Customer Reviews: Samsung WA400PJHDWR 4.0 cu. ft Large Capacity Top Load Washer
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on June 9, 2014
I purchased a Samsung top loading washing machine two years ago. Model WA400*. I recently had a failure of the bracket that holds the drain pump to the drum.
It simply cracked/broke due to the strain on the bracket mounting points. In researching the issue looking for a replacement part what I discovered is that Samsung recognized that there was a design flaw in how the bracket was designed and did a redesign of this bracket. There is a technical bulletin describing the discontinuation of the old part and the replacement of the new. Do a Google search of ASC20130222001 dated 2/22/2013.
This affects the WA400, WA422 and WA456 models.

The original bracket is part number DC63-01427A and is discontinued and out of stock everywhere.
The upgraded bracket is part number DC94-03523A and is discontinued and out of stock everywhere.

Only 3 months later on 5/9/2013 they recognized that this was still an issue and put out Bulletin # ASC20130509001, where they came out with a complete retrofit kit with new wires/hoses/brackets, etc. that moves the pump from being attached to the drum to being attached to the frame of the washing machine. Only problem with this is that they had made other design changes to these model numbers around 12/24/2012, you can tell if the machine is of the newer design due to a 01 being added to the end of the model number. The retrofit kit that moves the pump to the frame can only be done to machines made after that date or have the 01 at the end of the model number. Originally I thought my machines serial number meant that the retrofit kit would not work on my machine, but now I am not so sure due to some confusion of the affected serial numbers.

Regardless if my machine can take the retrofit kit, considering the acknowledged design flaws, and the multiple redesigns to attempt to correct this problem I approached Samsung that I was not comfortable that even if any of the possible repairs were done, old bracket/new bracket/retrofit, that it simply was delaying the inevitable failure of this part/assembly again. In my opinion this should be handled similar to how the Lemon Laws are done.
What I purchased had inherent design flaws with multiple attempts at redesign over a relativity short period of time.

I asked to be escalated and after giving all the relevant information, I asked for my machine to be replaced with a newer model of similar trim line/features that (hopefully) did not have these design issues.
The answers were a simply, blunt, "outside of warranty" (remember this is only two years old and the first redesign of the bracket happened no more than 3 months after I bought it), replacement was "not and option" and that if I'd like they "could transfer me to where I could buy an extended warranty".

If this was a relatively unknown issue, or only affected a small percentage of customers, I would not be happy, but would feel that Samsung upheld their side and it was just my bad luck that it failed outside of the warranty period.
Due to the fact that this machine was sold with an inherent design flaw, that they not only had to address once, but had to go back and revisit again as their own Technical Bulletins show changes this as far as I am concerned as what I got was not a failure of a part that was just made bad that day or for a particular production run, or a part that is normal to wear down over the course of use, but for an inherent flaw in how it was designed in the first place. That even if made/assembled/and used perfectly, failure was guaranteed.

I am currently waiting for a call back from a supervisor. If I get any kind of response other than "out of warrenty, too bad" I'll update but considering what I have seen so far I am not holding a lot of hope. If I can get no resolution from Samsung, then I will turn to whatever other avenues that are available to me. I'll probably start with the State Attourney general and if nothing else it has been suggested to me to simply file in small claims court. Like I said, if it weren't for the fact that this is a known design defect (not manufacturing defect), I would just simply curse my luck and move on.
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on March 5, 2013
I got this in Aug 2012, 9 weeks later the cheap plastic pump holder broke, it took 3 weeks to get fixed then 6 weeks later piece broke AGAIN. (note it floods your floor each time this happens and ruins your floor) 2 weeks after it got fixed again the pump died. Samsung got me a replacement I received 12-15-2012. 2-2-2013 the replacement broke. Originally thought it was pump but on 3-5-2013, when repairman finally made it out after samsung kept cancelling my work orders, it was faulty wiring that wasn't crimped enough to keep the wiring from coming apart. Spoke to salesman at Store who told me the washers like this with the white bottom, are pieces of junk and Samsung has a known problem. All I want is a new washer!!!
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on July 29, 2013
Worked for 6 months. Then the plastic housing on the pump breaks and floods the floor. Samsung phone support is nice enough but their website is poor. Lot of errors and poor performance. Finally find a Samsung warranty technician. That one said they don't service my area even only 20 minutes away (could be a sign they don't want to work on Samsung warranties, but just a guess). Have to call back Samsung and they reassign ticket. This guy is an hour away and they don't give me a phone number, just an email address. I track down new technician to verify they will service this machine. Yes, but they need to order the part and are familiar with this problem. They now mount the pump on the bottom of the washer vs. on the tub where it was before.

Note to self- when you buy appliances, make sure to ask who does warranty support for this brand, where are they located, etc. Not worth saving a few bucks if you can't get help when it breaks. I'd also ask which ones are easier to repair and get parts for.

New pump installed. I start wash overnight. Big mistake. Never use an appliance when you sleeping or away from the house. It could easily fail and cause a fire. Wake up to just here the pump running. It never finished the cycle and had a NF error which means "no fill". That's because as the tub would fill, the pump would empty it into the drain.

Samsung had my ticket open with another technician they didn't list on their website (website and phone were not synced). They happened to come the next day. I was lucky....thinking it would get fixed this time. Well the diagnostic from this technician was a faulty pressure sensor. I now received a new one after waiting and that made no difference. Pump runs when you plug in machine before you hit power/start.

