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on March 29, 2013
I was ready to purchase the `12 model year Samsung 5000 series TV when I found out that this updated model was available. My local big box stores did not have the F5000 series in stock yet so I had to take a chance on this set and buy it sight unseen.

I would rate myself as a fairly knowledgeable user, and a very picky one at that. I read AV forums online and I constantly tinker with my TVs to get the best picture possible out of them. I am very glad that I waited to get this new '13 model, as the quality and features are substantially improved.

For starters, comparing this model side by side with the older Samsung EH5000 models, the first thing you will notice is how much thinner the F5000 is. At 1.9" thick, it's almost as thin as any LCD TV gets; and its roughly half as thick as the prior model. The 2" difference really matters, especially for those of you who will be wall mounting the TV. With a low profile mount, the TV is about as flat as one could expect to get.

Appearance-wise, the F5000 is a stunning looking TV. The bezel is ultra-thin and glossy black. The bezel bows down slightly in the bottom center of the TV to show off the Samsung logo. Compared to another same size Samsung LCD in our house that is just three years older, the F5000 looks futuristic and sleek. I love the design direction that they have taken in 2013.

But all this means nothing if the TV isn't just as fantastic from a performance standpoint. Luckily, the function is well matched to the form.

The first thing I checked after getting my TV mounted to the wall was the evenness of the backlight. Our previous non-LED Samsung had a slight "flashlight" effect to it. When looking at an all black screen, you could see noticeable bright spots, especially near the corners. My F5000 set, however, appears to be perfectly even from edge to edge. Very impressive considering this is one of their lower end lines.

The picture on the TV is excellent. I'm not sure how they achieved it, but considering its only a 60hz panel, the motion is the smoothest I have seen to date. No perceptible blur during fast action on the few shows I've watched so far. Like all other LED TVs, the factory settings have the backlight set too bright and the red level pushed too hard, which makes skin tones appear slightly too unnatural. This is a quick and easy fix in the video settings menu. I've only had the set a short while and am still making adjustments to my settings; I will update this review shortly with a full list of the optimum picture adjustments. But even without a single adjustment, I am just very shocked at how stunning the picture is. Also, I was expecting to immediately disable the "eco" features of the TV, but I surprisingly fell in love with one of them. It has a built in sensor that measures the brightness of your room, and adjusts the backlight accordingly. I had my mind set on disabling this right away, but after trying it out, it's actually very well implemented. It is especially useful for anyone using this TV in a bedroom... If you want to lay in bed and watch some TV in the dark, it will dim the picture slightly and keep it from being uncomfortably bright. If I wasn't using it in a bedroom, I'd probably want to disable it. Thankfully, its very easy to access the eco settings to adjust or disable it for those of you who don't care to try it.

Right now, I can only think of two Cons to go against the many pros, and they are both minor. The first con is that the backlit remote is very very dimly lit. Even with the backlight activated, it takes a second or two to figure out what each button is. Thankfully though, this becomes a non-factor once you've used it a few times and have the locations memorized. The second con is that the included stand, at least on my 32", is very cheaply made. Samsung clearly has done some serious cost saving on the quality of the stand. Although they managed to make it look OK, the feel of it is terrible. It's a very thin gauge of reinforced plastic. This isn't an issue for anyone who is wall mounting like myself, but I felt it was worth mentioning. It feels significantly less sturdy than all previous Samsung TV stands that I have owned.

One last thing I'll note for those looking to wall mount. Some descriptions list the 32" version as being VESA 400x400. This is INCORRECT. I can confirm for sure that it is VESA 200x200 for the UN32F5000. The Samsung manual will confirm this, but as of the time of me writing this review, Amazon lists it at 400x400 which is very wrong.

Overall, the F5000 series feels like a big step in the right direction for Samsung, and I am thrilled with the TV so far. I will update this review in the near future with my recommended picture settings once I get them dialed in exactly as I want them.

