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on October 16, 2012
Did a LOT of research prior to purchasing this tv. At first I was dead set on getting the Panasonic P60ST50 Plasma because of all the great ratings for that TV, however when we viewed it in store I just couldnt get past how 'dim/dark' the plasma displays were vs the LED's. I recognize that in-store the tv's are set to display versions that will help stores sell more of what makes them the most money but this dimness is a known issue with plasma's and I could definitely see it. In addition, I did NOT see plasmas as offering a mind-blowing picture vs the LEDs in order to offset the dimness of the display, so that left me with finding the best LED instead...

I next researched the Samsungs, LG's, Sharps, and Vizio's for LEDs. In the end, we decided on a Samsung b/c of the good reviews and b/c we had previous good experience with the samsung brand. At first we were going to go with one of the ES (Smart TV) versions of this TV, but after more research and talking to a friend in the industry, we decided that we did not 'need' the 3D option and also that we could get the same or better 'smart' tv options with a 3rd party Digital Media Player add-on vs having it built into the TV. As a result, we decided on the EH6000 and this saved us about $1000!!!

Amazon has an excellent comparison chart to help you decide which Samsung TV is best for you in terms of features vs model - simply look at any of the Samsung TVs and you will see the chart under Product Description/Specs area. The EH6000 is essentially the same as the 6100 & 6500 but without the smart tv features. Don't be fooled by the CMR ratings given by samsung - do some research on the "refresh rate" and you will quickly learn that in order to get the 240Hz RR, you need at least a CMR of 720, however many techies will tell you that most people will not notice a RR difference between 120 vs 240 UNLESS you are watching a lot of 3d. If you feel you really want/need the 3d technology, then you'll need to spend the extra money to get the ES7000 or above. However, our view is that in a few years there will be better 3d technology available for less money than what is there now, so we made the decision to forgo the 3d feature since we don't think we'll use it much now and it adds another $500 or so to price. (and since most stations do not currently broadcast in 3d anyway).

As for the Smart TV features, this IS something that appeals to us, however the research we did kept saying that while Samsung has the best 'built-in' smart features, they still pale in comparison to what is available from 3rd party add-on boxes like Roku XS, Apple TV, Vizio Costar, etc. Why pay $500 extra for built-in smart TV features when you get can better features from a $100 or so add-on box?

Once we decided to NOT add the 3D or the built-in smart features, we were left with EH6000 - thus the $1000+ saving. So, we got this tv, AND added a $90 Roku XS (awesome), AND a $170 Vizio Soundbar with subwoofer (just plug it in and go), AND a $70 Universal Remote AND an subscription to Amazon Prime ($80) AND we still have another %$500+ left vs higher end models. Now we have a better overall system for less money -- Sweet!

As for the EH6000, the picture is simply STUNNING. Going from a DLP to this LED has been even more of a noticeable change than when we first went to HD years ago. The CONTRAST, 120Hz Refresh Rate, and overall depth really makes the people/action on the screen POP and my wife and I can't get over how great it looks. Even normal TV shows on NBC, etc look awesome. You will not be disappointed in the picture on this model.

Do your research and you'll see that the EH6000 is a great choice. Hope this helps.
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on October 8, 2012
I bought the 60" version of this set from Best Buy as I ended up getting an excellent price. Amazon reviews helped with the decision as did the in store comparisons with other TVs. I was torn between LED sets and plasma sets. The room we use this TV in has huge windows on all sides, and I was worried a plasma would reflect, I was looking at a highly rated Panasonic plasma and was shown some burn in at the store which probably would go away, but seems to keep me from the plasma sets which is too bad because the good ones really are great in the right rooms.

