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5.0 out of 5 stars Its not a smartphone but it is a good phone
I just became a T-Mobile customer. The first phone i had was the Samsung Gravity 3 but traded it in for this phone, before the 14 days. I like this phone alot but i do agree that the touch screen is too touch sensitive (is that right?), but i have gotten use to it and figured how to get past everything. Some of the bad reviews on here are awful, you cannot compare this...
Published on September 29, 2010 by T. Hudson

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great Phone
I got the phone yesterday. At first I was unsure how I felt about this phone. On the one hand it looks great, but I having trouble deciding if I really liked it. After a full 24 hours with the phone I love it. It takes some time to get used to all the different functions, but what new phone doesn't have a learning curve? The curve was easy and within a few short hours I...
Published on June 25, 2010 by Scott Shepard

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3.0 out of 5 stars Save up money--buy yourself a smart phone, September 17, 2010
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
I've had this phone for 2 months. This phone is a low-budget smart phone.

a. Ability to check Facebook, Google Maps, and Gmail account.The internet is slow, and often it times out, so I have to try multiple times. The small amount of apps take a long time to load, too.

b. The touch sensitivity is frustrating. Sometimes, when I try to scroll, it clicks on a selection. When I try to click on a selection, it scrolls. You can use the side volume buttons to move through the menu without having to use your finger or up and down arrows.

You can't upload pictures directly from the phone to Facebook. And when updating my status, there is no spell check.

I tend to use a pen or I make quick, short taps with the end of my fingernail so my taps are more precise.

c. When I take or receive a picture, I can't immediately add it to a contact. The pic has to be saved and uploaded to a contact.

d. The internet is primitive. Some bank websites don't allow online banking.

e. You cannot see the screen in direct sunlight. Even using your hand to shade the screen does not help.

f. The keyboard is fine. Sometimes I think it's too big because I have to reach across for a key in the corners, but it is roomy. I wish the buttons were more elevated or had some texture so it would make texting easier.

g. In Facebook, you can hold down your finger to zoom up or down, but this is an awkward feature as well. Sometimes I mean to zoom in, and it zooms out. Sometimes I try to zoom out and it zooms in.

h. There is no external indicator light that shows if the phone is done charging. Also, my phone becomes warm as it charges. I have not had any problems, though it could be a hazard if it overheats.

i. The calendar, calculator, a music player, and camera work well enough for my minimal needs.

j. And, emails. I don't get an email notification immediately after receiving an email. I have to manually retrieve email, and often the network times out. Also, I may receive a notification 30 minutes after an email was sent.

k. There are no games on the phone.

Overall, I enjoy this phone. I think it's aesthetically pleasing, like the full keyboard and touch options, and like checking Facebook and Gmail. For my minimal needs, this phone works great, though in the future I plan on upgrading to a smart phone. I can see this phone working well for a teen.
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5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE this phone, July 24, 2010
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
My father upgraded our T mobile plans and brought home these phones. I was a bit nervous due to my DYSLEXIA, to see if I could USE the phone. After switching out the SIM chip and a half hour, I was in LOVE! Easy to set up and use. Within a half hour I had facebook set up, E mail, and mobile banking up and running. All I can say is WOW! I have tried out a few similar phones thru a friend or two, but this one is much easier. The camera is very clear as well.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Great EXTREMELY DURABLE phone with a few glitches and LIMITED MEMORY, December 13, 2013
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
Now I've seen a lot of BAD reviews on this phone and although I agree with most of the things people dislike about this phone, if one just took the time, you could find a way around most of those "problems". I will list the GOOD and BAD on this phone:

1. This phone is DURABLE. I have had this phone for almost 4 years. I've sat on it, my son had jumped on it, I've dropped it a million and one times from my ear and above my head, 5 ft plus in the air, dropped it down a flight of stairs, onto hard tile floors, thrown it across the room, my son has spilled soda on it, it got rained on while inside my back pocket, you name it, it's been through it. And it still works. The screen is so scratched and yet the screen works and responds without any problems I have had with ALL of my Androids and I-phones. One scratch on those and the phone is useless. Drop an I-phone from 12 inches from the floor and it cracks all over. Even if an I-phone doesn't get cracked, it won't last a year.
This is one DURABLE phone and I got it for FREE when I signed my contract. How ironic huh? Spend a buttload of money for a not-so-smart smartphone and it lasts less than a week. Get a phone for free and it lasts forever...

