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on July 21, 2010
I love this TV! The picture is awesome, the TV itself is attractive, and the price on Amazon was great. I still can't believe how thin this TV is. I vacillated between this one (the 8000) and the 7000, but decided on the 8000 because it can adjust the picture to the light in the room (this can be turned off). Delivery was free, and the driver brought it into the house, but even though he offered to unpack it and take the box away, this was impractical because the delivery service does not include attaching the stand. Attaching the stand is definitely a 2-person job, and the plate that goes on the back (to which the stand attaches) has tiny tabs on it that are easy to break (and one did), but it doesn't matter because the screws are what hold it in place anyway. The TV comes with several adapters, so you can connect many kinds of devices (like your laptop). I connected by DVR and my DVD player with HDMI cables AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable (6.5 Feet/2.0 Meters), which I also bought at Amazon - these cables deliver a great picture, and the price can't be beat! I was a little disappointed that I had to purchase an extra product Samsung WIS09ABGN LinkStick Wireless LAN Adapter to use the Internet TV function, but it was easy to set-up; however, the apps and widgets aren't that great other than if you want to stream movies from Netflix etc.
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on December 29, 2010
I spent months researching LED-lit LCDs before purchasing the Samsung UN46C8000. In the final days, I was trying to choose between the 7000 and 8000 models -- the online forums that I found indicated that the 8000 had somewhat better picture quality, but at Amazon the 8000 was priced $500 more than the 7000, a price difference that I couldn't really justify paying for. (To be specific, the Amazon prices at the time were $1400 for the 7000, and $1900 for the 8000; either TV came bundled with blu-ray player and 3D starter kit).

I was vacillating between the two. What finally tipped me over the edge to purchasing was finding the UN46C8000 at my local brick-and-mortar Best Buy, bundled with the blu-ray player, starter 3D kit, and in addition, a Samsung-compatible wireless Wi-Fi stick -- all for $1600, several hundred dollars less than at Amazon, even accounting for sales tax. I was shocked. This was (and still is, at the time that I write this) a much better deal than at Amazon. Having purchased from Amazon for years, this is the first time I've seen Best Buy offer a better price than Amazon on any item, especially a big-ticket item.

So I bought the 8000 on the spot at Best Buy, brought it home and set it up myself (I prefer to set up my own devices), hooked up the blu-ray player, put on one of the Shrek 3D discs from the starter kit, and wow -- my gf and I, both of us, literally could not stop watching. We dropped everything we were doing to gape at the amazing imagery, and ended up watching the whole movie. If there were any problems with ghosting or flashlighting or non-aligned 3D images or whatnot, they were invisible to us. We were stunned at the detail, the quality of the 3D, the smooth motion and flawless colors. The TV loftily exceeded our expectations, and our expectations were already pretty high going in.

This is an incredible TV. I highly recommend it. At $1600 with the bundle, I am very happy with the purchase.

One final note. If you do buy this (or any) TV at Best Buy, be careful if you want to purchase cables. I needed a 16-foot HDMI cable to connect the TV in one room to a desktop computer in another room. Best Buy was selling such a cable for almost $200, but I skipped that and instead drove a few miles to MicroCenter, where I bought an equivalent cable for $20. Yes, $20 vs $200 for a cable that is exactly the same in all respects but name brand (and the $20 cable works beautifully in my setup). So: watch out for cabling markup.
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on July 30, 2010
After several weeks of research and debate over whether to buy a new 3D LCD TV or the latest generation 3D LED (it was down to the Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch 1080p 3D LCD HDTV (Black) vs. UN46C8000), I finally decided on the UN46C800 and can say after almost 3 months of ownership that I definitely made the correct choice. This TV is awesome, whether you are buying it for the 3D or just for a great TV.

Design - This TV is super thin at 0.9 inches. OK, so not insanely thin as the 2010 flagship 9000 model at 0.3 inches, but then its less than half the price and design wise looks exactly the same. The silver framing is sleek, and if you use one of the internet apps like Picasso you can have photos play on a slideshow to really make it look like a painting. And the supplied stand is very sophisticated too.

Picture - This set is replacing a 3 yr old Samsung LCD HDTV, so for me, the difference is amazing. Superb sharpness, contract and colors. I bought this set a few weeks before the World Cup was set to begin and I'm SOOOOOO glad I did! The 240Hz creates an amazing picture, too good almost for some types of show creating what some call an artificial feel to what you are watching, but its all down to personal preference, and settings can be altered when needed. For me, it's like watching through a window and I love it. Black levels and edge lighting are perfectly good for me - I have it in a well lit room and elevated above a fireplace and picture remains excellent throughout.

Internet apps - I was not expecting to use these much, but they actually work really well. I love the AP ticker, and AccuWeather, Yahoo and YouTube are also frequently used. Best of all is that this TV has introduced me to Netflix, where the convenience of just clicking a button on my TV remote makes watching streaming movies and TV shows even easier than watching my DVR.

3D - Amazing that this technology can be brought into the home. My sister bought me a pair of the Samsung SSG-2200AR Rechargeable Adult 3D Glasses, Black and I had the opportunity to watch the semi-finals, 3rd place, and final match of the World Cup in 3D and gotta be honest, was blown away. Now I know this is new technology for the home-front but for their first foray into this space Samsung is doing quite well. Not much in the way of native 3D content yet (but what these is is amazing), but the TV will convert 2D to 3D and does this pretty well, especially if you up the 3D depth levels. As you might expect, this works best in a darkened room, with HD signal and action packed scenes.

Overall, I am truly impressed with the TV which packs in stunning picture and technology along with the best design aesthetics. Also, you can't go wrong buying through Amazon, I got for 20% off list, free shipping, no tax, and took advantage of their offer of opening an Amazon Store Card with 48-months interest free financing.

