Customer Reviews: Samsung HW-E450 Wireless AirTrack Sound Bar (Old Version)
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on April 3, 2012
Devices I have at my home: Samsung UN46c7000, Samsung BD-C6900, xBox

I initially tried Vizio soundbar (VIZIO VHT215) in my setup. The sound quality of this bar is exceptionally good. The only problem with this is that it could not gel well between my TV and BDPlayer (May be because they both are Samsung products). I was using ARC (with HDMI 1.4), and it worked fine when it has to pass the audio directly from the TV to the soundbar. But, it miserably failed when I connected the BD Player directly to the soundbar using a HDMI.

Then, I returned the vizio bar and got this Samsung HW-E450 and here is what I found.

1. Perfect for my setup (with the TV and BDPlayer from the same manufacturer)
2. Very good sound quality (but still not as good as VIZIO VHT215. Trust me, VIZIO VHT215 is just amazing..)
3. No issues with ARC (but make sure you use HDMI 1.4)
4. Bluetooth is good for streaming audio files from iPhone etc. but, for the Video files there is a lag between audio & video
5. The soundbar turns off when the TV turns off, but wouldn't turn on with the tv (when connected through ARC). But if you connect it using toslink/optical cable then it turns on automatically.
6. The best sound I have heard from this bar is when streaming movies from xBox (zune)

Bottom line is, if you have a TV/BDPlayer from Samsung, then go for Samsung HW-E450, else you should try VIZIO VHT215.

Update (11Jan2013):
Off late I have been receiving a lot of emails regarding switching-On the soundbar using the TV-Remote itself [when connected through HDMI]. Below please see the steps I follow using my Samsung-TV-Remote.
Tools-> ANynet+ (HDMI-CEC) -> Receiver : On
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on September 10, 2012
Many people seem to have problems turning the speaker on with the TV. I was able to figure this out in about 20 mins and figured I'd let everyone know what I did.

This is for Samsung TV's as I can only speak for my Samsung TV.

I have the speaker hooked up via HDMI. I am using a different HDMI cable for audio as I'm not passing video through the sound bar.

TV ports:

HDMI 1 is my Cable Box
HDMI 2 is my sound bar

In your TV settings under "system" / "Anynet+",

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) "ON"
Auto Turn off "NO" (YES I SAID "NO")
Reciver "ON"

When you turn the TV off the sound bar will stay on. But after 20mins it shuts itself down. When you turn the TV back on the sound bar will also turn back on. You will never have to turn the sound bar on again.

Also you can still change the volume with this setup.

Enjoy NEVER having to use the Sound bar remote again.
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on January 16, 2013
Sounds awesome (I mainly use the "Cinema" preset). Bluetooth is great, my mom loves to stream music through this, huge plus. Wireless sub is awesome, just make sure you turn the sub volume to at least +3 or +4 so you get the effect, its nice to hear some bass. The volume on the bar gets pretty loud too, its just awesome. Looks sexy as hell too, it's not too tall that it blocks the remote sensor on the TV.

Easy to set up. Make sure you use the HDMI-in/HDMI-out on the sound bar, this gets you dolby digital sound output as opposed to just stereo. Let me explain as simply as I can on this:

Most people think (I was one of them) that you can hook all your devices (xbox360, ps3, blu ray, apple tv, etc.) all through the HDMI ports on your tv, then simply use the provided optical cable from your TV to the sound bar and boom, its all candy. This is incorrect. True, sound will come out of the sound bar with this setup, but it will only achieve "stereo" sound. If you're buying something like this, I recommend you do it right, it will sound so much better, I promise.

What I did, and I recommend this same setup, is this:

Since this sound bar only has 1 HDMI-in port, how do I hook my ps3, my xbox360, etc. all directly through the sound bar so I get the best quality sound? That was my question for a while until I stumbled upon this nifty little $38 remedy, ( This is an HDMI switch. In lay-man terms, it converts 1 HDMI port into 5. Even better, it automatically switches between your devices based on which one you turn on. So no switching through inputs, trying to figure out which corresponds to which. It just works. I currently have 4 things running through this sound bar with the help of my HDMI switch, (ps3, xbox360, apple TV, and my cable box) and I am achieving dolby sound from all of them.

I gave this sound bar 5 stars because it allowed me to hookup 4 different devices through it. It basically acts as a receiver for me. It also sounds great and has bluetooth, a wireless sub, and looks awesome too.
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on May 19, 2012
I started looking at sound bars to replace my old Sony 5.1 system. I was tired of all the cables running everywhere and the space all that took up. It was also pretty complicated for my wife to figure out. I also was not very impressed with the sound for watching tv/movies. For music the 5.1 system was great. Now I do have to admit, movies on disc were great but those over the regular cable box were not.

