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5.0 out of 5 stars TV will keep you happy until 4K is perfected & prices lowered
*Updated after 9 months*

Overall: I have had this TV series for about 9 months now. I am VERY pleased with the purchase. Glad I went to the 60". The previous ES8000 model was plagued with cloudiness, banding--both gone in F series(55/60" tested). Flashlighting is minimal on this set and improved over the ES series. I needed a LED TV upgrade and was on a...
Published 19 months ago by Concerned Consumer

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2.0 out of 5 stars SmartHub DROPS SIGNAL + TV Requires Manual SW Updates!
Before buying this TV, I read all the reviews on Amazon. I also conducted my own research online, comparing a number of Smart TVs on the market. While I'm happy with the basic functionality of the television, I'm quite disappointed with "smart" part of the TV. What the reviews and research didn't tell me was the following:


Published 13 months ago by Michelle Petty

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552 of 574 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars TV will keep you happy until 4K is perfected & prices lowered, April 5, 2013
This review is from: Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model) (Electronics)
*Updated after 9 months*

Overall: I have had this TV series for about 9 months now. I am VERY pleased with the purchase. Glad I went to the 60". The previous ES8000 model was plagued with cloudiness, banding--both gone in F series(55/60" tested). Flashlighting is minimal on this set and improved over the ES series. I needed a LED TV upgrade and was on a budget ($2500 OTD/with tax) that didn't place me in the local array dimming technology zone(I believe to be the best type of TV right now). Plasma's are too reflective for my environment and the extra heat is unwanted (check out the Samsung PN51F8500 though, sounds like it is well liked).

Right away I noticed how solid the TV itself felt. IF I had to do it over again, I would definitely recommend the 55" OR 60" F8000 for others to buy over the ES8000. Just ensure you get the best deal for it as the MSRP is way overpriced. For ES8000 owners...I wouldn't upgrade. No way. This TV will hold me over until 4K's are on the market for awhile, helping companies perfect the tech and lower the price.

Be wary of some of these random 1 star reviews, as many users do not even own the F series TV! Or they had an issue because they didn't have the right settings configured. If you read the comments, under those reviews you will see they fixed their issue. I feel this TV rates 5 stars as I believe this tech is at it's "ceiling" and there is minimal room for improvement using edge lit tech.

For those who wish the short and simple, thats it! Keep reading for indepth review.

Current FIXABLE problems with firmware 11.16:
-3D setting "light control" settins on "high" resets to "low"
-Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime, DLNA video's all have cinema black disabled(supposedly this can be fixed in app updates but its remained off)

Picture Quality: The picture quality on this TV is fantastic especially after a few color tweaks (posted below). The blacks are so DEEP compared to my last tv(direct lit led). There is a SMALL amount of flash lighting in all four corners(more noticable on 60" when in PC mode); I believe this is a fault for ALL edge lit tv's as that is how the image functions. I can only notice flashlighting in all black lighting with something like movie title in middle of screen and black on rest of screen, or if in PC mode with a most black screen. Unless you are really looking for it in a black screen and concentrated on a corner you will not notice flashlighting. Also when testing it, please play a movie or something, as when the menu is up or the TV states "check source HDMI not connected" flashlighting is more evident and nobody uses their TV to watch a blank screen.

Viewing Angle: Fairly limited until it begins to wash out(ALL edge-lit tech will have this issue). You will notice the farther off center you will notice more of a degradation in picture quality. This doesn't bother me as my "seat" is always right in front. Most end users are not as particular or picky as me when it comes to picture quality, many will not even care or notice a difference until a more extreme angle(an angle you can't reach in the room my TV is in). I sit about 14 feet away and if I go 4 feet to either side, I cannot notice the picture washing out.

Price: MSRP is overpriced. Ensure you get a good deal and get a store to pricematch to best price you can find. The 55" should be around $1730 and 60" $1945. I attempted to get Amazon to price match a store that was not on their official authorized list and they refused (attempted multiple times, through different numbers and chat). It was a $500 difference. When I was looking I found the 60" as low as $2400 at the time. I ended up having the local Best Buy price match this tv for me. I bought my last flagship Samsung TV in 2008/9. The A850 model(now in bedroom, this TV still satisfies me and looks better than many lower model new Samsung TV's on market today).

Stand: I hated the TV stand. To feng shui for me. My wife loved it though. It actually fit our TV stand, be warned if you have a small TV stand it will not fit...this stand is very wide. This helps the tv to appear to "float". It even came with some sort of oversized plastic screws and rope that ensured a child couldn't pull the TV down (smart). I planned on mounting this TV though like my last TV, so the stand doesn't matter much to me.

Wall Mount: I opted for a low profile wall mount from Monoprice. The one I picked was $14 and the product ID number is 5918 from monoprice's website. I linked the same mount below through amazon but it is $8 more here. This places the TV pretty much ON the wall with this mount. It's about 19mm off of the actual wall. I was able to run the power cord and a Redmere technology HDMI thin cord(10ft for $17 over at Monoprice..same cord is cheaper on Amazon)Monoprice 10-Feet HDMI Cable with RedMere Technology. It came with all the necessary bolts and spacers for the F8000 (1 small/1 large on top bolts and 2 smalls on bottom bolts). Monoprice Ultra-Slim Low Profile Wall Mount Bracket

Heat: Had the TV on for 12 hours and couldn't find any hot spots or to much heat to make me worried with how close the TV was to the wall. Was an issue on certain ES8000 sets last year causing a V spot of cloudiness.

Remote: The remote is solid and touch part feels just like a laptop. It's not a gimmick at all and actually works great. I find it easy to type with there on screen keyboard. Came with crappy batteries so I opted for some standard spare ones I had in the house. It would have been nice to get a standard remote though for older generations that do not like touchpad technology. *update* The TV now comes with a 2nd standard remote. For those of you like me that did NOT receive a remote, apply for free standard remote here: (LINKS not allowed, look in comments for direct link) To manually do it, goto samsung's website and locate your TV i.e. UN60F8000 and click the "Support" tab. On that page at the top there is a blue box that states "click here to see if you qualify for a free IR remote". Click that link and fill the form out and it will inform you if you can recieve the free remote.

Extended Warranty: I bought my warranty through Costco's squaretrade deal for $99. It will cover ME for 4 years. If I used my American Express card it would have been 5 years. Research your own warranties and determine if you are ok with how squaretrade handles their warranties, they will not put more money into it then what the TV is worth (pretty sure it is actually what YOU paid for it). You do not need to be a Costco member to purchase this warranty.

