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on May 17, 2013
I didn't actually purchase this product on amazon because I got it much cheaper through Bestbuy when they were having their "$100 off Windows 8 Laptops" promotion.

That said, this laptop is great and I'm not really sure why people are complaining. One user said the bloatware was eating up 79% of his ram upon bootup. But one thing to keep in mind is that all kinds of processes run for the first boot up of a new user. That usage goes down after everything is setup and updated.

I personally love the fact that this thing has a touch screen and is so light weight. The screen is big enough to use for work but also nice enough to surf the web on my favorite web sites.

The one thing that I really disliked about the laptop is not Samsung's fault... Windows 8. I know a lot of other people don't like Windows 8 and before making some configuration changes, I very much agree with those people. However, you can get the true glory of Windows 7 back into Windows 8 by downloading a program called Start8. It adds back the start menu and allows for some customizations that really make Windows 8 a hybrid OS that works well for both touch and mouse + keyboard configurations.

So all OS issues aside, what you are paying for is great hardware:
1) Good dual core CPU with 4 threads
2) 4GB RAM (standard for the price)
3) 500 GB Hybdrid SSD/HDD (The SSD is only 24GB, but is used for fast boot ups)
4) 10-Point Touch screen
5) USB 3 Port
6) Mini-HDMI

And here are the things that people don't generally mention, for 30 bucks extra you can add 8GB extra memory by heading to Crucial's web site. It will even tell you the exact memory to buy.

So for 30 dollars on top of this price, you can get yourself a laptop with a great CPU, awesome storage, and 12 GB of RAM.
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on September 1, 2013
I purchased this laptop for my girlfriend a few months ago for graduate school. Its light and has great battery life. However with windows 8 and the preinstalled samsung bloatware this thing was laggy and unimpressive. Besides the underwhelming performance from the factory, she absolutely hated windows 8. I would definitely recommend this laptop, if you "downgrade" to windows 7.

If you choose to revert to windows 7 you will need a usb dvd drive, I have installed many versions of windows on many many computers/laptops from a usb hard drive/flash drive. It simply won't work with this laptop, you can install windows but the internal hard drive WON'T boot after the install. You can find info online about this, but just trust me. Install this from a usb dvd drive. Before you can get this laptop to boot from usb you will have to change some bios settings. Hit F2 on boot and turn off secure boot and change "OS mode selection" to "CSM OS", change the boot order so the usb dvd drive is first. You may also have to turn off fast boot.

Before the install go to samsung's website and get the program called "SW update tool" so that you can download whatever drivers windows 7 doesn't have(I needed the ethernet, graphics card and wifi drivers). All the windows 8 drivers work fine with windows 7. I couldn't get the WLAN driver that samsung provided to work so I went to Intel's website and searched for the model of the wlan card that was listed on the bottom of the laptop and it works great.

You will probably lose the expresscache function when you do this but there are tutorials online on how to get this function back. Even before I got expresscache working again this laptop was WAYYYYY better with windows 7 than W8.
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on February 8, 2013
This is a great laptop! It is extremely portable with a sleek design. I use it for downloading/editing photos and accessing the Internet. It is perfect for both of those things. The keyboard is easy to type on and I haven't had any issues with the keys. The battery life is also amazing. Would highly recommend the ultrabook.
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on April 29, 2013
Windows 8 is really not meant for a traditional laptop or desktop. It is meant to be used in any type of hardware - mobile phone, tablet or larger computer. It needs to have a touch interface. This ultrabook has a great touch interface that integrates well with the touch pad, so you can move back and forth between touch and mouse seamlessly. The display is very bright and brilliant and the machine is very light. I am very happy with it.
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on September 8, 2013
This is a great laptop. Or tablet with a keyboard. It's really a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet. If you're on the go like me and you need something powerful and light, this is it!

1) Long battery life. Depending on what I'm doing, I can get up to 8 hrs.

2) Bright screen for movies

3) Light and thin with a slick metal design

4) Touch screen! Man, once I had the touchscreen interface, I just stopped using the mouse or the touchpad. It's a whole new experience working with a touchscreen on a real operating system. Windows 8 in fact was built with a touchscreen in mind.

5) Camera for skype

Mistakes I made with this thing:
1) Windows 8 takes time to learn. In the power setting you can pick High Performance, Balanced, or Power Saver. Realize that if you pick 1, your battery will dwindle. And if you pick 3, your computer will be annoyingly slow.

