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on June 23, 2012
The Samsung UN46ES6580 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV has a phenomenal picture.
The picture is bright, clear and sharp. I love this picture! You might find yourself looking at the picture and seeing details in TV programs and DVD's that you have never seen before. The scrolling banners on news programs for instance come in clear and crisp. I have not noticed any motion blurring at all.
I use OTA(Over the Air) to receive TV signals. This utilizes just a plain old TV antenna. HD signals are fantastic. SD signals are just OK. The tuner in the TV worked great at picking up stations from my state and my neighboring state. I get lots of stations easily. Plain to upgrade to Comcast TV next week, so I will see what the picture looks like then.

I find the controls and menu system to be relatively intuitive. Easy to navigate and you find what you are looking for easily. The remote could be better, but it is not too bad. It would have been nice to have a remote with a small keyboard
and mouse pad. Its entirely usable, but not the best for surfing the internet and inputting text for search engines or apps like YouTube, Netflix, and others.
There is a better solution. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad (920-003070) Comes with a USB connector that plugs into back of TV. Great for surfing internet and general navigation through TV menu controls.
To set up keyboard, go to MENU, then SYSTEM, over to DEVICE MANAGER, then to KEYBOARD SETTINGS. That's it...It might recognize keyboard automatically after you plug in USB receiver, and you might not have to do those steps however.
The TV does come with 4 active 3D glasses. Have not used 3D yet.
Also, comes with Skype camera. Have not used this either yet.

I find that the video setting of Dynamic is best for me. Also, my wife and I like the sound setting on Movie. There are plenty of settings to adjust picture and sound.

Internet works fast and apps seem pretty nice. You can have TV PIP(picture in Picture) when surfing the internet. Nice!

Overall, so far, I have not had any problems. If you register your TV on Samsung site, you will get an extra 3 months on your warranty.

After thought. I spent over 2 years casually researching TV's. This one has everything that I wanted and hoped for. Went to Sam's Club before buying this one and brought home a 50" LG Plasma for half the price of the Samsung. Of course it was not a Smart TV though. It had 3 bright defective pixels. The LG went right back to Sam's Club the same day. The display model at Sam's had 2 defective pixels. This is just plain inexcusable.
That is when I decided to "bite the bullet" and ordered the more expensive Samsung. I do not regret my decision.

Also, when I ordered from Amazon, the price was $100 more than what it is now. As the TV was being shipped, Amazon promptly refunded the difference. Good going Amazon.
However, I was not happy with the way Amazon shipped the TV. It was by regular UPS delivery. The box had one visible break in it. I expected and wrongly assumed, better packaging. The shipping box was the original box the TV comes in. Should have been doubled boxed with better padding.

Other than that, I would recommend this TV if it is within your budget. It really is fantastic...if it lasts.


Update: Skype camera works well on initial testing. Video and sound quality is good. Skype app has option to automatically login when TV starts, but it seems like it only automatically logins when you actually enter Smart Hub, and not when TV actually starts. Possible Skype app problem. Also, had one occasion when after using some app, that the TV only displayed a pinkish
hue. Reset TV by unplugging, and then plugging back in. Have not had any other problems since. Also, there is a firmware update for TV on Samsung website.
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on August 6, 2012
** Update: downgraded from 4 stars to 3. The cloudiness is still annoying me; I wish I'd just bought another plasma **

This TV has a fantastic picture, until you get to a dark scene. There are visible "clouds" at the edge of my screen when watching letterboxed movies, and when viewing menus on gaming consoles. It almost looks like you're at a drive-in movie with someone shining their headlights on the screen. It's not terrible, but it's enough to be annoying. I should have done more research before buying this TV. Some forum discussions indicate that the 6580 has microdimming, but it doesn't. You'll need to step up to the UN46ES7100 for this.

