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217 of 218 people found the following review helpful
on June 22, 2013
I'll keep this review simple. The TV is incredible with great picture and 16x9 movies with black bars standout ,making the black bars not noticeable. I came from a samsung 2 year old 50 inch to this 60. Its very noticeable the picture increase. The frame on the newer models (2013-F5500) is thinner, with more screen real estate vs more of a noticeable frame.Blacks are great! and Pure! Colors pop out even with reflections from light sources.

Ill add some of the features which I had to dig for because the Samsung rep was not aware or hidden in the online manual. Im more of a feature person, started to notice Samsung online limited the technical information regarding their televisions.


NO remote lag, quick menu transitioning.

Built in Wireless N 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

Streams 5.1 from Netflix, Amazon video, hulu plus etc

Clear speakers-I set mine to clear voice.

Colors stand out even with ambient light cancelling out any reflections.

Great TV from any angle.

DARK Blacks , vibrant WHITES, and Greys blend in with black well, it also enhances the color and images because the TV has great black reproduction.(typical plasma)

HDMI 1.4 (no internet pass threw) Samsung rep had no idea just said "the newest standard" and wasn't listed in there online booklet.After some digging and verified at home, it is HDMI 1.4 just no internet pass threw.

MHL connection from the side. (Mobile High def link) ie Roku stream sticks, Chrome Cast from google, and mobile devices. (it powers the item) Samsung site kept this information hidden. I had to dig for it. Future ready.

NO HEAT. My 2 year old Samsung Plasma gave off a ton of heat. This one barely anything.

Built in Wifi direct for Samsung products Galaxy Line and tablets or get a 3rd party app from Android play store . File transfer big files almost instantly.You phone/Tablet needs Wifi direct.

Vibrant picture, deep blacks, and non-16x9 movies stand out to the point you no longer notice the black bars. 3D is okay, but I've only messed with a few games having it built in like Uncharted 3, Wipeout HD and its noticeable gaming layer. Have not tried a film with it.

3D glass's use a battery watch , which last 150 hours, easy to replace. The batteries cost about $2. Replacement glasses are $17 comes with 2.

Remote is easy to use, has a skip the main screen ability instead of going application to application. One quick swipe on a stand out bar in the track pad jumps to the next screen by passing the constant pictures, movies, applications etc instead of going one by one on the screen. Voice guidance you need to talk into the remote , not just into the TV. (my mistake lol). Has a setting to have all applications, including firmware auto download.Remote is bluetooth , so the signal is better than any television ive own that had , so far no dead spots.Very accurate even when sitting down.

Thin frame, you notice the big picture screen real estate instantly coming from a 50 inch. Which had wider frames making the TV larger than what it actually was. On this TV is more of a pure picture experience.

60 pounds without a stand and 66 with floor stand.

As listed, Amazon video built in, Hulu PLUS, Netflix etc


The screen reflects, so it takes a little getting use to. I adjusted after a few hours of watching the TV off in the living room. (The TV caught my attention since its in the same room as my PC) The trade off of such a good picture is 100% worth it and when its on, reflection go away since you have an image vs pure black screen. The reflection only kicks in when the television is off. Typical of a plasma set, but once you go plasma, its hard going to LCD/LED which have issues reproducing blacks and greys.

Instruction for the 3D glass is clumsy. When the glasses are on, the screen LCD in the glasses turn on making them darker. (visual cue its on). When the TV set is on (the 3D) glasses auto turn off after they are synced to the set. To make sure its completely off. leave the TV 3D effect on and manually shut the glasses on while the 3D effect is on the screen. They give no indication its on or off. No blinking light etc. By having a 3D image on the TV (3D mode) it gives you the chance to shut the glasses because the 3D effect will not work and the LCD lens on it lightens up. Even when glasses are off, the TV pops an image on the screen saying synced. Which can give an idea its on, instead of off. Its better to rely on the glasses to no longer giving you 3D as a cue its 100% powered off.

No Wireless AC (new standard) Hopefully they will release an add on like a stick to be able to use the new speeds. Wireless N in 5ghz and 2.4 is excellent still . (id rather have all , plus wireless AC) This is newer tech , so its expected.


