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349 of 359 people found the following review helpful
on April 27, 2012
I love my new Samsung PN51E6500 51-Inch 3D Plasma Smart HDTV!
To avoid redundancy I will leave the main feature reviews to the other reviewers and try to cover some other possibly useful areas.
It was extremely difficult for me to find out information about PIP when these first came out, so for anyone who is wondering, it DOES have picture in picture (PIP). It is hidden under the System menu. It is not split screen (disappointing!), where the two windows are equal size, and it is a single tuner, so you cannot easily watch two broadcast sources, but you can have (for instance) an exercise DVD playing in one window while someone else watches the news or a soap opera or a Football game. Of course you can only hear the sound from one input at a time. I haven't tried using the antenna as an input or using the extra features of a Blu-Ray player as input, but I imagine there are other ways to finagle the inputs.

I highly recommend registering your HDTV at the Samsung site, as they give you an extra 3 months of warranty for doing so. If you think that is not significant, let me tell you MY story. I had a 2010 Samsung PN50C680G5FXZA that I had purchased around Christmas of 2010. It started having problems with the power supply in January of 2012, which normally would have been out of warranty, but I had luckily registered the TV and received the extra 3 months of coverage! Samsung first sent a repairman out to attempt to fix the problem. He replaced a circuit board, but the problem persisted. He then ordered more parts, but apparently Samsung has a policy that your repair should be completed within a certain period of time, so I called support and they preceded to investigate a refund or exchange. I did bounce around a bit between the support staff, but with a little persistence, I was able to get an exchange for the 2012 model with equivalent (or better) features (They didn't have any 2011 models in stock.) This is the HDTV I am reviewing.

Needless to say, I am VERY happy with the end result of my Samsung support experience.

Please don't forget to register for the extra three months of warranty coverage!!!

I am a sole caregiver for my wife, who has Early Onset Alzheimer's and don't have time to write many reviews, so if you feel this one has been helpful, PLEASE consider voting for this review.
Thank you,
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69 of 71 people found the following review helpful
on September 16, 2012
I spent months debating about this set, and the Panasonic ST50, driving myself utterly insane, and roaming several AV focused sites, such as HDTVtest, AVS, and AV. When not researching online, I would go out to several stores and demo the respective units myself. It was a long process, and in the end I pulled the trigger on this particular set. Yes, the Panasonic has the better black levels. That is the truth. However, only slightly. Some people may care about that slight improvement, some people may not. To me, personally, it was not enough. I needed an overall value that the Panasonic could not offer.

The e6500 offers better input lag, motion handling, better output of non optimal HD sources such as from a cable provider or streaming applications, a better anti reflective filter, and bette color reproduction. Another selling point to me was also what most professional AV sites have observed: excellent resistance to Image retention. I have observed none. This is indeed a beautiful set. The picture quality is amazing, the Smart TV features are robust, and of course, the 60 inch size truly makes for an immersive experience. Even the design of the set itself is gorgeous with classy looks. The AR filter works great, and the set gets plenty bright with no visable reflections that can be a bane to plasma. What I will say is this - invest in a home theater system, or a home theater in a box, or even a sound bar. Why? The speakers are not very good. The sound output is too low, with not enough depth. I have to pump the volume up for this set. Besides, if you are investing in a 60 inch tv, might as well invest a decent sound system for it in my opinion.

I just was not able to put up with the some of the issues plaguing the Panasonic model, which is excellent by the way. Issues such as stubborn image retention, vertical bands, and dirty screen effects. Not every one will experience those issues, as it seems to be a panel lottery, but I have read enough complaints about them in the past year to make me rethink my original choice. I also witnessed some of these issues in store, but not on the Samsung.

Speaking of a lottery, yes it is true that some people may get a "buzzer". Some people get a loud one, some a faint one, and some none at all. I am happy to say that mine has no buzz at all. If you do get a "buzzer", Amazon has a great return and exchange policy. Just swap it out. Luckily, I will not have to do that.

