never seen or heard of such a watch, and some did not believe that you could actually talk on it like a telephone. This is like when jump drives came out; none of my friends believed it could replace a floppy disk! The watch face stays dark unless you turn your wrist in a certain way -- the watch tries to determine when you are trying to look at it. So it will come on at the turn of a wrist even if you are not looking at it, which does draw attention.

You cannot move photos from the phone to your watch's gallery; it has to be done through USB port from a computer. This stinks -- if you can move music from the phone to the watch then why not pics? I love the watch -- not enough to get one for myself because it looks too masculine, but it sure looks great on my husband!
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on December 17, 2014
Color Name: Black
I'll explain why I got the watch and then tell you the pros and cons. My phone is always making noises (alerting me to appointments, text messages, phone calls, emails, etc.) and I would pull it out about 100 times a day. I thought if nothing else this watch would keep me from having to do that and it has. I'm using the watch with a Samsung Note 4.

Pros -
1. Great that it alerts you to items on your phone (however doesn't always work).
2. I've been driving and told it to call someone and had the conversation talking to the watch (I'm sure I looked crazy).
3. I've loaded music on it and the speaker actually sounds pretty good, although they recommend using Bluetooth headphones.
4. There are apps you can download but to be honest it is pretty lacking.
5.The display is nice and in color (although all the icons make you think there isn't any color since they are all white.
6. It's pretty useful being able to look at the watch and know the date, time, temperature, etc.
7. The music player will work on its on, so you can load music and go for a run without your phone.
8. Has security you can turn on so if your watch loses connection with your phone, it will lock the watch.
9. It has a phone app you can download to control most of the settings on the watch.
10. My phone is synced with Exchange so I get my calendar/contacts on my phone and now also on my watch.
11. Pretty easy to use. Swipe left and right to see your apps and swipe down to go back a screen.
12. Good battery. I use it all day and can still go 2 days without charging.

Cons -
1. Most of the notices don't work all the time.
2. No way in the system to know how much of the 4 GB of memory you've used. You can plug it into your computer to find out though.
3. The heart rate thing is worthless. I've been running with it and it requires you to hold still and not talk. When it does actually work, it takes a long time to scan.
4. If you have your email through work using Exchange, you won't be able to read your emails on the watch. It just alerts you that you have an email but you can at least see who the email is from.
5. The Samsung app store kind of sucks. I've paid for several apps for the watch that just didn't work and they don't have the refund option the Google store has.
6. Samsung support isn't very good. I contacted them to ask how to find out memory usage after I moved songs to the watch. They told me you can't move songs to the watch. I said yes you can I've done it. And then they had me tell them how to do it.
7. The watch seems a little thick to me and definitely lets everyone know you're a nerd.
8. I really dislike the plastic band but they did make it easy to switch bands.

So the sum it up, I'm not sorry I purchased it. However, it doesn't seem quit ready for release. Hopefully an update will fix some bugs and give more options. Also needs developers to make some apps. I would rate it a 4 if it at least gave me all the notices but it misses about 1 out of 10.
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