Called Samsung again. Received new ticket number. Will call them again and request to speak with ECR. (Executive Customer Relations) If they can't fix it in the next visit, I'll ask for a new machine or refund.
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on January 6, 2014
Buyer Beware! Look at reviews more than 6 months old. This washing machine runs like a dream at first causing inflated overall ratings. Then the issues come and keep coming. I have had 4 repairs in the last 3 months and have been without a functioning washing machine for 30 days and currently 50+ days and counting. Drain Pump assembly replacement is incredibly common (read customer reviews) and control board fried. Samsung will not replace this unit and is very difficult to work with with even slower repairs. Parts replacement takes 2 weeks since they only use snail mail.... This is the worst purchase I have ever made.... living a nightmare
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on May 21, 2013
I bought this machine in Aug., 2012, and it ran like a top until a couple of weeks ago. It cleaned well and I love the capacity. Then, as is apparently the trend, the drain pump BROKE OFF. It was replaced under warranty, and started leaking after one day. Repairman came back after waiting another week, and couldn't find anything wrong. I did a few more loads of laundry and now it won't drain at all. Samsung is sending another repairman, but I have to wait another 2 days. Although the customer service people are very nice on the phone, Samsung's "authorized" repair company where I live (Golden) has not only terrible customer service, but they haven't been able to repair it permanently.

First of all, while reading today, this is apparently a chronic problem with this washer. Second of all, Samsung must not care that their "authorized" repair service, Golden In-home Service, is terrible. I have been dealing with this mess for 19 days now.

Think before you buy this washer!! No more Samsungs for me!!
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on December 3, 2013
Samsung washing machines in general and especially the water pumps are nothing but trash. There are two typs of Samsung washing machine owners. Those who have had problems, and those who will!!!! Same problem as everyone else, I sincerly hope that a class action lawsuit against Samsung for their washing machines leaking requires everyone of them sold to be refunded. I have damage to my flooring from it being flooded out, washing machine is 14 months old, and has replaced by Lowes 2 days after original purchase, 3 service calls since, Samsung stated they would pay fro the last repair, NOT!! As far as dealing with Samsung for repair or damages, it's a waste of time. Nothing but transfer from one department to another, and everyone tells you someone will get back to you, but they never do. Samsung has STOLEN my money on this machine, they refuse to replace it, or even give me a prorated credit. I am So sorry I purchased this item. I didn't do my homework, because if I had, I would have seen all the complaints about Samsung washing machines water pumps, dumping water in the house, very frustrated, Samsung has a terrible product, and the worst customer service. If you purchase a Samsung, please be prepared to place it in a waterproof room, because it WILL LEAK, and buy another brand, any brand, as a spare. You will quickly get your investment back from the money you have to spend having your clothes washed elsewere will the Samsung in down. "STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG!!!!
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on January 28, 2014
Save yourself the worst headache of your life. This machine will break after 6 months and it may ruin your floor, drywall, and subfloor. Samsung warranty is a joke. Most positive reviews of this machine is just weeks after their purchase, or they are fake. This thing is junk, and I never write online reviews.
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on January 22, 2013
I got this washer at my local lowes and I am very happy with this product. I have two kids, 5 and 1 and this washer is great, the loads are huge and the spin cycle gets them nearly dry.

Coming from a 15 year old stalk washer to this was a huge improvement. It washes reusable diapers, king comforters, and my uber delicates with no issues.

A little over a year into this washer it broke, pump is done and it refuses to spin... guess i get to buy a new washer look into this washer, it has lots of problems. I only paid $249 for it
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on September 27, 2012
Bought at Lowes 8-19-12 machine dies 9-21-12. Lowes says sorry past 30 day return policy (really cost 800. bucks and that's what you say?) Called Samsung had tech out in 5 days. Tech says need new pump and mother board (wouldn't spin or pump water out). Talked to expert. told this is a new model made in Maylasia. Lots of problems. But was told a pump in 37 days was a record. Told parts will be in, in 3-8 days. House has 8 people. Big bucks at Laundromat. Lowes had corporate not interested attitude. Still working thru Samsung. will pay more next time and stay with a local mom and pop.
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on September 15, 2013
Worst washer I've ever owned. Nothing will get the clothes clean. Constant debris visible on dark clothes. Whites come out with stains on them. Cust svc said to stop using the "normal" cycle, cus that is designed only for 2-3 tee shirts, not a regular load. She said to use Heavy Duty. Well, even with Heavy Duty and my adding a gallon of water from the kitchen sink, I still had problems. So I've switched to Bedding which puts more water in the tub. Gaaakk - still have debris. Yesterday, cotton queen mattress pad on Bedding setting (nothing else in washer), cold water, low spin, medium soil, and extra rinse - 85 mins - had to rewash it again due to debris streaked across parts of the pad.. Today, 3 tee shirts, 3 mens shorts, 1 ladies shorts, 1 pr black socks. Heavy Duty, added one extra gallon of water, cold, med spin, med soil, extra rinse, 85 min. Debris all over my black tee shirt and husband's dark gray tee shirt. I've written the Office of the President and enclosed sequential pics of items never moving from the top of the wash pile thru 68 min of the cycle. No response yet. If I hadn't paid $1000 for this set in Nov '12, I'd dump this washer. What am I gonna do?
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