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on April 15, 2011
I'm going to cut down to the chase.

The TV has so many good features (especially design) that are too many to list, thus, I will focus on the two things I have encountered that I know someone else might have experienced or will experience and are rather disappointing...but don't lose your hopes just yet!

1) Backlight bleeding - My TV came set up for 'store' usage mode, instead for 'home', which increases the bleeding drastically.
Changing to 'home' is quite challenging so you have to read the manual. After I changed the usage mode to 'home', it decreased considerably but was still noticeable.
I visited some forums, websites, and some even advised to put pressure on the screen with my fingers (until I see the screen changing colors), etc, but nothing seemed to work.
I decided to contact Samsung support and they advised me to change PICTURE MODE to 'STANDARD' and adjust the 'BACKLIGHT' to the value of '7'. The support guy/girl mentioned to leave this setting on for 3 weeks. After the three weeks, I should be able to change to any picture mode and to any value for the backlight. Finally, it was mentioned that if I did not see any changes, that a service ticket needs to be placed at this link (you will need to register your TV with Samsung): [...]
I made the change today 4/15/2011 so I will wright another review within 3 weeks to let you know the end results.

2) Sound stops working - I only have a PS3 and a DirecTV satellite box connected to the TV via HDMI cables (hight speed and 3D capable). I have noticed the TV produces no sound for like 1 second and then gradually comes back at a lower volume until it reaches the original volume. I have also noticed it only happens when the picture is set to 'STANDARD' and have only noticed it when the source is the DirecTV box.
I do not run the PS3 on standard mode so I can't compare, but I will do so and pay attention to the results.

In summary, I have to wait for the 3 weeks picture test, and also test the sound using the PS3 source on standard mode.

I know it's a hassle but for a TV that costs over $2000, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get a "perfect" picture and normal working sound (although you would not expect to do this since you are paying a lot of money)

...And if you got this TV from Paul'sTV (whether by Amazon's reseller program or directly from them) expect to pay 15% restocking fee and $100 shipping if you plan to return it.

Hope this helps and please post any questions/comments you may have, and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.
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on April 23, 2011
The UND series is the 2011 successor to the successful UNC line of LED TV's. There's little question that Samsung is the leader in innovation in this market and the UN55D7000 is no exception. Encased in an acrylic frame, the UN55D7000 is stylish, thin, and lightweight. The TV mounts easily to any wall mount or the included chrome x-style stand. Set-up is relatively straight forward and the TV will update its software via Wifi or LAN (connection to an antenna input is not necessary contrary to the manual's reference). Overall, picture quality is nothing short of phenomenal for an LED/LCD. Colors are vivid, albeit a bit oversaturated on the default settings with outstanding contrast and no visible ghosting. Glare is essentially non-existent and is one aspect of the Samsung TV panels that is truly exceptional. As others have noted like all current LED TV's, the UN55D7000 suffers from some edge light leak or clouding when the screen is black. If these are issues for you, skip the current LED's and consider a plasma though they come with their own respective drawbacks and issues. The micro-dimming is ok though I find that it tends to reduce brightness a bit too quickly as ambient light decreases. 3D is gimicky and not really worthy of discussion.

The UN55D7000 boots up reasonably quickly, is extremely quiet, and runs cool. I say "boots up" because Samsung realizes that TV's are now morphing into visual work stations. Are we there yet? Not quite, but it's close. The UN55D7000 sports 4 HDMI connectors, a pair of USB's, a variety of other connectors including optical, DVI, pass throughs, etc. and it manages them well. Like all other TV's in this category, the sound is just ok. If you are looking for premium acoustics, think sound bar or surround.

