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on March 4, 2013
i've had the TV for about a week now. based on research and experience i would say the majority of the one or two star negative reviews here are from 65inch models, please refer to "Additional Comment" below. for me this was an upgrade exchange from ES6500 which had the infamous green halo trail. i got the 60ES8000. overall i would say the TV is great for its current street price.

1. strong black level performance due to Micro Dimming. beautiful beautiful black. one of the best blacks i've seen for LCD/LED sets.
2. best design esthetics. no need to elaborate more. it speaks for itself.
3. best color representation right out of the box without too much tinckering. but of course if you're one of those who is hardcore about calibrating, you'll end up calibrating it anyway. but i am not that anal, although having work in the motion picture VFX industry, i do have a pretty trained eye and picky about quality. the set is pretty accurate and true right out of the box.
4. slightly better viewing angle than other edge lit LED sets.
5. Super Bright, and Super awesome contrast ratio. it even made my last ES6500 looked bad.
6. Dynamic contrast preserves over 95% of details even in medium setting, thanks to its 500 sub region micro dimming capability. i tested it with color and gamma palettes, even in medium setting, the color information is still preserved. unless you go all the way into HIGH, which starts to crush some shadows.
7. minimal to none clouding/flash lighting issues. with micro dimming on, it's completely none issue.

1. slight screen uniformity issue. slight back light bleed in rare occasions. Thanks to Micro Dimming. most of the back light bleed are eliminated. the only time you'll see slight back light bleed is a thin edge of bleeding will appear on both lef/right side of the screen when hovering over a neutral color. but in all of the dark scenes back light bleed isn't an issue at all thanks to Micro Dimming.
2. slight DSE/banding toward both left/right side of the screen. i only found this out when i started looking for it. and once i found it, it's hard not to forget. do yourself a favor, don't look for it. i now also find some banding on all my other monitors and TV's around the house. the banding isn't bad, and you probably won't notice unless you start looking for it. so don't.

Additional comment: overall, it's a great TV. based on my previous research, it seems that if you stay away from the 65 inch set, which has the most amount of screen uniformity issue, you should be ok. i honestly couldn't find anything wrong with it the first few days. it was until i started doing all the test, and started "looking" for flaws and i found some slight banding. honestly once i found the banding, i went and look for it on my old 46inch TV set that the ES8000 replaced, i found worse banding on the old one, which to my surprise i never noticed for the past 6 years. so now i wish i had never went and looked for those issues, because now psychologically, you always tell yourself there is slight banding at a certain place, and you look for it. maybe as time goes by, i'll forget about it. in case if you're wondering if the banding is as bad as those example pictures of 65 inch on AVS forum, no, it is not. i can still watch hockey without noticing any, unless you start looking for it.

EDIT: 2/26/2014
do yourself a favor, pick up an Xrite Colormunki, or Xrite i1Display Pro. if you think the image is awesome on this set, wait until you calibrate it with the meter. it'll blow your mind. you'll need to use the meters with HCFR calibration software, which is free. the white balance on this set, like all other tvs in the market, are off. color temp out of factory in movie mode is over 9000 Kelvin. and there's excess Blue and Green across all color scale. Red and yellow are actually pretty accurate out of the factory. but after you calibrate it and get the white balance to D65, and using CMS on your tv to match all color reference points, the image is breath taking. i actually got a even blacker black level after calibration, and overall better perceived contrast (without the excessive blue tint).
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on February 25, 2013
I don't get the negative reviews, granted this type of unit must be calibrated to achieve a nominal viewing performance. For the unfamiliar user this could seem a daunting task but there are numerous web sites to visit to retrieve all the information necessary to do a quality in home calibration, I used this one coupled with my personal tastes, AVS forum.
I suppose the bells and whistles are a little over the top, the hand motion coupled with the camera is a little weird, but the access to Apps is relatively easy to navigate as is the personalization. The voice controls issues there. Clearly this type technology is the future of television viewing, internet connected, streaming and personalization.
The picture quality for me is excellent, viewing angles are better then previous Samsung units and the sound is better then older Samsung versions, not to say it's great though.
3D is very good, it's such a personal issue....but it works for me.
The design is amazing, the bezel is the thinnest in the business and the stand is very attractive. The connections are easily accessible and the basic remote is simple, the voice and motion remote takes a little getting use to. I have several Samsung TV's and this is just the latest and greatest version of a clear leader in the industry.

