Customer Reviews: Samsung UN65EH6000 65-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Black) (2012 Model)
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on July 5, 2012
The TV is simply a very good, simple TV. As stated by many others, this TV does not have the sort of Internet Connected bells and whistles you find on more expensive sets. This doesn't bother me - I have 3 devices hooked up to this TV that are already able to do Netflix, Hulu, etc... and far better than I've seen built into a TV. I recently purchased the 50" model and have enjoyed it thoroughly (and I'm very, very particular about image quality).

The TV is a bit thick compared to many other LED lit LCDs - not an issue for me since it will not be wall mounted. The thickness is the result of LED rear-lighting versus LED edge-lighting. While the latter allows thinner panels, the technology inherently lowers the image quality. More expensive sets overcome this issue and provide great pictures, but at the lower-end of the price spectrum, image quality is may be better served by rear-lighting. The set also has none of the "flashlight" effect (bright spots along the screen borders) that is common in even high-end edge-lit sets.

IMHO the black levels produced by a TV are the single most important aspect of overall image quality. This TV does a pretty-darn-good job, but don't expect it to be nearly as good as a decent plasma television. If you keep a few small lights on in the room while you watch a movie the blacks will appear quite nice and dark. In a pitch-black room however, you'll be looking at dark gray instead. The trade off is this TV gets brighter than most plasmas on the market, making it's picture clearer in a brightly lit room. Some edge-lit sets can dim portions of the screen to improve the black level, but this also comes with image trade-offs such as "blooming" (seeing the edge of the brightly lit portion of the screen spilling into the dark areas). Unlike some very high end sets with "full-array" rear-lighting, this set cannot turn off individual LEDs to dim portions of the screen.

This is all really just a long-winded way to say that this TV seems like a good deal, and seems to have image quality that is comparable in several ways to more expensive sets. After weighing the trade-offs of many (MANY) TVs, this seems to have been the right choice for me. It would have gotten 5 stars, but Samsung has decided to put only 2 HDMI inputs on this set (1-2 less than others at the price point). Its a mild annoyance having to use an HDMI switch for several of my components, but far from a deal-breaker and possibly not an issue for the majority of people.
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on November 25, 2012
This TV is a great value in the Samsung line. At the time I purchased this, it was $1000(!) cheaper than the step up model with 3D and smart TV (I have the 65"). 3D isn't important to me at all, and I have an Xbox so all of the streaming and stuff wasn't important either. Forget what Cnet says about this TV, I find the picture to be solid and the black levels to be completely acceptable for an LED.

I'll get the CONS out of the way first...

It's a little thicker since it is a full array LED, but that's ok in my set up and I prefer the full array as it tends to give more consistent lighting than edge lit.

The biggest knock is the lack of input/output options. I am trying to simplify, so it's not insurmountable in my case, but if this will be the center piece of a complex set up you'll probably need a receiver to get all of the processing you will want. One note, the optical out down converts to stereo from 5.1/ 7.1 etc. so you'll want to consider that.

That's it on the CONS. The picture is great, the processing of signals seems to be solid, and there are no artifacts when watching fast moving action.

One major thing I did find with the picture, however, is the "Auto Motion Plus" setting. This makes high def movies look terrible for some reason. Like it was shot with a handheld camera. I have found no benefit for this setting and suggest turning it off immediately!

I tweaked settings for a few days and feel like I have honed it in:


Mode: Movie
Backlight: 18
Contrast: 80
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 20
Color: 55
Tint: G50/R50

Color Space: Auto
Gamma: +1
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Black Tone: Dark
Flesh Tone: +1
Motion Lighting: Off

R-Offset: 26
G-Offset: 24
B-Offset: 25
R-Gain: 24
G-Gain: 25
B-Gain: 20

Color Tone: Warm 2
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter: Off
HDMI Black Level: Low
Film Mode: Off
LED Motion Plus: Off

Auto Motion Plus: OFF

Great TV, get it!
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on December 3, 2013
Yes you read that right. HATED IT. This TV out of the box produces one of the ugliest, most jagged and off color pictures you might have ever set your eyes on, especially if you're upgrading from a Sharp Aquos like I did.

