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118 of 129 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2012
I just received my TV, set it up and tested it out. First of all, installation was a breeze, camera and mic work beautifully as do the motion controls.

More importantly, the image is perfect. I don't know what these other reviewers are going on about but screen uniformity is phenomenal and on par with any of the other LED LCD tvs I've seen. Blacks are deep and inky and with the backlighting on the factory default, I saw no evidence of flashlighting or light creep.

3D works like a charm. Set the PS3 to recognize the new screen and the new 3D glasses pair with the TV quickly and easily and don't mind at all if I look away from the screen. Tested out Transformers 3D (don't laugh, I have 6 year old son and he loves them) and the image was crisp, detailed with very little artifacting or crosstalk. I fired up wipeout HD 3D and that performed beautifully as well.

For me, it was between this TV and the new Panasonic line up. While I agree that the plasmas handle blacks better than LCD screens, I prefered the image crispness of an LED LCD panel. I am not disappointed and more than happy with the es8000.
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29 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on May 16, 2012
I upgraded from a samsung un55d6000 LED tv...which I found to already have a stunning picture.
I purchased the new 8000 series and unboxed it. very nice. placed it on the wall using the ultra slim mounts...and off i went. For starters, I got a good deal on the TV and was just going to try it and turn around and sell it. But after using it I said No way. I'm keeping it. It's just too freaking amazing.
Let's start with the picture. I can't say enough about how great my picture is...using my basic tv outdoor antenna. its truly incredible. after a month i still stare at it in amazement. pure joy. and those who complain "on occasion" about the bleeding or whatever. who cares. its during a rare blacked out commercial. get over it. has no issue when watching tv. the picture is stunning.
Now on to the small bezel. Well I thought this would be cool but a gimmick. wrong. simply amazing. its all are looking at. and from a sideview its super thin. crazy. The thin bezel and lighted LED "samsung" at the bottom is very classy. it says expensive. i buy a tv as a piece of furniture just as much as something to watch. beautiful in every way.

on to the features: voice control. i don't use it much. i sit too far away to use it by the tv microphone, and don't really use the voice control remote (tv comes with 2 remotes). so i don't really use it. Gestures: cool but doesn't work for me b/c my room is dark. only works in very lighted situations. and even in the middle of day, my room isn't lighted enough. cool feature, and it does work, but i don't really use it much.

on the remotes: the touchpad type remote with voice control i don't care for much. i like the standard remote like with the other lesser tv's...and until i get the new keyboard remote then i will stick with this.

netflix, vudu etc.. works perfect. no issues.
web browser: works good but hope they have the ability to make text bigger when you do searches. (font size increase??) otherwise you stand close to the tv to read browser text. surely they thought of how to do it, but i haven't figured it out.

anynet+. works amazingly well with my panasonic bd320 bluray/3d player. plug and play. can use my one remote for that bluray player.

tv speakers: they stink. seriously. big deal. love the thin size and bezel. i bought an klipsch energy powerbar elite with 10" sub. amazing sound. done.

dual core processor: works great. no lag. no issues on smart tv apps etc like the older 2011 models.

fitness apps. nice addition. especially since its free on samsung tv's.

3D picture. really nice. i have to say. even avatar bluray no in 3d was amazing picture/colors.

allshare. works great. no issues.
dual view with samsung phone/tablet. works perfect. i use it on my tablet on my watch tv. no issues.

overall I think this Tv,PICTURE, bezel, microdimming... are truly stunning. and remotes aren't perfect. the new keyboard remote will help.

so nice to look at. its a keeper.

Even after nearly a year of owning this. this is one amazing piece of equipment. people always comment on the amazing picture and bezel-less display. its phenomenal. and samsung keeps updating the software for smart tv, its quick, has everything needed, and works great. NOW THEY finally UPDATED IT WITH AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO/PRIME APP. which is awesome. I was waiting on that.
TRULY an amazing piece of equipment. Skype even works great on it! would have bought it all over again for sure!
and the remotes app for the phone work well.
web browsing is pretty good as well. fairly quick, yet flash video is spotty. but reading is great. and it has a zoom text feature which is awesome.
and allshare works great with my galaxy s3 phone by samsung. pics, videos from the phone shoot up to the 55 in tv. brilliant

you won't be disappointed. this is much better than apple tv plugged into a regular hdmi tv. by far.not even a close comparison. seriously.
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26 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on March 26, 2012
Have had TV for a weekend now. First, a note on what I'm judging against: my last TV was a Toshiba 52" 'slim' DLP (13" deep, internal projection) at 720p, that didn't even have a built-in tuner, e.g. an "HD-ready" set from about 7 years ago. So maybe anything would have pleased me by comparison!!

