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514 of 544 people found the following review helpful
on June 2, 2012

The picture settings that I previouly stated in my review were made while the `Eco Solutions' settings (found under the `Plug & Play' tab) is set to `On'.

However, I found something very interesting. If you change `Eco Solution' setting' to' Off', it dramatically changed the picture. When you first turn the setting to `Off', the picture turns exceptionally bright. However, it is not as bad as you think. While having the `Eco Solution' setting set to `Off', I made the following changes to my settings and I'm updating my review to allow for a choice between the two options. No matter which setting changes you choose, your picture will be greatly improved. It's just a matter of taste.

Again, my goal all along was to get the clearest, most stunning picture that the set had to offer without comprising the beautiful blacks, nor the brilliant colors, nor the outstanding 3D like effects you can sometimes perceive, all while never having to change the settings between channels or sources, no matter what the lighting of the room may be. I believe that I succeeded in this endeavor.

If you choose to set the `Eco Solutions' setting found under the `Plug & Play Tab' to `Off', then try these settings. I recommend that you do a `Picture Reset' first. This is found under the `Picture' settings.

Under The `TV Picture' settings, I have the `Picture Mode' set to `Standard', the `Backlight' set to `10', `Contrast' set to `80', Brightness set to `45', `Sharpness' set to `50', color set to `50', and tint (G/R) set to `50/50. Under the `Advance Tab' settings, I set the `Color Space' to `Native', the `Dynamic Contrast' to `Low', the `Black Tone' to 'Dark', (and here is a big change), the `Flesh Tone' to -3, and the `Motion Lighting' to `Off'. Under the `Picture Options Tab' settings, I set `Color Tone' to `Standard', the `Digital Noise filter' to `Auto', the `HDMI Black Level' to `Low', The `Film Mode' to `Auto', The `Auto Motion Plus' to `Clear' and the `LED Motion Plus' to `Off'.

If you choose to set the `Eco Solutions' setting found under the `Plug & Play Tab' to `On', then try these settings. Once again, I recommend that you do a `Picture Reset' first. This is found under the `Picture' settings.

Using the `Standard' viewing mode settings for everything, I made the following changes. Under `Picture' settings, I changed the contrast from `100' to `85'. Under `Advanced Settings', I set the `color space' to `native' the Dynamic Contrast to `medium' the Black Tone to' Dark' and turned the motion lighting `Off". Under `Picture Options', I have the color tone at' standard', digital noise filter at `auto', HDMI Black level at `Low', Film Mode at `Auto', Auto Motion Plus at `Clear', and turned the LED Motion Plus to `Off'.


First I must say that I didn't purchase this TV from Amazon. However, I love Amazon and I love this TV!


This TV is aesthetically gorgeous and made a solid hand shake with my receiver. It has surprisingly smooth sounding speakers that I can finally hear over my loud AC. The colors are vibrant, vivid, actual, and true. The picture can, at times, appear to look like a 3D TV when viewing certain movie sources. It quickly powers on and off and plays a sweet sound. It comes with a perfectly sized backlit remote that has a sleep button on it. It does not use Edge lit or ARC channel technology. Yea!


I had a dickens of a time tweaking this set. Initially, it gave off a bright, 'reality' type look. My circle of people thought that this was a cool thing. However, I hated it with a passion and spent the last two weeks trying to get rid of it.

These changes made all the difference in the world and now there is uniformity between all of the source material. Movies, be it cable broadcast movies or Blu Ray movies , as well as primetime cable shows including cable news, all look the way they were intended.


In my quest to find the best TV for the money, I've discovered that most of today's LED TV's are challenged with the aforementioned "soap opera' effect. In a way, it's understandable. Networks broadcast their shows using a multitude of lighting choices. That alone can be problematic. Add to that the commercials that are broadcast in a non-HD format and then throw in the desire for TV makers to make TV panels super thin and you get too many options for your backlight to choose from. All I know for sure is that I love the fact that, with this TV, Samsung chose to put the backlights across the whole of the back of the TV and not around the edges. Also, please know that, in my opinion, this TV is easily thin enough, takes up surprisingly little space and has the audacity to look beautiful.