Seriously considered returning the TV even after getting it for a great price ($997).
Searched on the web for a bit then found this:


This guy used a calibration tool for the following settings. This made the TV go from Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll. The TV is absolutely gorgeous! One star was removed because 1080i content doesnt look great. Prime time sports look amazing, sub 1080P not s much.

Here we go. Every owner of this TV should definitely give these settings a shot. BEAUTIFUL!


Mode: Standard
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 50
Sharpness: 30
Color: 55
Tint: G50/R50

Color Space: Auto
Gamma: 0
Dynamic Contrast: Low
Black Tone: Dark
Flesh Tone: +4
Motion Lighting: Off

R-Offset: 20
G-Offset: 30
B-Offset: 20
R-Gain: 25
G-Gain: 25
B-Gain: 30

Color Tone: Standard
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter: Off
HDMI Black Level: Low
Film Mode: Off
LED Motion Plus: Off

Auto Motion Plus: Clear


Mode: Standard
SRS TruSurround HD: Off
Auto Volume: Off

100Hz: Two notches down from highest "+" setting.
300Hz: All the way to "+" setting.
1KHz: Two notches down from highest "+" setting.
3KHz: All the way up to "+" setting.
10KHz: All the way to "+" setting.



Hope this helps!
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on November 18, 2012
If you want a smart TV or a 3D TV, this is not one. That being said, I wanted a TV not another computer-like device, and this fits the bill perfectly. My Bluray player has Wifi and all that jazz if the mood ever strikes me, so why pay hundreds (literally) so my TV can have it. I don't think I'd ever use it, I have a laptop and a smartphone for those types of things. I think there are lots of us with that viewpoint about a TV.
If you want a brilliant HD picture, a nice big-but-not-crazy-huge 50" screen, then this TV is perfect. The thin bezel (frame) makes it look like it's all screen while you're watching it, it's nice! The sound, while some people say it's awful, is actually quite nice considering NO thin LED TVs have booming sound. Compared to TVs of yesteryear this TVs sound is actually nice & crisp with a little bass (not much) and fairly spacious. I find it VERY adequate for day to day watching. i also have the Vizio VHT215 soundbar for when I want to crank it during a movie. But if you've never been a theater sound person then don't believe people who say this TVs sound royally sucks, it doesn't. It's fine, maybe a notch above similar thin TVs on the market.

It has 2 HDMI ports so you can hook up your satellite or cable box, and your Bluray. If this angers you because you also have a Wii or an Xbox, then you'll have to make the sacrifice of either a) a switch, or b) moving a cable, which takes all of 5 seconds. Or if you have a soundbar that has HDMI inputs (like the Vizio VHT215) you can pipe your devices into it (as a switch) and then feed the signal(s) to your TV that way.
If this TV had everything under the sun it wouldn't cost only $1100 and be on sale often for around $800-900. It would cost $2400....which is what some upper-end Samsungs do cost. So therefore, don't believe the criticism that this TV is "mediocre" based on the fact that it lacks things that make it pricier. It is 120Hz (midrange to good); 1080p (as good any other); 20watt sound (good, on par with competitors); 50" (well, it's big but not huge- plenty for sitting 10-15' away); Nice looking (as most black TVs are); Matte screen (keeps extra reflections to a minimum); has a backlit remote control [the buttons light up] (a touch that most competitor don't offer- nice for night time viewing); has zillions of color, brightness, LED level, smooth motion, movie, dynamic, blah blah blah adjustments (if you're a tweaker you can tweak to your heart's content); it has a joystick-style control on the bottom right-of-center edge instead of buttons (for power on/off, settings, menu, etc- unique to most TVs).

Anyway, you get the idea. It has all those things new TVs have, plus Samsung's reputable picture quality. Oh, and it states it costs an average of $11 to run. For a year. Wow. I think my old Sony boob tube cost that a month! And I'll brag a little, this TV only cost me $447. Haha, I scored four $100 gift cards to Best Buy from work and it was on sale for $799. Cha ching for me.