2. It has a pretty decent camera.
3. The speaker is clear.

4. You can set 10 alarms on the phone and they are VERY customizable. Unlike other phones that only let you set 1 or 3 alarms and only let you set for every weekday or every weekend, with this phone I can set a 5:30 am alarm for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a 7 am alarm for Tuesday and Thursday, a 10 am alarm for Saturday and Sunday, an 11 am alarm for Tuesday and Wednesday, a 4 pm alarm for Monday through Friday and a 6 pm alarm for just one time on Sunday. Unlike other phones which give you a limited selection of alarm tones, I had my sister text me some song clips I liked, or I recorded and saved a soundbyte I liked, or I downloaded and saved a ringtone I liked and I can use any of those for an alarm (or a ringtone or a text-tone). Some people might find that I like this stupid, but I find it highly irritating that on other phones will not let me customize my alarms and ringtones like this, at least not without dishing out extra $$$.

5. Good battery life. When I got this phone new, I would charge it an hour and it would last 3-5 days. Now I have had this phone for almost 4 years and now the battery is barely starting to give a problem. I have to charge it everyday. When I had my I-phone I had to charge it an hour everyday to every other day when it was new and within 3 months I was having to charged it up to 3 times a day.

6. Many of the things people are complaining about about the the screen sensitivity and unlocking and making calls and using speakerphones and touchpad, etc., are merely items most of which require editing preferences or settings. You can turn the auto-lock function off or edit it to unlock a different way. I used to have to go through a series of motions to make a call. I edited my settings and because I don't want to accidentally make a call or send a text I still have auto-lock on but all I have to do is slide the keypad, tell the phone "call so-and-so" and push the speakerphone button. It takes less than ten seconds, but I guess some people are just lazy and impatient. Until just recently I never had a problem with the touch screen or scrolling, but I have severely scratched the screen and although it works just fine most of the time, it sometimes can be a bit temperamental. Now I just scroll down quickly using the down volume button and use my finger on the touchscreen to stop the page from moving and select. This phone, just like another other phone (or computer, tablet, i-pad, etc.) does take some getting used to and effort in finding out how it works. It has a nice smart unlock screen that can get you to contacts, messaging, browser, voicemail or main screen quickly and effortlessly. If the screen gets all messed up and doesn't respond so well to touch anymore, you can still use the sliding keyboard to navigate all through the phone. This is something that I could not do with my I-phone.

I like this phone for durability, reliability and "customizability" of the alarms, sound profiles and ringtones along with other aspects of the phone, great speaker performance and decent camera and separate qwerty keypad . I have owned many phones but none have stood up to the abuse that this phone has been through and lived to tell about it. Now I will go into what I dislike about this phone.


1. This phone's memory SUCKS. This is the biggest advantage my I-phone had over this phone. Yes, there are many pre-installed useless apps on this phone that you cannot delete. You are stuck with them and they will use up precious disk space that I'm sure you would rather use for something else. If you take a lot of pictures, videos, music on your phone, you will find yourself constantly deleted messages and or deleting or transferring you media to your computer, etc. This is my only real problem with this phone. If it weren't for this one crucial aspect, I really would not have a complaint and I would be giving it 4 or maybe even 5 stars.

2. This phone does not have good internet capabilities. Again this is NOT a smartphone and I knew that when I chose this phone when signing up for my plan. It costs extra to add the internet and that would just be a waste of money because it loads so slow and does not have the internet functionality of an android or I-phone. Although I would like the ability to check emails, etc. from my phone, I don't do it that often and don't really need it, so this is not really an issue for me.

