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86 of 88 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING television despite some negative reviews
This TV looks fantastic (both the picture and the actual product)!! After some manipulation of the settings, you can really dial it in to look even better than it looks out of the box (i.e. auto motion plus - off, brightness adjustment, ambient light dimming - off, etc). The black levels are stealthy and near-plasma levels. The color is vibrant and rich. During motion,...
Published on October 12, 2012 by M. May

164 of 187 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Nice. But is it overpriced?
Bought the UN60ES7100 (60" LED) from a local retail chain and have had this set for about a week now.

1. Packaging: Light weight and can easily be lifted by 2 people. "Un" boxing is pretty straightforward and effortless. However, since the bezel is very thin, it's easy to get your finger impressions (especially your thumb) on the screen. So, you need to be...
Published on July 19, 2012 by sri440

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86 of 88 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING television despite some negative reviews, October 12, 2012
This TV looks fantastic (both the picture and the actual product)!! After some manipulation of the settings, you can really dial it in to look even better than it looks out of the box (i.e. auto motion plus - off, brightness adjustment, ambient light dimming - off, etc). The black levels are stealthy and near-plasma levels. The color is vibrant and rich. During motion, the picture is one of the best of LCD/LED televisions. Motion isn't quite as good as Plasma, but it isn't too far off. If you are coming to this from a Plasma, give your eyes some time (a week maybe) to adjust to the motion and it will become less noticeable. It's not that your eyes adjust to a worse picture as much as your eyes adjusting to a different technology. Watching my plasma now, I almost feel like it blends/dithers motion which makes it appear smoother when really it is just less "clear" but your eyes tend to accept the blending/dithering that Plasma TVs naturally produce as being more realistic but your eyes will adjust to the nicer LED TVs' motion fairly easily. But, as for this product, it really is a great TV with a great picture. The Smart TV features are ok but should really be viewed as a bonus feature unless that is driving your purchasing decision. My experience is that no apps or Smart TV-like features on any TVs are perfectly executed. They all have their quirks.

The picture quality is really fantastic. I am on DirecTV and also use my XBox 360 and a BluRay player. There are a couple channels that seem a little grainy and aren't as good with motion, but I haven't seen those kind of things on BluRay or while playing video games. Just a couple channels that occasionally have grainier content. Watching football, basketball, and other programming has been great and the only channel remotely important to me that had grainy content a couple times was the Golf channel. Everything else is super clear and has great motion. As an FYI, the Auto Motion Plus feature will give some shows or movies the "Soap Opera" effect which is why I turn it off completely or have it set to Custom and turn the settings way down. The best way to describe the "soap opera effect" that I know if is that the depth of the picture seems to be off. It looks like it was filmed with an HD home video camera. It is especially visible when the camera pans side to side and Auto Motion is on. I think things look better with that off, but, like with TV picture preferences in general, it is all personal preference. These settings just seem to be more natural for my viewing and are more similar to Plasma and CRT televisions.

To speak to the negative reviews that I read I'll just say a few things. First, this is not the cheapest LED or LCD out there. It isn't a "bargain" but it really will outperform lower-priced TVs as far as picture is concerned. After house sitting for some friends and watching their $1500 LCD, let's just say I was annoyed watching their TV even after tuning it. So, if you are willing to pay for a nicer picture, this TV will deliver. That is all, of course, based on personal preference. As far as quality out of the box, this TV was packaged well and seems to be built very well. I haven't had any issues with hardware or software. The TV is fairly fragile as its thickness prevents major reinforcements to rigidity. Once it is out of the box, be careful with the bottom (Samsung logo bump may hold all the weight if you set it down). Also be careful to keep it perpendicular to the ground. If you are holding one end and the other end is not being held, the weight of the TV and lack of rigidity causes the unsupported end to bend toward the ground if it's not kept straight up and down. I was able to unbox the TV and mount it on my wall by myself which I do not recommend at all but that should speak to the light weight and build quality. Just remember that it is a very thin piece of glass, silicon and metal and is fragile until you have it mounted or on its stand. Be careful and have a friend help and you will be fine.

