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on April 19, 2011
This is a great little solution for so many uses! Great speed and good short term reliability, although it is important to realize that every location is unique. Plan to test it in your area to be certain your 4G reception is solid. I live in a rural area with no good DSL availability, but the Verizon 4G signal is solid.

Samsung did a great job on the device, and it solves some real needs. However, people may be looking for a 12 or even 24 hour 4G solution (like those of us in rural areas!) may want to realize the service is not fully continous/stable.

Over two days I tested the system for twelve hours straight, running a business level VPN, and although it had a couple brief service gaps that caused my VPN to drop (the VPN was easily restarted), it mostly held up. On one occaision I had to restart the hotspot (it had signal but no internet traffic). The restart restored service quickly.

I have heard of some people having an incompatible VPN, but mine worked fine. Webex and email, as well as file share access was all very good, with excellent performance (other than the two VPN drops).

The other problem/limitation occurs when you use the device for an extended period of time - it turns itself off. What appears to happen is the charging rate (with a 110v adapter) appears to be less than the consumption rate, so it slowly drags down the battery. I am turning the system off at night, giving the battery time to charge, then it runs for a day while plugged into power. After eight or ten hours you risk it reducing signal power and turning off.

This means a full time operation is not possible, and makes 12 hour availability problematic, but workable.

All of the above is after four days of testing. So, I continue to look for ways to make this very good device a bit more reliable in a continous use environment.

Every location is unique. Plan to test it in your area!
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on April 4, 2011
This may change as more people join Verizon's LTE(4G) Network. But as of this morning(04-04-11), in Emeryville, CA I received the following speed test results:

17.94Mb/s Download
12.56Mb/s Upload
43ms Ping

WOW! is right.

Verizon, is way a head of the game in the East Bay. As you can see I am getting faster speeds than many people even get on their home networks. Remarkable. I recommend going into the Verizon store in your area and do a Speed Test on one of their set up machines. This will give you an idea of what to expect in that area.

Only con I have noticed with the device, so far, is that when additional WIFI devices connect to the hotspot it occasionally drops the connection on one of the devices, causing me to have to reconnect. Other than that, the battery life seems reliable, though I have not clocked it yet.
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on June 17, 2011
This hotspot is really fast - I've gotten 17 down and 14 up driving in my car!

I bought both Verizon 4G hotspots - Samsung and Novatel - and I also had the the previous Novatel 2200 mi-fi.

The Samsung is the true successor to the Novatel 3G mi-fi, carrying on the tradition of the Novatel's form factor, while Novatel has incredibly veered off course with their 4G hotspot which is nothing like their previous model.

The Samsung form factor is way better than the Novatel 4G hotspot, which is dreadful. The new Novatel is not at all like the previous Novatel mi-fi. It's bigger than the Samsung, has a cheesy chrome bezel, and little feet - showing that they designed it as a very small table-top router. The Samsung has a nice soft-touch matte plastic case, and is smaller than a deck of playing cards - it's like a stack of credit cards in size.

The Samsung is much more similar to the previous 3G Novatel mifi in size and form. The Samsung works great in a pocket or in the sunglasses pocket on the inside roof of your car or under the visors. Also, it has LED's for on/off/low-battery, 4G, 3G, and network activity. The Novatel eInk paper display sounds good in reviews but it is very dull, hard to see, and ugly.

You can set the Samsung to sleep after not being used for a period of time (like 30 minutes) to save battery, or you can set it to never sleep.

You can safely ignore the negative reviews, which are entirely attributable a combo of the first firmware version, customers who have never used a mobile hotspot, battery-save 30-minute shutdown (which can be turned off), and also Verizon 4G is still in its early implementation phase and is occasionally off-line or slow, although those problems are slowly becoming much less frequent.

Early online mag reviewers made a big deal over the Novatel having a battery indicator, but it only has 3 bars, is almost invisible, and the Samsung does warn you on low battery when the green on-button turns red.

The Samsung charger is small and portable, the Novatel charger is the typical big clunker. The Samsung USB-A to USB-micro-B cable plugs into your computer OR into the wall plug, and will charge from either. The Novatel will NOT function as a wireless hotspot while plugged into a computer.

The Samsung has one flaw - the browser interface does not contain an option to save the router's configuration as a file to your pc, whereas the Novatel has it.

PS: I'm finishing up a small and completely free iPhone app that checks the Samsung charger status - it should be in the app store early July 2011, so if you have an iPhone search for "HotSpot Sam".
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on July 15, 2011
Great product
Solid build quality and neat router configuration page
Download speed around 13Mbps / Upload 2Mbps

The problem is it runs really hot and unable to connect network after 1-2 hour usage because of low signal (same as smartphone battery drain in low 3G signal area). Reboot dose not help, it need to be cooled manually like stick in front of A/C unit.