3. Screen and touch pad glitches. The touch screen CAN be a bit temperamental and had very low visibility when out in the sunlight. This phone's screen does get little getting used to just like any other phone. It DOES have a habit or scrolling too quickly and scrolling right over what you are trying to click. It also may click on something that you are trying to scroll over. It also sometimes has a brain-fart or something and takes a few seconds to respond to whatever it is that you are trying to get it to do. So yes, that can be quite annoying but again I've had this same problem with all my phones including my "not-so-smart" phones. I've never had too much problem with the touch screen as some other people apparently, until just recently but that is do to years of dropping and scratching up the screen. I don't have problem with adapting to how my phone functions, but some people really want their phones to adapt to them. But then again, this is NOT a smart-phone.

I gave this phone 3 stars because while there is very limited memory and internet and some issues with the screen, it still is EXTREMELY DURABLE and has lasted me a long time and after all I (and my son) have put it through for 4 years, it still works great! If you need durability and dependability for a low price (or even free) this is a good choice if you don't mind sacrificing media memory. If you NEED internet and lots of memory for pics and vids and songs and email and online shopping, etc., get a smartphone but put insurance on it because you'll be needing it the first time you drop it sitting at a table or desk onto a the desk/table/carpet.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Phone Issues / Problems, September 28, 2013
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
Okay here you go: The most detailed critical review of the Samsung Gravity T t669 phone on the internet. I will write it with bullet points so you don't feel as if you're reading a book, but secretly you will indeed get a short book.

-Since a lot of the menus and buttons to use this phone are on the touch screen the whole touch screen goes bananas if I spill one tiny droplet of water on it. I mean, sink spray, rain, pocket sweat, you name it. You now can no longer unlock the phone from the screen, hitting any button has no response or it does a different function completely (ex: sliding the screen)

-If the text message inbox fills up then this phone tells me this - as in it wants me to delete some a.s.a.p. - before I continue doing anything. So it pops up an alert letting me know. If I ignore it then it pops up again and again every minute. So when I'm trying to delete said messages it reminds me again in the middle of choosing which messages to keep or delete, interrupting me and not only making me check a box next to a message I wanted to keep, but also clearing my checked boxes up to that point.

-The touch screen is the most unreliable part of this touch screen phone. It doesn't respond like an iPhone, or barely responds correctly at all. *Unlock *Unlock, "Oh! That's right! I gotta get the right angle and hold it!" *Unlock. "Oops! I lost it!" *Unlock *Unlock *Unlock *Open. Finally.

-When I want to hit the button to check my text messages the "web" button gets in the way. Which is annoying not only to people without an internet plan, but people who WANT TO CHECK THEIR MESSAGES!

-This phone doesn't have a very good camera, it's only 2 megapixels and it can't even zoom in if I'm on the "best" quality.

-Deleting pictures is annoying as ever if I try to delete one by one. I hit the picture itself to get the options bar, and for some reason it goes away. Hit for the bar, goes away, bar, *stays* scroll to the delete option and again it goes away. I repeat this process over and over and finally I kill myself- I mean I get lucky enough that it is locked on screen because of the "sure you want to delete?" notification popping up.

-The creators made the photos slide on their own for some reason - on their own. As in, "Oh this is a nice photo!" then it slides over five photos showing possibly private or bad pics. So it's like really? Who put that feature in and why? Why did they make it so I can't turn it off? It's annoying, even trying to send or delete one and it slides away and goes and goes until I'm 100 pics away and have to back all the way out restarting at the menu.

-In the pictures' menu option there is a button called "Send to My Album" which gets in the way all the time, since some designer put it at the top. This then sends a photo I didn't intend to be sent to some online album that I never signed up for or am ever going to use.

-The rubber case I can buy to "protect" this phone comes in two pieces but I only use the back part instead of both sides. Mostly because with the top half on, the top row of keys are covered so I can't text. Grrrrreat design -phone and cover. Also said top part doesn't even have a screen cover (scratches) making the whole thing just for drop damage I guess.

-Also another bad thing on the rubber case is that the little tabs that keep it snapped to your phone wear out letting in dirt, making it fall off all the time.