TV did the robotic off and on thing, vertical lines and frozen images.....broken....after 6 days of use.
Looks like my luck with Samsung stuff just ran out. I guess I'll eat the return fee and move on.
Any suggestions?

It's going back......Samsung has a new unit coming maybe I'll try it, then again maybe not. Anyone have any recommendations for a good TV?

After weeks of flailing the shipper finally took the thing away on 3/26/13. What a terrible experience. Samsung? never again.
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on July 16, 2013
We bought a Samsung UN60ES8000 about 10 months ago. After only couple of days we started seeing vertical color lines instead of picture. This is a known issue with the TVs. We were very surprised when Samsung refused to replace it. After waiting 3 weeks for the TV to be repaired it worked pretty good, except for the annoying voice command popping up even when no one in the room was talking.

The TV has failed for the second time exact same problem. Vertical lines, TV restarts then about 10 seconds of working then vertical lines come back and it repeats. To our surprise Samsung will not replace but is going fix. However TV will not be picked up for 7 days from when we called in. We live in Houston not a small town. We called Samsung several times and they refuse to help and don't care that our $3000 plus TV has failed twice. So tonight we have to go buy another TV, not sure which brand but for sure it will not be a Samsung.

The first repair guy told me that Samsung overdrives their electronics which makes the picture look great in the store but can cause the TV to fail much sooner.

Well it failed for the 3rd time. After dragging it out for 4 months Samsung final sent me a check for about 2/3rds of what we paid. They even tried to pro rate the time between it breaking and when they finally paid me. Worst experiances ever with a company.
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on August 7, 2012
I brought this TV in July 2012 and it stopped working within 2 weeks. All the inputs (HDMI, DVI, AV, Component) could not detect any input. I contacted Samsung and they referred to the 3rd party at-home tech who advised that they would have to order a new part and that could take 2-3 weeks to fix. I preferred to return the TV instead. Why waste your time, money and ALL the hassles with this when there are hundreds of other TVs to choose from?

This TV has some great picture quality, wireless internet to stream my Netflix movies and watch 3D content. But the IR blaster and the Voice and Motion controls do not work (as intended) most of the time. The Smart remote is a big pain to manage and if you are using that to type something (e.g. website address can only be typed with this), it takes a frustrating long amount of time.

I would not recommend this TV to any .. instead would ask Samsung to fix the features and the bugs and make sure they all work correctly. This appears to be rushed to the market without proper testing.
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on February 8, 2013
I purchased this Samsung UN60ES8000 60-Inch LED TV from Amazon on 8/16/2012.

This TV has been nothing but trouble. It has been repaired by Samsung 2 times for the exact same problem. Now it is doing it again. What happens is the TV starts flashing crazy patterns and then turns itself off and on nonstop until you unplug it. Now it is doing it again.

Samsung has replaced the “board” in the TV each time. It works for a few days or weeks then it starts all over again. Now Samsung wants to use my living room floor as a TV repair shop again. This time they want to replace the TV’s LED main panel.
Every time they need to repair it I have to pay someone to take it off the wall, Samsung “fixes it” and then I pay someone to put it back on my wall. It is, after all, a 60” TV. You can’t install it on a wall by yourself. I say Samsung “fixes it” because they keep replacing the same part of the TV.

I have asked Samsung to replace the TV and they refuse.
Needless to say I will never buy another Samsung product again.
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on November 8, 2012
I have owned this TV for over 4 months now and absolutely love it!. I have zero issues with it's function. Now to be fair, I did not buy this TV because of the voice commands, or for the motion commands. I actually turned these options off as I have no interest in using these features. That being said, everything else is awesome. The picture quality is second to none in my opinion. The 3D is as good as it gets. I run the 3D movies through my PS3 as it has 3D capability and does very well with this format.
As mentioned in other reviews, when the scene on the TV is very dark/black, there is some "cloudiness" seen, but you kind of have to look for it. If you are engrossed in the movie or show as the case may be, chances are you may not even notice. You have to look for it. Kind of like that little itch you have, normally you don't notice it, but if you concentrate on it then it may bug you, otherwise not an issue. For some people this may be a non starter, but realistically, what percentage of your TV watching is a predominately black/dark scene or background? Be that as it may, this for me is such a non issue that I would not have mentioned it or maybe even noticed it but for the reviews that others have posted.
Would I buy this TV again? Absolutely, without a second thought.
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on April 23, 2012
After reading many reviews on this and the D8000 I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and order one. I didn't purchase from Amazon only because I got a better deal elsewhere (I wish I would have ordered from Amazon). Samsung appears to be having some major quality control issues as in the last 3 panels I have received including this one there have been "light spots" in the screen under dark backgrounds. Originally I called Samsung and explained the issue, they said to turn the back light down to 7 and wait 3 weeks to see if the problem corrected itself...

