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23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
I have been looking for a vacation camera that is wifi ready. I thought I would take the new Samsung WB350F out for a test drive when I was told it was at Cosco.
A few of the things that would be deal breakers for me was I wanted a zoom over 20x; optical image stabilization; a touch screen (i am too lazy to scroll <g>); great picture quality, and of course Wi-Fi connectivity.

This camera has a very nice feel to it. I like that all the controls are near my right hand for easy access. It has a pop up flash, that I keep hitting my left hand with...user error. :-#
So far the pictures I have taken look very good, but I need a little more time to see how much I really like this camera, but so far it am happy. In fact, so far the only cons I have noticed is mono on the video, the corners of some photos look soft and it does not have an orientation sensor (for newbies, if you are taking a vertical/portrait or horizontal/landscape photo a orientation sensor will automatically rotate the photo accordingly so that you don't have to do it manually).

The first review above gives you a lot more great information, so I will not bore you anymore. :)
I gave it 4 stars, which I can upgrade (or downgraded) once I get to use it another week or so.

Here are some of its specs:
16mp backlit CMOS sensor
21x optical zoom lens, f/2.8-f/5.9, 23-483mm equivalent
Optical image stabilisation
3inch touch screen
Manual controls
ISO80 to ISO3200
Full HD video recording
HDR and panoramic shooting
Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC
Lithium Ion battery
MicroSD card slot

Below are the speeds of the WB350F:
Shutter Response <0.05
Wide - Focus / Shutter Response 0.2
Full zoom - Focus / Shutter Response 0.3
Switch on Time to Taking a Photo 2.6
Shot to Shot without Flash 1.1
Shot to Shot with Flash 3.0
Continuous Shooting - JPEG
(shots before slow down) 6fps (6 shots)
Continuous Shooting - Flash N/A

Hopes this helps you! If so, would you please click on "helpful" button below. Thanks!! :)
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26 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on January 31, 2014
This is a really nice camera that takes very sharp photos using a 16.3 backside-illuminated CMOS sensor. What that means is that it can take photos in very low light without a flash. I took a picture in low light and the camera in Smart Auto mode choose an ISO of 1280. There wasn't any discernible noise even when viewed on my 22" Samsung monitor.

The 21x zoom offers an extremely wide range of viewing angles. From 23mm wide to 483mm telephoto.

One of the features that makes a touchscreen very desirable is the ability to use your finger to choose the area where you want the camera to focus. Other cameras (even my DSLR) require you to focus on your subject using a half press of the shutter and then move the camera to compose the shot while still holding down the shutter. With the touchscreen you just compose the shot and then select the area you want in focus and then press the shutter.

The Wifi works really well. I can easily share my photos with anyone who has an NFC equipped phone, email recipients or a host of other social networking sites. The Auto backup works very well but you must first install the Auto backup software onto you computer.

The Samsung Smart camera app works very well and has the highest rating of any such app. The Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Nikon apps aren't nearly as robust or as compatible and have lower ratings. Of course this camera does have a small sensor so don't expect the same picture quality you will get with a much larger camera. But that's the thing. I wanted a pocket sized camera with a long zoom, that would be easy to upload my photos to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. Cameras with larger sensors have much larger lenses and won't fit in your pocket.

This camera does what it's supposed to. Clear bright photos that are easy to compose and control with the hybrid touchscreen interface. Unlike cameras that only offer touchscreen, this hybrid camera lets you use either the touchscreen or tactile buttons.

Currently this camera is only available at Costco where they bundle it with a Case Logic Case and a 16gb micro SD card. It uses the Samsung SLB-10A battery which is widely available. It charges in the camera but for less than $10 you can buy an external charger and a spare battery.

The camera body has a nice leather-like covering that is easy to grip and there is a thumb rest on the back. There is a one button video recording feature and you can even take stills while shooting video. I've shopped around and no other small, pocket sized camera offers the same features and ease of sharing that this camera offers at anything close to this price. Sure the Samsung NX300 offers better photo quality but it's hardly pocketable and even with two lenses you won't have the same range. Plus it's price sets it in the DSLR range.

The WB350F is small and unobtrusive so you won't be a target for camera thieves. I hesitate to take my DSLR to places where there is a lot of dust or sand but a low cost, sealed lens camera is much less of a gamble.

Look at the user reviews of Samsung cameras such as the WB800F which is very similar to this camera. 4 and a half stars overall. The WB250F also scores very well.

The in camera effects filters are fun and easy to use. When this camera hits the stores it will be very popular for it's features, performance, wifi sharing and it's cool retro look.