To sum up, compared to other LCD/LED TVs, this is a great option. The picture is bright, rich and clear and the TV looks awesome from a design standpoint. There are probably some plasma TVs that will provide a better picture at around the same price but they don't have the same thin footprint, will consume more power, and (in my opinion) offer only marginal black level advantages. This TV is great with the lights off at night or for watching during the day in a bright room. Make sure to adjust the settings. Construction quality is good though, it is still a thin and relatively fragile piece of equipment (so be careful while unboxing!). After a side-by-side in my living room with a similarly priced Panasonic plasma, it was close as far as picture but the thin bezel and thin profile won me over. I've had it for 3 months and I absolutely love it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Quite happy, awesome picture and great Smart TV features, July 7, 2012
D. Wichmann (San Francisco, CA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
When I purchased the 60" version of this tv a couple weeks ago I was a little nervous since it didn't have any reviews at the time. However the 6500 and 7500 had enough positive reviews to make me comfortable, and most negatives had to do with buggy 2012 software which I'm assuming they'll address, and also which I have not experienced myself at this point. The 7100 seemed like a nice step up in performance and aesthetics over the 6500 w/out a big price difference.

I'm a bit surprised to see some of the negative reviews at this point. I've had mine for 2 weeks and thus far am quite impressed. I was replacing a 6-year old 720p 40" Sony LCD and the first thing I noticed is that this 60" 1080p makes lower quality programming very noticeable. No surprise here when increasing the screen size and resolution, clearly low quality programming will look worse. However when I popped in a blu ray (Start Trek 2009) I was completely blown away with the quality, clarity and sharpness. It was simply the best looking picture I had ever seen, and it was right there in my living room. The picture produced from my Xbox 360 was also amazing, it took game playing to a whole new level. It's clear that this set has the potential to display an incredible picture with a high quality source, however it will make your lower quality programming look rather poor, and even my Comcast HD programming pales in comparison to a blu ray.

I found the SmartTV feature really nice. The interface is clean, responsive and intuitive. I was disappointed with missing apps for 2012's including HBO Go and Amazon Instant, but I'm hoping it's just a matter of time. The Netflix app works nice and HD shows on Netflix look quite good as well. I'm also able to stream most photos and videos from my network attached storage device via DLNA, including large file size mkv videos (e.g. 17GB), including 3D as well. Unfortunately however my iPhone videos did not play.

Sound is adequate for tv speakers and for regular shows I just use the built in sound, of course for better movie and gaming experience I turn on my surround sound system for a better experience. Aesthetically the set looks really sharp, a big difference over the 6500 with a substantially thinner bezel and a nice lighted Samsung symbol at the bottom.

I have noticed a bit of edge blur which is apparently common for edge lit led tvs, but it's only apparent during some very dark scenes, and I haven't really adjusted the picture settings much at this point so I believe this is something that can be minimized.

Overall I'm quite happy and I think this is an excellent set for the money.
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164 of 187 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Nice. But is it overpriced?, July 19, 2012
Bought the UN60ES7100 (60" LED) from a local retail chain and have had this set for about a week now.

1. Packaging: Light weight and can easily be lifted by 2 people. "Un" boxing is pretty straightforward and effortless. However, since the bezel is very thin, it's easy to get your finger impressions (especially your thumb) on the screen. So, you need to be extra cautious of that.
What's in the box: 60" LED panel, panel base (used for securing the panel to the stand), stand, standard remote w/2 batteries, 4 pairs of 3D glasses, instruction manuals.

2. Assembly: Simple process but the instructions ask that you lay the panel face-down (screen facing the floor) on a blanket to attach the stand. I found this a little odd. Needless to say, you have to be *extremely* careful with this maneuver. Especially with a large 60" screen. (A neat trick here is to use the packaging material to prop up one end of the panel while you attach the stand).