Again, the Samsung and Panasonic are both terrific sets. One cannot go wrong. It is a question of what you can live with and what you can live without. This is just one customers recommendation.
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79 of 92 people found the following review helpful
on March 25, 2012
This TV has amazing picture quality, deep blacks and is bright enough to watch during the day without having to block out the windows. However, during any bright scenes it emits an electronic buzz. This buzzing becomes incredibly loud while watching 3D content, audible even over fairly loud volumes. The 3D also has very noticeable crosstalk with high contrast areas, white text on a black background is nearly unreadable in 3D. The TV itself is beautiful, but I can't believe Samsung would release the new 2012 models without fixing the buzzing sound that plagued the 2011 models.
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23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on July 15, 2012
I was originally going to get the PN60E550, but then I read that the 6500 had an anti-glare coat while the other did not. I'm VERY glad that I decided to spend a couple hundred extra dollars. There is barely any reflection on this screen and even if there is, it's faint and you can only see it when the screen is completely black. Picture quality is better than I expected, especially after calibrating the set. I had heard that the speakers were bad, so I paired this with the Sony HT-CT150 and I couldn't be happier. Perfect for my apartment. Blu-Ray looks AMAZING, and the 3D is really good. Streaming Netflix on the PS3 with X-High quality looks as close to Blu-Ray as you can possibly get without having the disc. I don't have the buzzing problem so many people complain about with Samsung Plasmas, although I can hear a faint buzzing if the TV is on with no sound and I'm standing right in front of it (directly in the center. can't hear it if I'm standing to the side which is odd). If you were going to get the 550, spend the extra money. It's worth it

I'd also like to add that I don't know why Amazon says the 6500 doesn't have a swivel stand. The stand allows me to turn my TV left and right
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22 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on March 31, 2012
I will not critique the picture quality, as I will leave that to the experts. Note that I am very pleased with the TV and the picture quality surpasses my previous 55" LED.

Buzzing Sound: There is a buzzing soun,d however I can only hear it while standing directly in front of the TV. The sound will disappear after stepping slightly off center.

Brightness pops: I've spent countless hours researching TVs and noticed this issue with several plasmas. This is my second day of use and I have not encountered any brightness pops.

2D-3D function:
My family and I watched Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2, and was very pleased with the 2D-3D conversion.

Overall, I am very pleased with features, picture quality, and design.

If there are specific questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on July 30, 2012
After having great luck with a Samsung LCD I choose the Samsung E6500 over the Panny ST50. The primary reason I did was the CNET review that claims a slightly better picture in bright rooms. I have two windows to the side of the Samsung and I still get a great picture without "distracting" reflections during the day. There are reflections, but I am not distracted by them when watching TV. With the CNET settings I have found that the picture during the day is bright enough to comfortably watch content. The Samsung is not as bright as a LCD or LED, but I find it to be plenty bright. As for features other than the great picture, I found connecting to my wifi to be a snap. The TV connected immediately, updated the TV's firmware and apps and within minutes I was watching Youtube videos. Although 3D is an afterthought for me, I found that the E6500 does a good job with it. I was impressed with the little content I have watched so far. As far as the buzzing issues others have written about, I have not experienced any buzzing whatsoever. For what it's worth I did not use break-in slides for the first 150 hours of use and my son played Wii on my E6500 from day one. No burn-in issues so far, or anything that resembles burn-in.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on October 31, 2012
Returned three PN60E6500's because all of them buzzed like an defective fluorescent light - unbearable high pitched noise that could be heard 15 ft away. Moreover, on a white background ( e.g snow, ice, or hockey game) the screen could not produce a uniform white color, there is a faint but noticeable magenta hue on white backgrounds in areas throughout the panel. During motion or panning left or right the panel exhibited what is known as 'dirty screen effect', it appears as if someone has taken their dirty hands and wiped them across the inner panel.

I naively ignored other consumer complaints about Samsung plasma's buzzing and had to learn the hard way. One would think after four years of consumers complaining about Samsung Plasma TVs buzzing they would fix it by now. That being said, its also very disappointing and indicative of the quality of Samsung Plasma TV's when after three returns, not one TV had a clean and uniform screen. A White background should be white, not tints of red. There should not be hot spots where areas of the screen are brighter. The inner panel glass should be clean and smug free after applying the anti-reflective coat.