But by that comparison the picture is night and day. I've read all the reviews about 'flashlighting' and 'off axis contrast decay' and yadda yadda yadda with edge-lit LED backed LCDs. I don't care. It looks brilliant. In fact the image is so crisp and clean that I can't help feel that shows I formerly thought were a bit 'gritty' and 'realistic' now have an almost unnaturally perfect-lit and colored crispness to them in 1080p, the oft mentioned 'soap opera effect'. I'm sure I'll get used to that. At the backlight level I'm set at (haven't entirely settled but running between "11" and "13" on the scale right now) the off-axis contrast is fine; our viewing positions are about 9-11ft from the set and separated by about 3-4' which puts us < 15 degs off 'normal' to the set face. The glossy screen does glare a little with ambient light, but even thru that the pic is clearer than thru the 'matte' hence more diffused reflection we got at all angles with the DLP set.

Built-in tuner is pretty powerful. Just hooked it up to my in-attic antenna (which has a long cable to get down to the living room) and we picked up every channel the old DirectTV HD receiver did (which also has an OTA tuner, and which we were using even though we stopped our DirecTV subscription several years ago) and then some. (Maybe part of the benefit is the DTV receiver had to have the OTA/sat multiplexer splitter in line, but then again it also had an inline amp).

TV came out of the box stating no new firmware update was necessary, so I'm wondering if they're somehow updating existing stock before shipping as others have needed an update. Don't recall what number FW it says its on at the moment....might add in a comment if people are curious.

The only star minus I'm giving it right now, which may NOT be fair as I describe it further, is that some of the network apps were a b***h to get working! For the first couple of days I could not for the life of me get either Netflix or the Samsung App Store to load. I'd confirm my internet connection (tried wired and wireless), could use the browser, could access the trial videos on Hulu+, the Pandora app gave me the option to register the set...but neither Netflix not the Samsung App interface would ever get beyond "Loading" and/or the dreaded "Network Interference Occurred" or "We are unable to connect you to...". This despite a good connection and being able to use Netflix on any laptop on the same network. What gives??? So I hooked up the new Blu-Ray player I selected (Panasonic brand, so as to get Amazon VOD which is not available on the Samsungs) and lo and behold, although Amazon worked, Netflix still didn't. Basically, that was a red flag that it was something in my network.

Sure enough, a new wireless router configuration (and although unrelated, a new ADSL2+ cable modem while I was at it), and Netflix and the Samsung App store both load. Go figure.

So fair or not (since the Blu-Ray had the same hassle, and it *was* my network somehow) I'm deducting one star for having to have some sort of perfect network setup to use Netflix (again, laptops and desktops on the same network don't seem to have this issue, so that's my beef).

General impressions may change with furthur usage or if something breaks in firmware, but I think given how good it is now I'd be willing to give them a chance if they "break" something to "fix" it in an upcoming (hopefully quick) version. Of course any new user review like this doesn't factor in long-term reliability.

About our setup overall:

TV is connected via one HDMI (HDMI2 with ARC) to a new 3D-capable AV receiver, Blu-Ray set to passthru the receiver (1.4a compatible for 3D), Wii connects to receiver as composite video and audio (using AVR to provide the 1080p upscale...might move that to TV and see if it upscales better). DVD folders from my Sage HDR300 server look really good (those are getting upscaled by the Sage box to 1080p). Even standard def TV channels look fairly nice given the source quality (and on digital broadcasts, that means they're being upscaled by the TV only from 720p or 1080i, I assume, with the standard def to 'broadcast digital' def upscaling done by the channels). Blu-Ray from Panasonic does auto-24p when it recognizes incoming content and I did notice that with HDMI passthru to the Samsung the pans were creamy smooth. So I'm not relying on the TV to handle that. Did notice that Netflix HD streams are a bit less smooth in the pans, so might have to play with the telecine correction and see what mode works best for whichever inputs. Have not noticed bright banding around the 'black bars' on anamorphic widescreen Blu-rays from the edge lighting yet, but only watched 2 so far. Nor have I noticed any real flashlighting but again, very limited content watched so far. Coming from the DLP where blacks weren't really (the matte screen alone resulted in a dark gray), I doubt I'll be disappointed even after more viewing.

