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on March 31, 2012
Yes some people will say that this TV is not loaded with features, like all the streaming internet blah-de-blah-blah-blah. But if you have that in your Blu-ray player, you don't need it in your TV as well. And some of us don't care about watching streaming movies over the net, some of us don't have good enough broadband connections where we live to support that anyway. And some of us BUY blu-ray movies that we like. So enough about internet bloody apps.

The biggest complaint about this set offered by some is the fact that it only has 2 HDMI ports. And that could be a problem for some. But if you control all of your gear (like I do) through your A/V receiver, you only need ONE HDMI going into the TV anyway. If you've got to plug all of your high-def gear right into the TV, and you've got more than 2 HDMI devices, this TV is not for you, find another. So enough about only 2 HDMI ports.

The picture quality of this TV is AMAZING. The total evenness of the backlight, especially during a pitch black scene, or when the background is totally black, is amazing. Total blackness with no uneven lighting at all...ANYWHERE on the screen, even edges and corners. I haven't seen a TV that can compare to this one in that respect.

The set has MANY full manual picture controls and tweaks, and some advanced ones, or three pre-programed modes that you can still tweak. You don't have to settle for what the TV maker says is good, although Samsung's modes are pretty darn good, right out of the box. The "dynamic" mode is a little contrasty for my taste though. But still, it's easily modified.

The front bezel on this TV is about as thin as they get on LCD/LED TVs. Some would say that this TV is a tad on the thick side depth-wise, considering it's an LED TV, but it's still pretty thin, compared to my 3 year old Sony 52" LCD, which was a tank.

The sound is about the same as other thin LCD/LED TVs. You can't get huge speakers to fit into these things, let's face it. Thin with a small bezel means thin, small speakers. If you're listening through a surround sound system (as I and anyone with a "home theater system" do) it's not an issue.

The remote control is a bit small, but its backlit buttons can light up in the dark, which is a plus.

I just bought this TV in a bricks and mortar store for $1199, which I think is a steal. Two weeks ago I bought an LG 55" LCD and it's going back to the store today. This Samsung totally blows the LG away...the backlighting on the LG was so bad and uneven I couldn't stand it. It was really noticible how bad it was during dark scenes in movies like the second "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, any of the "Batman" movies or "Aliens" those movies are chock full of very dark scenes. The LG couldn't handle them, but the Samsung does them proud...inky rich blacks that still have some detail in them.

Someplace online I read in someone's comments that this TV doesn't do 24hz film mode. It most certainly does....set your Blu-ray player to that mode and then press the "info" button on this Samsung TV's remote and it will display that info on the screen. 24 bloody hz. So don't believe everything that people say in reviews. (except for mine lol)

If you want a REALLY decent TV that doesn't have to wake you up, make you breakfast, Twitter and Facebook for you, do your laundry and surf the net for you, this is it.
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on April 15, 2012
The picture on this TV is outstanding. The LED technology really makes everything pop with its high contrast ratio. It is just as good as the best plasmas that I have seen. This set is also more energy efficient than plasmas with a $12 per year energy consumption for the 55" model.
The black levels on this TV are fantastic and even across the entire screen from corner to corner. Samsung was able to achieve this by utilizing the full array LED technology. The edge lit LED technology on other sets allows for a thinner TV, but in most cases the picture suffers from the flashlight effect where light shines up into the picture from the corners and edges of the screen. Not on this TV. It is truly amazing watching dark movies at night on this set. White text on black background is like reading a high quality printed text. Watching John Mayer in concert feels like I am in the audience. Truly amazing.
I am pleasantly surprised at how good the sound is. The standard setting is set to mono, but there is a surround sound setting that simulates a 5.1 speaker system. As soon as I enabled this, it filled up the room with great sound. I am also in love with how thin Samsung was able to get the bezel on this TV. It allowed me to purchase a larger TV for the room, as I saved space with the small bezel. When the TV is turned off it looks slick. The screen is a deep matte black that matches the bezel which also matches the sleek looking stand.
Samsung was able to keep the cost lower on this TV as it is not a smart TV, only has 2 HDMI inputs and is 2D. I did not need a smart TV (I use the Apple TV to transmit movie purchases from the App store and YouTube onto the screen), I do not play games (PS2, Nintendo) and so the 2 HDMI inputs work out fine for me. I also am more of a traditionalist and did not want to buy into 3D technology on a TV while it is still in its infancy stage.
Also, I must add that the standard brightness setting out the box was a little bright. I had to turn this down and I also set the picture to "movie" mode with great results. Of course this is personal taste. There are many picture settings that you can play around with in order to get the picture to that sweet spot.
I have had this TV for a couple of weeks now and as you can tell I am still excited about it. Overall you just cannot go wrong. Worth every penny paid.
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on April 8, 2013
I purchased this as a replacement for my 10 year old Mitsubishi RPTV. After a lot of research, this looked like the right fit for the price. It arrived in a pristine box, and the shippers carefully set it down in the living room (I was waiting for the accompanying furniture to arrive), where it sat undisturbed for three days. When the time came, we opened the box, connected the HDMI cable to the surround sound receiver, and turned on the TV. To my shock, 3/4 of the screen was black. There was a clear picture on the right side of the screen. In the box was a paper that said "STOP: If your TV isn't working properly, do not return it to the store, call this number ------," so I called. The nice representative told me that it was covered by the warranty (of course), and that they would arrange for another company to send out a repair technician. I wasn't particularly happy that my "new" TV was going to be a repair job, but I waited. four days later, the repair company called me wanting to schedule an "estimate for out of warranty repair." I hit the roof! I said "what do you mean out of warranty, its barely out of box!?!" Nevertheless, they told me to take it up with Samsung. After nearly an hour of getting kicked from one representative to another, Samsung refused to honor their warranty. In the end, the last Samsung person I spoke to suggested that I "try to return it to the store." Incredulous, I asked "if that's the case, why do you put a paper in there telling me NOT to return it to the store?"