Uber-happy with this TV because I knew what I was buying before I bought it, and it has what I want and not extra bloatware I don't need. well worth the $800 sale price, and I honestly think it's worth the $1100 retail tag.
review image
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on December 18, 2013

Really great picture
Very bright
No motion blurring
Great for gaming (low latency)
Even backlighting
Viewing angles - brightness remains constant

Viewing angles - blacks wash out
Color quantization error (see below for explanation)

Full Review:

Samsung sources the panels used in its TVs from 4 different manufacturers, listed here in approximate order of picture quality: Samsung, Sharp, AU Optronics and Chi Mei Optoelectronic.

The UN65EH6000 has so far only been seen with panels manufactured by AU Optronics, using version numbers MH01/02 or YH01/02. Mine had the YH02 specifically.

At face value this looks bad - you are getting a Samsung TV from the 3rd worse panel manufacturer that Samsung uses. In practice, all 65" Samsung panels are all either made by AU Optronics or Samsung themselves (and only then in the 65F8000 range at three times the cost of this set. UPDATE (1/30/14): Since writing this review the 65" Samsung panel has also been seen in the UN65F7000 range). So perhaps a better perspective is that this is the second best 65" TV you can buy from Samsung.

What does this mean in real life?

The AU Optronics panel has inferior contrast to the native Samsung panels, in particular the blacks turn into blues when you view from a sharp angle. Off-axis viewing is still better than many edge-lit TVs (I'm looking at you Sharp and Vizio) largely due to the fact that this TV is direct-lit (this is not a "sexy" TV by any means). Sat in-front of the set, blacks look superb, and watching typical television from an angle you probably won't even notice the blueish blacks, but if you are planning on buying this set to watch movies from a sharp angle (why would you do this?) then I'd have to recommend looking elsewhere - either a plasma or perhaps a direct-lit IPS based LG (for example the 60LN5600), of course these displays have their own problems.

On that note - this TV is glossy. Glossy enough that I can clearly make out my individual lights if I happen to be sat at an angle where they are reflected. If you have something like a bright window that you could see if you placed a mirror where this will go then trust me - you really do not want this TV. That being said, this TV is capable of getting extremely bright (I personally have the backlight set to 12/20 and many people set it lower) without obliterating black levels so it will do just great in a bright environment, just make sure nothing will be directly reflected from where you are sat.

A major issue with this panel is something called "quantization error". The hardware on the TV has to translate the digital color information into a real physical color by determining which "sub-pixels" are turned on or off (each color (r,g,b) for each pixel is controlled by a number of sub-pixels which are turned on or off to vary the intensity of that particular color). Color "quantization error" is loosely analogous to aliasing if you are familiar with that problem. With this particular panel either a bad algorithm or a hardware limitation results in defined bands when attempting to render a smooth color gradient. Many LCD displays suffer from this problem but it is particularly evident in this case. Upon discovery of this problem my gut instinct was to return the TV immediately, but in practice the problem rarely manifests itself when watching TV/Blurays or playing games. I do see it from time to time (sunsets are affected) and some people can't accept it, but for me the beautiful picture makes up for the odd artifact.

There are some great advantages to this panel. There is no evidence of motion blurring and latency is very low (I've seen 39ms reported) - this is a great TV to game on. I was blown away by how good blurays looked on this set and Wall-e, which I thought would severely be effected by quantization artifacts, looked incredibly good. A nice bonus of having a direct-lit TV is that you shouldn't suffer from uneven backlighting which is often seen using edge-lit displays and my particular TV had no clouding.

I am an HTPC user and have not used the built in tuner.

First you must re-label the HDMI input as PC or PC DVI - this changes the underlying behaviour of the panel. These settings only work if the TV is driven at 1080p60.

