Customer Reviews: Samsung UN55F7100 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model)
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on June 14, 2013
TV arrived on time (2 days!) and worked no problem. No dead pixels or anything like that. Plugged in power and HDMI and it worked. TV works quite well.... once you take the time to set it up, but the setup is really no fun. More details in pros/cons.

- Default settings include dynamic contrast ON (which works well for some scenes but for most it completely changes what the show/movie creators intended) and really bad default color balance. Not too surprising, they usually set them to look really bright for stores. This could be okay, if changing the settings was easy, but...
- Changing settings is a PAIN IN THE ASS!! They have a remote control with a touch-sensitive area, but all you can do with it is Up, Down, Left, Right and Click! So really, it may as well have been 4 arrow buttons with a select button in the middle, which would be far more intuitive to use. It's just a useless gimmick IMO.
- Changing settings is bad in general, but then for display settings, it gets worse! The settings are all over the place... to change the scene's color balance there are literally over 30 different levers you can play with. This is good if you like to control things, like I do, but bad when the interface is slow, bad to use, and very disorganized. It took me more than 4 hours of tweaking to get a good color balance where you can see dark regions well and not have the brights be washed out. I'll post my settings at the bottom so others don't have to suffer as much.
- Not this TV's fault, but 3D TV seems like a gimmick for home entertainment... it works, but unless you sit 3 feet away from the TV, it's not going to be immersive because it makes the borders of the TV more prominent somehow.
- Small recommended viewing angle... side viewing is not particularly good (colors and contrast deteriorate fairly quickly if you watch from the sides).

- Excellent picture quality (albeit only inside the viewing angle), once you take the time to set it up (see above for problems, see below for my recommended settings).
- It automatically downloaded a patch over wifi when I first started it, and that worked very smoothly.
- Looks sleek/good (physically).
- Easy to install, plug in and start watching TV (again though, it will take time to set up the picture exactly the way you want).
- Some neat 'Smart TV' features (e.g. one HDMI source picture-in-picture with another HDMI source), though I haven't used those a lot yet.

Anyway, here are all the picture settings I finally settled on. It doesn't matter what order you do them in, except you HAVE TO DO THE FIRST ONE BEFORE THE REST (if you change picture mode later, it changes all the settings). Also, keep in mind that the display will look weird until you finish doing ALL the settings, so don't stop halfway because it looks weird! There are many, many settings that affect brightness, many settings that affect color balance, etc... so even the last few settings will make a big difference to how the picture looks. Do all the settings, and only AFTER THAT, if you don't like how it looks, you can either tweak from there, or just reset to defaults (eays to do) and start over. Trust me on this.

Main Picture Menu:
- Picture Mode: Movie (set this before any of the rest!!)
- Backlight: 10-20 (based on preference and ambient light in room, you can change this at the end to your liking)
- Contrast: 100
- Brightness: 52
- Sharpness: 60
- Color: 51
- Tint: G50/R50 (center)
- Picture Size: Screen Fit (otherwise you could very well lose some pixels)
Advanced Settings:
- Dynamic Contrast: Off
- Black Tone: off
- Flesh Tone: -5
- RGB Only Mode: Off
- Color Space: Custom
--- Red: 61, 0, 0
--- Green: 0, 50, 0
--- Blue: 0, 8, 54
--- Yelow: 89, 77, 0
--- Cyan: 0, 50, 50
--- Magenta: 53, 0, 50
- White Balanace:
--- R-Offset: 23
--- G-Offset: 18
--- B-Offset: 22
--- R-Gain: 22
--- G-Gain: 31
--- B-Gain: 26
- Gamma: +1
- 10p White Balance: Off (trust me, not worth it!! Unless you have a professional calibration tool)
Picture options:
- Color Tone: Warm2
- Digital Clean View: Auto
- MPEG Noice Filter: Off (removes details from many scenes)
- HDMI Black Level: Low
- Auto Motion Plus: Standard
- Cinema Black: Medium

Hope this helps somebody out there!! I tested those settings with Game of Thrones (lots of dark scenes), anime (lots of bright scenes) and a lot of photos (lots of everything!), and at least for me, they work great in all cases.
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on May 3, 2013
I researched this TV by looking at all the online reviews for the model ES7100, ES8000 & F8000 Samsung models. I went to Best Buy and watched the F7100 on live TV (baseball game). Reading that the gesture and voice commands caused issues, auto-dimming and higher 720 motion ratings many not make that much difference in overall performance - except in price (up to $400), I took the F7100 into consideration. There is a Quad vs. Dual processor down grade with the F7100. I leaned more towards the F7100 because of price vs. features, 3rd model down from the top. I actually enjoy messing with picture settings and making the picture perfect. I ordered online and purchased a 3 year warranty at a very good price. I was nervous about reading the one star reviews but I am also coming from a 10 year old Samsung 46" DLP TV that has worked flawlessly the whole time. I thought I would take the plunge and glad I did. I wanted an LED TV vs. a Plasma, but in the store they both looked great.