2) there is no cd/dvd drive b/c this is technically an ultrabook. ideally, your supposed to get your music/movies/programs online

3) the audio and microphone jack are the same now similar to a smartphone's
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on July 3, 2013
I can not rate this notebook from first hand experience because it was a gift to my 22 year old granddaughter. I can tell you, however, that she thinks it is the best computer she has ever owned or seen.
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on May 22, 2013
But the SSD is soldered and non-replaceable. Those suggesting it is part of the HDD are incorrect as I installed windows onto the 24gb SSD and removed the HDD and it booted fine. I then took apart the laptop and located the SSD which is soldered onto the motherboard. (UK Version). You can of course remove the 500gb HDD and replace it with an SSD but it would be nice to have both - in reality I would give it about 4.5 out of 5 and I usually review quite harshly.
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on July 28, 2013
Great ultrabook - fast, snappy, does all I need it to. It does have on memory slot, and I dropped in an 8GB stick to bump it up to 12GB of RAM. I considered upgrading the HDD to 1TB, but it's an extra slim, so I'll have to wait a few months/years until technology advances that far. All in all, a great laptop! Definitely worth the money.
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on March 16, 2013
The hardware Samsung used in this laptop is stellar but through their own execution of software implementation they have cheapened their own product.


1) The battery life is great. The 3rd gen i5 maximizes the battery life and Win8 has several battery saving features, by default on, that assist with decreasing consumption.

2) The laptop boots quite literally in seconds with the addition of the Expresscache enabled 24GB SSD. The SSD is partitioned into two drives, 18GB and 6GB. The 6GB partition, to my knowledge, is used for the Sleep function where the state of the OS is stored to SSD for speedy retrieval and the same goes for the OS boot.

3) The external speakers are pretty good when they have breathing room because they are located under the left and right hand sides of the keyboard. Stereo sounds get muddled but I turned on the 3D capability in the included software and have been thoroughly enjoying the experience.

4) Easy access to hard drive and RAM through a panel with a screw on the bottom of the chasis.

5) The touch screen isn't necessary but interestingly enough I enjoy using it more for browsing. It is very sensitive and windows functions are intuitive (press and hold to move a window and press and hold for right click).


1) Bloatware. This was the most bloated laptop I had ever owned. Samsung touts on their website that this laptop is capable right out of the box. No. Upon first boot I checked Task manager and the machine, while idling, was using 79% of it's 4GB of memory. That was absurd and I began uninstalling everything I knew I could safely uninstall without comprising the parts of the software I would need down the road. Lose a star.

2) After a few hours of uninstalling software and personalizing I noticed the colors of the panel were a bit off. I realize now that on first boot the panel was an awful warm pink. Samsung didn't configure the panel? Pretty critical when they tout that this laptop is "boot and go". Google how to configure a color profile for your panel and you too will see how far off this it is from neutral. Lose a star.

3) Windows 8. Charm. Yuck. There is nothing intuitive about the charm menu. There is no included documentation about how to configure the charm menu. To remove an app from charm touch the app and drag down? I know why I was so disappointed even days after first boot. This lack of anything resembling intuitive science is not Samsung's fault but their product experience is being negatively impacted by the OS.

4. Using the brightness keys you can't turn the panel off. Why wouldn't this be a thing already? I don't want to wait for my laptop to time out, I just want to turn off the panel.

5. There are no dedicated media controls. Not that big of a deal but I have to map a three key combination because the keys I originally wanted to use are usually already taken by the program that I'm active in.

6. Fn+F1 opens Samsung's general settings program because there aren't any hardware buttons to turn wifi on/off. This was a problem because I needed to bridge my Macbook by ethernet to the Samsung while sharing the wifi. Somehow this turned off the wifi when I disabled the bridge. I took an hour to turn it back on because BIG SHOCK there was only documentation on turning airplane mode on/off (this does not turn the wifi hardware off/on just disables the radio).

Overall, the hardware is great but Samsung sucks at everything else for their customers. The panel default color is really bad and there is no screen to assist during setup to configure the panel. The bloatware resulted in 79% RAM usage upon first boot and to this day this really makes me angry. Consumers by default don't hack their registry, disable unnecessary auto load crap in Computer Management or load task manager to find the Samsung programs to delete them (there was no other way to remove them). Samsung could have made my experience with this product more pleasant if they would not have placed their work squarely upon my shoulders.
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on June 19, 2013
I love this ultrabook. The fact that is so thin and lightweight makes it very easy to carry around in just a large handbag. I like the touchscreen component more than I thought I would. I also like that it has a good amount of hard drive space. I am not at all a tech savvy person (e.g., haven't upgraded to one of 'em fancy smart phones) but I still appreciate the technological aspects of this computer.
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