Mode: Standard
Backlight: 12
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 40
Sharpness: 50 (this needs to be very low when the input is not labelled as PC)

White Balance: Untouched
Gamma: -2
Color Tone: Warm1
HDMI Black Level: Normal (experiment with this as it depends on the source).
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on August 27, 2012
our sony tv went out due to the optical block going bad. searched all over for a replacement and tried two other tv's. tried the sharp 70 and lg 65. both were nice tv's but didn't have the pizazz the sony had. saw this model at costco and amazon. amazon had a very good price with no taxes and free shipping, plus a 30 return policy. i figured i could not go wrong. tv arrived in a matter of a few days via amazons carrier ceva. they delivered it and set it up to my satisfaction. the tv has the best picture i have ever seen on a tv. totally outstanding. on the second night i noticed two large clouds on the screen in dark scenes. i was totally bummed out and called amazon to come pick it up. i decided to look on the internet to see if other people had this problem. sure enough they had. there were quite a few different remedy's. quite a few people said to use a soft micro cloth and rub the spot gently. so, i bought a cloth and tried it. to my amazement and with very little rubbing, it went away. i called amazon and cancelled the return. by the way, my wife wanted to keep it regardless of the clouding as the picture was second to none. i will have to say, if you're looking for a very good tv without all the bells and whistles, this is it. i am 70 years old and have never NEVER seen a tv like this. it doesn't get any sweeter than this. you too will blown away. trust me. one more thing, amazon was one of the best experiences i have had dealing with venders on the internet. the people and service were great. i'll be back.
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on January 1, 2014
The best review in my opinion is a comparison to other products. Those are most helpful to me. I'll compare the Vizio 65”E the Sharp Aquos 60” 755u and the Samsung UN65EH6000. I had narrowed it down to these 3 tv's based on price (all $1300 at time of purchase) and excellent reviews(over 4.5 star).

Remote: The Samsung and Sharp remote are quite nice. The sharp for some reason has their sensor dead center on the TV to where I would have to hold the remote way up high so the center speaker didnt interfere/block the the signal. Solution would have been to raise the tv up with a piece of wood or something or reposition the center speaker out of center. Wall mounting isnt an option since in my home there is no option except for in front of a window. The Samsung remote is great,the tv's IR sensor is on the side like most tv's Its almost the same remote as the 2007 tv. Both remotes are very good. Vizio on the other hand provided about the cheapest remote I could imagine. It has to be pointed in the exact right spot to work. Even with brand new batteries. I've seen many reviews stating the same thing. They have to know with a bigger tv, maybe individuals arent sitting as close to the tv set so a stronger IR signal is needed. I don't recall ever having an issue like this with something brand new. It just felt cheap and like it could easily break.

Base/Stand: All 3 are about the same. The Sharp maybe a little better probably because it was supporting a 60” instead of a 65”. The Sharp did seem to have a little bit of a lean to it, like it wasnt balanced. Like one side of the tv was heavier than the other. But nothing major. There were complaints on reviews for both the Samsung and Vizio base. Both have a little wobble to them,but both would need quite a jar to knock them over.

Picture Quality: Obviously each have their own opinion but I'd rank Samsung #1 Sharp a close #2 and Vizio a distant 3rd. Cnet reviews do not match my personal experience. I tried many posted user settings and my own calibrations using the Disney WOW disk and trial and error. The vizio at times would look ok but always seemed like all scenes took place in a light fog in the middle of the screen. Some setting changes helped but never completely went away. Its a thicker tv so I assumed its backlit and not edge lit like the Sharp. Still scenes looked wonderful but motion did not. There was a lot of graininess in the background most of the time. We returned this tv to amazon for those reason along with the awful remote, terrible glare issues on the screen, and some glare issues of the bezel. The bezel is a shiny black plastic that reflects light like you wouldnt believe, its also wavy like its warped so the light reflections off this bezel are extremely annoying. I'll be honest I'm surprised to see no mention of this on the Amazon reviews. That being said, If this was my first flat screen tv I wouldn't realize the PQ is slightly sub par. The Sharp was very nice. Excellent looking quality on everything about it including PQ. It was a little too sharp looking sometimes , even with sharpness turned down. It created artifacts in the image. Really not bad though and better than the opposite affect . Color was best out of the 3. The smart part of this TV was so far ahead of the Vizio in layout and speed. This tv also has 3D which I wasnt interested in nor the smartTV. I have my own devices that do what the SmartTv does. Roku and a bluray player perform those functions faster and better. I seen an HD roku at walmart for $28 far cheaper than increased price to incorporate it in a tv. First 3d experience with the Sharp. Was surprised at its quality compared to movie theater 3-D. Still not that interesting to me and I dont like wearing glasses to watch TV. The piece between your eyes is annoying everything is a tad darker and lacks focus. I didnt buy it for the 3-d. There was more of a glare issue with this tv and we also felt cheated in that we had to downgrade in size. The 70” was out of price range. After watching a 65” for a week a 60” seemed so small and that we werent getting what we wanted and what we spent our hard earned money for. . If the Vizio would have worked out we wouldnt even have tried this TV. So we bit the bullet and got the Samsung which I should have done in the first place. It was more only because we bought it at best buy and had shipping and state sales tax. It doesn't have the smarttv feature or 3-d . It only has the best picture quality of the three. For us it came down to that. The out of box settings werent as good as on the Sharp. There were many setting posted for this tv in reviews I tried them all but all resulted in a worse picture for me. Even the WOW disk resulted in a worse picture. It took tweaking with my own eyes to get the picture to look amazing. . I actually wish there were less picture settings, no reason for that much change if its properly calibrated at the factory. The Samsung by far has the least glare problem. Watching a football game now looks like your watching it through a glass window. Like my old Samsung. The Sharp looked like you were watching a cartoon or video game of a football game, thats exaggerated to make the point. I won't post my setting unless asked because as I said it appears that each set requires different setting or its user opinion.