I've had this UN55F7100 Samsung model for about a week now. I would rate it between 4 to 5 stars and here's why.
After a few hours of playing with the picture settings and advanced settings, using a Time Warner cable box with HDMI connection, the picture is spectacular for 95% of the HD content. The other 5% is due to the "soap opera" effect or some minor juddering but not enough to sway me. Sometimes it almost seems "too clear" (I guess that why it is called soap opera). I read in one of the reviews to turn off the "Digital Noise" setting and custom reduce the juddering in the advance settings. That seems to work.

I love to watch my sports, specifically hockey and with the Stanley Cup Playoffs currently playing, to me it is like watching it Live- Awesome picture. The TV is awesome with sports and I did NOT encounter any juddering with the puck or players. The ice, people and play was just so enjoyable I was glued to the screen. No "soap opera" effects with sports. The dark and black scenes are super crisp & pitch black, better than I have ever seen on any other DLP or LED TV. Flesh tones are mixed in standard setting with some picture calibration of the settings I was able to get them very good. Most of the time the flesh tone is excellent, other times a little off. I think it really has more to do with the HD content. Example: American Idol the flesh tone was perfect, in commercials; some are perfect others not so much.

Set up was easy although the user manual is very light in content. 2D to 3D is cool but not why I bought it. Looking to play 3D Blu-ray on my new OPPO Player I purchased from Amazon. (I'll be reviewing that soon). The internet set up was easy but login process and apps are clumsy. I have not been able to check out for very long so it could be user error on my part. I was able to launch a movie menu but have not paid for one yet. Tried to launch Netflix but that was not successful, I need more time to investigate. The TV guide loaded from the cable box however changing the channels using the TV did not change the channel (I have to use the cable remote like before on my old TV), again something I need to investigate before I determine it is a TV issue however it did recognize the guide and lists the programs. The firmware did update fine. Sound is OK and the TV has a few different sound settings but nothing special. The HDMI inputs are on one side of the TV and power cord on the other side. Small detail but interferes with some cable management. The stand/base is for the most part sturdy & swivels but it is plastic and not metal as I was expecting. For a 55" TV you need 2 people to properly put it together, but it is up in about 20 minutes.

I did not buy the TV for the "Smart HUB/internet" (but did buy the OPPO Blu-ray player for Netflix) and I did not buy it for the sound as I have an Onkyo receiver and JBL speakers. I DID buy it for the best LED TV & picture. My wife and mother-in-law just love the picture and can't get over the clarity on shows like Idol, Dateline, Criminal Minds, etc.. Friends can't believe the great picture. Overall I love the TV and hopefully soon will work through the other things like "Smart Hub" and the "Recommendation Guide" built in the TV.

Star Rating: 4-1/2 stars overall, 5 stars on sports, 5 stars on Black/Dark Scenes, 4 stars "Soap Opera" effect (Still working on settings), Internet/Guide 3 stars for now until I get that resolved, Samsung service has been great but I only did "Chat" asking about TV Internet Set up.

I'm sure with all new products there are going to be some that out of the box are not good, for me, it has worked great since set up and running it for about a week. I also read it takes over a month for the colors to "settle in". Non-HD picture is just OK - but I came from a DLP TV so I would compare it as the same as my old TV. This TV is made for Blu-ray and HD content.

I tried to be as clear as possible in my review because I know there are others who may spend a lot of money for a TV. Yes it is expensive, but I also spent a lot on a Blu-ray player because I want the Ferrari TV. Yes, for the money is should be perfect, and it's not, but from what I saw in with my eyes and reading the reviews, I'm glad I chose the F7100 Samsung.
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on May 16, 2013
Awesome TV.

Initially I went to hhgregg and purchased the SHARP 70 inch 3D TV and when I hanged on my Home Theater wall, there was something that told me that this was not the right TV for me, the colors were not all that, so I packed it back in the box and exchanged for this SAMSUNG TV. So, went back home did the same operations, of hanging it to my wall, connect it to the outlet, and this baby was on and displaying his amazing colors in less than 5 seconds compared to others LED TVs that sometimes it takes a healthy 20 to 30 seconds for the image to come on.