EDIT on 6/17/2013:

As promised here are the best picture settings I have tried for this set. Courtesy of user Maverickaim9 from AVSforums:

Updated Settings:
Movie Mode
BL 10
Contrast 98
Brightness 48
Sharp 0
Color 50
Tint G52/R48
Picture Size: Screen Fit
Color Space: Native
White Balance:
25, 25, 21, 20, 25, 36
Gamma -2
Color Temp: Warm 2

Everything else 0 or off

My set is a few months old at this point, still zero problems with it and we are absolutely loving it. I've been trying to respond to the comments posted. Let me know if you all need anything else clarified in my review.
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on August 12, 2013
First of all, this little TV is outstanding for its size and price!

- Plays at a full 1080p which looks quite clean and crisp for whatever you're using it for (not the best, of course, but nonetheless great IMO).
- The frame itself looks sleek and elegant; no bulk whatsoever.
- It's very lightweight, around 6 pounds or so, perfect for moving it from place to place (as a college student, this is great for moving it to and from my house and dorm).
- I don't use the speakers that often, but it sounds pretty decent from my few experiences with it (although I am only about 5 feet away from it at most).

- The TV is aesthetically pleasing, in terms of the frame and picture, it feels somewhat cheap. The stand in particular is, I believe, pure plastic and seems very unstable sometimes. Not a deal breaker, but something I feel I need to point out.
- The preset settings are somewhat dark and displeasing, IMO, so you might want to tweak the settings a bit.

Now from a PC gaming standpoint, this is absolutely amazing!! As I said before, it looks great when playing any game, i.e Crysis 3, BF3, Fallout, etc. There is no lag or delayed reaction time on screen at all!

One thing I would like to mention is setting-up this TV as a PC monitor. IF you are doing this PLEASE READ THIS TO PREVENT ANY FUTURE FRUSTRATION. You will notice that the screen will look VERY blurry when you first connect your PC to the TV ( In my experience, this was through HDMI). There is a reason for this, which I won't go through in detail, but to fix this all you need to do is this:
1.) Hit menu
2.) Go to Source List
3.) Hit right twice
4.) Find the video connection you are using (Mine was HDMI, again)
5.) Hit Tools
6.) Hit name, then name it "PC"
7.) Boom, done. Now you have an amazing PC Monitor!

Anyways, overall this TV is versatile and looks stunning for its class. Definite recommendation to anyone looking for a small TV of monitor!
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on April 14, 2013
This review is for the 22" version.
This tv is wall mounted in our kitchen, which is very well lit & surrounded by windows, yet the screen is bright and colorful. I have both a PS3 and AppleTv hooked up to it, and the picture rivals that of our much more expensive 3yr old 40" Sony Bravia (which was $1100), the colors don't have quite the depth of the Sony, but the clarity of this TV is better and moving images have more separation from the background image.
Tv weighs very little and could easily be held by most any mount. Remote is nice and has a backlight.
One complaint I do have is there is no mention of this unit being a lo-volt (12v DC) model. Meaning it requires an included transformer to step down the 120v AC power. This isn't a real problem unless you are wall mounting the tv and suddenly realize that you now have to contend with concealing a 1.5"x1"x3.5" transformer. I almost returned the tv based on this alone, however, the cord on the transformer was long enough that I could conceal the transformer in the cabinet below with my other A/V equipment and pull the wire up throughout the wall with the HDMI cable. This actually worked out to my advantage because the lo-volt wire is much smaller than a typical AC cord so it was easier to hide the wire from the back of the TV to the wall.
On a side note, not sure if this TV (being lo-volt) would be a great choice for an RV/Motorhome.
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on September 10, 2013
It may be the case that Samsung has made some changes in the stand, transformer, and internal scaler. I've read bitter complaints about these issues. I'll cover these below. Note that I'm reviewing the 32" model.


The picture is great. I'll start by saying that I'm VERY picky when it comes to picture. I spent 1200$ on an IPS panel type 2560x1600 monitor for my computer. So, picture quality is extremely important, and I have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.

-Out of the box, I felt no immediate need to adjust colors, they looked pretty good. I might play with it later, but for the time being, default settings look good.
-Other settings like contrast, brightness look just about right out of the box, no real need to adjust these either
-Backlight - even with darker colors, I don't see any backlight bleed, or other common complaints about similar products. Backlight is darn even.


