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on October 9, 2007
I've had my LN-T4671F for a couple of weeks now, and I'm very happy with it. I previously owned a Samsung plasma (4254), and this is definitely a better TV.

There are numerous good things about this television, including dark blacks, low noise (no noise except what is coming through the source), high-quality panel (low incidence of panel defects seen in earlier LCD televisions), wide range of adjustments available, beautiful picture quality (on par with the best LCDs available), and a very good price for all of this quality (as of Oct 2007 market).

There is only one known issue (as of Oct 2007): The TV needs to be set to Game Mode to watch football or soccer. This is a simple On/Off setting in the Setup menu. If the TV is not in Game Mode then football passes or long kicks often (about 50% of the time) exhibit a triple-ball effect. It looks something like this: (o). As it moves on screen, the image of the ball shows a repeated image of it's front (nose) and rear (tail) on either side of it. Most folks will see this triple image, some might just see it as an exaggerated blur (but the triple image is clearly visible when the playback is paused). This should be fixable by a firmware update, and turning on Game Mode fixes it as well, so it's not a big deal. Game Mode does limit the available picture adjustments, but in practice I can get the picture in Game Mode very close to what I get with the full range of adjustments. (The only thing is that Game Mode turns on some image sharpening that is ok with sports, but is not great with cartoons. So, I use Game Mode when watching football and turn it off for regular viewing. A lot of folks find that watching full time in Game Mode is very pleasing. It's a matter of preference).

Recommendations for new owners:

1. Give it about 100 hours before the picture settles in. The backlight is a bit bright in the first 100 hours, so I found myself slowly adjusting it up during burn-in.

2. For basic adjustment try Movie with Standard color, Gamma -1, and color on Auto. After 100 hours, backlight can be turned up to 7 or 8 (unless you watch in a pitch black room), and for TV watching Brightness can be 45-50 and Contrast 70-80. On this TV, brightness sets the black level and contrast sets the white level. Turn the brightness up so that the actual black parts of the picture remain pitch black (ESPN HD SportsCenter is a good source for this. You should see detail in the dark suit jackets, but the shadowed areas on the set should remain rich black). Then adjust the Contrast just to the point that pure white objects (like lights or reflections off of football helmets) are white. You can tweak the contrast up from this point to give the image some snap, but don't go too high (the image can look harsh or washed out).

3. Turn off all of the image processing (DNIe, Edge Enhancement, etc.). The picture will look more natural (give it a couple of days if you're used to these things on). These things distort the picture slightly to make it look exciting, but the there is noise and other false information added to the image. Turning these things off lets the source be displayed undistorted, so a good source will look terrific.

4. For image size, use Just Scan. This passes the input directly to the screen without any processing to scale the image, resulting in a bit more crispness and clarity. However, some TV signals have a bit of noise at the very edge of the screen. In that case, set the TV to 16:9 and it will slightly crop the edges of the incoming image (this slight cropping, or overscan, is common on a lot of TVs and some broadcasters get lazy and just assume that the very edge of their picture (2-3%) will be cut off).

5. Play around with the Auto Motion Plus feature, but don't expect it to be great for everything. I've tried it on a lot of sources, and generally I leave it off. It can actually make things look too smooth. It's doing its job as advertised, but the result can look odd.

6. Consider a Harmony 880 programmable remote. I got one after buying the 4671, and it is terrific at automating the changing of inputs as you switch from TV to DVD to Video Game, etc.

7. The Apple TV looks amazing with this TV. It was an unexpected surprise to that see that the Apple TV can upscale to 1080p/60Hz and that the results are on par with my Toshiba XA2 HD-DVD player when it upscales DVD content. I'm very happy that my Apple TV can remain a high-quality source.

8. Standard definition television looks pretty good with this TV, much better than on other LCDs that I've seen (but of course it's still obviously standard definition).