In the 4 corners of this panel it looks like something is pushing on the panel from behind the LCD screen causing a whitish haze which is clearly visible under any dark backgrounds (dark blues, blacks, greens ect.). here is a link to a photo showing the affected areas: [...]

After dealing with support for countless hours I am finally getting a refund and plan to buy the new Panasonic 65" VT50 when its released. DON'T BUY THIS TV, YOU WILL REGRET YOUR PURCHASE!

If the TV didn't have the spots it would be a great set. The color and quality of the rest of the panel is awesome! but who could look past those annoying spots on a purchase that's over 3 thousand?!?

EDIT 5/3: Amazon removed the link to the photo, I added it in a comment under the comments section of this review for anyone interested.
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on March 30, 2013
I picked up this TV from Amazon shortly before the F series TV's came out and paid around $2200 for the 60" model. This is a great overall performer. I've owned a number of high end Samsung TV's including a couple of 3D plasma TV's. This one trumps the plasmas. The whites are much brighter and truer compared to a comparable plasma TV where whites are almost gray. The micro-dimming ultimate and increased black levels are definitely noticeable over my 55C8000 Samsung. Yes, black levels are not as good as they are on my 7 series Plasma, but it's very rare that I'm watching TV in complete darkness so this doesn't matter to me.

The new voice and gesture control may be gimmicky to some, but I will be the first to admit that they are incredibly handy and accurate. There is nothing better than walking into your living room and saying "Hi TV, power on" and having the TV on before you sit down. The voice control also allows you to tell the TV to change channels, volume, and a handful of other commands without ever leaning forward to grab the remote. (Very handy when eating!). The gesture controls are great too. It took me a day or two to figure out how to do the motion control properly. You don't wave your hand like the advertisements show, you just hold your hand up and make sure there's some lighting in the room to illuminate it. The voice and gesture controls sync with your cable box, making them useful... rather than useless.

3D is nicely improved over the two 2011 3D Samsung's I own. The TV comes with four pairs of bluetooth glasses that never lose connection if you look away from the TV like the old IR models do. They're also very light and fit over eyeglasses well. The 3D effect itself seems crisper and more pronounced.

The app market is also a nice improvement and contains a number of board games like Monopoly, the Game of Life, and others. Good for sitting around with a group of people. Angry Birds is also fun with the motion control and comes free with the TV.

The new touch remote isn't all that great, and I wish this TV included last years special remote with the keyboard on the back. Although the touch remote makes web browsing much easier (think laptop trackpad), the typing is still a chore because you have to select each letter separately. You can always sync your Samsung phone to the TV though (Galaxy models, Focus models for WP7, etc), this enables you to use your phone's keyboard to type.

Other features that I haven't tried yet but may be nice are; connectivity to a wireless printer so you can print directly from web pages, Skype functionality with the built in camera, and facial recognition that can bring up each person's individual Skype phone book, app preferences (I think), etc.

Overall this is a great performing TV in terms of picture quality, but also adds some great extras that you just wont get on a high end Sony TV.

Pull the trigger now while the price is LOW!
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on February 13, 2013
I upgraded to the Samsung UN60ES8000 from a Samsung LN52A750. I took advantage of Amazons free shipping. It arrived a few days before the expected due date and had the, “White Glove” service! I was most impressed with the delivery people care that ensured that the TV was in working order before they left.

I’ve used the 8000 for around 3 months now. The TV is beautiful with the thin silver colored bezel with very narrow black edges. The stand complements the TV.

The TV came with a standard remote control and a touch pad remote control. I much prefer the standard remote over the touch pad remote, and a remote control extender. With the extender I have my Blu-ray and satellite DVR programmed so it matches my satellite service channel line-up. This is a nice feature. The touch pad remote is sluggish execution responses when touching the pad. The touch pad remote control is not as user friendly when filling in data fields with letters and numbers. I used the Motion Control and Voice Control, I find neither beneficial. Using voice control via the touch remote gives best results.

