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on February 2, 2013
I upgraded from a laptop that was five years old so almost anything would seem amazing next to my old dino. But, I think I can say that unless you are a hardcore gamer or for some reason you feel that you absolutely need an optical disk drive, you will be very satisfied with this laptop just as I am. Yeah some people are being really nit-picky about viewing angles and such but seriously, it's not an issue unless you're a paraplegic and can't adjust the screen angle (you have to do it every time you open the laptop anyway). I am very, very happy with the battery life. I can use it at school for several hours and still return home with 20% battery's so nice not to have to bring a charger all the time. It's incredibly slim and light. I get compliments on it all the time. The only thing I'm not super excited about is the hard-drive capacity; it's marketed at about 125gb but when you open the computer for the first time you quickly find out that after the OS, you only have about 60gb for yourself and the SSD is not easily upgrade-able like on older laptops. Nothing an external can't fix and it'll probably keep me from cluttering it up anyway. But at the end of the day, all these things are just minor trade-offs for having an otherwise very slick, slim, and light laptop.
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on March 18, 2013
I read the reviews on this laptop and decided that it honestly couldn't be that bad, and I was right.

I understand what the reviewers are saying. The colors DO wash out if you tilt the screen forward or backward. However, tilting the display far enough to uncomfortably wash out the screen poses bigger problems, like the fact that the screen is at a horribly awkward angle. It was fine out of the box, but I calibrated the display (took 3 min) and now it's quite good.

Back to the good, this laptop is THIN. It's hard to appreciate its size until you truly see it. At 15 inches, it's easily one of (if not the) thinnest 15 inchers on the market. It doesn't hurt that it's a looker too.

The windows experience index is 5.9, with the lowest being the graphics (5.9) which is expected. The rest of the specs are in the high 6's or low 7's

I recommend working your way through a clean install and getting all the crap off, considering you don't get too much harddrive space with all of the preloaded crap.

I love this laptop, and gave it 4 stars mostly because of the bloatware, and that windows 8 is meh on a laptop without a touchscreen. However, it's certainly a great laptop and the reviews don't do it justice
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on January 8, 2013
I went from an Alienware M15X to this and don't regret it. The alienware was really, really bad with battery life and I knew that before I got it. I just didn't realize how often I would start going out to other places where a plug wasn't readily accessible before I got it. I never used the alienware for serious gaming anyway just for software dev. The Samsung Series 9 works great to dev on and the battery life is amazing. I am generally around 8 hours per charge now, which isn't 10 hours, but is still great.

I do not have any problem with the keyboard or the trackpad like other reviewers claimed. There is a side swipe in windows 8 that got annoying but then I just turned it off. I was worried that this only being an i5 processor that running photoshop, aptana, WAMP, eclipse, and many chrome tabs would slow it down. Well, I was wrong. It kept up pretty well with everything that I was doing. If I had a bad experience at one point, it at least wasn't bad enough to stick in my head.

Bad notes: The screen does look a little washed out compared to my alienware. I also really, really wish it had a better screen resolution. But in actuality, I don't even think or notice it at all in my normal daily activities.

I got this thing on amazon for an almost $400 discount because of a free $200 amazon gift card that came with purchasing the laptop, and the laptop was already marked down $200 on sale. I love it especially for its battery life and looks. Processing power though is also good.
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on June 4, 2013
So I've had this laptop for about the past week and I love it. I've read a lot of the reviews on here and most are relatively accurate, but here's my full assessment: I got mine from vernaltech

The Good

- 6-8 hours of battery life with heavy use of Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Google Chrome simultaneously
- Really light and sleek design that's much much better than the hefty Toshiba A505D I had before
- It doesn't heat up much at all, especially when kept on a hard non-insulating surface. Insulating surfaces (i.e. your bed or lap) tend to heat it up much quicker
- Boots up in about 12-14 seconds
- The wi-fi has not cut out for me yet (this is the New Series 9)
- 8gb RAM
- Trackpad is awesome and works perfectly fine for me (only issues came up when I mistakenly rested my other palm on the pad...just have to get used to it)

The bad:

- 128 GB SSD which actually = 60 gigs out of box
- Text and image display on the screen isn't Amazing, but is manageable
- Speakers strangely on the bottom of the laptop...doesn't really make sense to me, but I use headphones and external speakers 99% of the time anyways so not a deal braker.

Overall I love the Samsung 9 performance wise. It's fast, light, and efficient. It's perfect for my use and why I gave it a 5 star rating. If the most important factors to you for your laptop are screen resolution and/or SSD space (which can be changed, but I believe voids your warranty) then I would not go with this laptop. Otherwise, it's a great choice!
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on October 25, 2013
I've researched a lot of different lightweight laptops with good battery life and performance, and my conclusion is your best option is Apple MacBook Air MD761LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION). In fact, it's roughly the same price as the Samsung Series 9 but it has none of its shortcomings and is basically the most perfect laptop on the market. The biggest problem with the Samsung is the screen and the keyboard. It's the worst screen I've seen on a laptop in a long time. And the keyboard is clicky clacky... I'm really concerned it won't last long. I'm lucky as I didn't have any of the WiFi issues others have mentioned. Maybe the Windows 8.1 upgrade is what did the trick? If I did have the WiFi issues I would have definitely returned this. The only thing I really like about this Samsung is its form factor. It's a thin and lightweight laptop like the MacBook Air but it has a 15" screen.
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on May 3, 2013
Packaging -
The laptop arrived way sooner than the ship date (in 3 days of placing the order), packed really well. The LAN adapter comes with the laptop.