-The appearance is excellent. It has a very thin black glossy bezel (maybe 1/2"?). In terms of the depth of the TV, it is less than 2". So, there isn't much "bulk" to it. You get pretty much just picture, without the bulk of many TVs.
-No unsightly "sound bar" - really - who wants to see that?


-I've seen complaints about the stand being "unstable" and "small". Perhaps Samsung has changed the stand they ship it with, or perhaps these people forgot that you have to put in the screws included to make it stable.
See the picture I uploaded here on the stand:
-You have to install 6 screws - an easy task - to assemble the stand and affix it to the TV.
-The stand itself is about 1/2 of the width of the TV, and probably 8" deep. So, it is a nice firm base on which the TV resides. Unless you are playing rough with your TV, I see no reason for it to tip over. Seems perfectly stable to me


-There is not a "sound bar" - which is a good thing. Other TVs have huge unsightly or downright hideous soundbars at the bottom that nobody wants to see. Sound is in the back of the TV.
-Better than my old TV for sure. I didn't have high expectations for this, but it is certainly not bad. As far as built-in speakers go, it works just as well as any other.


I use this antenna: B007RH5GZI

-Has a built-in ATSC and QAM tuner.
-I only use the ATSC, but it works great. I'm getting 20 channels over the air. I had to run the scan twice to pick up a few additional channels, but I can live with that. The tuner overall works great if you want free TV like me.

Other issues:

-The 32" model did not have a transformer built into the cord. So, no unsightly "box" on your cable if you are using this model

-There is a review titled "Not for Gaming, Specifically PS3, or Standard Def Cable" which complaints about the internal scaler. As far as the 32" model goes, I have all kinds of quality coming in from my antenna. I have 480 (standard def), 720, and 1080. The review states that the internal scaler makes things look awful and pixelated when using non-native resolutions (anything that is not 1080). I haven't had this issue at all (and we have different models, so there could be an issue with the 22" maybe). Standard definition looks better than my old TV (which was native low-def). 720 looks very very good, and of course 1080 looks downright awesome. Note that if you are using a non-native input resolution (something not 1080), it of course won't look perfect. You're forcing the TV to "blow up" the image, and there is error in this process. it is not a simple pixel for pixel display as if you were using a native resolution. So, it has to make some guesses as to what colors different pixels "should" be.

-I turned off the "EcoSmart" option - which changes backlight brightness as a function of room brightness. Seemed a bit too dim when the lights were on. This isn't too much of an issue, easy to disable the option (as long as you know it is there!).

That's all I have for now. I give this TV three thumbs up.
review image
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Following in the tradition of its larger cousins, the Samsung UN22F5000 is a 22"-class LED HD television that offers excellent video quality while holding back on connectivity options and extra features. It isn't the smallest offering on the block. That title goes to Samsung's 19"-class 19F4000. The UN22F5000 is essentially the same television with one big exception: it offers 1080p with a video resolution of 1920 x 1080. The 19" 4000-series television is only 720p. If you're shopping for a small Samsung television and want to stay in the 1080p world, you'll want to take a good look at the 5000-series UN22F5000.

While the UN22F5000 is in the 22" class, its effective size is actually 21.5" measured diagonally. It comes with a nice selection of features, but it does not offer 3D imaging or Smart TV functionality. It's a fairly basic set in terms of connectivity. It comes equipped with two HDMI inputs, one USB 2.0 connection, one component video shared with one composite video, and one RF input used for terrestrial and cable television. It comes with a DTV and analog tuner and is cable ready out of the box. It contains no audio out or return channels.

Its slimline form factor is sure to please consumers, although it does give it a lightweight feel some may say feels cheap. A television's bulk and weight shouldn't be a sole factor in determining quality performance, and this is certainly true here. The video performance from this television is excellent, regardless of its actual weight and size. The thickness of the bezel is a slender .5" and its weight is a mere 5.7 lbs without the stand. This is surprisingly light, especially for those used to larger 46" to 80" televisions. Not to worry. It may be svelte, but it is no wimp in terms of video performance for the money.