Long term review update. (April 14, 2015)
When I purchased this camera I weighed multiple factors including unfortunately the Samsung announcement at CES that the picture quality would be substantially improved from the previous model. That didn’t happen. Samsung did increase the RAM, available memory and the processor much like they do with new cell phones. The camera however remained pretty much unchanged with a lot more scene modes. The image processor, the lens and the image sensor are all still in line with a lower end point and shoot camera like the WB150f.
That doesn’t mean that you can’t get some good pictures using this device. I took a picture of a distant mountain with the lens fully extended to 483mm and it looks pretty sharp. Not DSLR sharp but pretty good. If I had used a cell phone the mountain would have a been a dot in the background.
In addition to the limitations of the camera there are two things that could be improved. First off is the time it takes to capture a picture starting with the camera off. It is way too slow. There should be a camera priority setting that just gets the camera working like any point and shoot camera. Instead the Android OS starts at the same time taxing the processor and memory. Conversely you should be able to set it to operate in tablet priority mode so that the lens doesn’t come popping out as it’s booting up which causes it to topple over from the weight of the lens.
Second it is still plagued with software bugs. For a very long time (at least six months) Samsung ignored the bug where it would lose the Google credentials on nearly every boot up and you had to re-enter them. This was a major headache that was eventually solved with a firmware update. At the same time Samsung was doing this however they should have updated the device from Jelly Bean 4.3 to the newer KitKat 4.4.2 OS. My Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has been updated to KitKat and it’s scheduled to be updated to 5.0 Lollipop this year.
Another bug that still exists is that frequently on boot up it asks if you want to use the external memory card for image storage (if you have one inserted.) It just seems to forget this important setting way too frequently.
Don’t get me wrong however. For a long time this was my favorite gadget because I didn’t own a smart phone. I had a feature phone for calls and this device for everything else. Now I own an LG smart phone that’s great and I found myself hardly ever using the Galaxy Camera. The 4.8” screen is very clear but washes out completely in bright sunlight making it useless. You have to just take aim and hope for the best.
So I decided to get a new camera. One that was much better than the average point and shoot. I bought a new Nikon 1 J4 and I’m thrilled with it. Even though the screen is just 3” it is very bright and substantially clearer the Galaxy camera and I can use it outdoors in bright light. So now that I own a smart phone and a great go everywhere camera (the Nikon), I decided to sell the Galaxy Camera. If the Android features and the nice large screen are as important to you as the camera and you only want to carry one device in addition to a phone than this device is for you. The price has dropped to around $240 for a refurbished model or a nice used one so that makes a cool new toy for not much money. Also if social networking is your thing than this camera is really cool because you can take a photo, jazz it up with an Android app adding lots of stickers, frames etc and then send it along directly from the camera so long as you have wifi or a phone with NFC so that you can transfer the pictures. The sharing capabilities would definitely make this camera a hit at a daytime party. At night the poor ISO performance could pose a problem. I don’t do social networking photo sharing so it isn’t a useful device for me. If you are still using a feature phone but would like to explore Android apps, but want a decent camera to boot than that’s another reason to buy this camera. One feature I will miss is the automatic upload of photos to Dropbox. That’s a feature that every camera should have.
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14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on February 12, 2014
A few winters ago I began attempting to photograph two tourist locations I visit often: San Francisco and Utah. Despite being located a thousand miles apart they offer remarkably similar difficulties to a vacation photographer. I chose my rating for the WB350F based on what I believe a typical vacationer needs, performance and ease of use.

I want a vacation camera to be easy to use and provide me with good photos that I can review quickly with my family. The Samsung WB350F meets those needs, particularly in "Smart Mode". I must say I added 3 accessories to the basic kit: a small tripod, a very fast SD card for videos and a USB/white-yellow video cable to link my camera to essentially any motel tv.

The camera feels light weight yet sturdy so the camera holds steady. The auto focus is sharp. I really like the pop-up flash. You can point the flash as a bounce flash and the photos come out perfectly exposed. No red eye. My older Lumix was great 3 years ago, but this Samsung is my favorite now as a vacation camera.
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on June 30, 2015
This is the worst feature camera I have had the displeasure to use. It wants to be an android camera, but has a horrible interface. Features sold on the box do not work, like Dropbox. Most of the computer/phone/tablet integration requires an app that is total garbage, runs in the background, and eats your battery. Pictures are nice, but you're basically paying extra to get features that are useless, don't work, and ultimately a poor experience.

Save yourself some frustration and either pay less for a dumber camera, or more for a smarter camera. This one wants to be smart, but it's very, very dumb.
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on April 16, 2015
Excellent camera, compact however powerful zoom. Reccomendation download to pad or phone quick guide from Samsung. Touchscreen great, large and extremely easy to use.
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4 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on March 20, 2014
I bought this camera because I wanted a point and shoot with a lot of optical zoom, and wifi connectivity. It turns out that this camera does not save wifi settings in the camera. So every time I want to use a wifi function like facebook sharing, wireless backup to my pc, etc, I have to enter my network security key. With a strong secure password, its a whole lot easier to just use a usb connection than to enter all of those random alpha numerics.