I was presented with the initial setup, this was easy, connecting to my home wireless was a snap, it recognized my DISH Network box, and my other components I had installed immediately . This TV brings all the goodies, a Browser (Great Browser) with PIP (Picture in Picture) so you can browse and watch TV at the same time, Netflix App, Youtube, the 3D mini channel etc. It comes with four 3D glasses, simple and very comfortable glasses, very light.

The remote control can't be easier to manipulate small and simple, but it brings a very interesting button which I didn't even knew that this TV was equipped with it and is a little tiny microphone on top of the remote control. I pressed this microphone button and I found myself talking to a TV for the first time in my life, I started giving some commands like "Menu" etc and this was a pleasure time. The remote control has a touch pad kind mouse that works like a laptop mouse touch pad so that you can navigate from menu to menu up, down left or right, and when you are ready to click just press the touch pad and done, the remote is also equipped with a backlight, this is a plus.

Moving on to the TV gadgets, it comes with a bunch of the USB ports and another bunch of HDMI ports as well a 3mm jack port for your sound and a RF so you can interact with your cable or satellite box, and also components RCA ports for your Xbox, PS3 etc. After setting up, I decided to experiment with the 3D mini channel that comes with the Samsung Apps, and Oh my God! There is a 3D Shark documentary and for the first time in my life I experimented real time 3D experience, I thought that I was under the water viewing all the fishes around me, they come out of the TV when you are watching this amazing documentary, and you actually want to touch them, my 6 year son, was also watching with me and he started to grab the fishes coming out of the TV, however when the big shark appeared in the screen, he then removed his 3D Glasses and ran away from the room and never again want it to watch this underwater documentary.
The colors of this TV can't be more vivid and real than the real thing. You can also get live TV, and convert it from 2D to 3D, and experience 3D viewing, however it's not as any original 3D movie or 3D filmed program.

I went to the built in browser, and it was like having my laptop browser in front of me, with the exception that the typing and the clicking was not the best experience, this forced me to go into Amazon and order a Bluetooth Keyboard; I was told in a local store (Not in hhgregg) that I had to buy the Smart Keyboard from Samsung in order to be able to use the Bluetooth keyboard capability, and for my surprise this was not true, I went to and purchase the Azio KB338BO Bluetooth keyboard for about 40 dollars, it arrived like in about 4 days. Connected the USB dong that comes with the keyboard to one of the USB ports, went to the TV device manager, keyboards and that was it, the TV recognized the Keyboard. I then went to the browser, moved the mouse to the address bar, tapped on the mouse pad of my new keyboard, typed and I was on my way with my new TV and keyboard, by pressing F4, or F5 it will bring the TV Smart Hub into the screen, also by pressing the right button of the mouse pad will bring you some TV Options.

Moving along, I went to the TV Youtube app to watch some youtube videos and for my surprise, I pressed a button from one of the Youtube buttons and the TV asked me if I want to link my mobile device with the TV, so I did, I was presented with a number code in which I had to enter in my HTC mobile device and my phone was linked to my new TV that was cool!, I then selected a video to watch in my mobile device's youtube app, but for my surprise, the video did not play in my mobile device, instead, started to play in my new 65inch Samsung TV, vivid colors!!.

The sound quality without any extra help like a Surround system attached to it , was good enough for a room; however, if you would like to experience a full home theater drill, I suggest a Surround System. I attached my 5.1 system to it and instead of saving money in GEICO am saving some money in the movie theater. I went to my next experience, which it was Netflix, since I am a member, the movie experience is night after night. So, to conclude this long review I suggest this TV to anyone who doesn't want something huge, but nether something small, this TV is the way to go; you won't regret it, at least I didn't, so I hope that this review helps you to decide.

Good Luck!
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on December 3, 2013
Edit: I've discovered something. If you use clear motion, turn cinema black off and set the black enhancement off. It results in a MUCH smoother image with minimal tearing. I'm using a clear setting of 10/10 led clear on.

Here are the settings I decided my eyes like the best:
-Mode: Movie
Back light: 10-16 depending on room light.
Contrast: 100
Brightness: 37
Sharpness: 20
Color: 50
Dynamic Contrast: High
Black Level: off
Color Mode: Warm 2 (or Warm 1 if you want whiter whites.)
Flesh Tone: -3
Gamma: +1
Cinema Black: Low
Film Mode: Auto 2
Color: Custom (that's it, just set it to Custom, no adjustments lol)
Noise filters: both off
Picture size: Screen fit
The smooth motion stuff is all personal preference, but I maxed mine out.

-For bluray 3D:
Here are the settings I decided my eyes like the best:
Mode: Movie
Back light: 20
Contrast: 96
Brightness: 43
Sharpness: 47
Color: 53
Dynamic Contrast: Medium
Black Level: Dark
Color Mode: Warm 2 (or Warm 1 if you want whiter whites.)
Flesh Tone: -3
Gamma: +2
3D Light Control (found in 3D submenu): High
Color: Custom
Noise filters: both off
Smooth motion: Again, all maxed out (especially nice for 3D.)


