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on May 2, 2012
Let me start off by saying I have a very keen ear. I rate many audio setups and speaker systems. All true audiophiles know that a HTIB just simply cannot replicate the sound quality of a component system made up of true, high-quality manufactured speakers. That being said, you will not find a closer alternative than this new Samsung system with vacuum tubes. I have owned 4 HTIBs from different manufacturers and I have found Samsung and LG to be at the top, with Sony coming in close behind LG.

Audio - The main reason one would spend this amount of money on a system is for the audio. You want your blu-rays, video games, audio cds and mp3's to come to life and spring out of every speaker. Does this system do that? Absolutely. There is no denying the work that Samsung has put into approaching the high-end audio side of things. These speakers clearly sound better than previous Samsung systems and I feel for people who purchased last year's D model of this system. Of course, knowing Samsung, by next year a new version of this will be out and I will be feeling sorry for myself for this purchase. But that's the market. Always something coming out that's better and that is another downfall of HTIB's. Every year they improve upon the previous year's model and the old model is left in the dust. Component systems have longevity and are able to be upgraded as the owner sees fit. But as I stated earlier, you will not find a better alternative to a component system, at least not right now. Also note that the dual-unit subwoofer is bigger, louder, and way clearer than previous year samsung models. The "boom box effect" that many people complained of is not present with this sub. It produces the highs and lows accurately.

Video - Personally, I feel that blu-ray is clear on any player and that the quality of your video will depend on your television set. I have tested over 20 blu ray players from many brands and while some elements may have been different such as the ability to darken or lighten the screen, or a complicated menu style, the raw blu ray presentation stayed relatively the same. So I cannot advocate purchasing this system based on improved video quality over any other blu-ray player or last year's model for example. Same goes for dvd upconversion. It seems exactly the same as last year's model, although, there are some blu-ray players that do upconvert dvd's better than others. Samsung is pretty good with that on the 4 players I tried out and they were consistent with each other.

Features - There are many apps, including a full web browser but I found it to be choppy and slow. I'll stick to my laptop for surfing the web, although it is a nice idea. The other apps are just like previous years models and have nothing new that I care to comment on. I could not recommend buying this system strictly for the web apps either since many blu ray players, tvs, and HTIBS include different variations of each one.

Worth the price? No. This is where I must warn potential buyers. First off, this is NOT a 7.1 system. Sure there are 7 speakers and a sub, but the 2 front speakers on the top of the towers are simply mirrors of the speakers under it. If you do not have the system in 3D sound mode, nothing will come out of these top 2 speakers, even if you are viewing a blu-ray with a 7.1 audio track selected. This is clearly a marketing scheme by Samsung to trick people into believing they are getting a 7.1 system. The speakers sound great though and the subwoofer does seem to get louder with the 3D sound enabled. Also, there is an equalizer so one may adjust certain settings if they are familiar with what each khz setting does. I am, and I found it to be useful and it made a difference with the material I was listening to.

Overall, I would say to purchase this system when the price goes down to at least 5 or 6 hundred dollars, but by then, next year's model will probably be out and will improve on this year's somehow. Still, for those curious about the vacuum tube amp addition that Samsung made a huge deal out of, I would say that it does significantly improve audio so it is not just a big hype. But this is not a true discrete 7.1 system and that is a disappointment.
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on April 8, 2012
I've always been a seperate component owner. This is my first HTIAB, I was searching for wireless rear speakers, a much better option for me than just a soundbar (this is for the living room, I do have a Vizio VHT 510 real 5.1 soundbar in the bedroom, works great).

For starters, it's not a true 7.1, it's a 5.1. There are only 2 physical side/rear speakers, not 3 or 4 for a true 6.1 or 7.1 (they are claiming that the top speakers on the two front towers make it 7.1 but virtual, that's just BS, who puts rear speakers on front towers) Naughty advertising there Samsung, shame shame. Also be aware that it comes with a passive SW, not self powered.

That being said, I was surprised how good it sounds. Very clear speakers, and for a passive SW not bad, pretty beefy.

The real surprise here and good news is that the wireless rear speakers work incredible (still need wires to the rear transmitter though), well done there Samsung.

The player/receiver worked smooth enough, it allows you to manually set speaker distance and levels.

I would recommend it even with it not being a true 7.1 and it being pricey.
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on October 4, 2013
Jan 2014 Update:
For a period of time the video drop outs seemed to have been less frequent, but with the most recent patch (1019.3) they are back with a vengeance. I have never been able to play DVDs reliably, and now even Blu-Ray discs are having issues. I contacted Samsung support, and after their very brief list of troubleshooting steps I am supposed to send them the unit. The cost for sending them the unit is about $120.00! That is not to even mention that I will be without my home theater for who knows how long.

