Customer Reviews: Samsung Muse 4GB MP3 Player Optimized for Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note and Note 2 Smartphones (Pebble Blue) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on August 14, 2013
I don't have an ipod and I didn't think I bought one when I bought the Muse. But I'M HAPPY AND SATISFIED with my purchases. Seller had it ridiculously cheap and that helped with my happy feelings.

I have one con: the Samsung App for use with this device is region specific. So have to wait for my return to the US to download.

The music sounds great, especially with Sound Alive.

Battery life is good. I've been playing it for 7 straight hours since fully charging it. Manual (off says there's a multi-color notification using the LED... and "red" means over an hour of use. The manual states instructions to change if not in use for a long period to prevent damage to battery.

Reviewers complained that there was no playlist, but it wasn't a secret. I agree with reviewer who said that you won't load an mp3 player with music you don't like. So I chose my "happy music" and loaded it up - John Legend, Adele, Machel, Bunji, Buju, Whitney.... as varied as you can get. And when walking, any song would keep me energized!!! I just bought my THIRD Muse...a white to put strictly religious music so I can listen on Sabbath or as needed. The manual states that you can't determine how songs are actually saved on the device - so don't even try to upload in a particular order.

I love the size. I can close my fist over it.

Once connected to my S3, it shows up as an external storage device that I can copy-paste the songs too. Without the special app. I found it was very fast process.

There are three (3) buttons you need: On/off; Hold (prevents or allows the surface from responding to touch); Straight/shuffle. I had it for an afternoon and it was easy to remember location and operate.

Read the product description and decide if it's for you! My daughter saw it and I clipped it on the neck of her jersey...I had to beg back for it half hour later. Maybe another Muse is in order, for Mozart and stories for her...hmmmm (I'm very concerned with ear damage if she abuses the volume)

On the face of the player there are five (5) options... very intuitive in my opinion: increase volume at the top, decrease volume at the bottom, skip forward on the right, go back on the left, at the centre play/pause. If you put hold on, none of these will be active to touch while exercising.

Yes, a little pouch to keep attachments would be nice. But you can keep in drawer or those larger chewing gum containers. Since I will be keeping at least 2 of the 3 I purchased, I will keep one set in office desk at work, ditto at home.
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on February 1, 2013
First the good points...
The Muse is near weightless. It's very small and compact. The feature that enables you to sync songs directly from your phone to the Muse is cool (more on that later), but best of all, you can sync music in multiple ways, through Samsung Kies and through simple Windows folder copy/paste or drag and drop. It can't get easier than that.

Now for the not-so-stellar points...
First, the Muse, a 4 GIG devise has NO playlist support. NO PLAYLIST SUPPORT!!! This was a deal breaker for me. Essentially you have a single 4 GB playlist, thanks....Really???

Second, the Samsung Muse is advertised as a devise that you can take with you when you exercise, jogging, biking, whatever, right? DEAD WRONG!! Sorry. The devise has NO tactile buttons, so unless you stop what you're doing, hit the right button (first wait for it to wake up because it goes into standby mode after 3 seconds), you're just going to have a real hard time adjusting the volume or skipping songs. So, as far as it being a good devise for workouts, maybe weight training where there are built-in breaks in the routine would be best. I road and mountain bike. I tried it, I was dangerous!!

Third, the feature that allows you to sync directly from your phone to the Muse is cool, but in practice, borderline useless. Here's why. The connection is made with a small USB cable. Without it, there's no way to get music from phone to devise. So, you now need to carry around this little cable. Well if you can do that, you're probably in a very controlled relaxed setting, like your desk where you're either going to use your phone as a player or simply use your computer as the transfer tool. Everyone is different and you might find a better use for this feature, but I found it to be impractical. What would be REALLY cool is if the Muse was a little bigger and had Bluetooth connection with your phone. Now they'd be cooking with gas!! Short of that, I'd design in a retractable USB plug on the Muse itself. Think "turtle head poking out" on the Muse would be a USB port that connects with the phone. I know that analogy will conjure up the wrong image, but it works :)

Fourth, the Samsung Muse app that goes on your phone needs a lot of work. The music management feature is problematic. This was not a big problem for me as I used Samsung Kies to transfer the music most often.

