Customer Reviews: Samsung PN51E450 51-Inch 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV (Black) (2012 Model)
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on March 6, 2012
I bought this for the bedroom because I can totally black it out. So far this has been an excellent choice. I decided to go with dumb Plasma 720 over a Smart 1080 LED. Saved a bundle and paired it with a nice Blu-Ray player with tons of apps. Picture quality is great and sound was a pleasant surprise. You have to change the sound settings out of the box, and then you are ready to roll. I ordered a surround sound to go with this but am contemplating sending that back.

Salesman will always tell you to go with 1080 LED, LCD or even 3D for Blu-Ray. A couple of comments on that. LCD and LED LCD do not have the glare issues that Plasma has and that is no different here. After that, Plasma has far truer color accuracy and much better blacks. The refresh rate is far superior on Plasmas. Also, when comparing a 720 to a 1080, most people cannot distinguish between the two after 10-12 feet. With a 51" you need to be at that distance to enjoy it. If you want 3D consider this. Content is extremely limited to mostly kids movies and bad adult ones. Blockbuster, Redbox and Netflix offer NO 3D Blu-Ray rentals as of today. VUDU is the only online vendor that streams 3D and that will break your bank.

I'm not being critical of LCD's here. I own a wonderful LG 3D smart TV and I love it. If your looking for a good TV without emptying out your wallet consider a 720 plasma. No bells and whistles, but do you really need Netflix or Youtube on 10 devices in your house?

Overall does what a TV should do very well and very large. Easy to setup, great picture and sound. Only con to this product is very limited connectivity. Only has two HDMI on the rear and 1 optical digital audio output. You will not be able to use HDMI pass through on this television. No ARC on the HDMI.

Just make sure you have a dark area and you will enjoy. 5 stars for just being a good tv.
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on March 3, 2012
I spent a lot of time comparing LCD, LED and Plasma and decided on the Plasma. They've done a good job overcoming some of their previous problems. I'm so glad I made this choice.

This is the "E", 2012 version of the "D" from 2011, which has gotten very good reviews.

The picture is crisp, colors are vibrant, black is so BLACK! The on-screen set up is easy, the menu system is simple and just about anyone can figure it out without much help from the directions. The commands are logical and the options for sound and picture dynamics work well for HD, digital or standard cable incoming signals, which is great since we get all three in our area. Don't be dissuaded by the 720p; it give great picture quality. We had a 1080p and at this size (51") we see no difference, it's a non-issue. Several people have said that in on-line reviews and they are right, I'm glad we listened to them.

The only minor issue is the shiny screen; if a lamp is on in the room you may see it reflected in the screen. But we watch TV with the lights off so it's not a problem at all.

The weight is less than 50 lb. making it easy to set up. It comes with a plastic stand that seems flimsy as you put it together but it's not, and it's perfectly capable of holding the television securely and looks great once assembled with a Phillips head screwdriver and the 8 screws that come with it.
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on March 30, 2012
This Samsung 43" plasma features some good basic features while performing very adequately in terms of picture and sound quality. All around it is a top choice for the person who wants a very affordable plasma television with the essential features, but may not do so well for the person who desires a much deeper level of choice in terms of connection options and has a bit more money to spend.

The positives for this plasma tv are that well, it's a plasma. These days LCD and LED flat panels have mostly overtaken the tv market, promising a brighter and smoother picture through their diode lighting and all the benefits of your quality plasma television. Though most of their claims are true, the simple fact is that the hardware of a plasma tv will always trump that of either an LCD or an LED. The blacks are MUCH truer and deeper on plasmas than anywhere else, and even in a decently well-lit room, a plasma can still perform well, so forget lots of that jargon saying that if you have a room with ANY sort of light coming in that a plasma will look absolutely horrid. Simply not true and very overaly exaggerated. Yes, while an LED and LCD would look somewhat brighter, this plasma in particular does have a significantly bright screen that would do well in a room with 1 or 2 windows letting light inside. Another reason the plasma hardware works better is that unlike many LED's, the picture frame rate is the truest standard for movies. Many LED implement a frame rate smoothing that even if turned off, still leaves a little bit of an ungenuine "soap opera" look to your favorite movies and tv shows. It's just the way the hardware is, no way around it; meanwhile, LCD's being the most affordable, have perhaps the worst of all black levels, and colors that can tend to appear too stale. Hence if you had to pick from the three, plasma is really the way to go. Anyway, this Samsung performs well in terms of picture, although not PERFECT.
Next, the sound quality I appreciated most. This tv has a significant boost in fullness of volume over previous models. You'll notice that the tv is fairly audible even at the volume set to 1, and watching comfortably you can put it up to 7 to 10. Previous Samsung tv's had some terrible volume levels, whereas some smaller older models having to be turned up to about 60 when watching a Blu-ray movie, and even worse for DVDs! So thankfully Samsung has greatly remedied these issues with their current tv's, and this television does an exceptional job for a thin flat panel in terms of sound. Things don't sound tinny at all, and having this tv in a bedroom I would see no reason for any type of soundbars if you just want to get some good basic sound out of the unit.
The tv also has 2 HDMI inputs, 1 component input, and a USB connection.
The tv is also very light, and one adult can fairly easily lift the unit from one place to another without a problem.
This tv is also pretty energy efficient, so you'll save some good money on your energy bill as this one has an estimated $17/year price on consumption; good for plasmas, as they have a tendency to suck the most juice between them and LCD and LED's.

