Customer Reviews: Samsung UN55ES7003 55" Class 1080p 240Hz LED 3D Smart HDTV
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on December 7, 2012
Ok I am going to try and provide a great review for this (and other) Samsung models. One thing I want to mention is not to believe all reviews on the internet (many reviews are written by marketing companies and not customers!). That is why I am writing this detailed report on my findings with HDTVs (in particular 3D). I want to share my findings and happiness!

Before I buy anything, especially $1500 TVs, I like to perform extensive research. I would recommend you do the same if you are looking to invest over $1000 on entertainment. I have spent the last 13 months researching and learning about HDTVs (especially 3D). 3D is not a gimmick and if it interests you then you will care about what I am going to say. The 2012 models have very good 3D capabilities. Now none of the current tvs 3D are going to look like their are fish swimming in your living room, but they provide a greater depth and picture to the TV experience (especially Samsung).

One thing to remember for those looking for 3D, You will only be watching 3D 5-10% of the time. So make sure you buy a TV that is excellent in 2D mode. Otherwise you will be severely unhappy.

Research: My research consisted of the following:
- Review websites (CNET, PCworld, Consumer Report, LCD TV Review, - Trust the experts, especially ones that perform "lab tests"
- Reviews by other customers (remember that many reviews are fake! Generally the more detailed reviews are authentic)
- Youtube (actually seeing the TV in use can help determine which TV you want in your living room. I.E I noticed on youtube videos that plasma TVs have bad reflection if a window is behind you)
- Going to Best Buy, Sears, HHGregg and actually trying out the tvs (highly recommended if your buying for 3D)
- Learning about refresh rates (120hz vs 240hz)
- Comparing the 3D PASSIVE to ACTIVE (trying the two types of 3D out before buying is highly recommended)
- Compared UN55ES7003 vs UN55ES7100. These two models are virtually the same TV when it comes to the important specs. The main difference is that the 3D glasses. The 7003 comes with 2 battery operated glasses and the 7100 comes with 4 rechargeable glasses.

Samsung UN55ES7003 REVIEW


-Excellent 2D picture (especially at night). The picture (once calibrated) is movie theater quality. REMEMBER to judge the TV by watching DVDs through a Blu-ray player or PS3. Judging the TV solely on Cable box feed is not enough. Trust me, watch some 2 minute previews from VUDU in HDX mode and you will see what i mean.

- 3D is pretty cool (remember to sit at the recommended distance...6ft+ for 55inch). Sitting too close will effect your viewing experience). Once i adjusted the depth of the 3D image in the settings the image appeared to jump off the screen coming from DirecTVs 3D channels (which are free for HD subscribers). My wife stated that it seemed if the person was actually sitting in our living room. The ACTIVE 3D glasses can be a little overwhelming for eyes for the first few times. Just remember that ACTIVE means there is a very fast shutter effect happening in front of your eyes. The ACTIVE is not for everyone for two reasons.
One the cost of replacing glasses (batteries too).
Two the active effect is very intense, but comes in FULL HD (unlike passive). There is kind of a ghosting effect left. Which basically means that some scenes will play with your eyes with blurring or making you lose focus.
Overall 3D is pretty good, when sitting at the right distance.

- 2D to 3D conversion is excellent. Being honest, 2D conversion into 3D isnt the same, but its close. It just doesnt give the same effect as something shot or edited in 3D format. But on this Samsung, the 2d conversion makes the picture AWESOME. The colors in 3D are way better than when watching regular 2D. I watch movies with the 2D conversion on just because the quality increase in the picture (the colors are more intense). There are some scenes that will appear to have some depth to them (remember to adjust the 3D depth settings when upconverting...this will help the depth of the picture to appear more 3D). ACTIVE 2D conversion is way better than PASSIVE 2D conversion (comparing LG versus Samsung)

- 3D Gaming (PS3) - is very very intense. Black Ops 2 looks very nice in 3D and at some points was too intense for me to play. I found myself trying to soak in the 3D image instead of playing the game (multiplayer). Batman is amazing in 3D. The buildings have so much depth and it is worth buying this game just to play in 3D. Assasins Creed was OK. The game is was not as visually striking as Batman or COD (in 3D only).

- SMART TV is actually pretty cool. The ALL Share app is cool if you want to look at pictures and videos on your TV from your ipad or computer. I would NOT buy a tv solely for SMART features. EVERY dvd players has Netflix and Hulu on them so this is just an added feature. I wish they made 3D tvs without this feature actually.

- Picture settings. Samsung needs to incorporate a picture wizard like LGs. The 4 picture settings that come standard with the TV are lackluster. I almost returned the TV because these settings looked so bad out of the box. The TV needs to be calibrated for your home. If you want to go professional then look for ISF or THX services (they have DVDs too). You can also scour the internet forums for others who have posted their what they changed the settings to. One piece of advice is to turn ECO sensor off and to turn the Sharpness down to 10. Also, the COOL or WARM setting makes a huge difference in flesh tone.