I actually HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TV and think that it is a fantastic TV and it is being offered at a fantastic price. YOU JUST GOT TO TWEAK IT. I'm also writing it so that the next person doesn't become discouraged and want to immediately send it back. They would be making a HUGE mistake. I was about to return it myself because of that crazy REALITY look that it had on certain stations and formats. To my mind, my initial tweaking should have done the trick and solved the lighting problem. It is, after all, my fourth owned HDTV, one being a Sony XBR full array set, so I'm no stranger to tweaking.


The changes I eventually made was just counter-intuitive as first choice changes, hence, it took me two weeks to get it right. I don't have a college degree, but it seems to me that, if it took me two weeks to tweak the TV, Samsung could have, and should have; done it themselves before they put it out on the shelves. They know, or at least they should know, about the various swings regarding lighting amongst the various media sources. It just shouldn't be rocket science.
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349 of 374 people found the following review helpful
on August 13, 2012
Let me first state that while I didn't buy this product from Amazon, I felt it was worth leaving a review for this TV since buying a new set can be a complicated process, and I hope this review will make your buying process easier. Also, I happen to be primarily a gamer, so if you enjoy video games as well, this review might help you. To start, I'll give some general information, then dive into a more detailed discussion of the various settings and how I calibrated my TV.

I'll get the obvious out of the way first: this TV is BEAUTIFUL. The first words that literally came out of my mouth when I turned on my Xbox 360 (even before I calibrated the video) were "Oh my God." Granted, I'm upgrading from a 4-year-old 720p 32" 60hz Sanyo, but even so -- the picture quality was notably impressive. Even a non-videophile (like myself) can appreciate this set. Blacks were black, whites were white. (Although looking back, I can see that my non-calibrated set looked non-ideal -- more on this later.) The audio, as to be expected with this sort of set, was somewhat disappointing -- the speakers are on the underside of the set, and I could tell right away that the sound was off. Calibrations to come!

The set itself is easy to set up. Four screws put the base together, and another four connect it to the TV. I will say, though, that the set is VERY wobbly. A slight bump can make your set rock back and forth, so make sure to be VERY careful around it. As another downside, there are only two HDMI ports and one (!) slot for component/AV cables. What this means is, you can have component OR AV cables attached, but not both. The ports are surprisingly limited, so it's worth taking into account. If this isn't a problem, though, the TV definitely impresses. It's very lightweight, so you probably won't need to buy a new stand.

So, on to the technical stuff. Again, if you're a gamer, these settings should help you get a spectacular picture; keep in mind, though, that everyone's different, and my preferences may not be the same as yours. Either way, these should be a good starting point.

The TV has three main video settings: Dynamic, Standard, and Movie. The TV starts out at Standard, and you can change it to the other two. Dynamic greatly brightens the screen, and at first I thought I'd found my ideal setting. Upon closer inspection, however, one can see slight problems with colors -- some greens seemed too blue, even on the "Standard" color setting (not the same Standard as I listed above). Which brings me to my next issue -- Dynamic offers no option to manually tweak red, green, and blue levels, making it difficult to adjust. It's almost a case of "what you see is what you get."

The audio also has several "preset" options: Music, Movie, Clear Voice, and Amplify. Clear Voice and Amplify seemed too muted, so I never even bothered with them. Music and Movie, on the other hand, increased sound quality (and volume) but, like with video, do not allow you to manually adjust the equalizer.

Finally, we have the Samsung Auto Motion Plus. This setting controls the quality of the image during fast motion, and like everything else, it requires some tweaking to get just right. For example: say you're playing a first-person shooter. When moving the screen from left to right (or vice versa), this setting controls how smooth the motion is. On one setting, you have nice, smooth motion, but the top of the screen "tears," creating very noticeable graphical glitches. On the other end of the spectrum, the graphical glitches are removed, but the motion is back to blurry -- almost as if the TV doesn't have 120hz.