Smart Hub/"Smart TV" features: Easy, smooth. It would be nice if it was a bit more customizable. Its nice to have all apps in one system. I liked it better than my blurray player app system(panasonic). Browsing the internet is as smooth as Safari on my iPhone 5. EXCEPT when dealing with flash, then it slows way down...I'm not sure if flash is compatible. Netflix and Amazon Video stream fine, just wish they had the Smart LED feature. S-Recommended works for many different providers in my area to include my service which is newer(Century Link Prism TV..similiar to FIOS tv). Not a fan of motion control, not useful yet, to gimmicky. Voice seems fairly well if you practice at using it although I had a movie set it off twice in a matter of 3 weeks. I prefer to hit buttons myself, using your voice still isn't natural to me. I was able to stream DLNA sources easily(up to 1080P 3D) with no issues wireless on a 5ghz network. Only issue is DLNA servers on Samsung TV's don't let you fastfoward so you have to find a workaround for certain movie formats. My solution was using ZappoTV(free app on iphone) to inform my NAS DLNA to stream to TV...then I could FF/Rewind on tv with touchpad remote(flicking remote left or right) OR doing it form my phone. Samsung's media center is caveman like and basic. PLEX and other apps available on the TV look so much nicer. They really need to overhaul how it functions especially since this TV has such a fast processor.

Smart LED: This is certainly more of a "personal" setting depending on what you prefer to stare at. I believe if you are a videophile that is obcessed with "trueness" leave it on low or off. I went from 'low' to 'standard' and really enjoy it there.

Cinema Black: I love this feature it certinaly makes the bars more black on widescreen movies. Again you be the judge of this feature, let your eyes guide you.

Devices: Hooked up my 10-13 year old 1st gen microsoft bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Worked just fine, somewhat impressed how functional it seemed to be.

Banding: I did several different banding tests and had no banding. I found none on the 55"/60", I have yet to see a 65" without minimal banding.

Stuttering: I really had to work on finding something to get this tv to stutter. My bluray player on any movie? No. Streaming all different types of formats up to 1080P 3D quality on my laptop to TV via stutter. Streaming from my NAS(Synology DS213+) to TV with same formats/qualities listed above. No stuttering. Other users have noted stuttering on Verizon FIOS though and had to set their AMP to clear. Mine works great on custom(settings below).

Sound: No idea, disabled it to use my own external speakers(newegg runs crazy sales on polk audio speakers) and a Denon to the current model Denon AVR-2113CI. A few years ago I spent $700 for Samsung's HTIB. HUGE mistake, multiple repairs in and out of warranty. Do yourself a favor and invest in a real audio company that has longer warranties and stand behind their product for longer for audio.

The firmware I'm currently running is 11.16. Right when I started the TV and setup network it notified me that I had an update available. I click do not update and selected to turn automatic updates off. Still, Samsung updated the firmware (they are known to sometimes do this) initially. This can be a bad thing as in the past on other sets they sometimes take away features or make the sets look worse--not better. Fortunately this has not happened again(6 updates and going strong). On my last TV it was easy to upgrade OR downgrade it's a PITA to downgrade but still possible.

Evolution Kits: I think until these kits prove themselves they are a complete and utter joke. UNLESS these kits prove themselves somehow improving picture quality. It is possible though with a better PCU, better color accuracy could be obtained. If they don't at most I might update the last year its "compatible" with my set to upgrade the processor.

Game Mode: This setting helps reduce lag while playing through your gaming consoles(Xbox One/PS4). Its important to update to 11.16 if you want to try game mode as it functions well on more current firmware. I played BF4 on my Xbox One and did not notice any input lag. On earlier firmware's there was a noticable different between how great PC mode was and game mode. Although on firmware version 11.10 and later versions "Game Mode" seems to perform slightly better similiar to PC mode. This is great news as you have much more control over color settings in game mode(such as smart led). Game mode tests around 26ms and PC mode 28ms. This is great for gamers!
Menu>System>General>Game Mode>On

NOTE: PC mode can only be accessed on sources not assigned to a "Samsung" device(i.e. Samsung Bluray) or any input set up with their universal remote renames source forcing a keyboard naming option that does not enable PC mode. Simply select HDMI 1/2/3/4, select tools(top right), a drop down list should appear, select PC and select it. This mode/dropdown list is ONLY accessible from HDMI's that weren't previously assigned to a Samsung Product or your universal remote. If you wish to assign PC mode to a port previously assigned to STB, just delete the universal remote settings.

The features currently disabled in 11.16 are:

Game mode settings not available:

Picture Options:
Film Mode
Auto Motion Plus
Advanced Settings:
10p White Balance (forced off)
Motion Lighting

PC Mode settings not available(MUCH is disabled):
Picture Mode: Entertain OR Standard only
Picture Options:
Digital Clean View
MPEG Noise Filter
Film Mode
Auto Motion Plus
Smart LED
Cinema Black
Advanced Settings:
Dynamic Contrast
Black Tone
RGB Only Mode
Color Space (Forced Native)
10P White Balance
Expert Pattern
Motion Lighting

Summary: This TV is an excellent purchase for the right price. I believe it deserves 5 out of 5 stars as it has very MINOR flaws: somewhat pricy, stand wide, stutters nonexistent on my tv service(Century Link Prism TV), flashlighting (BARELY there, doesn't even bother me as I believe edge lit tech is as good as it will get and Samsung needs to hurry up and take over sharp's patents so they can get back to local dimming array models OR get more OLED's on the market).