9. The 4671 clearly reveals variable quality among HD sources. When watching HD television channels, some are obviously more compressed, using poorer-quality cameras, and otherwise not as well produced as others. ESPN HD and Discovery HD Theatre generally look excellent, although on HD Theatre you can definitely see the differences in production quality between the various shows.

10. Finally, consider getting an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player that outputs 1080/24Hz content. Movies are shot at 24 frames per second, and the 4671 can accept a 1080/24 signal. This provides the purest movie-watching experience without interpolation of frame rates.

Happy viewing.
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on September 6, 2007
I researched the 81 and 71 series for as long as they had been announced (~ 6 months, since CES show). I got all hopped up about the "100k" contrast ratio on the 81 series due completely to the new "LED" backlighting. Well, at AVS forums, one guy bought both, and concluded that it only mattered when the screen was totally black (like the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen when watching a wide screen formatted movie, or a fade scene), and then only a little. The general conclusion seemed to point to the 71 series being the sleeper hit so far this year (dunno about the xbr5, but some reports put this one right with it), and that the 81 series wasn't worth the extra grand or more.

Too late for me, because I rushed into BB to pay up front for an 81 series tv as soon as the store had the sku in their system (4 weeks before they even showed up). Yeah, I got to use a 12% off good customer coupon, but in the end I could have had a 52" 71 series instead of a 46" 81 series (especially seeing how heavily discounted they are now on Amazon). The anti-motion options in the 81 are only available in "movie" mode, and are buried in the menus, and only has an on/off option, versus the 71's easy to navigate 3 level options for the anti-motion feature.

The reviews point to the colors and picture appearing just about the same between the 2 tv's when the screen or a large portion of it wasn't all black. Other than that....get this one. It is worth the premium over the 61 or 65 series. As long as you can live with a glossy / semi-glossy screen (versus the xbr4/5's matte screens), you won't be sorry. As for me, I'm wondering if I should bite the bullet and be one of those turkeys who uses the 30 day guarantee to return the TV and get a 71 is a lot of money not to be totally satisfied with the purchase. Best of luck.
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on November 18, 2007
Product is great; the best picture I've seen.

This post is to make customers aware of an issue with the "18 month no interest promotion" for this item.

1. Banner says buy this item with the Amazon store card and receive no interst for 18 months.
2. Cost of the TV is $2299.
3. Fine print states that the offer will "be terminated exceed your credit limit".
4. Credit limit on the card when you apply is $2000

RESULT: 18 month offer is terminated the minute you place your order for the TV because the purchase price exceeds the credit limit.

I called the toll free number and both the rep and his supervisor confirmed that this was the case. To make matters worse, their policy is that you cannot request a credit limit increase in the first 6 months.
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on November 11, 2007
I've been hesitant to buy a flat panel TV up until now. I was using my 30" CRT HDTV up until I received this TV last week because that TV still has better picture quality than 99% of TVs out today. This TV may be the exception.

First, let me say that I had an absolute great experience with the delivery of this item. Eagle delivered at 8am before I left for work and set it all up for me. They stuck around for a few minutes while I turned it on and checked for defects -- All is good!

* censored my review due to complaints about a call I placed to them in regards to this TV*

Now on to the TV -- it's fantastic. At first, I was underwhelmed by the picture quality because the factory settings are really that bad (do not use "dynamic!!!"). After about an hour of tweaking I got the picture quality to an astounding quality. I do a lot of gaming on my Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii and I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of the picture with gaming on this TV, especially the 360. The games really look "3D" and pop out of the screen, couldn't ask for more.