At that point, I called Amazon, and the helpful representative arranged for the return in less than fifteen minutes. He also helped me select another non-Samsung model (I sprung for the Sony, and boy I'm glad I did!). I am fortunate that Amazon is a reputable company, unlike Samsung.

I will never buy another Samsung anything! On the other hand, while I already did most of my shopping at Amazon, I will be trying to make all of my purchases there from now on.
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on May 30, 2012
This is a great TV. I've always read about sets having rich, dark blacks and didn't think much about it because they all seemed pretty similar. The same went for LED. But that changed with this TV as I could see the difference the first time I turned it on. It can maintain the rich blacks even when other settings are at bright levels. The contrast ratio is outstanding as the range from deep blacks to bright colors produce a beautiful and vivid picture. I bought this set primarily for sports, and motion blur has never been an issue.

The sound for a HDTV is very good. I know most people will use a home stereo system but there are lots of times when I don't need it. It has great volume and clarity for basic programming after you make some adjustments in the Audio menu.

Samsung is using a full array back light in this model line to replace their old CCFL panels. However, to keep the cost at a mid level price, they don't use as many LED's as in their pricier sets. I did notice two things that are more than likely a result of this.

1) Each corner of the panel had a small and very feint shadow that extends about an inch into the screen that is only noticeable against light backgrounds. On the good side, I've had the set for about six weeks and the shadows have gone away in two corners and appear to be getting better in the others so this may be a break in issue.

2) There is about a 2" inch band around the exterior border of the panel that is just a bit lighter than the rest of the screen. I can only see it against a light background when the camera is panning across the screen. Otherwise I never notice it. At first I only saw it on the right and left sides but then I saw a shot of a light gray overcast sky that filled the entire panel. At that time I could see the outline of the "light band" that framed the exterior portion of all four side.

I'm guessing the "light band" is the border of the full array back light. The good thing is it is very minor and I don't even notice it anymore, nor do I feel it detracts from the picture. Unlike the corner shadows, I don't think it has anything to do with break in. I would guess many people have sets with the same thing and they don't notice it. In fact, my wife had a hard time noticing even after I pointed it out to her.

Before buying this TV, I tried 55" models from Vizio, LG, and Sharp. The larger the panel the more chance there will be flaw and I ended up returning all of them. At this point I think HDTV quality control is like the lottery, even with the same models. You hope you get a good set but none of them are perfect. This one is pretty close for me and I'm completely satisfied.
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on April 19, 2012
Purchased this Samsung TV after my 36" Panasonic had a lightning surge that zapped it. I decided I did not need the Smart tv and 3D features with more expensive Samsung models. I can use my Samsung bluray to get the online apps offered. The most important feature is the picture quality and this model passes with flying colors. The tv has plenty of picture adjustments that you can fine tune to your desire. I watch mosty sports on it and the hockey is just outstanding to watch. The 2 HDMI ports are no problem which I use the Charter cable box and my blue ray. I can always unplug the blue ray to connect another device if needed. So far I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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on July 24, 2012
When setting up the PC for HDMI, there's a hidden step that's not very obvious, nor required by other brands of TVs:

If you don't do this, the TV will only display in 1650x1050, not 1920x1080. This will cut off the start bar.

Your PC must be hooked up to HDMI port 1.
Turn on the PC, set the resolution to 1920x1080.

On the remote:
Hit [Source]
Hit [Tools]
Hit [Enter]
Hit [Right Arrow Key]
Select "PC" option.
Hit [Return] 3 times

This will fix the image size.

Source: PDF of the Manual from, [...]
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on June 21, 2012
Like many others have already said, this is a fantastic LED TV for the money. It is a basic TV and does what a basic TV should do and that is, look amazing when you watch it. We passed on the more expensive "smart" TV models Samsung had to offer however. Maybe you are thinking, what is a smart TV anyway? It is just a TV set that has a built in Internet connection and comes with built in software/applications which allow you to stream videos and watch them on the TV. If you have ever seen streaming Netflix on a computer, it is the same idea. Each TV brand (LG, Samsung, etc..) has their own version of smart TV software and applications. I am sure all TV's in the future will eventually be "smart", but right now most people will tell you that the apps (aka: applications) and are really not quite there yet with multiple problems overall. A quick Google search using the words "Samsung Smart TV's problems" came up with tons on people complaining about the "smart" part of their Samsung TV's. The price difference between this "basic" model TV and a "smart" TV model, was too steep and we decided excellent picture was what we wanted, not a smart TV. Instead, we paired this TV with a Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player for $75 and couldn't be happier. Google/read the excellent reviews on the Roku 2 if you need more info, but essentially is an external version of a "smart" TV, in a package the size of a hockey puck!