I used Cnet to check into ratings based on picture quality as well Amazon, and LCD BUYING GUIDE. I was considering The Sony 850, the LG 7600 and had even considered the new Vizio. I have 2 other Samsung flat screens and have enjoyed them, but saw that Cnet only gave this TV a "Good" rating and did not seem to like the picture quality at all. I saw the price on the 60" version of this TV and decided I could maybe go with it if it actually had a decent picture. When set to "store mode" its hard to do an evaluation and I thought most of the TVs looked the same and this one was as nice as any in the store if not better than a lot of them, so I felt Cnet maybe did not hit the nail on the head. There is a better review for this set from LCD Buying Guide and I felt based on my in store viewing and the price I'd go big, get a 60" TV and be happy. I did not want smart, or 3D, and it says in all the specs there are only 2 HDMI ports so there is no surprise or reason to mark down. I knew what I was buying and researched enough to know what the TV had and did not. So if it's a problem that there are only 2 HDMI ports, simply don't buy the TV.

The only thing I was concerned about was the lack of analog audio out. I have an audiophile grade stereo system I like to hook up for sound, but I'm not interested in surround. I have the solution for anybody that wants to get digital audio over their analog system if needed. Look into affordable DACs (digital audio converters) from Teac, or the DACmagic from Cambridge Audio. I bought the Cambridge DAC for $369 to use and am thrilled with it. It does the job and is a lot less money than the Bryston DAC I wanted for $2100. The Bryston is loads better, but for simple TV with stereo sound, I'm OK with the DACmagic. There are even cheaper DACs but I'm guessing the quality is very questionable. You CAN have stereo sound by using the Toslink (optical out) into the DAC and then to your system. Enjoy it.

I got the Samsung home, and had it mounted over the fireplace. I figured the "pros" at Cnet probably had the best advice on calibration settings so I went there to tweak my TV. I usually agree that the movie setting is the best, and I followed the Cnet cal settings. I was horrified!! I Tried another supposed pro calibration basic setting, and again was very upset. Each one I tried made it look like I was watching TV through a screen or smoke. It did not matter if it was Blueray, HDTV or standard there was no clarity and I was baffled. I was quite upset and my wife even commented that the football games looked bad. I did a reset, and tried the stock settings and was still disappointed.

Not until I read F Maria's review here and saw the review shared calibration settings did I see the tides turn. You can argue either way about what true videophile settings should look like. I will be the first to say I hate artificial, overly done picture settings like the in store demos have. That said I think F. Maria's settings certainly looked as close to real as I could get them. I tweaked things here and there to my liking and room lighting. I found I was able to better my other Samsung which I absolutely love.

This TV is fully back lit, not edge lit, so there is not light bleed from the sides. The TV is 3+ inches deep but looks just fine, actually beautiful wall mounted. The screen lighting is very uniform/even, and that was also noted as a plus in the Cnet review, however I think that review is way off. The off angle viewing is about the same as any other LED TV. If you use the crappy Cnet settings, the viewing angle is poor, but so is the picture. If you tweak the settings you will be very happy. I'd recommend F. Maria's settings from the review here, and then make small adjustments form there to suit your needs. I actually adjusted the settings similar in both Standard mode and Movie mode. You will have to mirror those adjustments when you play a Blueray because the HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 lines do not share settings.

I have an excellent NOT FAKE, looking picture. I strongly urge everybody to spend some time with the settings if you don't like the picture. I was a little upset by the fact that the TV really needed work to get it where I wanted it. As I said there were 2-3 days where I was getting ready to return it. There are some better pictures and TVs , but not in this price range/size, and not that much better in the more expensive price ranges, especially at 60".

This set has everything I need, skips the 3D and smart features, a PS3 will get you back into the smart game if needed. Personally I buy a TV for the picture 1st and go from there. I don't think it's a mystery that flat screen TVs don't have booming audio, but this set has adequate sound.

I will not go into what everybody says about customer service. I think it's bad all around in general and should not be used to RATE a TV's performance. Every TV on Amazon has some bad reviews, and every manufacturer gets gigged for poor customer service.

I rate this set a 5 based on Picture quality, price and size. The remote is adequate although small, the sound is decent and the picture is great.

I would say buy one, and expect to have to work a bit to get the picture where you want it. My settings and taste for picture may be a lot different than your's, so you may be satisfied right out of the box. I try to get the TV as close to REAL colors and tones as possible this TV did get me there, it just took some work.
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on June 20, 2012
The title of my review says it all. It is an awesome TV, period.
It has no gimmicks like 3D and Apps, it's just you and the stunning screen.

