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on August 31, 2011
Excellent price.
The instructions took some interpretation.
If you purchase this mount and intend to run your cables through the wall be sure to plan your installation carefully so that this mount does not interfere with it.
This mount can make your TV so flush to the wall that thick quality cabling might be too thick for the television to remain flush. There are spacers available in the kit, but using them adds another inch or so to the thickness.
Once it is installed it will be extremely difficult to remove so make sure you have it where you want it.
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on June 11, 2012
We purchased this Samsung Ultra-Slim wall mount for our Samsung 55" ultra slim LED TV from a big box store. Less than 5 months later the plastic part connecting the hanging wire to the TV simply sheared off, and the entire TV fell off the wall. We contacted Samsung who agreed to send out a service tech. The tech took a picture of what happened, and Samsung told us that they did not warrant the quality of their name-brand "accessory" and therefore refused to replace or fix it. BUYER BEWARE!
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on May 17, 2011
This wall mount is awesome for Samsung's new TV's it is like hanging a picture on the wall. The two circles attach to the wall and then the rope is attached to the TV. This makes is easy to adjust and level. My only complaint is the directions are lacking, it's only pictures no words, but once we figured it out it was simple. You need to do plenty of cable planning though as this mount keeps the TV very close to the wall.
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on June 2, 2011
I recently purchased the Samsung D7000 LCD LED TV. It was replacing a Samsung plasma that was mounted on a wall with no studs...and was clearly a safety issue due to its weight. I purchased the D7000 because it was only 30-some-odd lbs and could be mounted on drywall with this mount. The directions on this were not great, but it is a very simple installation and the ability to hang this TV on a wall with no studs is fantastic. Would give 5 stars if the directions were clearer and it came with an extra drywall screw in case you mess one up.
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on May 21, 2012
Recently I was looking to mount my Samsung TV (2011 D8000 series), and came across this little gem. What a great find. As long as you have no interest in tilting the TV or having it extend out from the wall, buy this now. There is simply no other option that looks as amazing or is as easy to install. The TV sits almost flush against the wall, and I can't wait for friends to come over and ogle at how beautiful it is.

The mounts must be placed between 7 and 7.8 inches apart on your wall. Of course, this means that at most, you can only use one stud (unless you happen to have oddly spaced studs where your TV is going). On the box, it says to mount into 1/2" drywall (implying that no studs are necessary), and if using 3/8" drywall, use a stud. I did a lot of research on drywall mounts, and was prepared to buy a set of Toggler SnapToggle anchors, which were the strongest ones I could find. Turns out, the kit comes with a pair of exactly those kinds of anchors, and claims to be able to hold up to 440 lbs, with a safe working limit of 110 lbs (all the TVs this unit is designed for are much lighter than that).

Still, I was nervous about mounting the TV to drywall only, especially since I live in a rented apartment in a relatively old building, and who knows what condition the drywall is in? Luckily, there was a stud in exactly the right spot, so I was able to use one mount in stud and one mount in drywall, and I'm very comfortable with that.

Yes, the directions are slightly confusing, but can be easily cleared up on YouTube. I am very much an amateur when it comes to building stuff and mounting, and I had absolutely no problems with this. The kit includes everything you will need to mount on either drywall, brick, or concrete. I didn't look at the brick/concrete mount instructions, but if you're using drywall, you will need to drill a 1/2" hole - your drill might only handle a 3/8" bit, so check that you can either use a 1/2" drill bit or borrow someone else's drill. If you are installing into a stud, you should buy a good wood screw for that, but that's the only thing you might need to buy.

The TV can either sit about 3/4" away from the wall, or 1 1/4" away. There are spacers included in the kit if you want the further option - but those are your only two options. I know some people had an issue with fitting their cables behind the smaller setting. Personally, I had no problem, but if you have a lot of stuff hooked up or you're using exceptionally thick cables, you may need to go with the wider option.

If you're planning on hiding the wires inside the wall, which I did not since I am in a rented apartment, cut out a hole in the drywall behind where the TV will be and run the cables up to it before you put the TV on the mounts. It'll be a much bigger pain to get the cables behind the drywall if the TV is already up.
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on July 29, 2011
This wall mount is tailor made for the Samsung LED/LCD tvs. I recently purchased the Samsung UND8000 and was searching for a reasonably priced wall-mount. This product exceeded my expectations with respect to ease of installation, affordability, stability and look. The product was delivered within 3 days in an extremely compact package and I was able to install and mount my TV within 45 minutes. The only concerning issue I had was that this product requires you to anchor two wall mounts spaced 7 - 7.8 " apart. I was not able to find two studs spaced that apart in my living room. One wall mount is now anchored to a stud and the other is anchored to a dry wall. All the needed accessories are provided along with the product and this is a no-hassle purchase. Ideal wall mount if you own any of the recent Samsung 40" to 60" TVs.
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on October 10, 2011
This is a great product to have if you want your Flat HDTV mounted "almost" flat against the wall. If you think you'll be moving your TV for different views, I'd suggest getting those wall mounts that move instead of this product. This is a "Set it, and Forget It" setup. Although nice to look at, it has its issues.

The directions are not super specific. They're very general...some instructions or lack thereof require a bit of trial and error. Especially the section when determining which bolt/screw to use for your particular TV. They have several different kinds of screws, and I found it difficult (even reading the directions), but with screwing in and removing, I eventually found the right one. Sheesh!

The mount doesn't come with a template that would be very helpful to place up against the wall, so you have to do some measuring to figure out the exact placement of your hung tv. Just remember to do a dry run with a paper template of your TV taped on the wall so you have the right placement for the TV.

Its best to have all the connections made to your TV (Cable, AV, HDMI, Ethernet, etc) prior to installing as it can be a hassle adding or disconnecting cables. Once mounted you use a level to make sure its straight.

You're Done!

If you need to access the back like I have in the past, you can use this little kickstand that props up the bottom half of the tv. Any movement of the TV will make your TV crooked. If you have too many cables, your tv may not lay flat against the wall.
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on December 22, 2011
This mount is absolutely perfect and looks amazing on the wall. There were a lot of reviews critical of how difficult it is to set up. It seems overwhelming at first, and may take a little bit of time, but it is really not that difficult. Based on Samsung's instructions and video reviews found online, you can simply measure where the holes need to be on the wall, then install the two simple wall mounts. We added an additional little bracket between the mounts and the wall because there were no supports in the wall close enough to the location where the TV needed to be mounted. Even with the extra 1/2 inch of the bracket, the TV is extremely close to the wall and looks stunning.

In the end, it really isn't that much harder than any other wall mount and leaves the TV and wall looking amazing. I highly recommend this wall mount with any Samsung purchase.

As a side note, because sometimes it is hard to tell from the product descriptions, 2011 Samsung 60inch LEDs should use THIS mount and not the 2000C model. The 2000C model is only for older 60 inch LEDs. Other reviewers have mentioned confusion.
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on October 8, 2011
Designed to accommodate different models and different extensions from the wall. It was difficult to understand which parts to use. It has a hoop that is not explained at all. Finally when you are finished and it hangs on the wall, so you understand that the hoop is to allow you to prop the TV away from the wall while you attach cords. Clever, but who knew?
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on July 20, 2011
UPDATE: 12/11/12 TV still hanging and looking awesome. Loving this mount.

Excellent product, I just installed it and mounted a UN55D7000 on drywall (no studs lined up) and it looks super hot.

The toggle anchors are not going anywhere and the TV is solid on the wall, I also purchased the Vanco RL125024-WH Rapid Link Power (White), and the power outlet is perfect with this TV's plug.

Super happy with the results.


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