Sound on this TV isn't that bad, all things considering. Usually audio on big screen TV's is so poor, you end up having to buy a home theatre system right away. I spent a lot of time playing with the audio features, working to make the voices/speaking parts of movies and Roku 2 content sound better, with moderate success. However, this is more of a home theater/Dolby issue, than it is a problem with the TV or Samsung. I am just not a fan of simulated "Surround Sound". I will eventually move to a 5.1 Dolby home theater sound system and be done with it. The center channel speaker is the key to clear voices in movies and Roku 2 content, in case you didn't already know that. Otherwise, our Over The Air (OTA) TV channels sounded fine, thanks to our newly purchased Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna.

I am not a gamer, so the two HMDI ports this model comes, was enough for us. We use one with the Roku 2, the other is used by the Blu-Ray player (a regular blu-ray player, not a "smart" blu-ray player). I will end up using the optical "audio out" jack on the TV to a receiver, once I go for the home theater sound system. I thought the optical audio out was a nice touch by Samsung!

Saw no odd colors, blacks are dark, the entire panel is back lit and have not seen any motion blur when watching fast moving sports. I ended up turning off the Motion Plus and LED Plus, but it is there if we need it.

TV is light and super thin. Easy to set up and was great out of the box.

Get this TV if what you want is an excellent picture, you don't care about "smart" and having two HMDI jacks isn't going to be an issue for you.
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on May 11, 2012
Great TV for those wanting a superior picture in a 55-inch product without all the bells and whistles. LED Picture truly is remarkable for a TV that uses much less energy than plasma or LCD models.

Biggest complaints are only 2 HDMI ports, and a lower quality stand that causes the TV to tilt forward a bit. For what the TV costs, stand should be higher quality. Samsung may be assuming that anyone who buys this TV will mount it on a wall - but I needed the TV to fit into a built-in entertainment center. It does fit perfectly, but has a natural tilt. Still, I would highly recommend this TV for its picture quality. Amazing!
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My $3300 5 year old LCD died and I was not going to spend that kind of money on a TV again. It's picture quality was fantastic and without jitter and few artifacts. This Samsung is equal if not better! I just needed 2 HDMI ports as my TiVo and Blue Ray disk already have the 'SMART' options so why spend an additional $300 to $400 for options I will never use? I was having a difficult time getting the Samsung not to look like a "diorama with distinct foreground and background" (C. Koehler's description) that makes the scene pronounced. I was about to return the TV for a plasma set until I read the review on the Samsung 40" UN40EH6000 by C. Koehler dated January 16, 2013. For my tastes, Koehler's configuration is spot on and now I have a TV that exceeds my expectations for price and picture quality. I will take the liberty to repeat Koehler's configuration below. The only thing I changed was to set the Black Tone to Dark (not Darkest) in order to see a little more detail. I highly recommend this Samsung as a great buy (I got it for $799).

C. Koehler's recommendations (with many thanks for the hard work to determine them and for the explanation of judder reduction setting):
"Settings via THX optimizer, January 16, 2013 By C. Koehler"

This review is from: Samsung UN40EH6000 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Black) (Electronics)
I used the THX Optimizer found on Tron (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition). The settings I came up with are as follows:

Menu --> Picture
Mode: Movie
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 100
Brightness: 44
Sharpness: 20 -- (actually used a Disney animated movie to get this right. The black outlines of characters will have a white glow if you set this too high)
Color: 50
Tint: G50/R50

Advanced Settings:
_Color Space: Auto
_Gamma: 0
_Dynamic Contrast: Low
_Black Tone: Darkest (I have it set to Dark)
_Flesh Tone: 0
_Motion Lighting: Off

Picture Options:
_Color Tone: Standard
_Size: Screen Fit
_Digital Noise Filter: Off
_HDMI Black Level: Normal
_Film Mode: Off
_Auto Motion Plus: -- (these are my settings, see below for explanation*)
___Blur Reduction: 10
___Judder Reduction: 3
_LED Motion Plus: Off

*Auto Motion Plus, specifically the Judder Reduction option, makes motion on the screen appear to be very smooth. It adds depth to the picture, like a diorama with distinct foreground and background. It is visually appealing for some movies, but a distraction in others -- if you have Judder Reduction set to 10 for maximum smoothness, it will in some cases make the special effects stand out too much and look fake. I have discovered that a setting of 3 is a fair compromise, you may decide differently.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on July 4, 2012
I can not imagine what TV would be better than this one. Outstanding picture and great sound quality. We are just blown away on how clear the picture is! Also with Amazon, I was concerned making such a big purchase on line. Amazon had great communication with me on the delivery. The delivery service was very good. They worked with me on a time that fit with my schedule for delivey and assembly.
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