Let me recount my experience with this model:

I first bought a 55" from Walmart.
Everything was good, but it had the dreaded "Dirty Screen Effect".
That was prominent in all sports programs and it was horrendous for any soccer match.

Initially, I tried to overlook this as everything else was perfect.
But after 20 days, I just couldn't watch any sports on this set because of the DSE.
Returned the set to Walmart and ordered the 60" model from Amazon.

I have had that for the past month and it is exceptional.
No issues on this set.
There is still a small amount of DSE present in this set also, but it's not as bad as the previous set and I can live with this.
Please remember that all LED sets have issues, and the bigger the panel, the chances of an LED related issue is more likely.

This set of mine had no other issues like Flashlighting, Blooming, Ghosting, Clouding.
Only a small amount of DSE which I can definitely live with.

I will note down some pointers for the various aspects of the TV ...

Black Levels - Excellent Black levels all over. The Blacks actually look like real world Deep Black rather than grayish. This is very very satisfying to watch, a dark black background or the deep black of a person's suit.

Colors - Vibrant colors throughout. Excellent reproduction of the actual colors. Really amazed to see how it's possible to have such vibrant and brilliant colors on a TV set.

Soap Opera Effect - This set does have the soap opera effect which all LED's have. You will just have to adjust the settings till you can remove this. For me, I reduced the Sharpness to 20 and selected "Clear" for Auto Motion Plus. This should do the trick for most of you.

Sound - Not great, but should be good enough for most of us who are using without a Home theater system.

Connections - 2 HDMI, just adequate for me. And if you have a Home Theater System, your receiver should have more HDMI's.
USB Connectivity is also available. So plug in your jump drive or external hard drive and play all your video contents directly without even switching on your laptop, how cool is that.

Manual Picture Settings - Lots of picture calibration and settings available to tweak to your heart's content. For normal TV viewing, I use "Standard" mode and for Movies and Games I use "Movie" mode.

Screen - Screen is sort of Matte finish and not glossy. So this can be used in a brightly lit room without any issues.

My Picture Settings :

Mode - Standard
Backlight - 10 / Contrast - 75 / Brightness - 60 / Sharpness - 20
Color - 40 / Tint - G50/R50
Color Space - Native / Gamma - 0 / Dynamic Contrast - Off
Black Tone - Darkest / Flesh Tone - 0 / Motion Lighting - Off
Color Tone - Standard / Size - Screen Fit / Digital Noise Filter - Off
Film Mode - Auto / Auto Motion Plus - Clear / Led Motion Plus - Off

Overall, this is an excellent TV without any bells and whistles which most of us probably won't need.
If Picture Quality is all you care about, this is the Best set available at this moment.

Thanks for reading this long review and may god bless you all.
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on October 1, 2012
I purchased this TV to hang over my fireplace in a large den with cathedral ceilings. I went with a Samsung as I have a nine year old Plasma (55 in.), also made by Samsung and have had no issues at all. The picture is amazing. The detail is excellent and the colors are vibrant. The speakers are also a very good quality as it has superior sound. It is a really good looking unit. Sleek, slim and lightweight. I purchased it along with a bracket that allows for the unit to be pulled in or out and turn the unit from left to right for optimal viewing. The bracket came with the HDMI cables. Cheetah Mounts Plasma LCD Flat Screen TV Articulating Full Motion Dual Arm Wall Mount Bracket For 32-65 inches Displays Up To 165LBS Black With 10 cm High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet Fits Up To 24 feet Studs. The unit comes with tons of features allowing you to adjust picture quality from daytime, evening, poor lighting conditions, movies, concerts, etc. You can do this with sound as well ... movie, concerts, surround sound feature, etc. I have not had time to explore fully all the features listed in the manual, but am really impressed over all with the picture quality. It looks beautiful as well hanging over the mantle. Free shipping with prime membership, no tax and 2% back in Amazon rewards only sweetened the deal. I couldn't be happier with the purchase!