Current Color Setting's I'm using from an online forum member's home calibrator's settings and slight tinkering of my own(remember, all sets are different and you should use this only as an end user as a good "base" too start with and tweak to your liking's..thats why mine do not match his, also I added turned on cineblack/smartled):

Backlight=6(night)-16(day) with best backlight to use being 10-12

Movie Mode
BL 10
Cont 90 (try 95, user preference)
Bright 45
Sharp 0
Color 50
G/R 50/50
Pic Size - screen fit

Advanced Settings
Dynamic Contrast - Off (using it can crush blacks too if not careful)
Black Tone - Off
Flesh Tone: 0
RGB Only Mode- Off
Color Space - Auto works well but if unhappy these:
Color Space Auto (some might prefer native)

White Balance:
ro 23
go 23
bo 25
rg 16
gg 25
bg 27

10p White Balance Off

Gamma- 0
Expert Pattern- Off
Motion Lighting- Off

Picture Options
Color temp - Warm 2
Digital Clean View - Off
Mpeg Noise Filter - Off
HDMI Black Level - Low
Film Mode Auto 2 (if available, otherwise off)
Auto Motion Plus > Custon > Blur = 10, Judder = 0, Clear = off (NOTE: if you get stuttering, try turning it from custom onto Clear, the clear option in custom can be "on", user preference)
Smart LED - Standard
Cinema Black - On

System, Eco Solution, Eco Sensor: OFF

3D mode
Note: Press the 3D button on the remote and select 2D>3D to put the F8000 into the 3D mode

Turn off everything that says Auto to Off Except Film Auto2 in Picture Options

Movie Mode - Note 2D and 3D on the same HDMI Input have separate memories
Backlight 20
Contrast 100
Brightness 46
Sharpness 0
Color 50
Tint 50/50
Picture Size - Screen Fit

Perspective 0
Frame Depth 5
Light Control > High

Advanced Mode -
Dynamic Contrast - Off
Black Tone - Off
Flesh Tone: 0
RGB Only Mode- Off

Color Space - Custom
Red R-38, G-0, B-6
Green R-15, G-23, B-9
Blue R-9, G-0, B-51
Yellow R-47, G-52, B-9
Cyan R-14, G-51, B-53
Magenta R-41, G-0, B-48

White Balance 27 29 28 0 8 50
ro 27
go 29
bo 28
rg 0
gg 8
bg 50

10p White Balance - not accessible in 3D mode

Gamma -3

Picture Options
Color Temp Warm2
Dig Clean View - off
Mpeg - off
Film - Auto 2
Auto Motion Plus - Custom - Blur 10 - Judder 0 - LED Clear Motion Off(if having motion problems, try turning custom off and onto "clear")
Smart LED Off
Cinema Black Off

Xbox One Calibrated: Game Mode On

Standard Mode
BL 15
Cont 94
Bright 46
Sharp 0
Color 50
G/R 50/50
Pic Size - screen fit
HDMI Black Level: Low

Advanced Settings
Dynamic Contrast - Off (using it can crush blacks too if not careful)
Black Tone - Off
Flesh Tone: 0
RGB Only Mode- Off
Color Space - Auto

White Balance:
ro 23
go 23
bo 25
rg 16
gg 25
bg 27

10p White Balance Off
Gamma- 0
Expert Pattern- Off
Motion Lighting- Off

Picture Options
Color temp - Warm 2
Digital Clean View - Off
Mpeg Noise Filter - Off
HDMI Black Level - Low
Film Mode Auto 2 (if available, otherwise off)
Auto Motion Plus Off
Smart LED - Standard
Cinema Black - On
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5.0 out of 5 stars This is a wonderful television, April 1, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model) (Electronics)
We researched extensively before replacing our 10 year old set. We knew we wanted backlit LCD rather than Plasma and we wanted to go bigger. We looked at many sets but settled on the Samsung UN55ES7200 and UN55F8000. Based upon the reviews there were some issues with the ES8000, which was an early generation of Samsung smart tvs. While that set is meaningfully less expensive we are glad we went with the F8000 released in 2013. The picture is incredibly crisp and, despite its size the set is slim and light weight. The clicker has a touch pad feature and the connections with the internet, HBO, Amazon, Netflix are very easy (even for a non-technically savvy person like me). It connected easily (although it was missing 2 screws which Samsung sent out very quickly) so set up time was nominal. There have been no resolution or lighting issues (as have been described in the ES8000). I have only one constructive comment, the resolution is so very good that you can sometimes see the artificial nature of the movie sets in older movies. If that is the only problem we encounter I believe that is something that can be overlooked. We are really pleased with the purchase and, as always, Amazon delivery was fast and convenient.
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5.0 out of 5 stars WHOP WHOOOOP!, November 7, 2013
This review is from: Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model) (Electronics)
This panel is so damn good, that I now own 3 of them; 2 46' panels and one 60" panel. I've been playing this game for some time, owning the first Panasonic Plasma that hit the market at over $4k and various plasmas from Pioneer (Kuros) to LCD's and LED's from Sony and Samsung. The fact is that this is LED TV as close to perfect as can be expected. First, I recommend that if you buy this panel, have it professionally calibrated. Second, if you don't want to spend the money to have it calibrated, start here with settings: [...] Realistically, you will not get a more accurate or better picture from an LED unless you step up to the 4K offerings from Sony and Samsung, and that's at a price point more than double where this panel is. Fact is that no matter where you go today, you will have some flashlighting due to the fact that no manufacturer makes a full array LED backlight display. That being said, properly calibrated, it won't matter. Finally, I have found that setting the motion setting to clear gets rid of the soap opera effect, while still providing a great picture without any judder or picture studdering. Flat out, this is the best panel on the market in 2013.......


I've had many requests for settings, so here they are:

Backlight - 14
Contrast - 87
Brightness - 45
Sharpness - 20
Color - 49
Tint - G51/R49

Advanced Settings

Dynamic contrast - off
Black tone - Dark
Flesh tone - 0
RGB - off
Color space - auto
White balance: (top to bottom: 24, 25, 25, 23, 26, 25)
10P white balance - on
1. (-3,-1,-4)
2. (0/0/-1)
3. (0/0/-1)
4. (-3/-3/-5)
5. (-3/-5/-8)
6. (-4/-7/-10)
7. (-5/-8/-10)
8. (-3/-6/-10)
9. (0/-3/-6)
10. (-6/0/-8)

Picture Options

Color tone - Warm 1 (sometimes Warm 2 depending on viewing material)
Digital clean view - auto
Mpeg noise filter - off
HDMI black level - normal
Film mode - off
Auto motion plus - clear
Smart LED - standard
Cinema Black - off
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4.0 out of 5 stars TV Stand is too wide - 1st Thoughts, March 3, 2013
Corey Fisher (Las Vegas, Nevada United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model) (Electronics)
I am currently reviewing one of these units and will post a more in depth review soon. However, I needed to post this right away for those considering purchasing this tv..

Right now, the tv (55-inch) is currently 48 inches wide. The problem I am having with this TV is that the stand is also 48 inches wide, which will be a huge inconvenience to most people. It's too wide for 90% of TV stands out there so be warned before purchasing this tv. It currently is also measured 12 inches depth too. I have yet to find a tv stand other then an ultra wide or expensive shelf to sit it on. This is another poor example of form over function. I have a feeling Samsung will bite the bullet on this one because of this mistake as most will have a difficult time find a stand to put this on or it will be un-achievable on their current existing stands. This won't be an issue for those wall mounting, but before you buy this TV, you better measure where you'll put it first.