In terms if features, this television carries the typical, basic features, which includes 60Hz performance with a clear motion rate of 120Hz, DTS premium sound and effects, and Dolby Digital Plus. If this television has one drawback, it would be with its sound. It comes with two 3W, downward firing, full-range speakers that are designed to do the job and nothing more. It's common for television speakers to be limited in their performance and the smaller size of this television enhances this fact. Regardless, most consumers are less interested in sound quality than they are video quality. The UN22F5000 offers adequate audio performance, but don't look for wall shaking bass and deep low end. It is rich in mid- and high-end frequencies, and these are emulated crisp and sharp. The overall sound is thin, as would be expected from a driver size as is installed in this television. The downward firing speaker position is ideal, especially for those who will wall mount the television.

The UN22F5000 does a nice job of sipping power, which is why it has earned an Energy Star rating. Power consumption is a modest 18W typical and 35W maximum. Standby power consumption is under .3W.

What's in the box? Aside from the television, you get a stand, standard remote, battery for the remote, power cable, and user's manual. The remote is very basic and has no learning features. The television is VESA wall mount compatible, although the wall mount will have to be purchased separately. A one-year parts and labor warranty comes standard for consumers. For commercial users, this is reduced to ninety days.

Overall, this is an excellent television for those looking for a smaller-sized set. Its video quality is on par with larger televisions in Samsung's LED TV line. It is void of many of the extra bells and whistles of higher-class televisions, such as 3D and Smart TV functionality, but it offers the most basic and important features most consumers are looking for. Don't look for outstanding audio performance from its full range speakers. It does offer satisfactory sound that is certainly presentable. A separate home theater system will expand the audio performance, if sonic quality is important to you.

For the price, it's hard to beat the Samsung UN22F5000. While it's small in stature, it's also big on performance.
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on April 30, 2013
Here are some various tidbits that are not really listed in the product description:

- Bezel is GLOSSY, Screen is MATTE (very happy, I dont see reflections!)
- Stand plastic and is not adjustable at all. No vertical tilting, or even horizontal tilt. Definitely the worst part about the TV
- Game Mode turns off most image enhancement but cuts down on Input Lag. I play fighting games that require 1-frame links (inputs within 1/60 of a second). This TV is fast in game mode and should not hurt your gameplay
- Sound quality is mediocre/average at best. They are TV speakers, so you shouldn't expect much
- An IR receiver sits blatantly on the bottom-right hand corner of the bezzle. It is a small bump on the bottom of the screen. Rather than put the IR receiver on the bezel or behind the screen, it makes the unit look cheap... so samsung can save a few bucks on each unit
- Happy to report no overscan/underscan issues on PC/PS3. i didnt have to make any adjustments to fill the screen correctly
- No VGA input. Only Two HDMI and One Component input. Could be a problem if you want to connect a console, blu-ray, and a computer if you only have HDMI connections. You would need a receiver or switcher obviously.
- NON STANDARD POWER BRICK. It is rated 14v @ 2.5a. This means max power consumption should be 35W. Energy star rating of $4 / year. Could be a real hassle if the power brick decides to go. Probably need to get a samsung brick, since 14V is not really common!!

Hope this helps someone. I bought this TV without knowing these things, but I am glad it worked out for me. I use it as a console gaming monitor in my office next to my main PC
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on May 8, 2013
(note: this is a review of the 22")

Colors. Black levels. Good calibration adjustments. Low latency for gaming.

This TV has a very bad (or none at all) internal scaler. This means any content that is not 1080p native will be a blurred and pixelated mess (stretch out an image on your computer for an example). An input device with a decent scaler of it's own can compensate, but not every device has one, which is why it is imperative that any modern TV should include a quality scaler of it's own. I purchased this TV as an upgrade to my PS3 gaming TV, assuming that a TV in 2013 would have a decent scaler (PS3 game scaling is very, very poor). Unfortunately most PS3 games are 720p native, so will be blurred and pixelated. Needless to say, watching SDTV on this TV is especially bad as well. I mention this because I know a lot of people buy these small TVs to put in their kitchens or guest rooms, where there is only standard definition channels. You may be disappointed if you are in this category of buyers.

Also there is no way to adjust the screen's position. It is locked in place on the stand. The viewing angles are decent though, so this isn't a huge issue.

