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on January 10, 2012
Right off, here are my two big beefs with this TV.

First of all, the TV absolutely, positively will not remember network settings. Every time the TV goes off, it forgets my wireless network ID and password, and I get to start from scratch the next time I turn it back on. I've never seen that in a wireless device before. It's to the point where I get a little angry whenever I use the TV -- generally speaking, not a good sign for a product.

It's especially aggravating, since Smart TV features demand you login to the network, even if you're not going to use anything that requires a network collection (like watching a video through a USB hard drive). Skip the login, and it kicks you right out of the Smart TV app entirely, and you have to restart it.

Looked online for a solution, with no joy. Found several people with the same problem, no solution. The Samsung site suggested contacting customer support.

So contact Samsung support I did...and they were atrocious. Spent 30 minutes going through an assortment of power cycles and system resets that accomplished nothing. Then they proclaimed that there was "definitely something wrong," and that I should call the following number...and then gave me the number I'd just called! I told them that was the number I was speaking to now, and they insisted it wasn't, and that I needed to call that number.

So I called it again, and got another rep, who tried to run me through the exact same process; I told rep #2 that I'd just done all those things, and they said they could see that (I was already in their database, having called a few minutes earlier), but this was all he could do. And that's where I gave it up as a bad job.

Seriously. Awful. Service.

The other beef I have isn't really Samsung's fault, but it does diminish the value of the product: no support for Amazon VOD or Amazon Prime VOD. No ETA for it either, as far as I can tell. There's other apps missing too -- NBA, NFL, but the Amazon one hurts the most.

Those gripes aside, the TV's great. Awesome picture. The Motion Plus stuff is aggravating, but easily disabled. Sound's a little on the low side, but loud enough most of the time; we've had to plug in an amp on occasion, just to hear certain quieter movies. Teeny tiny bezel, which makes fitting it into our TV alcove possible; no other 46" inch would have been able to replace our old TV, a 46" Samsung DLP.

I'm not sure if everyone's experiencing the network problem too; I'm guessing not. But if you end up being one of them, my condolences. I figure at this point I'm stuck with it, and may need to buy a wireless access point, just to eliminate the occasional impulse to put my foot through the screen to avoid needing to punch in my WEP key one...more...time.
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on June 28, 2011
Well after having the TV to play with all day today I would have to say that I am thorough impressed. I decided to go with the 7900 vs. the 8000 because it was slightly less but all the specs on the TVs matched up. I have had a chance to configure it and now watch a variety of movies and TV. I'll be watching some 3d stuff in the near future and can update that later.
When asking my wife who doesn't really care about things what she thought she said she was amazed she felt as if she was sitting on set watching her favorite shows. Anyone that is looking for an amazing TV at an amazing price from Amazon look no further. The setup was a breeze and didn't have any problems getting the internet up and running. Once I turned it on I was watching tv 5 minutes later.
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on February 25, 2012
This TV Samsung Model: UN46D7900 and also the 55 inch!
To permanently maintain it's WiFi connection with the in House WiFi Router, you first have to get the MAC Address from the TV.Once you have that,now go log into the House Wifi Router usually and also TYPE ADMIN for Name ID and PASSWORD for PW.Unless you have properly secured your own WiFi Router then you would use your secret ID and Password.
Now you need to find Devices in the Router and simply enter the TVs MAC Address there to allow it access.After that is done,every time you turn the TV off and back on,you'll have access because the Router has already stored the TVs Address.I set this up for my Sisters Husband and he has not had a single issue with it.Same scenario with iPods,iPhones,or anything else wireless in the House.Hope this helps those frustrated with this issue.
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on October 6, 2011
By far the best TV we have ever owned. 3-D viewing is awesome, apps are a little slow but know big deal to us since we don't use the TV for the internet. However, when we do use the TV to view certain apps it works just fine. Not much different than the 8000 series except for the bezel and the 8000 comes with 3-d glasses. For the picture quality and the price at Amazon you cant beat it. The people on TV appear so real you feel there in the room with you. Some reviews mention the white bleeding in around the corners which is only visible sometimes when not viewing the entire screen. My wife and I hardly notice it. Highly recommend this TV. Thanks Samsung.
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on January 7, 2012
I purchased this product less than 30 days ago. Initially everything seem to be working properly. However, after about two weeks the Qwerty side of the remote control would no longer pair with the TV. Additionally, once I purchased compatible 3D glasses, the 3D glasses could not be paired with the TV. After checking all of the manuals and the TV operations I contacted Samsung. It was determined that the blue tooth functionality of the TV was not working. I also attempted to search for the blue tooth on my phone and nothing for the Samsung could be located.