**UPDATE - 03/06/2013

I have been testing the unit for a few days now and we found a TV stand that can hold the thing. I've raised the review 1-star due to the picture quality being extroardinary, however, I strongly believe the stand is very impractical, hence, the deduction of 1-star. I've actually reached out to Samsung to see if they can design a new retrofitted stand that hold the set and be a bit more practical and release as an accessory, because this thing is ridiculously wide. Alright, enough with the stand now.

As for the initial picture quality results. They are outstanding. The back panel is comprised of literally thousands of miniature LED lights that produce very strong light and can dim all the way down to be completely turned off. So far, the factory calibration is much improved over last year's, I doubt we will have to modify it much. The image quality is much better as well, there is currently no observable light bleed or halo'ing around images. Darks are much much darker then the ES series, but the ES series were edge-lit, these new panels are not as they are full back-lit set's. The new sets do eliminate most of the image blur found common on LCD sets and it appears, at least initially, that the image is much faster and responsive. However, fast paced scenes like those in Transformers and etc are still not as clear the Plasma panels, but either way are improved still. Black levels are insane for a LED set and depending on when we measure against the best from LG and Sony, might be some of darkest blacks on a LED set yet. I should note that we havent measured it yet. However, we have put the set in complete darkness and tested it and all we could see were images and no halo, which is huge.

3D performance is in fact definitely brighter and smoother and I am unable to identify artifacting or crosstalk whatsoever, however I should note that last year's ES series did a pretty good job at crosstalk reduction, but the new sets are in fact much brighter.

Smart Hub - more on this later, but a MASSIVE improvement over anything we've seen yet. The interface is ingenius and amazing at the same time, just make sure to youtube this as the picture will not do it justice. Not only is this software elegant looking, the TV defaults to it when it's turned on as it is essentially the control hub for the set. The quad core in this set makes this dashboard wicked fast and apps pop up in mere seconds. In comparison to last years sets, its seams about 5 times as fast. The last year models will get this functionality via a "evolution kit" when Samsung releases those next month.

Other misc features - The camera is much improved, more accurately coordinating your movements. Last year models weren't that great until they released several firmware updates to make it usable and practical, but still wasn't that great. These new models are better at tracking movement and resemble the smoothness of the Microsoft Kinect, which is great news for those waving a burrito at the set and dont want to grease up the remote. The voice activation is WAY better, coming close to the ease of use of Siri and maybe, just maybe even surpassing it. So far, I would say the voice recognition is about 90% accurate, compared to last years sets, which I would probably peg at about 75% after the firmware updates. This is likely due to the new software and quad core A15 chipset this new set has. I would assume the new sets will be just as good when they get the evolution kit.

If your thinking of this TV or The Samsung F8500 Plama's, I can tell you right now without a shadow of doubt, the F8500 Plasma panels are KING and are much better in image quality and they seams to even be closing in to the quality of an OLED set, which are currently priced at $10,000. The F8000 LED sets are nice, but not F8500 Plasma nice. You'll need to observe both to understand what I mean. More on this later.

More to come...

**UPDATE 03/07/2013**

To clarify, this TV does not appear to be a full array back-lit set, but it uses new technology called Precision Black, which appears to be some kind of hardware filter on the TV set. See below for Samsung's description taken from the manual spec sheet.

Micro Dimming Ultimate:
Displays a picture that is as true-to-life as possible by maximizing
the contrast between light and dark. Our innovative technology
scans zones across the image and adjusts brightness to deliver
deeper dark tones and brighter whites. It also eliminates the
"halo" effect and image distortion that can happen with diffused
lights. The Ultimate version of this technology optimizes the
quality to new heights by scanning 2 times the number of zones
in the image.

Precision Black (Local Dimming):
Produces a much greater increase in contrast and black levels
by dimming LEDs behind dark areas of the picture, thus making
blacks darker without affecting brighter elements of the picture.

**UPDATE 03/08/2013**

One thing I've noticed that might be an issue for a lot people is the smart hub and its multi tasking capabilities. The new Smart Hub is essentially a full blown operating system and can open multiple applications. However, I recommend not opening more then one app at a time. I've noticed the more apps that are open will significantly slow the TV down to the point of almost freezing. So be careful using the multi tasking capabilities.

**FINAL UPDATE 03/28/2013**

The TV has now had well over 100 hours of burn-in time and we have calibrated the TV. The image quality after calibration is pretty much near perfect color accuracy, which we've never seen before in an LED set. After calibration, the results are amazing and the black levels are the deepest we've measured on an LED set, even more so then the localized dimming sets from Sony and LG last year.

Our final calibrated settings are as follows. (Note, this is what worked on our set and shouldn't be duplicated unless by a certified professional or by using your own eye with blu-ray calibration software).

We started out with the movie mode, decreased back-light to 8, set gamma to -1, scaled contrast back to 75, left sharpness at 20 (some pros will tell you to eliminate sharpness, however, I find that a little bit actually helps with clarity, just not too much). We only changed one color and that was blue (this has to be done with almost all led sets since predominantly blue). We set black levels to "darkest", dynamic contrast to "low". We left cinema black alone, since we were unable to identify any differences with it on or off. We also set dynamic backlighting to "high" since this also improved contrast and black levels during dark scenes, but standard also does just fine. The black checker-board was almost 100% reproduced with dark blacks and whitest whites and no uneven light. The end result is basically a perfectly calibrated set, almost 100% color accuracy. Can't ask much more then that if you ask me.

All in all, the best LED TV set I've reviewed. We've been messing with the F8500 Plasma, which I believe, along with the Panasonic VT60 to be among the best/ most accurate picture available until 4K and OLED become mainstream. However, this LED set still comes pretty close to the image quality of the top plasma's today. I still recommend the Plasma's over the LED's hoever because they have much faster refresh rates and smoother motion, especially in movie scenes and video games.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievable!!, June 28, 2013
K. Coste (Metairie, LA USA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am a professional video producer who is seldom truly impressed. My previous TV was a Panasonic 50 inch plasma, which was working perfectly, and I had been waiting and watching the industry for when I should jump to the next level. This, among other choices, including new plasmas, was it. Pricey, but some things in life are worth it.