-The menus aren't big enough to be able to control; the "floating" buttons/apps on screen don't stay where I want them and are hard to place and move them anyways.

-After powering it up and finally showing the regular home screen I shouldn't have to then wait even longer to look at MY messages. They're already on my phone, I've seen them before. It shouldn't have to connect to the service to show me things that should be there right then.

- Another annoyance, as usual, it forbids me to delete the pre-stored ringtones, wallpapers, and games/apps that have either are dumb that will never be used, or are just trials that want to pay for them. It would save a lot of space getting rid of this garbage.

-Speaking of hitting things many times before getting a good response, I have to use the exact pressure, have the exact angle and hit the screen at the exact place 100 times before the alert "picture delivered" goes away. This by far is one of the most annoying problems.

-In the calls menu when I choose to delete all phone calls but one (an important one or two) it always deletes just that one and leaves the rest. This is usually the point where I punt my phone off of a highway overpass.

-When trying to send a message to ten people (the max amount) it forgets its own count, and stops check marking before I reach 10 recipients and telling me that it cannot add anymore. Then back and the ready to send menu it gets confused and has some of the names I chose twice and some not even there.

Now in its old age, either 2 or 3 years old, it wasn't turning off after locking - wasting battery. Then recently it locks and unlocks repeatedly, making me have to rip out the battery to reset it to even use it. It doesn't help that the unlock button no longer works, as well as a number of letter keys. It also likes to jump to random places in a text message and continue my message typing into other words and sentences. And with space, and backspace being among the keys that don't work, it begs me to end its life by sledgehammer.

If you like frosted flakes, noticed the Anchorman reference, hate this phone, are looking to buy a new phone, liked that I compiled this information over years to then post it to many sites about an old phone that no one cares about anyway, then thumb this up to help others.

Thank you very much


P.S. Samsung, do me a favor, read this, and then don't repeat your mistakes.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't buy it, July 5, 2011
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
On paper, this phone looks good. Consumer reports ranked it as #1 in its category. I deeply regret having bought it. It died after 3 months, and I have to pay T-Mobile $20 for processing the warranty. Even before it died, it performed very poorly. The downloading of mail is excruciatingly slow. Very few applications are available. The worst aspect is the poor response of the touch screen (as compared with the iPhone or iPod, for example). It is difficult to move between the three available screens, and attempts to do so often result in activating a function I didn't want to activate. Until I receive the replacement, I am using my old RAZR, which is a pleasure in comparison despite the limited functionality.
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4.0 out of 5 stars it pretty good, July 4, 2011
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
i luv this phone but it is very slow and it runs out of battery very quickly so now i charge it for 3 hrs and it lasts about 2-3 weeks. i just really wish it were faster and not how slow it is now
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3.0 out of 5 stars This is a great phone!, June 25, 2011
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
At first, I got his phone and was unsure if I liked it... It was kind of tricky to get a hang of, but the manual was very helpful. After about a half an hour of the trial and error process I had the hang of it!It is a really nice phone, I've had this phone for 1 day! And I have sent and received over 200 texts. Other things I don't like is, when you call, this phone automatically locks... and I don't have the choice to put it on speaker or do anything, and its kind of a tricky process to get it unlocked. I also don't like the memory, I took five 2-minute videos and the memory was full. Otherwise, the camera is really nice, and takes nice pictures. Also, DO NOT get this phone if you are REALLY picky, because there are a few annoying things. This phone is not for everyone, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, touch-screen phone. It truly is a nice phone! :)
1 year later-
I wrote a review on this phone a day after I got it, and I didn't know much about it. Now I have much more to point out about this phone, I am even changing my rating from 5 stars to three... Let's start? Haha.
SCREEN- The touchscreen gets very un-responsive after a year, sometimes I will have to restart the phone because the screen won't pick up me touching it. It does get kind of annoying, but I can live with it. (I have been using this phone the whole time for a year!)
KEYBOARD- The keyboard is pretty annoying, I have to say right off the bat. The keys are almost flat, and after a while some of the keys on the keyboard stopped working so I have to use the on-screen keyboard (which I hate)
CALLS- The calling on this phone is pretty nice, it will lose connection without signal, which happens with most phones. Well one thing that I didn't like was that the screen when you're calling automatically locks, which means no acces to speaker, hold, mute, bluetooth, checking your inbox, composing a message, and more. Eventually after looking through the settings for awhile I found out how to unlock the screen permanently.
WEB- I don't use the web much on this phone, all I know is that it can be VERY slow.
OVERALL- Overall, this is a really great phone. If you are one of those people who wants a very advanced phone, that's great on the web, and you can get apps. Get a smart phone!! Those are really nice. So I would probably recommend this to someone who wants a simple phone. Thanks for reading!