I have verified the issue is with the Samsung unit by connecting another player via HDMI, and successfully playing discs with issues on Samsung.

Sound from the system is nice (not 7.1 as advertised), but the video capabilities are dismal.



I have been experiencing video dropouts, and have by a process of elimination been able to determine it is this unit. I see that others have been experiencing the same thing. I will try reaching out to support, but do not hold high hopes for this.

Simply put I think this unit tries to be too many things, and quality is the sacrifice.

I regret not spending the time and effort to get the individual components versus the shortcut of an integrated unit. Honestly though I was tired of researching just to procure my projection system, but that worked out beautifully.
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on October 3, 2012
Well... I bought this product from another store last week but leaving my review here because Amazon is the only place with comparably bad reviews of this model based on some wrong information.
Actually, I visited many review sites before I bought this great product and the reviews on Amazon really made me hesitate to buy this one.
But, now I'm very satisfied and want to leave my review here.

Firstly, the sound is really good, the best one among those I've ever tried in this price range.

Secondly, it is 7.1 channel. I don't know why the others wrote that it is not.
Please compare this model with HT-E6500W. It is 5.1 channel with the same speakers.
However, this model, E6730W, has additional top speakers hooked by separate cables.
Those top speakers are really working thru separated channels.
The only difference from the traditional 7.1 channel system is the location of the speakers.
Those top speakers faces to the ceiling of the room and makes the similar effects as those traditional 7.1 channel speakers placed both sides.
Even though it comes with 6 speakers, the front speakers have top speakers working separately.

People may have different preferences but I think it is still 7.1 channel. That's the fact.

Again, I was surprised by its exclusive sound quality.
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on December 27, 2013
Player had trouble playing DVD within 4 months, by the time a year came around it would not play any disc. After spending 3 hours on two separate calls(mostly on hold) Samsung offered to repair. For $110 plus shipping each way. thatswhat I want to do. spend $250 more on something I already spent $750 on. I ordered a new TV at the same time that has worked perfectly. Samsung makes good products so long as then do not break.
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on January 20, 2013
I have this wonderful system hooked up to my Sharp 80 inch T.V and just love it. I'm surely not a tech geek which can tell you a whole lot about it. I can tell you I've had it for 6-7 months now and have had no problems. The sound is great, it has lots of power with great bass, and the wireless rear speakers are awesome, I use it for my Neflix. The online apps work very well on it, certainly better than my T.V. It certainly isn't cheap but I am glad I spent the extra money for this unit. You certainly get what you pay for and I wanted quality since I was hooking it up to my new 80 inch Sharp 3D T.V.
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on January 26, 2014
I bought this system to match my Samsung 50 inch LED Smart TV. The wireless connection for the system failed almost immediately and was unfixable. After less than 1.5 years of very light use the video function for the Blu-Ray stopped working. It started getting static, cutting in and out, then quit altogether. For the price you would think it would work a little better. Spend your money on a better quality or cheaper system.
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on April 11, 2014
Love the sound, easy to set up and integrate with my Samsung tv. I am not a real sound fanatic but it more than fits my needs. The only problem is the length of the speaker wires. If your room is more than ten by ten, it is going to be a problem getting the spreakers where you want them. The speakers have special connection ends so they cannot be replaced with longer wires and after a couple of phone calls, I learned Samsung doesn't offer any type of solution. I had to splice in more wire which I know isn't right but had no choice. Samsung really needs to address this.
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on March 15, 2013
For a long time, I couldn't figure out why the screen kept going blank for a few seconds intermittently when watching TV/DVD/apps. I thought it was the cable box, and worked with the cable co for a long time. Process of elimination points right to this receiver. Still unresolved with Samsung support. Google samsung video dropouts and you will see this has been a problem with their stuff going back to 2009 or so. A lot of frustrated buyers! It's connected to a high end 64" Samsung SmartTV also. So much for hoping for integration by buying the same brand.

It really upsets me to not be able to use this system. I tried using thee hdmi1 and hdmi2 ports, changing various settings recommended by support, many options. Everyone in the house is frustrated that at just the worst time in a movie or sports event on dvd, tv, etc the screen will blank out for a few seconds, then keep doing it again and again. Very upset at spending so much on this system and having to deal with that. Bad decision to buy it.
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on October 6, 2015
I have owned this piece of crap for three years now. it worked great for a year and half then it needed software updates so i updated it and updated it and updater it. Then I called Samsung because every new movie was unreadable so they said update the software and when you tell them the software version they tell you that it's the latest version. Then why can't it read over half of my dvd's ,blue rays or new 3d, it doesn't even read old movies. So anyone who wants a $800.00 piece of crap go ahead and buy one. I also switches to din input every time you turn it on doesn't stay on dvd or HDMI settings, also a Samsung way of programming according to the Samsung reps. Good job if you want to piss off your customers.
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