I rate the Picture quality with a “B”. If the quality of the program is top notch, the video quality is exceptional. If the program is less than average due to being over compressed or having a low bit rate, digital artifact becomes evident. The LED/LCD has robust color, great contrast and brightness. I’m impressed with the quality of standard definition content. The viewing angle is narrower than my replaced CCFL/LCD. I have a smaller LED/LCD TV. It like this TV has the same narrow viewing angle. This may be caused by the LED back lighting (edge lighting process) and the much thinner encasement width. When moving to the either side if the TV, I see is the increase of white saturation similar to high Chroma. At greater side viewing angles the washout becomes very evident. I have not had the 8000 professionally calibrated.

I have Dish Network receivers. I find that channel video quality is not always equal. Some channels have slight judder when the Auto Motion is set to “Standard,” or “Smooth”. Changing it to “Clear” fixes the problem 100%, but makes the picture look flat as compared to “Standard” that makes the picture look more realistic (or the soap opera effect). Using the “Smooth” setting actually increases judder on some channels. “Smooth” should make the picture smooth. I’ve tried different user settings and can emulate Samsung’s presets, but can’t get it any better.

Using the Smart Hub internet features is remarkable. The picture quality of the HBO-GO & VUDU applications is close to perfect. I have not used every feature application in the Smart Hub but can attest that the video quality is exceptional for some applications. I’m a Netflix subscriber and use the Netflix app. The video quality for the Netflix app is disappointing. This application causes what others describe as blooming in the four corners of the screen with dark to black scenes. Data streaming may be slower making the picture looks softer with an increase in macro blocking. Samsung and Netflix need to work on and improve this application.

I using the 3D feature with Dish Network VOD programs. The quality is average, depth could be better. I compared quality with my 32” 3D VIZIO that has passive 3D. The VIZIO 3D has more field of depth; the 8000 has a much better viewing angle. My biggest complaint about the 3D is that there is occasionally a good amount of side reflection of image, usually to the left of a 3D object (like there is a pane of glass next to the object reflecting a ghost image of the object when the 3D effect is set to Auto). Using the 3D Auto setting also causes side banding to increase and decrease depending on how much 3D content is present. Using the 2D to 3D feature is amazing. The quality is remarkable.

The included 3D glasses work well, however other surrounding light sources will introduce lens flicker. Corrective lens glasses are hard to position while using the included 3D glasses. I don’t have a 3D player however playback of Blu-Ray videos provided outstanding picture quality which makes me believe that 3D would be much better when using Blu-Ray. There is occasionally some white side banding when I first start VOD 3D playback. I found that I can eliminate it either by stopping and starting the 3D program.

The audio quality is average with the built in speakers. I’ve tried modifying the sound setting for the TV speakers. Quality is not improved.

Network setup is easy. Using either WiFi or connecting an Ethernet cable proves positive. There are no problems.

This TV has Eco friendly user options. I don’t use them because the TV is quite energy efficient with the standard settings. When room lighting compensation setting is used, the picture dims to dark for my liking, even in a dimly lighted room.

Module upgrades are part of the design for this TV that attach to the back. I’m curious to learn what features and upgrades will be made available.

I recommend this HDTV for those who have an unlimited budget. For the rest I think it wise for to wait until the price drops before taking the plunge.
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on December 11, 2012
So I must start by saying I have not written many of these, but find myself always looking at them to make a decision on what to buy. Spending $3K is a big decision so here is my contribution and hope it is helpful. I have now had my TV over 90 days so lots of reviewing time.

This TV is beautiful, and looks amazing mounted on a wall with a thin mount display. The Sanus Extra Thin works great with this TV. The minimized bezel and clean lines make this a work of art even when it is off. I don't believe esthetically there is a better TV out there.

Picture quality is amazing although the black is not the blackest but I believe that is one of the downsides of LED's. Still so beautiful and one of the best on the market and certainly at this price range.

I did not find the smart remote provided to be intuitive but thankfully Samsung likely figured this out and provides a standard remote as well that I found much easier to use.

One of the major disappointments has been that Samsung has chosen to no longer to offer compatibility with their remote app for IPhone users. This app is awesome and allows you to control the TV via an app on your phone. It appears because these companies are now not playing nice with each other, they are taking it out on the consumers and the IPhone app no longer works with the latest TV software updates. Lame.

Lastly, I am having slight video delays at random times and have not been able to figure out why. I have not made any calls on this but am hopeful it is something that can be resolved. I will provide an update when I do but I am giving Samsung the benefit of the doubt on this and hoping there is an easy fix.

Aside of the occasional delay, overall this is an amazing TV with amazing picture that I would recommend. Especially if you want to nice clean look on your wall with a beautiful picture.
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