Those were my only annoyances with the sets.. which is really nothing compared to the befits the set gives you.3D is good, blacks are dark and has multiple adjustments to make them darker.I will not be using the TV for 3D but rarely. Mostly gaming, movies, Hulu plus etc. Gaming was excellent (typical plasma set with high refresh rate). Skype ready (you just need their $100 skype 720p camera add on.). You also need the camera for motion so it can track your hand movements. By default its on, but does not work because you need the Skype Camera.Streaming was solid. I ran mine in 5ghz wireless N. No stutter on 720p streams from Hulu Plus. I have not tried full HD 1080p streams. 5ghz Wireless N needs to be close to the unit. Not to far off because the signal is smaller. Typical, and not a Samsung defect.. all wireless 5ghz signals are limited to a smaller foot print..I am loving the TV. the duel core makes switching between apps, screens and transition smoother and the strong signal allows youtube, streaming content to work instantly and on button press.
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124 of 134 people found the following review helpful
on May 1, 2013
I bought this to replace my pn58c500. So my impressions are based off of the differences of these 2 models. I also have a 46" Samsung LCD in my bedroom to compare with.

First impressions are WOW what a difference in picture quality. I thought my pn58c500 had a good picture but this is way more cleaner and clearer overall. Watched some of a Monster vs. Alien show on Netflix and it looked amazing. Everything is clear and vibrant. The sound seems fine to me. I have it mounted on the wall at an angle, so maybe the speakers sound better that way. The sound is robust, clear, and has decent surround depth to its output. Now would it sound as good as the surround sound turned on and up, NO. But I watch mostly at late night when everyone is sleeping and only use the surround sound on weekends.

Now some of the annoyances are
#1 - the remote is not very good, it only has a handful of buttons and most of the ones you need and want to use are buried in sub menus that you must use the touch pad to access. Which is hit or miss on selecting the correct item(will probably take more time to figure out the sensitivity). This is not for someone who has never used a smartphone or rarely uses a computer or mouse. They would probably chuck the remote through the TV within 5 min of use.

#2 - There isn't a power off button on the front of the display bezel(at least that I can find). The buttons are on the back of the display. My kids have learned to turn on the TV with the front buttons and then just turn on the xbox. Helps with keeping track of the remote. Especially now that it is so small and easy to misplace.

Now some more points:
- 2d-3d conversion seems pretty good. I have been watching some regular netflix shows and playing some games(Battlefield 3 and Halo 4) and they all look decent in 3d. Reminds me of the 3DS 3D output.
- 3D seems good I can't really compare as this is my first home experience with 3D, I do seem to think it is something I won't use on a regular basis.
- Input lag isn't a problem, I was going to get the Panasonic ST60 but saw that it was having input lag issues, so got this instead since I game alot on my TV. No problems so far in COD:BO2, BF3, or Halo 4.
- Wireless is built in, I have hooked it to my Wireless N network with no problems and have also used a wired connection. No noticeable difference between the two.
- I have no problem with it turning onto HDMI 1 when powering on, unlike previous reviews mine never starts in smart hub.
- Reflection is no more than my previous TV and I have a large window directly to the right of the TV.
- Motion and movement scenes are very clear and smooth
- The smart hub when I first setup the TV wouldn't do anything, I had it wired into my router. I could see all the apps names but no pictures for the apps and nothing would work. I though something was wrong but it was just downloading everything, wish it would have given a notice so I didn't waste 15min trying to get netflix to open.
- The xbox360 netflix app is alot better than the smart tv app, but if it is all that you have it will be ok. One weird thing I have noticed is it seems that each app has its own settings and some can't be adjusted and some can't do 2d-3d conversion.

Overall very pleased with my purchase, picture is great, sound is great. I just wish the remote had more buttons for quick actions for example: a button to change picture size, picture mode, quick 3d menu, and they need to make remotes that have programmable buttons without buying another remote.

Extended Impressions......July 14th 2013

After some more time I figured I would add some more info. The remote is absolutely terrible, from the awkward button placement to the size and shape. I don't know how many times I have turned the power off when trying to adjust the volume. I have very large hands so that may have something to do with it. Also this remote gets lost on a daily basis and can seem to slip and slide down into the deepest abyss of your couch. The sound now seems messed up almost like the speakers are blown because with any bass sound it comes out distorted and blown sounding. Not sure if they are blown or not but need to call and have it looked at. The screen seems to ghost almost immediately upon powering on, it goes away once the screen changes but just seems weird to ghost even after a couple of seconds of an image up on the screen. I have not had problems with burn-in or IR. I have taught the kids to use the Scrolling bars after every use of them playing Xbox. Unlike my earlier review the TV now DOES start in smart hub every single time it powers on, very annoying and can't find any way to switch it directly to the input upon powering up. I still find it annoying that each app has different picture settings and you can't adjust all the settings for the apps pictures.