Not included in review so far:

Haven't tried 3D yet, 4 pairs of included glasses are as yet unboxed. Haven't mounted TV on wall yet, it's just on the stand on the media cabinet in 'front' of where it will eventually be mounted (viewing distance given before includes the extra space, in reality we're a little closer which puts us at a slightly wider viewing angle today). Have not played with the touch remote - intend to program a Harmony so didn't want to confuse myself with stuff I couldn't emulate in an all-in-one, anyway. Came with the standard and the touch remote. Haven't attempted the gesture and voice control either. Meh. Only real reason I got the ES8000 vs. dropping down to the ES7500 or even the ES7100 is that a) supposedly had the 'best' dimming processing, and b) it was already out. The ES7100's will be a couple months yet.

Overall, color me impressed.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on April 12, 2012
I bought this TV, fell in love and ended up returning it due to a factory defect (a large dead pixel right in the center). I ended up getting a Viera plasma and think it has a much better picture, but I wanted to review this TV since I still feel it is amazing in many ways, and is still a worthy purchase despite its exorbitant price.

First off, this TV is sexy; it is simply stunningly designed and looks very elegant. The base is unique, the bezel is almost non existent, and the faux chrome edges and base make the TV slick and stylish. Second, the layout of the menus, the web browser and apps, and look of the on screen guide is as good as it gets. Also, the HDMI and other ports are located on the bottom right, which, to me at least, is ideal.

So, why did I return it and not just get a replacement since it was a simple dead pixel defect?

*The sluggish speed of loading the apps and web controls

*The hand movement gesture feature isn't as glamorous as they claim

*The smart remote is buggy, and works intermittently

*The white halo blotches. The brighter spots throughout the screen are noticeable during dark scenes

*Night scenes are not that great, whereas plasma provides stunning night scenes

*I suspect quality control concerns with the TV

All in all, the features to me when I was ordering the TV were extremely cool, but I realized I would never use them. The style was nice, and I miss how sleek it looked, but the picture quality of my new Panasonic GT series is substantially better. I am actually happy about the defect. If you want style, extreme thinness of the TV, the intuitive and elegant menu design, and abundance of apps, then you will love this TV. Just know that plasma TV's do provide a better picture quality, but still have their downfalls. Happy shopping!
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22 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on September 8, 2012
The picture is incredible on this set. But it has a major issue the set keeps turning off and back on by itself every few minutes and nobody seems to know or want to recognize there is a major problem. Any similar input is appreciated.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2012
Waited years for a new HDMI TV that I thought was worth having. This is the TV to have. It's not the biggest TV but IMO has the best video quality for my viewing pleasure.

Excellent video quality.

The wireless internet is nice but the streaming video quality isn't as good as the streaming video I get from my Samsung 3D blu-ray player. Not sure why, but it's significant.

If you are plugging in your blu-ray directly into your TV then get a Samsung blu-ray player. Using their BD Wise technology you should get a cleaner picture. But really, if you are going to get this TV then you probably have an AVR and a decent sound system. I ran into some audio sync problems when using my AVR with this TV; the video lagged a bit behind the sound which is very annoying so make sure your AVR has an audio delay feature. I had to adjust my audio to delay by about 7 frames. Right now, my blu-ray player only has one HDMI output which goes to my AVR; if it had two HDMI outputs I would send one the the TV and the other to my AVR; I would think the Samsung blu-ray to Samsung TV would be most ideal but really haven't tested it enough yet. Still waiting on a Samsung blu-ray player with two HDMI outputs.

I can't really say enough about the picture quality from this TV. I don't really care about all the bells and whistles. Just give me great picture quality and I'm happy and this TV delivers.

The 3D movies I have seen so far are spectacular. Both from blu-ray and on-demand trough my cable service. Buy the more expensive rechargable Samsung glasses. They are rechargable via usb and are guaranteed for life and are much better IMO than the two standard 3D glasses that came with my TV. I have a pluggin 4 port usb nearby my system just for this purpose so I don't have to charge them with my computer. Oh, make sure your AVR is 3D Ready and has an audio delay feature.

Lastly, don't be cheap on the HDMI cables. Buy the best you can afford. I got the Monster cable Max 3D hyperspeed 1000 >21Gbps. And only use HDMI cables! You can't get DTS HD audio via digital opt or digital coxial. You must use HDMI !
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13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on July 23, 2012
I have been using this 55 inch TV for over a month now and its amazing. The picture quality is excellent, 2D and 3D. The voice control and motion control work flawlessly. Just make sure that the room is well lit if you are using motion and the room can't be noisy for voice control, if it is noisy you can just use the mic on the remote, another great feature, so you don't have to shout at the tv. The allshare feature is a plus, you can select folders and files from your computer that the TV can pull up on its screen wirelessly. Another big pro for me is that the TV turns on quickly, not like previous HDTV's that you turn on and you have to wait about 30 seconds for it to power up and turn on. This TV is on in 3 seconds. I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking to buy a new one. It is definitely worth the money, plus it can be updated in the future. The second remote that comes with the TV can also control my TiVo which is nice because the TiVo remote cannot pull up the menus for the TV and with previous TV's I had to always grab a second remote to do that.