Out of the box, I was not happy at all, and it turns out there are a multitude of factory settings that need adjustment. The biggest culprit was something called Auto Motion Plus, which Samsung should never have made the factory default, and should be turned off forever. It was designed as an aid to fast moving action scenes utilizing the high refresh rate, but it turns a stunningly beautiful movie into a soap opera video. The rest are a matter of personal taste, as in color balances, contrast, saturation, black levels, etc. I keep the Cinema Black off, as this unit does a great job with the blacks in other areas of the menu. Skin tones are the true test.

Off axis viewing is less than ideal, and there is some edge light visible at times on dark scenes, but I continue to be stunned by the image, especially the 3D, which is mesmerizing, super-vivid and hyper-real.

There are those who are saying 3D is a fad that will pass, but they are dead wrong, and obviously have NOT seen the likes of this TV in a dark space. 3D is no more a fad than experiencing life with two eyes rather than one. I would add though, that for 3D to be effective, the screen must be large, as it can be a little like looking through a window if too small.
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136 of 167 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars SmartHub DROPS SIGNAL + TV Requires Manual SW Updates!, October 13, 2013
Michelle Petty (GEORGETOWN, TX, US) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Before buying this TV, I read all the reviews on Amazon. I also conducted my own research online, comparing a number of Smart TVs on the market. While I'm happy with the basic functionality of the television, I'm quite disappointed with "smart" part of the TV. What the reviews and research didn't tell me was the following:


1. SMARTHUB DROPS WIFI SIGNAL EVERY 5-15 MINUTES, so if you're trying to use the SmartHub to watch Amazon Instant Videos, for instance, your frustration level will likely build to a point that you'll want to take a sledgehammer to the television (no joke!). Every time the signal drops, which can be every 5 minutes or every 15 minutes, you have to reset the network on the television, including waiting for the television to recognize your WiFi and then reentering your password. There are numerous Internet forums, articles, and discussions on this issues. Simply type in "Samsung television drops internet connection" to find/read them. As these articles, etc., explain (and I can attest), it is not a signal strength problem; therefore, moving your router closer to the tv and/or adding a signal booster is useless. You will continue to experience this problem. In fact, Samsung is aware of the issue and recently released a software update to address it ... but the update doesn't work! The problem persists. And that brings me to my second issue ...

2. SOFTWARE/FIRMWARE UPDATES ARE MANUAL. I didn't even know there software/firmware updates until I was trying to fix the above-referenced issue! Now that I know they exist (and are a pain to deal with!), I have to remind myself to check for the updates, since Samsung doesn't notify me that they've been issued. In addition, the website has some errors, so if you look for the update on one screen it doesn't exist, but if you manually search for your television model, the update shows up.

3. ALLSHARE IS LIMITED. My example is related to viewing photos. I assumed I would be able to view all the photos from my computer, but that is not the case. AllShare only allows you to view a limited number of folders (I believe it's 9, but I can't remember). And then, each folder can only have a limited number of files. And on top of these issues, it often takes a while for the photos to load ... and to get from one photo to the next. These limitations, and other similar limitations, render the AllShare "feature" virtually useless for me.


1. CAMERA IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO USE B/C OF ITS LOCATION. We have a 60" television and a relatively small living room. Because the camera is located on top of the television, we have to back up into the kitchen in order to even try to use the camera.

2. VOICE RECOGNITION LAUNCHES RANDOMLY. This is a minor frustration, but a design flaw nonetheless.

At the end of the day, I wonder how smart I was to buy such a "smart" television at such a hefty price tag, when a regular television and an Apple TV (or similar) offer many of the same results at a substantially lower cost.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wall Mounting Information, November 12, 2013
Love the TV and all the positive comments by others are accurate. I wanted to share some vital information that is absent from all known/available sources.

The position of the bottom-most mounting holes on the back panel of the 60" model are 4 1/4" up from the bottom edge of the TV bezel. I needed this info to accurately position a Peerless SUA765PU TV mount while waiting for the TV to arrive, so I went to a Brick and Mortar store to measure them for myself.

Also, be aware that the AC power cord that ships with the TV may be too short for your application. Unless your power outlet is directly behind the TV, you will want to buy something longer to avoid using an extension cord. I bought a 10' cord to replace the one that shipped with mine. Search for a non-polarized, "C7 to NEMA 1-15" ("Figure-8", 2-prong, 2-pin, or similar description) AC power cord.

Hope this helps!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Equally good Television and Customer Service, October 11, 2013
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The television arrived by one of Amazon's partner delivery services on time and professionally. After viewing (and enjoying the television) for approximately one week I noticed what could be best described as a "dead" pixel during a screen with a very uniform dark background. It was a pixel that would not change color regardless of input. I sent an online message to Amazon regarding the issue and could not have been more impressed regarding the customer service.

I was contacted immediately and a replacement television was scheduled for delivery in approximately one week's time. The new TV arrived without incident or any similar malfunctions. No questions were asked and the process could not have been less painful. I will continue to patronize Amazon and could not recommend their customer service any more highly.

As for the television itself, the picture is beautiful and the SmartTV features work excellently (no lags/delays/or malfunctions). The voice command and gesture command is more flash than substance. It is much easier to command utilizing the remote. But with a great picture, excellent smart features/connectivity and the typical great Samsung aesthetics, I would definitely recommend this television for anyone looking for a high end large television.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Overall Television but not Perfect, September 13, 2013
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This review is from: Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV (2013 Model) (Electronics)
I've been using this television for several weeks now and first and foremost I'll say that the picture quality is outstanding. It's pretty much the best LCD television you can buy this year. For those deciding between this or the 8500 Plasma, the LCD is better in a wider range of viewing situations (such as lots of ambient light, many windows, rooms that are sunny) due to the brighter image but if you're purchasing for a basement or dark media room then the 8500 will easily win over this unit.

Picture Quality:

As so many people have already mentioned the picture quality I won't say much. I'd recommend enabling CAL Day/Night modes and calibrate based on those rather than just using standard or dynamic. You can find some excellent calibration settings online if you don't want to pay to have your unit custom calibrated. Content looks fantastic, colors are very accurate and black levels are great. You may notice some odd dimming of the screen on dark scenes such as a dark scene on a black road with just a car's tail lamps trailing away. The television senses that the scene is mostly black and dims the backlight down to make the picture look as black as possible. It also means that the one area of the image that is supposed to be bright gets dimmed as well. This is pretty much a trade-off because the alternative would likely be flashlighting/halos around the bright part of the image or significantly less deep blacks. You can adjust the intensity of this with the Smart LED controls but at the very least you should probably leave it on low so you get the picture quality improvements.

