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on March 28, 2013
My $3300 5 year old LCD died and I was not going to spend that kind of money on a TV again. It's picture quality was fantastic and without jitter and few artifacts. This Samsung is equal if not better! I just needed 2 HDMI ports as my TiVo and Blue Ray disk already have the 'SMART' options so why spend an additional $300 to $400 for options I will never use? I was having a difficult time getting the Samsung not to look like a "diorama with distinct foreground and background" (C. Koehler's description) that makes the scene pronounced. I was about to return the TV for a plasma set until I read the review on the Samsung 40" UN40EH6000 by C. Koehler dated January 16, 2013. For my tastes, Koehler's configuration is spot on and now I have a TV that exceeds my expectations for price and picture quality. I will take the liberty to repeat Koehler's configuration below. The only thing I changed was to set the Black Tone to Dark (not Darkest) in order to see a little more detail. I highly recommend this Samsung as a great buy (I got it for $799).

C. Koehler's recommendations (with many thanks for the hard work to determine them and for the explanation of judder reduction setting):
"Settings via THX optimizer, January 16, 2013 By C. Koehler"

This review is from: Samsung UN40EH6000 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Black) (Electronics)
I used the THX Optimizer found on Tron (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition). The settings I came up with are as follows:

Menu --> Picture
Mode: Movie
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 100
Brightness: 44
Sharpness: 20 -- (actually used a Disney animated movie to get this right. The black outlines of characters will have a white glow if you set this too high)
Color: 50
Tint: G50/R50

Advanced Settings:
_Color Space: Auto
_Gamma: 0
_Dynamic Contrast: Low
_Black Tone: Darkest (I have it set to Dark)
_Flesh Tone: 0
_Motion Lighting: Off

Picture Options:
_Color Tone: Standard
_Size: Screen Fit
_Digital Noise Filter: Off
_HDMI Black Level: Normal
_Film Mode: Off
_Auto Motion Plus: -- (these are my settings, see below for explanation*)
___Blur Reduction: 10
___Judder Reduction: 3
_LED Motion Plus: Off

*Auto Motion Plus, specifically the Judder Reduction option, makes motion on the screen appear to be very smooth. It adds depth to the picture, like a diorama with distinct foreground and background. It is visually appealing for some movies, but a distraction in others -- if you have Judder Reduction set to 10 for maximum smoothness, it will in some cases make the special effects stand out too much and look fake. I have discovered that a setting of 3 is a fair compromise, you may decide differently.
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on December 13, 2012
After much research and pricing among many models and brands we decided to go for the basic model from Samsung's line up. We just could not argue with the picture for the price nor could we justify the huge price jump when looking at comparable models which offer Smart and 3D features. We own an Xbox 360 with LIVE that offers movie and music streaming as well as an internet explorer app so our Smart needs are pretty much already met for what we use it for. Fellow reviewers have also mentioned several alternative add on's if you desire said features so I encourage anyone to look into those options and save more than a few bucks.
We took delivery of this TV on November 29th 2012 and to date (12/13/12) we have been more than happy with our purchase. This TV replaced a 2007 26 inch 720P LCD Toshiba Regza so the jump in size and picture quality is quite a bit so I apologize if I may have a bias in this review.

I'll start this off with
Thin design
Very thin bezel
Super light for it's size about 45 lbs
excellent picture and contrast

None really for me but I would list a lack of ports for those out there who love options.

