Customer Reviews: Samsung UN39FH5000 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2013 Model)
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on March 23, 2014
I started researching TVs as I was looking for something for the bedroom and gaming. I considered the positives and negatives between LED and Plasma, size vs. price, name brand vs. off-brand sets, and 60 vs. 120Hz. Finally, I settled on the Samsung UN39FH5000 for a few reasons. These were the screen size, number of positive reviews, and the price point. I am not disappointed with my purchase.

I knew right off that I didn't want to go below 40 inches. I have previously used a 32 inch TV for gaming and it felt too small. I like that this TV is cheaper than the 40 inch Samsung, and at 39" it is close enough to fit my needs. I have the TV set-up in a bedroom and it fills the space nicely. It is large enough for everything I do with it, and while sitting just 6-10 feet away, it doesn't feel overly big. For the size, the TV is light weight and can easily be picked up and moved by 1 person. Due to its overall size, attaching the stand might be annoying for you. I did it on my own and had to bend oddly to tighten the screws. Once attached the TV feels sturdy, despite its light weight.

One complaint I read a lot about for this TV was its poor sound. When asked for specifics, no one elaborated appropriately. So if you have these same concerns then rest assured that the sound is great. The TV is very loud, in my bedroom I keep it around 12-15 for gaming (out of a possible 100), and around 8 while watching TV during the day. At night I sometimes lower the volume to 4 or 6 and I am still able to hear it perfectly. I have no complaints about the levels of volume or my ability to clearly hear the sound coming from the built in speakers. The TV has various sound options (Standard, Music, Movie, Clear Voice, and Amplify). I keep it set on Standard and it works great for both gaming and watching TV. With that said, the built in speakers are not going to give you a surround sound-like experience while gaming or watching movies. I think we all knew that already, which made me very confused why I saw some reviews point this out. It seems commonsense that you are only going to get as good as the TV can give. Expecting something better and then complaining about it, has no place in a logical discussion, let alone a review.

A previous review claims to have utilized expensive calibration equipment to pick the best settings for this TV. I have an extremely accurate color definition and am able to pick up subtle shades between colors. To my eyes, the settings found in that review left the screen dull, washed out, and void of the correct color tones. The settings I am currently using (for gaming and regular TV) are the following:

Mode: Standard
Backlight: 14
Contrast: 60
Brightness: 55
Sharpness: 45
Color: 55
Tint: 50/50
Dynamic Contrast: Low
Black Tone: Dark
Flesh Tone: 0
Color Space: Auto
White Balance: 22, 23, 25, 25, 25, 23
Gamma: 0
Motion Lighting: Off
Color Tone: Standard
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Clean View: Off
MPEG Noise Filter: Auto
HDMI Black Level: Low
LED Clear Motion: Off

I am not an expert. I do not own any calibration equipment. These are just the settings I have settled with for gaming and cable. My systems are connected via HDMI and these settings currently seem the best for me. So try them, perhaps as a baseline and then make adjustments to fit your needs. Be sure to read the manual as it has descriptions for most of the settings.

This TV only has 2 HDMI inputs, and I wish it had more. I like to keep a variety of things connected and only having 2 is really limiting. This may be something to consider if you are just starting to research TV sets. Another small complaint is that the stand does not swivel. This means you better have enough shelf/table space to rotate the TV to fit your needs. Wall mounting is always an option, for those that need it.

This is a no frills, basic TV, with basic options. It will get you watching TV, gaming, and enjoying movies for around $100 less than the nearest competitor. This may not be the TV you want for the center of your expensive entertainment system, but for a bedroom and some modern gaming, it works great!

Update: 2015. After having this TV for awhile, and using it daily, I have begun to hear the problem with the sound. The grills over the speakers vibrate severely the warmer the TV becomes. The longer you use it the worse it will become. It is an utter annoyance that can be heard at all volume levels once the TV has been used for a few hours. Keeping the volume less than 10 can minimize the effect. I have not been able to adjust any of the built-in settings (EQ, etc) to help this issue. While the speakers are clear, loud, and fill the room, it appears the design of the shell is the problem.
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on May 7, 2014
The black level on this panel is just stunning. Deep blacks and great contrast. Re watching my blurays was a real treat. Blu rays I thought weren't so great now really shine.

This is direct LED backlighting Display not edge lit. It make a big difference. A true IPS display(this is still debated but I tend to agree as the colors are perfect) for using as a PC monitor and colors are perfect.

There is a top review on the page that I stole the settings for and I'll re post them here

These aren't mine but they are a great starting point for TV and movies. It comes bright out of the box and doesn't look great. It looks good out of the box but not great. With a bit of tweaking you can make this look amazing.