Fifth, Samsung does not support this devise. Getting help is impossible. In fact, Samsung should be ashamed. If you call into the direct Samsung system, most people have no idea the unit even exists. I was eventually able to get connecting with the Muse Support Group and they never returned my repeated emails looking for help.

So, I returned the unit back to Amazon within 30 days. I unfortunately will now shop for the iPod shuffle and get stuck using iTunes, but at least I know it will work and I'll be able to select playlists at 25 mph!!

With some improvements this unit could really be great. They have some work to do, but for now I give it a generous 2 Stars. Good luck everyone!!

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on May 6, 2013
I bought the Samsung Muse to have a compact music player for working out and doing household chores since my Note 2 is too large to be active and carry around.

I read the reviews on Amazon and Cnet about how there was no playlist support and having to skip through every song on the player to find a specific song, but when I thought about how I would use it, it made perfect sense. Using the Muse App I was able to sequence my music by grouping together an artist's albums and singles and putting similar artists after them.
The design and compactness of the Muse is what sold me. Having the ability to also use music from Itunes was a plus. The sound quality is great and the volume level is amazing for such a small device. The only negative is that when the player goes to sleep after an extended amount of time it can be hard to wake it up.
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on January 20, 2013
I like to listen to music and podcasts while I'm working out or working in the house and garden. The Samsung Muse is great for these things as it's small, easy to load with programming and has great battery life. I've used several different MP3 players in the past. Each has had drawbacks and nice features. I'm very pleased with my Samsung Muse as it has enough capacity to hold what I need, and yet is small and unobtrusive.

Setting up the Muse was easy. The Kies application for transferring music from my computer isn't the most user-friendly app, but it works. Transferring music from my Skyrocket S2, and from my wife's S3 was very easy using the Muse app. All you have to do is check the songs you want, and they transfer very quickly. The included PC and phone transfer cables are small and easy to lose, so I taped mine together and keep them in my box with other phone accessories.

Using the controls takes a bit of practice, as with every small MP3 player. The buttons can be a bit sensitive. A hold mode that automatically kicks in does alleviate this some. The included earbuds provide good clear sound, and surprisingly good bass in the enhanced mode. The clip is sturdy and holds on even when I'm running.

I like this product a lot. It's a great addition to your phone, and perfect for those times when the extra weight and size of the phone makes the phone impractical for use.
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on December 4, 2014
I was looking for a *simple* mp3 player that does nothing except play music and this little player does just that, more, no less. It doesn't hurt I suppose that its also cute as all get out :) I haven't had any issues with it so far. I wasn't particularly interested in syncing with my phone so I can't vouch for the effectiveness or lack thereof of the software. I use the Drag and Drop method to get music from my PC to the player and I'm good to go.

This player has a nice feel to's very light but still feels substantial like a small river stone. It clamps securely to my clothing and just sits where I clip it playing music just like I wanted it to do. I can see where it could be irritating for the more athletic user because you do need to look at the device if you want to access the controls and for the more demanding user because there is a limited amount of storage space and there is no ability to make playlists, but for the casual user like myself the controls are fairly intuitive and the less than a second it takes to wake the player up is no great inconvenience. I eschewed the included ear buds for a pair of my own and the sound quality is just fine. I personally prefer the effects off though, the music sounded more muddled to me when I switched it on. Thankfully turning it off is an option so that's no biggie either.