Verizon LTE map tells this areas fully covered but I only get around -100dBs which is 2 of 5 signal bars. Oh well :( Make sure your place have enough signal strength to use this unit without hassle.

Most importantly, 5GB/10GB data plan fails.. prepare to be billed $350! seriously this is not a joke.
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on October 23, 2012
So I assume from all the bad reviews I have found; when this first came out that it was a horrible product. I have to say since I have had it its been great. I have tested HD videos from Amazon and Netflix streaming while being online. It does have its hiccups but thats more to do with wifi itself then the devices problems. I think its great and would recommend it to anyone. Now i would never use verizons overpriced plans but I was able to find a way around that. After some research this is what i have found to work best.

1) It works better it you can keep it stationary, its fine in a car but while in the car dont move it around a lot. Give it room to breath. the more wide open space you can give it the better. So buried at the bottom of a purse is a bad idea
2) For not having an external antenna it gets a good signal but think of it this way, if you cant get a signal with your phone this isnt going to get a great signal either
3) Have your security settings to WPA2 (AES) this will work the best
4) I have not had a problem but many say to change the 30 min inactivity turn off (set it so it does not turn off automatically after 30 mins)
5) There is a detail app in itunes that lets you see more of the device without having to log into it. Search for "Hotspotsam" its free (sorry not andriod app that I could find)**Update 1/1/13: This app works will any hotspot that has an IP address of**
6) Because it does have an internal antenna go into the settings and look at the signal strengh. setting the device a certain way will result in a little better signal (every little bit helps)
7) UPDATE THE FIRMWARE (sorry this should be first)
8) This is personal preference plus your equip must support it. But switch the wireless settings to b/g/n, by default it was b/g. I only use "N" devices
9) Lastly set your wireless channel to either 1,6,or 11 (just know these are the only channels you should ever use). if you do choose to let it automatically choose your channel check to see if its on 1,6,11 if not that may be the cause of some of your troubles. You may have to change this if your in a crowded wifi area. There are free apps to let you know which channel is the less congested. Never be on a channel that is overlapping with another. being on the same channel as others is ok and normal, but overlapping channels are very bad

Hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to ask

UPDATE: 11/14/12
I have done an extensive road test with this little device and it was excellent. I took a work road trip from cleveland, OH to louisville, KY and was able to stream netflix from a roku the whole drive down. It did die around the 4 hour mark but I had a back up battery and no fault of the unit but KY had some spotty areas for connection. (before the trip I checked verizons coverage map and KY does have dead spots.) So I would have to still say this was a great investment if (see below)
1) you buy it used not full price
2) and if you can get unlimited data, verizons tiered data plans are way over priced.
3) follow my above instructions
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on September 10, 2012
Works great for me. Over a two-year period, the connection has been reliable. I use it to connect my personal laptop while I'm at work. What Verizon initial (first call) tech support won't get into is the fact that you can log in to the device and select the broadcast channel. By using a Wi-Fi analyzer app on your phone or PC, you can very easily see what channels are free or in conflict. Choose the W-Fi channel clearest for you based on your location and you're set. Very simple to do. Be sure to cycle the battery for longer life. The device is small. light and sturdy.
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on January 18, 2012
If I was forced to sum up my experience with the Samsung SCH-LC11 4G in one word it would simply be "frustrating." That is the best description I can give this product. When it and Verizon's 4G network are operating smoothly this thing is lighting fast, really the claimed 4G speed IS as good as advertised. Unfortunately that seems to be less frequent than the many times it locks up, loses 4G connectivity, drops the local network connection, etc. I don't know what is more frustrating, the daily frequent reboots to reconnect to the Verizon network or the regular daily reconnects to the dropped WiFi connection. I have loaded the latest firmware with no improvement in performance. I have loaded my wireless device's MAC address (as suggested in several forums) into the Samsung with no improvement in performance. At this point, after several months of trying to find an adequate solution, I realize that this product is NOT ready for prime-time. If I could give it 0/5 stars I would.

NOTE - to give you an idea of how frequent the problems are with this product I will first copy the entire text of this review to ensure that I can resubmit it (w/o having to retype it) in the likelihood that I have lost the connection during the few minutes it took me to compose the review.