For TV and Movies(blu-ray,DVD)
Calibration Settings Samsung UN39FH5000
Mode: Standard & Movie
Backlight 13
Contrast 78
Brightness 45
Sharpness 35
Color 50
Tint 50/50
Dynamic Contrast off
Black Tone off
Flesh Tone off
Color Space Auto
White Balance Cutoff: R-20,G-22,B-11 Gain: R-22,G-25,B-9
Gamma 0
Motion Lighting Off
Color Tone Warm1
Size Screen Fit (1:1 pixel mapping)
Digital Clear off
MPEG Filter off
LED Clear Motion on (important)

What you should do is set each source to the proper type. For my blu-ray player I have it set to Blu-ray, for PC I set it to PC

Make SURE if you are using this as a PC monitor to SET THE SOURCE NAME TO PC or PC DVI. It makes a huge difference. Also use HDMI port 2 for PC

To change the source type (DVD, Satellite STB, CABLE STB, AV RECEIVER, GAME, GAME CONSOLE, PC DVI PC...and I left out a bunch) PRESS THE SOURCE BUTTON then highlight the source you wish to change. Now PRESS THE TOOLS BUTTON and select edit name.
It helps with the calibration and helps you remember what is what.

People are annoyed that is makes a sound when you turn it on. It does but you can set it to low or turn the sound off.

The speakers sound great. I have this going through a 5.1 receiver BUT I usually just use the speakers when watching TV.

It only has two HDMI ports which is disappointing but at this prices and this quality I don't mind.

I THOUGHT I GOT A STEAL OF A PRICE @ $380.00 from Walmart about 45 days ago because it beat Amazon's price and ease of returning the product. The price from Amazon right now has dropped to $350 and there's no reason to look at any other TV unless you want smart features.

It comes bright out of the box and doesn't look great. Try those setting as see if it changes for you. Work form there.

It's only 60hz but is sometimes advertised as 120 hz due to technology built in that increases the rate. Does it? I think so. Watching sports I can tell a difference. It also smooths out the screen so It look really good with that setting on.

I can find a few faults with this TV if I really try but I can't imagine any TV under $400 having any of these

1. No independent PC input. Only two HDMI ports which is limiting.
2 It has a optical out(toslink) which only passes PCM 2.0 stereo from your devices. So if you plug your blur ray and your cable box in with HDMI and use a optical cable to connect the TV to receiver IT WILL NOT BE 5.1
Over the air and anything internal would be but since it's not a smart TV that basically means only over the air TV

Most Receivers have multiple HMDI inputs and one output. So this way you really only need one HDMI port for all your devices and the audio is played right through the receivers sound system.

4. It doesn't have an HDMI return channel.

That's it. It's a steal at this price and when you register on Samsung they give you an extra 3 months of warranty for a total of 15 months in home service. I extended mine with Square Trade. If you pay more than $30 you are getting a bad price. Look for coupon codes or buy on Square trade on Amazon when you buy the product and it's usually a reduced price. You have 30 days to cancel Square Trade for a full refund.
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on September 22, 2013
I went to the store prepared to buy Samsung's 40-inch LED TV, and found this one on sale for $150 less. I was able to compare the pictures on the two TVs, and to my eyes, the quality was identical. I also couldn't see that the additional 1" was worth that extra money, so I bought the 39-inch model. I couldn't be happier.

While in the store, I also had the opportunity to compare the pictures on the Samsung sets with other brands such as LG and Sony. I couldn't see any significant difference between them and the Samsungs. My opinion was confirmed for me when the cable guys came to install my cable - they were blown away by how good the picture was, and these are guys who see a LOT of different TVs.

This is not a smart TV, but the Blu-ray player I bought 3 months ago has internet connectivity, and I didn't see the need for a smart TV on top of that. My current setup includes a Sony Blu-ray player, an Xfinity cable box, and this Samsung TV, all connected through a Sony HT-CT150 soundbar with subwoofer. Because the soundbar acts as a hub for all audiovisual functions, setup was extremely simple (plug the Blu-ray into the BD HDMI port on the subwoofer, plug the cable box into the SA/CATV HDMI port on the subwoofer, and plug the subwoofer's TV Out HDMI port into the TV's HDMI 1 port).

The picture looked great out of the box, because my viewing room is normally pretty bright, and I haven't had to change any of the default settings. I did play around with them just to see what the differences were, but ended up leaving everything where it started.

The audio from the built-in speakers is reasonable, but the soundbar/subwoofer combination make a huge difference.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Samsung and this particular TV.