Any other questions? Just comment!
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1.0 out of 5 stars Phone Sux, June 9, 2011
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
This phone is terrible in every sense of the word! Internet Sux, Sound quality Sux, Touch screen Sux, Everything SUX!!!! I had this phone for about 2 months before trading it in... can't believe they even manufacture phones like this, Samsung ought to be ashamed to claim this garbage on their product line... Makes me never want another Samsung product! I told the guy at the T-Mobile store (they had a gravity T on the shelf) how much this phone sucked and he even agreed lol
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Phone, January 24, 2011
Daniel N. (Summerlin, NV USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
I previously had a basic flip phone and was looking for a new phone that was more 'modern'. I did not want a so-called smart phone (high end) because I did not want the $30/month add on data charge and frankly, when I need the internet I have a nice 20 inch screen on my pc. This is the best phone you can get, just short of the pricey smart phones, and it won't cost you the extra data fee every month. I'll call it an "almost smart phone", because it has a lot of the technology of a smart phone with its nice touch screen GUI and full use keyboard. There is also a new color (ebony with red) in the Tmobile stores and elsewhere that is hot. If you are looking for the latest wiz bang high end smartphone to spend all your life on it texting and facebooking, stop now, this isn't it, go get an iphone and whine about its poor reception and dropped calls. Now then...if you get this phone, take the time to get to know it, and it will take time, but it will be worth it! Use the available resources from Tmobile online and also from Samsung whose site is great and has lot of FAQ's by owners, as well as an online chat to answer questions. Helpful hint for using the touch screen: to scroll pages you have to press the screen AND HOLD your finger on it when you scroll up/down. It is not too unlike the browser on your pc where to scroll a page you have to hold the mouse down. If you swipe it or flick the gravity t screen quickly with your finger, the page will wiz by real fast or open the app you happened to touch! As with the previous Samsung's I have had, this is rock solid, great reception, sound etc. Shop around and you can get a good deal. Stop and smell the roses, don't spend your precious moments all day on a high end smart phone, get this one instead. By the way, this phone has one of THE best SAR (cell phone radiation ratings)! Go to to see SAR ratings for all phones. Some of those DROID phones are the worse, up to 5 times more radiation than this phone...buyer beware!
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5.0 out of 5 stars It's worth a shot!, January 7, 2011
This review is from: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile) (Wireless Phone)
Coming from the orginal Gravity, this was a bit of a change. It took me a week/couple weeks (maybe more to the less tech savvy people) to get the hang of things such as: new functions, settings, and all jazz. Probably the biggest factor is it's my very first touch screen phone. The screen is a bit sensitve to touch so you may encounter run ins to random apps and such when using but I think with a bit more practice, you'll encounter less of that. I suggest giving it a firmer press instead of a light tap or use the edge of your finger nail because that seems to work better when scrolling. For the QWERTY keyboard, the buttons are quite flat which I don't like but I do like that the letters have a good amount of spacing, not close together. As for apps/games, you got the basics for apps and there aren't any full version games, only demos. Also, I noticed this phone does not have a block list like the original gravity which I will miss dearly because now when I have calls from unwanted numbers, I just have to deal with it. Overall, a great phone, just needs some getting use to. I think this phone would be perfect for someone who isn't fully ready to move on from a regular QWERTY/basic phone to a full on touch because this phone gives you the option to still have both.
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Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile)
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