Side notes: Amazon was great on the return of the Vizio. Full refund although the tv is still sitting in my living room, its been over a month. The shipping companies are busy during the holiday season. No fault of Amazon.

Also I feel I have to mention this. I am disappointed with Vizio support. A phone call and an email got me about 10 emails replys from them. Each stating they can't help me. It would be best over the phone. One stating they could not provide any assistance with the remote since its made by a 3rd party. What??

That being said I did not get a reply from Sharp support, even though I was told I would within 4 days. I have never had to call Samsung support as Ive never had an issue.

Out of the box the Samsung needed the backlight and brightness turned down that was 99% of it right there. Some motion scenes did look odd. I tweaked the blur (5) and judder (10) settings and its much improved. Hope some of these comments help.
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on May 16, 2013
Impressive performance, excellent looks, and excellent value earns this TV five stars. I feel like this TV is worth more than I payed for it. If you want a big TV that performs well without spending a lot, this is a TV to consider. I've purchased one for the living room and another for my bedroom. That's how much I love this TV. I use it for HD Comcast, video games, and for blu ray. Amazon instant video looks great on this as well. Other big TV owners who've come to my home are always impressed by this TV. Name brand performance at value band pricing. It's a win win. Buy this over a value brand like Vizio or Westinghouse.

TV settings I use (always consider your video source and lighting conditions). Images look sharp and clear without the "soap opera effect." :

Mode Standard
Backlight 20
Contrast 100
Brightness 45
Sharpness 35
Color 48
Tint g50/r50

Color Space Auto

White Balance
R Offset 26
G Offset 24
B Offset 25
R Gain 24
G Gain 25
B Gain 20

Gamma +1
Dynamic Contrast Off
Black tone Off
Flesh tone Off
Motion lighting Off

Color tone Cool
Size Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter Auto
HDMI Black Level Normal

Auto Motion Plus Custom
Blur Reduction 10
Judder Reduction 0

LED Motion Plus Off

Sound: Default settings. I use the default settings because it makes dialogue easy hear and understand.
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All I can say is "WOW!". My wife and I went to see our daughter's new apartment. The entrance had a nice feeling since it opened up into the family room. After I took a few steps in and noticed motion over my right shoulder, I turned to the right and initially thought that I was looking at people in another room. It turned out to be a control room shot of "Avatar" on Blue Ray. Even after looking at it for a moment or two it still seemed so realistic that my eye was drawn to the back of the shot. In other words I really felt like I was in the picture.

My wife made the same unsolicited comment and I knew that we were looking at something special. We both sat down and watched more of the movie instead of looking through the house with my daughter. At first she seemed a bit miffed but got over it when I began gushing about her TV choice. She got the set without the "smart TV" settings because she could add them later with a separate unit and then wouldn't have to return the whole thing if something went wrong.