3. Stand: It's the classic X shaped Samsung LED stand. I have another Samsung 46" LED TV with a similar stand. That one feels really sturdy and secure. For a 60" panel, the stand seems slightly inadequate. It doesn't feel as sturdy and the panel "sways" easily.

4. Connections: 3 HDMI. For me, all 3 were used up immediately by 1)FiOS Set-top box, 2)Sony BD Player and 3)Apple TV. In addition, I hooked up my Wii console through the component input. All connections are located on the right side (if you're facing the TV). Power plugs into a slot left of center. And oh, I have a wired connection to the internet although the TV natively supports Wi-Fi.

5. Setup: Very easy setup. When you turn on the TV for the first time, you are prompted to select "Home" or "Commercial" mode. Then, date/time. That's pretty much it. Since I have a wired internet connection, I was not prompted for any Wi-Fi password, etc. It took just a few minutes for the set to automatically download and install some firmware upgrades.

6. Remote: Universal remote that can be programmed to be used with the FiOS set-top box as well. However, the "universal" remote does not support all features. I could not find a way, for example, to bring up the channel listings that come up when you press the "Guide" button on the FiOS remote. Likewise, I could not bring up the DVD menu using the Samsung remote to control my attached Sony Blu-Ray player...there is no equivalent button for the "DVD menu/top menu" buttons. I was able to use the Play, Pause, FF, etc. buttons, though.

6. "Smart" TV: The Samsung Apps interface has been revamped (relative to my 46" UN46C6000, which I bought in 2009). The new interface has the most popular apps like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora etc. on the "home" screen. In addition, the home screen features apps for Wellness/Fitness and "Family Story". I haven't explored these apps yet so can't comment on their utility. I did launch YouTube though and found one glaring difference in functionality when compared with my 46" series 6 TV. In that set, when I used the iPhone Samsung Remote app in conjunction with YouTube, the iPhone virtual keyboard would appear when I went to the YouTube Search option. This does not happen with the 7100, which is quite disappointing. You do, however, have the option to hook up a wireless keyboard (like Logitech) via bluetooth to the TV. IMHO, why should I purchase a wireless keyboard when I could use the Remote app on my iPhone/iPad?

7. Picture Quality: This is where the "Overpriced?" tag in my review title kicks in. The 7100 has the usual Dynamic, Standard, Natural and Movie picture mode options. Personally, I like Movie mode the best. The other modes seem very "artificial" with either too much color or sharpness or both. The picture quality is very good with HD content but as some previous reviewers have noted, the SD channels are blurry and cloudy regardless of the picture mode. Luckily for me, I hardly watch any SD channels. Even with HD, there is some room for improvement.
As you may know, most Pixar Blu-Ray discs (Toy Story series, for instance) come with a caibration tool in their setup menu. So, I used one of these Blu-Ray discs to attempt some basic calibration and followed the instructions. When it came to calibrating contrast, I was not able to achieve the desired result even with contrast turned all the way up to 100 (max setting). Having paid $2500+, I think it's reasonable to expect to have achieved the desired result with some room to spare! Granted, this is basic calibration and perhaps the desired result can be achieved by having the TV professionally calibrated. But that's the point -- I shouldn't have to spend another $250-$300 (~10% of the cost of the TV) for prefessional calibration after spending $2500! It should be functioning at it's optimal levels out of the box with minor tweaks.

8. Refresh Rate: The 7100 has a 240Hz refresh rate and boasts a "Clear Motion Rate" of 720. For the most part, transitions are smooth and non-discernable. But at times, even with such high refresh rates, certain fast action transitions look animated. For instance, I was watching "America's Got Talent" the other night and some fast moves by one of the dance groups seemed animated i.e. you could see the "breaks" between their fast movements.

9. Audio Quality: It's pretty much in line with what you can expect from the super thin profile of an LED TV. They certainly do the job for normal viewing but for watching movies, I would highly recommend hooking up some external speakers. I have Bose speakers hooked up and am very pleased.