+ WiFi works well for streaming HD (1080p60)
+ Samsung store has all the apps I need (Hulu, Vudu, Pandora, Netflix)
+ Screen is nice and bright, great for daytime viewing
+ Movie and Standard modes have good defaults (Standard needed some tweaking)
+ HDMI CEC works great - I can control my Sony BluRay player with it!
+ 2D-3D conversion works well, and the remote has a dedicated button for this
+ Glasses are comfortable; 3D looks much better than at the theater.
+ Uses less energy than a 60-watt bulb
+ SD looks "good enough" (but HD looks superb)

- LED light leakage is visible in dark scenes, and in letterboxed movies. Great uniformity otherwise.
- IR remote backlight is much too dim, and requires pressing the button twice to turn on (why??)
- Frame interpolation is enabled by default, and is difficult to find in the menu to turn off. Classic movies looked like soap operas until I figured out how to disable this.
- Natural Mode is not natural, and Dynamic mode is unusable for me.
- Adjusting Picture settings takes several remote clicks; IR remote should have a dedicated button for this
- 1 hot pixel in my sample; not visible from my viewing position
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on July 16, 2012
My family and I researched LED HDTVs for nearly a year. Samsung clearly was the best of the best when it came to color brilliance and features.

My son and I setup the HDTV in just over an hour. It was very straight forward and easy for two people. Attaching the included stand would have been a challenge for only 1 person.

Our previous Samsung had multiple component inputs so we needed to run to the store for HDMI cables for the Comcast DVR and DVD player.

Unlike previous Samsung models, this model comes with Wi-Fi enabled (without having to purchase an extra attachment). The Wi-Fi signal was strong so there was little delay in accessing websites. If you plan to do a lot of Internet surfing, consider purchasing the Samsung wireless mouse and keyboard.

The Samsung apps are okay - perhaps we are slightly spoiled after using iPad and Android apps for so long. The Skype app works well with the included Samsung webcam with built-in microphone.

Overall I would strongly recommend this HDTV for anyone. The 55" works well in a 20' x 40' living room.
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on June 26, 2012
My wife and I bought this Samsung TV to replace an older one in our home. We have a 44" Samsung in our 5th wheel camper and really enjoyed the picture clarity, so that's what influenced our decision on this Samsung. From the moment I turned it on, I could not believe the picture. This TV has it all. Plus the 3D is fa-nominal. If you order from Amazon, they ship it free, no sales tax and the shipping company un-crates it and sets it up for you at no charge. Of course I gave the guys a $20. as a tip though. All in all, so far we're very pleased with our decision.
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on July 12, 2012
I did a lot of homework before making my final choice. I received the TV the day as I was told it would come. The TV is better than I expected - I could not find anyone with a better price than Amazon. The picture is - well as the saying goes "Picture perfect!" The 3D - is 3 D-elicious. I congratulate Samsung for the simplicity of the TV's operations. I must say here is I do have a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player with a Sony surround sound receiver - Once I connected the units via HDMI cables - I was ready to use my system the TV/Blu-ray and receiver Sync themselves - NICE! So I highly recommend the UN40ES6580 - and of course Amazon - it's having a best friend in the business - thank you again - Bob

UPDATE 12/08/2012 - Having this product for a couple of months I now love it more. The more I play with more of the features the more fun it is and I love the simplicity of the operation. I can only comment on my purchase and again as I said after a few months it's still A+ - Bob

UPDATE 12/05/2013 - Happier today than the day I received my TV. Simple to use and of course I'm an Amazon Prime member which adds to my enjoyment. Watching 3-D movies is still a kick.
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on December 20, 2012
This is a rating for the Samsung UN40ES6580 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Black)

Easy to set up
Excellent responsive controls
Crystal clear smooth images
Samsung provided remote automatically recognized and controls my Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray Player
3D is astoundingly good, suspends your disbelief!
Comes with 4 comfortable 3d glasses.
Comes with Skype camera.
Slim bezel gives you the most screen for the space used
Sound quality is very good
Solid build quality, yet very light.

Only 3 HDMI (1080P) inputs
(I didn't take off any points for this since I'm using this TV with my cable box, Roku, and Sony BDP-S590 Blu Ray Player which is all I really need. I would have preferred 4 HDMI inputs. However, there's 1 component device input, but component inputs will only display a resolution up to 1080i (not 1080P). Most cable boxes will only display up to 1080i anyway, so you could use the component cable for your cable box and reserve the 3rd hdmi input for a 1080P device.