As for TV and movies, again this TV does not disappoint. Honestly, this is *the* LCD to own right now. The black levels are to die for, the image quality is too. I ran it through the calibration material on the Digital Essentials disc and even without color tweaking the color reproduction on this TV was near perfect, better than my CRT!!! I decided to not even bother tweaking the color values further as they were already so close. That said, there are still some criticisms that I can offer:

The Auto-Motion Plus (AMP from now on) feature is really hit-and-miss. It is supposed to help with fast moving images, but the ironic thing is that sometimes it actually makes them worse. Honestly, the feature seems very temperamental and highly dependent on the source. Sometimes I'll turn it on and get miserable stuttering that makes the video unwatchable until it is turned back off. Other times, there is no stuttering, but I'll get what is now being dubbed the "triple ball effect." That is when small objects that are moving fasts such as balls in sports get a sort of tripling affect, basically they blur like hell. Honestly, "TBE" does not bother me at all, I can deal with it. The stuttering is what I cannot deal with.

Like I said, AMP is very temperamental so you have to experiment and find out what it works for and what it does not. When it does work right I absolutely love it. It gives the image this 3D-esque "live" feel. Some people seem to not like that, personally I do. It's incredible. Rumors are on the AVS Forums that Samsung may be working on a firmware update to help fix the issues with this feature. I hope they do as that would be the right thing for them to do considering this is a $3k TV (unless you buy it from Amazon :) ).

All in all though, I couldn't recommend this TV more to anynone especially to HD movie/game buffs. I don't want you to be turned off by this TV due to my criticisms over the implementation of AMP as it is not a deal-breaker IMO. It's one of those features that is neat, but it's not a necessity. The image quality and other features of this TV (ie, tons of detailed picture setting options) easily make it worth the price of entry along with 120hz. Please do remember that even with AMP off, this TV is still running at 120hz and therefore the image is still smoother and more "3D" than other TVs.

I am giving this TV a rating of 4 for the following reasons:

1/2 star taken off because the AMP issue is something that should have been fixed prior to putting this TV on the shelf. Like I said, it's not a deal breaker IMO, but it's still buggy nevertheless.

* censored my review due to complaints about a call I placed to them in regards to this TV*

PS - I want to add also that even though there is a "game mode" you only have to use it for 480i sources. Any game system that can run in 480p (Wii, 360, PS3) or up does not appear to suffer from any noticeable lag with normal settings. This is good considering that the image quality is much better with game mode off.

This TV is a gamer's dream!
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on January 14, 2008
For those individuals hesitant to purchase a television from amazon, please be assured that I have had great experiences with this online vendor. First of all, they have been very responsive to problems and have replaced defective items with no cost to me. Sure, it is a bit annoying having to wait for what you have ordered, but patience is a virtue. You can save BIG by waiting. Again, if you television has any problems, as of right now amazon has a satisfactory online-return policy. For instance, I had some issues with my TV that Samsung would not address, but amazon took over and exchanged the set at no cost to me.

My experience with the white glove delivery service has been so-so. The people delivering my television were nice and professional and assisted with set-up. However, the shipping seems a bit on the slow side and tracking does not always match up or update appropriately. It took over a week to get a TV from RENO, Nevada to Seattle, WA and then a few days to get it delivered. It was delivered slightly before amazon's estimated time, but I was hoping it would arrive earlier. Amazon is generous with their shipping times.