10. 3D: I have always considered the current 3D technology a gimmick rather than a real feature. Regardless of manufacturer or brand. The technology as a whole has a long way to maturity so I'll not comment on this ( I haven't even opened the box with the 3D glasses). There is a 6100 model with somewhat comparable specs but without 3D and it is cheaper by about ~$600. I could have bought that instead, but the key difference is the refresh rate....the 6100 is 120Hz vs 7100's 240Hz. Also, the 6100 does not have the micro dimming feature.

Bottomline: Nice, aesthetically pleasing TV with a ton of features and apps. The TV scores very high points in these areas. However, for one of the highest priced 60" TVs in the market (see note below), the most fundamental feature i.e. picture or image quality has a big scope for improvement. For that reason I think the TV is a little overpriced. Especially when TVs from competitors with comparable image quality are available for less than $2000 (60" models).

Note: From what I know, the highest priced 55"-60" LED TVs are Pioneer Elite (~$5000), Samsung 8000 series (~$3000) and then the Samsung 7 series ($2500 - $3000). Thus the 60" Samsung 7100 is the third highest priced LED TV in the market.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow....1 complaint.., October 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
First and foremost, I'm not an video freak, nor am I the techie guy that can explain every single in and out of a tv. I'd say I'm an average guy that was looking for an above average picture on the tv, with a little functionality with Netflix, Pandora and some of the streaming movie apps. The room I put the TV in is my sunroom, meaning 2 of the 4 walls are just about all windows and the sun hits them perfectly. Needless to say, glare was a concern and consideration before purchasing.

About 2 months ago I purchase the Samsung UN55ES6500, so I have a pretty good reference for comparison. I was and am still extremely happy with the UN55ES6500 because it's a quality tv, friendly apps and only occasionally have wifi issues while watching netflix, but I'm fairly certain it's my home router rather than the tv.

The UN46ES7100 is worth every penny. My big debate was whether or not the 7100 was worth the extra money in comparison to the 6500.. YES.. YES.. YES.. For the folks that have left reviews and stated you can't tell much of a difference, they are completely wrong. I put the two tvs side by side (which is so easy now with wireless cable boxes) and the 7100 blows it away and I was completely satisfied with the 6500 and still am. The 7100 is just a sharper picture and the quality is much greater. I'm a big sports guy, especially college football and this tv offers the best picture I have seen. I have not seen the 7500 or 8000 series in person, so I can't compare to those two, but this picture is simply amazing, especially for sports. There's no blurring and you feel you're right on the field.

I tried the 3D for the first time yesterday, watching Avatar and it's pretty incredible. It's not the same as in the theater because TV technology just isn't there yet, but it's still going to give you a fun 3d effect and it's a nice feature to have, especially with some of the kids 3d movies. The depth of the 3D is amazing. The part that's lacking are the out of the TV effects, meaning the ones that are supposed to pop out of the tv.

There are zero glare issues, which I hoped for with the LED. If there was ever a room to have a glare problem, this is it. None.

The apps are great.. Easy to use and I've had no issues.. I've used a half dozen so far such as netflix, vudu, pandora, etc.. No issues.. I didn't buy it for web surfing or using facebook.. It's my tv, not my computer.

My one regret.. The size. 46 is a nice size.. I think 55 would have been better. With as thin and tiny amount of space these things take up nowadays, the tv doesn't look that big.

One complaint.. the sound isn't amazing.. I knew that going in.. SOme of it probably has to do with the tv being a size too small for the room as well as it not being an accoustic friendly room, but I'm think a soundbar or surround sound is going to be needed for movies.. It's fine for tv shows and sports, but some movies it's tough to get clarity on the speech.

Final thought.. Is the 7100 and the microdimming worth the extra $300? Absolutely.. if you can afford it, it's completely worth it.. I wouldn't go out of your price range to get it, but if you can afford it, you'll be thrilled with this tv.