I do have one small gripe and it's with the delivery people (Pilot Freight Services). Although the shipment was fast and the delivery people where on time, they just brought in the box set it down asked me to sign the paper and wanted to walk out. I started to argue with the guy telling him that part of the delivery is the assembly and setup of the TV and to make sure it turns on. At first he said no but then as soon as I asked him to call his supervisor he realized I'm no fool and with the help of his assistant they unpacked it, assembled the stand, moved it onto my entertainment center plugged in all the cables and turned it on to make sure it worked. I then signed the delivery sheet and started enjoying my new toy! So just a note to Amazon, check with your carriers and make sure they understand what is expected of them. Otherwise, i love Amazon and will continue to shop here!
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on July 16, 2010
I have had the television for only a week, but I spent quite a bit of time doing a market survey for a television with the best picture before I purchased this one. Samsung displays seem to be the best out there right now and the clarity of this television is stunning. When watching Animal Planet, our cat is convinced that the animals on screen are real. I can well understand her reaction, as the picture is really that good. The 3D capability works very well with the BCD-C6900 Samsung Blu-Ray player we purchased with the set. The 3D effect is good, but I'll have to reserve judgment on that until more 3D content becomes available.

Other pluses; the set is very thin and works well with cabinets that have power lifts (we replaced a 25 yr old entertainment center with a cabinet with a power lift that conceals the TV when not in use.)

The Internet capability is good, but needs more applications. If you get the BD-C6900 Blu-Ray player, it has a built-in wireless link that works with the TV. If you don't buy the Blu-Ray player, then you have to buy a separate Samsung wireless dongle/stick. I think that capability should be built into the set.

The only con I have so far is the back lit Samsung label that is built into the frame of the television. It goes off when the television is powered down, but while it is playing it is lit. I really don't need that light on and find it distracting in low-light conditions. I hope Samsung will make a future firmware upgrade that will give you the option to turn it off. (BTW, upgrading the software is simple. Just download the file off the Samsung site to a USB memory stick and plug the USB into the TV, then select software upgrade).

A pricey, but outstanding TV. If you want the best, get this one.
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on February 19, 2011
Samsung wins. I purchased this TV (open box from Best Buy) to replace a 50" plasma that was just too dark for my living room. Off the shelf, the TV's picture quality is flawless. I don't just mean I like it, I used a color spyder to calibrate the TV, there were a few very minor (+/- 2 ticks out of 50) white balance adjustments and the blue needed to be backed down a bit. That's all. For factory settings, that amazes me. I'm a photographer, and I have used a variety of monitors through the years. Only my current 30" dell monitor (3007 model) came this close to true out of the box.

The remote control is art. No rubber buttons on this baby. It's a smooth, solid faced, metallic sheet that looks laser etched. And it's backlit.

I said before that Samsung wins. Not because they made this TV right though. This was an open box TV. It's less than an inch thick, and there are almost no standard connections on the TV itself. You have HDMI and USB that are standard, but for Coax, Network and Component video, there are dongles that plug in to the TV through small, flat connectors. My TV came with none of them. I called Samsung to ask where I could buy them, and the lady on the other end of the line took my address, and said she'd just send them to me. It took 6 days, and I got a box with everything in it...including another remote control. Now THAT'S customer service.
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on November 9, 2010
OMG this TV is awesome. The picture quality is none like I've ever seen before. I spent six weeks studying LED TV's and the Samsung TV's had the best picture quality compared to Sony, LG and Sharp. I was about to purchase the Samsung 7000 series because the 8000 was a bit more expensive but the price dropped $300 and I purchased it on the spot. I added Direct TV and the HD channels are jaw dropping. Although there is not a lot of 3D content out there, the 3D is great to watch.


Sound is terrible but I purchased the Samsung sound bar which is really a nice addition
Apps on TV are very weak. You can't search Netflix on the TV itself for movies but must use your computer to place a movie in your que. What's up with that?
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on August 15, 2010
First I must say that as always, Amazon delivered on time and with great quality.
Second, this screen rocks. Colors, quality, definition, design, etc.

I must say though that the interface for internet applications is poor. Skype is not working at all.

If you want a tv for its internet capabilities, don't buy this tem. If you want quality, as good or better than sony's, and at a cheaper price... go for it.

Just to add one more comment: I did not like samsung a few years ago. If I could (at the time), everything I would buy would be Sony. NOT ANYMORE.
Great work Samsung!
Shame on you Sony.
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on June 21, 2010
I love this TV. It looks beautiful.. the only flaw is the sound. You'll definitly want an external amp for sound as the speakers are alittle weak. As with most TVs you need to calibrate it to your tastes. I found basic settings here to be more film like and use this for movie mode viewing.. I used these settings as a base point to tailor it to my enviroment... : [...]

Also there is a calibration for the Depth effect of the 3D... realize that film spacing of right and left eye don't downsize to video to provide the same effect... so you'll need to find a depth setting that works well for you.
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on September 29, 2010
The picture quality is so good some things look unreal. One thing that can help fix that is to make sure you tweak out the motion settings. I found that "standard" (the default setting) made things look fake on some HD movies, etc., while "clear" was perfect. Great black levels. With it's translucent, skinny frame it's design is awesome, too, especially when everyone else's HDTVs are piano black.
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on September 7, 2010
I am still somewhat skeptical about the future of 3D TV but decided to purchase it for the future potential. The definition of this TV for watching Blu-ray or HD content is truly superb. I did watch a Direct TV video program on the solar system in 3D and it certainly was entertaining but I am still doubtful about the future of 3D due to the need to wear those dorky glasses and then to have enough glasses available for other viewers.

My only complaint about the asthetics of this TV is the backlit "Samsung" on the front of the TV which is very annoying when watching a scene that is visually dark.
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