I know the review is kind of all over the place, but overall a great TV that I would recommend to everyone. If we buy another TV this year for the man cave it will be this one, but probably the 65 inch.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading the reviews. You know you want this TV.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on February 26, 2013
I bought this at the end of Jan just before the prices went down. I did lot of research between different Samsung models and finally pulled the trigger on this. The models that I considered are UN55ES7150 at Costco and UN55ES7500; This TV is by far the best TV out there if you get a good one and not a lemon. I read so many bad reviews about this TV and was skeptical myself too but then my wife gifted me this TV for my birthday and it turned out very good.
Few interesting things about this TV:
1.Initially you need to be little patient with this TV as you may not like the picture at first as this TV does take some time(around 3-7 days depending on the usage) to break-in and after that the picture is excellent.
2.This TV requires high speed HDMI cables that support 3D, Audio Return Channel & Internet something like this...Mediabridge High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (6 ft) - Ultra Series - Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return [Newest Standard]. You will be disappointed if you use the cheap old regular HDMI cables.
3.The sound from this TV is less compared to the other models I mentioned earier and getting a sound bar is recommended. Something like this...Samsung HW-E450 Wireless AirTrack Sound Bar
4.The webcam on the TV is a very useful feature as you can chat with your friends & family via Skype and the controls and features are pretty easy & convenient. The camera can be rotated upwards so that it does not automatically turn on the motion sensor like some complained in the reviews.
5.I bought a flat antenna to get the Over the air(OTA) HD channels and the picture is close to real. I have posted some pics in the custom images section.

The picture on this TV is stunningly beautiful and the colors are rich & vibrant and the blacks are deep. Edit: I have posted some pics(NFL interview & some TV show pics) that I have taken with my iPhone 5 in the custom images section and the links are listed below just to give you an idea of what I am talking.

###Update 3/5/2013####
6.The 3D on this TV is actually quite good if you are watching Real/True 3D movies, although I could not watch it for more than 30 mins as it gave me headaches. This TV has a capability of converting regular programming to 3D programming and it is not bad at all but the actual 3D movies have much better effect.
7.I found that this TV is much faster than the above mentioned TV models in terms of response time, operation and playing digital content. I connected a 500GB external HDD via USB and the TV reads the media pretty fast with no lag and it plays them great too. I also found that The All Share from my laptop via wifi is also pretty quick while playing the pictures on the TV.

I am yet to calibrate my TV with a calibration disk and am waiting for the disk to arrive. Also, I read online that we can connect regular bluetooth keyboard and mouse to this TV. Yet to test that and will let you know how that goes. Until now this is still THE TV :)
review image review image review image
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 18, 2013
I own the 55" model, its amazing, if you can afford the $2500 price-tag then this is it, the camera works well, voice recognition is very accurate, picture quality in non3d is the best i've ever seen,

what can i say, samsung is beyond amazing and this tv is the envy of the block.

also, for some reason the Netflix app looks better on this tv and through my samsung dvd player, its a plus i guess.

the only bad thing i could say is i wish i came with the querty keyboard which costs $99. but hey its an accessory i guess, also the 3d glasses are very well made and very lighweight.

another negative is that you cant plug a usb drive and play mkv files like you can on a samsung dvd player.
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18 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on March 20, 2012
The tv got delivered yesterday and is excellent. The picture quality is fantastic once you make some adjustments in the picture setup menu. For some reason Samsung ships their TVs with settings that have the backlight and contrast maxed out so once you readjust some the picture is amazing. I replaced an older 46" Samsung with a large bezel and this fits in the same space and yet has the much larger screen. The way the picture comes right to the edge is great and really adds to the experience.

On black screens the edge lighting does not seem to be a problem at all, you can see the lighting is slightly non-uniform but that is a black screen with the lights off in the room, under normal watching it is perfect.

When I ordered the scheduled delivery times offered on the order page were for Tuesday the 20th but I opted for the stardard delivery and the company called me offering delivery as early as the 17th The delivery service was very good, when they arrived the unpacked and setup the tv for me and made sure it was working properly before leaving.

The video I added is a demonstration on the Spears & Munsil Calibration bluray.
review image review image
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