I did take one star off because I'm not thrilled about the proprietary charging dongle. If I happen to lose it I will be unable to charge the device whereas most small devices happily accept a standard usb cord.
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on February 26, 2015
This little guy is very small, even for a women hand. The good thing about it is that you can connect it straight from your phone and download music. You can connect it with any USB connection and charge it. It does have a better sound selection. I've dropped it from a far height and it still worked. It does have a Hold switch so that you won't accidentally switch to a different song while in use. But it beats the point of when you want to change it to the next song. You will have to undo the hold switch to be able to change the song. The bad thing is that its so small when you try to clip it onto your clothes without putting the Hold switch on, you will most likely change the song. This DOES NOT have playlist option and you'll just have to download the songs that you want to listen to while using this gadget. I did NOT like the earphones it came with so I'm just using my phone earphones. There is a light indicator that turns Green for knowing its On and unlocked, Red for dying battery and when first charged- it will turn green when its fully charged, Purple for when you are over your volume limit, Blue for sound selection. You have to long press a button for about 5seconds for it to unlock and let you raise up the volume or change to the next song. I wait til the light goes off and count 5 seconds, just to clip it back on to my shirt and I don't switch the song. This little guy does have GREAT sound and its loud. It does have a shuffle of repeat switch as well. Great for the gym, I'm in the sauna for about half an hour and it goes along with me. Just remember this thing is little so don't lose it. BAD THING, after the gym I like to just take it off and would like to wrap the earphone around it, but you can't because its so little. I have to take my earphones off and place this little guy somewhere I wont lose it.
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on May 18, 2014
Beautiful smooth feels like one of those pebbles by the ocean thats been smoothed over by water the ones you pick up and try to skip on the water, i read the reviews before i bought this and knew what to expect. So yes the device is pretty ridiculous to try exercising with or riding a bike with but its so kool that if your phone is compatible you can instantly add music from your phone. You need to download the samsung muse app. you can also drag and drop in windows pc's.That's the reason i bought this , that and price. If your listening to a song and your hand brushes the device you will change the song or pause the song because the buttons are not physical so thats pretty dumb , if you click the hold button that wont happen but then you can't change the songs either so pretty dumb. The headphones fit the ear nicely but the wire is ridiculously long so these are probably best for use in the house as you can snag something if you use them in the gym. The samsung sound alive setting makes the song sound different, i like the setting its supposed to make it sound better, i think it works nicely. Also you need an adapter which this comes with to connect to a pc to charge it, would have been better if it was micro usb, this charges through the earphone jack. You also need a n adapter for connecting this to your phone which this also comes with but its 2 adapters you always need if your switching music alot. I don't plan to once i fill it Thats pretty much it. So for $19 e price of take out what the heck, it feels real nice in your hand though , its tiny and has a clip on it to attach to a shirt or pants. UPDATE: dropping my 3 stars to 1 star because i tried jogging with the device today and the clip does not clip on to anything its to weak and small to clip right , also the touch sensitive sensor buttons sometimes don't react or do a different function than what its supposed to do. So basically this is a P.O.S. but you can use if in your car's aux port and hear your songs through your car speaker. Also this device is to tiny to grab comfortably and change a song or volume so when you grab it you accidentally touch a button you didn't mean to touch.
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on May 5, 2014
I bought this for they gym... finally ridding myself of my old nano (and thus the last remnant of apple in my life).
Been using it for a bit now. Mostly liking it, but there are a couple things I do wish they included.
No, there is no playlist support... and really, I don't think there should be. All you need is what you want to listen to, and you can swap it out easily enough. It's not a nano-like device... probably a shuffle would be the closest apple alternative (never had a shuffle, so won't comment on how it's the same/different from one). If that's a problem for you, don't buy it.
Also, I read some people had a problem with the buttons. Yes, you gotta wait to wake it up once it's been on for a bit, but the lack of physical buttons is NOT a problem; If you tap next to where your cord is coming out, that's vol up... you figure all of them out without much thought after a couple tweaks.
It's tiny and so light you forget you have it on when at the gym... be it running on the treadmill or lifting weights or kickboxing a bag. The clip is solid and stays on through anything you can dish out at it. Oh, and you can use the actual jack to levy it open if you're worried about the volume up button getting pressed ^_~

The good;

The sound quality is amazing for just over ten bucks. The earbuds that come with it are actually quite nice, though if you'll be at a noisy gym, don't expect them to keep the outside noises out (unless you crank up the volume) as well as the soft buds.