Pros of TV:
Excellent picture quality, deep blacks, colorful, wide assortment of connections (3 1.3HDMI, 2 component, 1 composite, monitor, USB, etc), beautiful styling with slight metallic sides next to speaker housings and touch panel controls on side for \controlling (inputs, options, sound, etc) and touch panel on/off below TV where the blue light is which has different options(always off, on when TV is on, etc), decent remote control, decent AM tuner, swivel base allowing easier access to the back of the TV, and a GREAT number of settings and preferences, and customizable preferences to each input.
A feature called AMP (Automotion PLUS)-which is a technology that helps to smooth out scenes in movies and television making the image crisper and clearer, almost life-like --currently has problems. This feature is spotty at the moment and Samsung does not have a proper fix yet. WARNING: There are at least two versions of this TV with different firmwares--FW 100x and FW200x. FW 200x sets seem to be less prone to problems with AMP, while FW 100x have problems with stuttering with AMP on any setting (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH). Right now it seems content related with problems with High Definition DVD specfically Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-ons and possibly with the Sony PS3. Also, AMP may cause artifacts to show up when it is on.
Other problems with this TV: some panels with dead pixels and Samsung has a lax policy on this as you need a certain number of dead or stuck pixels or several together to get a replacement. Some TVs have issues with light bleeding through the edges or poor backlighting. This TV does not have true picture-in-picture to my knowledge. The glossy black cabinet collects dust easily and must be wiped with a special cloth that Samsung provides with the TV to avoid scratches. It has a glossy screen (however this may be a PRO to some as it gives it vivid colors and deeper blacks, but it can show reflections in a light room).
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on December 6, 2007
Follow our resident expert, "Charles of Santa Cruz." His recommendations are very, very helpful.

The picture on this model is bright, rich and brilliant. I couldn't find any defects. When I was in a store I did compare this model to the Samsung 4665 and 4661. There was a nature video in HD playing. A school of irridescent fish kept shifting back and forth and I thought the 4671 looked best.

The tuner in this set pulls in and descrambles channels I don't remember paying for! Well, actually they come and they go. With an old rabbit ears plugged into the "Air" antenna socket I got almost all the digital and HD broadcasts available for free here in the San Francisco Bay area.

Too bad that the extra image enhancements really are kind of a waste. And we probably are paying for them! When I had them all running at once with a movie broadcast in Standard Definition, the image looked like it was halfway to being HD, but in fact was kind of weird looking. There was an unnatural "sculpting" effect around the actors.

Unfortunately the PIP is very limited. The only PIP that worked for me was peaking in on TV broadcasts while watching a DVD. Somebody e-mail me if they figure out how I'm going to surf during the commercial breaks in the Rose Bowl Game.

The Eagle "White Glove" delivery is fabulous. Amazon's receipt said eight days, but it went from Reno to San Francisco in three. They would have called the next day to set a delivery appointment, but I searched the NET and called an 800 number for the courier. Hint: Eagle is now owned by a company called CEVA. If you find them, plug in your Amazon tracking number for much better detail! They contacted the driver and the TV was safely home that night. The driver brings in the box, opens it up and you both inspect for damage. He (or she) then puts it where you want, and plugs it in just to make sure it works. No programming services. By the way, they have the coolest delivery people in the world!
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on October 2, 2007
I've been meaning to buy a Samsung LCD TV for quite a while now. I had looked at the LNT4661 and the LNT4665 models until I saw this model at Best Buy. They had it hooked up to a Blu-Ray DVD showing the Chicken Little movie and it was like watching it in 3D. I then saw it again at Sears right next to the 4665 and my wife and I were sold on it. I've had the TV for two weeks now and wow, what an amazing experience. I have an HD Cable box through the HDMI input and some of Standard channels look like they are in HD. What a difference from my old 46" projection TV!

Thank you Amazon for the speedy delivery and excellent price. Would highly recommend this TV.
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on September 18, 2007
Just received the tv last morning (9/18) at 7:45 am by Eagle!
My original eta for delivery was between the 20-24!
So eagle get a 5 star also!

About the Tv:
Tv rocks, i set it up like the xx65 series.
I like the new design of the tv compared to the 65 series.
Hooked it up with a PS3 , blu-ray is awesome!
Belive other reviewers that it looks like u just sitting behinde a glass window! It is so life like!
I have Comcast cable the analog channels look bad but the digitals are OK!
Havn't got their hd box yet, maybe in a day or two.
I got a 14' by 14' room for the tv. when i ordered it i thought it will be a littlebit small but when the Eagle guys opened up the package i thought they did bring me the 52" version! It is looks huge!
Well maybe just in my eyes because this is my first big screen tv!
Anyway you can't go wrong with this set!
Amazons price is unbeatable with the free white glows shipping!