The flaws are there, and noticeable, but minor depending on how much you expect to do with this television.
Now in terms of picture and sound quality, I see NO reason to gripe for either; considering those are the most important aspects of a television, the quality will seal the deal for many buyers just with that.
I used to own a 2010 model 450 series plasma, which although significantly heavier had MUCH better connection options. It also had a swivel stand which this tv doesn't. While that may not sound like a big deal, the swivel stand was a huge convenience. The reasoning for removing it was obviously to lessen the weight as well as production costs.
Onto the connection options... like I said, my older 2010 model was a better tv overall. Not only did it have a slightly sharper picture, but I could also do more with it (granted, I do prefer the sound quality of this newer model). The older tv had a cable box, PS3, PS2, and Gamecube hooked up. the PS2 and Gamecube both used component cables, and considering my older model had 2 component connections, they were both hooked up no problem. the PS3 and cable box used 2 of the 3 HDMI's that were available. The older unit also had 2 composite connections, whereas this new unit has NONE. So what you really have here is a measly 2 HDMI connections, one component connection and an option for USB. I had to purchase a separate component switcher in order for all of my units to function on the tv... but would have greatly preferred to have it all to the tv directly as to not compromise any sort of sound or video quality whatsoever. In this case, I'll have to.
Other may also not like the lighter and "cheaper" feel of the tv. You can tell lots was cut from this unit due to production costs, and although the older unit was heavier, it felt sturdier and like it would last years beyond however long this unit lasts. TV's are definitely not made how they used to be, but hopefully this unit stands the test of time because I still don't know the overall quality of the hardware and its lasting power just yet. I'll edit this review if anything goes wrong.

The very same night that I wrote this review (and only about 3 days of owning the tv) I noticed in the upper right corner area there are 2 dead and still pixels, one black and the other green. Dead pixels are nothing new to tvs, and I really don't notice this one at all if I'm watching from a reasonable distance (like 6 to 9 feet away), but up close at about 4 feet away I do notice it if there is a white or light colored image on the screen. May not seem like a big deal but a dead pixel is a dead pixel. I'm going over to Best Buy tomorrow and purchasing their 4-year Geeksquad extended plan, because I've had the Geeksquad over my house for another tv and they do good work. If in a couple of years the tv goes bad overall, they even replace it with another similar unit. Or I can pay to upgrade. I'd rather do this than call Samsung because then they'll just send over a third-party company who will probably do a hack job. I trust the Geeksquad.
Someone also commented below about overheating or heat release. There is no significant heal release from this unit whatsoever. Heat release is something of the past with flat-panels. I used to own a 42" Panasonic plasma (actually, I still have it and it works great, just in another room of the house), and it was pretty bulky considering I got it about 5 to 6 years ago. It has very significant heat release and is downright uncomfortable to watch in an enclosed room in the summer time, and I even used to use it as a little heater during the winter!

It is also important to note that there is NO internet or wi-fi capabilities on this unit at all. This is just your standard tv for a good price that performs well.

So why did I get rid of my older plasma even though I preferred it a bit more? It had a burn-in issue from watching too many standard definition tv shows. This newer plasma perhaps won't burn-in so easily considering the updated hardware, but at least I know to take care of it.
All picture, sound and burn-in protection options on the tv itself are the same as Samsung's older models (same standard, movie, voice, amplify options for sound and standard, movie and dynamic options for picture, as well as the options to customize these).

For the casual buyer on a budget this really is a no-brainer, also those who intend on using this tv for a bedroom or single room, and they'll be perfectly happy. For the most hardcore enthusiest and/or gamer type, I would strongly suggestion finding another model with more picture and connection options. Although these days it's hard to find a tv with the amount of connection options of the past.
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on December 2, 2012
I love this TV it worth every penny, it has a beautiful picture, the sound is amazing(no sound bar needed trust me), amazing color! After I purchaced the set I went down to hhgreg and compared the 1080p version to the 720p version an honestly I could hardly tell the difference! The difference was that a football game was on and the small bar at the bottom that showed the team and the score was slightly car crisper on 1080p, but I need to ask is it worth a hundred more dollars?