I was scoping this out at Wal-Mart along with a few other options. I wasn't planning on getting one this expensive but I'm glad I did. The sound is great and the features are awesome. Now with that said I have a Samsung TV and I can't seem to get the audio sync thing to work. I can get the audio working with the TV remote and to power off together but not come on together. I'm sure some more time spent playing with it or calling tech support might yield a result but for now I just added the features of the original remote to my one for all remote.

Since it's 2.1 and I can't get the audio sync working anyway which requires HDMI,I have the optical audio hooked up. This is nice because it's coming from the output on my TV to the sound bar. So If I'm watching OTA on the TV, I've got audio. If I'm watching the satellite, I've got Audio. If I'm watching a DVD, I've got audio. No switching inputs, always nice. Again with 2.1 the optical out from the TV is just fine.

I use the Bluetooth feature all the time to play music from my phone and my laptop. I love it. The wireless sub does a decent job and the whole system sounds pretty darn good. More then what I need. If you opt not to get this unit, at least get one with a sub, you'll be a lot happier with the audio.

The Walmart unit was $299 plus tax. I was happy I found this unit from Tiger on Amazon with free shipping, no tax and a $249.99 price tag.
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on May 16, 2012
This product sounds great, I could not imagine needing anything louder!

My living room is 20x14ft opening into the kitchen on the end which is the same size. I was afraid that filling that much space with audio would be trouble, but this system does it very well! The volume goes to 50 (I think), but I keep it at 16-20 and it almost seems too loud still!

The subwoofer is not booming, but is sufficient. You will feel car doors shutting, explosions, and basslines in songs. I have it placed directly against my couch which means I can feel the bass. One thing that sold me on this unit is the wireless subwoofer, it really makes a difference being able to place this close to where you sit.

Bluetooth is very easy to pair and play through, the audio sounds great, and with no wires!

HDMI passthrough is a bit goofy. In order to watch anything through the HDMI hooked into the soundbar, the soundbar has to be on the HDMI setting... not a dealbreaker but would be nice if it would passthrough all the time.

The setting for 3D Sound is great! Everything doesn't sound as if it is coming from just one point with this on.

If the volume is fluctuating at all, just turn off the (DRC?) setting that regulates the commercials from being higher volume than the show.

To top it all off, I can use ONE remote for this and my TV! Anynet+ makes it so when I press volume up and down on the TV remote, the volume on the soundbar is adjusted.

Overall this is a great sound bar for the price, mids and highs sound amazing, bass is on the lower end but I didn't buy this unit for extreme lows.
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on June 24, 2012
I would probably offer a 3.5 rating if available, but settled on 3 since this sound bar is closer to average than very good or excellent. I purchased the Samsung HW-E450C Sound Bar System version from Costco, which is identical to the E450 with the exception that "C" version included HDMI and Optical audio cables (one each). My opinion is also based on the fact I have a built-in surround sound system in the main TV room with some quality Polk Audio ceiling speakers and a nice Onkyo receiver. This product was purchased for our loft area, which is the "second room" for watching TV with the family.

* Moderately priced
* Wireless subwoofer can be set just about anywhere
* Preset sound "effects" (may also be considered a CON)
* HDMI in/out + Optical audio + USB
* Above average sound with select videos and TV shows/movies (see details below)

* Not much better than above average TV speakers for standard TV and videos (see details below)
* Customized sound settings not available
* Adjustments to sound "effects" and subwoofer/bass volumes are subtle

I admit that I did not have extremely high expectations in terms of sound from this product based on the relatively low cost (compared to a 5.1 surround sound system and other "high end" sound bars), and listening to demos in the stores. However, I connected this sound bar to our VIZIO XVT473SV HDTV, which only provided average sound like so many flat panel TVs due these days (I assume) mainly due to the fact they can't pack a punch with so little space.

This sound bar offers slightly above average sound with standard TV shows, older movies, or any video that is not programmed with higher quality sound. You can try different sound "effects" with labels like "Cinema", "Sports", "News", "Music", etc., but there are only subtle differences between them. Also, there are only subtle differences when adjusting the sub-woofer/bass levels up and down.

On the other hand, this sound bar performs above average when viewing videos or TV shows/movies that are programmed with higher quality sound. For example, the sound bar performed much better than the standard TV speakers when playing the Cars 2 movie on our Sony BDP-BX18 Blu-ray (another product I would recommend for those that want a Blu-ray without a ton of features).

Although there is not a significant "surround" sound effect (which one should not really expect with a 2.1 system) it does offer some noticeable "depth" in the sound, especially when using the 3D sound effect option.

In summary, if you are looking for "huge" sound on most video and/or have high standards for audio, then look at the higher end (i.e. more expensive) models like the Harman Kardon SB16 Soundbar (which provided awesome sound when I tried the demo in the store). Otherwise, if you are looking for something that simply delivers above average sound especially on new Blu-ray movies, this sound bar delivers.
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on March 18, 2012
I had the chance to compare the 2011 model (D450) with the 2012 (E450) and was very happy with the improvements they made.