In short, My 6 year old TV handles 720p (and below) content much better than this one. 1080p native content looks fine, but with a TV this small, it won't look any better than 720p native content would on a 720p display. If you are in the market for a TV this size, you are better off going with a 720p display to avoid scaling issues. If you intend to use the TV simply for watching blu-rays and other 1080p native content, then this TV is a great buy. Otherwise avoid it.
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on June 28, 2014
I bought and returned the Samsung UN22F5000. I must have gotten a lemon. The skin tones were purple and there was a grey tinge to the whole picture (as another reviewer noted). I played with all the color/brightness/contrast/etc adjustments and made it some better but never could compensate for that basic look. Also the sound was tinny (as other reviewers have noted).
The thing looks cheap. The Vizio 22" looks a lot better. I was shopping for a small (19" would be good) kitchen TV that we would be looking at all the time. I would be willing to pay two or three times what this costs to get something that looks good and performs well; why doesn't anybody make that? It's a race to the bottom in price. Anyway I ended up buying a Samsung T22C350ND HDTV LED Monitor from Amazon at $130. If you are searching televisions it does not come up. It is much better at $45 less! It must have the same processor as the UN22F5000 as the menus are the same and it has all the connectivity as the UN22F5000 and maybe some more (2 HDMI etc); I perused the menu but did not need to touch the color adjustment. Also it has superior sound: it has 2x5w speakers vs the 2x3w speakers as the UN22F5000 and with more speaker grill area (on the bottom edge). I like the stand better too. I am keeping the T22C350ND.
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on May 2, 2014
I'll be boondocking for two months this summer, and I really needed 12V tolerant TV that didn't cost and arm and a leg. RV specific TVs can cost more than they are worth, and don't have a lot of the nicer features. After doing a lot of research, I found that this TV uses a 14V converter, which is near the charging voltages for automotive battery systems. I was a little nervous that it wouldn't operate at lower voltages, as the batteries discharged, but I bet on it being able to handle it. It paid off --I've had no problems with the unit down to 11V. It draws very little power, and with my dual battery setup, it can last several days of constant viewing (if I don't use anything else). And, I can use a large capacity USB thumb drive for playing video files, which none of the RV-specific TVs can do. It's perfect!

Edit: I should add that, instead of cannibalizing the supplied power cord, I made my own using an EIAJ-5 connector (Digikey part #: CP-026-ND). This allows me to use shore power whenever I have access.

Edit: I tested using an independent power supply recently to see just how low it would go before shutting off. 9.9V is about the minimum, which is lower than you should be letting your deep cycle batteries get. Also, it draws between 1.9A and 2.2A using broadcast TV, and averaged 2.2A (2.5A peak) playing a 1080p H.264 video on a thumb drive.
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on October 21, 2013
I got this TV to replace my 9-year old Toshiba CRT (a great TV) in my bedroom.
Delivery was fast, all parts accounted for.
Compared with Sony, the manuals are in very small print and a bit too brief.
Had a little problem with assembly with the screws. Be sure to take your time, use a medium-sized Phillips head screwdriver, and apply force.
It's a beauty - no bezel wobble as a few have noted in earlier Comments.
I affixed my old antenna to the rear of the TV. I receive more channels than before, and none of them suffers from stutter / freezing up.
Audio is good. I won't need a soundbar. I keep it simple per the KISS rule.
Hookup of my Sony DVD player via HDMI cable (Amazon, of course) was easy. My DVDs look and sound better on this TV than my Toshiba.
When calibrating, the Menu structure takes time to be comfortable with.
I've been tweaking the picture for the past 4 days. (I use the settings in the "Dangs" long comment, and also from the CNet review of this TV. The most critical option seems to be to start by selecting Mode = MOVIE.)
It's a beautiful picture! Watched my Packers win last night in Green Bay with enhanced enjoyment (and they beat Cleveland!).
I watch a lot of French movies. I've noted another plus of my new TV is subtitles appear so much better than they did on my Toshiba.
Overall it's been fantastic so far with a few very minor negatives.
Advice: if you still have an old, bulky CRT get this one!
A solid 5-stars for Samsung and for Amazon.
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