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182 of 186 people found the following review helpful
on August 21, 2013
After about 4 years of service my CLP-315 finally quit. The drum unit needed replaced, and as anyone knows that is a hefty price tag. Initially I was excited about seeing what was new, especially "wireless". After reading reviews and reviews and reviews of printers....I decided not to get any samsung model that came before the SL-C410 and was finally leaning towards an HP. After waiting for months I picked up the quest again and saw that the SL-C410 had come out last month...but no reviews. My previous samsung was a work horse and thought its time to give the new one a shot, besides amazon sticks to its customers.

-Read the directions...I know many previous "wireless" printers had issues with people not printing correctly....this one worked first time and seems great.
-Great color and FAS; it processes the full picture quality quickly, quietly and surprisingly without the smell that the previous model had been known to cause
-Space saving, one of the smaller printers
-prints quietly
-the wireless connection was surprisingly fast...I was not expecting to process faster than my previous USB

Cons: nothing of consequence, but will gladly update if something arises....

As of now it looks great, it seems to be ready and willing to take its place. It prints fast, almost out before I can reach down to get it. I will come back in a few months with an update...

The color is definitely an improvement over the older CLP-315, and comparable to any HP Color Laser I have at work. The reason for my update, is that I had to replace my router, and remembered I had to update the printer for it. I literally ran the software, pressed the wifi button, and it completed the task itself. You really can not ask for anything more simple. Great Job Samsung
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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on March 3, 2014
I am upgrading this review to 4 stars for two reasons. First, Samsung made a huge effort to get it working for me. A high level support person spent over an hour with me last night. He was able to get it working when connected through Ethernet to my router, a Cicso/Linksys WRT54GS2. I could also see it through my Chrome book wireless, when connected thus.

He speculated that the problem of making the printer completely wireless (that is to router) might be the router. I looked up the WRT54GS2 and it came out in mid 2010, almost 4 years old. I believe the printer would work completely wirelessly with a new router, but I will probably end up keeping it connected through Ethernet to the current router because it will be faster that way and I'm tired of networking ;) If I get a new router I will update this review.

Also, on the 8 character router password, he said he didn't have that problem with other setups and was probably a limitation of the router and the authentication I was using WPA Personal (and not version 2).

The second reason is that the print quality of the printer is very high and I love that, for a color laser printer, it is light. As a USB printer I would have given it 5 stars for value. I printed a couple of photos and was impressed by the quality (for a laser printer).


Spent oodles of hours trying to get printer to connect on WiFi. Samsung tech support ultimately came through for me.

My router is a late-model Cisco / Linksys. Turns out the Samsung wouldn't connect to the router with a password longer than 8 characters (mine was 13 characters). When I changed it to 8 characters it worked.

Also, Windows 8 (countless, the number of ways that software is abominable) does not let you change the password on a network by right clicking. You have to "forget the network" first. Yes, Microsoft, I would never want to change the password, I would want to forget the network!

Will post update when I start using the printer. I'm giving it 3 stars because this password issue is either a Samsung software bug, or should be listed as a potential problem in their FAQs.

UPDATE 3/3/2014

WARNING, There may be a factory Wi-Fi problem with this printer. I can't connect to it wirelessly through another PC without FIRST configuring it through USB. This means you would have to drag every computer over to it to get it to connect wirelessly. That is not my idea of wireless ;)

Their tech support sent me to the instructions and there is a link to set it up manually, wirelessly, but the content was changed for USB only. It seems the printer does not correctly broadcast itself properly for Windows to see it so Samsung is not longer supporting wifi setup of this printer.

I am downgrading this review to 1-star until Samsung corrects this, or what I have found.

UPDATE 3/4/2014

I sent an email to Samsung. They replied with one of those emails you can't reply to. They sent the same instructions that don't work. I am giving up on getting the printer to work wirelessly and will use it as a USB printer and throw it out when the cartridges give out.

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46 of 51 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2013
I am speaking being a Mac user, so windows may be different but this Printer worked right
out of the box. I don't even bother loading the Disk that comes with the unit.
Most of the time the Disk causes more problems then its worth. Prints are nice and bright.
With paper in the bottom tray, the tray does stick out another 5 inches, so don't let the
Factory pictures fool you. I will see how long these starter toner's last. Please shop around.
The price on this printer goes up and down weekly. Even the Samsung website has these for $129.
I am a bit confused on why the model of this Printer without the NFC cost $30 bucks more.
Refill Toners do seem a bit high @ $50 a pop, and there are 4 of them. Time will tell.
I will end up buying a whole new unit for what 4 toners cost. Toner $160, Printer cost $129
as of December 1st 2013.