Update: I just increased my review to 3 stars. Yesterday, Samsung's customer service confirmed that there is no way to save the wifi credentials. None the less, I turned on the camera this morning, and it was still connected to the wifi. I can't explain this, as it disconnected from wifi each time I turned it off yesterday.

However, I will mostly be using the wifi when traveling. In that case, it makes sense to have to connect to whatever the local network is. When returning home, I can use the wps setup to avoid typing in the security code.
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13 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on January 29, 2014
I wanted to try samsung for a camera and bought this cam at a local retail store. My first compact superzoom and first samsung camera. Very disappointed. It takes pictures like any other 50-100-dollar camera. No need to spend this much on this overpriced gimmickry if you only need zoom and don't care about image quality. Older WB models are cheaper and offer the same image quality and same crippled wifi+app functions. Without the zoom my phone and tablet 5MP cameras are similar quality. If you want fast startup/operation and functional wifi this cam and possibly older WB models are not for you. Annoying screens between switching modes explaining what each mode does will make you miss shots. No way to disable these screens. Not possible to turn off useless digital zoom in Auto mode. Its easy to overzoom into digital if you don't look at the screen. I like the touchscreen but it feels laggy like old displays. The camera itself feels slow. Horizonal viewing angle is good but vertical is useless when you try to raise the camera slightly over a window frame or a fense and shoot top to bottom. At eye level trying to peak at the lcd i couldn't see anything. Other cameras i own have perfect vertical and horizontal viewing angles in non-flip displays. It has a pop-up tiltable flash on the left side which i liked.

I can't remember how many useless filters and special effects this camera has. In camera editing, really??? Good luck using that slow low quality touch display. Who wants to do that in camera. It has everything but good image quality. The lens is not sharp. 1x to about 13x zoom objects appear closer. After not much difference between 13x and 21x zoom. Not sure if all compact superzooms are like that or just this cam. Maybe i should save some $ with an older 12x or 18x zoom. At 21x distant objects like birds appeared washed out, shot in Auto with tripod OIS on. F2.8 lens won't save you in low light situations. This camera over and underexposes in almost any situation. Sometimes it got auto WB wrong indoors with CFL light. Forget action shot in any situation with this camera.

Video - noisy motor while zooming and optical stabilizer can be heard in video. Cam has an option to turn "sound alive", whatever that means, off. The manual says it disables sound recording during video. It doesn't. Quality is about the same as my 5MP phone and tablet 1080/30p video. Nothing amazing. Focusing during stills and video seemed ok to my eye. Cam didn't focus hunt much. For macro shots cam seemed to be able to focus closer than the advertised 10cm. For manual focusing i couldn't tell looking at this low-average resolution LCD if the cam focused properly. I use manual focusing with interchangeable lenses, not compacts. I think its useless with low resolution display compacts.

WiFi - one of the reasons why i wanted to try this cam and its very limited and crippled. I'm only interested in remote viewfinder. Don't care for uploading to cloud or social media crap. Downloaded android 3-in-1 app. Sharing/saving in phone/tablet, baby monitor, remote viewfinder. I don't care for sharing. Baby monitor was slow to refresh over my wifi and the sound this camera makes (music+baby crying) is extremely annoying. Cam mono mic works in a strange way so you can only see video, not audio, but when 'baby' makes sound the mic picks it up and sends a signal to the remote device to activate the annoying music+cry sound. No recording/adjustments in baby monitor mode. Really stupid. Try taking several pictures, selecting them one at a time and transferring to your device. Try selecting 10-100-1000+ photos one at time. Really, samsung? Who writes this software. Most important wifi viewfinder is very limited. It doesn't allow 16MP, only 12 or 2MP, zoom, saving to camera or cam+mobile device. No video rec, no adjustments. I don't even know what settings camera uses in remote viewfinder mode because i could shoot ok in Auto in low light but when switched to wifi under the same conditions the screen and images were unusable. I couldn't pre-set the camera in PASM modes and then use WiFi. No exposure adjustment in wifi mode. Images didn't look sharp enough to me. Increased sharpness in manual to +2. Made no difference between 0 and +2.

Camera froze several times while in play mode. I had to take out the battery to reset. Its bulky and not the most comfortable to hold. Mostly cheap plastic, plastic tripod mount. Only the thumb rest next to video rec button is not slippery. 800 and 250 models felt better in my hand. I don't recommend this camera for anybody. No wonder it doesn't get much attention.
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