I'll give you the straight scoop, and why this is 5 stars.

First, let's get into the CONS. I know this is what people look for the most: Slight black light bleed in the corners, app store has limited selection, and quite a few existing apps are sub par or don't even work at all, and the active 3D isn't very comfortable.

So let's go over this small cons list of mine:
The black light bleed - It's is most noticeable when the back light is set to 20 and the entire screen goes black. I don't find this to be much of an issue, however, since I set my black light to 10. Can you believe it? I can't. 10 is more than enough with this set. I think because it's 3D they gave it a nice strong black light and 10 is about where normal viewing should be. 3D mode switches over to 20 since the active 3D glasses go a bit dark when enabled.

The app store - I have everything I need, but I know this set is capable of so much more. I honestly am considering, as a software developer, looking into what it takes to create apps. Coming from Android, I'm used to a plethora of apps, but the Samsung Smart TV app store is pretty obscure and definitely has fewer users, so not as many users. Regardless, the existing apps do everything I expected this TV to do. I just wish I found things I didn't expect lol.

Sub par apps - As a developer, this kind of irritated me. I installed about 10 apps and uninstalled them because of how useless they were. For instance, there's a weather channel app (I think it was weather channel) but to find your region it isn't intuitive like entering a zip code, you have to find the nearest city, and you have to scroll through the entire list to do so. What on earth!? This thing has internet connectivity, it's a simple data fetch, why not allow people to enter zip codes? Another app that stands out is the Moviefone app. I use the Android version to look up movie times for theaters around. The smart TV app? Just previews. Really? Why even waste everyone's time? Previews are available on like 10 different apps. BROKEN apps include Plex and HBO Go. Plex can't seem to make a connection to my server, and HBO Go constantly says I can't be logged in at this time.

3D comfort - The deal I got on this set was too hard to pass up (not at amazon), and the LG passive 3D set I was looking at admittedly felt much more comfortable to watch in 3D. So what's the difference between active 3D and passive 3D? Active 3D requires the powered glasses, passive doesn't. Active 3D does a great job at depth, passive does a much better job at making things jump out at you. Active 3D maintains the sharp image while passive 3D seems to cut the resolution in half (maybe 4k passive will be the "sweet spot".) So when I talk about comfort, I'm talking mainly about your eyes adjusting to an image. Passive is more comfortable, active can cause headaches. The best thing to do with active 3D is to just relax and keep your head still I think. Furthermore, the 3D glasses that came with this set are quite uncomfortable on your face. I think they're designed to work with people wearing glasses or something.

The reason I list the cons first is because I'm not gonna give you a bunch of BS about how awesome the set is without informing you of what you're getting into first. I'm VERY picky. These are the things that bothered me the most. If you can live with them, then you'll be fine.

Why is this set 5 stars in spite of the cons? Because it's truly THAT awesome. The smooth motion 240hz effect blows my mind. The brightness, the contrast, and the color accuracy right out the box is NUTS. Even though quad core is out, the dual core in this set still delivers very smooth menus and functions. It's just an all around insanely awesome TV. I'm a tech freak and I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on December 3, 2013
My UN65F7100, manufactured in Sept. 2013 and received Oct. 26 has two light-colored, thumb-sized dead spots in the center of the screen (they look similar to a pressure points) about six inches down from the top and 10 inches apart. These spots show up on all lighter-colored scenes and especially when there is movement in the video (a pan). If you're at all experienced with video production or are into picture quality, the light spots will be all you see.

If you go to Samsung's website and look at reviews for the 7100 series, you'll see another reviewer had the same problem and includes a photo of the dead spot.

The last three weeks, I've spent hours on the phone with Samsung and the "Executive Customer Relations" department seeking a remedy. While the local TV technician they sent to photograph/document the problem and Samsung's ECR customer service reps agree the spots don't appear to be within specification, I'm told the Panel Evaluation Department has looked at the photos and determined the white spots are "within factory specs." Samsung is refusing to fix this manufacturing defect (they said I would have to pay for a new 65" panel).

For years, I've been an enthusiastic Samsung customer, but this experience has been horrible. If Samsung won't honor its warranty and correct a manufacturing defect on a big-ticket item, I would suggest you'd be wise to look to other TV manufacturers...ones willing to stand behind their products.
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on September 10, 2013
I was in the market for 2 TV's with 3D and apps. One for the living room the other the bedroom. I'm a tech geek and I know what to look for. I also do a lot of homework by reading forums, reviews, etc on any type of electronic before I make a purchase. To put it mildly, I'm a very picky lady. You need to be picky, after all, it's your money and these things are not cheap. In the end after all of my exhausted efforts on other TV's, I purchased the Samsung UN46F7100. I also purchased the UN60F8000. I couldn't be happier. In fact, I'm completely thrilled.