I have only had this TV installed for a few days now and I already felt the need to come back and edit my original review. Yesterday, my daughter and I sat down to watch the season premiere of our favorite shows. We couldn't get over the detail, color and quality of the picture. You literally can see imperfections on the actor's faces ( large pores, etc.) and individually highlighted strands of hair. I can't fully explain the detail. It really has to be experienced. The color enhancing feature delivers such rich, full bodied color to the screen. This TV absolutely exceeds my expectations. I was not in the market for 3D as I heard the technology is not quite there yet. As well, I know a couple of people who have made the investment, and other then when first purchased, they rarely use the 3D feature. I didn't need Wi-Fi steaming for video as I already have a Blu-Ray and wasn't looking to duplicate services. Still, there are plenty of features (most of which I'll never use), such as playing music and videos through USB drive. The unit also has a special technology that detects action packed movement allowing for extra sharp detail and better contrast. Perfect for sports. If you are simply looking for the best picture quality, amazing detail, vivid color and truly impressive sound, without additional features you would never use, then this unit is exceptional for the money!

Also, if you have any issues at all with lighting, this is your TV. I hung a perfectly working 55 inch Plasma over my fireplace. The room has a cathedral ceiling so I have three windows (two long and one short) on either side on the unit. No matter what I tried, I could barely see the screen of the Plasma with all the light pouring in through the top two windows. It was literally unviewable during the day, due to the glare. Window coverings on middle and upper windows wasn't optional for me. One of the reasons I moved to this house was because of all the beautiful natural lighting. I figured after nine years, it was time to move the Plasma upstairs and invest in a new TV. Best decision I ever made. One of the best purchases I have ever made as well.

*Pic attached.
review image review image review image
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on April 17, 2012
This Samsung 60 inch tv is totally awesome. Absolutely worth every penny. Picture quality is outstanding. Feels like you're looking right through a window at a live event. Tv base is adequate and won't topple over. Audio is also adequate. Hooked up to surround sound and have no issues with sound isolation.
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on February 4, 2013
First of all let me write that my true rating is 3.5 stars, but since that is not available I decided to round down. I have had the TV for almost a month now and unfortunately, the picture is not quite as good as my five year old Samsung LNT4671F LCD that it replaced. Still very good for sure, but not as good. Yes, the TV only has two HDMI inputs, but I knew that before I bought it (and I was OK with that so no score reduction there). However, as far as I am concerned, it only has one (I'll get to that shortly). This TV is also not a SMART TV, but in my case, that was exactly what I was looking for. The price was definitely very good (a little over $1K).

Five stars for Amazon customer service though. The first TV arrived DOA (failed the "power on" test) with a huge crack in the display. I called Amazon customer service and another TV was sent out the next day. When the second TV arrived, the delivery company hauled away the broken one. Overall, a smooth and excellent experience.

After several hours of playing with the settings and reading many reviews I settled on the following:

Mode: Movie
Backlight: 15
Contrast: 100
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 10
Color: 50
Tint: G50/R50

Color Space: Auto
Gamma: +1
Dynamic Contrast: off
Black Tone: Off
Flesh Tone: 0
Motion Lighting: Off

R-Offset: 26
G-Offset: 24
B-Offset: 25
R-Gain: 24
G-Gain: 25
B-Gain: 20

Color Tone: Warm2
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter: Auto
HDMI Black Level: Low (*** see complaint below)
Film Mode: Off
LED Motion Plus: Off

Custom Setting
Blur Reduction: 10
Judder Reduction: 0

Mode: Standard
SRS TruSurround HD: Off
Auto Volume: Off

100Hz: Two notches down from the highest "+" setting
300Hz: All the way to the "+" setting
1KHz: Two notches down from the highest "+" setting
3KHz: All the way to the "+" setting
10KHz: All the way to the "+" setting

Game Mode: Off

*** OK, so here is the big gripe. The picture settings I listed above ONLY work with the HDMI 2 input. For whatever reason the HDMI 1 input defaults the "HDMI Black Level" setting to "Normal" and it cannot be changed (and it makes a BIG difference). I have played with other settings for hours (Brightness, Gamma, Flesh Tone, etc.) to no avail. I cannot match the picture quality of HDMI 2 on HDMI 1. Therefore, this TV effectively only has one HDMI input.