I know a lot of folks have complained about the display and the wifi connectivity.
The wifi did not connect at first. After rebooting the router, modem and clearing the dns cache, it connected and worked fine.

The display controls can be set very easily, and the interface is built very well. It takes you step by step (through color settings, gamma, brightness, text etc) and you can set it to your convenience.

There is some bloatware which I uninstalled.

The keypad is similar to MacBook, and frankly I really like it. It takes lesser effort to type.

I am really happy I bought this laptop. Good luck finding the right laptop for you!!
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on December 2, 2012
I just received this laptop, and everything looked great (OK, a little heavier than I was expecting) until I turned it on.

Booted a Fedora live image and immediately noticed how terrible the screen was -- by which I mean contrast and viewing angles, and only "meh" resolution. You have to bend the screen back and forth until the vertical viewing angle is *perfect*, and if it's off by 3 degrees everything washes out horribly. Even with your eyes aligned perfectly, you notice fade/washout toward the edges. Put a solid 20% gray background up and it looks like a gradient.

Contrast-wise it is way too bright and washed out by default. Of course you can lower the brightness but the contrast is still poor. There's no way you could do even amateur photo or art work on this. No amount of tweaking is going to help. I'm not going to even get into things like color accuracy because the lack of contrast and viewing angles are just that bad.

Anyway, maybe I am spoiled, but the 1080p screen on the 2-year-old Dell Latitude I'm typing this on is so, so much better. My 7-year-old Powerbook has a much better screen.

*Never* would have bought this if I'd seen it in person first, will probably return. Was expecting a lot better from Samsung, possibly I read too many reviews for the 13", which supposedly has a much better screen.

I mean seriously, Samsung? This is supposed to be your *best* laptop. How can you be so outclassed on the one component you actually design and manufacture by companies like Asus?

Others have mentioned the trackpad, it seems fine to me. The keyboard is definitely low-travel and bad for touch-typing. 1600x900 is really pretty blocky for a 15" ... I was deciding between this, MacBook Air, maybe Asus Zenbook Prime, IdeaPad Yoga or Thinkpad X1 Carbon (would have won but only 4GB max RAM Lenovo, WTF?) and definitely made the wrong choice.

Now that I have it, there's no real reason for the added weight/bulk of this vs. a 13" ultrabook when the screen would be subpar even for that class. MacBook Air 13" has it beat on every single criteria: quality, screen, keyboard, trackpad, price, CPU performance, SSD performance, usability. The Zenbook Prime has kind of plasticy hinky build quality, but it's much better in ways that count, it has an awesome screen, and reasonable enough keyboard and everything else.

I would have to think the 13" Series 9, since it supposedly has a better screen, and is also 900p, would be a better choice, too.

I was hoping for a MacBook Pro Retina lite-type machine -- 15" and thin, obviously without the quad-core i7 and retina display -- but this is really more like $600 ultrabook parts in a pro metal case.

I really wanted a Linux laptop and not a Mac but, whoops. I don't usually return things but this was going to be something I use hours each day, don't think I can handle it.

Build quality: 4/5
Screen: 1/5
Keyboard: 3/5
Trackpad: 3/5
Battery: ?

Anyway, even if you don't think you care that much about the screen, all I'm saying is you owe it to yourself to check this laptop out in person before ordering it.
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on March 25, 2014
The speed and performance are excellent on this notebook. It would nice if you could get to the hard drive without voiding the warranty. The area where your hands go also heats up quite fast so it may be good to invest in a pad or something.
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on August 1, 2013
I have coveted the Samsung Series 9 for quite a while now and its slim and sleek design does not disappoint. There isn't anything I don't love about this machine.
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on August 21, 2013
Hello people,

i bought this Ultrabook and it is really beautiful, thin, fast, nice to use and everything.

BUT, i found out two problems

1- It gets hot when connected into the energy, so its not very confortable to use on your lap

2- Also,when connected into energy, i hear static sound in my BOSE headphone (that is working fine). I think its because the audio output is near the energy path, but it shouldn't happen anyway and is ruining my experiencie with it.

These are two problems that wouldn't happen if i had bought a mac, that is almost the same price.

Anyway, does someone have some suggestion for me about the problem number 2 ? Can i fix this static sound somehow ? It won't go away by just changing the position of the energy wire, but only if i am not on the energy.

Thanks very much if someone could give me a light!!
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