In the end yes, I spent more than I had originally set out to do. Do I regret it. Absolutely not! No buyer's remorse here. My first Samsung ever, btw and I have been in total awe ever since. Perfect packaging, it felt like Christmas. Perfect screen, flawless stunning picture. So real it's unbelivable. No pixelation issues. Beautiful design, even prettier than the current LG and thinner! Extremely light weight too, yet solid. The stand is solid! Although, I love the UNF8000 model stand better. The TV looks as if it is floating in mid air. One reviewer from CNET stated they felt Samsung was giving away the ultra 4K in 8000 model. I have to agree. I have never seen anything so perfect in a TV. However, this 7100 model is just as good and no real discernible difference in quality. Apps are great, setup easy. Tons of content for families. Educational apps for kids. Fitness apps, you name it. Nearly all Apps are free. Pandora, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, Crackle, Web Browser, tons of 3D content -the most I have seen on any TV. Interface simple, clean, beautiful. Fast and Snappy. No issues here. 3D awesome! Gaming, nearly no lag unlike the LG which was horrible! Upscaling and 2D-3D conversion is much better than LG. Out of box configuration excellent. Minor if any calibration needed. Picture just stunning. I am a very happy Lady now. My husband is happy that I'm happy...finally! Props to Samsung and their quality control. You can read more of my review on my purchase of the Samsung UN60F8000 here at Amazon dated Sept. 10, 2013.

CONS: Although the UN60F8000 was completely perfect in every way, my 7100 model did have a little flash-lighting of bright light in the corners. Very noticeable in dark scenes. But, there is a quick fix if you find you have this problem. Simply loosen the screws at the back of the TV in those corners. Problem gone! Perfect screen with lighting issue gone! Completely black scenes.

PROS: Everything! Can you tell how happy I am? 3D great, Glasses comfortable, light. Apps, tons of them! Fitness, educational, games, and nearly all are free. Unlike LG's which has a lack of content and apps and charge for almost every app they offer. Interface clean and simple, soothing blue's as the primary color of the interface and Apps interface. Apps I love are Amazon Instant, Hulu, VUDU, Pandora, Media Hub, Crackle, HBO GO, SHOwtime, Netflix, and more. Tons of 3D content. Children will be entertained for hours. A lot of FREE 3D content as well. 2D-3D conversion works better than LG, and Vizio lacks this feature, plus Vizio does not make a 3D TV below 50". Upscaling works great as well. My DirecTV honestly never looked so good as it does now. Remote, nice. Easy to use. Love the touch pad. Has a lighting feature so remote buttons light up in the dark. Comes in handy. Controls my DVR as well. No lag issues. Snappy Web browser. Voice control nice. Gaming-excellent.


Before I finally bought the Samsung's. I went through a nightmare trying to find a good TV. Thank goodness Amazon returns are easy and nearly hassle free! After reading many reviews and forums, and going on prior experience with my older LG, I had purchased the LG 55" LA7400 first. Not only would I save a little money, but I would also get a nice TV with all the bells and whistles, or so I thought. I also made the choice to buy the 47" inch version of this TV for the bedroom as well. Both arrived quickly from Amazon. Packaging Great. Set up, fairly easy. TV -beautiful. Here is where the joy quickly faded.

Plugged the LG 55" TV in, powered on. Immediately noticed 2 red stuck pixels on the screen and some clouding in upper right and lower left sides of the TV. There was also a little clouding mid-screen. Very distracting to say the least. Once past setup, I noticed some banding on picture. Unacceptable! It became very obvious rather quickly that LG's quality control department failed with this TV. I had read about the lighting issues and uniformity issues on the forums, but it was pretty much hit or miss with some people. Not every TV is perfect because some flaws are considered "acceptable" from the manufacture. But this, this was ridiculously bad. I immediately scheduled a return with Amazon. Next, came the 47" inch set up. As soon as it powered on, the lower left corner of the TV had an estimated 100+ of black and white pixels going jagged and horizontal across the screen. Another failure of LG's quality control. The packaging was perfect, no damage. It certainly was not Amazon nor the shipper's fault. Again, another return.