I've tried a few 3D movies and games and have enjoyed them very much though I don't find the glasses that comfortable. They aren't incredibly heavy but I was certainly ready to take them off after a two hour movie. Brightness in 3D mode is very good and I experienced very few issues with ghosting.

The one real downside to the picture quality is viewing angles and this may be very important depending on where you place your television. Picture quality is awesome when you're sitting in front of the screen but if you're off center, in any direction, the picture quality drops from fantastic to just good. I have mine sitting on a television stand and there's a noticeable drop in quality between viewing the screen while sitting on my couch (eye level) and viewing the screen while standing (below eye level). The black levels aren't as great and the image looks a little more washed out. I mention this because it seems fairly common for people to place their televisions above fireplaces as many rooms are designed with the fireplace in the center of a wall rather than off into a corner. If you are placing this television above a fireplace and will sit below it you absolutely must get a mount that allows you to tilt the screen down toward the viewing area or else you'll miss out on the fantastic picture quality.


The overall objective design of the television is fantastic. The stand, subjectively, is also fantastic but some may not like it as it's more a matter of personal preference. The bezel is incredibly small making the front of the screen look nearly edge to edge. It also means the television is physically smaller. It's actually smaller than the 50" plasma it replaces because the bulk of the bezel has been removed. The entire unit is incredibly thin and only has a marginally larger part near the bottom where most of the internals are housed. This also means that things like A/V and component cables require adapters as they've tried to minimize wasted space. The adapters essentially look like an aux/headphone jack on one end and the a/v or composite connections on the other and are included with the set. I've had no problems using them and quality does not appear to suffer as a result of their use.

Back to the stand, it is true that the stand is large. Many people claim that the stand is the same width of the television but it is in fact slightly smaller than the screen (at least for the 55") model. I was under the impression that I'd have to replace my television stand as it would have been about a half inch over each side (I was worried about the screen tipping forward) but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the stand actually fits. Amazon quotes the width as 48.2" with the stand but the stand itself is just shy of 47" at its widest point (on the 55" model). It may not seem like a huge difference but it was very important in my case. Additionally, the stand keeps the television tilted slightly rearward. You can't notice the tilt while watching but if you stare at the screen from the side you may notice. My guess is that this is done to help lower the tipping risk since most people won't anchor it.

It's a beautiful television and I've found myself looking at it when a walk into my living room, even when it isn't on, just to admire it.

Smart Features:

This television is packed with extra features beyond just the quality of the screen and this is where it becomes sort of a mixed-bag. It's absolutely great that they include them but some don't work as well as one would hope and are obviously first attempts at what may become awesome later on. I've run into zero problems with the apps thus far (such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Camera and the browser). They all work well and using them is fairly straight forward. I've also had no problem playing mp4 files from usb drives plugged into the back of the screen. I've yet to try out things like Twitter or Facebook because I don't really see the point of including them on a television. It's far easier to just reach into your pocket for a phone or grab a computer than to deal with such features on your television. However as a tivo user I greatly appreciate the TWC TV app that allows me to access on demand content straight from the TV since I don't have a Time Warner box.

There are several ways to control the television and this is where the television really feels like a first generation product. Firstly there is the remote which I will discuss below but there is also the ability to control the television with gestures and with your voice. The gestures are interesting in the sense that basic tasks can be completed simply by raising your hand. In order for them to work however you need to be in a well lit room and take care to pay close attention to what you are doing. I've had several times where the television would select and item (normally by closing your hand) instead of swiping a screen (normally a sort of wave like motion) because I moved too quickly. It can also be a little frustrating to hone in on certain smaller items because as you hover over them the television will initially track your closing hand as movement and thus move the cursor before you're able to select. Additionally they don't work universally across the television. You can use hand gestures to launch the Netflix app but you'll have to pick up a remote to actually navigate inside the app. It's a neat concept but in the end it's probably easier to grab a remote for most tasks.

Then there are voice commands, the one I have the largest problem with. Primarily it's clunky, awkward and slow. It's never going to feel natural saying "Hi TV" and waiting for it to pick up your voice to activate voice control. There is a processing delay so you have to say it and wait for the on screen prompt to tell you that you can proceed. While it seems to do a great job of understanding me, you are required to use very specific wording. For example, if I want to turn my television off I must first say "Hi TV", wait a couple of seconds, say "TV power off", wait for it to recognize the speech and then ask me "Would you like to turn the TV off?". Then you must confirm with either "OK" or "Cancel". At which point it then takes several seconds to actually complete the command. You have to say "OK". Saying "Yes" yields no results or makes it think I've said cancel. If you use the microphone on the remote it seems to respond a bit faster but the vocabulary is still limited.

I've also run into a problem where the voice command is activated at random times. It's only happened when using Netflix but if I rewind it happens at the same spot. Essentially you'll be watching something and then it will suddenly mute the audio and bring up the voice command overlay. It doesn't seem to activate the ambient microphone so I need to press voice on the remote and say "cancel" to make it go away. It's happened enough where I've had to turn off voice commands completely though I don't feel like I'm missing out on much as I would not have used them otherwise.

The Remote:

The remote is equal parts awesome and terrible. It's small, very high quality and the touchpad feature is essential to navigating the Smart Hub and using the browser. However, it's also very limited in its buttons/functions. Many common tasks are hidden in an on screen remote since there are so few buttons on the actual remote. To do things like enter numbers, jump to Netflix, activate game mode, turn on the external speakers, play/pause/FF/RWD, etc. you have to press "More" on the remote and then scroll between one of three on screen remotes to find the command you want. It gets old pretty quickly. I ended up ordering a second, full size remote because I just use the missing buttons far too often.

Additionally there are some design issues with the remote. While the touchpad is great, it often feels jumpy when using and you can't really tell if swiping your finger left/right or up/down will move the cursor to the next item or skip down two or three. They've also placed the "Recommended" and "Search" buttons ON the touchpad at the bottom. The touchpad really isn't large enough to have this button and on several occasions while scrolling around the on screen keyboard or using the browser I've pressed recommended search by accident. This clears out the keyboard and all of the inputs you've added thus far and brings up another menu.

Finally, the backlight on the remote is useless as it only illuminates the buttons and not the labels. You'll need to study the remote to memorize what you're looking at in darkness with the backlight.

In the end the remote is cool but was frustrating enough to require a second remote for normal use.


