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on May 8, 2013
Samsung never fails. The previous model had outstanding picture quality and I didn't know how they can further improve it. First let's look at the dimensions, the previous model (UN55ES7500) is 48.8-Inch x 28.7-Inch x 1.2-Inch this one is 48.4 X 27.6 X 1.4 Inches without the stand. Surprisingly Samsung didn't make the TV slimmer actually it added 0.2 inches in thickness but it decreased the frame size to compensate for it. The TV was securely packed in a large box and it seemed to be very well protected so don't worry about buying this TV online. I tested this TV by watching a blu-ray disc, a dvd and playing Black Ops II on it. The blu-ray movie I watched was 300. I've watched this movie at least 15 times before but watching it on this TV was a different experience. I was looking for any flaw in the TV but couldn't find one, the colors were so rich and bright and shades were clearly distinguishable. This TV combined with a blu ray movie is enough to make people working for movie theaters go out of business, it is this good. The second movie I watched was dvd quality, I did this because blu ray looks good on any tv so I had to be sure. The movie I watched was Monster Inc and mike have never looked greener, the picture quality was good and the colors were vibrant. The last thing I tried on this tv was playing Call of Duty with my younger brother, this would allow me to test the sound of the TV. We played multiplayer split screen which means that the screen is divided into an upper part and a lower part, usually this interferes with the gaming experience but the tv's screen was large enough for us not to notice it. The sound of the tv was really good but it needed a subwoofer for additional bass, I would recommend a Polk Audio subwoofer if you want your system to be complete. The stand looked nice and I am very pleased with this purchase. My dog never watched TV on my old 32 vizio but now he declared the middle spot on the sofa and seem to be enjoying this TV as much as I do. Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)
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on June 23, 2013
I upgraded to the UN60F7500 from a six-year-old Sharp 46" LCD. So you can imagine how much better (and bigger) the picture looks. Yes, it's great though I am not sure how much of it is due to my eyes adjusting to a much bigger screen and how much of it is just the progress of the technology.

Still, there are somethings I take issue with.

1). Out of the box the motion compensation and color balance tend to make things look extraordinarily artificial -- but in a an attractive way. That is, if you don't mind your TV looking like it's not real, you're all set with the defaults. I set the TV to some recommendations I found in the UN60F7500 forum on and things look much better to me.
2). Even after an upgrade, the TV occasionally crashes and reboots. That's a change for me from the Sharp which was just an appliance. The firmware is buggy. For example, when set to power on and power off my FiOS STB, it will only power it on.
3). The remote is, in a word, awful. It has Bluetooth lag. It doesn't allow basic channel jumping without a complex sequence of strokes. It requires too many different presses to do simple things. The sensor strips at the top and sides are both too sensitive and not sensitive enough. Give me back my 2007 Sharp button-filled remote!
4). I miss a printed, complete user manual. The online "E-manual" is insufficient. Feature details are missing and illogically explained. Samsung documentation ranges from stilted US English to incomprehensible.
5). If your viewing position is below about the midpoint of the screen, you can forget using the camera. It pops up to be flush with the top bezel. It's not possible to tilt it down.

All in all, it's a very nice upgrade. I took what I perceived to be a risk buying from Amazon but all went smoothly. Of course, this doesn't say much about what would happen if things didn't go well. But if you are playing the odds, they're in your favor with Amazon.

Update 2013-06-29

While I am enjoying the picture quality, I wanted to update this review to say that it's for some SERIOUS firmware issues, which I have only begun to experience as I got more familiar with the TV.

1). Most Samsung apps don't really understand the 2013 Smart Remote, causing all kinds of odd, inconsistent interactions. Some get so stuck that even a power off/reboot doesn't reset the EV
2), The DLNA functionality is MESSED UP. I have a Netgear ReadyNAS -- it's got an excellent DLNA implemenation. But the UN60F7500 cannot read the directories when selecting "photos" but can read the same directories when selecting "all" content. Go figure.

Samsung promises an update in February -- until then, if the Smart TV portion of this device is why you are buying it, I'd recommend you hold off.
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on January 1, 2014
I purchased this product two days before black Friday. I saw an amazing price online and amazon matched the price because of a price guarantee. I paid just under $1,200 tax included.

The good:
- the picture quality is absolutely gorgeous
- the look of the tv is really great with the very slim bezel (i'm not a big fan of the tv stand that it comes with; its made of cheap plastic)
- the remote takes a little getting used to, but once you've mastered that, its a pretty nice remote
- this model comes with a web cam which is a nice feature for skype calls
- 3D feature is pretty sweet. I've watched a couple of movies in 3D and I was really impressed with the quality. If you're streaming 3D movies make sure that you have a really fast internet connection as it takes a significant amount of data.