Now then, I think it's worth noting the few problems I've noticed with the set in the months I've owned it:

1. Vertical desync. This is the biggest thing, and I'm actually noticing it right now as I play Fallout 3. When moving through certain parts of the world, the screen will "jitter" and parts of the picture will become uneven. I'm not totally sure how to put it into words...there's no discoloration, there's just horizontal lines that move up and down across the image, making it look uneven. It only happens in certain situations, and only in certain games; I've never noticed it in Battlefield 3 multiplayer (I do see it sometimes in campaign, but only when scanning my screen across images that are large and close-up -- like buildings -- which is curious in and of itself), and I've never seen it in Halo 4, Enslaved, Mass Effect 3, or most other games either. It may be an issue with the AutoMotion Plus, but I'm not sure if it is, and it doesn't bother me enough to worry about too much.

*UPDATE* The vertical desync stems from frame rate drops while playing certain games; if the Xbox or PS3 is unable to handle all the action on the screen, the frame rate will dip below 30 and the TV will be unable to consistently create a smooth image. Lowering or turning off Auto Motion Plus reduces the effect to a degree.

2. Black levels. Black levels are difficult to get just right; sometimes you think you've got the right level of black, and then you notice certain scenes are too black, or too grey. I've noticed this quite a bit when calibrating the set for my Xbox 360 and PS3. In Fallout 3, I do get full, rich blacks when it seems like you should be getting them, but other times blacks seem too grey for my liking. If I increase the grey level or decrease brightness, however, the rest of the image can suffer. The PS3 calibrations were similar; in Uncharted, dark scenes (such as inside caves or tunnels) were extremely black at first, and I had to do quite a bit of adjustment to get them where I want.

Something to keep in mind -- the Xbox 360 and PS3 have their own color calibration settings in the Display area. These settings (Reference Levels on 360, RGB Full Range on PS3) GREATLY impact the appearance of blacks on your image. Set Reference Levels to expanded or RGB Full Range to Full, and blacks are crushed. I have these settings on standard and limited, respectively, and have calibrated the set around those settings. The calibrations listed in my review are applied to both inputs for both consoles, and work fine.

TL;DR of the last paragraph; the calibrations on my set are where they need to be. If they seem off, it's worth looking into the color settings on one's console and adjusting them if necessary.

3. AutoMotion isn't everything I hoped. I touched on this a bit in my review; on the Smooth setting, the screen motion is very clear, but the "tearing" or "jittering" is even more prevalent. My Custom setting works fine for the most part, though; although motion isn't perfectly smooth, I barely notice it in most situations. And honestly, try looking left to right around your room. Objects blur a bit in real life, don't they? Anyway, I'm not sure is a Plasma is better for this (as I've never owned one), but this is still a nice feature and makes things look better than my old set.

So where does all this leave us? These are the settings I'm using right now, and the TV looks and sounds as good as I think I can get it. This is the result of about four hours of tweaking. Also, note that I'm using HDMI to connect my consoles to the TV.

EDIT 12/28/12:
I've updated the video settings for the television; slight changes include lowering brightness, increasing gamma, resetting RGB sliders to default, and a few others. The changes create a vivid, bright image, but not one with too much brightness (my previous settings had the brightness levels a bit high, making blacks look gray in some areas).


Mode: Standard
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 44
Sharpness: 35
Color: 50
Tint: G50/R50

Color Space: Auto
Gamma: +3
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Black Tone: Off
Flesh Tone: +4
Motion Lighting: Off

R-Offset: 25
G-Offset: 25
B-Offset: 25
R-Gain: 25
G-Gain: 25
B-Gain: 25

Color Tone: Cool
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter: Off
HDMI Black Level: Either (This setting will depend on what sort of input you are using. Some inputs may default at Normal and not allow you to change it; others will let you set one or the other. Normal is a much brighter setting than Low, so you have to try both and see which works best for you. For example, I have my game systems on a setting that darkens the picture but expands the available range of color, so therefore I use the Normal (brighter) setting.
Film Mode: Off
LED Motion Plus: Off

Auto Motion Plus: Custom
Blur Reduction: 7
Judder Reduction: 5

NOTE CONCERNING AUTO MOTION PLUS: The higher this setting, the more vertical desync (which I mentioned earlier in the reciew) you will receive with certain games. For example, when playing Far Cry 3 on the Xbox 360, any scene which resulted in a frame rate drop would produce the vertical tearing. Lowering the Auto Motion Plus (or even turning it off) had an positive impact on the tearing, reducing it (but not eliminating it all together). For normal television viewing, the tearing won't be an issue, but if you notice it while playing a game, set the Auto Motion to Clear or Off.