Edit: there is one negative thing - the USB port is on the back of the set, which makes it a pain to connect or disconnect. More thoughtful design would have put it where access was simple - on the front or on the side. That's not a factor for me at this time, because I use the USB port on my Blu-ray player if I want to go that route.
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on May 7, 2014
Best value non smart tv on amazon. This review is of the 39 inch model. I did a lot of research and at the time this was by far the highest quality and best value at this price point and size. It's not a smart tv but most smart tv's apps are hard to use and poorly implemented besides I have an xbox and chromecast so I don't care about it being a dum TV.

Picture: super bright amazing image quality for the price point this tv will not disappoint! Extremely customizable image settings allow you to adjust the picture just how you want it. A quick google search will yield settings that work well but I had to fiddle with the backlighting and black levels to get it how I thought looked best.

Sound: other reviews say sound sucks on this tv. The sound is actually quite good as long as it's not mounted to the wall. When wall mounted or pushed up against the wall the sound sounds tinny like how your cellphone speaker sounds when placed speaker down on a table. When the tv is on a tv stand one foot from the wall it has great, clear very loud sound that is more than adequate for my use. That being said a external subwoofer and/or sound bar would be advisable for anyone who likes a lot of extra "BASS"

I love the power button on this tv! It is a small joystick located on bottom right of TV. It gives you easy access to the settings and menus in a easy to use and intuitive design. Compare this to many tv's which you can't access the menu without the remote.
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on November 15, 2014
Samsung is a major player in the electronics and HDTV market and there are many excellent in-depth technical reviews on the performance of these Samsung sets. The purpose of this review is to comment on the overall reliability and customer support on Samsung products and to share my experience.


1. Extremely energy efficient- $8/year
2. Clear, crisp picture when working
3. Excellent price on Amazon
4. VESA wall mount
5. A best buy compared to the comparable 2013 40" version.


1. Reliability: If your priority is features then reliability becomes secondary to many. However, I believe reliability is paramount. I received a lemon from the outset on this Samsung. The unit consistently cycled on and off making it impossible to watch. It was subsequently returned to Amazon and I purchased a 40" Panasonic which performs beautifully. Consumer Reports rates Samsung reliability at 4%. The highest reliability on these sets continues to be Panasonic at 2% with an absolutely stunning picture compared to its Samsung counterpart. The small price differential was more than worth it to me.

2. Samsung and many other manufacturers, continue to participate in "panel roulette", purchasing other manufacturer's panels to save cost. So, depending on the model and version of your Samsung set, you may actually be purchasing a generic Chinese, Sharp or Samsung panel...spin the wheel and good luck! Panasonic now uses LG panels for their sets. However, Samsung has earned a reputation for using low-caliber components, resistors, capacitors and power supply's compared to other manufacturers such as Sony and Panasonic. This also impacts overall brand reliability if this is important to you.

3. Customer Support: Samsung continues to have one of the worst customer support networks available. Support is globally-outsourced to non-native speaking associates on poor VOIP lines and the company has a long and well-documented history of making it challenging at best to receive manufacturer-supported and sanctioned customer-focused quality and attention. Over the years, I have owned several Samsung appliances only to be disappointed at the lack of their interest in your purchase at having their equipment repaired or replaced under the terms and conditions of their "warranty".


1. 2 Stars for reliability and consistently unacceptable customer support.
2. Consider what is most important to you in choosing a TV then select accordingly. Reliability and quality components are highest for Panasonic, LG, Sharp and Sony and lowest for Westinghouse, Mitsubishi and Sylvania.
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on June 24, 2013
I bought this Samsung 39" TV (not from Amazon) for a bedroom and had to return the first one because of a loud buzzing noise coming from the LED backlight. The noise was obviously not from the audio since it was present even on mute and the tone could be changed (also the loudness increased or reduced) by adjusting the backlight. There was also a strong odor of plastic as if some component was overheating. In a quiet bedroom the noise was too annoying to tolerate with the TV muted, and was noticeably present at low volume.
I exchanged the first TV for another of the same model, and while it is significantly quieter and doesn't smell as strongly, the same noise is still present. The noise has gotten slightly louder over the last few weeks, but since the return period is up and we like the TV otherwise, we'll keep it and hope that it doesn't get much louder.
Other than the annoying sound, we like most things about the TV; The picture is very good, although not quite as good as our 40" Sony. It is brighter though, and can be otherwise adjusted to taste. The remote is one of the better ones I've used, fairly logically laid out and comfortable to hold. While I don't particularly like shiny black plastic, the stand and bezel are pretty unobtrusive. The sound is serviceable - I found the standard setting with the surround sound turned on is clear and pleasant. The menu system is about average, irritating in some areas and intuitive in others. I'm annoyed that there is no dedicated favorite channel button on the remote, and the channel list button cannot be set to default to the favorites. It would be nice if manufacturers spent more time thinking through menus and remotes, and maybe actually used them for a while. The HDMI and USB connections all point straight out near the middle of the back, good for bunching the cables together, but for wall hanging cables or adapters with 90 degree ends may be required.
If not for the noisy backlight, I'd give the TV a solid 4 stars and feel that it was a very good value in a lower end set. However, the noise is unacceptable at any price level and seems to me to be a quality control failure and probably part of the general race to the bottom in terms of using low end components.
I'd recommend that anyone who is sensitive to sound not buy this set for use in a quiet room. The noise in the second one we bought would probably not be an issue in an area of average background sound, but I can't see any good reason a TV should make any sound at all when on mute. Our other LED TVs and computer monitors are silent, or nearly so.
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on January 29, 2014
.... is very poor. I will be returning it. On talking voice material it is fine, but music like piano pieces with sustained lower to middle range notes cause and horrible buzzing even at low volumes. The speakers are buzzing and the flimsy plastic back panel also buzzes! This TV is in a bedroom and I do not want to invest in a sound bar or external audio devices. I am not expecting home theater type sound, but just clean sound with no buzzing.