First and foremost, remotes from Samsung TVs still do not work ("C" series did, "D" and "E" do not). I was hopeful they'd have put that back in, but what they did instead was make the E450's remote have more basic TV functions. It's quite possible that will be good enough for your needs.

The design is slightly different. The (IMO, slightly awkward) angled top with the clear edge is gone -- a much cleaner design. The display is on the front. The physical buttons are on the rounded side/edge/back. It's about 2 inches shorter (left to right) and about a half inch smaller bottom to top. Also, the speakers are more a charcoal gray than silver. That, along with the lights being less visible, make it blend in significantly better.

There is only one optical in, the second was replaced with an HDMI in & out. There is a USB slot. The manual says you can play mp3's on the USB, and that you can connect via bluetooth also. I'm unclear at the moment on how any of that works.

The sound is crisper and the subwoofer has more oomph. Even though this ultimately cost a little bit more (as it's not discounted anywhere yet) my early impressions are that is worth the extra money. I wasn't 100% sold that the D450 was worth the price, the E450 certainly is.
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on July 11, 2012
Ordered this after Best Buy ran a promotion to get this sound system for free with the purchase of one of their higher end Samsung televisions. Amazon was very good about getting this sound system. I was worried about the On/Off and volume control issues which I had seen mentioned in many other peoples reviews. I do not want another friggen remote laying around to deal with. Why wouldn't all Samsung products work together as you would expect?
So, I set the thing up and connect with an Digital Audio cable. Have to play with turning the TV's speaker off, turning the Anysinc system off, and finally get the sound bar to come on with the TV. But still no volume control. I found it pretty easy to figure out that the ON feature is linked to the use of a Digital Audio cable. I also found somewhere in the reviews that volume control might be linked to the HDMI cable. So, I was curios if the two cables would work together. That is when my technical writing back ground kicks in. If you look at the little one sheet four page Quick Setup Guide that came with the unit, you will notice on page 3, that you have METHOD: HDMI IN, OUT followed by METHOD 1: AUDIO IN, and METHOD 2: AUDIO IN. So, I buy an HDMI cable and am disappointed that the back of my TV does not have any HDMI connections labeled OUT. But browsing my TV's owners manual I find "ARC (Audio Return Channel)." Return, OUT, hummmmm..... So, I hook up the HDMI between HDMI IN 2 (ARC) on the back of the TV. AND BOOOM! The unit sound bar turns on with the TV. The sound bar's volume adjusts with the TV. The sound bar turns off with the TV.
It did add an aggravating Anysinc message at the bottom of the TV screen every time I adjust volume. I was really hoping to get rid of any obvious indication of volume control as I like to attempt to stealth adjust the volume when either I can not hear what is happening or when the kid's shows get to loud. Now, everyone will know when I try to adjust the volume.
I can not say the sub woofer does much. Must be another setting that I have not found yet. Not that I think I need much sub, but, knowing the box is doing something would be nice.
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on June 4, 2012
I have two 5.1 systems that both cost me a few thousand.This sound bar has great sound and decent bass.About a 100 times better then any 10 watt speaker that you will find in most tv's.After listening to this for 6 hrs,Im getting where I might prefer that over the 5.1 stereos.I think the display,that tells you the volume number and what mode your in goes up to 50,at 14 with 18 foot ceilings its fills my room with clear sound.Its ROCKs I would highly recommend it.If you dont have a Samsung tv,then a WR7 remote on here for like 20.00 that will work everything you own,and I got the Direct tv remote to work on it too.Its a keeper!!
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on May 12, 2012
So i recieved my soundbar with wireless subwoofer last night and have messed around with it quite a bit. The bar itself is 280 watts RMS and pumps out quite a bit of sound for being such a skinny and sleek looking speaker. The highs and mids sound wonderful and the bass sounds ok...not bad but not as deep and bellowing as i had hoped. I have the subwoofer turned way up and it does the job but a lil more bass would be nice. Setup was a breeze, had everything out of the box and hooked up in 15 minutes. The piano black color goes well with my tv which is a 60 inch samsung as well. They have this same soundbar at wal mart and target for $300, but on amazon i bought it with no tax for 244. so its a pretty good deal. Shipping took about 7 days but everything was packaged well. It comes with a remote that works everytime you point at it and it has many functions so you can chose what kind of sound you want to hear with what you are watching. example. you are watching news in the morning, there is a setting set for that to basically listen to the news in the best way. it will also digital read "NEWS" in the middle of the sound bar, a feature i really like cuz it tells you everything you are doing right in the middle of the soundbar. the other settings they have are music, cinema, drama, sports and a few more. it also has a "3D" sound effect button which does make the sound have more depth and spaciousness. The 3d sound feature has a low and a high option. Overall i am impressed with this little sound bar, im glad i didnt go with a cheaper one and im also glad i didnt spend more then 300 bucks! i will recommend this to anyone.

Looks: 10/10
Shipping: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Soundbar Functions: 10/10
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