EDIT: One thing to add that's important.. the cables you use and input are extremely important, meaning the Blu ray player can't be junk and the cable can't be cheap in order to get the best quality.. I learned that by testing different ones.. For HDMI, get the mediabridge.. Hands down the best picture you're going to get. Don't compromise there or you're wasting money on a great tv.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb TV and excellent customer service!, July 6, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have had the Samsung UN60ES7100 60-inch Smart TV for about a month. The picture quality is as good as Samsung says it is, and as good as has been reviewed elsewhere - 100% satisfied with it. The other functions of the TV also are great. I have an older Sony sound system connected to it and it works fine. My older DVD player has HDMI output and is fully compatible with the TV. I have connected USB flash drives (plugged directly into one of the TV's USB ports) and played movies and displayed pictures. My Canon video camera has HDMI output and it also is fully supported.

I have had a few questions about setting up the various options and other features, so I have called Samsung 800 help number three times so far. Each time I have been able to speak with a person after just two menu selections, and have not had to wait at all. Each time the person has been very cordial and has answered all of my questions and guided me through the feature setups. Great Customer Service!

Fully satisfied with the TV and with Samsung.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Long review - Great TV. 60es7100., January 17, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
First off, great TV. First review ever of anything, just to try to help out people that are in the same boat I was in.

Second, to get to the bare knuckled overview of the 60es7100 skip the next couple of paragraphs that tell of my trials and tribulations while trying to secure the best tv for my buck.

A new big-screen TV is one of the biggest purchases I will be making, so I took a lot of time researching and reading in my decision process. Let me tell you right off the bat, what you read can be deceiving.

I am coming from a 2008 Panasonic 42" plasma, which I was very happy with over the years. The reason I decided I needed a new TV was because a friend of my picked up a 2011 model Samsung 55" and the Blu-rays on that TV blew me away. I was amazed at the 2d depth and clarity of picture. And so my quest to find a new tv began. After reading and reading and reading some more, I came to the conclusion that the tv to get was the Panasonic 60st50. It is super highly regarded by big name reviewers like CNET, it has got great ratings on places like amazon, and it seemed to be the best value for the money. Now, armed with this information, I just had to convince my girlfriend that we should purchase this new tv. It took some convincing and time, but...

One dark and dreary afternoon, as some storm clouds rolled in over the horizon, we departed our quaint little house in search of the every elusive HDTV of our dreams. We decided that our first stop should be our aforementioned friends house. She needed to see the quality in which hdtv's have progressed over the last 4-5 years. It took all of 2 minutes of watching a game of thrones blu-ray for her to declare- OK lets go buy a tv. WooHoo! Off we went to Best Buy, in hopes of having them price match amazon and away we would walk with our new Panasonic 60st50.

When we got to Best Buy the girlfriend immediately thought that the LED's looked way better than the Plasmas. I explained that, that is often the case because of how lit up show rooms and big box stores are and that LEDs are brighter and look better in those conditions. I also explained how everywhere online still said: don't be fooled, go for the plasma. Ultimately, I let her make the decision (she has boobs, I can't say no) and we bought the Samsung 55es7100. We brought it home and it looked, for the most part, fantastic. The picture was bright, crisp, and clear. The 3d was awesome, the 2d had good depth, it was nice. Unfortunately the clouding around the corners was horrible. Most the time it wasn't noticeable, but during super dark scenes, ugh. I read that it will reduce with time, and that also you could lightly 'massage' the screen to lessen the clouding. I probably could have lived with it, but there was one more major flaw. As great as the movies and blu-rays looked, I watched my first football game and was really disappointed. The way the tv deals with motion is, ummm, interesting. There are many motion settings, so I messed around, and found some that I think I liked. I noticed the motion blur in fast scenes during movies and while it was kind of disappointing, overall it was not too bad... But, the football game was the killer. Whenever there was a fast pass the football would seem to jerk in and out of existence and seemingly flicker. Still, the television looked so beautiful in movies and slower parts of the game that I was torn as to whether or not to return it. After a few weeks, I did just that.