Mode: Standard
SRS TruSurround HD: Off
Auto Volume: Off

100Hz: Two notches down from highest "+" setting.
300Hz: All the way to "+" setting.
1KHz: Two notches down from highest "+" setting.
3KHz: All the way to "+" setting.
10KHz: All the way to "+" setting.


And that's pretty much it. Blacks are black, white is white, and every color in-between seems as close to "normal" as I can get them. Again, these settings may require your own fiddling to get "just right," but this seems like a good starting point.

Anyway, bottom line: the picture quality is superb. The negative I listed above aren't enough to warrant a detraction in stars when so many times I've been amazed by the quality of the picture being put before me. You will not be disappointed.
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230 of 253 people found the following review helpful
on March 10, 2012
It is telling when you have to describe televisions as "basic" or "smart" - just like cellular devices.

The EH6000 is a "basic" television that, simply, fits a need. It is a television that doesn't pretend to be anything else. I don't really need it to be anything else, either. It certainly is my television, but I mostly use it as a monitor for my PC and consoles. It does a wonderful job for what I need it for, and that's the key. My consoles and PC do everything I'd want a "smart" television for anyway. I also have no need or desire for 3D. At this point in time, there are few panels that give the true theater experience, and they are all well outside of my price range.

The picture is nice and sharp. Out of the box, it was set to "dynamic" color mode which I found so bright it washed out the picture. I set it to "standard" color mode, and it fits my environment just fine. If I upgrade from my yellow light bulbs to white, I may change my color settings. I haven't tried the "game" color mode yet; though, "standard" seems to work fine for the range of games I've tried on Steam, Origin, and my consoles.

It took some trial and error to find the right fit for my PC's graphics settings, but I expected as much. However, I was pleased once everything was set up and running. I was immediately impressed with the LED back-lighting. It is, by far, superior to standard LCD panels. I never realized just how dim my previous television, also a Samsung, was until I turned down the brightness settings in ALL my games. The environments really pop, and they don't feel over-saturated with "forced" brightness.

I didn't see it in the description at the time, but I was pleasantly pleased to see the audio outputs on the back. Yes, I used plural. It has optical, which I was expecting, and analog three-conductor phone (aka: headphone, stereo eighth-inch). I wish it was analog stereo phono (aka: RCA) instead, but I can live with it.

With all this praise, one might think there were no drawbacks to reduce the overall star rating. Sadly, Samsung left one, glaring omission. It's not enough to return the television and shell out extra cash for a higher-end Samsung, but it is something to complain about. It only has 2 HDMI ports. Yes, it is in the description. I realized what I was buying when I purchased the television, but I really wish Samsung had included more HDMI ports. All of their 3D televisions that I looked at had 4 HDMI ports. Why? Why? Why?! Most consumers have more than two HDMI devices, and switches can cause a degradation in signal quality.

Oh also, the product description states the EH6000 has one component and one composite input. The statement is a bit misleading. There is one component/composite input. That's right. You can use it as EITHER component or composite. It doesn't bother me, but other buyers may wish to be made aware.

As a note, I have no way of testing the tuner. I live outside of off-the-air broadcast range, so there is no way, at this time, to properly test this function. In the past however, Samsung has built in excellent over-the-air tuners.
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243 of 284 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2012
Just got this TV (46") set up yesterday and have been pretty pleased with it. I was excited to find a TV that presented a value proposition like this. The sacrifices I didn't mind making to save some $$$:

I don't need tons of inputs.

I don't need "Smart TV" functionality as I've always found standalone units (like my PS3) to be far more usable and far less frustrating then those embedded in the TV.

I don't care how deep the TV is. It's not going on my wall and I've got plenty of front to back room for the TV. The thin bezel looks great.