The picture quality of this TV is phenomenal. Super bright display, whites are brilliantly white while blacks are deep rich and dark and the colors are vibrant and vivid. Do spend some time calibrating the TV yourself as our eyes are all different and a few settings on here I did not like for my viewing needs. ( plus why wouldn't you want to spend time playing with it?) There is a plethora of calibration options to tweak the picture as you see fit and I probably spent about a week tweaking the TV until I felt the picture was optimal for our needs. Don't keep your first settings as your eyes adjust to the new screen you'll more than likely readjust the picture. DO NOT judge this set based on over the air or cable TV. It simply made the picture look like garbage. DVD's Bluray PS3 XBOX are what you want to judge the picture on, then you will see just how gorgeous your new set can be. I would calibrate your TV with a DVD or Bluray movie that has a wide range of whites blacks and colors. The contrast between white and black is out of this world. I have never seen such dark deep blacks on super bright whites on any other TV. I am thoroughly impressed as it takes dark themed movies and games to a whole new level for me personally. The colors are brilliant and rich however you may want to tone the out of the box setting down as the colors can be unrealistically bright with LED's. It is a showcase of how vivid LED tech can be. Lastly you have the ability to tweak auto motion plus 120hz settings or use presets for fast scenes which I love and the ability to turn it off which is a huge plus because with it on it can give a movie that super ultra realism that quite frankly can take away from a movie. So that is an awesome feature as there are some instances I use it and some where I don't want it at all. Overall we are in love with the picture quality and could not be happier.

The menu system is very easy to navigate and really quick compared to our old set. I am happy with the organization of menu and sub menu and how quickly I can go through settings and change things around. It is really responsive. That is really all I could ask for in a menu system.

It's a remote and it works for me very well. Great feature is that it has back lit buttons. responsive operation and seems well built. Only time will tell.

We love the design of the TV from the super thin bezel to the light weight which made it easy to lift and install to our mount. It does not get very hot at all compared to our old LCD and the depth thickness of the set is still really thin to us, so it wasn't an issue that it wasn't made with current razor thin tech. Just the right amount of ports for me personally, I know some will argue that but I can only speak for myself. The 55 inch screen is perfect for our viewing room which is on the smaller side so overall this TV has fit our needs very well.

Considering screen size, design with no bells or whistles just an awesome beautiful picture for a great price. I would have to place the value as pretty high. We didn't need nor want any of the other features of higher end models and the savings from choosing a basic model is a very nice thing and makes the bank account very happy. Plus it leaves us money to add a new home theater system in the very near future so how can we argue with that?
Simply a great TV, great size screen, great picture for a much lower price than a Smart/3D set.

Overall this has been a great buy for our needs and we are very happy and have had no issues thus far. We did purchase a 4 year warranty to be on the safe side of things, because as we know there will always be a percentage margin for manufacturing errors and or defective parts from suppliers. Nothing is perfectly manufactured so they do pop up from time to time. That is just part of the game, so with anything in this price range a warranty purchase was no question.

I would highly recommend this model for anyone looking for a great TV, not a TV trying to be a computer.
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on May 11, 2012
Got this TV a week ago. Happy so far. Crisp clear picture that doesn't need much tweaking. Indoor scenes are a little too dark, so I need to make some adjustments, but not sure what to adjust. Will need to research that :-). I like the thin border around the screen, although it's shiny & I find it a little distracting. The non-glare screen is very nice!

It takes 2 people to unpack & set up this big TV. Installing pedestal is a breeze, of course, with just some screws (my husband's job). Attaching cables very easy (my job). Remember you need component or HDMI cable (not included with TV) to get HD picture. I can't comment on the sound because I installed external speakers. TV has optical input, so it was a simple connection.

I would like to have had more than 2 HDMI ports. I connected DVD player with component cables, & will use the remaining HDMI port for Apple TV (when I get it).

Highly recommended!
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on November 26, 2012
I was really looking to eventually get the ES8000 series (top of the line) when I could afford it, but when BB dropped the price for Black Friday to $799, I had to really consider this instead.

I love Samsung TVs (and galaxy phones). For me they are my Apple. I think no other brand compares to the clarity that they achieve in their panels. Typically a Samsung TV is priced higher than the competition and for good reason, they are worth their price. I have research and compared various brands in person to Samsung televisions and there are no other manufacturers that have as nice a screen image.

This is a LED back-lit LCD (~3-4 inches thick). I think for the image it is the best option as LCDs have lower contrast, Edge-lit LED (~ 1 in thick) have the halo'ing or flashlighting problems). It is actually a tapered design so it looks thinner than it is if you are worried about that. Having the thin bezel makes a huge difference!

As has been pointed out, this is not a "smart" tv. I have a desktop PC, PS3 hooked up to it so that isn't really a need for me.