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on November 2, 2007
PURE EYE CANDY!!! I thought it looked great in the store. At home it's even better after a few tweaks.

I'm a type of person who would do a month's worth of research before committing to buying anything worth more than $100, so I did much comparison shopping for the right combination of price and quality before deciding on this LCD. My list were short fortunately for this purchase(SONY, SHARP, and SAMSUNG).

I bought the Samsung LNT4671 LCD through Amazon about a month ago and got it delivered through EGL within a week. The LCD came in a big cardboard box and the EGL delivery person helped me opened and set it up. Very good service. The LCD was already mounted to the stand in the box. Physically setting it up took less than 10 minutes with two people.

The LCD is gloss black and very elegant to my eyes. It does reflect some light but after a few a hours of watching with sunlight through the side windows, the reflection/glare is not very noticeable. It's a very bright LCD, but can be adjusted through different settings like dynamic (really bright action content like sports), standard (everyday watching), or movie (softened image to look more film-like). I find most of the default settings pleasant enough and tweaked the brightness and contrast slightly to fit the room.

I use HD from DirecTV and a PS3 through HDMI on my receiver. I also have a WII and a 480p DVD hooked up to it via the same 1080p upconverting receiver. I also hooked up a small antenna and picked up OTA HD channels as well.

The picture quality from the PS3 blows my mind. I was watching ERAGON on PS3 Blu-Ray and I could notice really fine details on this LCD (like the wormlike movements on the bad guys' faces) that I did not catch on my 1080i CRT set with 480p DVD. HD source from DirecTV did not look as good, but it really depends on the channel, e.g., HBO HD looks much better than the CBS local HD. OTA local channels look better than DirecTV locals for some reason and did not seem to have the triple-football effect that I noticed when watching football via the DirecTV receiver. DVDs through my 480p look better than expected, especially if they are already in widescreen format. All in all, very enjoyable experience.

PS3 games are just so real. I played NFL 2k8 All-Pro and Virtua Tennis 3 with surround sound cranked up and it's pretty lifelike. I did not notice any blurring in fast movements. WII playing is fantastic on this TV; the images are sharp through the component video input and make me feel like I'm really in the action. I use the WII to exercise sometimes because it's so physically involved, and with the LCD, it's very enjoyable to exercise.

THe TV speakers sound OK, nothing to write home about. Coupling the LCD with a high quality surround sound set up, it really makes the home theater experience so much better.

The LCD does get a little warm after watching for half an hour, but I guess that's normal for LCDs. The remote is a little confusing at first, but I got used to it after a few days.

I haven't had issues with the LCD yet and am very happy I purchased this set.

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on October 30, 2007
The first set I ordered from Amazon back in October turned itself on and off. A few weeks later Samsung replaced the TV because the parts needed were on backorder. Which was great, until two weeks later the replacement set all of a sudden had terrible motion judder on everything I watched. I called Samsung Dec 15 and the set was picked up by the repair center Dec 27. Samsung told the repair center two replace two boards (one was the main circuit board, I don't remember what the other was), and after waiting two weeks for the parts to come in they didn't end up fixing the problem. The repair center was then told to order a motion sensor board (why this wasn't ordered first I can't say, as it seems like the more logical choice), which was also on backorder. By this time the set had been gone for over a month. After repeatedly calling Samsung to request a refund and being told that the parts should be in by such and such a date and if they weren't to call back (the part never came in), Samsung finally agreed to issue a refund Feb 5. I should've been using the TV for 4 months and it was operational for maybe a month, and I watched the majority of the football season on a 15 inch screen instead. Apparently I just have the worst luck, because this TV's ratings have gone up and up, but if you buy it you better hope nothing ever goes wrong with it, because the technical support and customer service are absolutely terrible. I would never buy a Samsung product again. I'm taking my refund and buying the Sony XBR4.
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