Samsung has yet to produce logical, computer like, simple navigation and the various controls are buried under a variety of different menus. I'm under the impression that they have chosen to add features and processes in layers rather than producing a coherent OS - is it Android? Nonetheless, it's a very nifty TV that can easily be used to Web browse, display pictures, stream music/videos, and run some interesting Apps. The offerings aren't on the level of the Apple store or Android market but one can use the TV for google talk, facebook, netflix, twitter, youtube, and some other interesting things and the browser is reasonably robust - one can even do PIP while browsing. Also, Samsung has their own network but the content is lacking and it is essentially advertisements for their own products. They also offer some e-help videos and an e-manual but I found their utility questionable. I've yet to encounter a system hang, serious crash, and since it isn't windoze based the blue screen of death is not an option.

All of the system's controls are managed by a proprietary remote/controller. One side is a conventional remote while the other offers a qwerty style keyboard for data entry and an optical trackball like sensor that simulates a mouse pointer. The keyboard is a bit tight and slow, and it would be nice if Samsung would allow one to tether a wireless keyboard via one of the USB ports. As such it means keeping another controller around exclusively for this system.

So to summarize:
1) Phenomenal LCD Picture
2) Seamless and functional Wireless/Networking
3) Web Browser/multiple Apps

1) Clouding/light leak
2) Not quite a work station
3) Proprietary remote/cryptic menus

If one could, I would rate the TV 4.5 stars but I give it 4 because while the UN55D7000 is clearly one of the nicest LED TV's on the market, it just misses the mark for being a shade less than perfect. Priced several hundred dollars less than the top of the line 8000 series, the 7000 series offers almost all of the bang for a slightly smaller bite out of the wallet.
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on August 22, 2011
I'm going to try and break this review down in sections as best as possible. I purchased this TV about two weeks ago now from a local fry's electronics. I'm a big time technology geek, and I write software for mobile devices as my profession. Enough about me, and on to the TV!

Screen [5/5]:
Absolutely amazing. With the small bezel around the screen, it looks like you're hanging a moving photograph on the wall, not a traditional television. It's very slim, and is extremely aesthetically pleasing. Every bit of HD content looks extremely vibrant and life-like. There really is no comparison to samsung's screen quality. Truly brilliant.

Speakers [4/5]:
Very low profile, and are quite loud. I would still recommend using a home theatre system with it though. If you choose to use the standard speakers, you won't be too disappointed, but a nice surround sound system is definitely one of the best ways to compliment this amazing device, but there were times when I was using the built-in speakers and the playback on some movies was simply too low.

Build Quality [5/5]:
In a league of its own completely. Ultra-slim, very low profile, but still feels very sturdy. I didn't use the included stand, (which also felt very sturdy,) because I immediately hung the set on the wall. Everyone who comes over and looks at the TV is instantly wowed at how small the frame (bezel) of the set is, and how thin the actual set is, generally trying to compare it to their smart phones because they're just taken aback by how crazy thin the TV is.

Connections [5/5]:
Excellent support, the built in Wi-Fi is amazing, it has 4 HDMIs which will support nearly everything you could want to throw at it (I'm using a PS3 and a Logitech Revue with it, and even when I want to hook additional components... like my Xoom via micro-HDMI, I don't have to worry about unplugging anything else, or finding extra space). The added USB ports are also incredible. As soon as you want to check out anything you can just plug it in, and away you go. Interestingly, the USB connection seems to support codecs/playback that the uPnP/DLNA does not (more on that in the software section).