UPDATE February 10, 2014:
Starter Toners lasted me 2 months. Yep already Shopping for toner...

UPDATE January 12, 2015
I unloaded this unit 6 months ago for A Brother Unit with Duplex.
I will no longer be monitoring comments for this Samsung Unit.
Thanks for all the helpful comments.
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30 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on June 26, 2014
This is hands-down the worst printer I've ever bought. Not only has it broken 6 times in the past year, customer service each time was incompetent and completely unhelpful. I've gotten drum error more times than I can count. The last time, the wireless stopped working randomly. It's the worst printer I have ever experienced.

Each time I call customer service, the person spends about an hour to 2 hours trying the SAME troubleshoot over and over, then begins accusing me of having done something to cause the damage, before they finally tell me to send it in for repairs. And once you send it in for repair they don't give you any update for weeks unless you call them and ask what the hell is going on. At which point they'll tell you it'll be done in a week. When you call back a week later, they'll tell you another week.

Worst purchase I've ever made. I never feel the need to leave negative reviews on products no matter how bad the item is... after 6 or 7 times of having to send this hunk of garbage in for repairs, I had to make an exception.

If you value your sanity, avoid this printer. It has been the biggest headache I've ever had to deal with.
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94 of 111 people found the following review helpful
on March 14, 2014

-Its a cheap printer
-It prints good quality pictures


-Very slow printing
-It cannot print heavy paper (despite what the manufacture claims)
-Toner chips are designed to report out of toner and force you to replace them even when 2/3 full
-A set of toner Cartridges costs over $200 and lasts 350-400 pages before it "runs out"
-When you print a color picture it counts as 4 images of the 16000 the printer is rated for, once this number is reached you cannot print until you spend $100 on a new imager unit (unless you hack the printer with a imaging unit Rom rewriting chip from Amazon/Ebay. the imagers actually get about double or even triple the life of the factory rating)

If your not the kinda person that either
1)prints a couple pages a month
2) Like to tinker and are comfortable with reloading toner, resetting chips and skirting factory disablers.

this printer should be avioded. for the same price you can get a decent inkjet that will print as nice and cost far less on ink refills.
Personally I would not buy another one of these (or even the one I have now hind site being 20/20), It has failed to meet basic expectations and costs about .78 cents a page to print color with buying factory replacements. At that cost I can drive to Staples and pay for premium printing and save money.
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30 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on March 15, 2014
After 200 pages, a black streak appeared at the right side of the page. I called customer service. Level 1 made me go through TWICE the cleaning instructions in the user manual, which I had already done. Time taken, 2 hours. Then Level 2 started all over again, and decided it might be the toner and sent me to Executive Service. I waited on hold for over an hour.

The representative started the same BS again, and I stopped him and demanded that he replace the black toner under warranty. He gave me an email address to send my Amazon invoice with a very imperious tone of dismissal. In three weeks time for shipping, I should know if the black toner is the problem or some other source of the streak must be sought.

I do not recommend in any way the company nor this printer.


It takes them two weeks to get you a label to ship the toner back, then two weeks to send you a replacement toner. Therefore, a month to even see if the streak is because of the toner.

Further Update:

They sent a label, but no box or other packaging. The printer comes with the toners already installed (with tape you take off). No one could figure out what to do. Two calls assured me they would speak to head supervisors and get back to me.

It is now April 13 and I have had several calls a week apart. A month to even get close to a path on my defect. They will refund the cost of the toner after it is returned, because THEY HAVE NO TONERS. No return box. They suggest I BUY a new toner from Amazon and see if it fixes the problem. Good luck with that one. DOWN with SAMSUNG.

This is junk, a horrible company. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update May 1

The toner does not fix the problem and they want me to travel 30 miles in urban congestion to have it assessed.