Update - Gave Samsung a chance to fix the sound issue. First support person told me to buy a sound bar! I asked for his supervisor and got him to agree to send out someone to look at the issue. Service tech told me he has seen sound issues many times with these slim designs and assured me he could fix it with a swap of the speakers (not really needed - he said this) as well as some felt strips on the cabinet. Well it did NOTHING. Same buzzing.

Watching him I could immediately see what was doing all the buzzing. It is the large metal back over the display module. Tapping it with my finger produced the sound I am hearing from the TV. The speakers are attached directly to the back of the this metal cover. What is needed are some foam dampers on the LCD back. As an Electronic Engineer that works in the sound industry (Fender guitar amps) I suggested he try and install some thick foam between the plastic flimsy back and the metal LCD back, but he did not want to do this as his allotted service time was used up. The fix would be so simple. Amazing to me that Samsung lets this design get out in the field. I guess they figure most will use the set with an external sound system. I feel the device should give reasonable sound without external systems.

I could fix it myself, but it bugs me to spend money on a product that has issues. I will take it back and hopefully find another model that has decent sound without external sound bars or audio systems.
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on December 14, 2013
Finally got too frustrated with my small screen TV during the World Series and ordered this. My daughter and son-in-law had bought a similar model about a year earlier, so I'd had a chance to try it before buying. I'm really happy with the size and crispness of the picture.
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on June 4, 2014
This is the second flat screen Samsung TV that I have purchased...One for me several years ago and this one for a family member. Picture quality is great and the unit is lightweight. The set up was simple in that the TV is only being used with a cable box and Roku unit. After installing the included base, we plugged in the power and two HDMI cords and we were up and running in minutes. Note that the included base is not adjustable for viewing angle and there are only two HDMI ports.
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on October 31, 2014
I've had my unit now for 4 months. I was only looking for base model for the bedroom. I went low feature (very few inputs, no PIP, etc) with this model and really didn't expect much. WOW am I ever pleased with this TV. Picture and Sound are really good, picture is exceptional for a 60Hz model. I don't have cable or a dish. We get broadcast HD and streaming for all or TV use.

Broadcast HD:
I live 10 miles outside the perimeter of Atlanta. I hooked up an unpowered DigitalHD antenna I bought at Walmart a few years ago and got over 60 broadcast digital channels. It was easy to filter out the channels I didn't want and the reception on all the major networks is great 99% of the time.

HDMI: This unit only has 2 HDMI ports. I'm only using one for an Amazon Fire TV box. The HDMI port works great most of the time. The only complaint I have is that the unit is 'smart' with the HDMI port. If nothing is hooked up to the HDMI port then it cannot be selected as a source for viewing. Every once in a while it thinks the Fire is disconnected when it isn't. Probably because the FireTV unit shuts off if there is no activity for a while. Disconnecting the FireTV from the TV at either end and reconnecting resolves this every time so it's only a minor hassle.

USB Port:
TV has built-in USB port. The manual claims that it doesn't support HDD's but it does, it just can't power them. I hooked up an external USB 3TB HDD that stands upright behind unit on the base. One simple push of the Media Play (Media P.) button on the remote and a selection pops up offering me the choice of Videos, Music, and Photos. It only supports JPG for photos, which works for me since they all are. It also only support MP3 files for music, again that's okay by me as well. Where this feature really shines is Video. It supports AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MKV, TS, TP, TRP, M2TS, VOB, 3GP, and FLV. I've played MP4 and MKV and they both work great. It even supports internal or external (to the video file) subtitles. The options for Video play from a USB device straight to the unit are impressive.
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