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on April 23, 2011
These glasses work great for me. I use them with the Samsung PN59D6500 3D plasma and the picture quality is breathtaking. I had gotten two pairs of these with the Shrek/Megamind starter package, bought another pair from BB for $150, and just picked up two more pairs for just under $50 each on Amazon. I liked them at $150, but loooove them at less than $50.

I actually prefer that these are not rechargeable, because for a family it's a pain in the butt to rotate 4 or 5 pairs through charging, figure out which ones need charging, etc. Its a whole lot easier just to keep some spare batteries around (these use Bluetooth, and get great battery life). I have used two pairs of these glasses for over 48 hours worth of 3D viewing and the batteries are still running strong.

The lenses also seem to clean easily without scratching.
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on May 15, 2011
These glasses are really great! These are for the 2011 and up model Samsung TV's. They are very comfortable and will even fit right over your glasses. My 4 year old daughter even wears them without a complaint. So they do really fit everyone. They are lightweight and the battery life is great. Generally I get about 70 hours out of a pair. I buy a 10 pack of replaceable batteries for a couple dollars and they will last me a year or more.

Its nice that they have upgraded these to bluetooth. Now you can go anywhere within a decent range and they will still work. They work right out of the box. All you have to do is load up a battery. They are only compatible with the current Samsung TV's. Although every manufacturer makes their own glasses and generally none are compatible with each other. I believe the active shutter glasses are much better for "3D" than the passive technology. But that seems to be a choice among manufacturers. Sure the passive glasses are cheaper but personally I don't think the 3D effect is as awesome. However the only experience I have had with passive glasses is watching the TV's at my local best buy so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I am very happy with these glasses and they make 3D movies look wonderful! Samsung has dropped the price to about $50 now so they are very affordable. I have 3 pairs of these glasses and 2 of the rechargeable's and these are much more comfortable on my head. They are lighter and balanced better. They are also quite a bit cheaper than the rechargeables (plus the rechargeables don't fold up).

One pair I received from Amazon was cracked out of the box but Amazon was quick to make it right. Don't hesitate to get these glasses! They are great!
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These are the 2011 model 3D glasses that ship with the Shrek/Megamind 3D starter kit, which in my case was included as a free promotional item with my 59" D8000 television.

In actual use, they're great. A button cell battery installs into one of the "eyecup" pieces; the on/off switch is conveniently located on the right top corner of the glasses in an easy to find / easy to use location. Pairing occurs automatically and the television recognizes when the glasses are on and synced. I have not had any problems with crosstalk or sync issues and, being Bluetooth and NOT relying on line of sight IR reception like last year's glasses, I have no problems when I look away from the screen.

There are a couple of negatives.

- These glasses are not rechargeable. I haven't run out a battery yet as I don't have enough 3D content to blow through, but I imagine I'll need to stock up on button cells to avoid inopportune interruptions.

- These glasses sit a tiny bit high on my large nose. This forces me to slightly lower my head and look at the television dead-on, to avoid the resulting "uncovered area" between the bottom of the lenses and my cheeks. This isn't *necessarily* uncomfortable or unnatural, but it does force me into a more upright posture and doesn't facilitate viewing from a reclined position (eyes lowered). This is a common problem I have with sunglasses, too, and probably isn't an issue for those of you with more "normal" apportioned schnozzes. (I mounted my TV "mid height" on the wall -- not at "above the fireplace" height which might eliminate this problem, and not at "sits on a TV stand height" which might exacerbate the issue).

- The wide lenses (my theory) result in reflection from any surface or object directly behind my seated position. I had a box stacked behind the couch with some lettering on it, and the lettering shows up in the periphery of my lens. Two solutions: dark back wall either with lighting or with paint, or longer eyecups /sideguards along the sides of the glasses (yeah, I'm talking about cardboard or construction paper!!) to eliminate the entrance of this light.

Of my criticisms, #1 is solved by Samsung's rechargeable glasses, but #2 & #3 would appear to be common problems based on appearance.

These, being the least expensive glasses of the Samsung lineup, are probably a good bet to have on hand in the event friends are coming over to watch a 3D movie, if you're so inclined.
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We rec'd two pair free when we purchased the Samsung UN46D6400 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black). We also purchased two used, like new, pairs from Amazon vendors. These glasses are lightweight & fit over our eye glasses nicely. Everyone finds them comfortable & no one has complained. I like to multi-task when I watch tv...but you will notice flickering when you use your PC while wearing these glasses. I also see flickering when I look out the window during the day. These glasses use Maxell Lithium 3V Batteries Size CR2025 (Pack of 5) batteries. Supposedly the battery will last 80 hours.

I'll update my review with any new findings.