Avoid this TV and Samsung TVs until they address these flaws, many of which have been reoccurring since 2008 ( i.e. buzzing noise).
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on April 30, 2012
This is truly an excellent TV. I've owned several HDTV's including the vaunted Pioneer Kuro KRP-500m. This Samsung is by far my favorite. The picture quality is fantastic. I've been watching the Movie preset with no further adjustments. Color is perfect. Images are clean and sharp (but not overly sharp). It makes other TV's I've owned look blurry. Blacks are good, not great. Regardless, I can't say enough about how good the picture is. The design is top notch. The brushed bezel and black stand look high end. I briefly owned the E550 plasma and this one looks significantly nicer. I have the TV in a very bright room. Glare was a nightmare with the E550, but isn't a problem with the E6500. Online services work well. I downloaded the 3D demo app. 3D is very impressive, although mostly a gimmick as far as I'm concerned. A quick note about buzz, yes this TV buzzes although not enough to be a problem. I can't hear it at normal volume levels. For comparison, the Kuro I owned drove me crazy because it was so loud. I imagine room acoustics play a big part in how bad the problem is. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I consider it a non-issue with this set. Overall, I'm thrilled with this TV. It's the 8th HDTV I've owned and it's definitely the best of the bunch (and that includes the Kuro). Picture quality is virtually identical to the flagship E8000 for considerably less money. Highly recommended.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2012
I absolutely love the picture quality. Yes, I do have a slight buzz, but it doesn't bother me and I can't hear it over the normal volume of the sound system.

However, I have some other issues which made me want to return it. Great amazon return service by the way, customer service is excellent as always.

The issues I have are.

1. HTPC connectivity via DVI - if you use a PC input and if it is anything other than HDMI output , then you have to set the pixel format to RGB, which, in this case, if your black level's are set to anything other than "standard" in the menu (mine was set to "low") the brightness of the TV increases automatically after a few minutes of watching TV and looks a bit washed out. This is fixed by setting it to "standard" and reducing your brightness to compensate for not being able use the "low" setting. Or by setting the pixel format to YCbCr on the video card if you have HDMI output.

2. Distortion/Flicker on 1080p (this is a major issue/headache) - For some reason if I set my XBOX 360 or Panasonic BluRay player to 1080p , I get horizontal flickering lines towards to the right side of the screen , sometimes they pop-up towards the middle of the screen too. If I set the devices to 1080i, this issue goes away. I have changed power cords, used more expensive HDMI category 2 (high speed) cables, plugged only once device in at a time, but this still happens. I am going to talking more with Samsung tech support on this, as I need this resolved or a reason why this happens, since I plan to replace this TV with the same model exchange from Amazon if it can be narrowed down that it is a defect with this particular unit

Update 12/29/2012 - updated from 3 starts to 4.

The TV was replaced by Amazon. The second issue of the flickering screen or static lines appearing randomly on the screen for bluray and Xbox 360 @ 1080p (note, this doesn't happen if you set input type to PC) is now gone with the replacement TV. I actually returned the old one, planning to buy a different model thinking this is a model wide issue, but after doing ton of research, I couldn't find enough complaints to warrant this is a model wide issue, so I bought the same identical model 60" again, and for my luck it was $100 cheaper on thanksgiving week. I just couldn't find a comparable model that had the same reviews of picture quality, features, and subtle but great looks. I am happy with the choice I made, the new TV doesn't seem to have any issues I can see, but I will run it a month or so and report back. I do have the slight buzzing, but again, that's just how plasma TVs work, and I can't hear it any louder than my refrigerator in my small apartment. I got no issue with that. I would give this five stars for picture quality, but I had to give 4 overall due to my opinion that Samsung is ruining a great TV with less than adequate quality control, and letting defective ones get out. These are big items, huge in size, it costs buyers time, even when shipping is free, to wait at home for these guys to come pick it up, pack it again, return, etc.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on October 11, 2012
We loved everything about this TV. Almost. I'm giving it two stars because although it seemed wonderful in most ways, we had to return it.

We read about the buzz that some people experienced, but we thought we'd see if we got one that didn't. I suspect, though, that they all buzz- people just vary in whether they can hear it. I couldn't, really, and I would have been perfectly happy - but it drove my husband crazy. It reminded him of the sound of old CRT computer monitors, especially early color ones, which had a high-pitched whine. He said his ears were ringing for hours after watching a football game. We used the TV every day for a week - it didn't get better.

So we exchanged it for the Panasonic: So far so good on that - those who do hear the buzz will do better with this one, it seems.

A couple differences between the two: there doesn't seem to be any keyboard readily available to use with the browser in the Samsung, which really limits its utility. The Panasonic, it appears, works with Bluetooth keyboards that are available - but we haven't tried it yet. The Panasonic also comes with Amazon Prime viewing, unlike the Samsung, but you can always get a Blu-ray player that has it, if you want Prime streaming on the Samsung. The Samsung's pedestal pivots, which the Panasonic's doesn't, if that's important to you. The Panasonic sits about an inch lower on its stand than the Samsung does. The sound on the Samsung is noticeably better.

Again - lovely TV. But we couldn't keep it.
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