The built in speakers are acceptable, especially considering how thin the television is, but they aren't awesome. They're perfectly find for normal television watching but I also use a home theater system with it for movies or just when I want higher quality sound.

It's nice that you can play videos, music and images from directly attached hard drives and usb drives as well as networked computers but I was a little disappointed to discover that the TV can't see the hard drive connected to my router. I have a lot of stuff stored there so it can be access by multiple devices without having to turn my desktop on but from what I can tell thus far I can only access content stored on my computer, not the networked drive. I'll have to keep playing around with it to see if I can get that to change. Additionally, it requires you register with Samsung and download software in order to work which is a bit annoying. I'd rather the television just detect what's being shared on the network automatically without the need of additional software on my computers.

It may seem like I have a lot of small complaints and thus does not make sense I rated it 5 stars but it keeps its five star rating because as a television it's brilliant. The smart features are secondary, in my opinion, and having to get another remote wasn't enough to knock it down a full star. It truly is an excellent television. You'll just simply have to learn how to get around or deal with some of the minor annoyances that pop up with the extra features that are built in. If you aren't likely to use such things then all of those annoyances are irrelevant. For overall satisfaction and quality, this television is definitely a winner.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic TV, March 24, 2014
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First some background info: Like many people, I struggled to decide between LED and Plasma. Plusses and minuses to both, and everyone with their own opinion on which is best. My previous TV was a Samsung LCD, so that’s all I knew. Because of my very positive experience with that TV, I wanted another Samsung, and I wanted the biggest TV possible that would fit my entertainment center. That gave me a choice between the PN60F8500 (plasma) and the UN65F8000 (LED). The LED was slightly more expensive because it was 5 inches bigger. Even comparing the same 60” models, the plasma was slightly less. At the time, more reviews could be found on the plasma than the LED, and they all raved that it was one of the best TVs since the Kuro. So I went with the PN60F8500, and my review can be found here:

I was very critical of that TV, despite it having great picture quality, and I ultimately returned it. There are a lot of people that love that TV, and you may too if you decide to purchase it. It just wasn’t for me. That now brings me to the UN65F8000. I’ll try to touch on as many aspects of the TV as possible from my own personal experience, starting even before turning it on. If I miss something you’re curious about, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll respond.

I always recommend you go with the “white glove” delivery if available. It really just means that someone will bring it into your home, unpack it, and plug it in before leaving, instead of just leaving it at your doorstep. In my case, the first TV that came, when it was turned on, the screen was busted. I was able to refuse the shipment, they repacked it, and took it away. Meanwhile the next order was being placed, and on the way. Between returning the PN60F8500, and then getting the busted UN65F8000, it was quite the lengthy process to actually get the TV that now sits in my living room, but customer service was always excellent, and they helped expedite the process as much as they could.

Without turning on the screen, this is a TV that just looks nice. It doesn’t overwhelm you with accents. It’s minimalistic, small frame, a nice touch of chrome, and barely a bezel. There’s a very small Samsung logo at the bottom middle that will be lit by default, but can also be always off, or only on when the TV is off. Those settings can be found in Menu>System>General>Light Effect. I prefer it to only be on while “In Standby” so that it’s not distracting while watching TV, but you still have the nice light when the TV is off. In my case, I use the stand, and it first wasn’t sure if the TV was sturdy enough, but there have been zero issues, and it does what it’s supposed to – hold the TV upright. I’m sure if you wanted to put this TV on a wall, it would look great too.

Picture Quality:
Out of the box, the UN65F8000 has great picture quality. My couch is a little on the close side for the recommended viewing distance. I’m only about 7-7.5 feet away. For a 65 inch TV, most of what I read said 8.5 feet, but have also seen 6.5 - 10.3. If you’re upgrading from a smaller TV (in my case, 52”), then there may be a little shock factor in the beginning. Everything is amplified on a bigger TV. Meaning if you took the F8000 and compared the 65” to the 46” you’ll likely see some pixilation, motion blur, etc, that would not be seen in the same version of the TV, but smaller. That being said, the UN65F8000 is crystal clear. It is best when watching blurays or other video that is 1080P, and when the frame rates are higher. If you’re watching a DVD, you won’t be getting the full experience. For an LED, this TV has fantastic black levels, even without some of the additional settings turned on. Whether you’re watching sports, news, reality TV, or playing video games, the TV performs well. Also, because of how the TV is styled, all you notice when the TV is on is the picture on the screen. No distractions, just a picture that practically floats in the air.

Picture Settings:
How you choose to do your settings is personal preference. There are a lot of forums that will offer up full settings so you can copy what they did, but the reality is that a TV will look different based on the room that it is in because of the light conditions, and possibly the colors in that room. I’ll list some of the settings I feel helped improve my viewing experience below, but I highly recommend you play around with various settings on your own to find what appeals to your eye the most. Some of these may be default, but I can’t remember what default was and what wasn’t-
-Picture Mode Standard
-Backlight 15
-Contrast 80
-Brightness 48
-Sharpness 25
-Color 50
-Dynamic Contrast Off
-Black Tone Off
-Motion Lighting Off
Picture Options
-Color Tone Standard
-Digital Clean View Auto
-MPEG Noise Filter Auto
Auto Motion Plus Custom
-Blur Reduction 10
-Judder Reduction 5
-LED Clear Motion On
-Smart LED High
-Cinema Black On

I would suspect that most people buying this TV also have surround sound or at least a sound bar, so there are only a few things I’ll say about the sound. If you are using the TV speakers for your primary sound, it’s actually not too bad. I wouldn’t recommend it personally, but for TV speakers, they do alright. It’s too bad TV manufacturers don’t just do away with the speakers though. Anyway, the main thing I want to point out about the sound is regarding the output to a receiver/surround sound system. Older TVs would allow you to run your various video/audio sources through your TV, and out via an optical audio cable. For example, DirecTV and PS3 hooked up with an HDMI to the TV, then an optical cable from the TV to the receiver for the sound. This was a nice way of doing it so that you wouldn’t have to change the receiver to another input. You can still do this with new TVs, but you won’t be getting greater than 2.1 surround anymore. Apparently, this isn’t just a Samsung thing. There’s some stupid law that says that you can only output greater than 2.1 directly from the audio source. I read about it when I noticed I wasn’t getting full surround sound from the new TV. It will try to compress a 5.1 audio down to 2.1, and it doesn’t do a great job. You’ll end up missing out on a channel or two sometimes. The fix is just to run it all through the receiver instead of the TV. That being said, if the TV is “the source” (ie. Smart Hub apps like Netflix), then you will still get 5.1 with optical out. Otherwise, I suggest you do not run any audio through the TV. I like great sound almost as much as I do great picture, so this was a must for me. To try to be clear, and give an example – You have your Cable/Satellite box, take an HDMI cable and plug that into your receiver, and then another HDMI cable from your receiver to your TV – OR – From the Cable/Satellite box take an HDMI cable and plug that into your TV, and then take an optical or digital audio cable and plug that into the receiver (from the Cable/Satellite box, not the TV). The only time you should be using the audio out from the TV is for when you’re using the SmartHub Apps. I hope that all makes sense…

The UN65F8000 allows for a wired Ethernet connection or WiFI. I personally use the wired connection, but the WiFI works well too. I’ve only done minimal testing with the WiFI, and my router is not far from the TV, so I cannot comment on range. The wired connection works well, as it should.