Frustrated and thinking I just had bad luck, I went to BestBuy. Looked at the floor model. It appeared to have some clouding though minimal. I went ahead and made a purchase anyway of an unopened box 55LA7400. Got it home, set it up, powered on. Again, 4 red stuck pixels on the screen, and some pinkish hue to only the right side of the screen. Commence to banging my head on the wall in frustration. TV returned. Before returning, I did play around with the TV. Calibration is somewhat ok out of box. True Calibration not the easiest. Their calibration tool will make it easier but still feels a little off in colors. Picture was smooth, although I noticed some pixelation around the mouths of actors on TV. No matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of this. Colors tend to push to much yellow almost to the point of making some things appear greenish. Watched MasterChef and the eggs on the show, the yolks appeared nearly green not yellow. I tried many calibrations from CNET and AVS, none worked to correct issue. Apps are not as snappy to load as other TV's though the interface is nice and responsive. Remote is point and click which is a nice feature but will require a little patience for those not used to this sort of thing. The magic remote is small, and comfortable in hand. LG's app store is lacking in my opinion. Many of their apps will cost you $. This is not the case with Samsung which nearly all are free and there is no shortage in apps (see the last part of this review). The LG does have the Amazon App now. Lag is noticeable especially with gaming. Gaming is horrible on this model and not recommended if you play any FPS games. My husband couldn't stand it. Vizio did great in the gaming category and the Samsung surpassed both with gaming. Sound quality of the LG was great. This is the one thing I can give compliments to LG for. Impressive sound.

The LG processor lacks the power it needs especially when watching movies from VUDU in 3D. You will have constant buffering. LG also lacks enough memory in my opinion leading to even more issues with buffering. I contacted VUDU and they are saying it's a compatibility issue with the HDX 3D and this LG model. Normal 720p HD 3D through Vudu will play just fine with no buffering or minimal buffering. I have a 50mbps connection, so this was not the issue. If you get this TV, test a free demo of a 3D movie such as TRON or Tangled through VUDU in HDX and you see what I am talking about. Vizio could play these with no issues and the Samsung even better with ZERO buffering.

Next I bought a Vizio 60 M601D TV to save money and based on reviews, seemed to be a good TV although lacking in Apps. TV, nice, slim but not nearly as thin as most. Heavier for sure. Apps are widget based, not pleasing to the eye and Amazon Instant is a huge failure on the Vizio. 3D was great. Overall picture on par with LG, with a tad bit more graininess although not to noticeable. No power buttons on back. TV froze and locked up when accessing YouTube or Yahoo. Only solution was to unplug from wall because when it froze remote became unresponsive. There is a lot of uniformity issues with lighting due to the smart dimming feature. You need this on to get the best and deepest blacks and true cinema while watching a movie. However, you get bad flash-lighting and uniformity issues along the sides of the tv, most noticeable in dark scenes with bright areas or end credits. Blacks feel crushed- especially in dark scenes in the last Harry Potter movie. TV returned. Vizio admitted they were aware of issue.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a great 3D tv with the perfect balance of quality, picture, and apps. Go with the Samsung. Yes you will pay more, but you can actually see where your investment is. If you want to save a little money, the LG is a good choice if you can get past some of the issues and if you get lucky enough to get a good tv. As stated, my previous TV was an LG and I was quite happy with it for several years. I just personally feel quality control is severely lacking now with LG. Buying a TV shouldn't feel like you are playing the lottery to get a winner. It's your money, you deserve a good TV with out issues or having to go through 5 TV's (mostly LG's) like I did, just to get a good one!
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on November 28, 2013
75 inch LED has a breath taking superb pure color picture image. When I first turned it on I was blown away how fast it boots up. After reading other reviews regarding how slow the Smart Hub was I found that to be untrue in with my brand new 75 inch 240hz Samsung. Netflix is very fast and Amazon Instant Video is slightly slower but it but not enough to say it's a slug. The quality is so good waiting 3 extra seconds for it to boot is well worth the wait. I also found that every app in the Smart Hub was very fast and did not cause me to become impatient. I should mention that I just replaced my network hardware with new equipment that made my computer run faster and my cell phone too. So my guess is anyone that says their Samsung Smart Hub is slow could be having connect issues?

TL-Link TL-SG1008D Switch purchased here in Amazon. Runs very cool and is a electricity miser five minute hook up

TP-Link TL-WDR4300 Router purchased here in Amazon Runs very cool and is a electricity miser. The router extended my WIFI to every part of the house including the garage giving me 5 bars. And fifty foot outside before loss of signal. Ten minute hook up. See my reviews under URCME

The TV sound is fair but not spectacular, so I have my Samsung Sound Bar plugged into the digital outlet that Samsung provides giving the TV outstanding sound.

Out of the box the picture image is not so good. Since it defaults to " standard " and not " dynamic " where I have it set for the absolute best possible resolution. The TV will remember what " source " you left it in when turning it back on.