The auto-motion preference is fairly good. I used to have the ln55c630 and that was 120 Hz too, but this one has some other techniques that Samsung is calling CMR, which simulates 240 Hz. I don't think it is quite like 240 Hz, but it is better than the normal 120 Hz. Like my old samsung tv this one also occasionally "judders", but for $799 you can't get anything that performs better than this one. My brother-in-law has a Vizio and its auto-motion capabilities are much worse. You have the option of turning it off, but I really like it. When turned on it can get rid of the movie feel, but I think it is really sweet, because it seems like you are there in the movie. A good auto-motion (frame interpolation) is a must for my viewing preferences.

There are only 2 HDMIs, but I use a home theater receiver so not an issue at all.

Some people have complained the remote is a little small. I think that is better as compared to having to hold a huge remote. Much more comfortable.

Overall, if you want a plain (not smart) tv with a stunning picture this is really your only choice and for $799 there is no argument.
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on April 12, 2012
Just upgraded from a 40 inch Samsung LCD that was about 5 years old. This new TV has a great picture. The LED technology makes the picture come alive. Almost 3D like in nature. Very sharp details and no ghosting on sports shows. Worth every penny.
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on April 26, 2013
I agree with the below posts about the review. This is a great TV. However, do not buy it for 1500, 1100, $1000, etc. Right now if you go onto it is $1000 (down from 1399) and you get a $400 dell gift card (which i used to turn around and buy the samsung 40'' on their site, which i got another $150 gift card with, which i turned around and bought both mounts with). In all, $1000 got me a 55'' samsung, a 40'' samsung, and 2 wall mounts. Not bad at all...
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on May 19, 2012
Wanted to replace my 42" Vizio with a larger set. After looking for about a month at the brick and mortar stores, I decided on the 55" Samsung . Didn't need the Internet access or 3D. I pull Internet off my bluray. 3D doesn't appear to be going anywhere yet. Amazon's price was cheaper so I bought here. Ordered on Sunday and it arrived on Friday.
I was not happy with the picture the first day. I spent a lot of time in the menus trying to adjust to my liking. The colors were washed out and the reds looked pink. The black on this was excellent and the only thing i liked about the tv. I was about ready to return this tv. The next day, I noticed there was a firmware update on samsungs website. I loaded it on a flash drive and transferred it to the tv. The firmware helped somewhat, but I still wasn't happy with the picture. I left the tv on when I left the house for the day. When I came back home, the picture was better. I don't know if there is a break in period on these tv's , perhaps someone could tell me. I went into the menus and adjusted the picture from a better starting point.
I am now very, very happy with the quality of the picture. The price was very reasonable for a 55" tv. I just wasn't able to justify the upgrade for the Internet and 3d. Someone tell me why you can get a bluray player with Internet apps for under $120, and it's a $400 dollar upgrade for this tv.
I am keeping this tv. Now that I've had it a few day, it's a great value with an excellent picture.
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on March 25, 2014
I bought a Samsung 55" TV two years ago. Now it will not turn on. I called Samsung and they said they will not fix it. I have to pay for repair!! I really do not belive a life span of a fancy TV should be less than two years. I paid $1000 for this TV and I only watched it a couple of hours a day. It it the worst product I have ever bought.
Model#UN55d6000sfxza, serial#z2z73cxb901466h

Do not buy a Samsung TV
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on May 21, 2013
I have looked a many tv's for over three months, researching at amazon, visiting in the big box stores, read reviews here and on cnet and finally realized i would n't need wifi or any smart options. What I wanted was a large screen, crisp picture and great price. I am happy to say I got what I wanted.
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on March 6, 2013
samsung is one of the best tv manufacturers if not the best imo and you cant beat samsung quality for 800 for a 55 inch tv. no frills no wifi no apps or anything. just a tv. but good enough for me,,,,especially at the price.

only complaint is that whoever they contract with to deliver is horrible. didnt even have a screwdriver to screw base into the screen....i had literally just moved and didnt have my own. then one guy goes "usually we just bring the box up" - i say ok fine,,,, then they ask me to fill out a form saying they set the tv up and tested it. BS
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