I have gotten my phone to sync up and miracast or screenshare my LG Optimus G screen to my plasma. My phone is rooted and this only works on 4.2.2 roms. Screen and picture are still looking great and I don't notice the pentile display that some have mentioned unless I am standing right next to the screen, I almost think it makes the picture clearer when you are viewing at normal distance 10-15ft. I also never use the 3D mode so can't really add any valued comments for that. Overall still a great TV for the price, I am going to try one of the remote apps for my phone and see how that works. For now I grabbed my old plasma remote and am using it since it has all the buttons on the remote that I want to use.
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105 of 120 people found the following review helpful
on April 12, 2013
Updated 4/19

For the price I paid, it's a steal.

Day 1.
The good
- 1. Setup was super easy.
- 2. The default settings on the TV had a very good picture.
- 3. Black performance & 3D was very good.
- 4. Speakers were tinny, but way better than decent - a big surprise.

A few annoyances
- 2. as a small beep when you raised or lower the volume.
- 3. I couldn't get the TV to burn in as it would shut off every few hours without activity. I thought I changed all that in the settings but it didn't work. Could be user error.
- 4. When you turned on the TV, it would go directly into SmartHub. I am not going to use SmartHub much and would rather use my standard DirecTV remote. I cannot find a way to "default" it into HDMI1. An updated DTV remote code can fix this but you will have to flip the DirecTV Remote switch to TV, press Select, then move the DirecTV switch back to the box. Pretty annoying. If you buy a Harmony, you can program the remote to fix this.
- 5. The remote is kind of weird. It was this multitouch old school laptop trackpad thing. I'm no sure if I like it yet.

For ordering - I recommend 270 degree HDMI port savers.

After a few days.
- 1. I added a Samsung HW-E450C sound bar. It worked immediately with the TV. Wireless connectivity (SoundShare) worked great. No discernible difference from optical to wireless. It takes about 20 seconds for the wireless to kick in.
- 2. After break in, the blacks were pretty impressive. Watched Van Helsing on blu-ray to test blacks and was very happy with the level of detail.
- 3. I have witnessed only 1 distorted image in several viewing days. It lasted for only a split second.
- 4. I am not a fan of the smart remote for changing channels. When using SmartHub, it's good.
- 5. Like all plasmas, the screen is super reflective. Even in a mildly lit room, you will see the light source. With the brightness turns up, the TV does power thru it.
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on November 25, 2013
This is an initial review of the 64" model. Possible updates to follow. First, ordered from Amazon, delivery was prompt and safe, price was as good as anyone I could find. Unit is well packed for shipping from Samsung. I replaced a 50" Samsung plasma with this set.

Here are my first impressions.............

-picture is bright, colors appear accurate, black levels seem good
-set is lighter than the smaller set it replaced
-build quality seems to be excellent
-aesthetics (without the stand) of the tv are very nice
-HDMI outputs run parallel with the wall instead of at a right angle to minimize "stand out" of cable
-no motion blur at all so far
-screen "buzz" is within acceptable levels to me
-the apps section starts fast, and is fairly clean and intuitive
-Netflix app looks very good, is stable, and has 5.1 out via the optical connection
-I prefer the little control "nub" on the back of the bezel....saves the finger prints from the touch sensitive are of my old set
-OTA ATSC tuner is on par with others
-PiP looks very good
-speakers sound ok.....previous reviewers had me dreading this


-screen is VERY reflective....all plasmas are, but this one more so than my last...NOT an issue 90% of the time
-HDMI ports are too far "inboard" from the edge of the set....will make temporary connections difficult
-A/V (component/composite), and antenna connections are right angle to the wall
-the remote takes ALOT to get used to......most people will be glad to have a universal
-no way to learn IR from the supplied remote as it is Bluetooth
-too much emphasis is placed on the SmartTV functions, just give me a great picture!!
-some of the apps are very poor
-black levels don't make my jaw drop
-no 2nd tuner for PiP

Many of the features of this model will have very limited, if any use for me. I could have picked up the step down model, the 5300 series, but I wanted to stay with the higher quality set. 3D, HDMI ARC, the "OnTV" functionality, PiP, wireless, 80% of the apps, the Bluetooth remote, will not get used enough by me really appreciate or give detailed info of.