Getting used to the " touch remote " was easy, after one day I was starting to get the hang of it. It's so small that and rests comfortably on my arm chair where I watch TV from. The TV runs a little on the warm side, you can feel the heat emanating off the screen up to one foot evenly covering the complete surface, and it varies on the perimeter of the frame from warm to cool, which slightly increases my living room temp by 1 or 2 degrees which is ok in the winter.

Getting back to the Smart Hub. As mentioned the apps open very quickly and the Browser is slow compared to my computer. The reason it's slow is because the factory has it set the Browser App to " MSN News " with a lot of active flash programs that need to finish down-loading. So I typed in " Google " and it opened just as fast as my computer. Then I went into setting and made set it to default. So now when I log-on it's instantaneous and I can find anything I want. The Browser is capable of playing " movies of any type that uses Adobe Flash such as ESPN video's music " and so forth.

I'm having a slight issue with Netflix and Amazon, during the Streaming Process. When I had the TV hard wired I noticed while watching a filmed Super HD movie, not an "upgrade super hd movie" I was getting " skips " after ten words the voice would blank out one word then continue. I had the feeling the TV's processor was having a hard time keeping up the flow of information. Then I considered it could be the software? The same problem was found on the Amazon App in the Smart Hub but not as bad. But only on some movies. While other that were filmed in Super High HD did not " skip " so I experimented and switched my Ethernet Hard Wire to WIFI and most of problem went away, but it still skips.

To be certain that I was not fault I changed from the Smart Hub to my " Sony BDPS-790 3D Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi " that was streaming both NetFlix and Amazon Instant before I bought the Samsung TV, and the " skipping disappeared " To further prove the Smart Hub NetFlix and Amazon Instant Apps were " skipping " I changed the TV source to my backup " Apple TV MD199LL/A [NEWEST VERSION] with Mini Tool Box " and the " skipping was not present " So come Monday I will call Samsung and find out what I'm doing wrong. Since no one else has mentioned " skipping problems " here in the Amazon Reviews I must surmise that issue is limited to me only. So don't use this as a reason not to buy this TV. I will update this review in a few days. The movie I was watching were the " skipping " was present is " Oylmpus Has Fallen "

Finally the side viewing dose diminish some the greater the angle but it's still very viewable up to 45%, better than the 80inch Vizio I replaced.

Update 11-29-13, after viewing TV through the Samsung Smart Hub, both Netflix & Amazon Instant Video, I discovered a annoying flaw in the picture format capability. You are not able to expand the picture vertically or horizontally. Meaning if the picture your watching is in 4.3 format having vertical borders on both side or in a " wide format " having horizontal borders on top and bottom you can't change it. It's only in the TV mode can you adjust the TV format and even that is limited. The standard 16.9 format leaves you vulnerable. For me every TV I have ever owned in the last 15 yrs was capable of adjusting the format to get a full picture regardless of what mode the TV was in. This will take time getting used too. I'm not happy. Once again the picture is just AWESOME so I live on.

Buyers beware when buying this TV. I paid $3799.00 delivered curb side, the best deal I could find. After reading the contents I knew for a fact they all came with the Keyboard, but I was mistaken, mine did not come with a keyboard. That's why I got a good deal. The factory offers these TV's minus the Keyboard to online dealers for fast sales. So be sure you ask this question dose it come with the Wireless Keyboard. They cost $89.00 here in Amazon.
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on November 9, 2013
This is an absolutely amazing television. It is capable of producing an outstanding picture, and the sound is decent.

While the picture is granularly adjustable and customizable, the corners produce noticeable flashlighting. Fortunately, the flashlighting is noticeable primarily when watching a Blu-ray movie that has a 2.39:1 aspect ratio because of the black bar above and below the picture. Furthermore, room lighting must be nearly dark to notice this flaw. This is inherent in large edge-lit LED panels. The sound is acceptable, but an external sound system is really necessary for sound immersion. I'm very impressed with its array of features, but settled on a core subset of features that I typically use while ignoring the others. I use the television primarily for watching television programming and Blu-ray movies, and occasional online content. I am not a gamer, so I cannot comment on pros/cons of this function. The active 3-D is amazing.