Samsung Smart TV [2/5]:
First let me say I applaud samsung for including extra applications and features that are starting to become standard for HDTVs. However, this entire area needs some serious clean-up, and in a hurry. If you're simply going to use netflix and pandora, you'll be just fine using this without many complaints. But across the TV, there were many things that just didn't seem fluid and were too difficult (even for someone who has quite a bit of experience with electronics) without having to put some serious thought into it. With normal television sets for instance, when you auto-program channels, you can simply go back and remove channels that don't come in well (or are in foreign languages that you may not want, etc.)... after auto-programming I realized that you cannot remove channels... but you can make a favorites list, and then set that favorites list as your default setup. Adding favorites was a pain, as you couldn't look at the entire list of channels and add them by simply checking/unchecking them... you had to go through to each channel individually then to the setup menu, then add to favorites, and then select the favorites list. I'm using an HD Antenna so I only received about 10-15 channels this way, but if you were to be using digital cable without a set-top box... this would take you the better part of 20-30 minutes, and it gets really repetitive and annoying pretty quickly. Next up, is the issue I have with DLNA streaming. For some reason, the USB ports and the DLNA streaming software seem to support different media codecs (which is bizarre to me). Example, I have a handful of my DVDs converted to AVI (Video: Xvid, Audio: MP3) and when I plug them into the USB port, playback works seamlessly and it works just as you would expect it to. When you try and play the exact same file from the built in DLNA player, you're greeted with a "Format Not Supported" message. I found this to be true of nearly every codec format I threw at the TV. I ended up getting frustrated and just using the Logitech Revue I had with TVersity to stream the content from my PC. I think this is just another example of how the software was supposed to be very expansive, but was left with some pretty large holes in different areas. In general, the menus and setup don't seem very well layed out, or very intuitive and without reading through the instruction manual... most people will get frustrated with this very quickly. It seems like samsung wanted to create their own in-house version of Google TV or Apple TV and just rushed it a bit too much. Out of everything, this is my only real complaint for this entire TV. If they could provide firmware updates, or allow GoogleTV to be installed in place of SmartTV, I would probably find this a lot more useful, but for the time being all of the "Smart Features" and TV apps, are going to come from my Logitech Revue. The Samsung menus and features are just too lacking.

Other Thoughts:
Not a huge fan of the included remote control. I know that sounds silly, the normal (front side) of the remote is actually very well laid out and straight forward to use. However the remote physically bulges to one side, so you can flip the remote over and use the qwerty keyboard for input on the tv. While this is handy if you want the additional input, it makes the remote physically awkward to hold and I'm sure will be a big turn off to most (my dad looked at the remote for about 30 seconds and said he wouldn't buy a similar TV if that was the remote he had to use), though universal remotes are an option... and in the end I just programmed a harmony remote for the TV and put this remote away in a drawer.

I would recommend this TV to someone who is in the market. It's coming way down in price and it has a gorgeous display and the build quality currently cannot be matched. However, if you're not especially tech-savy, or you don't have the patience to sit down and learn all of the new menus and setup... this TV may not be for you. Most people aren't looking to have to sit down and go through an entire setup for their TV like it's a new computer. They expect to plug it in and see it work, or possibly click the "Find Channels" button and just have it go after that. It's going to be a very big change from the previous versions of TV they may be used to, but once you get accustomed to it... you'll fall in love with its amazing picture and build quality.
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on April 27, 2011

I returned the D6300 (which I loved), to get this one, because I really, really wanted both the 3D and the Web browser, even though ... WOW, expensive!

(B.S. ALERT - You might notice on the TV comparison chart that the browser mysteriously "disappears" from the entry-level 3D TVs and doesn't reappear until THIS TV, $800 later, which strikes me as SLIMY of Samsung. But I won't even let this ruin my happy feeling, darn it.)

OK, EXPENSIVE, but I used the Amazon Store Card to finance with no interest for 24 months, and if you divide the cost by 24 months, it's less than the price of cable. Let's NOT talk about how much the extended Squaretrade warranty was, theft / accident insurance from Worth Ave Group, Blu-Ray player, 3D glasses :: crying ::.)

ANYWAY, I can't imagine NOT loving this TV.

The browser is a little slow. It's buggy and even freezes when I watch multiple embedded videos full-screen (I watch a site that aggregates various videos from sc2 gaming). I even have had to turn off the TV on a couple of occasions to "reboot." I wish I had one of those laser-pointed remotes I saw on the LG. But so what. It works, and the videos looks AMAZING in HD; better than I thought.