The SmartHub is great, and has a ton of apps. The ones I use – Netflix, Amazon, HBOGo,, Spotify, YouTube and MGo. It’s easily accessible from the Samsung remote, and replaces most needs of having another device like an AppleTV or Roku.

It is possible to use Samsung IR blasters to control your cable/satellite box, and if you are set on using the voice control features, then you might like this feature. However, I find the Samsung guide to be insufficient, and does not allow you to control your cable/satellite box with the same capabilities as the normal cable/satellite remotes. When setting up your TV, it will ask you what provider you use so that it can populate the guide. Since this guide is separate from the box, certain features like setting a recording, or bringing up a list of recorded shows - which I think for most people, if you have a cable/satellite box, you probably have a DVR too. So for me, I don’t use the IR blasters or the Samsung Guide. If you’re like me, then here’s a helpful tip I picked up somewhere else: When you’re setting up the TV (or you can change this from settings), do not select a cable/satellite provider. Instead select antenna. This way, when you hit the SmartHub button, it will open directly to the apps instead of the guide. If you are not like me, and want the Samsung guide, then another tip is that you can also choose a setting to open the guide when the TV turns on. All of these settings should be found under Smart Features when you hit Menu on the TV remote, or by going to System>Setup.

Voice Recognition:
In general, I’m not a fan of most voice recognition technology. Think about the experience you have when you make a call to a 800 number, and have to say what you want before getting to a live person, and it misunderstands you multiple times, so you just keep saying, “Representative, Representative, Representative!!!” Well, same applies to trying to control your TV that way. So I just turn this setting off. It sounds cool in theory, and looks cool in commercials, but it’s just not quite there yet. Plus if you’re not using the IR blasters to control the TV, there’s very little to control with your voice. The voice control can sometimes pick up on words/noise in the room, and think you’re trying to give a command, when you’re not. If you would like to turn it off, the setting is under Smart Features after pressing Menu on the remote. (Side note – Google Now’s Voice Recognition is actually really good, but that doesn’t apply to this TV review)

The camera is decent, and if you Skype, could be a cool way for you to do it. The camera is a pop up camera at the top center. It is a manual pop up. You have to press it in. Same to hide it as well. There is a small roller on the top that will adjust the angle, but it doesn’t allow for a very big variance up and down. For me, the camera wouldn’t angle down enough to see much of except the top of my head. I don’t have much use for the camera, so I leave it down. Plus, after getting an Xbox One, I needed somewhere to put the Kinect. I found that the Kinect will balance nicely at the top of the TV without the need for a bracket because of where the camera recedes into the TV, creating a small area for the Kinect to sit on. And if you do have a Kinect, then you’ll probably want to Skype or whatever from that camera instead anyway.

Motion Control:
Motion actually works pretty well, but I still think remotes are easier to use. So I turned it off. This is also under Smart Features. If you do want this feature on, then the camera has to be up. If the camera is down, and the feature is on, you’ll get notes on the screen every time you turn on the TV about how the camera needs to be up for motion control.

There are 2 remotes. You don’t actually need 2, but they are both very different, and I like one and not the other. First, the one I like – It’s very similar to the remote Samsung has been using for years. Long, black, the usual buttons for everything, plus a SmartHub button, Netflix button, and Amazon button. If you use Netflix or Amazon a lot, these buttons are awesome! I’m a fan. Not much else to say about this remote because it works just like a remote should. The 2nd remote, however, in my opinion, is not very good at all. They call it the Smart Touch Remote, and there is a HUGE learning curve to use this remote. There are only a few actual buttons, no numbers, and uses a touchpad for most of the controls. It’s incredibly difficult in comparison to the other remote. Needless to say, I do not use the Smart Touch Remote, and would not recommend it. One thing to note if you’re considering the PNxxF8500 (the plasma I mentioned earlier) – for that TV, it’s the only remote that comes with the TV, which would be very frustrating to have to use. I hope that Samsung will continue to provide the normal remotes for future TV models. Whatever the case may be, I’d also recommend you consider the Logitech Harmony Ultimate. I got one as a gift recently, and it’s fantastic, making all of my equipment work together just a little bit easier.

Other Settings:
Under System, there are some other settings you might consider-
-Eco Solution – I’ve gone back and forth on these settings. I currently am only using the Eco Sensor setting, and set the min backlight to 10 since you may not need the screen as bright in a dark room compared to when the lights are on.
-General – I turn the boot logo off. It just what show the Samsung SmartTV boot screen. Not sure this saves any time booting, but just felt I didn’t need to see the boot logo everytime. I also mentioned earlier I changed the Light Effect to “In Standby” which is the lighted Samsung logo at the bottom of the screen.
-Auto Update – This is found under Support>Software Update. I have it on, but I’m not sure that it’s been updating automatically because I recently did an update by manually pressing update now, and it skipped over a couple of software versions. Whatever the case may be, the software updates do bring nice updates to the TV, whether it be settings, function, SmartHub, or something else.

The TV does a pretty good job with 3D. Unfortunately, there’s just not a ton of good content. I mentioned earlier that I sit about 7-7.5 feet away from the TV, which for 3D on this TV, I think is too close. You probably need to be at least 10 feet away for better 3D viewing.

I’ve been very pleased with the UN65F8000, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a top of the line LED TV with great picture. I’ve had the TV for about 6 months now. I’ve had a Super Bowl party, movie nights, played plenty of video games, and streamed plenty of video, and the TV has not disappointed. If all goes well, this will be my TV until 4K gets cheaper and has more content. Keep your eye out for a good deal on this TV. The price usually fluctuates by a few hundred dollars depending on the sales that are going on.
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