My complaints are few, but my biggest complaint is the smart remote. I much prefer a traditional remote, so I purchased a Samsung AA59-00558A controller, and discontinued using the remote that was packaged with the television. The television has powered off at random with no notice, and I attribute this to firmware that had regressions in it. This occurred three times in a six-month period, and the first two times happened during the same week. Although unacceptable, I would call this only a minor nuisance. Knowing what I currently do about this television, I would definitely purchase this model again.
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on December 7, 2013
Great picture with amazing contrast and color "pop" but.....the viewing angles are not great at all. If viewing straight on it looks wonderful, but as you move left or right, the color immediately starts to "wash out" or fade. I had both this TV and The LG 60LA7400 sitting right next to each other at home because I couldn't decide between the two and the LG won in my opinion for maintaining picture quality while sitting dead center or at either end of my living room. Also, I preferred LG's remote and voice recognition capability as it was more accurate overall. I can give contrast ratio to the Samsung all day, but if you want the full experience, it's best to step up to the F7500 or F8000, which doesn't have the same issue.
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on December 15, 2013
I have purchased this TV a month ago and I can say I am very happy with it. I purchased it with much consideration and scrutiny (like any other man who wants to buy a big TV for the money they put in it.) The background I came from in the TV world are Plasma TVs. As you may, or may not know, they offer the best natural colors and have a true, deep black tone. I have had 2 plasma TVs, one that I was very happy with and another that I was very disappointed with. To speak of the first one I owned, it was a Samsung Plasma TV from 2009. I had that for 3 years and then was able to finally upgrade to another TV. My brother has it now and its still going strong aside from it tilting slightly, yet noticeable, on its original stand. The second purchase was a Panasonic P50GT50 smart TV earlier this year (2013). I had that TV for about 7 months. Needless to say, its the Panasonic that I purchased that was a terrible buy and I am glad they bought it off my hands back.

Now, stating that background, I am happy with the screen this TV produces. As you read around about LEDs, they don't produce the best color depths that are natural. I would have to say that with this TV, the change is seamless to me and I have yet to do any real adjustments with the screens. Though some would have their adjustments, it all depends on where you live. My TV is in a dark area and I feel it produces great image for where it is located with its auto lighting adjustment.

Speaking of the audio system. First off, you bought a TV, not a sound system. If anyone ever tries to 'review' an audio system (whether by CNET or a 'professional') you should stop reading that section and move on to the next, its always a waste of time. I bought a Samsung 550 soundbar. Soundbars in general are the way to go, in my opinion, unless you have the money to fork out for a REAL 5.1 or 7.1 system. I am very happy with it, especially the fact that it connects to my TV's remote via Samsung's 'Anynet' connection. Learn it, like it, love it!

The physical appearance of the TV is very attractive for any setting. Considering the bezel was made thin, it is hardily noticeable, whether watching the TV or not. Now, because the TV is so tall, I suggest bracing it to the wall or wall mounting it or mounting it to an actual entertainment center. You don't want to swivel it and then.... well its 60" and that's a bit tall to swivel at a small low point if you ask me.. So get some sense, brace it or mount it. I mounted it to the entertainment center. Its very easy to manage in terms of weight. I would say though that if you get something this big, a 60", I would suggest to have 2 people to carry it due to its size. You might be able to manage a 50" or under on your own... but I would never suggest that..

The smart interface on this model is excellent! Though I have yet to do some of the 'more advance' functions such as screen sharing, the applications on the smarthub and the more 'simple' apps such as youtube and amazon prime are simple to use. I love personally how there is a selection square around what app or function you hover over and it indicates as well via sound. Panasonic's smart interface was less then desirable in lacking a selection square in the model previously mentioned, thats why I am pointing this out.

Now, speaking so highly of a TV, why 4-stars for this TV. Well, the TV is a great TV, but I feel there is some lacking to it in the WiFi/streaming connection side. I wish I could post the pictures, but the TV, while obtaining a ping of 71 and 55 for a 2.4G and a 5G connection, only has a download speed of 2.49 and 3.32, again respectively. I have a connection of 30MB with cable connections, a very good, strong connection from an ASUS N66u Dual band router. Now, before you say "make a bridge stupid' I already tried. Not only that, it actually got worse, a ping between 1000-1200 and a download of 1MB. So yeah, there. And it was another Asus Dual Band router I used for it. So it actually got worse so now I reverted back to the built-in WiFi connection and put it on the 5G band. A little rough with some movies, but for the most part, it still manages to stream HD. I think Samsung should still look into this. I have no idea whats going on that's wrong.

To wrap up, that TV is excellent if you are looking for great image and an overall system that literally allows you to control everything with a small remote (so awesome). However, due to the fact that it has some kind of streaming cap to the TV, it almost kills the 'smart function' making you seek other options. If it frustrates me enough, I turn on my PS3 and go from there. I just shouldn't have to go there to get smooth smart applications. I did pay for a smart TV!

Well that's my two cents! Samsung, please update and fix this hiccup. I like you guys too much and I know you are all smart people over there!
review image review image review image
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