I have a first generation Samsung LED and didn't realize how much positive change has taken place over the past several years. Of course having true 1080p and a 240 refresh rate makes a big difference. Now I feel like I'm as out of date as an old pair of shoes. Time to upgrade!!!
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on January 22, 2014
I purchased this TV from Amazon during the black friday sale this year and got a pretty good deal. For less than a grand, a 65" LED, that too back lit and not edge lit. can be considered a good deal in my eyes. To give you a little background, I am a picky person when it comes to my audio and video. My existing setup had a Panasonic plasma, albeit a few years old, Energy take classic speakers, Denon receiver, and Monoprice cables. I like quality products, but at a reasonable price. You can sure buy Bang and Olufsen speakers, Macintosh labs receivers, Panasonic Kuro or ZT60 TV and other high end equipment for better quality and pay significantly higher price for the same but that's just not me. I had been researching the available 60"-65" TVs for quite a few weeks and read through detailed AVSForums, CNET and HDTVGuru reviews and many other forums to get an idea on what's out there that would appeal to a more value conscious buyer who does not want to sacrifice on the picture quality. I was initially very skeptical because CNET rated this TV pretty low due to subpar black levels but when i compared this one to other comparable TV sets in this size range, the difference was minimal.

I zeroed down to this TV, Sharp 60LE650, and Samsung 6400 series. I decided not to consider Samsung 6300/6350 as the picture quality on that set is, at best, as good as 6000 series. The thin factor did not matter much to me and frankly backlit TVs are supposed to be a bit thicker vs edge lit. I did not care for "Smart" as in my humble opinion, even the smartest of the available TVs cannot keep up with the Rokus and Apple TVs of the world. I know for a fact that TV manufacturers, as a habit, do not think about providing backward compatible upgrades that will work for TVs that are more than a year old. So I was not willing to pay $300 $-400 premium for smart TVs when just using an Apple TV or a Roku can provide me with all desired content and then some more. I also did not care about number of HDMI connections as I already have a receiver with 5 Inputs. And frankly, even if you do not have a receiver, you can always add an HDMI switch for less than $20 and you will be all set. And then again for sound, you can buy a sound bar or setup a home theatre if you have a receiver. Make sure you buy the model ending in 6000 if you plan to add a sound bar directly to the TV. The models ending in 6001 and 6003 do not have an Audio out so your only option would be to add sound bar to your cable box or other device which limits the options.
Back to the TV review, as I played with the settings, out of the box settings looked ugly. But just a little playing with the settings to adjust contrast, turn off Auto motion plus, Set Mode as Movie, and other adjustments to my taste and picture looks good, reasonably good. Again, I had seen the best of the TVs in the stores including Panasonic ST60, VT60, ZT60 and Samsung 8000 series and while the blacks on those TVs are better, I could not justify spending over 2K on them. The picture quality difference wasn't that dramatic. The sound on the TV sucks but then you can add a soundbar for just about $100. I did not face any issues, so far, with any light bleeding, banding, or other image issues, reported by other reviewers. I did a pixel test on YouTube to check any dead pixels and there were none. Colors were sharp, looked realistic with some playing around, and picture was bright enough even while trying to get better blacks on the TV. There are multiple forums where you can find all sorts of settings for tweaking the picture quality. I would advise trying some of them and see what you like. For those who care, my panel was YH02, supposedly manufactured by AU Optronics but I won't sweat it. I bought an extended three year warranty so I think I will be covered.

I seriously think CNET needs to review this set again as they reviewed this set in 2012. I did read in the forums that initial set of UN65EH6000 TVs in 2012 has panel problems which may have swayed CNET's results but more recent panels and updates seem to make this model a good buy. So if you are one of those who want a BIG TV, without the BIG price, and are prepared to use different components for smart content, this one is a keeper. If money is not a question, go ahead and buy a ZT60 if it is still available. I will update the review as Time passes and I have had a chance to look at this TV side by side vs my 50" Panasonic plasma which I still love. But for less than half the price vs a Panasonic top end 65" model, it became a no brainer decision.
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