It looks freaking cute. It was once called the pebble, and to me that's exactly what it is. Say what you like about apple being all cool and stylish and whatnot, but this little pebble is the cutest thing, and feels amazing to just wrap your hand around ^_^, much better than having corners.

Drag and drop music... either between folders or between whatever player you use. bam, it's there.

I can pull any songs from it to my phone and vice versa just as easily (any android will work; without the samsung program they just see it as a usb storage device). Yes, I know it's not going to be used much, but it's a nice option when you realize you don't have a song on your phone from there but don't want to hunt it down in your library (or get the cable out to connect the phone to your computer).

No more picking out gym pants based on pockets for my nano ^_^ I clipped it to my shirt sleeve and it didn't budge.

For the price, I really don't have to worry about it. I know it's kinda silly to say, but one of the two main reasons I don't just use my phone at the gym (the other being it's weight/size and attachment problems) is the perpetual worry that it'll fall or get hit or otherwise get beat up or broken during a mishap... and I'd be out a few hundred and a workable phone. And unlike some other players out there, it wasn't an investment... it was a lunch or a few days worth of coffee.

The bad;
As far as I can tell, there's no way to get the earbud toggles to affect the volume (or skip songs) the way you can on a nano... this may be the single most annoying thing about this player... and hopefully there's some way Samsung can solve the issue with a firmware update or something (it would even get me to install kies, which is the ONLY reason to install the software that comes with it). If it did this, I'd probably give it five stars.

I wish they'd have utalized NFC in this thing for the phone, with a connector just for the comp... or stuck a bluetooth in there or something to wirelessly do both (with an external switch so it's not eating battery life). I don't mind the connectors, but it would be nice not to have to worry over losing them, etc. Also, why oh why does the dark blue one come with white headphones and connectors??? Seriously, that bugs me more than it should.

It doesn't equalize the volume, which led me to a fine little program called MP3Gain that actually hard equalizes your music files (mostly because my workout mix is all over the place. I actually really like the program, but i can see people getting annoyed about having to shift the volume up and down, so there it is.

The lack of buttons finally got to me (and it falling off sometimes). If it had the physical controls (and maybe NFC) what I said before about giving it 5 stars would totally be true. Hell, even if my mic controls would work, I would still be loving it.
As things stand though, having to stop and get the buttons to work did me.
It is still a great little player for the price, but only if you rarely (if ever) skip songs or change the volume.
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on February 2, 2014
The things that others have complained about are all true, but if you use it the way I want to use it, they are not problems. I wanted a small-as-possible MP3 player with drag-and-play capabilities (no special software) for Windows. And you CAN just plug this into your computer with the little adapter and drag your music files over. No playlists, and I don't know what order it's playing them in (not random, but not alphabetical, and not the order I dragged them on), but I only put my gym music on there and I don't care about the order. I don't use nearly the 4GB, but what do I care if it has more storage than I need?

It has a simple on/off button (actually an off/thin/fat bass switch) which my previous Archos player didn't. The sound quality is pretty crappy because the "thin" setting has too little bass and the "fat" setting has too much, so it would have been better with just a single mode that mixes well, but the "fat" sound is good enough for my music (which doesn't crack in my headphones).

The controls for volume and track changing are exactly as stupid and annoying as previous reviewers stated. It would be horribly frustration to try to control it with those, but I just turn up the volume when I start it (it resets the level when you turn it off), put it in "hold" mode, and then wail on my pecs for a couple of hours without fiddling with it again.

The size and weight, the simple on/off switch, and the drag-and-play capability make it work for me, but your intended use will determine whether it will work for you.
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on November 21, 2014
This is a great mp3 player for my needs. I have seen complaints that there is no playlist. This is true but I am not sure what people expect for the price. The size is compact and it is easy to use. I prefer this to my old ipod because I think it is easier to upload songs. Of course I do not have any other Apple supported devices so that is why I prefer Samsung. It works great with my Samsung 4. It holds more than enough songs for me and I enjoy that the songs come randomly. If you want playlist support you will have to invest in a higher level product.
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