The ugly:
- serious wi-fi issues. I'm having a lot of problems with wi-fi connectivity. Although the TV shows a full signal to my wireless router it seems to drop the signal. Sometimes it can happen 10 times during one movie!!! That can be extremely frustrating. Once it drops the signal it takes several minutes to reconnect to my router (apple airport) even though the TV see's the router in the menu and it displays full signal strength. I have spoken to Samsung tech support and they told me that its not their fault because the router is in the room next door and not in the same room as my TV. I think that's a pretty stupid excuse and defeats the purpose of having a wifi connection. Tech support over the phone was pretty unhelpful. I did my own fiddling with the settings and tried changing the channel on my router in case the problem was with interference from other devices, but I've still been unsuccessful in solving this problem. I'm curious to see if other people have similar issues.

- like most new TV's, the speakers are on the back and so if you have your tv set inside a wall unit (mine is inside a 4X4 ikea expedit shelf) then you lose a lot of your sound. I think that's expected from most ultra slim tv's today and so a soundbar is a must.

- When the TV is showing a dark or black image, you can see white shadows in the 4 corners of the TV. I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but its pretty annoying.

- annoying soap opera effect. There is a function on this TV which makes your picture look like you're watching a soap opera. If you're like me, don't worry, you can disable this feature really easily! Press the menu button and go into the "picture" menu. Scroll all the way down to "picture options". Then scroll down to "auto motion plus". You can then turn this off completely or choose one of the 4 other options available to you.

I've only been using this TV for a few weeks now. I will update this review when I have a bit more time to play with some of the other features. I'm giving this TV 4 out of 5 stars because of the wifi issues. I don't have cable TV at home and only stream movies online. Wifi connectivity is extremely important.
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on November 29, 2013
This is fantastic TV with a great picture, snappy fast menus, and a very low profile look. I'm sure that you can read about the detailed features in the description, so I'll just mention what mattered to me when deciding:

When comparing the F7500 to the 8000 (1 model up) and the 7100 (1 model down), there are just a few features that change (e.g. blur reduction, micro dimming, webcam). Frankly, you can't tell the difference in picture without a side-by-side comparison and some really keen eyes & the webcam isn't useful enough to change anyone's mind. The deciding feature for me was the faster quad-core chip and the Smart Evolution kit compatibility. In short, the menus on the 7500 and 8000 are just faster. Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and especially Plex all load and play faster with the faster chip than on the lower models. Also, this chip only upgradeable ($200 extra kit later) on the 7500 and 8000. That means the top two models will be faster longer; the 7100 and below will not be able to be upgraded. Truthfully, I think Samsung is completely aware that the 7100 or even the 6300 are as good picture-wise as the upper end TVs, so they put in a slower chip and locked down the upgrade ability to force you into the higher end model. That was the case for me anyway.

All in all, it's a great TV and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Pair it together with a Sanus LL11-B1 mount from Crutchfield for a terrific low-profile that puts the screen <1" from the wall.
-Some useful SmartTV apps especially Plex, Netflix, Hulu+, and Pandora. If you don't know what Plex is, Google it immediately. It's basically a free Roku in your TV for playing your own music, movies, and pictures. Amazing! -Great picture, which is made even better with the thorough picture settings -Small bezel (~1/4") and thin panel (~1/2") -Very fast menu navigation due to quad core cpu -Wireless (this is 802.11 N, so it's very fast) -Camera can be hidden (unlike last year's model
-The motion detection is gimmicky and not particularly useful. I hid the camera. -The SmartTV stuff is cool enough but not as good as a standalone Roku, AppleTV, or WD Play. -NOT A TOTAL CON, but the remote is a little different. What's great is how small, fast, and low profile it is. What's annoying is that is has so few buttons, that many inputs and options (ex. for a DVR) are hidden in secondary menus that require additional clicks to get to.
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on June 14, 2013
We did our homework and chose this Samsung 7500 to replace our 8 year old 42 inch plasma. Amazingly this 55 inch screen is the same size as our 42 inch plasma with 6 inch borders. Easy to set up and get going. As I said the picture is magnificent. Took my wife and I a while to agree on which picture setting - dynamic, standard, natural or movie.
We compromised movie for movies and natural for all else. Easy to switch using Samsung remote.

At first we IR'd the Samsung remote with our cable box but did not like how it complicated things when you just want to turn on the TV, so removed it and now we use cable box remote for TV viewing and samsung remote for everything else.

I like the clear voice setting for sound as it seems to subdue the background noise so you can follow dialogue - another great feature of this TV

The switch to web and use of the web browser was so easy, I easily attached an old wireless keyboard to a usb port on TV.
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on December 23, 2013
This December 2013 review is for the 46’’ model (UN46F7500). In general it is good quality, but many of the advanced features (Smart TV) do not work as expected. This is disappointing because those features are probably the reason you would like to buy this model. I suggest you buy the more inexpensive model which is much better value.

- Assembling is easy, however, if you are not particularly strong, you need two people.
- It’s very stylish. It’s incredibly thin and the bezel almost disappears.
- Picture quality is OK; the only problem being the black levels which are not that black due to the backlighting technology; this is the price you pay for having a thin screen.
- The camera's picture quality is great.
- 3D works very well; slightly better than at the movie theater. (I personally get tired after a few minutes.)
- There’s a 2D -> 3D conversion function. I have no idea how it works, but they manage to give some 3D appearance to 2D movies. Really impressive. (I know, you might say, “it’s not possible”, but they actually managed it.)