So the customer service representative said they would have a technician come out to service the TV. This is already an issue for me, since it is a brand new TV that is now defective. The first technician company that contacted me, refused to come out because they were more than 60 miles away. Why would Samsung refer them my service request? So I had to contact Samsung again to have a new service ticket opened.

Another technician came out and after about 10 minutes messing around with the remote said he could not do anything and would have to take the TV back to the shop for 5 days as it is possible a new board would need to be ordered? Another unsatisfying experience. So I thought they would have known that was the problem after I went through this with the Samsung customer service representative. Why wouldn't they have already ordered a replacement part. So I didn't let them take the TV. I wanted them to order the part (again they don't know exactly what was wrong, because the technician didn't do any trouble shooting beyond playing around with the remote control), and let me know once the part arrived. And now I would have to bring the TV to the shop as they will not make a repeat trip. Totally dissatisfied. Now my problem is I no longer have the original box, and want Amazon to replace the TV.

My advice, never by a high priced item online.
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on April 14, 2012
I replaced a three year old Samsung LN46A750 which has a terrific picture with a Samsung UN55D7900. I chose the UN55D7900 over the UN55D8000 because it has a slightly thicker frame, which appears to eliminate some of the reported backlighting issues because of the thinner frame. After setting up the new UN55D7900 I was very disappointed with the initial picture quality ... too blurry in spots and overly sharp/grainy in others. I thought I had made a mistake in upgrading to this set, only to find the picture substantially inferior to my old tv and considered returning it. I researched the internet and found very little information on calibrating the UN55D7900. However, I did find several sites for calibrating the UN55D8000 which is basically the same tv except for panel thickness. Following the most popular settings from CNET and making a few of my own adjustments, I'm very pleased with this tv. The bluriness and graininess are gone. Picture is smoother and more uniformally sharp and has excellent color and warmth. At first I found the picture mode: movie, too dim, but after making all of the adjustments, found it to be just about perfect and easier on the eyes, especially in low lighting. I had an initial tendency to over brighten/over contrast the picture to pull out detail, but the picture rendered is too harsh. Following are the final adjustments that worked for me. It's worth playing around a little to get a better feeling for what you like. If you don't like it, you can always hit the 'reset to factory standard' at the end of the list.

Below you'll find the settings that optimize the Samsung UN55D7900 in a dim room via HDMI input at 1080p/60 resolution. Your settings may vary depending on source, room conditions, and personal preference. Good luck and post your feedback here to share your results so we can learn what you works best.

--Picture menu
Mode: Movie
Backlight: 10
Contrast: 96
Brightness: 51
Sharpness: 25
Color: 47
Tint: G50/R50

Screen adjustment submenu:
Picture Size: Screen Fit
Position: [no change]

Auto Adjustment submenu: [Grayed out]

Advanced settings submenu:
Black tone: Off
Dynamic contrast: Off
Gamma: -1
Expert Pattern: Off
RGB Only Mode: Off
Color space: Custom
White Balance: [see below]
10p White Balance: On
Flesh tone: 0
Edge enhancement: On
Motion Lighting: Off
xvYCC: Off
LED Motion Plus: Cinema

Color Space submenu:
Red: Red 59, Green 0, Blue 0
Green: Red 10, Green 55, Blue 10
Blue: Red 0, Green 6, Blue 61
Yellow: Red 53, Green 50, Blue 0
Cyan: Red 4, Green 49, Blue 50
Magenta: Red 37, Green 4, Blue 41

White balance submenu:
R-Offset: 19
G-Offset: 18
B-Offset: 20
R-Gain: 31
G-Gain: 29
B-Gain: 24