The YouTube app REALLY need some work; for example, whenever I use the app (which is rare, as I use the browser, as stated), I'm forced to watch some idiot with hair gel hosting some weird "Jackass"-style show while I search. I HATE that, and haven't figured out how to turn this off. I suggest the Roku for anything other than YouTube (as the Roku doesn't have YouTube, thanks Google.) The QWERTY remote also doesn't work in the YouTube app; you have to navigate to each letter. Baffling. Some other features (left and right to switch between videos) are okay.

Had a chance to try some of the other widgets and apps; the Facebook app is pretty low-fi (read: crappy) but it does get the job done.

Twitter widget works well and is appealing. You can even tweet while watching TV, which is hilarious and pretty cool.

Other widgets (weather, etc.) are graphically very nice.

Anyway, as far as streaming live content goes, I'm using my new Roku ($100!) to watch Netfllix and FREE movies (not to mention UStream and Justin.TV), and that has really all the app functionality I need, except for YouTube, though this TV does have that, as I said.


Browser is fine; crashes when I watch too many embedded videos, but so do some computers (more or less), so it doesn't worry me. I'm grateful for it, and I think having the extended warranty and insurance makes me not sweat it too much. They will probably update the firmware as time goes on, as well. But works like any browser, albeit with a bit of lag (though I am going WiFi only): has Favorites, History, etc. What's surprising is how AMAZINGLY CLEAR AND HI-RES video looks on this TV, just using the WiFi signal: I swear, better quality than my 1-year old iMac, going through Ethernet: no idea how this is even possible! I was expecting hitches and lo-res, so yes, totally amazed at the eye-poppingly colorful, crystal-clear HD quality when watching YouTube, in particular.


I LOVE the remote so far: it can control my Blu-Ray player (something the 6300 TV remote didn't have enough buttons for), and as I wrote (in my review of the BD-D6700 Blu-Ray player), that Blu-Ray player's remote isn't even LIT.

But the QWERTY remote on this comes through; the remote is hefty, solid, and backlit, and does the job well.


Very nice! I'm an audiophile (musician) and I think it represents highs, mids, lower mids and bass quite well indeed. Balanced, thick, clean and loud. Don't think I'll buy a soundbar, though guess I could later on. Doesn't NEED one, though, and that's very important to me.


So YES, imperfections aside, cost aside, I LOVE this TV. It's has an AMAZING picture and EVERYTHING I need.


I think you're being SHADY on leaving the browser off the cheaper 3D models.

AND you should make that Blu-Ray player work a bit better.

BUT your customer service is great, and I forgive you, because this is an AWESOME TV.

But dudes ... seriously on the other stuff.

p.s. Just discovered if you roll your finger around on the arrows on the QWERTY side (not pressing), it senses and acts like a mouse trackpad, controlling the pointer. If this TV was a girl, I'd be proposing. (Follow-up note: Still wish there was a "laser pointer" option like the LG.)

p.p.s. CLOUDING? Okay, I DID see symmetrical white areas on the screen when it was black -- something I didn't notice on the $800-cheaper 6300. Not visible when watching anything. Called Samsung (easy to reach), who told me it was due to heat / moisture during shipping and should resolve in 2 weeks, but to call them if it didn't resolve or got worse, and to keep TV ventilated (lol). Suggested I turn backlighting to 7 and go to Standard Picture Mode, and now you can't see it when black. Don't notice any less picture quality with backlighting lower.

I'm usually INSANELY picky about things like this; but the Sony LED forums ALSO have the same complaint about this "problem"; but if I can't see it while I'm watching anything (so far), to me it isn't a problem, so I'm not going to worry. I have the 4-year warranty, so if it gets worse for some reason, I'll know what to do. If it doesn't, it just seems less-than-ideal, but really a non-issue.
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on January 16, 2012
The Samsung UN60D7000 is a beautiful TV!

The super slim bezel and minimalist look make it look beautiful hanging on the wall when not in use. I'm using the Samsung picture frame hanging method and it truly does sit like a picture frame. Watching HD content on cable and via Netflix is good but nothing to write home about. I'm still on the fence about purchasing a Blue Ray player as I watch most content on-line nowadays.

