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on October 24, 2011
This is a great 3D monitor. Samsung has really got it down on the monitors it makes.
The images are clear and colorful. 3D is totally fun watching.
It is glossy (which can be annoying unless you position it correctly).
I had bought this hoping I could use it as both my TV and monitor.

It being more expensive, I thought, it would include all the features of the LED computer version as well. Boy was I wrong.

This screen does not include a display port at the back panel, so the only options was either HDMI or (HDMI to DVI) to my computer. Because of this, I could not use the monitor at 120hz on the computer. And games in 3D on the computer would max out at only 24 FPS - HDMI limit (which is really bad for any game... Only thing I could do was really watch 3D movies on it (which looked GREAT) without any problems.

I really wished Samsung was more detailed on their product description to let us know the capabilities and limitations of this monitor.
I had really wished this monitor would have included a display port as well so it could REALLY be used as a computer monitor.
Then it would of been a real keeper. For now, this will be going back for the computer monitor version of the same monitor.
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on June 28, 2013
I have had this screen for nearly a year now. It has excellent viewing angles and is bright enough for any room in my place. I use it for my desktop (DP) and my PS3 (HDMI). The 3D works very well with both devices. No ghosting in games. I get compliments from everyone who sees it.
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on January 8, 2012
This monitor arrive with a dead back light but that's not why I gave it a low rating. I notice a lot bad things about this monitor then good things.
First, the screen was extremely glossy. I've never own a monitor this glossy until this one, but it seems that, that's the way everyone is going these days. Its sad. I seriously could place this monitor anywhere there's some sort of sun light coming through because the glare is so bad for me that I can't enjoy watching anything on this monitor.
Adjustability of this monitor was limited so that was bad for me. I could not tilt this monitor far enough up or down. Its like I could only adjust it around 10 degrees up and down. What was the point of even making it like that if they won't let us adjust it far enough for our comfort. They might as well take out the whole adjustable thing because it pointless.
Controls were another big issue for this monitor. I don't know how many people out there loves touch sensitive buttons but I don't. Its by far one of the worst technology create. I miss the actual press button days. The touch buttons were design so close together that even with small finger as mine was not able to touch one key without accidentally touching the other one. 80% of the time the buttons would not even work when I touch it or when I touch it, it would activate the button next to it instead. By far the worst thing Samsung has done. Over half of my problems with this monitor involve this stupid touch sensitive buttons that so close to each other. That deserves negative 2 stars for the worst controls ever made. My previous Samsung monitor was like that too. Why do you think PS3 went back to actual button from touch sensitive. I thought maybe Samsung would learn something but they're too busy counting their money.
As for the actual 3D itself. I don't think it has ever been much improvements since it started. The 3D is great for most parts, but there are time where it sucks. Ghosting is still a big problem that I see. It's still very visible in white color scenes. Ghost elimination is very important because it can mess with your eyes and could be one of cause for eye strain, in my opinion. Talking about eye strain, this monitor does cause a lot of eye strain for me and I haven't got use to it. 3D PC gaming was decent. 3D Gaming for PS3 sucks because PS3 has bad hardware so it had to lower twice its resolution when it does 3D so the images are not great at all. Watching 3D movies was by far better then 3D gaming on PC and PS3.
The 3D Gaming Launcher software included was a horrible application. There was no options to adjusting any kind of setting for 3D gaming on PC. When you run games with the software, it had its own set crappy low resolution that was not adjustable at all, even when you went to the ingame to try and change it. Then you still had to mess with the touch sensitive buttons to try to turn on 3D and change to type of 3D to side-by-side. And when your done with the 3D game, you still had to go back and change the 3D back to normal 2D, which was so annoying every time.

These are only the major problems that I have with this monitor, not including a few small problems.

So far the only good things I see in this monitor is that back light is very bright so its good when you watch 3D because the glasses darkens it a bit. 3D movies are pretty good for most part. The option of 2D to 3D conversion is nice but not that great and its not something they should be doing because it messes up the depth anyway. Its a nice option still. That's about all that's good about this monitor. Every thing else just sucks.

Samsung was once a great company that made great monitors, but since they have gone up in the marketplace, they have been only caring about their money and not the quality of their products. Every year I see the quality of their monitors go down because they only care about making their monitors look beautiful, presentable and looking like a normal television which monitors aren't suppose to be.

I would not recommend this to anyone. Wait a couple years until they improve these 3D monitors before buying one. Samsung needs to get back on track before I decide to put my money elsewhere.
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