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on April 25, 2012
I purchased this camcorder to upgrade my old standard def mini DV camcorder. Picture quality is decent and the 52x optical zoom is very nice. I returned this camcorder because the autofocus was just too indecisive when videotaping my sons flag football games. It was constantly refocusing and this is worse when zooming. Color reproduction is below average and it really struggles to deal with all shades of red. I ended up buying the Samsung H300 which you can find for about $50 more. It can shoot in 1080i, 720p or even standard definition and is better in every way.
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on May 30, 2012
This is LR, the bunny who lives beside my driveway. This was WITHOUT anti-shake enabled (OBviously!), which I have since enabled and it is PRETTY darn good. As soon as LR reappears and I have camera in hand I will take another clip WITH anti-shake and post it for comparison.

Overall, this is a pretty good value. Its performance is better than expected, FAR better than the samsung Dual View camera I had that almost turned me against Samsung. The size is nice, it has a decent pic as long as its bright enough, and the anti-shake and a few other "me too" features on this cam are much better than comparable features I have used on competitors equipment.

I take a lot of still pics, and for that reason really was looking for a camera that also took at least 720p (actually PREFERABLY 720p) video as well, but every one I tried had timer limits on how long they could record video. I want to be able to film until the card fills up or the battery dies (which, incidentally, seems also better than I expected). This does the job.

You cant expect miracles for $200, but its better than anything else I have seen in this price range. If you arent ready to drop $400 on a Canon, then this is probably the best next step down for the money. Four stars. Faith in Samsung renewed!
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on April 26, 2012
My local wall-mart was selling this at a deal of $150.00, just a little below standard price. It seemed like a decent deal, and I was in desperate need for a good camcorder.

The zoom is excellent, however it does take a few moments to focus. The focus quality lags a bit, but once steadied the image is crystal. I haven't had any problems with the color red. The still photos are better then my digital camera.

I haven't had the opportunity to test it out on my Television yet, but I plan to.

One of the things I did dislike while purchasing this camera, is it didn't tell you what format it recorded in. I searched the entire how to do manual before purchasing. In case you were wondering, it records in MP4, which is perfect for the project I'm working on.

Overall great quality. It's very light. It can zoom very well (oh optical zoom, how I love your clarity). It records on SD (make sure you get class ten for best quality). The controls are also very simple.

This camcorder does not have any light, so no midnight adventures for me, and no it cannot record in the dark.

Other qualities:
built in shutter
plays background music
easy to use
Plugs directly into TV
Smart Auto feature
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on August 9, 2012
I didn't purchase this camera for any particular purpose. I just wanted something decent that I could use to capture life's random moments. After over a month of use, here are my pros and cons:


- The camera is simple to set up and use. I was recording video within 5 minutes of opening the box.

- It is super compact and looks nice.

- Price is great.


- Video quality is decent, but is no better (and probably worse) than most modern smart phone cameras. If you are looking for really great video, this camera isn't for you. Also, the still picture feature is worthless.

- The auto focus feature is annoying. It takes a few seconds for the focus to adjust any time you move the camera, so unless you are recording one thing sitting still, the picture is constantly going from blurry to focused.

- The 52x optical zoom sounds cool, but the camera needs to be perfectly still to fully utilize it. If you are holding the camera, zooming any more than halfway makes the picture shake so much that the video is unwatchable. You definitely need to have the camera on a tripod or some sort of stationary surface if you want to use full zoom. Supposedly, the camera has an anti-shake feature, but I notice no difference with anti-shake turned on.

- The battery life is terrible. I can only get about 30-45 minutes of recording in before the battery dies.


If the auto focus feature was smoother, the anti-shake feature actually worked, and the battery life was better, this would be a 4-5 star camera. As it stands, however, I am disappointed with my purchase. I hate the saying "You get what you pay for", but in this case, its true. Its a cheap camera that operates like a cheap camera. I would recommend buying something else.
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on December 26, 2012
I was mostly okay with this camcorder until I tried working with my videos.

If you record anything longer than 20 minutes the video is broken into 20 minute (maximum) sections, with gaps between the content. If you use editing software to put the items together there is definitely a gap in information between writing the first file and starting the second. The camcorder should either do this in a "gapless" fashion -- as it is saving the first file start the second one; or not break the videos into smaller pieces (I am recording rehearsals of a 1 1/2 hour play, and having gaps in the dialog and action is not good).