In my shopping, I was comparing the LG 65LW6500 inch and this TV. It was size & passive 3D versus features & appearance. I went for the Samsung and although I am not UN-happy, in hindsight I could have a larger TV because:

1) The SMART TV functionality is still in my opinion not quite perfected yet. Samsung has Apps but because of the slowness and limited number of apps, I found myself only using the basic ones commonly found on all "SMART" TV's. Netflix, HULU, VUDU, YouTube, etc...nothing outside of the norm with the exception of SwipeIt and Pandora.

2) Internet browser is slow and navigating with the included QWERTY remote is okay at best. It can't play flash content and numerous web pages froze the TV or caused it to "reboot" back to the SMART TV home page. The latest 2012 TV's displayed @ CES where much better with some including dual-core ability, although I did not test, the demos appeared to flow much smoother.

3) Active 3D content - I never experienced the dizziness, hurting of eyes, or headaches people talk about when testing the glasses at stores but after watching an entire movie in active 3D, I could now relate. I still don't experience any of the above but my eyes feel like they are "exhausted" after watching a 2+ hour movie. I think passive will be the future path for 3D.

So in hindsight, things that I thought I would use or thought were cool and nice-to-have turned out too be just bells and whistles that I feel I won't be using long term. As I mentioned, I'm not un-happy with my purchase because as a TV, it works nicely and looks beautiful! Blacks are black enough for me, colors crisp and overall picture quality are great. So if you are thinking of buying this TV because of any of the above, I would reconsider. However, Samsung makes a great TV and I'm not returning it because overall, I'm satisfied with it!
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on October 3, 2011
I loved this television when it first arrived. It was easy to set up, the smart hub feature is great and the picture looks awesome. The one complaint I do have is that after 2 weeks the capacitors went out, so the television wouldn't even turn on. There customer service tried to troubleshoot a few things with my husband online, and over the phone to make sure it wasn't an easy fix but soon came to the conclusion that it was the capacitor and they would send out someone to fix it the next week. Hopefully, this is an anomaly with the product and there not just using faulty parts. We haven't had any problems since, and I still love the tv, I just hope this problem doesn't happen with anyone else.
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on April 14, 2011
I've had this TV for a week now and for the most part it's been great. I used this TV to replace a 2 year old Samsung LCD 46" 1080p that we're moving to the gameroom.

First off, the picture is excellent. Its like getting HD for the first time again. The default settings were ok but much too bright in my opinion. After dialing the backlight down and configuring the motion plus, this thing looks like I'm watching through a window.

Great for gaming! I've spent about 20 hrs or so online (Bad Co. 2 & COD Black ops) and have noticed zero lag from the TV. Set it to gaming mode and tweak the black levels and you're good to go. I couldn't be more impressed with the picture or speed.

Now for the bad....
I have 3 hardwired Xbox's and 2 wireless. I also have 1 hardwired PC and 1 wireless. I run 2 android phones and a network printer all through 1 router at my house. My network has been stable for years now with no problems connecting, streaming, or downloading. When I tried to run the network setup, the tv finds the network but cannot connect. I run the setup again and it connects but will lose connection after about a 10 minute period. It's been a nightmare trying to get this thing to stay connected. I'm already considering ditching its wireless and dropping a Cat6 cable just for the tv.

The Apps fall into the bad category as well. For those of you who are wanting to ditch cable for internet tv, DON'T. The apps are all free but you will have to register and pay for the content that you want to watch. Also, the web browser is laughable. When it decides to work, the cursor never stops jumping around on the page your viewing and it locks up 2 out of every 3 times I use it. I looked for third party apps in hopes of finding a better browser but there are none out there.