For anyone who has a newer receiver that supports HDMI the answer is simple - plug all your components into the receiver and then run the output to HDMI 2 on the TV. For anyone who does not either invest in a decent HDMI switch or do not buy this TV. I purchased a switch (about $15), and so far that solution works perfectly fine.
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on April 11, 2013
TV work great but only lasted 2 weeks longer than Amazon would allow a return. It worked perfect in the morning and when we returned home and turned it on there was no video. So it was a great TV for 6 weeks.

Opened a ticket on Samsung website on Tuesday and a local service company said they would call Thursday with a 2 hour window to come out. Samsung confirmed with an email to me. Thursday at noon I called them and they said they had no record of talking to me. The representative I spoke to said they had all kinds of "glitches" with Samsung support and may Samsung customers calling. They have to order parts and the soonest they can schedule someone out there is Monday. I called Samsung and the service representative there said they don't have a problem, the problem is with the service contractor. Now someone will have to take a day off work to wait for service Monday. Nice going Samsung, way to promote your brand...

Update: No one called by 11:30 Monday as they said they would. I called the dispatcher and after about 20 minutes the technician called and said they would be out between 1 and 3. He did show up but didn't have the right part with him. He did go get the part which took about an hour and it did fix the TV. For those interested, it was the tcon card. The repair was successful and the TV works again as new. However, as above, the infant mortality of the electronics combined with the poor service experience is disappointing. I am completely satisfied with the features and function of the TV but if I had a do over I would look at Sony or Sharp to see if they may have better reliability and service.
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on March 4, 2013
I'm upgrading to my first HD experience, so naturally I am super impressed with the picture quality. I had read a review somewhere that made me a bit fearful that the blacks would not be really black, and maybe there are videophile machines that are even better but I find the black of this screen to be really good.

I intentionally did not get an internet-connected "smart" TV, because I wanted to get the most picture and not pay extra for dubious frills; I got a Samsung Blu-ray "smart" player to go with this TV, so my only complaint is that the TV doesn't do Anynet+ (I missed that in the fine print) so it doesn't turn on the blu-ray player automatically. Speaking of fine print, some specs say that this TV doesn't have a 3.5mm audio out jack, but it does have one (nice for use with my cordless headphones). (I think you may want to avoid the 6003 model for that reason; in spite of having a higher model number, it skimps on some little features like this.)

The delivery service through Amazon was smooth; a nice man carried the big box up stairs with a little help from me (I was surprised that they only sent one person). Again with the fine print -- I thought at first that they would set it up for me, but reading carefully you find that the delivery people do not hook it up, they are only supposed to power it on to make sure it turns on, however there is a caveat that if the outside temperature is low they won't power it up because it needs to come to room temperature first. This is smart and all stated clearly in the fine print if you take the time to read it!
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on April 3, 2013
TV is awesome. Picture is great. Screen is great. Delivery system was pretty good. It was raining and they wanted to leave outside but at least they called me to ask what they wanted me to do with it. The price was insanely good. IT IS NOT A SMART TV. If you want Netflix and the web to be built in this is not the TV you want. However, buy a $60 blue ray Smart player that offers many more options than most smart TVs and it will save you the extra $300-$400 that a smart TV feature will cost you. This TV does have a USB port and a built in media player program. You can plug in an external hard drive (or computer) and play movies, music, slide shows with pictures. The oooonnnnllllyyyyyyyy thing that I am bummed about is It only has 2 HDMI ports. however the ports are placed on the outside edge of the TV so its easy tome change the cord between devises. To be fair there is one thing I noticed as well- The sound is not amazing-however, due to flat TVs size, companies are not able to put in the speakers they use to, something that is a pretty common problem with all ultra thin flat screens. So I can't really say that the sound problem is specific to this brand make and model of TV.
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on May 5, 2014
This TV started out life fine. Great picture etc... And then boom. Less that a couple months out of the 1 year warranty. No picture, and for the low, low, price of 420.00 we could "extend" our warranty and have it fixed. What a scam. Check the reviews online. This company and TV line are a joke and you are wasting your money on them. I have a Phillips and a Sony that are both doing fine after several years. Buy another product. Samsung is not worth the hassle.
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