I decided the motion blur was to much for me to deal with. I later would find out turning off the Digital Noise Filter would fix my problems. At this point, I decided to go with what my research told me to go with: the plasma 60st50. Not only was it 5" bigger (which is significant, adds nearly 20% viewing area), it was also $200 cheaper. A couple days later I received it. I heard that plasma has to break in a little, but the first thing I did was apply settings I found on the Internet. The TV looked good. Very very solid. The colors seemed accurate, the blacks were great, the clarity was superb. And the motion blur was non existent Zero. just didn't have the realism, 2d depth, the pop, or wow factor to it that I have seen with both my friends and my Samsung LED. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it just didn't seem as good of a picture. I had the plasma for three weeks, while continuing to read online about both the TV I owned and the TV I departed with. Then the girlfriend starting sharing her opinion, that, for such a huge amount of money we should make sure we have the TV we like the most. And she liked the Samsung way better. Just as she was putting this in my ear, the price of the 60es7100 dropped to $1999 plus a $200 amazon gift card. And despite, never before in my life returning a fully functional product, I returned my second TV in the previous month and a half and purchased the 60es7100.


I purchased the 60es7100 and I couldn't be happier. It looks fantastic. Clouding is very minimal and turning off the digital noise filter fixed my football problem. If you are deciding between this and the Panasonic plasma's, let your own eyes be the judge not online reviews. I owned both and believe the Samsung LED to be a considerable amount better when it comes to the picture it produces.


- Picture quality is great. Picture clarity is amazing. There is a depth to the picture that you have to see to understand. The colors seem accurate to me, and I never notice any 'screen uniformity' issues. The blacks are plenty deep and the whites are really bright.
- Physical form is great, albeit, not as nice as the 55es7100. The bezel is slightly larger than the 55, but still very small. The TV is light and easy to set up.
- Smart Hub works fine. I use it for netflix and youtube. Having HD movies streamed straight through the tv is awesome. Typing sucks. The web browser works, but a keyboard would be needed to make it anything less than tedious. But seriously, use a computer.
- 3d is good. 2d->3d conversion works decent. I haven't watch a ton of 3d content so it is hard to review, but I do enjoy it. I would say very similar 3d in the panasonic and in this. The glasses are decent, nothing special, but affordable and included.
- Motion blur is minimal.
- Settings are abundant. Can really fine tune the settings. (pro and con)
- Remote control is nice, navigating the tv's functions is easy.
- Putting movies or music on a usb and plugging straight in the back of a tv is a nice bonus that I wasn't counting on.


- Sound is weak. Seriously, where are you supposed to fit decent speakers in a TV this thin? Oh yeah, nowhere! If you buy an expensive new tv budget in another $150-$200 for a sound bar or surround system. I learned this real fast. I picked up a Sony ct150 sound bar system and it works great. It hooks up through the ARC hdmi port so I can control it through my tv remote and my Directv remote.
- There is some clouding. It is hardly ever noticeable though in actual TV usage.
- Motion control still not quite up to par with plasma technology.
- Settings are abundant. I have no idea if I have my TV working at its peak performance. Probably not, any suggestions from current owners, feel free to share. And some settings, while you change them, remain hidden behind the menu. Dumb.
- SD picture quality. Meh. Not sure if this should be a con or not. But after watching almost all HD then trying to watch a standard def channel, seems worse than it probably is.


- Feel good about purchasing from Amazon. I couldn't be happier with the price, the customer service (returning a big screen HDTV), and the delivery they provide. Amazon takes care of their customers.
- Buy a sound bar or surround system for this TV, for real. If you are spending this much don't cheap out on the sound.
- If you like getting the most out of your HDTV, DirecTV offers a great signal. I switched from Comcast cable (HD) and the difference is incredible. If I would have known, I would have switched years before I did.
- Let your own eyes tell you the truth. Go to best buy during a non busy time and have them play the same scene from a blu ray for you on the TV's you are considering. Reviews can get you narrowed down, but trust your eyes.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Picture Quality, Amazing Aesthetic, Bad Software Interface, October 10, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)

The picture quality is awesome. The 3D is really good. Its active 3D, which gives you a greater viewable amount of the screen as opposed to the passive 3D. The motion looks really great too.