Other mentionables....
The stand is super sturdy and looks great.
Others reviewers complain about the HDMI inputs on the side being an issue but they are really not. The tv includes a cable clip that you can mount onto the back and run the wires through first, hiding them in the process. This is not an issue at all.
The remote is great but difficult to use in the dark. It has a light on it but it only stays on for a second, not long enough to be effective. If you can't see the remote you're going to have to turn on a light to read it.

My set did not come with 3d glasses so I'm waiting to get those at the moment. Samsung just announced they will be shipping 2 pair with each set after May 1 and they are dropping the price for each pair to $50.00us on May 1st for those of us who did not get them included. I'll order mine at that time.

All in all, The tv does just what I bought it for. I have computers and 360's for the internet so the bad wireless and apps are not a big issue for me. It's great for gaming and will blow you away on Blu-Ray. Even turned off the D7000 looks very impressive. I'm going to try to hardwire the set and hopefully will get better results with the "Smart" portion of the tv.
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on February 19, 2013
Had this TV for almost a year and a half. In general, we love it, but do have a few techie nit picks.

-"Clear" Auto Motion Plus setting is very good for upconverting mid- and low-quality streams (1080i and 720p Cable On Demand, HBO GO, appleTV) to something worth watching
-Pretty good sound quality for general viewing

-Acceptable quality for 1080p HD (Xbox), but slightly jerky graphics on Game Mode, noticeable delay for online play when not on Game Mode
-Not good for sports (haven't been able to find a good setting to make action look smooth, and believe me, I looked for hours. Settled on Clear Auto Motion Plus again, which looks more like ED than HD)
-Any Auto Motion Plus setting above Clear (including Standard, Smooth, and most Custom settings) make slow moving scenes look great, but ANY motion looks horrible, and edges are weirdly blurry, which is the whole point of the software.

In general, I would recommend this TV if you want a big, thin TV, with a beautiful slim bezel, but are not picky about your sports or video game graphics. If you are picky, you will notice the (albeit slight) judder, lag, blur, and pixelation that this TV produces when handling HD content.
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on January 26, 2012
Had this TV less than 48 hrs now and am very impressed - the colors on any HD source are amazing (Blu-Ray stunning!!!) and the clarity as long as your the proper distance is crystal clear! The extras like a qwerty remote, full web browsing with flash, Samsung and Yahoo apps galore, auto connectivity when connected devices or usb, plus all the settings a professional calibrator can dream up all makes this a very rich and satisfying purchase - Here is a list of things to look for and think about - will update after 2 weeks time

Pros -
1. Color & Clarity & Settings
2. Bezel is so thin looks like its floating (picture extends to edge, barely any frame)
3. Loads of features - truly a smart TV (you can surf the true web while watching TV, bluray etc.)
4. Easily setup, even building the stand was easy enough for one person to do -
5. Sound goes either way depending on the setting, i like the movie mode and voice only which takes out the background noise
6. Easy to use menu
7. Apps! (love espn, yahoo weather, pandora and swipeit to name a few (you can swipe videos and photos from your phone to the TV!!!)

Cons -
1. Depending on what screen build (mine is the H303 which has the least problems supposidly) you can get some flashlighting/clouding in the corners (i have it but its very min. and only can be seen when the following occurs
1. The entire room is pitch black and you are watching a movie with the black bars top and bottom, (is this a deal breaker, well put it this way its very minimal and unless you pick it out youself you will never see it since you should be focusing on the movie)it doesn't interfere with the movie its only on the black portions of the bars - so again the ultra picky maybe will go nuts, but there are also workarounds -
2. During powerup the Samsung Smart TV logo comes on surrounded by black - you will see it here indefinitely but still not a problem
3. Certain apps during transition from menu to app have a black screen loading time you can see it here to, but again very min.

