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VINE VOICEon November 5, 2012
Indeed, I bought a Windows 7 PC about two weeks before Windows 8 came out. I was replacing a broken laptop and had lost enough productivity without adding the learning curve to the issue!

The good:

1. 4 USB ports. I don't know what happened to the original idea of being able to multi-chain USB devices together, but it never really happened. I use my laptop both mobile and as a desktop replacement, and at the desk there's an external HD, a printer, a keyboard, and a mouse. That's without needing to sync an iPod, phone, Livescribe pen or anything else--the 4 ports come in handy. The external HD is USB 3.0, and the speed is there.

2. Battery life. In use, on wi-fi, multiple programs open, I have run this laptop 6 hours without exhausting the battery. It still reported about 30%, but I was back at a plug, so I plugged it in. This compares to the prior laptop that gave me 2 hours.

3. Weight: not "ultra-light" but the first portable computer I used was the weight of a sewing machine. Size and shape of it too, with a 5 inch orange monochrome monitor built in. This goes in my Targus backpack nicely. It doesn't disappear, but then again, I don't forget it's in my bag and just fling it about.

4. Speed: practically speaking, I don't wait for the computer to boot up anymore. I push the button, I'm ready to go quickly. Even my resource hog programs run well. No longer do they think so long that Windows counts them as "Not responding."

5. Sound quality/video quality: if you're hyper-picky, you may not think it's good. But for everyday computing, it's just fine.


1. The individual keys for the keyboard. This is clear in the product pictures and it's not a deal-breaker, but I find the individual keys for the keyboard a little annoying. Somehow it does not feel like what I'm used to. Most of the time, I'm on a desk with an external keyboard anyway, and when I'm typing on the go, it's not normal. However, those keys are just a little odd.

2. The optical drive sounds, at times, like the Enterprise spinning up on the original Star Trek. I think that, along the way, optical drives started being measured on speed alone, even if the read speeds were so high that they were irrelevant. This one goes fast, reads fast, and sounds like it's headed for orbit. Not much on CD/DVD these days, I think I just noticed it from lots of installation media.


It's sleek. the Samsung 5 looks good, runs well, and was well within the budget. The specs show the technical details, and there were not many in the price range that had 8GB of RAM. The description does claim 3 USB, but there are 4. Also, the description shows Windows 7 Professional, but mine came Home Premium, which is enough.

I like it, and if you're looking PC, you'll probably like it too.
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on November 1, 2012
This machine is not only beautiful and super fast but what is not on the description is that this machine is a Microsoft Signature line computer. It comes by default very clean, with nearly zero preloaded bloatware and the preloaded anti-virus is the Microsoft Security Essentials which is my opinion the best out there. Also all of the Samsung preloaded drivers and applications are excellent! I am very impressed with the quality, I will definitely recommend Samsung computers after this.
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on November 15, 2012
This is actually my second Samsung notebook I have purchased in the last 6 months (I also own a series 7 NP700z5b-s01ub), and I love them both.

This one has honestly come to be my favorite of the two because it is outperforming the other (similar specs but this one is clearly more powerful). I also love the design and build on the notebook, as it is very compact and comfortable and at a very reasonable weight for traveling. It has a great combination of power/size/price ratio.

Highly Recommended!
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on March 7, 2013
Overall I like this laptop, and it was a huge improvement over my HP. However, the Intel HD Graphics 4000 chip this comes with is lousy. It does an adequate job with general graphics, but is absolutely no good for gaming and especially for photo editing. I fell for the hype about how great the Intel HD Graphics 4000 chip is, and I have found out that it is horribly misleading. I only wish I could return this for another. The rest of the specs are quite good, but I'm a stickler for how a computer looks, and this just looks poor.
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on January 4, 2013
I downsized from a 17 inch Dell that I'd had about 5 years. This laptop has the number pad on the keyboard that I really wanted and was fairly easy to type on when I tested it out in the store. I am having some issues with typing that I am trying to sort out but that's a user issue, not the computer.
So far I've liked this computer and haven't run into any issues with it. I love Samsung products (my phone and tablet are both Samsung). The metal look to this computer was one of the things that sold me on it. Price was next. Very affordable for what you are getting.
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on June 16, 2013
I mainly use this computer for video editing / trimming / conversion from my Gopro videos using there companies software. I hated my little atom netbook and the time it took to convert a 4 minute clip was a crazy waste of time sometimes 60min, also surfing the web and running another program would essentially crash my netbook even though it would run everything in the background and be fine after that hour of processing. It was time to upgrade from portability to powerhouse ultrabook for mainly videos but also some sketchup and online web conferencing.