All in all...........I am still a fan of plasma, even with it's shortcomings as the picture quality is the ultimate driver for me. I do wish that Samsung would have made a set with the PQ of the 8500 series without all the extras.....just give us a stripped down monitor panel with the best picture available......but I realize that I am in the minority here.

Any major changes in opinion, operation, or issues will be updated.
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26 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on October 6, 2013
If you read the other reviews you will have everything you need to know. The reflective nature of the set can be a problem and we ended up hanging up some new drapes to darken the room certain times of the day. Some people hate the remote. I love the remote. If you get everything set up, and your TV starts at the "Smart Hub" as some have complained, the fix is simple. Go through the setup menu and you will find a simple option to disable it if you so desire. Many of the complaints are simply not becoming familiar with the options in the various menus. After two months, I really am somewhat of an expert when it comes to setting up various options. All and all, I feel it is a great set BUT.....and to me this is a BIG BUT, when you set up the Smart Features "On TV Settings" you may have a problem if you don't live in a large city with one of the big cable providers. I have spent countless hours with Samsung trying to resolve this problem without any satisfaction at all. When you go through the setup process, it asks you to select a service provider. It asks you to enter your zip code to find the right provider. After doing so, the setup gives you a list of the providers in your zip code area. For me, it lists four and one is my provider (zip code 824114 TCT West Basin/Greybull IPTV ) .... when I select my provider it asks me to "press the channel up or down buttons on your remote" and asks "did your set-top box change channel?) This is repeated three times, each time the answer is "no" and finally it asks me to "Search model Number" which I do. This does not bring up anything to select and it then says in part ...."if it's not on the list now, it will be available soon. Please quit and set up later." Two months later nothing has been fixed. Samsung
blames it on my (can you believe this) service provider. Of course, my service provider is unable to resolve this
even though they spent countless hours talking to Samsung on the phone. The problem is NO ONE who knows
how to fix this problem at Samsung is available. You can call corporate, you can call level two support, and all
they can do is read out of the instruction manual. It pains me to say this, but at this point I know much more
about the setup than Samsung support. One Samsung rep told me my STB was not compatible with their
"universal" remote but I proved him wrong. Another option after you enter your zip code and the list of providers
comes up is "My provider's not here." If I select it the following message comes up...."On TV window of Smart
Hub will not be displayed, since your service provider is not supported." Remember, by service provider IS listed
as supported. Anyway, if I continue with the "my service provider is not here" I can enter my service provider as
"Entone" (the name of my STB) and now the remote works with my STB 100%. BUT the "On TV" window of the
Smart Hub will not function. If you don't mind paying for the Smart Functions, then you will have no problems
with this television. If they work fine, if they don't fine. But if you want all the features that you paid for you may
not get them. And Samsung support is poor at best. Three times I was told someone would call me back within
two business days but it never happened. There is no way I can find to check and see if your cable provider will
work with the remote etc. before you buy this. And no logic when dealing with Samsung.. Buyer beware.
UPDATE 12-19-13. Nothing new from Samsung. My Cable provider sent their two top IT people to my house a week ago and so far they have no clue. The NetFlix app no longer works. I will keep this link up to date.
1/21/14 Update: I am lowering the rating because of the following:
I too must downgrade this set. The picture is great, until you facture in the reflective qualities of the screen. I moved into a new home and the TV is facing away from the window, yet I still get reflections of lamps etc. In short, unless you have a completely dark room you will notice reflections. Sometimes it is quite bad. Other times it is not that noticeable. Another gripe. Samsung ignores my pleas to fix the remote to work with my stb. Some of the support knows less about this TV than I do. I get remarks such as "your sbt is not compatible with our remote. Even though I have proved it is not true, and even though they have my isp listed as supported, they have not been of any help whatever getting my problem resolved. I own a Galaxy 3 Tab 3 10.1, and it's software doesn't work properly, I Own a Galaxy S3 phone, and it's software doesn't work properly. So I guess I expect too much from Samsung. When this TV dies, I will be moving to another brand. I will do my homework next time. Oh, another thing, my isp (cable company) has spent hours trying to work with Samsung. You would think Samsung would try to work with them, but no. Nobody listens at Samsung.
2/27/14 UPDATE: I said "Nobody listens at Samsung"..... Google this.... "do Samsung Smart TVs spy on us?" You may be shocked at the results. I am disabling most of the "Smart Functions" as a result. Buyer beware.
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22 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on June 23, 2013
I ordered my PN51F5500 on Tuesday June 18, and got it delivered by CEVA on Friday June 21. I went with Amazon for their return policy as well as the white glove service. Having to pay CA Tax, it was worth it as the white glove service else where can go upwards to $200.