I do not recommend this camera. In addition, Samsung's tech support is not very good on this issue.

In addition, when I requested from Samsung the option for a refund, I was told that since the product is "working as designed", I could not get a refund on this device. I will never purchase an item from Samsung again.
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on March 11, 2013
I purchased this camcorder based on the very positive reviews. Functionally I like the camcorder very much, but technically I was disappointed.

I've worked with dozens of different video formats over the years and expected a basic camcorder to utilize a basic output file. But the MP4 video produced by this camcorder is actually based on a proprietary codec. Several of my analysis tools indicated it was H.264 in an MP4 container, others said it was a Sony codec similar to those used on Apple products. It's essentially a mobile phone codec being used on a camcorder.

Bottom line: I have codecs of all types installed and can view and edit video from just about any source using several different apps (Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, others) and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

But I couldn't open the Samsung MP4 video files on my WinXP systems. I'm told that Win7 can handle the format natively, but I've not confirmed this.

The IntelliStudio app that came with the camcorder could open the files, as could the camcorder of course, and convert them to other formats. But the converted video would stutter and fail and lost substantial quality in the process.

Others report no problems using the VLC media player, but playback for me was terrible - stuttering, halting, lots of noise and artifacts.

I finally tried AnyVideoConverter, an open source bulk conversion app that, after installing FFDShow and other codec packs, finally accepted the Samsung video and output standard AVI files that I can view and edit.

The bulk conversion feature is critical since each press of the "pause" button while recording closes the current video file. So taping a sports event will often result in dozens of short videos and they all need to be converted to a format that Pinnacle Studio can handle for editing.

So I found a solution that worked by dumping the data files to PC then bulk converting them overnight (it takes a while...) to an editable format.

I'm happy overall, but very disappointed that Samsung used a poorly supported proprietary format for the video. If I wasn't comfortable with video playback issues and understood codecs I would be at a loss as to how I could edit the video from the camcorder on my PC.
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on July 2, 2012
OK, the software, Intellistudio is actually very good and easy to use, allows conversion of video to iPod and iTouch and smaller sized and or resolution Windows media. Has easy editing.

Now the camera. What can I say, good HD video, not the best but for the money can't be beat. The battery lasted 1 hour and 24 mins, the 52x optical zoom is amazing.

This is my second video cam and I feel it is a good deal. The sound is good also.

This link was recorded with it: Hot humid hazy 90 degree day in FL.
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on June 3, 2012
This is a great camcorder. You can carry it around anywhere and shoot stills or videos fast then watch them on a monitor or you tv. You will need a tripod for the zoom as the least trimble will shake the screen.
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on November 5, 2012
I bought this camera to replace an old JVC Everio GZMG330 that I'd been using since 2009. That camera was SD and had crappy battery life.
This one is HD and works MUCH better for less money. If you need fancy features this isn't for you, but it works fine for me and is Mac compatible
on iMovie '09.
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on July 18, 2012
I don't know, maybe it's the price point, but I was shocked at how bad the sound was. It was distant and muffled. You could hardly hear the person in front of the camera, and it sounded like you were listening to a stereo with just the sub-woofer on when the person taking the video talked.

I called Samsung to see if there was some sound setting and was very disappointed by their service. The guy I talked to asked me to take the SD card out and do a recording with the internal memory. This camcorder has no internal memory and won't record without a card. As we were working on it (20+ minutes into the call), I asked him where the mic was located -- he told me (by telling me what page it was on the ONLINE manual), then asked, "is there anything else I can help you with?" Um, yeah, the sound quality issue that we haven't resolved? That might be a good starting point....

The final straw was when he referred me to another site to send the camcorder in to have it looked at. When I asked him why I had to start the entire process over on another site instead of him setting that up for me, he said, "I can do it on your behalf." I know service calls are an expense, but when you cut corners by making the customer go to another site instead of having the service rep setup the return, it's penny pinching that makes me question Samsung's commitment tocustomer service.

At this point I was used to 15 minute delays, but it took this guy 35 minutes to setup the shipping to the service department. I was on with them for well over an hour -- most of that time receiving "sorry for the delay" messages.

My wife and I have a Samsung TV, just bought this Samsung camcorder, and were thinking about buying two Samsung Galaxy III phones. I'm returning the camcorder (bought a Canon for twice the price), and we're thinking seriously about not buying the phones -- ALL because of the worthless customer service. Samsung just went from a brand I like to one I think I dislike.
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