- The glossy LCD screen is very nice to look at, but they claim you wont have a glare issue. If you have a window behind you, then you will have a little glare problem. During the day this TVs color is not too good due to the light, but in the dark it is top notch.

- Dual Processor - It is still relatively slow, but its not too bad. Usuable.

- 3D Glasses - there is a lot of light that is let into the glasses. I can also see a reflection when wearing the glasses. I recommend getting a pair that allows the least amount of light in (costs about $50 more)

SUMMARY: I have also tried the LG 6700 in my home and the passive 3D is also very good, but the 2D picture wasnt as rich as the Samsung. If I had to watch 3D 100% of the time I would go with the LG models (recommend 240HZ plus models though). But, no one watches everything in 3D, so the Samsung wins in 2D mode which is more important. ACTIVE 3D provides more depth than PASSIVE, but the glasses can make it a hassle and the picture is intense. Its a tough choice, but once your done stressing about which 3D version to go with...You will enjoy it.

This model is a deal at the $1500 price tag. It is essentially the same as the 7100 model minus the glasses.
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on December 28, 2012
I spent several weeks searching the internet and trying different combinations of settings to get the best picture for my viewing area. My settings are:
Backlit 12
Cont 100
Brigh 30
Sharp 100 (The low setting did not work, must be Uverse's HD that determined the high setting)
Color 50
Tint 50
Dyn cont high
Black dark
Flesh +1
RGB off
MPEG off
Dig Noise off
HDMI blk low
Gamma +3
ECO sensor on (my TV is right in front of a window so this helps when blinds are open). If light is constant turn off.
Color custom
IRE 100: R0 G1 B2
IRE 90: R-1 G0 B-1
IRE 80: R0 G0 B-2
IRE 70: R-2 G-1 B-4
IRE 60: R0 G-2 B-5
IRE 50: R-1 G-3 B-4
IRE 40: R0 G-2 B-2
IRE 30: R2 G0 B2
IRE 20: R1 G-1 B1
IRE 10: R10 G7 B7
R-Offset: 19
G-Offset: 25
B-Offset: 23
R-Gain: 20
G-Gain: 27
B-Gain: 21
Colour Space Red: R86 G2 B1
Colour Space Green: R0 G61 B0
Colour Space Blue: R3 G7 B92
Colour Space Yellow: R57 G50 B0
Colour Space Cyan: R0 G54 B56
Colour Space Magenta: R74 G4 B74

You need to calibrate for your room needs and light available. These may not work for you or your cable provider. Out of the box settings are terrible!
The 2d-3d is excellent but haven't tried pure 3d yet.

The smart hub provides several hundred (it seems) apps to download.

The dual core processor seems a tad slow and the browser is very average.
A wireless mouse is a necessity and a virtual keyboard is provided although a wireless one can be connected.

Customer service has been excellent as far as providing info and fixing problems.
The TV is software driven so software downloads are available, some are triggered automatically.
Overall a great deal for the price!
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on January 4, 2013
Overall pleased with this TV, once calibrated picture looks stunning, 2D to 3D isn't great but its not bad too, I haven't tried Full 3D yet other than Samsung's Smart 3D clips which is better.

Picture quality is amazing but it took some time to adjust.

Netflix streaming is great too, for the $1500 price range its a great TV with 240Hz 3D.
review image
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on December 10, 2012
The 7003 was my first Samsung TV and I was very disappointed in the picture quality. I have been trying different LED TV's in my home since October and have sent them all back. The Samsung had the worse picture of all. I spent two weeks adjusting the picture, reading everything I could find on the subject with no luck. The picture just lacked definition and crispness. One person on a forum suggested I had a bad unit. The LG 4600 I sent back had a much better picture then the Samsung. The 60" $900 Vizio I now have has a better picture then the 7003 but it's going back also (takes 18 seconds to power on). Also had a LG 7200 60" but the clouding was terrible.The Samsung is a beautiful TV, very dark blacks with it's barely there frame and only one inch thick. I mounted it on the wall and it was a thing of beauty. I am so disappointed don't know where to turn next.
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on February 16, 2013
Picture quality is very very bad. I called the technical support they ask me to check test picture which was good enough, but I do not see same quality pictures on from my dish or Comcast cabel tv. Techician asked to put put some other device like games blueray or DVD player, I am using none of these to watch my regular TV, I bought the TV to watch TV from broadcasting companies like Dishnet and Comcast cabel. While I was talking to customer service the technician hungup the phone. I am going to send this TV back and will never buy Samsung again. Whoever looks on my new Samsug was complaining about picture quality.
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on January 20, 2013
I have been using this product for almost 1 month and it has been working great. I hav only 2 complains. The HD transmission from the cable feed isn't upto par but the streaming from smart apps like Netflix, Amazon TC, HUDI is absolutely great.

Another one I noticed is the image when is dark doesn't calibrate properly and it gets much darker. need to talk to samsung support abt this. Customer support is great from samsung...
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