NOTE (Part II) - of course it lost connectivity!
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on December 10, 2011
This is a review more about the service than the device. We bought the hotspot service through Amazon with the Samsung SCH-LC11 4G. The terms clearly state that you can terminate the service within 15 days without any early termination fee and voiding the contract. We found the service to be extremely choppy and rarely we would get 4G signals. You can't rely on such a service and device if your business is dependent on it. In addition the device would go to sleep w/o notice. We returned the device to Amazon who took it back w/o any issues. Just to be safe we asked if we need to cancel the service with Verizon and the rep went ahead and did that.

Surprise - we got an invoice from Verizon for $56 and change. The bill didn't clearly state what the charges are for. They had prorated an $89 charge for the 7 days of the device usage. When we talked to verizon, the representative couldn't give a convincing answer what the charges were. She once explained it is an activation fee. when we told that Amazon doesn't charge activation fees, she retracted that explanation. When asked to speak with the supervisor, she came back and said he/she was busy but can give a 50% discount. Why pay 50% on a charge that is inexplicable? After about an hour worth of time on a Saturday morning, we decided to just pay and forget the lousy experience.

On Verizon's website, the policy states that if we return within 3 days of receipt then there will be no charges. Hope Amazon includes clear policies - the 15 day return is very misleading. Had the service and device worked, we would have kept them. Wish Verizon corrected the issue instead of insisting on charges and leaving a bad taste with a customer.
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on December 31, 2011
I had a Verizon 3G MIFI in my motorhome for about 15 months - worked great with 2 computers (XP and Seven) and a wireless printer from Maine to the Florida Keys. Finally it quit working and Best Buy, under warranty, gave me a Samsung to replace it. The Samsung has been replaced by both Best Buy and Verizon so many times I have lost count. Each time, I got another one, they checked that it had the latest software (on one upgrade the unit locked and they had to send another) They upgraded me to 4G unit but we kept having trouble and they replaced several of those. The problem was that the hot Spot kept droping out of service - many times I could not finish a transaction wthout losing the WIFI connection.

Finally, Verizon replaced the Samsung 4G with a MIFI 4G (Nortel). I used the same SIM card, plugged it in and it has worked great for the past two weeks - no dropouts. Nothing was changed - same SIM, same computers with no changes, same location in the motorhome and the moterhome has not been moved.
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on April 15, 2011
=== Update 5/23/11 ===
+ "WiFi lockup" problem went away after the first week. This is a very good news.

+ Unlike Novatel MiFi 2200, this hotspot is not charger-picky. It pretty much accepts any power supply/USB cable I use. OTOH, MiFi 2200 needs specific cable/charger otherwise it won't charge.

* In Chicago, I can only max out at 11mbps down and 6mbps up with the best possible reception. While not as fast as LTE speed others have reported, it's adequate for me to watch video clips smoothly on iPad.

- It appears that after prolonged use on 3G, it will stop looking for 4G network. I recently drove from Michigan back to Chicago with the device left on along the entire trip. It never switched to 4G once I am in an area that I'm certain there's a 4G
coverage. I had to power cycle the device in order to hop on 4G network.

- Unlike 3G plan with MiFi 2200, you DO NOT get public/real IP address. Verizon gives your hotspot 10.x.x.x IP address. Not that it matter to me or most people, but if your application requires public IP address you will then have to shell out $$$ to Verizon to get one.

=== Original Review ===
+++ No VZAccess c**pware to be dealt with. THANK YOU VERIZON!

+ Fast & low latency for mobile broadband connection. With one-bar 4G reception, I can easily sustain 3-5 mbps with < 60ms ping.
+ If you are in 4G cities, Verizon 4G is based on 700MHz band which has way better reach than other 4G providers.
+ When you are out of 4G cities, you can still have reliable access via Verizon 3G network. While slow, IMO, it's still the best provider out there if you are a road warrior.
+ Unlike MIFI 2200, you can charge this hotspot while using the internet connection.
+ No slow/unresponsive DHCP problem I experienced with MIFI 2200.
+ Did I say that you don't have to install VZAccess to setup/use this device?

- Once in a while, even with good 4G reception, it will drop to 3G and it won't switch back to 4G unless you power-cycle the hotspot.
- Once in a while, the green/blue WIFI won't lit after powering on the device. (i.e. cannot connect laptop to hotspot) Removing battery for a few secs seem to fix this problem.
- There are reports that VPN session via PPTP is unstable.
- Default WIFI encryption scheme has problem with Linux. My WIFI connectivity dropped right after it's connected. Changed it to WPA2 fixed the problem.

* Never had a chance to clock battery life. As with my laptop, it's always plugged in while in use.
* As with MIFI2200, this unit runs pretty hot. Make sure it has good ventilation under extended use.
* It's WIFI-only device. You cannot tether it to your laptop/computer using USB cable. (Which is something I don't like anyway)
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