Delivery was top notch. The Samsung TV came inside it's own Samsung box, but delivered by CEVA, it came in another larger one. I'm not sure if this is how televisions are shipped to begin with, but it provided me a good sense comfort knowing that my TV was not damaged during travel. The CEVA delivered my TV on the second floor, and set it up rather quickly. They knew what they were doing, and the television was flawless.

Onto the plasma. I'm not a videophile. My other television is a Vizio LCD M420SL which is at least 4-5 years old. I went back and forth between LED and Plasma and made my decision to go with the plasma after everyone's ordeal with light bleed & faulty units. So what can I say about this plasma? I LOVE IT! Picture quality is top notch. In SD, you really can't appreciate it, but in HD, it's a gem! I've watched Netflix non stop on this, and everything is so crisp and clean. Blacks are black, colors are not over saturated, no light bleed, and everything is even.

1. The swivel stand is a plus as I can move it around while I am on the computer and still watch TV, and then move it back to face my bed.
2. The SMART remote is also great to use. If you are technologically hip, it shouldn't be a problem to use. You can draw channel numbers to switch channels, swiping back and forth is a breeze. Voice control is also simplistic. This should be the new standard.
3. The 3D feature is cool, but I really haven't used it. I find 3D not a necessity, but more a plus to have just because it's standard feature. TONS of smart apps, and the dual core processor is quick enough.
4. Plenty of Net Apps for you to mess around with (Netflix, HULU, Amazon, NBA TV, MLB, etc.)

1. Sound comes downward from the television, and isn't forward facing like my LCD. It isn't BAD, but I wouldn't say it's great. Volume just needs to be up a bit depending on what you are watching.
2. This is really dependent on the person, but yes, this screen is REFLECTIVE. Understand this before you buy. If you put the television around a lot of light, you'll see it. I personally don't think it's a make or break. I love my purchase.
review image review image review image
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on September 28, 2013
I purchased 2 of the 51" models. Both have awesome pictures, the best I have ever seen. If you got a low lit room, plasma is the way to go. The 3D looks spectacular. The remote is a little odd and too small for a TV with so many options. It has a touch-pad sensor, and I'm thinking with a lot of use, the touch-pad will get worn out. Then you would need to purchase a new remote if they are still available in the future. Also, I had to disable the goofy "what's on" menu. Every time the TV is turned on, that thing would pop up. The biggest problem I'm having is the sound. The TV speakers are horrible. I have owned both TV's for 15 days now. One of the TV's started distorting anything with a certain bass level -background music, explosions, etc. The bass now sounds like thunder, and rumbles with distortion when it hits a certain bass frequency. The only way to fix this is to turn down the eq levels between 100-300Hz, but then the sound becomes flat. I guess the other way to fix it is go through a Home Theater System and don't use the TV speakers at all. By doing a google search for the problem, I have found that other Samsung TV's have this issue as well. One explanation points to a fault in case design. The bass distortion is caused by a lack of insulation in the speaker cavity of the case. So when it hits a certain frequency, it rattles something on the inside of the case. I always had the TV at a reasonable sound level, nothing that would cause a speaker to blow. It's strange that it does it on just certain low frequencies. If the speakers are that fragile, I'm really cautious to bring the other TV up to a enjoyable sound level.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2013
I've had this TV set for 2 months now and it has blown me away ............... certainly delivers much more that I expected.
The color, sound (I've installed a home theater system), picture, resolution, clarity, and ease of use make this set a complete package.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on October 29, 2013
We had to send the first TV back due to color distortion in bottom right hand corner -- exchanging it was effortless thanks to Amazon. Second TV's color is great, however the TV is quirky. The apps don't always work (about 7 out of 10 times they work... 30% of the time it's frustrating!) immediately and I've had to turn off the TV & "restart" on several occasions :( Husband loves it for game-playing, I just want to watch my shows & it's extremely upsetting when my down time turns into a stressful occasion...
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on September 9, 2013
I've wanted a plasma tv for some time. When I found the Samsung it was exactly what I was looking for. I wear prescription glasses so 3D doesn't work for me. But I still get an AWESOME PICTURE. I love it, my brother is jealous. I'm so happy.
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