UPDATE: be aware of inflated prices. The two pair I purchased averaged $31/pair plus shipping.
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on May 27, 2011
These are some of the cheapest 3D glasses available about there. For $50 a pair, it is a bargain. I do not about battery longevity yet since I just bought them but they do have nice features. The glasses will not turn on until it receives a 3D signal and will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of not receiving a 3D signal. This definately will prevent the glasses being turned on or being left on accidently.
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on October 22, 2011
For $30 compared to the 2 other models available at over twice to 3 times as much, these are far better. Pros are as follows: side shields on these block some peripheral view to immerse you in the 3D better, lightweight enough to not create a problem when wearing through several movies in a row, Batteries last long enough to probably not have to be changed for a month of weekly movie watching and game playing, Batteries are a standard CR2025 watch battery that can be found just about anywhere from your local 24 hour pharmacies to Walmart. Juat be aware that they are fragile and the frame does not wrap the bottom side of the lens, so care must be taken when placing them down on a hard surface as the lenses are liquid crystal and somewhat delicate.
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on April 30, 2011
Got these for 46.50$, well worth the price! While you do see some reflections behind you (sometimes) this doesn't really bother me. They connect to your TV really fast and it even notifies you when it does.

Too sum it all up, buy it for under 50$ and be happy!
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on September 27, 2011
So I just purchased a Samsung pn64d7000 (Samsung 64" Plasma) that has 3d capabilities. Obviously if you are reading this then you know you have to purchase 3d glasses. The choice was between these battery operated ones and rechargable. Seeing the difference in price between the two, and the cost of replacable batteries, I opted for these. My thought was that I would hate to be in the middle of a movie and have to recharge the glasses whereas I could just plop some batteries in with these.

I bought these about a month ago and have periodically watched some 3d programs such as trailers, directv 3d programming, and games and haven't had to replace the batteries yet. I would say I've used maybe about 15 hours on each one.

They sync'd just fine with my tv. If you didn't know, once you activate 3d on your tv, all you do is push the button on the glasses and they turn on. Once the 3d is turned off or you change the channel, they turn off automatically. There is no loss of sync during the programming for me. They are also very lightweight as well though they do look a bit funky.

My only suggestion would be if there was a way to have them automatically turn on when you watch something in 3d. Not that big of a deal tho.

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on August 28, 2011
I recently purchased the SSG-3100GB 3D Glasses for my Samsung PN64D7000.


1. Good Price - I got them "used" and very cheap from InSassy ($35 Total).

2. Excellent Performance - Active 3D with blue tooth works. No problems with crosstalk or synching. The blue tooth connection works from a distance or angle.

3. Less Maintenance - These glasses use non-rechargeable batteries which I consider a plus. Given that each battery costs 50 cents and last 40- 80 hours, this is more convenient than charging. Also, when considering the cost of rechargeable glasses, the charger stations and eventually replacing rechargeable batteries that don't hold charges forever, it's probably cheaper to operate in the long run too.

4. They're not ugly and they fit prescription lenses underneath.


1. Glass and Frame Design - These glasses are highly reflective. When using them in anything but the darkest room, you'll notice light reflections from behind you, from your side and even from the front. In a completely dark room the TV reflects off my black coffee table and into the exposed, unframed lens bottoms. This gives a noticeable lit distraction just below your field of vision - imagine seeing the edge of a lens from the inside. This may sound minimal, but it is in face pretty annoying. It would not exist if the lenses were fully framed. I put black marker on the lens edges to prevent light from entering there. As a previous reviewer said, eye cups would prevent the other intrusions of light onto the lenses and rectify both of the issues I described. I think that eyecup design would also look ridiculous, but at least would function better. This design flaw is why I gave 3 stars instead of 5. Everything else about how these glasses work is superb.

2.Paying for Glasses Twice - The used glasses market is so large I assume it must be supplied by vendors who abuse Samsung's free glasses promotion. I had to purchase these separately after receiving my Samsung PN64D7000. Samsung was offering it's bundle promotion, but the seller refused to ship the free glasses to make their price point better on Amazon. I felt that after paying $2400 + tax, I should have been given glasses that cost about $15 out of the factory. Samsung should simply place these in the box instead of relying on vendor to honor or not honor their promotion. People who may never have tried 3D will purchase extras if they see 3D with their included samples. Those that love 3D will more easily buy a larger set if you give them 2 to start with. I think the revenue and customer loyalty math would work in Samsung's favor. Feeling "nickel and dimed" when spending $2400 on a television does not instill the emotional "branding" response that companies seek.
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on July 12, 2011
These glasses easily syncs with your Samsung 3D TV, these are light weight, the battery time is very long.....had them for over 3 months and have watched over 40 hrs and still no issues. Also one good thing about these glasses they will fit over your regular eyeglasses
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