CONs: The biggest disappointment is with the “Smart” features, the apps, and the interface:
- Currently Skype doesn’t work well. After a couple of minutes, you stop seeing the images from the other sides, while they continue seeing you fine. I spent some time in the Skype support forums and it looks like this has been a known problem for sometimes, and Skype says it’s Samsung’s fault, and Samsung says it’s Skype’s fault. Very disappointing. Using Skype was the main reason I bought this model with the camera, and it’s unusable right now, with no solution in sight.
- There are some weird limitations in what picture options you get according to the source. If you use external HDMI sources you can select all options; however if you use Netflix or Plex then you cannot select options such as “cinema black”. It just says “this option is not available” without explaining what’s going on. It took me a few days to understand it depends on the source.
The interface is terrible:
- The newly designed compact remote is not that usable. The trackpad is way too sensitive; for example, often I mistakenly exit a Netflix program by swiping left by mistake. Many apps are designed assuming that you can easily press “A”,”B” etc, but the remote doesn’t have those buttons anymore. Now, you have to navigate through menus to reach a “virtual” remote. I’m considering buying a regular remote.
- The microphone is not sensitive. I couldn’t get voice commands to work without yelling towards the TV.
- Similarly, the gesture-activated commands are mostly useless to use; it’s tiring to wave in the air for several seconds, while you could reach for the remote with less effort.

In conclusion, a better value for the money would be to get an inferior model (F7100 or the 6 series, even) because they have the same picture quality without the Smart TV features, and then rely on a Roku or Apple TV to give the “smarts” to your TV.
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on May 5, 2014
I have purchased this TV on December 2013 and after three months the WIFI started malfunctioning.
Every 5 to 10 minutes the connection will re-set and I will have to re-connect to my wifi by going to network setting.
I have called Samsung Technical Support for at least 12 times by now and it was probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced. After 5th or 6th call they told me the problem is my router is not next to the TV. When I told them the WIFI signal is showing at the full strength on the TV they told me to Connect my TV directly to the router using a cable!!! Why on earth some would buy a smart TV if you need run 10 cables behind it ?? Didn’t make any sense to me. They would not send anyone to fix the issue.
Bottom line is – The WIFI module probably defective on this TV and Samsung would do anything to avoid providing any helpful technical support as part of the warranty, so the Samsung warranty is just as good as a piece of a paper.
I have submitted this review on the Samsung website and they rejected this review, So don’t TRUST ANY REVIEW posted on Samsung website as They ONLY Post Positive Reviews !!! I have the Review Rejection email from Samsung if anyone like to see it !
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on February 7, 2014
Purchased the Samsung TV UN60F7500 from an online retail store (not through Amazon) TV defective since day one. Had a white image about 5 inches in length across edges of TV. Samsung had me do several configurations all of which still didn't correct issue. I asked for an exchange of the same TV, nothing more. Was told they would not exchange at this time but will send our an authorized repair technician to my house. Four days later the repair tech arrives at my house and tells me within two minutes the TV's main board is bad and will need a new one. Goes on to say he would have to take the TV for 5-7 days!!!! Leaving me with the burden of un-mounting the TV from my wall, being without it for a week if not longer and now having a repaired TV I just spend over $2,000 on. Called Samsung two more times, once again told too bad they will not exchange it despite FACT it was defective since day one.


Too bad, I own two other Samsung TV's I like and haven't had an issue with. This just pushed me to buy another manufacturer.
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on December 21, 2013
TV is made for not all Apps will play correctly or install at all...aside from that I can't notice any difference. (It is only a few Apps that are affected.) As far as I know, that is the only drawback. The camera motion-activation is being finicky...but I think that's only because it's in a brightly-lit room.

The TV is in overall excellent shape. No defects that I can see. Plays blu-rays and everything great with a crystal clear colorful display.

The screws to hold it to the stand are not nearly long enough to hold it to any stand, certainly not securely. They should be much longer. I would consider that a design defect by Samsung. I did not see any Infrared that came with this, even though a lesser-model did come with one. Overall, great t.v.

I hope this helps people make an informed decision either way....
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on August 14, 2013
Works great. Have been reading/hearing about spontaneous restarts...had it happen once since I bought it. The screen goes GREEN for a few seconds and then restarts. But it happened only once and I was jumping between the installed apps. The 3D glasses work pretty neat. I could watch a regular 720p Youtube video in 3D. Was very good quality. The set-up is a bit tiring to get through, but is well worth it. The smart remote is not too useful. The volume and channel buttons on the Smart remote are VERY hard to press making it pretty much useless. The "Hand Waving" function starts up...looks like a lot of fun to use but your arms get tired trying to learn it. The built in camera is super for Skype chats! The video is pretty wide and covers our full 3 seater couch (set at ~8-9 feet from the TV). Still haven't seen the performance difference in the 240Hz compared to the 120Hz. I got it on Sale, so am happy for the price I had to pay. I would not recommend full price though. Have Fun!
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