This HDTV is truly amazing and I'm rating the Samsung UN40ES6580 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV 5 out of 5 Stars. Highly recommended
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on September 10, 2012
This is a review of a used version of this model that I paid $627.00 for last week on amazon warehouse deals. I took a risk and purchased this 'used' instead of new to save over $500.00. What a deal, TV arrived in almost new condition, no damage or issues at all, just repackaged.

The TV came with 4 pairs of 3D Glasses, web camera, and all other accessores. Everything was in just about new condition, never opened. I noticed some minor back light clouding on the TV, but I was able to remove it with calibration in the settings. Once i adjusted the settings, the TV shows inky blacks, no clouding and very white whites and brilliant color on the screen. It did take a while to calibrate the settings, but very much worth the trouble. 3D looked very good on this TV, and getting the 4 pairs of new 3D Glasses for free was just an added benefit.

Once calibrated this TV's black levels are almost darker and inky as my previous Panasonic GT30 Plasma, I sent that back to amazon due to image retention issues and heat issues, the screen heat almost heated my whole condo when turned on. The LED has no heat from the screen, and uses 3/4 less power.

- Outstanding Picture quality (after calibration and settings adjustments)
- Great inky blacks and clear whites (after calibration and settings adjustments)- I have owned 2 previous LED TV's and returned both of them due to led lighting and clouding issues, this TV allows for that to be calibrated out, and shows significant improvements with inky blacks and whitest whites once you calibrate it.
- Paid $627.00, saved $500.00 by buying a used warehouse deals model
- 4 pairs of new 3D Glasses included, and web camera included
- thin, light and uses very little power (no heat from the screen like my previous panasonic plasma)
- Great design and sturdy stand

- Requires significant calibration and settings adjustment to get the picture quality desired and remove back light clouding effects.
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on July 14, 2012
I love this TV so far. The factory picture out of the box is not great. You will have to adjust. After adjustments, this TV is absolutely FANTASTIC! Happy I received 4 pair of 3D glasses with the TV. For the price and all the features on the TV - great purchase for a mid 3D LED tv. I have played a couple of games on the TV and performance was great. The TV found my wireless network and connected right away. Bummer that Amazon prime is not part of the Samsung Apps, but I have it on my PS3 and Roku so no biggie. The TV is worth the price I paid. Amazon - shipping was quick and delivered within the timeframe promised. I love your service!
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on June 21, 2013
This TV (probably any Led TV)is a "bear" to setup so it has best picture in the home. I did some internet research to get a good set of initial settings for home use. Thanks to a person who had spent a lot time working on getting his Samsung un40es6580 LED TV to perform to his expectations i had a good starting point. After working on it for a month i have an acceptable picture for my use. it is still not as good as a plasma but those have their own set of problems.
My TV shows backlight "bleed or blooming" around the edges and in various places within the body of the screen. This is most evident in a totally dark room when the screen goes black. From my research this common in edge lit LED TV's. This I have learned to accept . Some might not. If i had known what i know now i probably would have bought a Panasonic plasma TV. Plasmas have better blacks ,better colors,faster response time,better viewing angles,etc. I would have learned all the plasma problems and worked around them. The main one "burn in" due to items on the screen staying static also happens with LED TV's. The Samsung operators manual clearly warns about "burn in" potential problems. Since i already have it i guess i will keep it,but overall i think i would have been better satisfied with a high quality 50" plasma . there would not have much difference in cost.
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on August 31, 2012
Before getting this TV, I bought on Amazon the Panasonic plasma (4-1/2 stars). I got a very grainy and blurry picture (I had tried numerous time to tweak the settings to no avail). I've sent it back to Amazon (no problems there, and got a refund promptly). I've decided to get a Samsung because I already own two other Sam. TVs (one DLP and one LCD). I was not disappointed with my purchase. The picture is awesome! Beware though that the 4 little screws that came with the TV and are used to attach the stand to the TV are of a different thread than the nut. Since I've read on-line that this happened to someone else, I just went to Home Depot and got the proper screws. It's a bit of a nuisance but it's all forgotten now - Samsung however cannot afford this to happen (imagine someone else less technically inclined trying to assemble...). BTW I have U-Verse, and I connect via HDMI. The TV has many settings and tweaking but I had to do almost nothing to find the settings that I like. I am supper happy with the TV. It has 3D capability, but I have not tried that yet, nor any of the other options.
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