The near edgeless screen design makes the actual tv look really cool and sleek.


Bought the UN46ES7100. Didn't get the 7500 which has a lot of extra features like voice and gesture commands. And I'm glad I didn't, because I don't think I'll ever use the software on the TV. Netflix and Hulu run much better on a PS3 than they do on the TV.

The TV is edgelit which means the bulbs are placed on the edges of the tv and pointed inward. Any time that this is the case, you'll get some glowing in some parts of the screen. I knew that this was gonna be the case going in but the local dimming feature that this tv has helps reduce it greatly compared to other models that don't have local dimming.
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1.0 out of 5 stars smart hub problem, January 9, 2013
This review is from: Samsung UN55ES7100 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver) (2012 Model) (Electronics)
The Pro: Beautiful picture and does everything I want it to .... except

The Con: Will flash to smart hub screen and then back to tv all by itself! I traded in the tv for the same model and the second one does the SAME THING!

I am frustrated because I love everything about the TV, but I cannot deal with the television flashing out to the smart hub screen.

I give it a low rating because of the flaw. It only takes one bad thing to make a beautiful tv a dud. :(

If you do a search in the Samsung Forum (or internet) under "Smart Hub glitch", you'll see many many people have this problem. There is also a second problem of the remote working intermittently on APPS. You'll find many complaints of this, as well, but no solutions, yet.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing TV!, July 11, 2012
zbuddha (New York, United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Samsung UN55ES7100 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver) (2012 Model) (Electronics)
After reading the negative reviews, I bought this TV with some trepidation especially because one reviewer said that cable channels looked horrible on it. He/she is right about SD channels - they don't look too good on this TV. However, I primarily watch HD channels, which look amazing. The picture quality, with the right kind of signal, is fabulous on this TV; I'm blown away by the colors and the contrast. I also watched ESPN and, as far as I can tell, the blurriness that another reviewer complained about was largely absent. I would happily recommend this TV.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Excellent picture quality, slow wi-fi card., November 7, 2013
This review is from: Samsung UN55ES7100 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Silver) (2012 Model) (Electronics)
I've had this TV for about 8 months now. I don't want to repeat everyone and write a 2000 word review just to get a free gift from amazon. So, I want to be to the point.


Picture quality is amazing including 3D. Product appearance is by far the most appealing compared to other brands. Speakers quality is actually really nice (my TV hangs on the wall, so the sound bounces back to the room) and loud enough. Don't fall into the sales pitch - sound bar is not needed. I always say, want a good movie experience, go to the movie theater.

Now the frustrating part:

Whenever I'm using smart TV app (netflix, youtube, hulu and etc), the TV remote functionality is not constant, one minute work fine, another - you need to make sure the remote is in the direct line of sight and close to the TV's infrared sensor. Really frustrating having to get up and seems like it never works when you need it (pause, play, volume buttons). All of this works fine when you are watching videos from external device (usb flash, media players)

Just noticed another day that wi-fi is very slow. I'm using a comcast blast internet (50 mbps). When watching netflix, video is almost never HD (10% of the time), not even digital - blurry and sometimes needs to reload constantly. So, I've decided to try watching netflix through a gaming console (PS3), what a difference. Never knew that my TV picture quality is so great while watching netflix. Fell in love with my TV again. Remote works fine (meaning, you can point anywhere to change the volume level), video loads in 1 sec and 100% 1080p HD quality. So, this tells me that SmartHub is not so smart.

SmartHub constantly updates (about once a week) so you can't use it for about 10 minutes (this is livable, and any software should update - but it's getting on my nerves to deal with it once a week).

So, to sum up - TV is great, SmartHub not so. I stopped using it. My point is, I bought this TV for the smart feature, so I get rid of external devices and wires, and it turns out to be just a great screen.

I don't recommend this TV if you are looking for great smart experience.
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