My wife and I generally use this for watching our roku box 720p, it looks amazing! All and all we love this TV, we were stuck between this and a scepter 50", but we have long loved Samsung tv's and got it for an amazing price so it was a no brainer! The picture has no blur, and none if that soap opera effect I hate. It has no frills its just a plain TV, I feel 3D, internet, smart TV blah blah feels gimmicky!

But here are the down sides, its a plasma so it does get some image pretension but its not bad and fades quickly. And here is the big kicker! When plasma's first came out there was a gap between the plasma screen and the outer screen, how ever that gap was removed to reduce reflection and to make them thinner. However plasma's put off heat this causes thermal expansion, the molecules speed apart inside the unit swelling the whole TV a very small amount. Now that there is no gap in the screen Samsung plasma's have been suffering from internal cracks on the plasma screen its self! The swelling forces the two screens so close together that the very hard outer glass cracks the week inner plasma screen. This is not covered by samsung, and if it happens to you, you will be denid by there warranty department! Google Samsung internal crack, and you will find thousands of people who are out a lot of money and a TV!

The good news, as far as my research could tell the units that were hit by this were the 2010,2011 units a lot of D models. As far as I could tell no one has suffered from this with any of this years E models.. To make sure of this I called Samsung they were apsolutly useless, I called best buy they sell this and many other Samsung TV's' and hhgreg, hhgreg said they sell a lot of this TV and have not had this problem, best buy said they have not heard of this problem either! So as far as I can tell there units are not effected.. It does scare me though! Me and my wife got this for each other for our 6 year anniversary and we both love it, but we our light on funds and big purchases come few and far in between in our family, so the thought of being out all that money is beyond scary!
But this TV stays pretty cool for a plasma, so that plus my research comforts me

Why did I write this review? It probably looks like I both love and hate this TV, NO I love this TV and we wouldn't trade it.. I wrote it for two reasons, 1. I believe that the consumer should know what there buying and the risks that could come along with it ie if your TV starts blinking, shutting its self off, getting streaks, shut it off don't turn it back on, call Samsung and tell them what's happening don't turn it back on! 2. For those who have already read reviews and did research on samsungs internal crack problem, don't necessarily count this TV out as my research shows Samsung may have fixed the problem! And ALL reviews for this TV that say internal cracks are intact not for this TV but a similar one from the year before! In other words buy it love it but be aware!
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on November 27, 2012
I bought this television the Saturday after Black Friday from Best Buy for $379.99 (about $413 including tax). It has replaced my 4 year old 32" Insignia LCD screen in my bedroom and it is an obvious step up. Black levels are superb, as should be expected from any plasma TV. Picture quality while watching HD programming is amazing. Watching football games is an absolute thrill with this TV. There really isn't any motion blur to complain about. The source of the signal does seem to matter. For example games airing on ESPN and CBS look better than those airing on FOX.

Compared to my other 51" Samsung plasma everything is pretty close in terms of black levels and clarity, the biggest difference I see is in terms of color. The 51" plasma does offer a richer picture in terms of color density, but then again that TV was double the price of this one.

Audio is pretty solid. With the cable volume set to max, I usually have the TV volume set around 17 or 18 and that's plenty loud for me.

The lack of inputs don't bother me as I knew of this before purchasing it and at the moment I only have my cable box and Xbox 360 (via HDMI) connected to it. The USB input is pretty neat as I have about 800GB of TV shows and movies on an external hardrive that I can now easily access and watch.

Overall given the price I paid for the television, this is an excellent television with great picture clarity and amazing black levels.

My biggest suggestion for those looking to buy this TV (or any TV for that matter) is to play around with the picture settings and even Google picture (or calibration) settings in order to get the picture you want. For anybody who is curious these are the settings that I use (FYI I am usually 6 feet away from the TV):

Mode- Movie
Cell Light-17
Sharpness- 10
Size- Screen Fit
Brightness 50
Contrast- 95
Color 52
G/R Tint 45/55
Color Space - Auto
Gamma- -1
Dynamic Contrast - off
Black Tone- Darkest
Flesh Tone- +1
Color Tone- Warm1
Digital Noise Filter- Off

White Balance:
R-offset- 21
G-offset- 28
B-offset- 22
R-gain- 20
G-gain- 27
B-gain- 23
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on May 13, 2013
I bought this TV(43") around SuperBowl time, which apparently is the best time for television prices(even better than Black Friday)... got a smokin' deal from Amazon.

This is my first flat screen, I've been watching a 32" Toshiba for the last 12 years, so this is like going from a choo-choo train to the space shuttle in size and clarity for me.

Picture: IMO stunning. There are an infinite amount of adjustments and settings available(which I'm sure all modern TV's possess), so you can tailor it just to your liking and to your different input devices. I think it's just a knockout. The blacks are deep, the colors are vibrant, and there's great brightness and contrast control to set it specifically for your lighting conditions, which is really nice.