I love this laptop mainly for the battery, I get roughly 5+ hours of the battery depending how I use it but the amazing part is that on 5% charge left on the battery I am able to plug it in while still using it and it will fully charge in about 60-70min. I have also completely drained the battery and started charging the battery while the unit was not in use and it takes approximately the same amount of time to fully charge

CPU / Speed
Those 4min clips of video now take only about 60 seconds to process, so that i7 processor was worth it. Im sure the 8GB of RAM also help out. I stopped doing short 4min clips at a time of recording on my gopro and now just hit record and let it go usually ending up with now a huge file I have to convert (2.5GB++ at a time) but that same file is a breeze for this Ultrabook, that huge file maybe 20-30minutes only takes about 5 minutes to process. I also dont wait to start up programs or even the computer its is just up and running in seconds which is great who wants to wait for that little windows hourglass

Maybe its just me coming from a small netbook where the keys are really really close together, being able to type fast and in the dark was never a problem but when I move to the Samsung the unit is so much wider I often miss keys and hit other letters. for me not a big issue because of auto correct and that red squiggly line thing on websites that helps you visualize a mistake. I really like the numeric keypad on the side, now that I am spot on with accuracy its just great being able to use the keypad again like on a desktop.

DVD drive
This is one feature I have never used more than once only because I was so use to having a netbook without a dvd drive everything I have is on a usb drive or had converted to fit usb. The one thing I dont like about the drive is that for some reason if I put in a usb or pen drive into the Samsung the DVD drive starts spinning like is looking for the setup file or media file, Im not sure why it does this or if it is a setting

USB ports
USB 3.0 awesome, it really does make a difference. I only have two units that can be used in the usb 3.0 ports both are external Seagate Backup plus hardrives that come equipped with usb 3.0 as well. data transfer time is cut significantly. The usb 3.0 are blue ports on the laptops left side while looking at it and even if you dont have a 3.0 device these can be used and are backward compatible to 2.0. there are also two more ports on the other side, these are standard 2.0.

Weight / Size
15.6" screen size is significantly larger than my netbook but as far as weight it is about the same because I have an extended battery on my netbook that increases its weight. Since I mainly use it as my desktop I never have issues, I would still consider this light weight but I know other ultrabooks on the market are paper thin and weigh next to nothing.

As i mentioned above its a 15.6" for me it does the job if I wanted I can always increase or decrease resolution. for my video editing I get a good workspace to see what is going on in multple parts of the video.

Bass / Sound
Overall the sound quality is good it has a small JBL speaker at the underside by the battery. I think this is for more bass and mid sounds. there area also speakers on the front above keyboard.I never really turn up the volume more than half way because it can get really loud

Video Camera
just comparing it to the netbook and doing a quick skype test the video quality is great , I havent done a full video conference yet but maybe I will update the review in a few weeks after I have one scheduled

After a few hours of use the machine will of course get warm, the fan is on the usb 3.0 side (left side) so that side actually gets hotter or feels hotter than the other side. Its not unbearable but good to know I guess

Overall I would recommend and Samsung Series 5 to someone looking for a sleek looking design, good performance with excellent specs to anyone looking to purchase an Ultrabook. I was one of the few who purchased the last of these because I have yet to see any in stock for a few months but I would say the other Samsung Series 5 ultrabooks would perform just as well with similar specs
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on January 3, 2013
I gave it five stars because that's what it deserves. I haven't had a single problem with it and the performance is outstanding. The start up time is incredibly fast. Over the past couple of years I've become a Samsung man. Phone, tablet, pc, tv... They haven't let me down yet! I definitely recommend this laptop.
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on February 10, 2013
I upgraded from an older Toshiba notebook and find this one excellent. I like the speed, screen size and non-glare surface. It has lots of memory and storage capacity. It will be used for image and video processing.
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on December 26, 2012
This is a great laptop for the money! Very fast and responsive compared to my last laptop.
I like the JBL speakers, they deliver a real decent sound. Slim and much lighter than my last one.
I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone.
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on January 3, 2013
I've been impressed with the speed of this PC.
I haven't loaded a lot of software on it, but everything I've tried has worked well.
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