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on March 5, 2013
Found this kit after scouring the internet for a kit that came with a blue battery cover. No reviews, so I took a gamble on this kit. Installation was quick and straightforward, Threw my phone on my QI charger and it sprang to life!

NFC still works with this charging kit installed.
The factory cover fits, albeit it is kind of tight. This causes the cover to bulge over the card ever so slightly. I don't consider this to be a flaw but thought it was worth mentioning.
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on March 11, 2013
The item I received when I ordered this was the UWay S93CC-579Q card with the dandelion image- slightly different than the picture, but that's a good thing! UWay is a good brand, they make tons of Qi wireless charging stuff (most of which isn't available in the USA yet :( ). If anything I prefer UWay over a no name brand.

Installation couldn't be simpler. Pop the back off the phone. Peel the double sided tape strip, line up the contacts with the receiver contacts on the phone, and stick the device down to the phone's battery. The receiver contacts have gold-plated 'bumps' to ensure good connection to the phone. Double check to make sure they are lined up right. Then put the back cover back on the phone.

This receiver doesn't add any thickness or perceivable weight to the phone. My existing rubber and plastic case works just fine. NFC also works with the Qi receiver in place.

To charge- drop the phone on any Qi compatible charger pad and walk away. That's it. The phone pops up a 'wireless charger detected' message and starts charging. It's one of those really cool 'the future is here' moments that you just have to experience. It charges fine with a case on the phone. The phone and charger get slightly warm but not hot and not warm enough to cause concern.
The phone doesn't have to be perfectly aligned on the charger either. With the Nokia charger as long as the phone is 'roughly in the middle of' the charger it works fine.

One advantage of wireless charging is with a pad on your desk, you can get quick 'opportunity' charges here and there without having to remember to plug in all the time, just drop the phone on the pad when you sit down.

You need a Qi-compatible charger to go with this product. Expect to pay about $50 for that as of 3/2013. I'm using a Nokia DT900 pad and it works great.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When searching Amazon for Qi chargers, you get lots of PowerMat stuff, don't buy them. PowerMat is a proprietary wireless charging standard that is only compatible with PowerMat phone cases. Avoid PowerMat products as they will not work with this device.
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on October 12, 2015
This thing is a life saver. The charging port on my galaxy s3 broke and I really didn't want to take it apart to install a new one because that seemed like a big risk to me, especially because I don't know anything about all that. I decided to go the wireless way and found out I needed to get a special cover over the battery. I was initially looking at phone backs but they were expensive and none matched my phone and I saw this I thought I'd take a chance because the price was right.
It fits easily over the battery, just peal the backing and stick it on making sure the metal bits are in the correct placement. The best part is that the phone backing fits over this piece just fine! There's a bit of a bulge but it isn't even noticeable and my case will fit over it.
I'm glad to be able to charge my phone again this thing rocks!
review image review image
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on March 21, 2013
I received this receiver pad a few days ago. Let me just sum up my review: awesome. We purchased the Energizer Qi dual pad charger. My wife has the Droid DNA. My phone, equipped with the pad, actually starts charging before her phone does. It seems to charge the phone as fast as the microUSB cord. The back of the phone is a tiny bit harder to snap back on due to the increased bulk under the battery, but does not effect the look after the back is on. I had the pad on my phone, and I have a UAG case on my phone. The phone charges just fine through the case, and it is a pretty thick case. Also, for those who are wondering, the NFC has not been effected whatsoever. I have used Google Wallet, and transferred photos to my wife's phone. I have also used the Samsung TecTiles, and everything works perfect. This is definitely a very convient and cool addition to my phone. I would recommend this to anyone willing to purchase this and the charging pad.
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on November 27, 2014
The charging port on my 2 year old Galaxy s3 broke, meaning it would no longer recognize any charger that was plugged into the phone. I called Sprint to see about repair and was told it would be covered under my warranty, after my deductible. Well, 150 seemed quite high for such a simple issue on a phone I plan to replace in less than a year. SO, I set out to find a repair place to fix it. I was quoted prices of 80-100 to repair the port. Then I started looking into DIY options. I discovered that if you want to replace the charging port on this phone, you should know how to solder. Since that is beyond my capabilities, I began searching for other methods and found out about wireless charging. Basically, you slap this little receiver on top of your battery, lining up the little gold contacts. Then you use a Qi charging device (I personally use a puck style, the powerbot pb1020) to charge your phone by simply laying it on it. Sometimes lining the two up so that they pair properly is a task, but I attribute those difficulties more to my otterbox defender case than anything else. When I take the phone out of the case, it's a little easier to line them up. But, in the case you have to get it just right. I love it so much I got one for my husband's phone as well.
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on December 14, 2013
I purchased this receiver because I needed a more convenient charging method instead of having to plug my S3 in and out as I move about my home. With this easily installed receiver, it fit inside over the existing battery without causing any cover fitment issues. A big plus with using this receiver is it actually extends the life of not only your battery but the charging receptacle on your S3. I highly recommend using this over the conventional charging cord at home or in the office.
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on June 1, 2014
I got this for my AT&T SIII. I have loved it ever since. It is thin and doesn't bulge the back of the phone out very much at all. My biggest concern was if this would fit inside, and charge through my Otterbox Commuter case. Lucky for me it works flawlessly, even through the Otterbox!
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on October 27, 2013
Honestly, I wasn't expecting a miracle, and you get what you pay for.

This is a good charging coil. It works, and I recommend it to anyone who has a Note 3. Barely a bulge when I put the back panel back on. Charges the phone just dandy. For the customer who states that there only two contacts on the coil but three in the phone - that's true, but you only need two. Align the coil with the top two contacts in that stack of three, and it works fine.

Minus one star for contacts not fitting into the holes properly. Possibly just mine, but the contacts on the coil are too close, so I had to slice between the two and spread them a little to get them to fit. However, once I got the panel back on, there was no issue charging, so no big deal.

Ordered with the Spigen Slim Armor case. [...]
Coil works through case, but definitely more difficult to align. With practice, this should be no problem.
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on March 15, 2014
This receiver worked great for the standard 3200 mah battery. I bought this one because it was rated at 1A charging current while most of the others are 600 ma (.6A) or less. Remember the higher charging current the faster the charge. I also ordered the 10,000 mah extended battery from ZeroLemon. Sadly the battery completely covered the QI pins of the phone. With some creative ribbon cable work I managed to relocate the pins around the battery in order to use the receiver.

Charging the larger battery will obviously take longer. In this case a full charge takes a good 7-8 hours. Fortunately I only need to charge my phone every 4 days or so and that's with me TRYING to kill the battery so I never have to worry about charge times. I would like to find a good 2A receiver and pad (remember the receiver can only use what the pad provides it. So a 2A receiver with a 1A pad will still only charge at 1A max make sure you match these things up).

Be careful when looking at current ratings. Current isn't the same as voltage current is drawn by the device. The Note3 comes with a standard 2A charger which means the phone can draw (or pull) 2A of current. So even if you use a lower rated receiver it can still have 2A pulled through it. Fortunately the note uses a "Smart" QI charger to handle this but be careful if you choose one of the lower recievers or pads such as 500ma (.5A). Best rule of thumb is to get the highest rated current you can and make sure each component (receiver and pad) match that value and you will be safe.
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on October 23, 2013
I was skeptical for several reasons... the shipping time, notorious quality from china, etc. but, i was pleasantly surprised. this receiver worked flawlessly... fits inside the stock cover, and even works great through some thick cases. i tried teh official samsung cover which added too much weight and thickness (making a case impossible). this just works... nothing else needed (but a charging base).
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