10p White Balance submenu:
Interval 1: Red 2, Green 2, Blue 2
Interval 2: Red -1, Green -1, Blue -1
Interval 3: Red 1, Green 1, Blue 0
Interval 4: Red 3, Green 3, Blue 2
Interval 5: Red 6, Green 4, Blue 3
Interval 6: Red 7, Green 6, Blue 4
Interval 7: Red 5, Green 6, Blue 4
Interval 8: Red 3, Green 3, Blue 2
Interval 9: Red 1, Green 1, Blue 0
Interval 10: Red -2, Green 0, Blue -1

Picture options submenu
Color tone: Warm2
Digital Noise Filter: Off
MPEG Noise Filter: Off
HDMI black level: Normal [grayed out]
Film mode: Off [grayed out]
Auto motion plus: Custom
-- Custom settings:
Blur reduction: 10
Judder reduction: 4
Smart LED: Standard
Cinema Black: On
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on January 21, 2012
I have made an extensive research on LED TV for months before deciding to buy the Samsung UN55D7900, which is almost identical to the UN55D8000. The only difference is no 3D glasses included, but the price is a stealing. I paid only $1,666.49 including tax, shipping and white glove delivery. I am very happy with the service of the courier. He carried the box into the house, opened it and tested the LED TV before asking me to sign the releasing paper. The picture is crystal clear. You can't ask for anything better than this! The design is elegant which makes your living room more enjoyable. There are tons of options for setting up. I am still exploring and very satisfied with this purchase from Amazon that saved me a lot of money and time. If anyone is still looking for the LED TV, I definitely recommend this one. You can't go wrong with this!! Trust me!
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on June 17, 2011
great service. great product. great price.

The only concern that i had was the speakers. I even bought the polk-audio 3000 speaker bar before the tv had gotten my home. It turns out the speakers work just fine for me.

Just one suggestion, if you just wanna watch Netflix without enjoyong Blu-ray movies. There are many good Tvs with good price out there for you to choose. Netflix looks great with this 7900 series. However, i am not able to see the difference between my LG lx6500 and this 7900 ( maybe it is just me). I just got this TV 3 days ago. It has been great and i hope it stays this way.

to sum it up, it is a great TV and i really think my money is well spent.

I am still waiting for my 3d-starter to come. Once i get my starter, i will update my 3D experience with this TV.

Hopefully my review helps someone who was like me looking for a good TV.
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on April 8, 2012
I bought this tv at a great price and it came with 6 pairs of 3d glasses and a samsung 3d wifi bluray player about 2 weeks ago. I was actually looking for a 42-46 inch tv for my bedroom, but the price on this set and for what I got it for at an open box deal was such a great deal to miss on, especially I been drouling over the same series for awhile So i put my 50 inch plasma in my bedroom now and the new Samsung 55 inch in my living room. lol
After playing with this tv for about 2 weeks, I must say this Samsung tv is beautiful!! Full crisp picture, watching 3d movies are insane cant believe how crystal clear the movies are in 3d and I think its a lot better then watching a 3d movie at the theatres. I have also played my Ps3 and Xbox on it. I played CoD Black ops in 3d and WOW!! lol
I also have Directv hooked up to it and a Pioneer 3d audio receiver. I upgraded my 5 year old HDMI wires with HDMI 3d speed cables and I mut say there is a difference if you use your old HDMI on a 3d set. I used my old HDMI's on day hooking them up and I noticed how sluggish and grainy things were, so I ordered the new cables thru online and when they came in I hooked them up and eveything was great the 240hz came alive and picture quality was great!! I am very Happy with this unit and if anyone has been looking to buy a great 3d tv the Samsung 55d 7900 series is great!!
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on April 17, 2012
I ordered this tv to replace a Samsung plasma 42" that I have had for about 6 years for no other reason than to get a bigger screen. The plasma has such a great picture and has been problem free, so why not go with one of Samsung's newer LED tv's, right?! Out of the box this is a beautiful tv. Nice design, super lightweight, and ultra-thin. Has tons of internet functions and has a very crisp and clean picture. However, mine happened to have a dark area in the top left side of the screen that was about 14" wide and 4" from the top down that can best be desribed as a shadow. It was there no matter what the source (cable box, DVD, game console, etc) and the picture was noticeably darker in that area. Obviously some sort of defect that made keeping it out of the question. Sent it back to Amazon for a refund. Gave it 2 stars overall for poor quality but good potential.
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