At first I was pretty much blown away by the picture quality, which shouldn't be surprising since I was upgrading from a 7 year old 32" 720p Olevia. But I did start to notice something that might ruin this TV for me. In very dark scenes (i.e. when Hulu Plus is loading), I've noticed the dreaded "banding" issue that plagued some of last year's Samsungs. Again, it's only in moments of pervasive darkness, but it is quite noticeable. Now I just have to decide if it's bad enough that it warrants dealing with the hassle of replacing the unit.

Update (06/01/12): I put in a warranty repair request with Samsung to see if the panel can be replaced. Basically, the local repair agency is ordering a replacement panel and will come out to inspect next week. At that point, I'll find out if I have impossible standards for an $850 TV or if the panel is legitimately defective. Either way, I'll update here after.

Update (06/04/12): I activated Comcast HD this weekend and made sure to watch some football replays on B1G Network. Unfortunately, it looked awful. Extremely cool picture quality to the point where whites were essentially just blue. I also noticed more motion issues (judder) regardless of the settings I used. These issues are noted in this review on televisioninfo dot com where the reviewer claims that the EH5000 actually performs significantly better when it comes to motion.

I have delayed the service appointment because I now have the LG 47LM6700 showing up tomorrow. The price came down again and now it's only $100 more. I've read great technical reviews on the picture quality so I'm going to compare the two. If the LG wins, which I'm fully expecting, I'll be taking back the Samsung.

Update (06/06/12): Well, the LG came yesterday and I set it up after work. I was immediately taken with the quality of the picture. In general, compared to the Samsung, the colors looked more accurate to me. As I watched during the evening in almost total darkness, I was really impressed by the utter lack of significant backlight bleeding or flashlighting of any sort. I'm no expert, but the picture looks great to me, and noticeably better than the Samsung. Of course, these TV's seem to be pretty different from set to set, but in this case, the choice is clear: the Samsung is going back today.
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61 of 70 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2012
I was originally looking for the D6000, but I wait too long and it went end of life. I checked out the specs on the e series and they were the same as the d series. I purchased the TV from VANNS who had no sales tax and no shipping cost. So a great deal right off the top. The TV showed up and took be about 30 minutes to unbox and setup. The instructions were very straight forward and intuitive. I had to do some tweaking with the color settings but that did not take long.

The color on the set is absolutely amazing, I cannot believe how vibrant the colors are on the screen. It feels like the people are standing in the room with you. I love this TV, Samsung did a wonderful job on this set. I would buy this set again in a minute. One thing to take into account is that I was not looking for a TV with 3D, WIFI or apps so this was a great fit for me. If you are looking for a great TV for a good price and provides a true entertainment explosion for your eyes, this is the TV for you.
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51 of 60 people found the following review helpful
on March 12, 2012
I purchased this TV after weeks and weeks of research. In the 46" realm, I am confident the Samsung UN46EH6000 is by far the best option for the money. The picture is incredible, the quality the amazing and the color is unlike anything I've ever seen. One feature worth noting is the smooth picture movement -- you have to see it to understand it. Highly recommended LED HDTV!
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18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on May 21, 2012
Exchanged a new 50" Panasonic plasma TV Panasonic VIERA TC-P50U50 50-Inch 1080p Full HD Plasma TV for this set because the plasma TV simply couldn't produce a bright enough picture.

Unpacking and assembling the pedastal to the TV was a simple matter. Unlike plasma sets, LCD/LED sets can be laid down flat. The pedastal has a little wiggle to it but I don't expect it to give me any trouble - it keeps the set perfectly level and straight. I found it necessary to unplug and then replug and power on my Comcast cable box to get a signal to HDMI port #1 and have had no trouble since the initial setup. HDMI port #2 correctly picked up my Bluray player. YOU MUST FIRST power on the Bluray player BEFORE attempting to switch the TV to port HDMI #2. If there is no live feed to the port, the TV simply refuses to switch to it.