**Changing the settings helps, putting the black settings into dark mode, lowering the backlighting to 7 and the possibility of having ambient light in the room all help to lower and almost do away with the corner flashlighting - and according to Samsung (no plausable fact that this works yet, if you leave the backlighting to 7 and change the mode for all viewing to movie mode for 2-3 weeks it will subside, something with LED breakin)

2. Sound could be weak but certain settings help bring it out more, plus your cable volume should be in sync
3. Older surround sound may not work - (analog connections)
4. Only 1 Component and it comes with an adapter (2 pin type into TV) - Everything else is HDMI

So in closing an excellent TV with all the bells and whistles you could want - a truley future proof TV -
In 2 Weeks i will update with 3D (i got the package with a free Sam BD player and 2 pairs of glasses with this TV)


Tried NBA 2k12 in 3D mode since its one of the few games out you can switch over to 3D with and its a interesting thing, yes you do get a headache halfway through the game but its cool to have the option and makes the game play have alot of depth!

Also on the theme of game consoles i knew there was a game mode spec. for this TV which ups the HZ so everything is smoother - well after searching and realizing its not posted in the e-manual or online or google for that matter i finally found it! GAME MODE IS IN SYSTEM SETTINGS UNDER **GENERAL** its the first option you can select and only comes up when your gaming console is on and is recognized - why they hid that option who knows!

As far as the flashlighting it seems to have went away, and with any room lighting on you will never see it - as for what Samsung says well i have the honor to speak with a high level tech who knew all about it and he said its not a defect in fact most leds have it to an extent and that you can lower the backlighting and keep black mode on darker and it should be fine, its not something you can turn off unfortunately and from time to time you may spot it but its so dim we are talking (1 out of 10 in terms of severity) that unless you are in a cave with no lights, and watching a movie that has no color in it you prob. dont need to worry about this - also he said **Movie Mode or Standard Mode is prob the best setting to avoid this but no need to leave a setting on for 2-3 weeks or do anything special because it won't help**

If your model has it extreme where it interferes with your watching than maybe you do have a defect but i think those who complain are just unnaturally picky and i can understand spending the $$$ but in no way is a deal breaker for those looking at it for future reference -

Gaming is incredible no need to really elaborate on it - amazing!

The full web browser will need an update soon since it does have its freezing moments for like 2-3 mins you can type or move the cursor and than it will come back - has done this 2x so far - could be a connection issue who knows but i dont use it that much even though its a full functioning web browser while you watch TV

The Apps are cool but again just like a smartphone (which this TV acts like) they are cool in the beginning but rarely useful unless you wanna check scores, news or weather at a glance -

Professional Calibration isnt needed on this TV - i give credit to those fanatics that love to calibrate but honestly i have tried to myself being savvy using a couple of different calibration methods and even trying those listed online - end result left my brand new set with colors washed out and the screen very dim - i know i will take slack for this but if you leave it on dynamic mode you will see the colors pop more than you will realize (movie mode and natural are nice but to my eye look dim and unnatural with colors) - i like a vivid picture and for some reason dynamic just works for me - others will vary!

Hope this helps those on the fence, its really one of the top 5 TVs out to date

**Update January 2013**
The free Samsung 3D BD player given to me for purchasing the TV stopped working - the tray and internals basically went dead - upon calling Samsung, they tried to play a fast one on me saying my warranty was finished based on when the unit was sitting on the store shelf and not when bought by me, so i would have to pay $120 to fix, sorry Samsung will buy another BD player before that happens, plus the 3D at this point is getting OLD!

Buyer beware on the all digital front panel BD players, i see nothing by poor quality from these especially since there are no physical buttons -

TV still works great and I updated to the Samsung Sound Bar 2.1 (only grip is the lower end model with BT and wireless sub could be powered more - but the speakers themselves are very loud and i love the BT feature)
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on November 3, 2011
I've owned this TV since March. IT's great, and Samsung has really done a great job on the SmartTV area.

It Is a bit lacking on Apps, although has what you need. But, it does not have the Amazon Video On Demand.
So, I can't stream the Amazon Videos to it if I join Amazon Prime. So, I'll have to stick with Netflix for now.

Come on Amazon.. Make an App for this TV!
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