This is a horrible company, overly managed (you might go through three people to set up a return label). I am throwing the thing out with celebration

Samsung is done for me and my consulting clients.
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30 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on October 2, 2013
This is our first laser printer. I suspect it must be the newer technology LED printer, but have seen no proof of that. We are a low volume print household. We got tired of ink jets and their inefficient use of ink. We have had the printer for over 2 weeks and only printed about a dozen pages. We had 2 day delivery and upon delivery I noticed one edge of the printer driver CD sleeve was bent pretty bad. The exterior of the shipping box showed no damage. The CD appeared ok, but I should have looked at it more carefully. When I put it in the CD drive to load the driver, the CD rattled bad and would not load. A closer inspection showed it was bent/warped. So, I went to the Samsung web site and downloaded the driver. That was the only glitch. I have the printer wired to the router and have printed from multiple computers with no problems. The printer driver has a nice interface and on-screen assistance for showing how to do the manual duplex printing. The black print is not quite as dark black as the ink jet print, but that is inconsequential.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on June 1, 2014
Could not get it to stay connected to google cloud print. Samsung is/was supposedly working on a fix, but the file is a window executable and you have to have a windows machine to download the fix. I have a chromebook. A windows executable file doesn't work for me.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on September 16, 2014
We've had issues with Samsung's CLP line from our purchase of a previous model (CLP 365W bought in August, 2012).

The dreaded constant red light came on within 4 months of purchase and we then spent almost 3 months chasing down help (at that point there wasn't any online chat; you had to get through to an escalated person). We had to begin the long process of waiting in a queue numerous times since no one on the managerial team gave us their direct dial. It took almost three months to convince them that the printer was indeed defective.

From tech support to managerial support to the repair group, we got nothing but terrible or no credible help or advice.

Finally, we were swapped a refurbished C365W.

After almost 6 months, the refurb failed as the original did.With the failure of the refurbished model, we were offered an upgrade to a new C410W. As of this writing, it still functions. However, the cost of replacement toners, at best, is over $200. The estimated page output per set is overstated. And, in addition, there is a toner collection piece that needs to be replaced periodically.

Our inks have just run out. We decided that we no longer needed a laser since we no longer send our clients any documents via snail mail. Everything is emailed.

We decided to buy an Epson inkjet WF 2540 for $79 where OEM replacement inks are about $60. We got 8 years out of our now defunct Epson photo printer where the colors were absolutely stunning and true. So far, we are happy with the Epson and hope we get as long a life as our old one.

Maybe our experience was unique, I do hope so since I wouldn't wish the frustration of dealing with the folks responsible for the Samsung printer support, repair and maintenance on anyone else.

Unlike our 10 year old 32" flatscreen Samsung TV, the laser printer seems flaky in comparison. We also ave a ST700 digital camera whose battery life is short and have to recharge it too frequently.

The C410W is in my closet. I would be happy to give it away for the cost of postage.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on January 24, 2015
I purchased this when it price dropped, but ultimately returned it for the Brother HL-3170CDW, which also price dropped to a comparable range. If you can wait, don't buy a printer until either mid summer or Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You can use amazon price tracking sites to confirm that the prices of most printers plummet at these times of the year.

-By far the best quality printing I have ever seen. If quality is your only concern, pull the trigger and buy this badboy. You will not be unhappy.
-Price is on the cheaper end of laser/LED color printers

-If any toner color runs out, you cannot print at all (even different colors)
-Toner use is based on total pages printed (i.e. if you print 1000 pages with no print, it will think it is out of toner)
-You need to purchase a chip to override the "out of toner" message
-Wireless connectivity is absolute s*** unless manually connected to your wireless modem/router.
-ePrinting is shotty at best and takes multiple (LONG) attempts to get to work properly.
-It does not automatically double-side print
-The paper tray (which is not visible in any pictures!) sticks out by about 7 inches. The image provided is when the paper tray is not functionally loaded. If you want to have you paper constantly left in the printer (like normal people expect), then plan for a flimsy/breakable piece sticking out of the front.
-Not much paper is able to be loaded
-Thicker papers not able to be loaded easily
-Tray feels like it may break easily and is an office hazard.

TLDR: If you want the best quality images and are not worried about wireless connectivity or using different paper thicknesses, then this is your printer. If you want to be able to print large quantities without disturbance or wired connections, looks elsewhere. This is not appropriate for a home office (or in my case, the apartment of a medical student who prints a few hundred pages of material a month)
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