I decided to go straight to the THX Optimizer test patterns to do a consumer-level calibration. Most Disney movies with the THX logo on it will have the THX Optimizer (calibration test patterns) in the "Setup" menu of the movie disc. It doesn't have to be a Bluray title either, DVD movies will work just fine for a rudimentary calibration. Once I was happy with calibration, I made some further minor adjustments while watching a good channel. I can't stress enough that you must have a good channel! Don't expect commercials or standard TV channels to provide you with a picture worthy of adjusting settings to. Even a lot of so-called "HD" content on cable can be less than stellar. I suggest HDNET or your local live news for the best content. Also, understand that there are two HDMI ports so, if you calibrate for content from a DVD/Bluray player on one port, those settings won't be applied to HDMI port #2.

I'm just in my first few days of ownership and am still making minor adjustments. I've found, for example, that I actually LOVE the "soap opera effect" these LED/LCD sets have on movie content! Viewing Netflix streaming and my DVDs and Blurays is like peeling the "film" off the screen so you can see "into" the reality of the movie as if you're right there! Some people don't like this effect - and Samsung gives you 3 main settings to choose from to help AND provides you with custom, granular controls so you can make it a personalized viewing experience no one else has. I'm using the "custom" settings with "8" for motion and "6" for judder. I find this combination gives me fairly stutter-free, blur-free motion, and just enough of the soap opera effect to make movies pop without over doing it. Just like color was an improvement over black and white (and you wouldn't set your color saturation to 100%), I feel these motion adjustments are an improvement - you just need to fine tune it to your liking.

I'm VERY pleased with this TV! Anyone complaining of issues with the picture or even the sound have not explored the menu system to adjust it to their taste.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on April 14, 2012
Had this TV for 2 weeks now and the picture is the best I have ever seen! I don't need 3D or Internet apps. Perfect for home tv use!
My previous Samsung was fantastic as well! It's now in my bedroom, still working great. Any cons? A couple of VERY minor ones:

Build quality seems cheaper than my previous models. Cheap, non swiveling stand is mounted to the tv with self tapping screws. HDMI inputs stick out the side of the back, easy to strike and break, and only 2 at that. The manual is a multi-folding piece of paper in several languages. VERY hard to use. Previous was a solid book that you could read.

As I said, very minor! Highly recommended!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 19, 2012
I've had the 46 inch version of this TV for about a month now, and I am completely happy with it. My primary aim was to get a TV with a great picture but without all the "smart TV" features - don't need that. This one fits the bill perfectly.

It took a little tweaking to get the settings right, but it was worth the effort - once I got rid of the auto motion and LED motion gimmicks, the picture is great, with sharp colors and really deep black levels. I do think the current hype from TV manufacturers about 120/240Hz and motion compensation is just that, and more often than not does more harm than good. Without it, watching sports etc. on the TV is no problem whatsoever.

A big plus in my opinion is the thin bezel that makes the TV look very professional and much more expensive than what I got it for, especially when wall-mounted. I wanted a matte screen due to the many windows in the room and this one is perfect for that.

Two HDMI ports are sufficient in my setup, since this is a bedroom unit not meant for full home theater duty. The sound is OK, not great but adequate for normal viewing. The TV has analog audio (3.5mm jack) and digital audio (optical) outputs for connecting to an external sound system if needed. The user's manual is little more than a cursory explanation on a folded pamphlet, but the menu system is very intuitive and easy to use. A great value TV!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2013
My old TV died. It was a monster DLP number, and it was a Samsung. It had done the job for years and years, so I decided to go back to them.

I did some research and I found this one. After some comparison shopping, I reluctantly bought it from Amazon. I was hesitant to buy a TV from the internet, but, looking back I do not know why.

The thing arrived in the original box. I unpacked it, attached the stand (I am not a wall mount guy), plugged in my cable box, turned it on, and boom. Crystal clear HD.

Now - the thing I really like about this TV is what it doesn't have. I think 3D is a fad, and did not want to pay for it. I think paying for a Smart TV is stupid since I have my PS3 and my Roku Player hooked up to it, giving me all of my services.

I wanted a great TV, just a TV. And I found it. Picture is awesome. Setup was easy. Over a year later, I have had ZERO problems with anything. Just a great product.
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