I generally watch this TV about 8-9 feet away, and for me any closer gets a bit over whelming. IMO the 43" size is about right for my space.

Glare: I would not let reviews about reflection dissuade you from a great TV for a great price. Since I've been watching a CRT my entire life, maybe I'm just used to a certain amount of glare, but it does not annoy or distract me one bit. I certainly don't feel like it's especially bad with this Samsung. I view this TV in an open plan living room/kitchen/dining space about 25' by 25'. There are three pairs of double hung windows in this room along with a full length glass door. They are all shaded, and on the windows I have particularly effective white, polyester shades that reach over to the molding so there is no direct light leaking through... but it is a well lit, but well diffused, room in the daytime.

Viewing angle: There is no viewing angle on this TV. You can literally stand to the side of it and watch... this combined with the 43" size allows me to sit at my kitchen table, kitty-corner across the room(22-23' away) and have the ability to comfortably watch programming.

Sound: I think the sound is good... doesn't strike me as "tinny" at all. Some older documentary programing I may have to crank up the volume to near 40(I believe it goes to 100), but on some newer movies and I can have it just above 10. Also would add that the half dozen or so volume categories(clear voice, movie, etc.) really seem to work well for me and are pretty handy, but I assume this is a common feature with flat screens these days.

Odds n ends:

I set this TV up by myself, not really heavy or difficult to move around, so that's a plus.

I've read some reviews about loud buzzing, something that my example does not display, when you're face is up close to the screen, wiping down the frame or whatnot, there is a faint buzz, but not noticeable when viewing programming.

I've read that Plasmas are prone to giving off lots of heat, but I believe I read this particular model has some new technology that allows it to run without giving off much heat, and I can confirm it doesn't really at all.

The frame is beautiful. A glossy piano black finish. Can be frustrating to neat-freaks I guess since it shows all dust, but does look great.

Dislikes: The remote is small and slick. It's rounded on the bottom and at the back so it squirts out of hand once in a while. I would have preferred even a large brick over this design... I think Samsung could have done better.

Two HDMI plugs are not enough. I'm no techy, I don't do video games and stuff but if you've got a blue-ray player and say, another all region DVD player, you're already full. Probably not a big deal to expand it, but just an annoyance.

I'm really glad I'm so cheap and did a fair bit of research. Plasma is something I hadn't considered because of all the negatives I'd heard in the past, but I've been waiting for a good, name-brand 42" flat screen to come in under $400... just wasn't happening.

Because of good pricing I started researching plasma... it turns out that there are a lot of myths from the past associated with this mature technology, and they are in fact superior in may ways to the latest LED/LCD displays. I feel like I scored a better product for a better price.

Anyway, awesome piece of entertainment technology for under $400... hope this helps!
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on August 24, 2012
We bought a more than twice as expensive, but still fairly low-end, LED TV, also from samsungSamsung UN55EH6000 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Black), but were very disappointed with the picture. Everything looked so fake, like it was made by high-school amateurs. Returned it and got this one, which has a great picture and sound. No humming noise, which was a problem on older plasmas, and it also feel lighter and even thinner than the LED we had bought. If you are going to go for a cheap TV plasma is definitely much better than LED still. Perhaps the very best LED TVs can have pictures comparable to this one, but then you are talking completely different prices.

I have a roku so no need for the smart features of their more expensive lineup, and 720p works great for mainly simple TV viewing and streaming.

All in all very pleasantly surprised by this set. It's design is not stunning, but it's not bad either, and if you hang it on the wall it looks less clunky.
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on April 25, 2012
This TV is a great deal! I have always loved plasmas and finally got one. This is in my bedroom and I have a higher end 46" Samsung LCD in the living room. I would take this over the LCD any day for picture quality. For a lot less money you get a much better picture than any LCD can ever provide and the stigma around plasmas simply isn't true. Buy this and you won't regret it. I only gave it average marks on features simply because it doesn't have WiFi but who needs it anyway, you have so many devices that have apps like game consoles and Blu Ray players.
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on March 26, 2012
This is my secound plasma tv i own but it is the best. Picture is perfect, sound is great and the quality is high. This samsung 51 inch is worth every penny. Great buy and awsome deal thank you guys
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on July 16, 2012
I purchased a Samsung 6050 Smart LED with 1080HD...then I purchased the Samsung 450 series as a secondary TV. I say that the picture is just as good....or even slightly better with the plasma 450 series. Even though it is a integrates well with my components.

It doesn't have the Smart system...but that is easily solved by buying a AppleTV...which integrates well to all my apple products.

I highly recommend the 450 series. Basically you can't go wrong with a Samsung.
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